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back that almost into mexico in the u.s. yes the weather's been violent in florida recently and that cold front is going off shore the active weather is this mess here where it's still fairly cold as you can see in the plain states. qatar airways. 0. hello there on the stand and this is the news hour live from our headquarters here and our coming up in the next 60 minutes israel's prime minister says he'll never let iran obtain nuclear weapons just hours after terror on blamed israel for an incident at its main nuclear facility. protests in the u.s. state of minnesota after a police officer shot
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a black driver he then crashed his car. huge crowds gathered at a religious festival in india as it records a huge riot in corona virus cases it's now the 2nd west country. in celebrations in ecuador where a conservative businessman is set to become the next president preliminary preliminary results show that he's now won the battle. over sports including a famous golfing victory dickey matsuyama wins the most just by one shot to become japan's 1st ever men's major champ. now israel's prime minister says iran is the gracious threat in the middle east and he won't allow it to obtain nuclear capability his comments come as iran blames
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israel 5th sabotaging its key nuclear facility tehran describe sunday's incident which knocked out a power grid in the tons as an act of terrorism it happened a day off to iran unveiled a new advanced uranium centrifuges the destruction of the site comes ahead also of a round of other talks in vienna later this week that's attempting to revive the 2050 nuclear deal. that iran must never possessed nuclear weapons my policy as prime minister of israel is clear i will never allow iran to obtain the nuclear capability to carry out its genocidal goal of eliminating israel and israel will continue to defend itself against iran's aggression and terrorism well we have 2 correspondents on the story as a bag is in the iranian capital tehran we'll speak to him in just a moment but 1st let's speak to harry for cities and westerly somewhat prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the u.s. secretary of defense have been meeting today and harry we had plenty from them
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about the strength of their relationship and cooperation but very little in particular from the u.s. defense secretary about iran. well yes i think what was not mentioned in that double briefing was more interesting than what was we heard from netanyahu as you say with very familiar language talking about iran being the most dangerous serious and pressing threat to israeli security as you heard in that clip saying that he personally as prime minister of israel would never allow iran to possess a nuclear weapon what he didn't talk about was the iran nuclear deal that the by the ministration has said that it wants to. find a way back towards and that's what these talks in vienna this week being resumed are all about and so he didn't mention that deal at all unlike his defense minister benny gantz obviously also a very bitter political rival they just fought an election against each other they
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don't have a shared policy platform but he in his meeting with austin on sunday said that israel would work closely with the americans to ensure that any new deal safeguarded israeli security netanyahu who has been speaking very vociferously against any idea of the deal didn't even mention it in public as for austin again there was fairly familiar u.s. language about the ensuring nature of the alliance about looking for stability in the region and working together to find ensuring peace supporting the efforts of the previous trump administration in terms of achieving more normalization between israel and arab nations in the region but there was no mention by him of iran at all and no mention either by either man specifically about this attack on the enrichment facility at natanz there has been though a report from the news agency here in israel citing an unnamed u.s.
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official saying that there was no u.s. involvement in that attack pretty wide scale briefing from israeli intelligence sources though to the local media that there was israeli involvement. with all the latest for us from jerusalem thanks so much gary. well now let's get the view from tehran and speak to us and bag now asad as he was saying no specific mention of a tense from either of the 2 men today that iran has been pretty vocal about who they think is responsible yes iran has been pretty vocal this morning we had the foreign ministry spokesperson who said that israel is always against iran's nuclear program and against those negotiations iran is working towards trying to get those u.s. sanctions lifted he said that he was glad that there was no injury to anybody or environmental damage but it could have resulted in a tragedy in the head of iran's atomic organization that said that emergency electricity is now in place at the in the 10s facility and the damage will be
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assessed over the coming days and that any damage would be compensated by increasing capacity by 50 percent but this does raise questions about iran's ability to protect its facilities and security inside the country over the last year we've had a previous attack on the natanz affairs facility which iran called called sabotage in the summer of last year and we also had the assassination of iran's lead nuclear scientist mohsin factories are the just outside of the horizon in november so there are questions being raised about the security and the ability of iran to protect its facilities and i said obviously a really critical time at the moment where does all of this leave those talks in vienna. well it definitely makes them much more difficult iran won't want to be seen to compromise from a position of weakness so if it was thought that this would reduce iran's capabilities and capacity to enrich uranium uranium therefore removing their
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leverage well they're less likely to want to compromise internally there's a lot of pressure on president hassan rouhani reformist government from the conservatives who have always been against the nuclear deal always been against negotiations and they will look to blame not only israel but the united states for this and there's already been been warnings to president hassan rouhani and his administration in the papers here and from certain politicians warning him not to make mistakes in those negotiations so it will make those talks in vienna very very difficult. bag that for us in the iranian capital tehran thanks so much as. well there are still plenty more ahead here this news hour including a cautious reopening after months of lockdown in england well have a live update for you from bryson. celebrations in russia marks 60 years since the fast man went into space. and
