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2 men of egypt on al-jazeera. we know what's happening in our region we know how to get the plate that others cannot but fires are still going on the way they tell the story is what can make a difference. to the on. al-jazeera. other than i am. this is the al-jazeera news are coming to you live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.s. recommends causing the use of the johnson and johnson covert 19 vaccine as it investigates possible links to blood cts the company has delayed its roll outs in europe. reports that the united states will withdraw its troops from afghanistan by
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september 11th 20 years on from the twin towers attacks. and overwhelmed by the world's highest daily infections india opens the door to foreign vaccines starting with russia's sputnik ve. and day 12 of the derrick shield and trial in minneapolis has begun with the defense called unfair witnesses in the murder of george for it. i'm to have an ash with sports in the champions league quarter final 2nd legs kick off in around an hour and a top olympic official has reiterated that the game's a will go ahead as planned in july. the u.s. is top infectious disease expert says the poles in the johnson and johnson vaccine
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will give the authorities more time to investigate cases of blood coursing anthony urges the 6800000 americans who have received the jab a nazi. it's a worry as the latest findings he says has nothing to do with its efficacy of the u.s. food and drug administration also says the polls is only a precautionary move it has prompted johnson and johnson to delay its ruling in europe and in the past our south africa has suspended that it's is they've announced they're suspending given that particular vaccine a couple of issues come up of of the importance of. calling this pause because people say what is a poor is mean it really allows both the f.d.a. and the c.d.c. to further investigate these cases to try and understand. some of the mechanisms of
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what it is some more details about the history of the individuals who are involved in might shed some light on looking forward what will happen and what we will do. well to answer as a fire she was speaking at the white house for multiple topics including coverts afghanistan and ukraine have been discussed well to cover all that for you we have our diplomatic head start james bay standing by for us at the united nations patty kohei and as i say the u.s. food and drug administration in silver spring but 1st let's head to our white house correspondent kimberly. camberley of just lying there a very wide ranging briefing what did you make of that. you're right many topics and of interest was the fact the president in that briefing room was dr anthony found she that we've not seen in the white house briefing room for some time and so reporters getting an opportunity to ask questions in light of the recommendation by the c.d.c.
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to pas administering the johnson and johnson vaccine. what is notable from his comments there is that he believes this pos has been recommended will last days not weeks but there were also foreign policy issues that were also carefully being discussed and within that was a bit of detail on this announcement that the withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan will lot meet that may 1st deadline that had been put in place by the trumpet ministration in a deal with the taliban but instead will now be moved to the anniversary the 20th anniversary of the attacks on the twin towers in new york city as well as the pentagon so getting a little bit more clarity on that and finally we learned that there has been a telephone call between the u.s. president joe biden and vladimir putin the russian leader the white house press secretary gentz psaki not disclosing who initiated that phone call but we do know
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that the call resulted in the leaders agreeing to meet at a later date for a summit in a 3rd party country those details still being worked out so a very busy white house press briefing in terms of news headlines there absolutely is to stay there for us can believe sports it's a scar in the minutes but of course the crew virus. issues so very much to the forefront of people's mind right now let's speak. she is standing by for us i'd say the u.s. food and drug administration in silver spring. patty this polls of the the johnson and johnson vaccine pretty much where a lot of people's minds just give us a sense of what you know about how the polls has been introduced and what kind of impacts will bond have on the wider u.s. vaccine. well the biden ministration says the
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johnson and johnson johnson and johnson vaccine was the 3rd vaccine approved it's being used less than the other to the pfizer and they say they've seen no red flags when it comes to those vaccines but this is a really big deal for the world because let's take a step back and remember why people were so excited about the johnson and johnson vaccine it's cheaper to make it doesn't have to be refrigerated and you can get it in just one dose and you're believed to have some immunity after just 2 weeks so this was really what the world was counting on so this actually is a pretty big deal but there are critics they say look 6800000 people in the u.s. have got the shot just 6 women have developed these blood clots now these type of blood clots to happen if you look at about a 1000000 people about 2 to 14 people in that 1000000 will get these particular kinds of clots in a given year but that said what the scientists are saying it's not just the blood clots that are happening they're happening in all 6 cases a good junction with low platelets and why does that matter well if people go to
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the doctor and they think it's a blood clot there's a standard treatment but in this case that treatment could actually kill people so what they're doing is saying we're taking this policy we can tell doctors what to look for we can tell people have gotten the johnson and johnson shot what to be careful of if you start developing a severe headache leg paid stomach pain shortness of breath they said you need to go to the doctor right away and explain to them that you had the johnson and johnson vaccine so that they can give you a different treatment but again there are critics there saying look this is just 6 people so many people in the united states are dying every day from the code of vaccine which is much more dangerous if you get it than the one and a 1000000 chance that this will be a blood clot for you but as kimberly said they said it's going to be days they're going to have meetings here and throughout the country really all the scientists together virtually as usual and they're going to try and exactly figure out why these 6 people if there are certain subgroup of people that shouldn't get the vaccine so they hope to have some answers in the coming. but it's going to matter
