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but what authorities here are saying is that what's important is talk regulate what's happening in international waters. there are some of the media stories a critical look at the global news media screwed up also on al-jazeera government shut off access to social media. considerable military buildup is unjustified. explains the concerning. nato walls russia to stay out of ukrainian territory and says a massive tens of thousands of troops on its border. i know them are a call this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up to pan says it will release
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more than a 1000000 tonnes of water from the fukushima nuclear plant into the ocean prompting anger in the region. protests in minnesota after the police shooting of a black man the department says the officer mistook her gun for a taser. and we report from malaysia as muslims around the world begin observing the holy month of ramadan and the coronavirus restrictions. nato has called on russia to withdraw all forces that the alliance says the kremlin has been deploying their ukraine kids former minister is in belgium meeting with nato officials over russia's increased military activity along ukraine's borders there's growing concern that the kremlin is moving towards wrote war ukraine says moscow has sent thousands of chips for its northern and eastern borders on the annex crimea peninsula. russia must end this military buildup in
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and around ukraine stop its provocations on the escalate immediately we do not and will not recognize russia's illegal and illegitimate and accession of crimea we continue to call on our show to end its support for the militants in eastern ukraine and withdraw its forces from ukrainian territory well the kremlin denies moving toward conflict here says russia has amassed thousands of military personnel and equipment on its northern and eastern borders near the separatist held areas in donbass ukrainian government says it's also happening along the border of the crimean peninsula which russia annexed 7 years ago and has a butler has this update from paris. calling this buildup of russian troops
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on ukraine's eastern border in the crimean peninsula calling them unjustified unexplained and deeply concerning he called on moscow to stop the buildup of troops he said there was a greater number of troops in that region than there had been since 2014 when russia carried out is illegal an extension of crimea he said the russia must explain what it's doing but work on deescalation we also heard from the ukrainian foreign minister the 2 men were meeting together to discuss the growing tensions in the region ukrainian foreign minister said as far as yet was concerned what it was seeing was a threat of war by moscow he called all nato and its allies to not just stand by but to act he said let let's not make the mistakes of the past and what he was alluding to was that illegal and it's a show of crimea that russia carried out in 2014 if you like under the noses of
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nato and its allies the ukrainian foreign minister said that if things are to escalate further it will not be a surprise to anyone it cannot be a surprise to anyone and that is why he said it was so important the nato stand by ukraine. is a former director of policy planning at nato. before russia annexing illegally crimea and then moving it was so into eastern ukraine you saw a major build of russian military forces on the russian ukraine border and actually some experts are even saying the buildup is even greater than what we saw it with you 14th so clearly putin is on to sending a very strong message that you see this before put possibly dummy stick driven full committee who needs to kind of regain the upper hand basically a more fragile mystic position he's in since the constitutional reform and will
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never leave the secret is it but he's also internationally driven in the sense that i think what we have seen over the last 3 months is a breakdown of the u.s. russia and relation seems there by the mystery shown to. power and i think putin is basically trying to that and he's testing by going to be sufficient to see how far are they willing to go i think clearly putin is trying to exert pressure on zelinsky to possibly have to be pressured by then mostly to germans and the french to make some concessions on the means agreement negotiations so i think to talk about a conflict is a bit premature benefic is more depression eased the west especially the us together with the europeans willing to send its clear signal to dissuade to russia to president putin that you caused a further escalation would be very high. iran's foreign minister says an attack on
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the country's main nuclear facility will strengthen its position during talks to revive the nuclear deal to have ads there if made the comments was me saying that russian foreign minister sergei lavrov is visiting terror on a day before negotiations resume in vienna between the parties of the 20015 agreement iran blames israel for what it's calling an act of sabotage at its nuclear plant at natanz that vega is enteric on with more on what was discussed. there was a warning from foreign minster javadoc zarif he said that time is running out for the united states now the reason for that is that there is a great deal of pressure inside iran on devolves raef the reformist government of president hassan rouhani reformist government and when incidents like natanz take place that pressure increases now if you read some of the headlines today one of them said the diplomacy of power over the diplomacy of the loft that's because there have been images circulating of foreign minster divides the reef talking to foreign ministers and other diplomats where he's laughing and smiling and he's been
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criticized for that the conservatives who dominate parliament to believe that iran used to take a tougher stance needs to be tougher with the europeans and the united states but farming to drugs and he did say that this attack by israel would give a chance for iran to expand its nuclear program and centrifuges in fact he said i promise that we will improve centrifuges and from all the rhetoric that we do hear coming out of the wrong one think that iran tends to follow up on falling incidents like this is their promise to expand their program or install advanced centrifuges last year when the same plant was attacked iran said that they would expand the production of centrifuges they did that after the assassination of iran's lead scientist most and focus on the november iran. issued a bill in parliament that said that they should increase enrichment to 20 percent and restrict inspectors they did that and now this is another warning coming from