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another controversial v.a.r. decision in the english premier league results in spanish star player being racially abused that's coming up with joe johns for. us speaking of racial tensions police in the u.s. state of minnesota have cleared protesters who gathered outside a station after an officer there shot a black man dante wright's family told the crowd that he'd been shot by police before driving away and crashing the shooting comes during the trial of former minneapolis police officers charged for the killing of george floyd reports. protests on the streets near minneapolis once again named at the police force prompted by the death of yet another black man this time 20 year old dante write. police in brooklyn center a suburb of minneapolis say officers pulled over
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a man just before 2 pm on sunday and discovered he had an outstanding arrest warrant as they tried to detain him he got back in the car one officer shot dante right to then drove away but hits another vehicle he was declared dead at the scene one officer fired a weapon striking the driver the vehicle continued and eventually crashed. and. medical resources were then deployed to the scene to the people in both the vehicle that was crashed into and the original. the true. however the vehicle was was deceased his mother was on the phone with him when it all happened she said they pulled him over for having air fresheners hanging from the riviera and in legal offense in minnesota. because they dug a dog run and. there are those that put the phone down and hung it up and then to
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break a minute later i called in as governor answered with a passenger in the car and that even started me she put it on the. drivers by to make their life work. people are on edge here as all this happened just 16 kilometers away from where george floyd was killed in may last year. former police officer derek show than is currently on trial after he was film kneeling on lloyd's neck for more than 9 minutes during the arrest the video sparked global protests against police brutality and racism in the united states drugs chauvinists charged with murder and manslaughter his trial is in its 3rd week in a poor house surrounded with tight security the minnesota national guard troops deployed for the trial have now been sent to brooklyn center there are local reports of some protesters destroying and looting local businesses. and 2 police protesters had already been rallying since the trial started. when i was a person maybe it ever was going to be the last time that we all come together like
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that forward these were protesting. back and keep taking all these complex people for no reason tablets you know mental health problems so this is just the way the land is still solidarity ensure that we're not just an affair because the governor of minnesota says the state is mourning another life of a black man taken away by your enforcement side after you know it's just your let's now correspondent hendren who is in minneapolis for us john we've already seen just how tense this community as a lot's really not going away. that's right it's a hauntingly familiar scene here and the protesters didn't have far to go because they were already here in town waiting for the beginning of weeks 3 of the derek chauvin murder trial in the case of show been allegedly killing george floyd so
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police ended up having to do to pull off a tear gas after hundreds of demonstrators came up on a police station in a tactic that has become familiar since last summer here in minneapolis they were in brooklyn park it's about 16 kilometers away and it is within the sphere of the riots and looting that happened after the may 25th killing of george floyd and last night that looting extended overnight here in to minneapolis we're told that in brooklyn park itself there were about 20 buildings that were targeted and so you had national guard troops from here in minneapolis sent out there and were also told there will be more national guard troops coming into this city so this incident could not really have happened at a worse time but of course the protesters are here preparing for the show from case what happens after this incident we will see in the coming days and john as you
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mentioned that it's day 11 of the shaven trial today people will be watching more closely than adam. that's right we are expecting the prosecution to wrap its case either today or tomorrow we're expecting a doctor possibly another pulmonologist lung expert and then we are expecting what they call a spark of life testimony that something they do here in minnesota where a member of the family talks about the impact on the family and who the person was who died that's the kind of thing we normally hear in the closing arguments of the trial and i'm sure we'll hear them there as well the witness impact statement they come often before sentencing here they're going to do it today that will be the emotional close we expect of the prosecution's case and then the defense is going to have to come out and they've got a lot of work to do because expert after expert has testified that george floyd died of asphyxiation that he died with derrick children in the on his neck and
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police officers including the chief of police here who fired derrick open after that event said that those techniques were not approved so we're expecting some exciting testimony in the coming days we're told that the closing is likely on the defense side to take 2 or 3 days or so instead of the 2 weeks or so that we've seen with the prosecution that is typical it's not a matter of who has more witnesses it's a matter of what the witnesses have to say john hendren following all of that for us there in minneapolis will be seeing him later as well thanks so much john. as all of that has happened in minnesota a video has imagine showing police offices in the u.s. state of the ginia using excessive force on an unarmed black army officer during a traffic stop he's now suing for racial profiling accusing the offices of throwing a gun even though he didn't resist reynolds reports. other bizarre here on the.
