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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 12, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm +03

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illegitimately we listen we do not sell defense material to any country to fuel the conflict in yemen we meet with global news makers and about the stories that matter syria. the in. iran blames israel for sunday's blackout incident has main nuclear facility and promises revenge for what it calls nuclear terrorism. hello there are more a carl this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. huge crowds gather at a religious festival in india as it would cause an alarming rise in corona virus cases and becomes the 2nd worst had country. the police shooting of
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a black man's boss anger in minnesota it comes during the trial of a former officer charged in the killing of george floyd. and a famous and golfing victory hideki matsui gamma becomes the 1st japanese man to win a major turn. iran has blamed israel for a power blackout as its main nuclear facility for a minute. has vowed revenge for sunday's incident at natanz switch to iran described as an act of terrorism israel's not directly claimed responsibility but local media says intelligence services were behind it or about money reports. nuclear terrorism is how in the rainy an official described a power blackout at its natanz nuclear enrichment facility sunday school. in the
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electrical supply grid caused no casualties or contamination of. what happened in the tons as israel's official i've said several times and what we're hearing from different sources it confirms that israel was behind this incident israeli media claimed it was caused by a cyber attack launched by israeli security services although it quoted unidentified sources some media outlets have a close relationship with intelligence agencies iran is their own edging the international atomic energy agency to take action saying it reserves the right to punish the perpetrators the development comes at an important time as iran prepares to step back to the negotiating table in vienna talks about iran's nuclear agreement started there last week with indirect talks with the united states. president joe biden says he's willing to rescue a deal abandoned 3 years ago by his predecessor donald trump that is if iran comes
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into compliance with the deal in my view without a doubt this is definitely not a coincidence and one thing you need to remember well it is. israel is the usual suspect in these events over the last few years one must be mindful there there are many opponents in many different corners to the resumption of their joint comprehensive plan of action not the least of which is from within iran itself tapper and has been steadily moving away from the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal since the u.s. pulled out the blackout happened a day after iran unveiled a fancy rein him centrifuges at the facility but iran had previously made clear the negotiations in the enter are on the right track nor about the money al jazeera. force it is in western liberal we're guessing israel's reaction from him in just
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a moment but 1st let's speak to assad a big who's in the iranian capital and assad iran clearly laying the blame for the attack on israel what else have you been hearing. well the foreign ministry spokesperson spoke this morning he was he stated that israel has always been against iran's nuclear program and against negotiations taking place to have those sanctions lifted he said that he was glad that no one was injured and there wasn't an environmental disaster but he said it could have resulted in a tragedy now what he's also said is about the damage that's occurred he's claiming that the older less efficient centrifuges have been damaged the oil ones and he said that iran would replace those with the more advanced ones that. we've also had the head of iran's atomic organization speaking now what he has said is that emergency electricity is now supplying the facility that they would assess the damage to the centrifuges over the next couple of days and he said that in richmond hadn't been halted but iran would compensate for any damage by increasing their
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capacity by 50 percent and of course this happens us iran is getting ready to return to those negotiations in vienna but just if i can give you the context of what's taken place in the last year there's been 2 attacks 2 incidents at this natanz facility the last one was an explosion in the summer which damaged the production of centrifuges and also there's been an assassination of iran's lead scientist in november last year again this raises questions around iran security and its ability to protect its facilities but this will make it tough and more complicated. iran returns to vienna to negotiate and try and get those u.s. sanctions lifted ok. thanks so much for bringing us the view there from tehran let's go over now to his and western tourists and how strong was from the iranians and we know that israel would not comment officially on this but it hasn't stopped information getting out. no i mean if you look at the israeli
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media so far on monday it's pretty clear there's been a lot of briefing going on behind the scenes not the actions of a government that is keen to clamp down or try and disguise any involvement. the does been alleged by iran as you say nothing official coming from the israeli government either way but pretty much all of the israeli media is reporting sources senior intelligence sources that to the effect that there was israeli involvement in this attack some of the most comprehensive coverage in the new york times actually suggesting that there was an explosion at the separate defended power supply for the enrichment centrifuges that that explosion totally destroyed that power supply according to this report and that have been set back the whole program by an estimate of 9 months the public broadcaster can also reporting citing
