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generation hate. to have a special 2 part investigation on a. diverse range of stories from across the globe from the perspective of the network's janet's announces era. the u.s. recommends pausing the use of the johnson and johnson covert vaccine as it investigates possible links to blood clots company has delayed its roll out in europe. however i'm having my kids eat and this is al jazeera life from doha also coming on day 12 of the derek show over and trial in minneapolis has begun with the defense calling their witnesses in the murder of george for it. iran says it's begun
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enriching uranium to the highest level so far a day after accusing israel of sabotaging the nuclear sites. by nicholas hawking in cryo in keep bird where the voters are going to be choosing their next members of parliament and one of the top issues is that access to water. another covert vaccine is under scrutiny after a few cases of blood coursing u.s. health authorities have recommended a pause in the use of the single shot johnson and johnson job as it investigates incidents the food and drug administration has stressed this is a precautionary move the company is no delaying its rollout its in europe let's speak night see patrick o'hagan he's standing by outside the u.s. f.d.a.
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in silver spring maryland patsy tell us more about this it's how much of a border is it represents the u.s. covert vaccination campaign. well officials here at the f.d.a. say they think this is just going to be a matter of days it's not a stoppage they call it a pause and they don't think it will affect the overall goal of vaccinating the population that's said there is a lot of criticism about this move because 6800000 doses of johnson and johnson have been administered in the united states and they know of only 6 cases now in those 6 cases one woman did die another is in critical condition but critics say look blood clots are common in unvaccinated people between 2 to 14 people per 1000000 get this kind of blood clot in the united states what they're saying here is it's not just blood clots it's low platelets and they see that combination all 6 all 6 women who have been impacted and the problem with that is if they give the
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treatment for if doctors give the normal treatment for blood clots that could prove fatal in these conditions so they said this is a pause to let doctors know what to look for and to let people have gotten the johnson and johnson vaccine to know what sort of signs they should look for they say a couple of days after that to a few weeks after if you experience severe headache leg pain a stomach pain shortness of breath you need to go to your doctor and you need to tell them hey this might be related to the johnson and johnson vaccine as i mentioned they're going to get together on wednesday they're going to study it they hope to be able to go ahead and give guidance on how to give this johnson and johnson vaccine because let's not forget people herald this as a really big deal when it was approved it's cheaper it's easier to administer just one shots now they say this doesn't relate to the other 2 approved vaccines here in the united states those from pfizer and madeira but they are trying to send the message to doctors that they might be more than 6 cases out there they are under big time constraint here because cases are still really high 70000 cases diagnosed
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every day in the united states and almost a 1000 people dying from the from the cove it certainly an issue to keep very close eye on. the f.d.a. in maryland thank you very much indeed and of course. we are we do understand that there will be a press briefing from the white house later dr anthony fate she is expected to appear at that press briefing sore will depend when we can bring you all the latest on that vaccine news out of the u.s. of course it's not just the united states the johnson and johnson vaccine a rule is to set the pause any europe as well for more on this stephanie decker brings us the latest from berlin. germany was expecting a delivery of the johnson and johnson vaccine later this month europe has procured around $200000000.00 doses of the vaccine that was going to be distributed amongst its members states now this comes as many countries are slow to increase their
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vaccinations amongst its population certainly in germany here it was a slow start there has been some increase recently in numbers because local doctors local g.p.'s are starting to vaccinate in their practices but of course it's also an issue when it comes to people having faith already questions being asked about the astra zeneca vaccine that is already causing blood clots there have been concerns and back and forth and we were talking to a doctor today who was telling us that people do raise these questions there is anxiety there is a lack of knowledge so certainly this kind of news even though the numbers with johnson and johnson were talking about 6 out of 6800000 vaccinated it still doesn't to add to the lack of confidence if you will when you have this kind of news coming out now certainly germany still battling with the 3rd wave politically chance for anger merkel trying to clamp down and imposing getting the power to impose lock downs on the 16 states that's been approved by the cabinet on tuesday we expect
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that to go to a vote in parliament this week and that will allow the central government to impose strict lock downs things like a curfew from 9 pm to 5 am closing on essential businesses closing schools if the numbers hit a certain infection rate and that many people at this point in time are saying is the only way to stem what are increasing numbers was was. a retard paramedic your attendance at george for the year before he died says he admitted to being it's opioids michelle my son says she was buried but floyd's blood pressure after she took his face holes defense lawyers at the trial. former police officer derek children once approved floyd dies because of drug use and a heart condition children is facing murder charges for hands cofee george for it face down and kneeling on his neck for more than one minutes did you do
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a physical assessment of mr ford time curve and that would include his blood pressure at the time. and did you record what his blood pressure was at that time it was 2160160 did you automatically make recommendations to transport mr floyd to the hospital based on that and other issues. and ultimately did he was he brought to the hospital initially. well john hendren is live for us in minneapolis joe in a ward is that's offense focusing on with their witnesses so far. well that event's wasted little time in turning the attention from derek chauvelin the former police officer accused of killing george floyd to floyd himself as soon as it was time for the defense to call it for the 1st witness it called
