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tv   Women Make Science From The Lab To The Field  Al Jazeera  April 13, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm +03

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the the all. this is al jazeera a quick reminder of the headlines for you u.s. health authorities have recommended a pause in the use of the johnson and johnson vaccine as it investigates a few cases of severe blood clotting the food and drug administration has stressed this is a precautionary move day 12 of the derrick show been trial in minneapolis has begun with the defense calling their witnesses former police officer and retired paramedic have been testifying children is accused of murdering george ford whose death triggered world wide protests demanding racial justice. a vigil has been held in minnesota for another black man shots by
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a police officer on sunday during a traffic stop dozens of people are reported to been arrested for protesting juror in a curfew police fired tear gas and rubber bullets in the state of american city has been declared in the area reports. these people have gathered in solidarity under ray's black power fist for them it's symbolic of the struggle against racism and discrimination they say black people face daily in the united states the vigil is being held for dante rights a 20 year old african-american shots and killed by a police officer during a routine traffic stop on sunday his brother rejects suggestions by the police the officer involved appeared to intend to fire a taser not her gun i can never understand that fear of being called the white house wife and i am a white man i would never understand my brother in law through my because they were perhaps like you're no good for me right now the difference if i pick
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a man or right spend his last moments with his girlfriend sitting next to him in the car his mother was talking to him on the phone about what to say to the police when he was shot in the chest the officer involved has served in the force for 26 years brooklyn center police chief says the incident was a tragic error. it's my belief that the officer had the intention to deploy their taser but instead shot mr wright with a single bullet this appears to me from what i view it in the officer's reaction in distress immediately after that this was an accidental discharge there resulted in the tragic death of mr wright. for a 2nd night there were more confrontations between protesters and police who just killed that day by the way but i was curious to see it but my god i don't get me wrong. i'm good by repeated instances of police brutality and racial profiling in the u.s. hundreds of protesters defy to cuff you started on monday and have continued to
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protest despite police using tear gas to get some the unrest comes as the trial of former policeman derek shows it is being held a few kilometers away he's facing charges of murder if the killing of george floyd last year. some protests turned violent overnight with several businesses knutson damaged president joe biden has called for peace and calm question is was it actually. intentional every man is to be determined. by what i see. but in the meantime i want to make it clear again there is absolutely no justification. for looting the 1st black mayor of brooklyn center has expressed his shock we are in pain right now and we recognize that this cannot happen at a worse time we recognize that this is happening at a time when our community when all of america indeed all of the the world
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is watching many are expecting more unrest in the minneapolis suburb and the states of emergency has been declared. such a height of. philippine president rodrigo deterrence a says he doesn't have a health condition preventing him from running the country he's not been seen in public for days but has since spoken some people however a question whether he can lead the country during the time of crisis jimmy their own dog and reports from manila president of the good that their day wasn't seen in public for almost 2 weeks that fueled speculation here that the health of the 76 year old leader who says he hasn't been vaccinated against school with 19 is declining and his administration has been hiding his real condition his allies are released videos of him playing golf riding
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a motorcycle. and jogging at night in the grounds of the presidential palace but it was not enough to apiece kept ticks the videos have instead turned into viral means marking a president they say this appeared during a time of crisis his spokesperson says the accusations are malicious but he's rejecting calls to release the president's medical reports no no one on monday deterred to resume his weekly address this missing what he called rumors and attacking a political opponent who's been in prison for several years but truly i mean i just want to write. women women. in the morning that it's not the people of time i enjoy. my. critics say the president's behavior over the last few months has gone from strange
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to jaring that kind of absence without the leave on the part of the bressie then since he likes to couch things in the war like. if it were a shooting war that would really be abandonment of of judy and we see the effects on our people now his government is facing widespread criticism over rising numbers of covert cases and delays in the country's vaccine roll out the philippines is also facing its worst economic recession years with millions more for that be those be jobless by the pandemic there's also the standoff between the philippines and beijing over china's military build up at the withstand reef in the south china sea has not spoken publicly against china over its occupation of the reef for several weeks since the pandemic broke out the president's movements have been greatly restricted his appearance reduced mostly to his weekly public address to contain
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this possible exposure to coronavirus but critics say they need not just assurance of the president's health but also his ability to lead during a time of crisis dogon al jazeera mandela. 3 people including a police officer have been killed in pakistan this process grew against the publication of a frenchman in a french magazine of cartoons depicting the prophet muhammad's but these scenes long about far tear gas at supporters of a right wing politicians. the t.l.p. who is arrested on monday for calling for demonstrations protests to say the cartoons are blasphemous what the french ambassador to pakistan experiment harder is a rebel pindi where security forces are preparing for more demonstrations. foghat son is bracing for more protests after the arrest of the leader of the daily galabank
