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see there are many people who have come out. in front of the police lines there on the side of the street as well but many are making their views of noise and they are very unhappy that yet again the trial of derrick sure is ongoing another black man has been killed at the hands of the police here in minneapolis thank you very much for that alan fischer reporting there live from brooklyn center in minnesota. hello again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera in the u.s. 500 national guard troops have been deployed across minnesota after protests over the death of another black man at the hands of police dante reiss craving family told a crowd he was shot by police before driving away and crashing the police chief of brooklyn center says the officer did not intend to shoot dante vice is my belief that the officer had the intention to deploy their taser but instead shot mr wright
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with a single bullet this appears to me from what i view in the officer's reaction in distress immediately after that this was an accidental discharge the resulted in the tragic death of mr wright well just a few kilometers away the trial of a former police officer over the killing of george floyd has resumed a cardiologist has told a court that former officer derek sylvain restrained floyd in a life threatening manner dr jonathan which says ford died of low oxygen levels because of the way he was held in other news israel's prime minister says iran is a greatest threat in the middle east and he won't allow it to obtain nuclear capability his comments come as iran blames israel for sabotaging its key nuclear facility the u.s. denies any involvement in tehran describe sunday's incident which knocked out a power grid at the natanz facility as an act of terrorism as happened to day after iran and veils new advanced uranium centrifuges. india has soared past brazil to
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become the 2nd most affected country in terms of total number of krona virus cases on monday recorded a sign going 169000 new infections health officials are hoping a 4 day super vaccine dr can turn around the surge in numbers meanwhile life is slowly returning to normal in england with non essential services reopening across the country bob's restaurants headdresses james shops in a number of other venues have now reopened the u.k. recorded just 7 deaths on sunday the lowest toll since september the us top infectious disease expert has dismissed an israeli study that suggests he finds a coronavirus oxy may be less effective against the south african variant dr anthony found she says the report is misleading and urges old to be careful before drawing conclusions based on its findings those are the headlines i have more news for you on the news hour in under 30 minutes next it's inside story say with this.
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iran is blaming israel for a power blackout at its main look clear facility calling it an act of look there were terrorism it happened as diplomatic efforts to revive the 25th nuclear deal are set to resume so how will this incident affect negotiations this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm dating iran is promising revenge for sunday's power blackout at the natanz nuclear facility iran's foreign minister has described
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it as sabotage and israeli media are quoting unnamed intelligence sources saying israel's mossad spy service was behind it the incident comes just a day after advanced centrifuges for your reign in richmond were unveiled but also as the iranians are set to resume direct talks with the u.s. to revive the 2050 nuclear deal now israel has long opposed that accord as a big sets it all up for us with this reports from to her nuclear terrorism is how iran has described this latest incident at its main enrichment facility pointing the finger at israel. what happened in tons as these rebels official have said it several times and what we're hearing from different sources it confirms that israel was behind this incident u.s. media said it was an explosive device and not a cyber attack although they quoted an identified intelligence sources this still very late. the information out of iran about how the attack was carried out in my
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view without a doubt this is definitely not a coincidence and one thing you need to remember while it is. israelis the usual suspect in these events over the last few years one must be mindful that there are many opponents in many different corners to the resumption of their joint comprehensive plan of action not the least of which is from within iran itself iran is now urging the international atomic energy agency to take action saying get reserves the right to punish the perpetrators this development comes at an important time as iran prepares to return to vienna for talks negotiations about the 2015 nuclear agreement started last week but in direct talks between the iran and the united states president joe biden says he's willing to risk the deal that was abandoned 3 years ago by his previous as a donald trump that is if iran comes into compliance with the deal there's now been 2 attacks against in the times nuclear facility in the space of
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a year and israel has also been blamed for the assassination of iran's nuclear scientist and that's week's attack against in the rain the ship in the red sea this latest incident has get again raised questions about the country's ability to protect its facilities iran has always boasted about its nuclear cheeseman some capabilities leverage it wants to use in negotiations. just days ago state television aired a music video promoting its nuclear program but for now it's unclear how much damage has been inflicted and how far back the program has been set aside big for inside story iran was top of the agenda during the u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin's visit to israel where he met prime minister benjamin netanyahu circuitry we both know the horrors of war. we both understand the importance of early war and we both agree that iran must never possess nuclear
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weapons my policy as prime minister of israel is clear i will never allow iran to have the nuclear capability to carry out its genocidal goal of eliminating israel and israel will continue to defend itself against iran's aggression and terrorism. let's bring in our guest joining us from toronto is mohammad marandi who's the chair of american studies at the university it's a run in tel aviv amir javedanfar of the iranian politics lecturer at the interdisciplinary center in heards neal and in washington d.c. hillary mann leverett who is a former u.s. diplomat and she's also the call for going to it's a wrong welcome to the program thanks so much for your time with us on al-jazeera hilary i'll start with you american and israeli intelligence officials and both the u.s. and israeli media as you've been hearing are pointing to an israeli role when it comes to this attack in iran if so what do you think the purpose is behind it is it