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and not just to the people in the united states but really all across the globe absolutely and it's interesting what you're seeing there the johnson and johnson vaccine is something of a game changer certainly and it's cheaper easier to rule it is very very menacing of what happened with the astra zeneca vaccine and again the astra zeneca vaccine these blood clots for finding a very small number of people people are still insisting it's safer to take this vaccine that it is so. it's a risk getting cool for it's but when these warnings came out of blood clots in very small numbers of people who received the astra zeneca vaccine that had a marks impact on public confidence in taking this jump how is it playing out in the united states are people reacting to this news that this vaccine that they pinned so many hopes own has no been poems. but i think you're going to see an even greater concern and the scientists here say there is some linkage between the problems with the potential problems with this
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johnson and johnson and with the astra zeneca saying they're both very similar vaccines but vaccine hesitancy in the u.s. it's a very real problem we're seeing more than a 3rd of people tell pollsters that doesn't a wait and see or they're only going to take the vaccine if it's required of them and a large portion of those are saying they're never going to take it ever so all of this just fuels more misinformation on the internet makes those people who are maybe kind of going to be able to talked into it maybe they'll start thinking maybe not the white house and scientists here were asked aren't you worried about what this is going to do to vaccine hesitancy and they are trying to say look we're going to say to people were being transparent this is maybe a problem but we're stopping it because the science is so good we just want to make sure that when we say you can trust it you can trust it so they're hoping that people take maybe a different message from that but i can tell you the people who are really dug in and say they're not to take the vaccine. this is going to be all over their social
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media posts and them saying yes at all jeff ok keep an eye on their party but for now i will leave it thank you very much indeed dan's particle here in speaking outside the u.s. food and drug administration in maryland thank you very much indeed every bar in the united states let's head back to washington d.c. we can join our white house correspondent kimberly whole kit once again accumulate live on some more of the things we learned during that fairly wide ranging. press conference just a few moments ago. the press secretary was asked about it's a phone call that place between president putin and joe biden and the significance is that not not least because relations between the united states and russia have been under quite a lot of strain over the last few months and years. yeah i found it really notable that this we get this readout of the way from the white house press secretary of
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the exchange and phone calls between joe biden and lattimer putin because it comes a day after i asked the question given the of the white house given the military build up along ukraine's border by russia at what point does this rise to the level that the president needs to make that call and less than 24 hours after i was in the briefing room asked that question we have a readout i don't know if it had anything to do with al-jazeera pushing the issue but here we go we have some of the answers what we know is that the united states in the end the president articulated to vladimir putin his grave concern about this military buildup particularly along the borders in an occupied crimea and that the goal of the united states is not to have good relationships with russia but instead for it to be stable and predictable and i think that is what has been the concern for the united states in recent months and years we know that joe biden underscored
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that when it comes to the sovereignty of ukraine that the united states upholds and respects that and also believes that when it comes to u.s. national security interests that the united states will always defend those particularly when it comes to concerns about russia's cyber intrusions and not only the fact that it has infiltrated in many cases corporations but also of course our elections so these are some of the points that were underscored by the u.s. president in this call we also know that they pledged to meet at the summit at a later date in the coming months where they will discuss what they say are a range of issues lots to keep an eye on. it we'll leave it there thank you very much indeed for prayers the latest there from the white. diplomats good sir james he's been following the ongoing talks with the taliban. joins us now from the united nations james in this press conference this making all the news
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this hour there was a suggestion of a possible u.s. troop drawdown in afghanistan dates being floated around september the 11th but you've got more information about the talks that the taliban has been holed saying what more do we know at this stage well i don't think so nice and any coincidence that these things are coming out on the same day if the u.s. is going to leave afghanistan in september is going to be concerned about what it's going to leave behind in afghanistan having said that a senior official of the afghan government tweeting in the last few minutes that president biden is expected to talk to president gone in the near future to officially share details of the new withdrawal plan so the afghan government hasn't officially been told about that the afghan government though has been told about new talks that it's supposed to have with the taliban remember talks have been taking place in doha they were successful in a deal between the u.s.