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progress on saddam hussein ridgway who had an ounce daddy would lead a long march on islamabad where demanded the french ambassador should be expelled now their security forces across the country are already on a heightened state of alert there or did you see behind me is the main arterial connection to the city of rawalpindi which is the grain say day of islamabad the capital because tensions are running high that security forces are in place we have heard reports of key highways being blocked in different parts of the country now that's a ridiculous bag focused on has been saying that the government had promised that they would take up the issue of the expulsion of the french ambassador i'll study reappearance of the cartoons depicting the prophet of islam saying that this was unacceptable that jim bakker to had to go to the government had given an
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undertaking to the daily gallup back pocket standard they would bring issue before parliament on the 20th of april however sodje days we announced that the people should be ready for a long march on its lama bought their fall prompting the government to our next game and what the government calls a preemptive move but they said they're very well organized organization that supports stirred up fog and create trouble for their government projects have already led to gridlock across the country where traffic jams being reported from across the country and also connections between the provinces disrupted there's also include the railings which have been blocked at several key locations that figure the forces have been able to clear some of those protesters to open the roads but this is all happening at a time when the country is already confronting it turd wave of the corona whited leading to all children supply issued by the protesters say they really are just
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barge until the release of their leader and all of this is happening as pakistan begins the holy month of ramadan. muslims in southeast asia are observing the 1st day of ramadan in indonesia and malaysia is expected to be more lively than last year's somber affair because of the coronavirus both countries have eased some restrictions to avoid prayers in mosques as well as opening markets florence louis reports live from kuala lumpur. are you a mirror is preparing the predawn meal for her family as muslims in indonesia observe the 1st day of ramadan the mother of 2 contracted cope at 19 earlier this year but hospitals in jakarta will fall and she ended up self isolating in a hotel for 2 weeks until she recovered and how are they saying i was wary wary but i spoke to my children and my extended family every day in the encouraged me to fight on so despite the pain i was in i continued to be positive and hope for the
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best i'm very grateful that i'm healthy and able to observe ramadan with my family . indonesia has the highest number of covert $1000.00 cases in southeast asia but the country is conducting a major vaccination drive and has begun easing some restrictions including allowing special prayers in some mosques subject to physical distancing requirements in neighboring malaysia some restrictions have also been lifted last year's ramadan was a much quieter occasion the government had cancelled bazaars because of the pandemic and vendors went online this year the markets are back in most states but with a strict protocols. everyone has to provide details for contact tracing that temperature checks face masks are a must after missing out on one of the busiest months last year bendis are hoping for a better ramadan this time. thank god this year i can open my store there will always be time for my family i open my stall from 2 till 7 pm but at night we have time to
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eat break fast and pray together the bazaars are popular with muslims and non muslims mixed feelings to be honest are on one hot side i feel quite happy because you know it's very support local businesses if you know they got me food but on the other hand i'm also a bit more births because it over the out of the woods yet. i really love them. but there are a lot of work to make so i'm glad the stores are open this year the government has warned that the bazaars may be shut down if operating guidelines are not complied with a reminder that even as families gather to mark ramadan the pandemic is not yet over florence italy al-jazeera kuala lumpur. there are reports that some is really owns commercial ship has been attacks near food gyro ports in the united arab emirates israeli media calls it unnamed israeli officials blaming the attack on iran the
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incident comes a day after iran accused israel of sabotaging the not tons nuclear sites. after 3 years for almost no rainfall suffering from chronic water shortages the crisis has now become a central campaign in the country's parliamentary elections as nicholas hunt reports from santa cruz. years without rain has turned the island of santiago into this there is little green in this part of an island nation known by its portuguese name of couple verdi or green cape lifeless sparse only with a casio trees is the village of santa cruz where. carvajal is campaigning to become a local m.p. on a promise to bring water to a region ravaged by drought and abandoned by farmers. he says a new parliament and a change of direction will solve the country's of water problems. in villages also
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help the administration if you are a supporter of the ruling party people do what they can to manage the water now it's up to the politicians to bring water to the population. it's a promise made before and left unfulfilled by politicians after generations suffering from a shortage of food farming communities turn to the sea to escape hunger they live in shanty towns in the capital squires city center here today there is not enough water they want to know if they had running water i would use it for the bass room to wash our clothes and there were dishes. well it's a reason. i can go without food but not without the glass of water. for the opposition more dams and less water wastage is the solution well over 100 candidates in this election only 7 seats are up for grabs and while they come from