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to set back iran's nuclear program or is it a setback diplomacy as these nuclear talks are set to resume this week. i think it is very much to set back diplomacy there is no evidence that anything that israel has done over the years has set back iran's nuclear program quite the contrary i think it is out as a catalyst to push iran further forward in its nuclear program so i think it is very much about scuttling diplomacy showing showing not only iran but maybe even more so the bottom ministration that it will not allow as it has israeli officials have said repeatedly allow this kind of j.c. to be reconstituted in a way that israel doesn't accept so i think the israelis have said that israeli officials has said that clearly publicly and i would take them at their word on this one so are you saying that this is not only a mess and sarah but also the u.s. in the bible administration i do i think it is very much
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a message should about administration that said i don't think we can discount by ministrations support for israel by administration has made very clear that it is going to very much fulsomely support israel or secretary of defense was in israel as this attack was being launched by the israelis so there's a high level working group that's been publicly disclosed to the past between israeli and american intelligence and security officials so it puts the united states very much in a bind because even if the united states do not partake in this operation as u.s. officials have have tried to say overnight even if the united states not partake in them does the united states and so did the united states and somehow have advance warning does it benefit israeli press reports say that u.s. officials are satisfied with with what the israelis have done either way but you know it's in a very bad position in any resumption of iran talks of iran's nuclear program that
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mohammad marandi how is this attack being seen in iran. people basically believe that this was carried out with us support because our israeli act of terror and samatar being carried out with support from us military bases the surrounding iraq u.s. embassies and sometimes other embassies and we are so i history we are i a inspectors have asked our sensitive intelligence to western intelligence agencies who then pass it on to the israeli regime so whether biden himself knew about it or not there is always still the possibility that he and the guy and the cia went behind his back and that was our repeatedly during the trump regime so whether i knew about it or not it really doesn't make it different as hillary pointed out the very fact that the americans helps soaking up their satisfaction shows in when they
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want to talk they are still well you willing to be violent and to care and to support acts of war against iranian people so that does not help any parks and i think it creates an incentive or then you put it this way it destroys any incentive for iranians to negotiate or in order to implement the nuclear deal or will get iran stance on the negotiations in a moment mary let me bring you any here. what do you think about the u.s. is positioned in particular when it comes to this attack and it would have been notified of this attack by israel. the accusation is israel was behind it by iran or would israel have done this alone and gone against biden's wishes. i think the fact that the attack took place at the before the arrival of the u.s.
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secretary of defense makes it probable that israel informed the united states the united states tacit approval because to take undertake such an action if israel was behind this attack to undertake undertaking the day before the u.s. secretary of defense arrives in israel would be quite risky if the americans were not informed of such a plan and i think in a way this this helps the united states this attack to explain during the negotiations that iranian regime through its proxies in iraq has been attacking american forces we see a number of attacks i think have been attacks recently and america has only recently. retaliated once saw that you argue regime has tried to use its proxies to pressure the americans in the nuclear talks then we saw recently that brought advanced centrifuges and that's another
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a pressure point which now it seems that they nor longer have it judging by the new york times report for being sent back by a number of months i think what is important to note is that there have been 2 attacks in the press that have been no attributed to israel in the last year both of them at their hands and both of them have been at the places where you run has either assembled or installed advanced centrifuges and that also seems to be a new red line for the set of israel for the round of for their nuclear program in iran but as hillary was saying just a moment ago mayor israel. has and you just said israel has reportedly attacked iran in the past its conduct in cyber attacks has also assassinated reportedly assassinated some of the iranian nuclear scientists so nothing has changed when it comes to the trajectory of the iranian program and iran has an altar in its timeline in any significant way so do the israelis think the
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this time will be any different. i think if israel were behind those attacks i think this is actually created a deterrent this is one of the reasons i think that ultimately. came to the negotiation table in 2015. that if you realize that if it wants to make a nuclear weapon we have to remember daryn that in 2003 was these were it was israeli intelligence that informed the international community about iran's secret facility in which according to i.e. rules it was illegal that you one had not informed the americans and the i.e. if the legal timeframe and mr el baradei called iran said iran was on the wrong side of the law then i think it seems this is part of if these attacks are attributed to is what these are parts of a campaign of israel of sanctions supporting sanctions in the united states through
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its allies and these actions against the regime which basically since $990.00 declared war against the state of israel crops it works but it still war so these seems to be part and parcel of israel's a tools to deal with death threats from the iranian regime i wish we could go sheet with iran but unfortunately this regime not only doesn't recognize israel's right to exist it holds skull of course cartoon competitions it somehow finds a whole of course funny enough to force the cartoon competition so it makes it impossible to negotiate and then therefore other means or apply mohammad marandi would you like to weigh in on this sending you a share the point of view that this may be a way for israel to kind of have indirect leverage at the talks in the sense that it's trying to complicate the decisions of the other members when it comes so that if there are talks in general i wouldn't take the public and the israeli regime come out very seriously across
