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big stories and little from the big events going on but we also tell the stories of people who generally don't have a voice i mean what are the chances my that's going to be inflicted upon the last question and i think that's what our series does he asks the questions that people should be accountable and also we get people to give their view of what's going on . a conservative form of bank looks set to become ecuador's new president al to his left wing rival concedes defeat in a runoff. like this is out 0 live from doha also coming up iran says it's an act of terrorism power blackout of its main nuclear facility. getting ever closer to lighting up to take your lympics but japan's now imposing more restrictions to contain coronavirus
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. and company match $20000.00 people could be displaced for months on the caribbean island of st vincent as a volcano continues to erupt. so people in ecuador have rejected a leftist revolutionary and chosen conservative bank. to be the next president with most of the runoff ballots counted took nearly 53 percent of the runoff vote economists andres out who's admitted defeat with 47 percent of electors voting for him declared himself president elect who says he accepts the challenge of changing ecuador for more let's cross right away to a latin america to tell the cia newman who's in chile's capital of santiago. unexpected was this. it is. unexpected at least for me you
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know with we've become accustomed to not trusting the polls surprisingly in the last few days the polls didn't show that he had more lasso looked like he could actually beat and that inside out was something that seems almost inconceivable 23 weeks ago but he's sort of change the tone of his campaign he really began reaching out to ecuadorans almost as a father figure. to making them believe that if he is president he will be able to bring off re conciliation something and that the country is so badly needs it's been extremely polarized politically and also that he is a middle class is the son of a middle class family who wants to be a public servant more than anything else and i think his tone and style and then surely convinced ecuadorans that he was the better bet rather than going to turn to the left wing political past if you like. going to the former president who was in
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power for 10 years under him at a time when it would or had. going to move into a tremendous or oil boom there was a lot of money going around but there were a lot of conflicts and a lot of nagging accusations of authoritarianism and human rights violations during that period and they set out as the birthday of dr laura and many people i think that. that's when it got cold feet despite his promises that he was going to give away $1000.00 per family to at least a 1000000 ecuadoran families as soon as he was elected to go ahead of course some big challenges what with the economy and obviously capability. there's the economy there's currently $1000.00 and there's the foreign debt all of which are pressing very very hard. pocketbooks even before the pandemic dorrans we're suffering a huge unemployment rate that's been one of the that's been the keep hope it during
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this election campaign and now with the course of the pandemic things are much much worse so frankly at my last dollar anyone frankly who would have been elected it's going to be an uphill battle to turn this around and ecuadorians are going to be waiting to see how soon he can never prove that they were right to have voted for him and they'd all right to say thanks for that listen you've been reporting on the election result in acquittal. and polls have closed in peru for the 1st round of its presidential election the coronavirus pandemic has overshadowed the vote tens of thousands have died in there have been more than 1600000 cases 18 candidates are running but none has a strong enough lead from right when. a power blackout of iran's main nuclear facility is being described as an act of terrorism that's come from the head of the country's atomic energy agency. he hasn't specified who's behind walt's was
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initially called an accident at the natanz facility that is ready to make media quoting unidentified sources claim it was a cyber attack carried out by israel's intelligence services this happened a day after iran unveiled violence using centrifuges at the site and when iran and the u.s. are struggling to revive the 2015 to deal. well iran's nuclear program was but on the agenda during a visit to israel by the u.s. secretary of defense lloyd austin met his israeli counterpart benny gantz he says any new deal with iran must not undermine regional security force the reports now from west jerusalem. flying into the major foreign policy issue confronting israel's alliance with the united states the divergence in approach to iran and its nuclear program u.s. secretary of defense lloyd austin is the most senior biden administration official to visit israel since the new u.s. president was sworn in. after 4 years of a trump white house which favorite israeli line on iran these at different days as
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the u.s. explores options for reviving the iran nuclear deal as a major strategic partner for the united states are by light bilateral relationship with israel in particular is central to regional stability and security in the middle east and during our meeting i reaffirmed to mr ganns our commitment to israel is enduring and it is our inquiry austen's opposite number israeli defense minister benny gantz pledged cooperation in confronting what he called a threat to international security and region and israel. and we wore closely american airliners to ensure that any new agreement. would secure the vital interest of the ward of the united states prevent dangerous armories you know region and protect the state of israel but in the midst of talks in vienna aimed at
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finding a new agreement the language from israel's prime minister has been very different benjamin netanyahu insisting that israel would not be bound by any deal that pave the way to an iranian nuclear weapon israel is already confronting iran on multiple fronts reportedly behind the attack on an iranian ship in the red sea last week regularly targeting the iranian military inside syria blamed by iran for assassinating its chief nuclear scientist last year israel's defense minister may be talking about cooperating with the americans on a new deal but it'll be interesting to see the language used by his political rival the prime minister benjamin netanyahu long the most vehement opponent of any such deal when he meets the u.s. defense secretary on monday ari force at al-jazeera west jerusalem. china's top disease control officials says locally produced vaccines aren't highly
