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understood countries coronavirus lockdown iran people in power on a. unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from our london broadcast center. on al-jazeera. form. tehran blames israel for an incident at its main nuclear facility and vows revenge for what it's calling a terrorist act. a low i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program. we. need your. insight into george floyd's life and background given by his brother at the trial
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of former police officer derek chauvin and is the shogun trial enters its 3rd week another black man is shot and killed by a police officer during a traffic stop. mass gatherings on the banks of the ganges versus cities in lockdown complicated battle against rising coronavirus cases in india. welcome to the program and we begin our coverage in the middle east where israel's prime minister says iran is the greatest threat in the region that he won't allow it to obtain nuclear capability is comments come of to iran describe the sabotaging of its main nuclear facility as an act of terrorism and vowed revenge the incident comes at a sensitive time with both iran and the u.s. trying to salvage the iran's nuclear deal with while palace are a force that reports now from west jerusalem. iran says its main uranium enrichment
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facility was the victim on sunday of nuclear terrorism the perpetrator it says was israel the spokesperson for iran's nuclear agency was injured when he inspected the damage there will the incident happened in a place that is used for power distribution as it was a small explosion it caused part of the ceiling to collapse and to some elementary i'm scattered over the floor there was a hole there covered by these parts and it was about 7 to 8 meters deep i didn't say that and when i stepped on it i fell down citing unidentified intelligence sources the new york times reported an explosion took out the power supply setting the uranium enrichment program back but at least 9 months in my view without a doubt if this is definitely not a coincidence and one thing you need to remember while it is. israelis the usual suspect in these events over the last few years one must be mindful that there are
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many opponents in many different corners to the resumption of their joint comprehensive plan of action not the least of which is from within iran itself iran is now urging the international atomic energy agency to take action saying it reserves the right to punish the perpetrators there's been no official comment from the israeli government but the media here are widely reporting this as an israeli attack it comes as the u.s. and iran are preparing to resume power low talks in vienna aimed at resuscitating the 2015 nuclear deal a deal that the israeli prime minister persuaded president trump to withdraw from and which he still vehemently opposes. a tense backdrop then the benjamin netanyahu 1st face to face meeting with a senior member of the biden administration u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin and we both agree that iran must never possess nuclear weapons my policy as prime minister of israel is clear i will never allow
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iran to obtain the nuclear capability to carry out its genocidal goal of eliminating israel earlier austin to an israeli air force base with defense minister benny gantz who unlike netanyahu talks of working with the americans to revive the iran nuclear deal on the incident at natanz austin didn't say much i'm aware of the reports i really don't have anything to add on. in terms of. you know our efforts to. engage iran in the promising on the day she. will continue and i'm very obviously supportive of the president's efforts but those negotiations are now further complicated by the natanz incident the e.u. warning against any efforts to derail diplomacy it may also have undermined iran's leverage by setting back its efforts to accelerate uranium enrichment for its part iran is insisting the damage can be quickly repaired are
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a force that al-jazeera west jerusalem. now george floyd's brother for the niece has testified in the trial of derek chauvin in minneapolis the trial is now in its 3rd week the 1st witness on monday was a cardiologist who testified that george floyd's death was preventable then in what's known as the spark of life testimony felony's describe the role his brother had within the family and community. he was sober over the beat of the household he will always make sure we are close he may. we all were going to be to school on time. toad joyce could hear make sure you have a sled 30 to get them or the way. he was one of the people in the community day when they hear church of. people with church just because he was
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there know how to go out to they say here and. he just was like a person. everybody run to the heat is knew how to make people feel better. or john hendren is live outside the court in minneapolis and i think it's a testimony the only lasted for about 15 minutes john not very long but did we hear a compelling account there of george floyd's life. yeah it was brief but emotional at one point. fellow news floyd talked about how george floyd was really especially connected to his mother and he recalled how when his mother died george floyd knelt by the casket and kept saying mama mama over and over again and it can't be lost on the jury that in that viral video that
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we've all watched as the life was leaving his body george floyd shouted out mama i love you mama over and over. the jury is going to make that connection one thinks between. george floyd's love of his mother and what he's said during those last minutes of his life and i think that's what the prosecution was trying to get out here this is called the spark of life testimony because it's not designed to give real information to the jury about the case it's supposed to give them information about the person who died in this case giving life putting a face on george floyd into allowing them to see who he was as a person in their for the price the sacrifice that his family has made in losing him and that is probably going to come back up again in the closing arguments of