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and the taliban but they've been bogged down in the talks between the afghan government and the taliban the idea is to reboot things in istanbul the announcement was made by the spokes person for the u.n. secretary general the conference will focus on helping the negotiating parties reach a new set of shared fundamental principles that reflect an agreed vision for a future of ghana stem road map to a future political settlement and of course an end to the conflict is the u.n. as one of the koch conveners still committed to a democratic afghanistan to an afghanistan with freedom of expression and an afghanistan with equal rights for women and the u.n. committed to their 3 weeks we are committed to the people of afghanistan we are committed to ensuring that the gains that have been made or not lost and that is especially true for women in afghanistan.
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so will the taliban attend these talks that is a big question and they haven't answered it yes they certainly rejected nerdier date of the 16th of this month the talks in our schedule than 10 days time on the 24th of the month also questions about who will represent from the afghan side we know that government officials will be there but there are other political figures from other different parties that we want to be part of this and i think the other bigger question that hangs on over all of this is now that the by administration has extended its state from maine the 1st to september the 11th to pull out its troops it's saying it's definitely going to do it this time and it's not going to be conditions based so what leverage do they have over the taliban that talks like this if the taliban know they only have to wait until september and the u.s. will be god ok james base there live from the united nations in new york thank you james. thank you are still ahead on this news out including iran says it's begun
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enriching uranium to the highest level so far in a day after accusing israel of sabotaging a key new clear site and as for what the taiwanese baseball player who's been subjected to racist abuse saturday look in the state during the game. india says it will be will be approving foreign vaccines starting with russia sputnik the after again reporting the world's highest daily tally of new covered $1000.00 infections confirms more than 161000 new cases on tuesday and 879 deaths the actual numbers expected to be higher because test results were delayed over the weekend elizabeth paradigm has more now from new delhi. unfortunately we are seeing the kinds of pictures that we did last year during the
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peak of the 1st wave of the coronavirus most recently we have seen pictures of bodies outside the biggest government run hospital in the city of port and dr bruce chief medical officer said this is because they don't have enough freezes to keep the bodies and that more bodies at cremorne tory and in the city than can be cremated that hospital's intensive care units and oxygen equipped beds have been at almost full capacity over the past week i put it in the state of charge the school which is one of the worst affected at the moment it also has a disproportionately high death rate which is why the central government and to medical teams to top the school to find out why the situation is so bad there why more people seem to be dying there and those teens reported back and said that there are a number of issues there is a lack of hospital beds in many districts there's a shortage of ambulances in one district that the number of tests are going down
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that containment measures aren't being aren't being. imposed properly and that there is resistance to other containment measures including attacks on health care workers boss these issues and are not unique to that state most of these issues are and we have reports of a shortage of medical facilities of equipment in a number of places most notably in the worst affected states where medical teams which was sent there also said that there was a knack of oxygen supply and even malfunctioning ventilators. well let's get more on the situation we're joined now by krishna kumari friends and director at the global health innovation center and he joins us by skype from raleigh north carolina it's great to have you with those only use our fears of 2 problems in india one of course is. this break and we have a correspondence of this with piron and reasons why this these numbers are surging
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but the other is vaccines and facts distribution where do you think the the vaccine problem lie is because interest in c. is really plays a pivotal role in making vaccines worldwide and getting them out why is it so hard to provide the vaccines to its own population that's right india really plays a critical role for the global response back scenes and vaccinations for co at 19 and what we're starting to see is that supplies have been ramped up significantly but are running into bottlenecks and at the same time the demand domestically in india is going up significantly because the cases are rising rising and health systems are really buckling under that added pressure so while we've got private industry including the serum institute in india and bar the biotech that are many factoring internally to india they're not able to keep up with the domestic needs
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and the aggressive vaccination strategies and goals that have been laid out and secondly because they can't even meet the domestic needs they're now also putting at risk access for other low and middle income countries especially as those that are getting access through the kovacs platform will come to the kovacs platform in just a minute it is interesting though that given these bottlenecks in these challenges . with the sickly manufactured vaccine it seems only know that india is approving external vaccine candidates like nick i'm not sure what the situation is with pfizer by and 2nd medinah why do you think it's taken so long to approve these external vaccines is it politics trumping public health or is there something else at play. and say that what really drove decisions until now was the fact that there was relatively good control of coated in the indian context so they even were able to export more than 60000000 doses of domestically manufactured vaccines now that
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the situation on the ground in india is becoming more dire the need for vaccination is going up significantly and in addition to the domestic manufacturing there are going to have to be imports to meet the short term needs and it's a prudent change in the regulatory regime to rather than ask for bridging studies before approval to go ahead and grant emergency authorization based on approval by other stringent regulatory authorities or the w.h.o. and look at post post-marketing surveillance essentially to make sure that those vaccines continue to work so i think the prior decisions were really in keeping with the appropriate regulatory context in india and they've now exercise some flexibility to ensure access under emergency use needs is it too little too late. it is going to be too little too late unfortunately for many people in india and and in other parts of the world as we've seen in. fact of the matter is that we've