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different political opinions all share a common concern that's just a water to the population. the governing party led by prime minister. says climate change is to blame his government is investing in desalinization plants like this one pumping 20000 metric leaders of fresh water in the capital still that is not enough in an interview with al-jazeera he says we need to rethink our relationship with a precious resource. the challenge is to transform ocean water for domestic use to power our economy and industry we need to be water resilient because we cannot predict rainfall rains become irregular and so we can't seem to plan ahead so we need to find alternative solutions for now people in try are organizing their own water distribution with no rain in sight for those inland it will take more than the political will to bring this fragile and parched landscape back to life
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nicholas hawke al-jazeera. keep bird. more hot sascha rocks of rain down on the caribbean island of st vincents after a 2nd volcanic eruption in less than a week the explosion or the loss of free air is believed to be one of the largest in more than a century and around 16000 people have been forced to leave areas close by but authorities say they're concerned about residents who have refused to move well ralph can solve this is the prime minister of the islands of sentences and the granite scenes he says the main problem they're facing is disruption to the water supply the northern no one turtle. island is quite desolate. almost all the presidents have left the day a few had issues who are trying to brave it out we're trying. to get them
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out one by one through through the road system and because gat by the by the sea. we have it yard shelters in operation we have a lot of people who are the poor have come out of. the red zone and the orange or into private homes have been good samaritans who have come in and assisted. and that relief effort is going pretty ok but we need a lot of support we have a problem with water because naturally the ash. creates a problem for the water supply we normally have an excellent water supply system we have below 50 percent capacity at the moment so so we have problems boat in the show does across the country with water. the this mornin which incidentally is the 42nd in verse 3 of the eruption in 1979 it seems as though only the lesser for
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a decided. she was going to celebrate her birthday a little bit through a barren fortunately it was in the barn as big as a couple of delia ones. to say can i live to washington d.c. we're out of white house press briefing is underway let's listen in the use of johnson and johnson vaccine as they review data involving 6 reported u.s. cases of a rare and severe type of plug in individuals after receiving the johnson and johnson that scene. let me start by saying that this announcement will not have a significant impact on our backs a nation program to change a vaccine makes up less than 5 percent of the more than 190000000 recorded shots in arms in the united states to date the president has always said that this
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is a war time effort we're at war against the virus and as such we've mobilized a war time effort so we're prepared for a wide range of scenarios and that's why the president took action earlier this year before the change a vaccine was even authorized to secure enough pfizer and maternal doses for 300000000 americans by the end of july. over the last few weeks we have made available more than 25000000 doses of pfizer and modernity each and every week in fact this week we will make available 28000000 doses of these 2 vaccines and as we've done since we took office we will continue to get the supply out the door as soon as it's available so
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we have more than enough supply of pfizer and mcgurn of vaccines to continue the current pace of about 3000000 shots per day and that puts us well on pace to meet the president's goal of 200000000 shots by his 100th day in office and continue to reach every adult who wants to get vaccinated we're now working with our state and federal partners to get anyone scheduled for a jane jane vaccine quickly reschedule for a pfizer ormont during a vaccine and we're actually already seen this happen today at sites across the country where jane and j. appointments are being adjusted that were for today to actually get mcdonough and pfizer today so that's happening many places across the country. the president has
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committed to american people that his administration will always lead with science tell the truth. and give americans the facts as we know them. c.d.c. and f.d.a. will continue to do just that and provide regular updates to the public. and they will do so as they continue their investigation at that let me hand it over to dr phelps and then we'll take questions. thank you very much jeff. just to follow up a bit and maybe fill in a couple of points from what jeff said and what our colleagues in the f.d.a. and the c.d.c. said. early this morning at the press conference a couple of issues come up of of the importance of. calling 'd this
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pause because people say what is a pause mean it really allows both the f.d.a. the c.d.c. to further investigate these cases to try and understand. some of the mechanisms of what it is some more details about the history of the individuals who are involved that might shed some light on looking forward what will happen and what we will do that's the 1st thing the other thing is to make physicians out there aware of this and there are some clinical implications of that that i believe are important for example if someone comes in with this really rather rare syndrom of thrombotic thrombocytopenia where you get thrombosis and when you have thrown both sees the most common way to treat that is with heparin that would be a mistake in this situation because it could be dangerous and make the situation much worse so there's a clinically relevant reason why you want to make this known to people also when
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individuals particularly younger women who might come into a physician with a particular thrombotic phenomenon which is things that happen for other reasons all 'd the time that we want to alert physicians to take a history of a recent. vaccination that would be important so the poor is not only allows us to take a look at the cases and learn more but it is also a signal out there to help the physicians common question and i'm sure we'll have a number of questions which jeff and i'll be happy to answer to you but one of the questions that comes up already rather frequently does this have anything to do with the efficacy of the vaccines so we know that there have been 6850000 doses of j.n.j. distributed in the united states thus far so someone who maybe had a month or 2 ago would say what does this mean for me it really doesn't mean