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the prosecution we also heard from a cardiologist from northwestern university named jonathan rich he said very clearly that the cause of death of george floyd 'd was this fixation that was caused by derek chauvinist knee on his neck and that led to the heart stoppage that really ended his life this is a little of what that doctor had to say. the 1st of course was to not subject him to that additional that initial prone restraint. positioning that he was subjected to and that is 1st and foremost so if that was not the case i don't think he would have died. the 2nd though was when he was in that. sort of dual and restraint positioning and he was stating repeatedly that he can't breathe. and he would is getting a little weaker in his speech there was one moment in the video where one of the
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officers saying. i think he's passing out. that was critical testimony and it backs up what other medical experts have said in this case now mind you all of the witnesses the 35 or so that have come up so far have been for the prosecution but they've all testified the medical experts have that george floyd died as a result of the actions of derrick show over and that's key because the defense is trying to prove a derek chauvelin did not directly cause the death of george floyd and it be other factors did and they keep highlighting the drugs that were in his system methamphetamine in fencing and his heart disease he had narrowed arteries and they've only made this suggestion in hans examination tried. to use the sign are not related to this case they're trying to suggest that george lloyd essentially
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would have died had he never come into contact with the police that day either due to clogged arteries or due to the drugs 1 that were in his system but there are medical experts have said the drugs in his system weren't that weren't that strong and that the artery disease could have gone on for years there was no reason to believe that would have killed him so they've got a lot to prove as they try to wrap up this trial which the judge wants to end a week from today next monday all right thank you very much will the latest on the trial as it continues john hendren there in minneapolis meanwhile broken sentence police chief is saying the officer who shot. the black man dante right during a traffic stop on sunday accidentally fired how gun rights shooting was less than 20 kilometers away from where george floyd was killed sparking when you protest against the treatment of black people at the hands of the police.
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the. the. the. so based on footage that was captured on body cameras minnesota's police chief is saying the officer mistook the gun for the taser the police and dante wright's family are calling for calm 500 national guard troops have been deployed in response to the unrest writes family said he crashed his car after police shot him is my belief that the officer had the intention to deploy their taser but instead shot mr wright with a single bullet this appears to me from what i viewed in the officers reaction in distress immediately after that this was an accidental discharge the resulted in the tragic death of mr wright. let's go to our own fissures following events a booklets and minnesota and so really this was already a community struggling to come to terms with the aftermath of george floyd's death
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and other shootings what has been the reaction to this. well you can see that there are people here in front of the police station and they are protesting and have been for several hours i don't think we've seen quite as many police officers as we've seen just in the last hour or so you can also see that they're putting in concrete blocks along the front of the police station and they're also putting fencing up as well there's clearly i can say on that the community anger has not been dissipated by the police chief saying that this was a tragic accident in fact speaking to some of the community activists and they had a news conference outside of the police station just in the last hour or so they were saying look the woman who fired the fatal shot made a fatal mistake but she should be fired it's there on the video someone lost their life because she didn't do her job properly and the fact that there's an investigation underway it's all well and good and that's
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a criminal investigation but the police should have fired him and fired her straight away when they realized it made the mistake they're certainly going to be a few more peaceful protests planned overnight there was a gathering of hundreds of people particularly and this is the unfortunate that led to some violence there were about 20 businesses that were looted and ransacked the mayor has called for calm. the violent. the young man who died his mother is also called for peace and for calm and said not to cause any violence on the streets but there is a real feeling here that. perhaps the they felt that the george floyd trial me has been an indication that things are going to change and here people here are very angry that nothing has changed in a year that many people that we've been speaking to year from the black community see that they're scared they're absolutely terrified if they've got any dealings
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with the police even if it's something over a routine traffic stop which is exactly what happened here it was just. basic traffic stop and it went wrong in fact the young man was on the phone to his mother . the phone went dead she called back and his girlfriend answered the phone and said i'm really sorry but but he's dead and so the 3rd is a concern across the community that despite all the protests despite the anger and the protests that were displayed not just in the u.s. but worldwide a year ago for the death of george floyd basically nothing much has changed for the community will be watching this state investigation that's ongoing they will watch it very closely but they're demanding answers but more than that they're demanding know that something changes. thank you very much there from the brooklyn center alan fischer all the latest thank you thank you alan.