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a former police officer and that paramedic you saw just there both of them testifying about a 2019 arrest of george floyd this is controversy because generally testimony about prior arrests are not the idea behind that is just because you might have done one thing at one time doesn't mean you did another at another time and it can be prejudicial to the jury but the defense insisted that what it needs to do is to pursue its case and show the jury that in the defense's opinion george floyd might have died from another continent using this suggestion that he took drugs which is what the paramedic testified to during this 2019 arrest and that he had elevated blood pressure to suggest that perhaps george floyd had a drug problem that could have helped cause his death on may 25th. 2020. that is especially well the flood family calls that character
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assassination they say he should not be on trial than it is derek chauvin who is on trial in the past history of george floyd is irrelevant in cross-examination a prosecution question are said george floyd didn't drop dead did he and the paramedics said no that seemed to be the end of that case and now we have moved on to the nature 25th the rest the one at which george floyd died and currently the testimony is going on with a park police officer named peter chang we saw about 3 minutes of his body camera but not a lot of really new information there what i think we're waiting for is information from. medical experts and police experts who can talk about whether george floyd was killed in fact as the prosecution contends by derrick chauvinist knee on his neck and whether those tactics were in any way approved or normal all the police witnesses we've seen so far on the prosecution's side including the chief of police
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and said that was not an approved hold so the defense is beginning its case we expected to take just a few days and the judge says we may see closing arguments as soon as monday i would so not see these speaking of the trial as of course ongoing you mentioned that peter chang the minneapolis park police officer his body. is being shown has the defense given any indication at this stage of other elements that they brought want to bring in their defense or is it really looking like they're not going to draw in the $200.00 plus that the house initially suggests that they might they might call to speak for them. well they've kept their information very close to the vest you're right there are hundreds of people on a potential list of witnesses to be called but they don't tell us ahead of time who they're going to call we do expect some police witnesses to testify on that use of
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force and to suggest that it was justified we expect medical witnesses to suggest alternative theories to how george floyd died and sensually suggesting it could have been a drug overdose or it could have been his heart problems he did have some narrowed arteries with the big question i think most people who are really closely watching this trial are looking at is whether derek children will take the stand himself in the case of the o.j. simpson trial many years ago simpson had to take the stand lawyers don't like to put their defendants on the stand because there are so many unpredictable things that can happen in cross-examination but there are a number of legal experts who think this case has been so damning so far that derek chauvin himself is going to have to take the stand and explain what happened on may 25th ok we'll be keeping a very keen eye on that see if that does indeed happen we'll let you get back to the trial for nice john 100 in minneapolis thank you. still ahead so now it's just
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a rumor an appeal to ends the call small serving in myanmar the u.n. wants the military crackdown could escalate into civil conflicts anger over japan's decision to junk featured radioactive water from the fukushima nuclear plant south korea summons the japanese ambassador. it's time for the perfect gentleman who went sponsored plan qatar airways. ok the rain is going from japan that the sun has come out or will come out and you got temperatures rising above 20 degrees so the saw will continues raging tones certainly on the western side of the slopes of honshu if you follow this system back to china is the seasonal one and what he announces self bring heavy rain down
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towards grand on fujian eventually taiwan some follows this disturbance in northern china heard still cold enough somebody said to produce snow a long way north need not sit with that includes beijing not an 18 degrees doesn't but it certainly is going to induce some big showers even thunderstorms on thursday and the breeze will pick up for a while improve the air quality the temperatures only change wost you're within those order to meet those showers south of all this the action actually is in the western pacific and that's taken all the showers away from eastern indonesia that remains dr for this potential circulation is a potential cycling which will eventually move probably was a philippines but not for a while yet this rain for the west sumatra still throughout thailand and peninsular malaysia and that's moving up into the southern bay of bengal in fact the rains are moving up into the far south of india in the north including in delhi the breeze picks up every now and again in fact it could even turn sundry in a day or 2. to qatar airways. most
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people will never know what's beyond this storm. deafening silence of 100000 full us how it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it's like to work with every breath is precious with it is not an option. but we're not close people. my. this is al jazeera quick reminder of our top stories for you know yourself or for
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a c s i have recommended appalls in the use of the johnson and johnson vaccine as it investigates a few cases of severe blood clotting the food and drug administration has stressed this is a precautionary move day 12 of the derek children trial in minneapolis says began with the defense calling their witnesses a former police officer and a retard paramedic could be testifying shivan is accused of murdering george for its staff triggered worldwide protests demanding racial justice. the u.s. president and congressional leaders are paying their respects to a police officer killed in a car ramming attack on the u.s. capitol building earlier this month officer william billy evans is caskets was placed in the capitol rotunda for the 2nd such memorial ceremony this year his death came just 3 months after a violent mob of president donald trump supporters storm security barricades another officer brian signet died sattar in gauging at the voyagers speaking at sea