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iran. the united nations are humans human rights chief affairs the situation in myanmar will turn into a full blown conflict much like the one in syria. is urging for stronger action against man miles army saying targeted sanctions are not enough protests against february's coup have grown across the country despite a military crackdown more than 3000 people have been arrested in several cities and 600 people have been killed since the coup. japan's decision to release more than a 1000000 tons of contaminated water into the sea from its ruined fukushima nuclear plant has been criticized by china and south korea they jane says it's extremely arest sponsible south korea has promised to take the necessary steps to ensure the health of its citizens robert bride reports from seoul for years this has been the only solution to the increasing volumes of contaminated water build ever more tanks
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at the plant site to store it crippled by an earthquake and tsunami in 2011 water has been used to cool the damaged reactors becoming radioactive and now totaling one and a quarter 1000000 tonnes the japanese government says it wants treated it's safe enough to be released. i mean. we will attain a level of safety far above the regulation standards and the government will take exhaustive measures against harmful rumors we have judged that release into the ocean is a realistic option and decided it is the policy to follow. supporters of the plan say this kind of water release is common practice in the nuclear industry and that there's only a minimal risk to health but it's parenthood businesses in fukushima like tourism and fishing that have taken years to rebuild and opposition to it extends to japan's neighbors in south korea protesters gathered outside the japanese embassy
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with some claiming it's an act of nuclear terrorism fears about the impact on industries like fisheries with the government calling the move totally unacceptable . the decision poses a threat to the safety and marine environment of neighboring countries it is a unilateral action taken without you consultation. there's also been condemnation from china which is called the decision extremely irresponsible and it comes as japan is about to mark a $100.00 day countdown to its summer olympics delayed by the pandemic already mired in controversy the issue of fukushima's contaminated water has cast a further shadow over the event tokyo will hope the decision to release the water will be one less problem to overcome but the political and diplomatic fallout from
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it might make that wishful thinking rob mcbride al jazeera so. a vigil has been held in minnesota for a black man shot by a police officer on sunday during a traffic stop hundreds of people have been arrested for protesting during a curfew police fired tear gas and rubber bullets and a state of emergency has been declared in the area so has the latest. these people have gathered in solidarity under res black power fist for them it's symbolic of the struggle against racism and discrimination they say black people face daily in the united states the vigil is being held for dante write to 20 year old african. merican shots and killed by a police officer during a routine traffic stop on sunday his brother rejects suggestions by the police the officer involved appeared to intend to fire a taser not gun i can never understand that clear of people the right to walk about and one thing i would never understand my brother in law says why because they were
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perhaps like you have no regard for me right now a different point 5 think of that right spend his last moments with his girlfriend sitting next to him in the car his mother was talking to him on the phone about what to say to the police when he was shot in the chest the officer involved has served in the force for 26 years brooklyn sent a police chief says the incident was a tragic error is my belief that the officer had the intention to deploy their taser but instead shot mr wright with a single bullet. this appears to me from what i viewed in the officers reaction in distress immediately after that this was an accidental discharge there resulted in the tragic death of mr wright. for a 2nd night though more confrontations between protesters and police who just killed that day by the way when i was curious about my god oh yeah don't get me wrong. i'm good by repeated instances of police brutality and racial profiling in
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the u.s. hundreds of protesters defy to cuff you that started on monday and have continued to protest despite police using tear gas against them the unrest comes as the trial of former policeman derek chauvet is being held a few kilometers away he's facing charges of murder if the killing of george floyd last year. some protests turned violent overnight with several businesses knutson damaged president joe biden has called for peace and calm question is was it actually quite intentional every man is to be determined. by what i see. but in the meantime i want to make it clear again there is absolutely no justification. for looting the 1st black mayor of brooklyn center has expressed his shall we are in pain right now and we recognize that this cannot happen at a worse time we recognize that this is happening at
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a time when our community when all of america indeed all of the the world is watching many are expecting more unrest in the minneapolis suburb and the states of emergency has been declared. so to hide a. still ahead head on al-jazeera the german chancellor seizes power from local governments in a bid to rein in the worsening coronavirus pandemic. and morgues and hospitals are overwhelmed in india as cases of caveat 19 serves that. it's time for the perfect jenny the weather sponsored plan qatar airways their weather is changing get in japan because the season where rains will come and
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go pulse through they're on their way to plan which leaves sunshine behind it will warm up $20.00 to $20.00 degrees or what snow the reason the higher ground will continue to melt having or have been pounded by the rain and then the bottom end of the system which is linked systems throughout the spring brings the heaviest rain to central a more likely sudden china in the north and particularly in beijing there's another little frontal system coming out among goalie that's cold up to bring snow to some places not quite cold to bring snow to beijing but beijing will probably get a thunderstorm out of it and the winds will pick up you'll stay quite breezy until saturday was temperatures around about the average not much different there will feel colder i think if you're in sun's tool. rain is also moving up the coast both west and east of south india and in the north is just getting hotter and hotter which is of course what you might expect to do so focus was done to look like the beginning of the mala susie's no no varia we can't really talk about that but that's right he's become a bit more persistent at least whereas strata rabia and very soon turkey and iran