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u.s. army officer care on the zarya was driving on a dark road in rural virginia last december when police pulled him over for a missing license plate what happened next he and his attorney say was a case of racial profiling and police brutality and i had the right here with go and learn more of the world was briefed about it but yeah there should be get out of windsor virginia police officer joe get cherice pepper sprayed lieutenant in the zarya even though his hands were raised then he was not resisting. you know your gun which in the front is the route to the freedom from the stuff that brought the little blood to the floor just procured by him out of the car and zaria repeatedly asked the policeman why he was being assaulted you know the cold out there was not how you treat of that i'm actively serving this
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country this is how you going to treat what i did i did not know well what the policeman ordered no sario who was unarmed and wearing his military uniform out of the car and knocked him to the ground why i have no friends well nasa was just miles from of the. missouri oh has sued the windsor police for violating his constitutional rights alleging assault and illegal detention here he was not in any way she his hands are clearly just and he is the one that remains calm and these men are right. it's absurd oh thought this area was not charged in the incident says the policeman threatened to damage his reputation in the military if he told anyone about how he was treated they knew they were in the wrong and then they threatened to destroy a man's career if he called him out of bizarre iau had temporary license plates
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displayed on his vehicle which in use governor is ordered in an independent investigation the windsor police department has not responded to news media requests for comment officials from the town of windsor virginia say good cheer as has been fired robert oulds al-jazeera. 1000 infections are surging to dangerous new highs in many countries but in some restrictions are even easing as cases that decline well india has soared past brazil to become the 2nd most affected country in terms of a total number of cases and on monday it recorded a staggering 169000 new cases a new wave in germany has pushed infections there past 3000000 and chancellor angela merkel says it may be the toughest wave yet meanwhile japan has imposed more restrictions with the hopes of preventing any outbreaks in the run up to the tokyo
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lympics now england has seen a drop in infections prompting an easing of restrictions which includes i think pubs restaurants and head dresses. stephanie deca is in berlin will be speaking to her in just a moment about the rise of infections in germany but 1st let's go to rory chalons he's in brighton for us we're just looking at the same there looks like a very peaceful day in brighton and a people out to celebrate. started off chilly and snowy after say down on brighton sea front this morning it's turned out a bit nice and sunny now so you can see that there are people for the 1st time in months out having a meal in public sitting at tables drinking a glass of wine eating some lunch it's kind of a step back towards normality what this country is miss for a long time now i've been out and about around brighton seeing the different sectors that of gone through the changes today have the restrictions on the lessons
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we've been outside of one of the main high street chains prime are with q. snaking all the way around the block and down the street people clearly with a lot of perhaps pocket change they've been saving up for months and have been desperate to get out there and do a bit of clothes shopping in a real bricks and mortar store in a way they haven't been able to do for a long time we've been in their headdress as well which has had queues out the door people desperate to come and get their lock down locks trimmed off or there they graze covered up etc so this is the kind of normal life that people have been missing and it's starting to creep back again it's uneven after say you know for places in the hospitality sector restaurants cafes and pubs they're only allowed to you know sit people down outside you can't still go inside and have a meal indoors and that's a problem because only 2 out of every 5 hospitality businesses actually has outside
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space so that's a very uneven playing field and lots of them over the last few months have had to close down but you know that the vaccine picture across the u.k. has really made this possible we're in a situation now where 40000000 people in the u.k. have had. a vaccine of some sorts and 7 or 8000000 are actually been. elated with both shots and it's sonora that is allowed this country to take this step back to normality is a still way way to go yet so we have to wait another month or 2 before life really gets back to the kind of previous prior situation normality but this i think is a welcome step and it's being welcomed by many and i see rory that the prime minister himself celebrated with a haircut this morning thanks so much for a challenge there with all the latest for us from brighton well let's now go to
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stephanie decker she is across all the developments for us from berlin stephanie very very different situation in germany and some fairly ominous words there from chance from apple. that's right and it's not the 1st time that this warning has come that this 3rd wave could potentially be the most deadly even a couple of weeks ago already we had warnings from some senior health officials saying that if a more secure lock down wasn't put in place across the country that you could run out of i.c.u. beds within a couple of weeks well that's the debate happening now because they're saying that you're having more people get coming into the hospitals details as 40 to 6 year olds be 60 year olds being affected also that it's the british strain what's known as the british strain that is more prominent these days is certainly a concern and the fact that there's been such a back and forth when it comes to implementing any form of lockdown germany is run by a decentralized government system 16 states each having their own were taught to me