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a car in 2015 the iranians didn't go back. didn't go to the negotiating table because of any pressures because the united states under obama except that iran's right to enrichment in their homes in the attacks in all mine in 2003 the information and worse and became the terrorist organization and one of the 87 year run because of a technicality was on the wrong side of the law are here is legal it might have said actually run wasn't buying the law so there was never ever any evidence that iran was pursuing a nuclear weapon unlike the apartheid regime and palestine which has lots of nuclear weapons and unlike the part a regime that constantly carries out acts of violence against neighboring countries in syria killing syrian soldiers in gaza and so on and so on that aside it's quite clear that as europe gets hillary pointed out that these
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exaggerated attacks they are not going to have any impact on the iranian position it will harden the iranian position in fact be the new york times article was wrong the band center abusers were not in that particular har and that's will come out because when inspectors go in to see it it will see the i r 9 that i are 86 and there are 5 center of usurers it will be working so they get it can only work for it of time so that all centrifuges which were damaged in one of the holes because there are 4 or 5 cars and those will be replaced with highly advanced centrifuges and that is one of the iranian responses to israeli regime other responses will come out later on with the iranians are you run into a patient and i think there could be changing of the map in the region where you run it allies have been on the rise as i had maximum pressure campaigns and despite
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the trust it is carried out by them. and across the border we see that the iranians and their allies in the region today are far more influential than they were 101520 years ago so great about going ahead based office yeah but going into these talks just a moment ago you said that iran would harden its position but what is your viewpoint on what what they're going to do next when it comes and talks will they just resume them go back to business as normal or do they go in a little bit undermines because of this incident the only thing that is undermining is the incentive to talk the point 1st of all the iranian position is clear and that is that the americans if they want the nuclear deal to work that they want iran to implement its side of the bargain the americans have to implement their side of the bargain and that has to be there iran is not point except some of the sanctions remain in place the sanctions that trump imposed or even the senators
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a obama imposed after the deal was signed those are violations if you run want to do a piece any one it would appease trump they're not going to appease a much weaker buy in after all that's been going on in the united states so the conditions that iran has set are clear if the americans want that you'll be have to abide by it otherwise you can expect iran to do anything but on the other hand the iranians people in iran are seeing that the united states is behaving violently it won't rain in the mad darkness in tel aviv and it's expresses its pleasure in assassinations and terrorist attacks in iran and that is not something that will increase the incentive in teheran whether among politicians even so-called moderates and formulas and it will not increase the incentive among the general population either ok hillary. iran is saying that it will seek or eventually but does it now find itself in
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a bit of an awkward situation right before the resumption of nuclear talks on the one. and it says it feels compelled to retaliate but on the other hand it does have to balance that against the backdrop of the talks taking place which iran obviously has a huge stake in i think it's actually washington that really is now in not just an awkward position but in a really serious in some really really serious trouble in terms of pursuing diplomacy we are in a similar situation and we don't have to presume very much we can look back at history we're in a similar situation that the obama administration was when the israelis went about killing iranian nuclear scientists on the streets of tehran there were so there were i think 4 or 5 israeli murders of his iranian scientists at that time and it was so such a big problem for the united states that u.s. intelligence officials were back great rounding very thinly veiled back great
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rounding major media outlets here in washington that it was the israelis and it put the obama administration in a position where it had to seek diplomacy with iran owns it in any cost otherwise face and israeli instigated war which by which obama did not want we are in a similar situation where the israelis perhaps in concert with some in the unit in the u.s. administration are pushing the biden administration into this very serious choice go along with war with the israelis against iran or pursue real serious diplomacy with the real lifting of all sanctions that trump imposed as the iranians have been clearly saying now for some time so the by ministration i think is in a much more difficult position that it was even a week ago and in a similar position that it was under the obama administration it wasn't sanctions that brought iran to the table it was this choice that the united states had to have make a real solid concrete concession to here on in terms of saying that we recognize
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their right to enrich domestically enrich uranium direct domestically or go along with a new. israeli instigated war obama decided that that was not worth it for the united states and there's a good chance biden will also think it's not worth going to war but prime minister netanyahu is pushing biden to make that choice and he may have some support within the biden administration but at the end of the day will president biden really do that it's an open question amir do you agree with that assessment and what do you think that's an yahoo's end game is here with iran is it to trigger a war. well 1st of all i hope there's going to be negotiated settlement i supported that if you in 2015. afterwards it was some behavior some things that were done by the iranian regime such as testing of talk. in there you know in march 2016 when the 3 months of that deal went into effect and they were all tanith that israel must be wiped off the face of us but i still hope that there's going to be a negotiated settlement i disagree with hillary's assessment here biden is not
