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mysteriously the day it disappeared once again. the apolo of gaza. on a. investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al-jazeera. all or. police in minnesota fired tear gas into crowds defying a curfew as protesters take to the streets over the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man. how to make people feel better. and that the minneapolis trial and the killing of george for oil is brother talks of a community minded man. i'm
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sam is a band this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up regional neighbors raise concerns over japan's decision to dump radioactive water from the fukushima plant into the ocean iran vows an attack on its main nuclear facility won't go on punished when israel issues its own warning. and how the city that never sleeps plans to switch to renewable energy 2030. police officers in minnesota made multiple arrests and used tear gas and pepper spray to try to disperse crowds as anger grows over the police shooting of an unarmed black man protesters remain on the streets despite a curfew coming into effect 4 hours ago after a state of emergency was declared in the region dante writes was killed after
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a traffic stop on sunday alan fischer reports a lot of police chiefs called a tragic error. in a futile shooting of another black man by police 20 year old don't write killed on the streets of brooklyn center near minneapolis a tragic error says the police chief is my belief that the officer had the intention to deploy their taser but instead shot mr wright with a single bullet. this appears to me from what i viewed and the officers reaction in distress immediately after that this was an accidental discharge this all coming as a former police officer stands trial in minneapolis for the murder of another black man george floyd just a year ago the media expressing his shock at such a twist we recognize that this is happening at a time when our community when all of america indeed all of the world
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is watching. our community from the white house president joe biden also made clear his frustration we will watch tonight as soon as i did the film which is truly the body cam which is fairly. truly graphic question is was in an accident or was it intentional every man is to be determined. by whom on investigation don't you right called his mother as it was all happening the call ended when she dialed his number again his girlfriend answered and said he was dead in the driver seat like a minute later i called in his girlfriend answered with the passenger in the car and that even started shooting acted like tender on an already volatile situation hundreds took to the streets to protest overnight but some of those protests turned violent it's been reported 20 local businesses were looted what's been described as a chemical attitude was used to disperse the crowd which was growing in numbers and
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frustration police here guarding the local station have a to face off against angry protesters they've brought in state troopers in the national guard to bolster the numbers they've even brought in concrete blocks to secure the area the local police chief believes that if he's open and transparent that might defuse some of the younger but that might not be enough for african-american boys so every day as a father raising boys in america how do you think that makes me feel terrified but it's not a shocking i mean it was a shock we this is what happened for over 400 years for us a state level investigation is now underway the local community wants answers especially to the question are things ever going to change alan fischer al-jazeera brooklyn center minnesota shabbath town c is monitoring developments from washington d.c. . it's very much in the area that allan was reporting that during the day the area
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around the police the police station has had been an area where people had started to gather throughout the day and continued to gather off to the curfew began i should say it was interesting to hear allen say well the police chief said that he hoped the transparency would diffuse some of the anger when the protesters 1st got that what was flying on the the flag side outside the police station was the the blue lives matter thin blue line flag that it's come to come to symbolize police defiance against black lives matter hardly hardly putting out the olive branch have to be said for the protesters who are protesting against yet another 20 year old black man being killed by the police in what the medical examiner says was a homicide everything was relatively peaceful there we had the police on one side of a fence and we have the protesters on the other side of the fence as is so often the case that at some point for whatever reason it's not an entirely clear what the police suddenly decide all right it's not time to go in they began firing tear gas
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flash bang grenades they started moving forward and now we know i mean now we can see what the strategy is i guess is what they were trying to achieve which was to try to get people as far away from that police station as possible so they've dispersed the crowd now down down the street basically from what we can tell the protesters are now and also lining the streets basically down from the area where they are allowed down into. interior into the suburbs well jarret going it is an independent journalist who is at the vigil for dawn tehran and the protests that followed he says the key will be how city in place officials act over the coming days. the key thing is there is that you have a relatively new relatively progressive black elected mayor in a position to potentially make direct changes including firing a police chief he doesn't have to. unlike minneapolis unlike other places he'll have a lot more direct control over what happens it will be interesting to see what he