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when it comes to their health policies and that's the thing even though we see numbers rising some of the states actually. easing restrictions if you will this is why also now we have a political debate happening happening on how to clamp down because certainly even chancellor angela merkel tried to impose a strict lockdown over easter and she had to do you turn within 24 hours and apologize to the german public to just gives you a sense of i think you know safe to say a bit of the disarray that the policy is at the moment you talk there about this political debate steph i'm curious how is the government going to try to make it easier for it to impose lockdowns if necessary. well there actually going to propose a change to the legislation when it comes to dealing with the pandemic which will mean basically it's going to be presented to cabinet tomorrow on tuesday to allow the central government to have more powers if you will to impose lock downs on the states if the numbers of corona virus infections go over
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a certain level this here has been deemed to be over 100 cases in 100000 now inching along interesting the enough most states in germany at the moment are at that point so i think you're hearing the consensus now in the language coming out that it's going back and forth for so long nothing has been done that perhaps we may see a clamping down of restrictions over the next couple of weeks but again it's 1st going to have to go to parliament pawson parliament but many people saying that we could perhaps expect that to be passed by the end of the week but again certainly the warnings coming from politicians and from the health officials that if more isn't done to impose a stricter lockdown that the numbers really could get out of control back out there with all the latest for us from that and thank you so much that. correspondent elizabeth purana now has more on the coronavirus infection is that we're seeing in india. for the past 6 days the cases have been there have been a record number of cases every day and more than one 100004 the past 6
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days with nearly 170000 cases on sunday and so one week ago the government sent a medical team to the worst affected states and to 2 other states punjab and shut the school with the death rate was very very hard to try and figure out why the situation. was what it was in maharashtra and also in punjab and shut this guy the medical teams have said that in all of the states that had 19 appropriate behavior isn't being followed that the containment measures on optimal that testing capacity is overwhelmed that worryingly in maharashtra there aren't enough health workers to do with the at least 60000 cases a day that the state has recording that there isn't enough oxygen supply and that ventilator is malfunctioning over the past few days in maharashtra we have started to see migrant workers as india has a very large number of people who work in different states to where they're from starting to leave the capital they're also starting to leave india's capital delhi
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because they're afraid that they're going to lose their jobs and that public transport will close and maharashtra which is home to more than 125000000 people is considering a complete lockdown there are night curfews in place and many cities around the country one across the border in bangladesh or authorities are also stepping up restrictions to try to curb the rise in infections their heyday is starting on wednesday officers must close and all domestic and international travel will not be allowed a night curfew has already been put into place and many non-essential businesses have already closed but local media are reporting that restrictions in several towns are not being enforced. well it's not time for the weather. the violent weather has gone from florida bay you can see it going it's this massive thunderstorms in the tail end of a cold front which is wrapped around this system here see the arcs of cloud as the back end of
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a low which is drawing cold arctic air in fact across central counted down into the northern plains states minnesota back to montana the cold will spread further south but it will be warmed by the sunshine never less because the difference in the cold and warm in the cold brings more snow to the rockies we will get development of showers further south most their biggest ones are going to be near the gulf coast not quite the same area as before however they could still be pretty vicious but that's the picture for wednesday that is jump south once again we're going to see a repeat of potentially big showers drifting through the bahamas towards his band including cuba jamaica parts of rico and of course the small islands quite a few showers slow moving and with the upper winds being westerlies that means the ash cloud france and vincent does indeed bring ash to barbados we've seen pictures that are no doubt but the trade winds mean it'll be wettest in panama costa rica and to some degree further west as well most of mexico looks fine but the far
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southeast could be a few big storms here. after all ahead here on out is there a warning that a volcano on the caribbean island of st vincent could erupt for weeks and displace thousands of people. and miami continue on their hot streak in the n.b.a. n.b.a. joe will have all the details for you and for. the big. talk to al-jazeera. you told me with the government you represent is now illegitimate and we listen we did not sell the fence material any country. conflict and yet we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on syria. investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe to see.