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or white house correspondents and kember they how. the white house says paying tribute see that police officer killed in another attack at a capitol. yes the u.s. president joe biden acting as consoler in chief once again this time for the officer 41 year old william evans who died in the line of duty after his vehicle round him as he was guarding the capitol and as you point out this is the 2nd fallen officer guarding the capitol. since the start of this year and so as a result the president paying his respects in a very solemn or service that took place on capitol hill congressional leaders were present as was the family of officer evans including his 2 young children it was a moving ceremony even before it began as the national guard lined independence as
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his avenue as his casket was brought to the rotunda where it is now lying as members of the family were able to pay their respects the president also paying his and offering very moving words in his tribute and when you president biden speaks particularly in times of grief it means something given the fact that he has experience very public grief himself he has experienced the public tragedy of losing his wife and daughter many decades ago in a car crash and more recently his adult son bo so the world knows the public knows here in the united states that this is a man that when he speaks of grief he understands it intimately and so there were certainly not a dry eye as the president was speaking directly to the family of officer evans saying that it was his prayer that one day and he said this day will come when you think about your father your brother your husband that you will smile before
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a tear comes to your eyes and he said i can assure you that day will come so honoring him and remembering him as a hero but sadly the 2nd time this year that the president has been remembering a fallen officer guarding the u.s. capitol. live from the white house company thank you. nato has called on russia to withdraw forces that the alliance says the kremlin has been deploying near ukraine care if foreign minister is in belgium meeting with nato officials over russia's increased military activity along ukraine's border is that sasha bottler has more unjustified and unexplained was how the head of nato described russia's buildup of troops on its border with ukraine after a meeting with ukraine's foreign minister in brussels russia must end this military buildup in and around ukraine stop its provocations on the escalate
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immediately. russia has deployed naval ships heavy armor and tens of thousands of troops in recent weeks violence is risen between russian backed separatists and ukrainian forces in ukraine's east ukraine's foreign minister said nato must respond to what he called a stress of war by gathering today we try to avoid the mistake that was made in 2014 when russia was ready to act swiftly and pursue its military goals in crimea and on bus while our western partners were considering their reactions to what was happening on the ground. russia will not be able to catch anyone by surprise anymore kléber also discussed the situation with the u.s. secretary of state who is on a 3 day visit to proselytise the us will station an extra $500.00 troops in germany we're seeing unfortunately. record take
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a very provocative act want to have right without. the largest concentration of russian forces on in print or defense 2014 kremlin officials say the troops are on a training exercise and that ukraine has been acting provocatively some analysts say putin is less interested in conflict than in challenging washington what we have seen over the last few months is a breakdown of the u.s. russia and relation seems that by the administration. power and i think putin is basic you trying to die and he's testing be by going to be sufficient to see how far i'd be willing to go off and they really are all on russia kiev wants nato to fast track its request for membership of the alliance ukraine's president says such a move would help end the conflict with russia by sending a clear message to moscow the a crane sovereignty could not be threatened this ash about la al-jazeera paris.
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russia and iran's foreign ministers have met in tehran to sign a corporation agreements days after an attack on iran's main nuclear facility both men condemned the assault on the now tons nuclear plants and encourage the us to return to the 2050 nuclear deal and lift sanctions as a big reports from to her on. a united front iran and russia a long time allies both say they want u.s. sanctions against iran lifted talks between the remaining members of the 2015 nuclear deal iran china france germany russia and the united kingdom are set to resume in vienna on thursday but there was a warning from foreign minister divides the reef. we talk in vain you know to restore the rights of our people and end sanctions but these talks have a limited time on europe and america's time to return to their commitments under
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the j c p a is very limited and if they lose this opportunity they will face unfavorable conditions russia called on all parties to return to the deal particularly because we understand our partners in tehran are ready to move forward immediately on this issue provided the u.s. takes the appropriate steps we support the ongoing negotiations in vienna and condemn any attempt to undermine these important talks an attack on iran's main nuclear facility in the city of attends on sunday that left it blacked out has increased tensions both inside and outside the country and are expected to affect the talks conservative politicians in iran never supported the 2015 nuclear deal in the 1st place many are now calling on president has undergone in any goshi actions following sunday's incident at iran's main nuclear facility this adds to the pressure for the negotiating team and set a time frame in the current government leaving office in august russia condemned what it said were attempts to undermine the negotiations the extent of the damage