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effective it's a rare admission by the centers for disease control china has produced 4 different over 1000 jobs and has shipped millions of them abroad health officials are reviewing their vaccine strategy and considering mixing different brands one study found the sign of a can jab has a success rate of just above 50 percent and the maker of a sign of acas recommending longer interviews intervals between the 2 doses to increase the japs effectiveness and spacemen that mensa vaccine could work better in some countries than others emails about we started out with the protection rate of the vaccine is affected by many factors such as the intensity of the local outbreak the vax. immunization program different virus strains the criteria for determining a case the age range of patients under observation and so on this is one of the reasons for the different protection rate of sign of covert $1000.00 vaccine in a different country let's head live to you who joins us from beijing and katrina
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this is a very senior official raising concerns and you have to wonder how this will impact the the worldwide rollout. that's right and it's not just a senior health official this is the head of china's center for disease control gulf or who made these comments now on sunday he tried to walk these back somewhat giving an interview to the chinese state media tabloid global times saying that his comments were misinterpreted he didn't mean to say that they gave lower protection because chinese vaccines he said still do provide protection against serious illness and death but what he meant to say he says on saturday during this conference on corbett given mainly to doctors was that chinese that scenes are clearly not as effective as other vaccine brands namely that seems using n r n a technology now this is for example used by pfizer which has an efficacy rate of about 90 percent and in comparison chinese that seems the top to sign of achan sign of efficacy of rates of 50 percent and the other 175 to 79 percent so
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chinese officials you said have a lot of work to do in figuring out how to improve the efficacy rate he made since ingestion saying maybe the intervals between the 1st and 2nd dose need to be extended he even gave this idea of perhaps boosting the advocacy by using another 3rd type of vaccine in combination with inoculation of these chinese vaccines and also suggested that china might need to investigate its or an m r n i m r n a technology to do another vaccine because at the moment chinese vaccines you use the more traditional inactivated virus type of technology but there has been a lot of criticism about china's rollout of these vaccines because of the 3 available currently here in china they have not released their phase 3 daughter in terms of the efficacy rates to the public which many have criticized around the world and how widespread has the global rollout of the join his jobs bill.
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millions have been administered next just to give you an idea we've had vaccines rolled out to about 70 countries in china alone 164000000 of these chinese vaccines have been given to citizens and around the world 120000000 given to people in other countries and china is the top exporter of vaccines to other countries around the world especially developing countries which might have access problems accessing the pfizer or the astra zeneca job for example and china is providing about one 3rd of the 770000000 vaccines that have been been listed so far in this global fight to end the pen demick and definitely gulf whose comments may impact the way these governments are using these vaccines in their own countries katrina thank you that's a community that in beijing almost 100 days out from the rescheduled tokyo
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olympics japan has adopted more coronavirus restrictions all restaurants and businesses in densely populated areas must close before 8 o'clock each night large events have been limited to $5000.00 people japan's government says it's doing what it can to prevent breaks in the run up to the games. has more now from tokyo. this is the main point and actually it has been raised in the parliament by the opposition during that did deliberations during the last few days and they are kind of like using the governmental laying down situation in order not to disturb the preparations for hosting the olympics in just 2 days. one of the one of the pictures that also coming under the strict measures has council. in the city on the 13th and 14th but i'm hearing. that increasing numbers in the city and it has been now recording the highest numbers in all of the country even
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more than. other places are also very much concerned that maybe the government is not taking enough. measures to prevent the infections but just today the government has been trying to. say that you know we are doing whatever we can and today actually in japan the vaccination for elderly people the campaign for a vaccination has just started today and it's the presumably going to end by may by next year by june this year. the number of corona virus infections in india has hit a record for a 6th consecutive day as reported the highest single day death toll in 5 months as it struggles to contain another wave of cases authorities in several states are warning of vaccine shortages in the coming days but india's health minister says state governments shouldn't what he calls fear mongering. still ahead here in algeria they make up a 3rd of the population but they're not being vaccinated why refugees and migrants
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in lebanon are being left behind. and history for high tech year makes a young man to be 1929 year old becomes the 1st japanese man to whom both major. however say severe storms moving across the deep south of the u.s. to see the sun to his just rolling through hail lots of lightning strikes and some tornadoes deadly tornadoes in fact some places say will move through as we go on through monday so wetter weather just clearing away from southern parts of florida but the slick back up towards new york towards that northeastern corner into new england some shot was long spells of rain there new york state pushing up into pennsylvania and across the lakes and while the other side of the lakes sentimental ontario because of ferro