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got to ramp up both the supply as well as distribution of vaccines but in the coming days 2 weeks back nations are not going to get us out of the acute phase of this pandemic including in india so vaccines are report of the solution but we also really have to make sure that sound public health measures including mass social distancing and either lock downs travel restrictions or other types of public health mechanisms are put in place to get out of control of the situation that's rapidly spinning out of control and then the and i says things where you are they're going great guns with their vaccine roulette they're managing to vaccinate tens if not hundreds of millions of people what about the people who are reliant on this koufax scheme because the indian vaccine production the kovacs scheme was meant to be the way out of the pandemic for countries that don't have the resources of countries like the united states so given the situation that we're seeing in
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india the challenges that india is facing what's your prediction for how much longer this pandemic is going to drag on for given that poorer nations simply cannot get the vaccine that the richer nations can. yeah the manufacturing capacity for covert vaccines around the world is really stretched so we're looking at well into next year before we're going to have enough vaccines manufactured and we know that the distribution and has also been extremely unequitable so far and so the kovacs especially i think is in a difficult position they've been able to purchase and allocate some doses of the pfizer biotech back scene that will go into place in the coming months i think it puts more responsibility for countries including to us to start making vaccine doses available sooner rather than later and we think the u.s. is going to have excess doses in the coming weeks to months so over the summer especially it's going to be important for not an overreliance on vaccines from
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india but really also looking to other sources of vaccine for low and middle income countries. founding director at the global health innovation center great so get your thoughts on your analysis thank you so much for joining us on the news are thank you. retired paramedic who attended c. george floyd's the year before he died says he admitted speaking to pilates michelle was saying says she was worried about floyd's blood pressure after she took his vitals defense lawyers at the trial of former police officer derek chauvin want to prove floyd died because of drug use and a heart condition showed his face in murder charges for handcuffing floyd faced and kneeling on his neck with a 9 minutes. did you do a physical assessment of mr ford time. and that would include his blood pressure at the time yes and did you record what his blood pressure was at that time. to nearly
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16 over 160 did you automatically make recommendations to transport mr floyd to the hospital based on that and others. and ultimately did he was he brought to. iran says it's starting to enrich uranium to 60 percent purity and what would be the will significant breach of the 2050 nuclear deal this comes a day after to hand accuse israel of sabotaging the the tons nuclear plants there russia's foreign minister was into iran for talks that bait reports from the a brain in capital. united front iran and russia longtime allies both say they want u.s. sanctions against iran lifted talks between the remaining members of the 2015 nuclear deal iran china france germany russia and the united kingdom set to resume
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in vienna on thursday but there was a warning from foreign minister zarif. we talk and then you know to restore the rights of our people and sanctions but these talks have a limited time europe and america's time to return to their commitments under the j c p a is very limited and if they lose this opportunity they will face unfavorable conditions russia called on all parties to return to the deal particularly because we understand our partners in tehran are ready to move forward immediately on this issue provided the u.s. takes the appropriate steps we support the ongoing negotiations in vienna and condemn any attempt to undermine these important talks an attack on iran's main nuclear facility in the city of attends on sunday that left it blacked out has increased tensions both inside and outside the country and are expected to affect the talks conservative politicians in iran never supported the 2015 nuclear deal in
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the 1st place many are now calling on president has undergone in any goshi actions following sunday's incident at iran's main nuclear facility this adds to the pressure for the negotiating team and set a time frame in the current government leaving office in august russia condemned what it said were attempts to undermine the negotiations the extent of the damage at the natanz nuclear facility is becoming more apparent in. the event that happened on sunday relating to an electricity grid destroyed a great deal of our enrichment capabilities several 1000 centrifuges are now out of service the government blamed israel for what it called sabotage and issued this warning a lot of fear we will retaliate for the attack on the towns at all levels at the proper time with similar magnitude we won't allow our enemies to reach their political objectives. iran says it will now enrich uranium to 60 percent that's 40 percent higher than it already is and around 56 percent higher than permitted in
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the nuclear deal but all eyes are on vienna with many sides hoping that despite the incident at natanz. that can still be a breakthrough i thought big al jazeera iran. there are reports that an israeli owned commercial ship has been attacks near the ports of gyra in the united arab emirates israeli media court says unnamed israeli officials blaming the attack on iran and also reporting that there were no casualties the incident comes a day after iran accused israel of sabotaging the natanz nuclear sites egyptian authorities have impounded the container ship that blocked the suez canal last month the ever given got stuck for nearly a week to struts and billions of dollars worth of trades the head of the suez canal says the vessel won't spear released until its japanese owner settles a claim for compensation ports it's worth $900000000.00.