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at the natanz nuclear facility is becoming more apparent at the event that happened on sunday relating to an electricity grid destroyed a great deal of our enrichment capabilities several 1000 centrifuges are now out of service the government blamed israel for what it called sabotage and issued this warning a lot of we will retaliate for the attack on the towns at all levels at the proper time with similar magnitude we won't allow our enemies to reach their political objectives that iran says it will now enrich uranium to 60 percent that's 40 percent higher than it already is and around 56 percent higher than permitted in the nuclear deal but all eyes are on vienna with many sides hoping that despite the incident at natanz. it can still be a break as a big al jazeera iran. the un human rights chief fears the situation in myanmar will turn into a full blown conflicts much like syria michele bestially is calling for stronger
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action against myanmar is army saying targeted sanctions are not enough protests against fair peri's coup have grown across the country despite a military crackdown more than 3000 people have been arrested in several cities and more than 600 people have been killed since the coup began. here and human rights spokeswoman ravina shamdasani says the army in myanmar can only be stopped if the international community takes firm action. there are many states and many businesses in fact which have a lot of influence in the matter they have leverage that they can use whether this is diplomatic geopolitical economic pressure on the military they need to use this network and they need to pressure the tree into stopping the violence. to the people on the streets as i said that the vast majority of protests remain peaceful
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in their own really small pockets of violence and in these cases both people are using quintiles brain or you know homemade weapons to try to find the kinds of military grade equipment that that it's used against that in spite of the fact that people don't have very many resources they are resorting to these kinds of primitive arms to fight back militarily the military is they're using this as justification to further increase their firepower this this is deeply deeply worrying birds and this is where the international community come in the protesters have shown as he said the other resolute even in the face of the kinds of binds that the tree is perpetrating upon them they are continuing to resist they cannot be left alone the international community needs to bring to bear as much pressure with a resolute clear concerted voice they need to cut off arms supplies to the tree and they need to cut off finances to the military that are making it possible their commission of these terrible grave human rights violations japan's decision to
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release more than a 1000000 tons of contaminated water from the sea from its room for human nuclear plants has been condemned by china and south korea beijing calls the move extremely irresponsible also korea summoned the japanese ambassador from mcbride reports. for years this has been the only solution to the increasing volumes of contaminated water build ever more tanks at the plant site to store it. crippled by an earthquake and tsunami in 2011 water has been used to cool the damaged reactors becoming radioactive and now totaling one and a quarter 1000000 tonnes the japanese government says once treated it's safe enough to be released. he loved me. we will attain a level of safety far above the regulation standards and the government will take exhaustive measures against harmful rumors we have judged that release into the
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ocean is a realistic option and decided it is the policy to follow. supporters of the plan say this kind of water release is common practice in the nuclear industry and that there's only a minimal risk to health but it's banter her business is in fukushima like tourism and fishing that have taken years to rebuild and opposition to it extends to japan's neighbors in south korea protesters gathered outside the japanese embassy with sun claiming it's an act of nuclear terrorism fears about the impact on industries like fisheries with the government calling the move totally unacceptable . the decision poses a threat to the safety and marine environment of neighboring countries it is a unilateral action taken without you do consultation. there's also been condemnation from china which is called the decision extremely irresponsible and it
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comes as japan is about to mark a $100.00 day countdown to its summer olympics delayed by the pandemic already mired in controversy the issue of fukushima's contaminated water has cast a further shadow over the event tokyo will hope the decision to release the water will be one less problem to overcome but the political and diplomatic fallout from it might make that wishful thinking rob mcbride al-jazeera soul. still ahead on al-jazeera and the 3rd coronavirus wave in thailand puts a damper on its new year holiday plans to reopen 2 lists. will cain on the caribbean island of st vincent explodes in its biggest eruption yet. in colombia in the mid ninety's coca fields covered whole stretches of land far
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from the cities which were now on the high surveillance end of the ninety's pete. we're talking about the potential from becoming a knocker stick with the guerrillas to help drug traffickers sought refuge in the jungles of mountains well out of the state's reach. a farm right militia 20000 men in the united self defenders of colombia to fight the guerrillas. meanwhile colombia's legitimate military suffered ambushes by the fall soldiers were abducted in the hundreds the systematic killing led to the displacement of millions of people the paramilitaries dictated that lives in the zones they took on the areas the state could never reach under pressure from the d.n.a. the criminals who came after the problem escobar hunted down the shell companies were dismantled under arresting increased. the move. to.
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places al-jazeera quicker and all the headlines for you u.s. health authorities have recommended a polls in the use of the johnson and johnson vaccine as it investigates a few cases of severe blood clotting the food and drug administration has stressed this is a precautionary move day 12 of the derek show ven trial in minneapolis has begun with the defense calling their witnesses former police officer and which are paramedic have been testifying children is accused of murdering george ford whose death triggered world wide protests demanding racial justice. a vigil has been held in minutes.


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