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anything you're ok because if you look at the frame the time frame when this occurs it's pretty tight from a few days 6 to 13 days from the time of the vaccination the next question is one that we're all obviously aware of what impact is this going to have about people's attitudes about vaccines in general so you might know that there have been now 120000000 people that have received at least one dose of a vaccine most of that subtract the 6850000 is in the messenger r.n.a. from pfizer and from moderna there have been no red flags signals from those so you're talking about tens and tens and tens of millions of people who've received vaccine with no adverse effect this is a really rare of events if you look at what we know so far they have been 6 out of
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the 6.8 $5000000.00 doses which is less than one in a 1000000 so remember this is something that we always out of every really out of an abundance of caution as jeff said to give us a time to take a good look at it and see if we can get further information. so i'll stop there definitely could obviously take some questions. and i'll just find this is a really rare event but this does not a pretty drastic step do you believe that the scientists patiently waited the benefits of this pause against the damage or risk that this could do to the broader at her and the impact it how has it what dr felt she maybe you'll go after me but i want to say that we have plenty of supply so i'd mention that we for the last several weeks have been sending 25000000 doses out and while we're averaging 3000000 shots in arms per day. the 25000000 supports actually that level and even
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accelerating and we just sent out 28000000 doses today or announced 28000000 doses will be sent this week to states tribe territories and through our federal channels so we have plenty of supply to continue our backs ation program and in our goals for the bit about the belt but i believe your question is did we pull the trigger too soon on this because it was such a rare event well you know our f.d.a. is internationally known for their capability of making sure that we have the safest products out there and that's what i meant when i said an abundance of caution you want to make sure that safety is the important issue here we are totally aware that this is a very rare event we want to get this worked out as quickly as we possibly can and that's why you see the word pause in other words you want to hold off for a bit and very well may go back to that maybe with some conditions or maybe not but
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we want to leave that up to the f.d.a. and the c.d.c. to investigate this carefully so i don't think it was pulling the trigger to quickly but just that logistical much more fun than anything you can find me committee on immunization practices meeting tomorrow right to discuss this violent time need today is not a moment to sort of. everything and focus on. you know i think you have to get people to pull together i think tomorrow is not such a long wait i mean i'm sure they want to get everybody there maybe people who are not available they want to get the full component of our. political process into deciding for this part of the ohmss what comes next 1st up to the right has had any of them notice of the issues we're going to see in him or their involvement from the white house in deciding this and how devaluate want to punch that through there we can if you were the president he trip more and he's part of what to do the 1st part of this. this decision was made by the c.d.c. and the f.d.a.
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and that's one of the things that i think such a good thing about our system here is that we're ruled by the science not by any other considerations so the decision was really federally made by the c.d.c. and the f.d.a. . has a system with following the science we were notified last night that there would be an announcement this morning and therefore had no other involvement other than knowing last night that there be announcement this morning from the f.t.c. . you were bring up what are they looking forward to there i'm not reading minds we expect to review what they want to see if there's any clues of other things going on whether any underlying for example if they're going to just hypothetically if they're going to make a decision to go forward and say you know we looked at this if they find some common denominator is among the women who were involved that might be
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synergize ing and essentially enabling this type of an adverse event they may know that for those who don't have that it may be much safer they may be clues when you go down and really get granular about every single case in addition they want to look at what some of the mechanisms are the mechanisms may give some. insight as to what is going on make sense of a tendency for the parties in the future i mean could this keep happening to regular students because there's no you know well you know if you look at the history of it take a look at what is going on with the moderna and the fires where you have you know literally tens and tens and tens of millions this watched as carefully they have been known red flags when you have a red flag of something that is as serious as thrombotic thrombocytopenia. particularly when you have an individual one of whom died you take that seriously so i don't think that minimal things that very likely have nothing at all to do
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with the vaccine that we're going to pull the trigger so quickly as to keep stopping and stopping and stopping i think this is an unusual occurrence of a serious adverse event that you want to make sure before you go forward you investigated thoroughly and that's exactly what they're doing they're pausing so that they can look at it more carefully. at how forgotten how to thank you. now. given that the end had a chance for a man between the ages of 8 and 48 should remain under 50 be excluded from getting the changing thoughts on the question you're asking gets back to several of the questions here that's the reason why the c.d.c. and the f.d.a. want to take a look at this and say is there are there some categories now where people outside of that categories don't have any of the factors so would be ok to go on it is entirely.


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