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intelligence sources that centrifuges were also damaged in this attack and this is all happening at the same time as the u.s. secretary of defense lloyd austin is in the country he's been going to a military base with the israeli defense minister benny gantz both men were asked about the attack they're neither giving any comment right now he's shuttle to be in talks with the prime minister benjamin netanyahu you have to imagine that they would discuss this as well as the iran nuclear deal it will be interesting to see exactly what netanyahu says his defense minister has bitter political rival gantz on sunday said that israel was prepared to work closely with the americans to try to get the best deal possible and ensure israeli security was maintained but netanyahu has been much more strident in his opposition to a deal in its entirety so we'll be waiting to see exactly what he says in the
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course of this meeting with austin absolutely and we do expect that press conference to be within the next half hour or so we'll come back to you as and when that happens the moment's harry thanks very much. india has soared past brazil to become the 2nd most affected country in terms of total number of covert 1000 cases on monday it recorded a staggering 169000 new infections health officials are hoping a 4 day super vaccine dr can turn around the surge in numbers well than 2700000 doses were administered across the country on the 1st day. but a religious festival is causing concern with thousands gathering river pilgrimage sites officials say the size of the crowds makes enforcing social distancing rules nearly impossible unless withdrawn and more from new delhi. for the past 6 days the cases have been there have been
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a record number of cases every day and more than 100004 the past 6 days with 170000 cases on sunday and so one week ago the government sent a medical team to the worst affected states and to other states. where the death rate was very very hard to try and figure out why the situation. was what it was in maharashtra and also in punjab and the medical teams have said that in all of the states that had 19 appropriate behavior isn't being followed that the containment measures on top to mold that testing capacity is overwhelmed that worryingly in maharashtra there aren't enough health workers to do with the at least $60000.00 cases a day that the stage is recording that there isn't enough oxygen supply and that ventilation is malfunctioning over the past few days and we have started to see
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work as india has a very large number of people who work in different states to where they're from starting to leave the capital they're also starting to leave india's capital delhi because they're afraid that they're going to lose their jobs and that public transport will close. which is home to more than 125000000 people is considering a complete lockdown their night fuse in place and many cities around the country police in the u.s. state of minnesota have cleared protesters who gathered outside the station after an officer shot a 20 year old black officers fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd in the minneapolis suburb of. rights family told a crowd he had been shot by police before driving away and crashing he was later pronounced dead the shooting comes during the trial of former minneapolis police officer charged in the killing of george floyd. and the video has
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a mustang police officers in the us state of virginia using excessive force on an unarmed black army officer during a traffic stop he's so in for racial profiling accusing offices of drawing their guns even though he didn't resist brunell's reports. of the car here on the car. u.s. army officer care on the zarya was driving on a dark road in rural virginia last december when police pulled him over for a missing license plate what happened next he and his attorney say was a case of racial profiling and police brutality i hear there right here with go america for now the judge in the for the doctor should be get out windsor virginia police officer joe get cherice pepper sprayed lieutenant azhari oh even though his hands were raised then he was not resisting. you know your
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gun which on the front that's a route to. the free stuff or the stuff that brought the oldest trucker right here out of the car but the zarya repeatedly asked the policeman why he was being assaulted you know the cold out there was not how you treat of that i'm actively serving this country is how you're going to treat what i did i did oh the policeman ordered us aureole who was unarmed and wearing his military uniform out of the car and knocked him to the ground right about me pretty well knox was killed miles from of the. missouri oh has sued the windsor police for violating his constitutional rights alleging assault and illegal detention there he was not in any way she his hands are clearly. 'd and he is the one that remains calm and he's met her right. it's absurd.
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this arielle who was not charged in the incident says the policeman threatened to damage his reputation in the military if he told anyone about how he was treated they do they were in the wrong and then they threatened to destroy a man's career if he called them out bizarre e.o. had temporary license plates displayed on his vehicle which in use governor is ordered an independent investigation the windsor police department has not responded to news media requests for comment officials from the town of windsor virginia say good cheer as has been fired robert oulds al-jazeera. still ahead head on al-jazeera as you know queens itself all functional feel as we look at why the transition to renewables may cause an emissions rise in the short term. and a warning of ok on the caribbean island of st vincent could a run for weeks and displace thousands of people.