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the welcome. from every one of us. even those working quietly behind the scenes. so you can relax enjoy the perfect break in your journey . and when you leave with a smile we know our day's work is done qatar airways welcome to our home. hello again i missed on the attainder home that's reminder about top stories this hour israel's prime minister says iran is the greatest threat in the middle east
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and you weren't allowed to obtain nuclear capability tehran has blamed israel for sunday's blackout incident at its natanz nuclear site. police in minnesota have cleared protesters who gathered outside a station after an officer shot a 20 year old black man dante wright's family say he crashed his car after being shot by police he was basically down step. india has soared past brazil to become the 2nd most affected country in terms of the total number of cards with 1000 cases and recorded a staggering 169000 new infections just in the ponce de. leon was deposed leader aung sun suu kyi has reportedly been hit with a new criminal charge this one related to curb 19 rules she appeared in court through a video link and appealed to actually meet her legal team in person she already faces a rough to charges brought on by the military after the coup in february they include
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illegally importing filthy talkies and a charge related to corona virus under a natural disaster defined protest as of continue to oppose the military joined her despite a violent crackdown that's already killed more than 600 people. now rescue workers are trying to reach 21 coal mine coal miners who are stuck hundreds of meters below the ground and china that became trapped after that mine flooded in the northern province of on saturday. reports. and emergency crews prepares to go underground in an effort to help rescue a group of trapped mine is the 1st task will be to check the air quality and water level in the flooded mine engine jang province which is not a big worry if the level of hydrogen sulfide gas gets too high it's may pose a danger to the trapped miners the good news is currently the oxygen rates in the coal mine is more than 20 percent however the water level is still rising now it's rising by half a centimeter every 30 minutes in the previous period it is rising by up to 3 and
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a half centimeters the mine was flooded on saturday night cutting off power and communications to dozens of minus some have since been rescued but most remain trapped in 3 different areas it's not clear what medical condition they're in more than 1400 rescue with a working round the clock to free them and specialist pumps have been brought in to drain away the water but time is against them. our officers and soldiers have been working continuously transporting more than 1000 meters of cables and cooperating with technicians to install 52 pump pipes the work is progressing smoothly the next step is to carry out follow up rescue work after the drainage work is finished china is the world's largest consumer of coal and its mining industry has long been amongst the deadliest in the us it reported more than $100.00 coal mining accidents last year what went wrong this time is yet to be determined victoria gates and the
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al-jazeera. now there are warnings the volcanic eruption on the caribbean island of st vincent could leave 20000 people displaced for months last year for air volcano faster up to on friday and is expected to continue for weeks the government says most crops and livestock will be destroyed national offered as a volunteer who's helping to collect and distribute relief aid incident vincent she says the scale of the operation is overwhelming the shelters are in need of water food. basic living supply toiletries and so on many people had to leave without properly preparing so we're trying to. lessen that impact right now we have received from the those i think yesterday sorry to these have just been a bit fuzzy for me but i think it was yesterday that the course the gag order come
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off or with. some materials some supplies for us so the national emergency management all the navy asian they've been assisting in ensuring that the shelter have supplies for the next couple days but we do have. telecoms we're hoping that that these 4 well we're unsure how long this may last having visited some shelter. you know people are concerned the bowl not having anywhere to go back to the north of the island is covered in ash livestock lands the videos do pictures coming out of the north of the island is it's. there is no better word to describe it it's just. well vs an ecuador have rejected
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a leftist revolutionary and instead chosen a conservative bank again last or to be the next president with most of the ballots counted in a runoff last or took nearly 53 percent of that vote economist under us are ours who admitted defeat got 47 percent at latin america s.l.u.t. new reports. 3rd time lucky after losing to previous presidential election binge 65 year old or good or in bankrupt businessman yet one last look set to govern his troubled country yes thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be your president so i can serve you. facing the worst economic crisis in recent memory a good dorrance preferred to choose the conservative last or rather than swing back to the left of the former president rafael correa as citizens revolution represented by his protege and that is i doubt the national campaign tirelessly
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underscoring his middle class roots national reconciliation and his promise to eradicate corruption. that despite having so many natural resources we are in this crisis because instead of working with honesty to solve your problems many public servants did he keep themselves to fighting amongst themselves and using public office to enrich themselves. but. less than 20 percent of votes in the 1st round owns his unexpectedly comfortable victory more to ecuadorans misgivings about returning to what many saw as an authoritarian political party. that the career years were characterized by violations of human rights ecuador was one of the most authoritarian versions of so-called socialism of the 21st century there was persecution of journalists opponents and even unsolved murders of people who denounced corruption. the challenges for the president and the country are enormous
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unemployment is at the top of the list the oil rich countries of quantum e. has suffered from a steep fall in oil prices and the pandemic has only made things worse. i believe in democracy of course in ecuador and i believe all of us ecuadorians know how to elect a new president to get out of the crisis our country is in and the lack of employment that exists throughout because of the president make. the country faces another difficult problem it's steep foreign debt lasso says he hopes to maintain good relations with the i.m.f. but is not specified if you will continue implementing highly unpopular belt tightening measures that ecuador agreed to in exchange for a $6500000000.00 loan. was so much at stake the new president will have to move quickly to convince ecuadorians that they made the right choice you see in human out easier. while versions in kurdistan have supported handing grace of powers to