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so high it's on al-jazeera so vincent scrambles to respond to multiple volcanic eruptions the prime minister says it could be months to life to return to normal. and a sports we've built up so huge night football in the european champions league. now at the moment threat arabia is generally quiet and fine is turned phrase humid recently around the gulf states in qatar bahrain and the eastern side of society but that and no reason probably reduce the humidity it's warming up the sun is out now on the coast of for example lebanon beirut sees a temperature rise above the average about $25.00 over the next 3 days which is very pleasing it's been rather cool sherry just recently the last the snows gone
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from the sun caucasus but it's still there in afghanistan and we might see a few showers generation the high ground the mountains of western society or western yemen and that increase in the breeze in the north might well bring some yet more hazy dusty through the gulf down towards us it's like at the moment to be honest the seasonal rains in africa are on their way north with the sun so the good doc now goes out from madagascar through tanzania catching uganda and back towards the congo and ball which leaves behind actually rather warm and quiet weather from most places which consider me going to water is maybe a bit surprising but every down again you do get a change in the cooler wetter windy weather is out for the eastern cape east side of south africa towards mozambique it's happening again. for. a star striker in the top italian in the what the
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vaulted to the working class of his hometown and it's club. football in legend eric cantona in the games is just beyond the lakota i want to find seduced. deeply adored by its funds for its socialist values as his many goals against italy's footballing elite football rebels on all disease. ready for another perspective listen to the tape al-jazeera its flagship news podcast with malaysia below. or discover hindsight and original docu drama called costner writing by charles dons the framers game for most of politics and culture go undercover allegations of corruption by those in power and if you were to hari get your news in 2 minutes from al-jazeera news updates on home already.
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the. this is al jazeera quote for most of the headlines for you this hour the us is the top u.s. infectious disease expert says the polls in the johnson and johnson vaccine will it will give the authorities a more time to investigate cases of blood clotting tarzan's the fact she says the latest findings don't mean the job is any less effective against cold at 19 it's been widely reported in the american media that the united states will withdraw all of its troops from afghanistan before the 20th anniversary of the 911 attack president joe biden is expected to make a statement on his plans on wetness thing. and day
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12 of the derek shelvin trial in minneapolis is under way with the defense calling vera witnesses a former police officer and a retired paramedic had been testifying chauvinist accused of murdering george floyd's used to earth triggered world wide protest a man saying racial justice a police officer turned training consultant is testifying and a weitzman a source of police officer who fatally shot a black man cheering a traffic stop in minneapolis. cheering the weekend as well as the city's chief of police have also resigns no this comes after 2 nights of a process sir cross life not too many hapless or we can speak to john hendren who's following that trial for us our john let's just say stay with the trial just talk us through the testimony that we've heard so far say from the defense and give us
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a sense of what it reveals about the defense's strategy. well the day began with the prosecution saying the state of minnesota rests in the defense began calling a series of witnesses police experts paramedics but they didn't start with the events of may 25th they started with an arrest of george floyd in 2019 and they're using that video to try to support the defense theory that george floyd might his died from a drug overdose or from his heart trouble and in specifically when it comes to the drugs they're pointing out in this 2019 arrest floyd allegedly took some tablets of opioids while the police were in the process of trying to get him out of the car they suggest there is a pattern here. but in cross-examination the prosecution
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asked george floyd didn't drop dead did he the point being and the course the officer said no the point being that this 2019 case according to the prosecution is not relevant but the defense has been battered by one medical witness after another from their prosecution arguing that the cause of death for george floyd was derrick show his knee on his neck that cut off his oxygen and stuffed his heart so they need to do 2 things they need police to support the theory that derrick chauvinist hold with his name on george floyd neck was not appropriate and they need medical witnesses to suggest some other cause of death because otherwise it lays on derek chauvin that's what all of the previous prosecution witnesses have said so we've seen body camera footage from that 2019 event the defense didn't seem to gain a lot of ground on that one with the jury and then we had body camera footage new body camera footage from the arrest on may 25th and they were trying to draw
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parallels between these 2 what we're really expecting to come up that was medical experts who can support that theory ok but we'll let you get back to the coverage of that trial for nye so joan hendricks live outside the courthouse thank you very much indeed joan. let's stay with this because fact that it's not just harris she's a professor of american studies and political science at mcallister college and joins us by skype from minneapolis it's great to have you with us on the news hour it was quite interesting that the testimony that we've we've heard so far in this 1st day from the defense it kind of begs the question if you like who is on trial here that really is the question of the day and i think that the strategy that defense is using to put george floyd on trial when actually it is mr show is on trial is
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a strategy that is not going to serve the wow this trial is being tried in the opinion of public court and i really don't think that looking at george floyd's behavior in 2019 will be persuasive i mean you you mentioned that the court of public opinion and this trial is being live streams anyone can go and say you tube and find a stream of this trial do you think this is going to put a n.c. and certainly the tactics that the defense are using do you think this the fact that public opinion is saw is so taken by this trial the so much writing on it will justice ever be served here because this opens both sides up to accusations of a fair trials not being held on a retrial could be needed. well it depends on how we are defining justice i think that it's going to take
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a long time for america to reform its policing as we know on sunday evening dante wright was 20 years old who was killed by a police officer who alleges that she thought that she was teasing him as opposed to shooting him and she had 26 years experience on the bourse and now she has resigned and so just this isn't just what happens to former police officer dared shonan just this is what happens to the residents of minneapolis st paul in also people that live in the other 49 states that are here the well that's it that's an interesting point you make there in our your should we be focusing on this trial it's all is the. is the united states police service on trial here or is it derek show off and then add where to us. where does america go from here.