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it's time for the perfect jenny. sponsored plan cuts at ways the weather throughout east a should look you know a lot more like you might expect to do for throughout the rest of spring is a great bit of cloud around but it does sort of resolve itself into this line of rain which will wave through central and southern china every night again through south korea the one to say it's gone and throughout the majority japan now it is raining it's not snow the wind is assassination attempt is raising the teens of the low twenty's it's quiet still over most of northern china beijing 17 is accompanied by not particularly good quality the whole system waxes and wanes so whilst the sun comes by it comes out in japan on wednesday the rain is sort of strengthening on
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its way through to for later on wednesday. and increasingly would like to see showers in different parts of india yes to something carola ready should be this coast the bay of bengal we see an increasing likelihood of showers over the next day or so and surprisingly air quality in the crease in the hot northern plains of india is still not up to your there's no wind around there and no showers around to change that position answer as arabia iran but not turkey the weather is quiet a resurvey warm but for the northern egypt and levant not say. sponsored paul qatar airways. the story goes that the statue of an ancient greek god he beat the waves for millenia. until a palestinian fisherman on earth the priceless relic. the story continues that as the world's attention was drawn to her as mysteriously the day
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it disappeared once again. the apollo of ca's. on a. hello again you're watching out of there here's a reminder of our top stories this hour iran's foreign minister has blamed israel for a power blackout as its main nuclear facility zarif as promised revenge for sunday's incident at natanz which tehran describes as an act of terrorism. police in minnesota have cleared protesters who gathered outside the station after an officer shot a 20 year old black dante wright's family told the crowd he had been shot by police
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before driving away and crashing he was later pronounced dead. and then dia has soared past brazil to become the 2nd most affected country in terms of total number of covert 1000 cases has recorded the sacrum 169000 new infections in the past day . life is slowly returning to normal in england with non-essential services reopening across the country pubs restaurants hairdressers gyms shops and a number of other venues have now reopened as the 2nd sage of the government's road map out of the 3rd nationwide coronavirus lockdown the easing of restrictions comes as the u.k. recorded just 7 deaths on sunday the lowest toll since september roy chalons has more on the easing of restrictions from brighton. i'm standing in brighton city center in front of crime arc which is a chain of fashion clothing stores around the country very popular as you might be
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able to tell with teenagers and their parents and i'm just going to also the camera mounted hand for you here so you can see this queue it goes all the way up the shop all the way up the street across the street then all the way down the opposite side of the street back onto the main street and down into the distance there so there's obviously a lot of pocket money that's been saved up over the last few months that people are itching to spend and clearly that's good news for the retail sector but all sectors are not equal we have good news for say bad hairdressers which you're talking about absolutely full booking sheets at the moment but when it gets to you know the hospitality industry yes there will be celebrations this evening i've got an invitation to go and see some friends in a pub garden right suspect i'm not the only one in the country doing that later on today but only 2 out of every 5 hospitality venue's has some sort of outdoor
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space so it's an uneven playing field and there are going to be plenty of. pubs cafes restaurants that cons reopened as they would like to do but this is the kind of step back towards normality for the country boris johnson the prime minister urging people if they are out there celebrating or going shopping to behave responsibly. mir mars deposed leader unsung suchi has reportedly been hit with a new criminal charge this one related to covert 19 rules she's appeared in court via video link and appealed to meet her legal team in person already faces a raft of charges brought on by the military after its q in february they include illegally importing walkie talkies and the charge raised coronavirus under natural disaster laws to fund protesters have continued to oppose the jointer despite a violent crackdown has killed more than 600 people. virgina could all have rejected a leftist revolutionary and chosen conservative banker to be the next president
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will most of the ballots counted in a runoff less so took nearly 53 percent of the vote economists andres are also admitted defeats got 47 percent in america as the sentiment reports. 3rd time lucky after losing 2 previous presidential election binge 65 year old a good door in bankruptcy businessman yet more last look set to govern his troubled country yes thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be your president so i can serve you. facing the worst economic crisis in recent memory a good dorrance preferred to choose the conservative rather than swing back to the left of the former president rafael correa as citizens revolution represented by his protege and that is i doubt. the national campaign tirelessly underscoring his middle class roots national reconciliation and his promise to eradicate corruption
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. that despite having so many natural resources we are in this crisis because instead of working with honesty to solve your problems many public servants dedicate themselves to fighting amongst themselves and using public office to enrich themselves was national team less than 20 percent of votes in the 1st round owns his unexpectedly comfortable victory more to ecuadorans misgivings about returning to what many saw as an authoritarian political party. that the career years were characterized by violations of human rights ecuador was one of the most authoritarian versions of so-called socialism of the 21st century there was persecution of journalists opponents and even unsolved murders of people who denounced corruption. the challenges for the president and the country are enormous
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unemployment is at the top of the list the oil rich countries upon a me has suffered from a steep fall in oil prices and the pandemic has only made things worse it happened i am a class about what i believe in democracy of course in ecuador and i believe all of us ecuadorians know how to elect a new president to get out of the crisis our country is in and the lack of employment that exists throughout because of the president make. the country faces another difficult problem it's steep foreign debt last or says he hopes to maintain good relations with the i.m.f. but is not specified if you will continue implementing highly unpopular belt tightening measures that ecuador agreed to in exchange for a $6500000000.00 loan. was so much at stake the new president will have to move quickly to convince ecuadorians that they made the right choice you see in human disease. there are warnings of volcanic eruption on the caribbean islands of some