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does with that but you know this is a state where there is just local there's been year after year after year after police shootings and i think that the protests are about this individual case but there it within that context so it's you know the yeah actually his actions aren't going to necessarily calm things or are change the narrative completely right might remember there was found under castille there was justin damon. and there's been other cases as well that have hit minnesota hard in the last few years it follows a recent trend we saw that with floyd and with the case of george floyd's death as well where you know the mayor and activists called for the firing immediately in that case that it was granted now that police chief here has taken a different position and that's why some people think that his because it is job may be in jeopardy in the coming days but we'll have to see. hunt just 20 kilometers from the police shooting that killed dante wright is wade george floyd
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died almost a year ago floyd's brother has testified in the murder trial of derek shoulder and he described floyd as a family man who loved this siblings had a one of a conversation chip with his mother john hendren has the story from minneapolis. the witness for the prosecution testified to the life lost when george floyd drew his last breath at the bridge beneath the police officers neat. people. just because he was nobody. to him and. he did it with a person. everybody the running community he is moved to make people feel better a unique spark of life doctrine in minnesota allows prosecutors to humanize crime victims like george floyd as his brother phil a nice did is the prosecution showed pictures of his slain brother prosecutors
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began day 11 in the murder trial of former police officer derrick chauvin with a cardiologist who laid the blame for george lloyd's death directly on show ven saying his niece starved floyd of oxygen in stop his heart in this case mr george george floyd die from a cardio pulmonary arrest. it was caused by the locks agenda levels and those low oxygen levels were induced by the prone restraint and positional asphyxiation that he was subjected to dr jonathan rich ruled out the defense's alternative theory an overdose of the fentanyl and methamphetamine an autopsy found in floyd system if not for the officers holding him down he said floyd would have survived the encounter after the shooting of another an armed black man just 16 kilometers from the site of the trial in brooklyn center minnesota children's lawyer asked the judge to succumb. mr or isolate the jury. the fear is that they'd be unduly
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prejudiced or might be inclined to convict jovan to avoid more civil unrest but the judge said no i'm going to deny the motion request of the jury and for additional blood here this is a totally different case after 2 weeks of prosecution witnesses the defense begins to present its case on tuesday and it's likely to be a short one the judge says he expects it to be over in time for closing arguments on monday and when that happens the jury will be sequestered until they render a verdict. as they deliberate prosecutors hope they'll reflect on the man show is accused of killing. like how to treat a mom is. he he just he loved her so dearly when we went to the funeral. if it is joy. he would just say. mom was over there would be. you remember it's not
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likely to be lost on the jury that those are also women floyd's last words as he lay on the pavement. evidence the prosecution is likely to suggest in its closing arguments that george floyd wasn't suffering from a heart attack or a drug overdose but knew that he was taking his last breaths as his life was being choked out of him john hendren al jazeera minneapolis. china says japan's decision to release more than a 1000000 tons of contaminated water into the sea from its ruined fukushima nuclear plant is extremely irresponsible people are protesting in tokyo japan says the water is being treated and does not pose any risk beijing and south korea say they'll take necessary steps to ensure the health of the. bride is with protesters in seoul. this is a highly controversial decision that has been long awaited here in northeast asia
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we are down at the location of the japanese embassy here in seoul in south korea where there is a demonstration taking place organized by a number of different to n.g.o.s and environmental groups opposed to this some of them saying that this amounts to nuclear terrorism by japan from the south korean government there has also been a statement of opposition saying this is totally unacceptable it will lodge a formal complaint with the japanese also official concerns of course in china another neighbor here in northeast asia but probably some of the strongest opposition will be in japan itself especially around the northeast part of the coastal area of japan that was impacted by this. by the earthquake and tsunami 10 years ago where we have the the big build up of water we're talking about 1250000 tons of contaminated water here this is water that was used to cool the crippled reactors groundwater rainwater which got on to the site also became contaminated
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now over the years this is simply been stored in storage tanks that have been added to by the operators of the plant it has been treated to the operators say it is taken out most of the radioactivity but there is a still low level radiation connected contaminating this water now the author already say it is in such small amounts minuscule amounts that it will make no difference once it's released into the oceans but of course it's the perception of that which is going to impact people in that area with their fisheries opposed to this also agriculture and tourism. still ahead on al-jazeera. a generation has been lost in the united nations special envoy for yemen warns the countries children are being deprived of their future. and a volcano on the caribbean island of st vincent explodes in its biggest eruption yet.