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i mean i think that this is a moment of reckoning i think america needs to continue asking the difficult questions and so i think the prosecution had a fantastic opening when the prosecution said that this was not a trial for the entire system it was just a trial for mr show and i thought that that was a great strategy however i think the macrocosm of theirs is that it is a trial of what we consider to be fair policing what we consider to be from middle justice ok will be very interesting in that context to keep an eye on what happens next for now though we are out of time such as harris joining us from minnesota thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your perspective on this trial there was a pleasure thank you. know more hot ash and rocks of rain down on the caribbean
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island of st vincents after a 2nd volcanic eruption in less than a week the explosion of less free air is believed to be one of the largest in more than a century and 16000 people have been forced to leave areas calls by but authorities say they're concerned about residents who have refused to move earlier i spoke with ralph conservers the prime minister of the islands of st vincent and the granite scenes he told al jazeera the main problem they're facing is destruction to the water supply. the northern no one turtle. island is quite desolate. almost all the persons have left the day a few had the soldiers who are trying to bridge it out we're trying. to get them out one by one through through the road system and the course gatt by the by the sea. we have 80 odd shelters in operation we have
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a lot of people who are of who have come out of. the red zone and they are in zone into private homes they have been good samaritans who have come in and assisted and that relief effort is going pretty ok that we need a lot of support we have a problem with water because naturally the ash creates a problem for the water supply we normally have an excellent water supply system we have below 50 percent capacity at the moment so so we have problems boat in the shelters and across the country with water. the this morning which incidentally is the 42nd anniversary of the eruption in 1989 it seems as though only the last or for a decided. she was going to celebrate her birthday a little bit with a bang fortunately it wasn't a bang as big as
9:42 pm
a couple of the earlier ones. accords in burkina faso has charged formally d'herblay is compulsory in absentia with the murder of his predecessor president thomas on kyra compadres thought to be living in ivory coast where he escaped since wednesday 14 when he was iced it after decades in power some car was assassinated in 1987 suring a coup led by comparing the murder of some car often referred to as africa's share . is viewed as one of the most infamous in the continent's post-colonial history. the prime minister of the democratic republic of congo has revealed a new cabinets and ends to a months long parrot disputes that includes $57.00 officials including 14 women the move strengthens president felix she caters control of the government it's a blow to his predecessor joseph kabila who stepped in in 2019 and has kept control
9:43 pm
of several key ministries since then philippine president roger good to territory says he doesn't have a health condition preventing him from running the country has not been seen in public for days but has no spoken nights however some question whether he can lead during a time of crisis jimmy the island open reports from manila president of the good to tear it it wasn't seen in public for almost 2 weeks that fueled speculation here that the health of the 76 year old leader who says he hasn't been vaccinated against school bit 19 is declining and this administration has been hiding his real condition. his allies have released videos of him playing golf riding a motorcycle. and jogging at night in the grounds of the presidential palace but it was not enough to apiece kept ticks the videos have been stead turned
9:44 pm
into viral means mocking a president they say this appeared during a time of crisis his spokesperson says the accusations are malicious but his rejecting calls to release the president's medical reports no no one on monday deterred to resume his weekly address this missing what he called rumors and attacking a political opponent who's been in prison for several years. i just want to write. in the morning that it's not the people of time i enjoy. my. critics say the president's behavior over the last few months has gone from strange to jaring that kind of absence without the leave on the part of the president since he likes to couch things in the war like. if it were
9:45 pm