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a wintry mix coming through here just one celsius in winnipeg perhaps a touch colder as we go through wear shoes day with some snow coming into central parts of canada and down across the northern plains of the u.s. there the showers there was some showers today just down towards the southern states but for the southeastern corner things should be a good deal quieter quater which was a southwest plenty of warm still in place and we see temps can get to 16 celsius in pacific northwest not too bad here seattle 16 degrees and the fine weather the dry weather stretches down across much of mexico we have got some showers across the western side of the caribbean and some showers to tools east the side of the caribbean association showers as a child or 2 coming into svenson over the next couple of days. passion for supporting local communities. and pioneering innovative african
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science and technology projects how his child beautiful how doris we are all of us on this planet not just africa al-jazeera front as a leading by a chemist determined to use his scientific knowledge to see africa women make science from the lab to the field on al-jazeera. to a. again you watch al-jazeera remind of our top stories this hour and a conservative banker has declared himself i could also new president elect after winning nearly 53 percent of the runoff vote economists and it is out who's
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admitted defeat with 47 percent of electors thanked for him. a power blackout at iran's main nuclear facility has been described as an act of terrorism israeli media quoting unidentified sources claim it was a cyber attack carried out by israel's intelligence service. china's top disease control official says there locally produced vaccines highly effective the center for disease control made the rare admission after one study from the site of a jab at a success rate of just above 50 percent. eleven's health ministry is coming under fire for not vaccinating refugees human rights groups say syrians and palestinians are being left out the ministers say it's not that simple said huldah reports now from beirut. isolation is seen as a privilege for palestinian and syrian refugees in lebanon who have died from coronavirus at a higher rate than the national average along with migrant workers they make up 30
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percent of a nation of 6000000 people they are included in the national vaccination campaign that is supposed to give equal priority to all but many refugees don't seem to be aware of their rights. nobody came and mentioned anything but if people truly take it the government data shows only 3 percent of those vaccinated so for are non lebanese human rights groups blame this on hesitancy little information on how to register and the government deviating from the national plan. distribution by private sector has meant that they don't have to follow 1st priority categories so you have on the one hand people who are politically connected or work for organizations or couldn't buy the vaccine have access to it and then people like migrant workers and refugees who depend on the national. who aren't getting vaccinated and now health officials say the private sector is helping and your
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bankrupt state and limited supplies are the reason why only 2 percent of the adult population has so far been fully vaccinated no one is a prevent you from registering because you are a syrian or if you know or it or whatever if you are just. one of the prior to go no one is the prize and you're from having an appointment but for the hundreds of thousands of migrant workers registering can prove to be an issue they don't have enough accurate and reliable information on the different vaccines the side effects or any other information related to their illegal status given that i don't know are undocumented and nothing has yet been communicated publicly to give them guarantees that they will not be deported or arrested and they are not protected by the law the authorities long accused of corruption and nepotism enjoy little trust many question how they are distributing the vaccines for example
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a donation of 100000 doses is being given out by the priority groups there is concern migrant workers and refugees. will get their turn if the criteria established is not followed. beirut. now there are warnings that the volcanic eruption on the caribbean island of st vincent could leave 20000 people displaced for months rescue efforts have been hampered after another eruption caused power and water just the last 2 feet of volcanic fessor up to on friday it's expected to continue for weeks the government says most crops and livestock will be destroyed let's get the very latest on this let's bring in our national mahfood who's a volunteer helping to collect and distribute relief aid and joins us via skype from some friends and nice thanks for joining us you are living through all of this right now just tell us how desperate things are. thank you for having having me tonight at present we are dealing with the ash. from the ash venting
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from the volcano in the last very foggy eruption was and holds the key today but we've been having trauma. throughout the day. the last report from. the seismic unit was it was happening every $1.00 to $3.00. are in need of water food and. basic living supplies toiletries and so on many people had to leave without properly preparing so we're trying to. lessen that impact right now yeah and with the widespread power and water outages this is must be making life very difficult for everybody what about the a doubt about the requirements are you getting the aid that you need in how you managing to distribute it. right now we are working with
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persons on the ground in the green zone to just hand out whatever they have right now we have received aid from the those i think yesterday sorry these have just been a bit fuzzy for me but i think it was yesterday that the course the gad would have come all full with. some material some supplies for us so that the national emergency management all the ways asian they've been assisting in ensuring that the shelter have supplies for the next couple days the more about you and your family how are you coping how is your family cope where in the green zone. major is your right now is the ash so we just have to like clean it off the roof every well. honestly whenever it's not raining
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because as it soaks up the water it gets heavy and it's causing. buildings to collapse so we're just trying to prevent by right now but we are generally good right now and what about the mood amongst people it must be terribly traumatic having to leave the home and. having visited some shelter. you know people are concerned of oh it's not having anywhere to go back to the north of the island is covered in ash. and. the. video is to pictures coming out of the north of the island is it's great indeed there is no better word to describe it it's just. absolutely just covered in ash what about the hospitals not sure. how are they coping without.