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under pressure more than you are and it is a lie you know a government that only has $4000000000.00 left in its account accessible foreign reserves. according to the i.m.f. not the united states it is the public which is a through massive mismanagement there has been so on popular these days if you just go if you're persian speaking just on social media you know that is you see the way that people are so angry about it mismanagement and corruption of the after country of the only huge huge abuses of human rights so it's the right me a regime that's under pressure here and not biden biden can take his time and i don't agree with this we disassemble and that if 1st of all as i said i hope there's going to be an agreement but not every time that iran does something and then when america or israel does something in return people say or israel and america want war and this is going to lead to war suddenly there is going to be war
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when iran does something don't talk about war but i don't agree that you one's going toward war for or for a very important reason history has taught us that iran prefers to fight proxy wars against the state of israel as i said in my email to organize 190 running there after. the madrid peace talks declared proxy war against the state of israel uses how much hizbullah and he's like to have to fight israel why because you want does not more does. one to direct war against the state of israel because it was probably. never happens or i don't i don't agree that. if you could bring in for the sake of time mohammad i'll allow you to respond go ahead from to her on. yes again one of the dishonest things that the iranian regime constantly repeats is this whole issue of annihilating israel the iranian position
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as always been that the israeli regime must cease to exist as apartheid as an apartheid regime that has always been iran's policy the israeli regime knows it and in future when linus that aren't your line that is return evidence to show your lying there is rancid ever there think wisely usually you are going to. pretend that they were opposed to archive in the 1st place but i think it's quite obvious that the united states knows that iran today is far more powerful than it was 1020 years ago and the united states has to be very careful about that iran trial in this region is not the israeli regime or the saudis they are all completely dependent on the united states and the united states has huge internal problems and its allies in the region have huge problems netanyahu is a symbol of corruption he wants to stay out of jail and part of the reason why he creates r.t. intensifies tension across the border is because he wants to stay out of jail but
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the americans have to make a choice do they want to spend more trillions of dollars in this region and a time when their economy is facing such severe pressure pressures and where the come by the amount of bailout money that they have spent is less than the money that they have wasted in this region and have lost influence as a result so the decision is out of the united states iran will not give up its sovereignty and iran will continue to oppose the apartheid regime just like it oppose apartheid in south africa but this solution is basically that the united states if it wants a nuclear deal it has to abide by that deal and that the rich the u.s. regime has a big fight it taxes well ok hilary last word to you where do things. to next i think that the longer the united states has delayed doing what it needs to do to come back into compliance with the j.c.
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by lifting all of the sanctions that trump imposed the longer the united states delays and the more violence we're going to see in the middle east region the president president biden clearly wants to step away from mention look more towards china and to u.s. domestic issues i think what the israelis have done have done will backfire as it did between the 2010 to 2013 period it will push the united states have to make this very clear decision to keep standing with israel to pursue these policies that are very much against stability and a path toward diplomacy or the united states is going to have to really sit get to the table do a serious job of negotiating with iran right now and lift the sanctions that president trump illegally imposed after the deal had been signed it's a clear choice that the israelis are forcing on the united states i'm not sure that the prep the biden administration well opt for the serious past work diplomacy check something we really need to take into account ok but the israelis are pushing
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very hard for that decision thank you so much we'll have to leave it there mohammad marandi for joining us from to iran near javedanfar from tel aviv and hillary mann leverett thank you so much from washington d.c. and thanks for watching you can watch the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera for further discussion you can go to our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can join the conversation on twitter as well our handle is a day inside story of myself and a whole team here in doha thanks for watching bye bye for now.
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jumped into the story there is a lot going on in this and julian global community when i talk about the misinformation i think we all want a free a way be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are good enough to keep the new and 18 could be part of today's discussion this dream on out is there. a star striker in the top a top in the what the fuck to the to the working class of his hometown and its class. footballing legend and accounts and reduces christiane no you could have a one of a kind superstar. he put a dog by his fans for his socialist values and his many goals against italy's footballing elite football rivals on dizzy. a lot of the stories that we cover all
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highly complex so it's very important that we make them as on the standard well as we can as al-jazeera correspondent scots will be strong to do. to the old form. 0. 00 i'm fully back to bill in doha this is the news hour on algis iraq coming up in the next 60 minutes accidental discharge a police chief in the u.s. state of minnesota says he believes a black man was shot by one of his officers by mistake while just nearby a cardiologist's how's the trial of the former police officer accused of killing george floyd that his death was absolutely preventable. had he not been
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restrained in the way in which he was on my feet.


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