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there's nothing much going on the earth few showers around here still some star east and and afghanistan but it's warm and humid in doha. sponsored poll qatar airways. xenophobe make violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. a generation identity was at one time the fastest growing far right organization on the continent now watch the investigation that led to the french government banning the group. generation hate. part 2 of a special 2 part investigation on a. hello
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again you're watching al-jazeera has a reminder of our top stories this hour nato has called on russia to withdraw its forces that the alliance says the kremlin has been deploying near ukraine's foreign minister is in belgium meeting at nato officials over russia's increased military activity along ukraine's borders. iran's foreign minister says an attack on the country's main nuclear facility will strengthen its position for wednesday's talks in vienna to revive the nuclear deal haven't sorry for made the comments was missing his russian counterpart. and police in minnesota have made multiple arrests as protesters angry of the shooting of a black man defied a curfew dante rights was shot by a police officer in a minneapolis suburb on sunday. well dante wright was shot just 20 kilometers from where george floyd was killed almost
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a year ago the trial of the former minneapolis police officer accused of his murder is in its 3rd week for his brother has testified in court he's described floyd as a family man who loved his siblings and had a one of a kind relationship with his mother john hendren reports from minneapolis. the witness for the prosecution testified to the life lost when george floyd drew his last breath. beneath the police officers need. just because he was. here and. he just was like a person. everybody around. how to make people feel. the unique spark of life doctrine in minnesota allows prosecutors to humanize crime victims like george floyd as his brother phil a nice day it is the prosecution showed pictures of his slain brother prosecutors
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began. 11 in the murder trial of former police officer derrick show with a cardiologist who laid the blame for george floyd's death directly on show vun saying his niece starved floyd of oxygen and stopped his heart in this case mr george george floyd die from cardio pulmonary arrest. it was caused by. and those. were induced by the prone restraint and positional asphyxiation that he was subjected to dr jonathan rich ruled out the defense's alternative theory an overdose of the fentanyl and methamphetamine an autopsy found in floyd system if not for the officers holding him down he said floyd would have survived the encounter after the shooting of another on arm black man just 16 kilometers from the site of the trial in brooklyn center minnesota lawyer asked the judge to sequester or isolate the jury. the fear is that they'd be unduly prejudiced or
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might be inclined to convict to avoid more civil unrest but the judge said no i'm going to deny the motion his request for the jury and for additional blood here this is a totally different case after 2 weeks of prosecution witnesses the defense. short one. expects it to be over in time for closing arguments. and when that happens. until they render a verdict. as they deliberate prosecutors hope they'll reflect on the man show is accused of killing shows like how to treat our mom in how to respect he he just he loved her so dearly when we went to the funeral. is joyce just said kathy oh man over here he would just say my. mom was over there would be. here with her it's not
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likely to be lost on the jury that those are also women floyd's last words as he lay on the pavement. evidence the prosecution is likely to suggest in its closing arguments that george floyd wasn't suffering from a heart attack or a drug overdose but knew that he was taking his last breaths as his life was being choked out of him john hendren al-jazeera minneapolis the german government has approved controversial legal changes that will centralize. so it can impose tougher coronavirus restrictions if the change is approved by parliament the government will be able to introduce curfews in close schools and businesses germany is battling a 3rd wave of covert 1970 deca has more from baton. a bold move that's been bored out of incredible frustration she's been calling for stricter lockdowns for weeks she tried to implement it over easter and then had to make a u. turn and apologize very rare move that she made apologized to the german public
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saying it wasn't because it wasn't necessary but it was because it dented up confusing people because it was done in such a last minute this is a frustration that basically the 16 states that germany is divided into have autonomy really when it comes to their health care system have all been in playing lockdown rules in a happy hazard way and of this is a country currently in a 3rd wave of the pandemic we were just talking to a medical expert an hour ago or so and he's saying that basically the vaccination campaign cannot keep up with the spread of what is mostly the british variant of the virus that is spreading and is more aggressive and that's happening now in germany hence a strict lockdown is needed so this will now give the central government the power to impose curfews the closure of schools occlusions essential businesses etc but again it still needs to pos in parliament and that is going to need a 2 thirds majority there is still some negotiations probably going to happen have to happen there because not everyone is in agreement to give the central government