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while the health organization is warning that the coronavirus pandemic is growing exponentially with 4400000 new cases reported last week alone india is right now causing the greatest concern it's a past brazil is the 2nd worst hit country by the virus that recorded nearly 170000 new cases and 900 deaths in the past 24 hours but despite the government blaming the 2nd wave on people not abiding by covered 900 guidelines large political and religious gatherings are still being held elizabeth purana reports on this now from new delhi. us more than $2000000.00 hindu pilgrims gathered on the banks of the ganges river before immersing themselves in the water on monday the 3 month command a festival began and stays in january it's going ahead this year despite india seeing a wreck or 2 number of coated mind cases and deaths police say they're unable to
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enforce restrictions because of the sheer size of the crowds but. if we try to enforce social distancing an accident or stampede like situation can occur so we're trying to avoid that we're not able to implement social distancing at the banks despite wanting to do so. but elsewhere in the country restrictions such as my curfews and we can knock downs are being imposed. the number of cases and india has risen from an average of around 10000 a day in early february to 130000 in the past week on the list in that in the more d. and health officials say the rise is because of the severe decline in appropriate actions like wearing masks and social distancing but despite that modi and many other politicians have been holding large rallies in the 5 states where regional elections are under way. any and it's only going to get up not believe is
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a holding public rallies to gonna support mama to ban a g m it shall and the random o.t. holding rallies at different places but no one's paying attention to the spread of coronavirus and the death squads to buy it. medical experts say such gatherings should not be allowed to take place during a battle ships are going to. get out of. the country they are not going to bear extremely bad because. had war crimes are where did. the british or be out there just by what printer by banks. as cases rise rapidly many states have also complained of vaccine shortages which the government denies the indian government is running the heart to vaccinate $300000000.00 people in the 1st half of this year with the country clearly in the frozen the 2nd wave of the proportion of virus it's drugs that regulatory body is
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meeting on monday to consider emergency use approval of the russian made sputnik vaccine elizabeth cronon al-jazeera new delhi. has much more still ahead for you on the program we'll be taking a look at this giant chinese coal mine rescue is in the country facing a race against time to save $21.00 workers trapped underground flood. the recent april frosts done damage the videos france and probably does save the vignettes of hungry because that cold air at his disco day is on its way east was not currently it's quite warm by day and by night in hungary in austria in fact much of eastern europe but that is about to change quite rapidly the culture and
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that's bringing these cold area means rain and snow not just the hard ground there mostly to stick on the higher ground but it's the cold nature of the year was rain will make it feel fairly miserable for most places now behind it it's slowly warming it's 12 degrees in london based on the 4 in zurich you'll notice and this is all progressing slowly eastward so don't expect to hang on to your 20 in sofia for example belgrade 15 down to 5 a 10 degree drop and he slowly recovers towards the end of the week this is the picture then for wednesday same progress vienna is actually warmed up a couple of degrees but you can see it's generally cold weather that runs up through poland as well and once again into the baltic states and the main story in africa is not so much the windy weather in the north it's the heat this bloom of red has met the western sahara and i include senegal has seen temperatures in excess of 45 degrees for weeks on end.
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xenophobia violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. generation identity was at one time the fastest growing far right organization on the continent now watch the investigation that led to the french government banning the group. generation hate. part 2 of the special 2 part investigation on. the. the a. welcome
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back watching out as they are live from london the main stories now israel's prime minister says iran is the greatest threat in the region and he won't allow it to obtain nuclear capability comes after iran describes sunday's sabotage attack on its main nuclear facility as an act of terrorism. in all the headlines george floyd's brother phil ernest has testified in the murder trial of police officer derek chauvin in the united states describing the role his brother had within the family and the community. brooklyn center's police chief says the officer who shot an unarmed black man dante right during a traffic stop on sunday accidentally fired her gun rights shooting was less than 20 kilometers away from where george floyd was killed. kelley carter jackson is an assistant professor of the humanities in the department of afrikaans studies at wellesley college she joins us live now 5 a skype from boston so we're hearing that tension was already high in the area as
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the the murder trial of derek show then continues now comes this yet another fatal shooting how would you describe people's reaction how are they going to deal with this at this particular point in time i mean i think people are enraged less than a year later it feels like they're in the same place they were when george floyd died people are angry people are grieved people are. not surprised in some ways that this is becoming a common occurrence i would love to be able to say that we're shocked by some of the things that we've seen but we've seen that this is a pattern over and over again all across america in every city that these police shootings are becoming so common in some instances where having tooting at least once a week what do you make of. the remarks we've heard from broken centers