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the presidency the changes from sunday's constitutional referendum will allow president sided chopper of to appoint judges shrink parliament and also allow him to run again critics say the referendum is jobber of the attempt to impose a more thorough tarion formal role primary results show that 80 percent support of those changes over only around 30 percent of people actually voted. millions of children and their families are expected to face hunger in somalia in the coming months because of a locust infestation as well as extreme weather a report from save the children says crop and vegetable production is expected to plunge by up to 80 percent this season livestock sales are the also the basis of survival for many families that income is set to drop by more than half as animals die and others are no longer fit to sell and milk production is also expected to dry out it's expected to shrink by up to 2 thirds further exposing children to malnutrition save the children says $150000000.00 is urgent we needed to provide
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nearly 2000000 people with food health care education water and crucially sanitation mohammad mohammad haasan is the country director for save the children in somalia he joins us now from her gaze a moment those are some pretty huge numbers can you talk us through what we could be seeing on the ground in practical terms in the coming weeks and months. good afternoon and thank you for having me yes. actually large areas of somalia traditionally added. experience the crowding out however the frequency and severity of climate related disasters that doesn't flow and floods and rockets today shows increase in somalia and that he sent years has been. in the community's ability to cope with. the shocks and also to recover from it
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the stationing 2021 seems to be getting worse as the numbers of children and adults i get the need of our systems base to i think 9000000 a 3rd of the population and an increase of $700000.00 compared to last year. now yes today it's federal government of somalia and out and up people that go nuts and that are full support in this corny to watch the names out conditions the government stated that the country is facing critical to war. and more than 50 districts experiencing moderate to severe drought conditions the government file a stated that more than 160000 people have been recently displaced due to 2 to the drought this number is our day to 2600000 people already that splits within the country as a result of protracted conflict and chronic humanitarian crisis we did was sending drought conditions fodder population displacement expected i don't know how many
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and i want to hear a little more about sorry that the context of that one place because this is all happening within the context of huge political instability in the country as well as still no real sense of freedom challenge going forward after those elections were delayed obviously over the security situation that you alluded to we've spoken so many times about manmade famines in this region is there going to be the leadership to actually address this crisis to as we're seeing it unfold now. i think these these positive. feedback from the government sees a comment in defense now overnight that they need to change for cuts from. 2 to i really doubt but the zone so i need to look into longer comes debility and producing that conflict which usually displaced people i'm not said the population was already struggling with their climatic conditions so that yes
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they use these these are positive. steps towards that i that action from the government. but these are political. tension currently which we think it could be resolved because there are ongoing you know which issues between different actors when moving from the political climate to the economic crime you've talked about how the is a long time pressures here this is coming down to climate change as well and we're also saying that given the context of the pandemic even the u.n. is striving to get their major appeals funded in yemen for example do you think you'll actually get the money that you need this $150000000.00. yeah this is $150000000.00 this is not a signature it's not asking money to implement septa bit it's that they say immaterial hispanos plan that has been launched by the government and the us and we are doing that they don't us to to find that you meant it and that's what's allowed got less local gas these need paul i get. press once we have seen
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in the past how quick and i don't suppose can be useful to us but. just as a example is that 2017 trout when they kind of communities acted quickly and because of that many lives have been saved. and the station as a group and the communities that it didn't has a little bit through start now that had intimate and crisis in the countries that it's a little bit simple effect of climate change on the plate and call these names in and then make this a wider community has been ascribed to link with the climate related extreme conditions that are doing the cutting routes. this warms to it which should story robson. one thing into that abyss or show economic impact of corby in 1000 house calls crush of businesses loss of jobs and reduction in that in because this from
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somebody that charlies have negatively affected departures in part of the trouble really came out any time and i never had to. say i know but to feed their children . and mohamed merah does not like. these that indeed well we wish you all the best with your what the country director for save the children in somalia thanks so much for joining us here on al-jazeera thank you thank you very much. now moving on and many people in pakistan are preparing for the muslim holy month of ramadan $1000.00 restrictions there that have closed some shops leading to crowding at others and the rising cost of sugar has also added to concerns the has more now from islamabad . people across bhagavan are getting ready for a 2nd ramadan since their covert 19 pandemic affected the world and although the country is in the grip of a 3rd wave people of course are not concerned about the effect of over 19
4:44 pm
they're more worried about what happens next as far as the country's economic crisis concerned and you can see the lines of people outside the state run utilities for all the government did already offering a special package for ramadan with a $60000000.00 subsidy on essential commodities such as cooking oil sugar and wheat flour but dad will north vietnam to cater to their demands of over $200000000.00 people nor will it be able to control the prices of sugar a move a man handed we are grateful to him around town for providing us with essential food items like sugar flour and oil some saddam's regime but the issue here is the hoarders who stalk these arjen and that makes the price increase which needs to be discouraged by the being bought up in the bunk on the beach and fortunately in the month of ramadan the price of every commodity goes up and people who are already
4:45 pm
struggling suffer a lot but items in these government sponsored shops are a temporary relief. it is also important for nor died over 50 percent of the sugar mills belong to the country's politicians they of course will have to cut their profits in order to give benefits to these people but the government is struggling with the economy and people across pakistan are worried that this is indeed going to be another hard and difficult ramadan and that to america that 3rd wave of the corona wireless which is now wreaking havoc all across the country this country has a penchant for sugary drinks the demand for sugary drinks will go up in ramadan but the government will not be able to control the prices and that means it will not leave a good case and i'm out. now people in russia have been celebrating 60 years since cosmonaut yuri gagarin became the 1st person to go to space.