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this kind of power so we're going to have to wait and see but people do expect perhaps a vote on that within this week india has again reported the world's highest daily tally of new coven 19 infections it confirms more than 161000 new cases on tuesday but the actual number is expected to be higher because test results but delayed the weekend there's a problem has more from new delhi. unfortunately we are seeing the kinds of pictures that we did last year during the peak of the 1st wave of the coronavirus most recently we have seen pictures of bodies outside the biggest government run hospital in the city of port and dr who is chief medical officer said this is because they don't have enough freezes to keep the bodies and that more bodies at christmas tory and in the city than can be cremated that hospital's intensive care units and oxygen equipped beds have been at almost full capacity
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over the past week i put it in the state of chuck the school which is one of the worst affected at the moment it also has a disproportionately high death rate which is why the central government and to medical teams to top the school to find out why the situation is so bad there why more people seem to be dying there and those teams reported back and said that there are a number of issues there's a lack of hospital beds in many districts there's a shortage of ambulances in one district that the number of tests are going down that containment measures on to being. being. imposed properly and that there is resistance to other containment measures including attacks on health care workers boss these issues and are not unique to that stage most of these issues are and we have reports of a shortage of medical facilities of equipment in a number of places most notably in the worst affected states where medical teams which was sent there also said that there was an act of oxygen supply and even
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malfunctioning ventilators. and we're just hearing just getting reports in the regulators in the u.s. all recommending a poor for the single days johnson and johnson 19 vaccine this is so that they can investigate reports of cloth saying will be looking more into that story. and bringing more on it and when we get more information. to protesters and the police also have been killed and pakistan demonstrators have been calling for the french ambassador to be expelled because of depictions published in france which they say a blasphemous supporters of the right wing politicians who police off to he was arrested on monday call hydrazine well pending west security forces a brace for the demonstrations. august on edge bracing for more protests after the arrest of the leader of the deadly galabank progress on saddam hussein ridgway
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who had an ounce daddy would lead a long march on islamabad where demanded the french ambassador should be expelled now their security forces across the country are already on a heightened state of alert there or did you see behind me is the main arterial connection to the city of rawalpindi where jade drains today over islamabad the capital because tensions are running high that security forces are in place we have heard reports of key highways being blocked in different parts of the country now that they're eager love bag pockets on had been saying that the government had promised that they would take up the issue of the expulsion of the french ambassador after the reappearance of the cartoons depicting the prophet of islam saying that this was unacceptable that d.m. back today had to go out the government had given an undertaking to the daily kill
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of backlog or standard they would bring this issue before bollman on their 20th of april however tawdry announced that that be but you'd be ready for a long march on islam a bad day or fall prompting the government to our next game and what does government called a preemptive move but they said they're very organized the organization that court heard the farts and creates. all that album me the product have already led to a grid log across the country red traffic jams being reported from a crocodile country and also connection between the problem. including the relaying reject being blocked at several key locations that you're due for good have been able to clear out some of doth protest start to open the door why did it all happening at that time when the country already confronting at 3rd wave of the car owner wired it leading to alter your supplier issued by a protector of their own ordered barge i'm very relieved of their leader and all
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that happening i've gone begins the holy month of ramadan. come all mentioned many muslims across southeast asia are observing the 1st day of ramadan in indonesia and malaysia is expected to be more lively compared to last is because of coronavirus restrictions for as louis reports from kuala lumpur. is preparing the meal for the family as muslims didn't observe the 1st day of ramadan the mother of 2 contracted cope at 19. but hospitals in jakarta will full and she ended up self isolating in a hotel for 2 weeks until she recovered how much i was very wary but i spoke to my children and my extended family every day in the encouraged me to fight on so despite the pain i was in i continue to be positive and hope for the best i'm very grateful that i'm healthy and able to observe ramadan with my family. indonesia has
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the highest number of covert $1000.00 cases in southeast asia but the country is conducting a major fractionation drive and has begun easing some restrictions including allowing special prayers in some mosques subject to physical distancing requirements in neighboring malaysia some restrictions have also been lifted last year's ramadan was much quieter occasion the government had cancelled because of the pandemic and vendors went online this year at the markets are back in most states but with a strict protocols. everyone has to provide details for contact tracing that temperature checks face masks are a must after missing out on one of the busiest months last year when does a hoping for a better ramadan this time. thank god this year i can open my store there will always be time for my family our home i stole from 2 to 7 pm but if we have time to eat break fast and pray together the bazaars are popular with muslims and non
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muslims mixed feelings to be honest. i feel quite happy because good on. the surface. but on the other hand i'm also a bit more births because it over the out of the woods. i really love them. but there are a lot of work to make so i'm glad the stores are open this year the government has warned that the bazaars may be shut down if operating guidelines are not complied with a reminder that even a spam these gather to mark ramadan the pandemic is not yet over florence louis al-jazeera reporter. with al-jazeera top stories nato has called on russia to withdraw all forces that says the kremlin has been deploying their ukraine.


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