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now still in turkey the weather is not particularly reliable until you see snow that's rolling into the southern caucasus well in the few showers in iran a little bit of afghanistan but i'm picking up details because for the most part arabia is looking fine in the wind directions always a telling thing and for doha as an example of that easterly off the warm gulf it's the $36.00 humid degrees looking day and that increases the cloud likelihood even the shop attentional as far inland as riyadh for the most part is still looking fine and not that unusual and that'll change any with a northerly breeze bringing the temps down again his example in doha to $29.00 far less humid you know so when down the red sea is much lighter now and the temperatures on the coastal event and the north of egypt are on the roadways no
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longer the coolish showery weather the picture even on thursday isn't that different the breeze still blowing south through the gulf temperature in kuwait up to 35 and nothing extraordinary in any of this the seasonal rains through africa which will be the herald eventually the indian monsoon have reached as far north as tans there that is the coastal breeze indicating a change in direction heavy rain away across to northern angola and beyond south of that sunshine. in the yugoslav rose of the ninety's. we're committed. al-jazeera world needs miracle. croatians who went to jail for crimes he says he didn't commit. was he a guard in a concentration camp or was he simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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trial and error on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap the headlines police in the u.s. are using tear gas to try and disperse protesters in minneapolis the mayor's declared a state of emergency people are defying an 11 hour curfew tensions are growing over the police shooting of an unarmed black man george floyd rather is testified in the trial of former police officer derek shore when in minneapolis felonies floyd described his brother as a family man who loved these siblings and had a one of
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a kind relationship with his mother. china says japan's decision to release more than a 1000000 tonnes of contaminated water into the sea from its ruined fukushima nuclear plant is extremely irresponsible people are protesting in tokyo. israel's prime minister is declared iran the greatest threat to the middle east valley not to let it gain nuclear capability his comments come after the apparent sabotage of iran's main nuclear facility to her and has written to the u.n. secretary general describing it as a reckless act of terrorism that won't go unpunished harry forsett reports from west jerusalem. iran says its main uranium enrichment facility was the victim on sunday of nuclear terrorism the perpetrator it says was israel the spokesperson for iran's nuclear agency was injured when he inspected the damage or will the incident happened in a place that is used for power distribution as it was
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a small explosion it caused part of the ceiling to collapse and to some elementary i'm scattered over the floor there was a hole there covered by these parts and it was about 7 to 8 meters deep i didn't see that and when i stepped on it i fell down citing unidentified intelligence sources the new york times reported an explosion took out the power supply setting the uranium enrichment program back but at least 9 months in my view without a doubt if this is definitely not a coincidence and one thing you need to remember while it is. israelis the usual suspect in these events over the last few years one must be mindful that there are many opponents in many different corners to the resumption of their joint comprehensive plan of action not the least of which is from within iran itself iran is now urging the international atomic energy agency to take action saying it reserves the right to punish the perpetrators there's been no official comment from
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the israeli government but the media here are widely reporting this as an israeli attack it comes as the u.s. and iran are preparing to resume power low talks in vienna aimed at resuscitating the 2015 nuclear deal a deal that the israeli prime minister persuaded president trump to withdraw from and which he still vehemently opposes. a tense backdrop then to benjamin netanyahu 1st face to face meeting with a senior member of the biden administration u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin and we both agree that iran must never possess nuclear weapons my policy as prime minister of israel is clear i will never allow iran to obtain the nuclear capability to carry out its genocidal goal of eliminating israel earlier asked into an israeli air force space with defense minister benny gantz who on like netanyahu talks of working with the americans to revive the iran nuclear deal on the incident at natanz austin didn't say much i'm
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aware of the reports i really don't have anything to add on. in terms of. you know our efforts to. engage iran in the promising on the day should be a way will continue and i'm very obviously supportive of the president's efforts but those negotiations are now further complicated by the natanz incident the e.u. warning against any efforts to derail diplomacy it may also have undermined iran's leverage by setting back its efforts to accelerate uranium enrichment for its part iran is insisting the damage can be quickly repaired harry force at al-jazeera west jerusalem the e.u. is calling on the international community to act after a report found the syrian government like they used the chlorine bomb in 2018 the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons says there are reasonable grounds to believe syria's air force used the bomb on homes in the rebel held it
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live region injuring 12 people it's the 2nd time the global chemical watchdog has accused the government of a gas attack the government has denied using chemical weapons during the 10 year civil war. the turkish and libyan government's have held their 1st high level meetings in ankara libya's prime minister traveled to turkey just a few weeks after being sworn in on the agenda was increasing cooperation including the controversial agreement over maritime borders in the mediterranean there's also other reports from istanbul. with just 8 months before libya's planned elections the gammas into poorly and how much to do. the head of the neve unity government. is tasked with rebuilding libya he pointed out turkey's crucial role for libya steve balloting. could now. we express our
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will of corporation with turkey in security rebuilding capacities based on the needs of the libyan government turkey's role in achieving a permanent ceasefire and stopping war in our country is important. both turkey's president. and libyan prime minister the baby they want to strengthen ties especially in construction and energy production transportation and the health sector they also reiterated their commitment to the previous agreement over the maritime borders in mediterranean. we've always regarded the mediterranean sea as a base for peace and prosperity the maritime deal which we've signed with libya in securing the national interest in the future of both countries idea rather mr de baby has also reiterated many times that disagreement serves libya's national interests. the turkish president also pledged to send $150000.00 is called $900.00 work seem to lead to an established pandemic or spittle in the country. on command
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3 poorly are keen to borstal existing strong ties with so many sequels as in the country from egypt turkey and you need to greece italy and france the libyan government will need to navigate relations sadly in order to rebuild the fragile nation russell said about al-jazeera istanbul the united nations special envoy for yemen is urging parties involved in the water find a diplomatic solution martin griffiths describes children who've become victims of the 6 year conflict as a lost generation more than 6000000 the emmys desperately need food about 50000 close to starvation griffith's comments came before un security council members began talks aimed at ending the war. the war in yemen has lasted over 6 years. and in these 6 years yemenis have increasingly and appallingly lacked access to food
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and medicine more than 6 years with no basic services with restriction of movement in around and out of the country and over 6 years of the treatment of human being deprived of schooling and being deprived of the future generation has been lost prison staff in russia threatening to force freed jailed kremlin critic alexina valley as he continues a hunger strike the valley says he's protesting because staff are refusing to treat him properly for acute back and leg pain is allies say he's lost 15 kilograms since arriving at the facility last month he was sentenced to 2 and a half years in jail in february on charges he says are politically motivated. mexico honduras and guatemala have agreed to increase the number of troops on their border as a growing number of migrants try to reach the u.s.