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vincent occurred that leave 20000 people displaced for months assume for a volcano 1st ruptured on friday and is expected to continue for weeks the government says most crops on livestock will be destroyed they are offered as a volunteer helping collect and distribute relief aid ends of the nz and she says the scale of the operation is overwhelming the shelters are in need of water food. basically living supply toiletries and so on many people have only without properly preparing so we're trying to. the lesson that impact right now we have received from the those i think yesterday sorry these have just been a bit fuzzy for me but i think it was yesterday that the course the gad would have come up for with. some material some supplies for us so the national
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emergency management all the navy asia and they've been assisting in ensuring that the shelter have supplies for the next couple days but we do have and telecom so we're hoping that that is for while we're unsure how long this may last having visited some shelter. you know people are concerned the bowl not having anywhere to go back to the north of the island is covered in ash livestock lands the videos the pictures coming out of the north of the island is it's. there is no better word to describe it it's just. authorities in the u.s. state of new york are promising to have 70 percent of their electricity come from renewable sources by 2030 is on the most ambitious pain and plans in the country
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but some say the transition will cause fossil fuel emissions to rise in the short term kristen salumi explains from new york. in the heart of new york's it's the legendary bay gallus once the world's largest electric generating unit its owner ries light power now wants to make it the cleanest with plans to build the largest battery facility in the country right here in 2 years a storage facility for renewable energy what are the challenges that you face to meet this deadline in terms of c o clint plummer acknowledges it won't be easy our challenge is new york's challenge and it's also the country's challenge in the world challenges how do we transition from a city that's right merely on fossil fuels for as long as you know what just a day to one. now running on 'd clean energy infrastructure that you know maybe a little more diverse and they're taking their dirtiest carbon spewing oil and gas
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fired generators off line to make way for the batteries they'll also need transmission lines to tie into wind and solar farms outside the city but currently renewables make up just 2 percent of downstate energy 'd new york is attempting to wean itself off of fossil fuels at the same time it's taking another major source of carbon free electricity off live an indian point nuclear power plant in 2019 this facility alone was responsible for 13 percent of the state's power. while environmentalist long pushed for its closure some are now arguing nuclear power is currently the only carbon free technology able to replace fossil fuels they point out the state is building more natural gas facilities to make up the difference if you look at the examples of germany and vermont and california there are small studies that have shown that when you get rid of nuclear in general air pollution our carbon emissions actually increase so others say the switch to renewables has
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to start happening for new york power to be carbon free by 2040 right now baron. wind now. so were. members. underway to make. less expensive war liable and were assholes war all agree on the need to keep the lights on and eliminate fossil fuels when there must be change on the horizon christian salumi al-jazeera new york. japan is celebrating at 1st men's major golf champion the spices shaking finishing or gusts ahead to hear that say yellow how on to win the masters by one shot ever states reports. one of the most famous prizes in sport at the masters green jacket now sits on the shoulders of a decade or the 1st ever japanese man to win a major golf title course in my book it's really him to think that there are
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a lot of youngsters in japan watching today hopefully in 5 or 10 years some of them will be competing on the world stage and they can follow in my footsteps. but see i'm a star to the final round at augusta 4 shots clear but the nerves began to show in the closing stages. but he took shots at the 15th and 16th holes and was in danger of throwing it all the way. but luckily for him despite another bogey at the last his one over par round of $73.00 was enough to secure a famous victory by want to shot the 29 year old without a win on the p.g.a. tour for 4 years was now a major champion in a touching moment on the green his caddie paid his own respects to the famous course by my former masters winners tiger woods and jack nicklaus were among those to congratulate matsuyama on social media and several players stayed behind to embrace him as he made his way back to the clubhouse. man he was
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something else he's like i want to need to play he was like a robot and this was a one. never have over. it it is an awesome fire and. it certainly doesn't surprise me. but his victory is big news back home in japan and was well received by some of those making the monday morning commute in tokyo. non-single i heard that it's been 85 years since japanese golfers started playing in men's major tournament so when you think about it i think it's a tremendous achievement it's also what will the royals i think this is a great accomplishment i want japanese business industry to follow him as an example to expand their business in the world even the japanese prime minister gave his reaction describing it as a great achievement don't you see it was really wonderful as the current virus pandemic drags on his achievement moved our hearts and gave us courage the tokyo
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olympics starts in july and afterwards when i was asked if you would like to light the cauldron at the opening ceremony marsh in the sky as you do more it would be quite an honor but i'm not sure about my schedule the timing works out and i'm in japan when it happens and they asked me what an honor that would be i whether he likes the frame or not that's yama is almost certain to be picked for japan's olympic gold team providing him with a chance to win a gold medal to go with the green jacket david stokes jazeera. with al jazeera these are all top stories iran's foreign minister has blamed israel for a power blackout as its main nuclear facility so there is a reef as promised revenge for sunday's incident at natanz which terram describes as an act of terrorism big has the latest reaction from the foreign minister.


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