a shooting war that would really be abandonment of of judy and we see the effects on our people now his government is facing widespread criticism over rising numbers of covert cases and delays in the country's vaccine roll out the philippines is also facing its worst economic recession fears with millions more filipinos made jobless by the pandemic there's also the standoff between the philippines and beijing over china's military build up at the withstand reef in the south china sea has not spoken publicly against china over its occupation of the reef for several weeks since the pandemic broke out the president's movements have been greatly restricted his appearance reduced mostly to his weekly public address to contain this possible exposure to coronavirus but critics say they need not just assurance of the president's health but also his ability to lead during a time of crisis dogon al jazeera mandela. so one has launched
9:46 pm
a new warship one day after reporting the largest incursion yet spawn the chinese air force the ship is part of its naval ship building program aimed at countering increased threats from china the 10000 ton vessel is on with air defense missile systems and can operate school thought on lands and in water president citing one says the ship will boost the island's defense against any chinese invasion. hong kong's government says it will be illegal to encourage voters to boycott or cast blank ballots in future elections chief executive carry law made the announcement while unveiling further changes to hong kong voting laws become a month after beijing imposed a major overhaul of the city's electoral system requiring all candidates to be vetted spine national security police. nearly a quarter of a 1000000 syrian refugees live in iraq after fleeing the war in their home country
9:47 pm
which is no in its 11th year for many children life in a camp is all they know but this concern the living conditions are getting worse osama bin job it reports from shock lower in northern iraq. ahmed is 2 days and like his brother was born in iraq a generation of syrian children who hear about their homeland but have never been able to find a refugee camp in another country. nordo is happy to be a big sister again she wants to become a doctor so she can take care of people in the camp as well you see it and she tells us her parents talk to her about syria but she doesn't remember it they had to escape in 2013 when isis fighters began 13 in the people of commission and they don't think they'll be going home anytime soon. 3 of my children were born here we feel it safer than syria away from killings and kidnappings.
9:48 pm
around 2 and a half 1000 people live in the remote base or my camp it's one of 10 in the northern kurdish region for syrian refugees that have nearly a quarter of a 1000000 syrians in iraq just 40 percent are in camps the rest live in informal settlements with host communities. this hospital was set up by syrian refugees dr mohammed summer called it home now despite all the challenges and inequalities he arrived in iraq with just the clothes on his back and then trying to move on before coming back as. i travel to germany would my son but i cannot live there i return to study to get in iraq a medical certification i have a steady income and i serve syrian refugees and other iraqis for those living in the camp there is no work in surrounding villages because of the pandemic the fork over $1000.00 almost 2 thirds of the refugees had jobs but most are now dependent on humanitarian aid it costs about 10 dollars to go to the nearest city to look for
9:49 pm
work and most people cannot afford it. there's been no additional support during the coronavirus crisis schools were closed in 2020 and although reluctant to speak on camera can't manage just tell us $35.00 teachers have not been paid since last year unicef says the ministry of education is responsible for the payments but iraq's struggling economy and rifts between baghdad central government and the kurdish regional government means many people have worked for months without receiving any money donor fatigue and waning international interest have only made matters worse officials here called the plight of syrian refugees a forgotten humanitarian crisis there is a need for around $225000000.00 euros dollars yearly to meet the needs of the city to sit down a few years in the camps and also outside camps but this has never been provided on connecting they monetary and assistance to the law on our resilience observing all of this refuges so once there they will be able to all of the conditions are
9:50 pm
prepared in their place or when they go back so they will have the skills and capacities and the humerus of resources to rebel. 7 year old yourself is as old as this camp he has never seen a shopping mall and does not know what an i pod is. for the older generation they reminisce about the old days in syria and those left behind. it's been 10 years since the war in syria every syrian we've spoken to says they want to go back but with no end in sight to the conflict home is this 70 year old cub for the foreseeable future a summer job without the fear of. northern iraq. still ahead on al-jazeera the italian teenager accused gearing up to play world number one novak djokovic that story coming up with all the sports but.