4:46 pm
that symbolic rockets of balloons was launched into the air for garen successful mission back in 1961 was a historic achievement for the soviet union which other time beat the u.s. in a tight race to send the 1st human being into orbit the 27 year old was in space for 108 minutes before coming back to us while the global space race has not stopped ever since a month after gerund was in orbit the u.s. also managed to send its fast astronaut to space and then in 1969 it was american astronaut neil armstrong who became the 1st man to walk on the moon in 1975 in a historic show of peace so here's an american astronauts shook hands through an open hatch between the soyuz and apollo cut tools and then in 1903 the newly formed russian federation joined the united states europe japan and canada to build the international space station and china is not included but is planning to launch its own national space station within the next few years that speak to francisco diego
4:47 pm
he's a senior research fellow at the department of physics and astronomy at university college london he joins us now francisco we've seen so many countries and and private companies really invest in space who's leading the pack these days. well. it's difficult to say i mean not say so and he's going to camp with a lot of projects as well but this summer we just saw each other makes you know i mean what's coming up in the last 60 years he said and i'm a singer a feat for a for your money do you really. what we have today as you say we have many countries with cup abilities of going to space a few of them to learn to not sort of see into space as well so. that companies are trying to live out private companies on the song coming to work a kind of environment and similar to the one we've got in that national space station where they nations get to get their i mean we count russia the space
4:48 pm
station would cut won't because we lost a couple of the space shuttle for example on this so you space got we're launching forum for many years that we're launching. goods on and grew us through us to the space station and back so i'm now we come up these come through in so far off the international community getting together to explore space so who isn't that leave well not certainly has been in the need for a long time but now we have many more spaces many stations joining in so it would be kind of like global a global contributions as well yeah you speak about this kind of atmosphere of cooperation but there's also been increasing talk about the weaponization of space right in the u.s. space force for instance has been clear there and military body are you concerned about where that might be. well absolutely years like hopi though since look see we scrub in that time so far ronald reagan in 1980 s.
4:49 pm
we. they are the what is called the lace and weapons in space and it was the space will resound the star wars they once called the project on their yes me college station a space actually for b. then they don't treat these up so for be they in got his station all of space and there were bodies in there in the solar system so i think i hope he doesn't take the offer because he will be on the sauce that really francisca da that from the university college london speaking to us about this special an investment thanks so much for joining us francesca a pleasure a pleasure. still ahead here here on al-jazeera. a controversial encounter between top man in my state and i says in the english premier league i will have all the action points coming up especially being i will be focusing on the risk of .
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
running back and is now time for sports and history does he have thank you japan is celebrating its 1st ever men's major golf champion despite a shaky finish up best ahead document say yama hung on to win the masters by one shots. david stokes reports was. one of the most famous prizes in sport the masters green jacket now sits on the shoulders of a decade or the 1st ever japanese man to win a major golf title course and in my book it's really him to think that there are a lot of youngsters in japan watching today hopefully in 5 or 10 years some of them
4:52 pm
will be competing on the world stage and they can follow in my footsteps. but that's yama started the final round at augusta 4 shots clear but the nerves began to show in the closing stages. but he took shots at the 15th and 16th holes and was in danger of throwing it all the way. but luckily for him despite another bogey at the last his one over par round of $73.00 was enough to secure a famous victory by want to shot the 29 year old without a win on the p.g.a. tour for 4 years was now a major champion in a touching moment on the green his caddie paid his own respects to the famous course by former masters winners tiger woods and jack nicklaus were among those to congratulate matsuyama on social media and several players stayed behind to embrace him as he made his way back to the clubhouse. man he was something else he's like i want to need to play he was like a robot this was
4:53 pm
a one time inevitable over. he is an awesome choir and. the senate doesn't surprise me. but his victory is big news back home in japan and was well received by some of those making the monday morning commute in tokyo. non-single i heard that it's been 85 years since japanese golfers started playing in men's major tournament so when you think about it i think it's a tremendous achievement it's also workable all the while i think this is a great accomplishment i want japanese business industry to follow him as an example to expand their business in the world even the japanese prime minister gave his reaction describing it as a great achievement don't you see it was really wonderful as the current virus pandemic drags on his achievement moved our hearts and gave us courage the tokyo olympics starts in july and afterwards when i was asked if you would like to light the cauldron at the opening ceremony marsh in the sky as you did more it would be