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that's according to the white house. or of people seeking asylum in the u.s. is increased in recent months that's despite mexico deploying more soldiers in march and honduras doing the same in january. more hot ash gas and rocks have rained down on the caribbean island of st vincent after a 2nd volcanic eruption in less than a week the explosion at a free a volcano is believed to be one of the largest in more than a century around 16000 people have been forced to leave areas around the volcano authorities say they're concerned for people who've refused to move colvin harry is a program manager n.b.c. radio he says the islands are already in desperate need of aid. because a want to distribution system depends on on as mentioned a surface water which is highly contaminated many are for want to collection systems in the upper want to sheds below the flanks of the volcano and in close
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proximity to be affected by ash drinking want to is very much hard to come by persons who have been to the stores that were opened up through the open today searching for bottled water to put. has been in limited supply we have gotten pledges from our regional neighbors to get bottled water to us but we don't yet but it's a matter of us having drinking want to particularly and fresh available want to put particularly those in the shelters and those who remain in their homes across the different zones the concern is that the the explosive eruption will continue the scientists advised that this may go on for days and go on for weeks beyond that there may be very large explosions from time to time throwing even more. and the ever present threat of the density currents is one of the major concerns from the limited reports we've had those ones because it's really dangerous to be that this time we've heard of stories of pretty much been stripped bare of leaves and all of
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. the things that you would normally see on a farm the structures have all been destroyed a very close to the volcano and this information is limited and it's not going to be a pretty picture when we when we get a few things. when it comes to clean energy new york has one of the most ambitious plans in the united states it's vying to get 70 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030 so why then is the state's use of fossil fuel expected to increase of the end of this farm christian salumi explains. in the heart of new york since the legendary big alice once the world's largest generator of electricity its owner rise lie in power now wants to make it the cleanest by building the largest battery facility in the country here a 316 megawatt storage facility for renewable energy what are the challenges that
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you face to meet this deadline in terms of c o clint plumber acknowledges it won't be easy our challenge is new york's show and it's also a culture challenge of the world challenge is how do we transition from a city that's right i merely on fossil fuels for as long as i want just today to one that's. now running on clean energy infrastructure that's making people more diverse. because the batteries will replace their dirtiest carbon spewing oil and gas fired generators the ones they rely on to power new york city in high demand periods like a heat wave the plan is to connect them to wind and solar farms proposed for construction outside the city new york is attempting to women self off of fossil fuels at the same time it's taking another major source of carbon free electricity offline indian point nuclear power plant in 2019 this facility alone was responsible for 13 percent of the state's power unlike fossil fuels our emits no
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carbon and no small unlike knoebels like solar and wind it is not intermittent. pro-nuclear power environmentalist say batteries aren't yet up to the task of replacing fossil fuels the group nuclear new york calculates it. take a wind farm larger than new york city to replace the energy generated by indian point alone the amount of electricity that it will store the. 30 minutes of new york city's energy needs so if you think about. the amount of solar or wind that you hypothetically feed to that battery to feed new york city. like where are you going to put it. natural gas facilities are expected to make up the difference resulting in an increase in carbon emissions in the short term still others say the switch to renewables can't wait i think we're going to be
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. magic. but it's. really. and we're really on now the path may be uncertain but in new york the goal of eliminating carbon emissions at least is no longer up for debate kristen salumi al jazeera new york. let's take you through some of the headlines here now just 0 now police in the u.s. have used tear gas to disperse protesters in minneapolis the mayor's declared a state of emergency but people are defying an 11 hour curfew tensions are growing over the police shooting of an unarmed black man shavar a town city has more from washington d.c. . before the curfew there was a vigil for dawn to right elsewhere in the city
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a lot of the folks there who left that curfew there and did gather once again outside the police department in brooklyn center a resort.


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