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9:52 pm
all. it's time for the sport here's jemma. with wednesday marking 100 days to go until the take your name picks the international olympic committee's head of course nation has reiterated that the games will go ahead tokyo 2020 was postponed by year because of the current a virus pandemic and will be held without overseas a spectator's but john says holding the games successfully will send a global message most importantly for the athletes they will be able to show really big movement will be able to show it will be nice as the people of japan will be
9:53 pm
able to show this is been a victory of human try and over the. and enable us to show just what can be achieved working together. cleveland indians baseball player you chang was the target of racist abuse on social media after making a mistake during a game on monday chang was playing 1st base against the chicago white sox and made a throwing error which ultimately cost his side the game and afterwards chang his taiwanese was sent to several asian tweets he posted some of these on his twitter account and responded with exercise your freedom of speech in a right way i accept all comments are positive or negative but definitely not racist ones a hash tag to stop asian hate according to a recent report hate crimes against asian americans have risen nearly 150 percent in major u.s. cities over the past year. now it's a big night of football in the european champions league when 2 of the season's semifinalists will be confirmed paris take
9:54 pm
a $32.00 advantage into their quarter final 2nd leg against holders and by munich that match kicks off in just a few minutes p.s.g. have a 3 away goals and home advantage but they've lost their last 3 games in paris and while it's got a record is 17 away games unbeaten in the competition you know. we need to be calm but at the same time play attacking football and put them under pressure they have issues at the back if we create as many challenges as we did in munich then we'll be able to turn it around. i'm not upset that by in a considered the favorites the favorites have to be the current holders boy and won the champions league the club world cup 6 trophies all together in the last year so we must respect that. in tuesday's other game at chelsea go into their 2nd leg against porto relating to nail on the aggregate just like the 1st leg is games being played in spain because of covert 19 travel restrictions between portugal and
9:55 pm
the u.k. chelsea are unbeaten in najaf that champions league games and are aiming to get to the semifinals for the 1st time since 2014 i am here to win titles i'm here to win games and as a result to win titles this is what i demand of myself so why should we now say anything different that we want to win in 5 years and 2 years and 3 years i don't know what's what's then. notice the time. ramma driv play the 2nd leg against liverpool on wednesday in the spanish club announced on tuesday that they've relaxed it a florentine no perez as president for a sick term the 74 year old stood unopposed in the election which was called by the club last week he's been in the row for the last 12 years and the perez madrid have won 26 major titles including that 10th champions league trophy in 2014 also confirms that their captain is sergio ramos has tested positive for cope with 19 he's now isolating in compliance with spanish house guidelines defender who's
9:56 pm
also captain of the spanish national team is currently injured and had already been ruled out of the liverpool game. the south american football confederation the combo has reached a deal with chinese a pharmaceutical company signed effects of $50900.00 vaccines come of all it says the doses will be given to national squads of playing in the copper america later this year as well as to teams playing in regional competitions the south american and world cup qualifiers are behind schedule after several matches had to be postponed because of coronavirus. 19 is also having a negative impact in the world of tennis as well with world number 2 a done a medvedev a testing positive at the monte carlo the last is the russian is now withdrawn from the event and is in isolation he's being monitored by the tournament and the tools and medical teams on the court in monte carlo 19 year old yannick sin i will get to test him self against the world's best player novak djokovic in the 2nd round and
9:57 pm
he got there by beating albert ramos last in straight sets it will be the 1st time since it has faced joke of it and the top seeds clearly impressed by the italian who he predicts will be a future champion in the sports. it was a battle between 2 of this year's australian open a semifinalist as the pharmacist's it's a pass and as i said went head to head in the 2nd round match and it was the number 4 seed says fast who came out on top winning 6364 against his russia. the pilots. and it was a record breaking night for steph curry in the n.b.a. on monday evening came the all time it leading scorer and golden state warriors history and he did it in style with the 9th 50 point game of his career as they beat the denver nuggets curry got $53.00 all together and that took him to $17818.00 so passing the previous franchise record the longing to wilt chamberlain that is only a sport from a finale be back with more later. my favorites jam out well that is it for me on
9:58 pm
the t.v. here in doha going to hand you over now to our colleagues everyone so that mary of the massive review after the break stay with us. they came from the countryside to cairo and became part of a life. is a different. al-jazeera world meets the man you've been keeping a close eye on residential life in the big cities for decades but who may now be passing into history. he wasn't born but he's now managed by
9:59 pm
a security company the doman of egypt on al-jazeera. joggers in new delhi take advantage of the relatively clean air after weeks of toxic small stopped people from venturing outside institutions including harvard say air pollution is leading to more severe cases of the coronavirus and more deaths from it and nowhere in india is the situation worse than a daddy the number of records where a desperate situation of the indian government set up a new commission to monitor sources of pollution across 5 known for d. the state's health experts and bob mentioned this and been warning for months that the easing of the lockdown would lead to an increase in pollution and the impact that would have on those because the 19 from the al-jazeera london for. 2 people in thoughtful conversation people use the lowest get agreement they describe the outsider with no host and no limitation. is purely
10:00 pm
a choice when you are refugee you are forced to speak of as my current act at what has happened a lot in the west is that culture and food are separated studio b. unscripted and al-jazeera the. u.s. officials say president biden has decided to withdraw the remaining american troops from afghanistan by september 11th. hello i'm maryam namazie and under and you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program. considerable military being put is unjustified and. explained and the concern.


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