4:54 pm
quite an honor but i'm not sure about my schedule the timing works out and i'm in japan when it happens and they asked me what an honor that would be i whether he likes the frame or not matsuyama is almost certain to be picked for japan's olympic gold team providing him with a chance to win a gold medal to go with the green jacket david stokes jazeera. well a new survey shows that 70 percent of the japanese public want the olympics to be canceled or postponed it showed that only 24.5 percent want the games to go ahead as planned the poll was conducted with just over $100.00 days to go before the games on monday tokyo began a month long period of tougher measures to combat a new wave of covert 19 infections. now to an entertaining of controversial encounter in the english premier league as manchester united to con tottenham it looked like united had taken the lead when edinson
4:55 pm
cavani scored in the 1st half. of the tricks of. the parish but his goal was disallowed following a v.a.r. decision that scott mcdonald he had hits on young men in the face of this nice sunburned pose person funks going into the break. but fred equalised in kahaani finally got on the scoresheet in the 2nd half. greenwood sealing the 31 when united sit 11 points behind manchester city in the chase for the title autonomous 7th 6 points off the top 4. but following that controversial v.a.r. decision involving spurs sondhi on men united's manager said if the south korean was his son he wouldn't get any food for behaving like that spurs boss chosen rene reacted angrily to the comment in relation to that but i just want to sue swan it is very lucky that this father is a better person than ollie because i think a father i am a father as
4:56 pm
a single father you have always to feed your kids doesn't matter what we do if you have to steal to feed your kids you still i'm very very disappointed and because with me like we see in portugal brothers rather than chooses cheese i thought although what i think about these is comments. on top of all of that sunshine men received racial abuse after the game spurs released a statement calling it a parent saying they will undertake a full review alongside the premier league to determine the most effective action moving forward. well tennis number one novak djokovic is preparing to make his return to the court for the 1st time since his australian open when of which we chasing a 3rd monte-carlo miles to the title and says he's ready to play again i feel.
4:57 pm
physically prepared mentally i missed i missed tennis you know the last couple months that i have been competing so i look forward to my 1st match it's unfortunate we don't have a crowd but. you know it's. a common thing nowadays hopefully hopefully will be seeing crowd very very soon in big tournaments in europe. and he's not the only one missing the fans frenchman ben what perez said it was like playing in a cemetery and said he took no pleasure in competing without spectators and have to suffer the situation any longer though as he was knocked out by a stray he has jordan thompson in the 1st round on sunday. and in the n.b.a. miami maintained that hot streak this time against the portland trail blazers bam as a bio school 22 points and jimmy butler added 22 to lead the hate 210-7298 when they've now won 6 of their last 7 games. all right that is the useful for now i have wolf
4:58 pm
we later in the stars thanks so much joe that is it for me for this news hour but don't go away either back in a moment of much more of the day's news they would have. jumped into the story there was a lot going on in this. global community when i thought of all the misinformation i think we are more afraid than we are aware be part of the debate you're never going to be bodies one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear the new and be part of today's discussion this stream on out is there. a passion for supporting local communities. and pioneering innovative african science and technology projects his child beautiful. stories are all of
4:59 pm
us on this planet not just ask for al-jazeera one is a leading by a chemist determined to use his scientific knowledge to africa women make science from the lab to the field on al jazeera the latest news as it breaks the biggest challenge to his presidency is not only having to do. with ambitious military officers but also start. with detailed coverage called the voice recording is now safely in jakarta in the hands of indonesia's transport safety commission from around the world let's go experts say that could be a government of national unity if that's the case that. will keep his job. there's a wave of sentiment around the world people actually want accountability from the people who are running their countries and i think often people's voices are not heard because they're just not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we cover big stories and report on the big events that are going on but we also tell
5:00 pm
the stories of people who generally don't have a voice and then when i was a child my doubts never be afraid to put your hand up not a question and i think that's what i'm sure really does the ask the questions to people who should be accountable and also to get people to give their view of what's going on. 'd israel's prime minister says he'll never let her run obtain nuclear weapons just hours after terror on blamed israel for an incident at its main nuclear facility. that i missed on the attack and this is out of their life and also coming up the police shooting of a black man sparks anger in minnesota it comes during the trial of a former officer charged in the killing of george. huge crowds gather at
5:01 pm
a religious festival in india as it records a huge rise in corona virus cases it's now the 2nd west hit country. and the famous golfing victor.


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