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police chief that the officer involved accidentally fired her gun what were your what were your initial thoughts when you heard that. i mean i was frustrated because in a lot of ways it's not good enough it's just not good enough we see time and time again how police is inability to be transparent to be accountable to follow the policies of the police department to not have these accidents or so-called accidents take place. keep happening and so i think the public is going to demand more they're going to want and need more transparency and accountability and i'm looking forward to an investigation i think an investigation is completely necessary but we have to know more in this instance and i think calling it an accident is just not sufficient. what did you make of the testimony we've heard
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today in the derek show of an trial we some very powerful emotional testimony from the brother of george floyd you know it's it's really heartbreaking it's it's moving it's emotional it's hard to listen to so much of what his brother said was just about trying to bring humanity to his brother to see him as someone who was beloved to someone who took care of people in the community who you know i had a sense of humor looked out for others cared about people i really appreciated all that was there been done to just get us to see george floyd as a person as a brother as a friend. and as someone who deserved life why is that why is that so important given what you said about the need for reform the lack of
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change the fact that the same thing keeps happening again and again why is it so important for the jury to hear these accounts of george floyd's life and to see. to see something as simple as a photograph of george floyd with his mother. i think it's important because so much of black identity in culture has been stigmatized by criminality that black people are seen as criminals before they've even committed crimes and i think that in order to reclaim some of black humanity in who george ford was was as a person we have to tell the stories we have to let people know that he was a son that he loved his mother that he was someone that people cared about so that the jury were well care as well you know it's so important that these stories get humanized and that we make sure that we don't sort of take out the human
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element in this trial thank you very much kelly carter appreciate it kelly carter jackson i should say thanks very much thank you. now somalia's senate has rejected a parliamentary vote to extend the president's term for another 2 years deepening a political crisis that's threatening to split the country's security services parliament speaker says that extending president mohamed up to lie he mohammed's term will give the country more time to prepare for the elections but the opposition has argued the move is legally dubious and accused lawmakers of political trickery president mohammed has been facing growing pressure to resign failing to stand down when his term ended in february. $34.00 people including some children have died when their boat run run by people smugglers capsized off the coast of djibouti the international can a station for migration is saying that around 60 passengers were on board the
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vessel which had departed from yemen thousands of migrants trying to reach the gulf countries from the horn of africa each year they try to reach them in africa each year in search of better economic opportunities. stuff at the russian prison housing jelled crime in critical acts in a volley of threatening to force feed him amid an ongoing hunger strike the valley's allies say he's lost 15 kilograms since arriving at the facility last month the opposition figure began a hunger strike in protest at what he said was the refusal of prison authorities to treat him properly for acute back and leg pain his requests to see a doctor of his choice from outside the prison have also been denied a volley was jailed in february for 2 and a half years on charges he says are politically motivated. rescues in northern china are trying to reach 21 coal miners still stuck hundreds of metres below ground for over 2 days now they were trapped when the mine flooded during upgrading work on saturday victoria again be reports. and emergency crews prepares to go
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underground in an effort to help rescue a group of trapped mine is the 1st task will be to check the air quality and water level in the flooded mine injuring shang province which is a big. if the level of hydrogen sulfide gas gets too high it's may pose a danger to the trapped miners the good news is currently the oxygen bridge in the coal mine is more than 20 percent however the water level is still rising now it's rising by half a centimeter every 30 minutes in the previous period it is rising but up to 3 and a half centimeters. the mine was flooded on saturday night cutting off power and communications to dozens of minus some have since been rescued but most remain trapped in 3 different areas it's not clear what medical condition they're in more than 1400 rescuers are working round the clock to free them and specialist pumps have been brought in to drain away the water but time is against them. our officers
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and soldiers have been working continuously transporting more than 1000 liters of cables and cooperating with technicians to install 52 pump pipes the work is progressing smoothly the next step is to carry out follow up rescue work after the drainage work is finished. china is the world's largest consumer of coal and its mining industry has long been among the deadliest in the world it reported more than $100.00 coal mining accidents last year what went wrong this time is yet to be determined victoria gates and the al-jazeera. the last are free a volcano on the caribbean island of st vincent as erupted again with its biggest explosions since volcanic activity began late last week experts are saying the eruption generated a classic flows down the volcanoes south and southwest flanks roughly 16000 people who live in communities across a volcano have been evacuated under government orders but authorities are concerned
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about an unknown number of people who've refused to leave a bit no reports of deaths or injuries but volcanologists have compared the eruption to one in 1902 and that ended up killing over one and a half 1000 people so a great deal of concern about developments there well you can read more about that on our website al-jazeera dot com. recap of the headlines now israel's prime minister says iran is the greatest threat in the region but he won't allow the country to obtain nuclear capability comes after iran describes sunday's attack on its main nuclear facility as an act of terrorism and vowed revenge the incident comes as both iran and the u.s. try to salvage to iran's nuclear deal with wild.


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