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we have at the mall named to be on the electricity services disrupted for a shots while considering everything we still have. every now and then but for the last pads we've been connected to. periodically we may lose and some areas have been without power for a couple was based on the shadow of the electricity the offices would have sons old . but we do have. a lawyer hoping that for while we're on show how long this. natasha we wish you well in these difficult times we do appreciate your time in joining us thank you so much thank you. tropical cycling has left a trail of destruction after tearing through towns in western australia these are
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the scenes in the worst hit area north of perth where roofs have been ripped from homes and buildings flattened as roger made landfall as a category 3 storm bringing winds of up to 170 kilometers an hour cycling has weakened to a tropical low and is moving inland have been no reports of injuries. or rescuers are trying to reach 21 coal mine is stuck hundreds of meters below ground in china they became trapped after a coal mine flooded in the northern province of enjoying on saturday 8 of them have been pulled out alive the rest are trapped in 3 different areas of the mine and it's not clear what condition those workers or in counting is underway in between the presidential election the incumbent president parties tell is being challenged by 2 candidates but so to turnout is low and is armitage was reports from the country's largest city of cotonou even though the president's predicted to win nobody expected him to be on the ballot. what patristic became billions
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leverage of 16 he said he would remain in office only for one. but 5 years later he was voting for his 2nd presidential term after you voted along dismissed the recent protests that broke out in parts of the country. it looks like we'll get a lot of just your security forces dealt with the problem with tact the trouble makers were young men and were unfortunately objects of manipulation our security forces overcame a situation calmly by this time tomorrow the healing process begins and will make sure such a situation never arises again. i heard of sunday's vote security forces were deployed in large numbers to maintain order nearly 5 1000000 people have registered to vote in the elections in 29000 less than a quarter of the voting population participated in the parliamentary election that was won by the governing party in very poorly stations like this only a handful of voters turned up to cast their ballots other stuff stayed away because
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of concerns about recent attacks now we actually officials admit that the protests have disrupted the supply of election materials in the mainly opposition stronghold of the north. a week an opposition has accused the government of harassing and intimidating its waters one of the candidates threatened to pull out of the race 2 days before the election citing continuing harassment and intimidation of the opposition by the government. there is ample. it is interesting for all the parties taking part in this election that the participation rate exceeds at least 70 percent elections are held to that citizens can choose to choose means to vote to vote means to choose who is interested with the future of this country for the next 5 years i hope that victory will be on our side because it is a sanction of those detained bite. with the economy slowing down many voters have high expectations of course ever winds. i want to see the elected president
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provide jobs and improve security as it is it's too dangerous to go out at night. tension is still high is a part of believes and election observers according for com. he'll. continue the engagement. the playing field is level. continue to give opportunity to everybody to participate results expected within 48 hours if you expect this vote to go into a 2nd round which means president alone would likely secure a 2nd 5 year mandate that could strengthen his grip on power i may decrease al-jazeera to go. to ukraine which says one of its soldiers has been killed by a russian backed separatists in the country's east it is the latest incident as tensions mount along the border with verbal threats this week from both nations u.s.
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secretary of state and city blinken has called for russia to deescalate ukrainian soldiers have been fighting separatists in the region since 2014 when russia annexed crimea a black u.s. army left tenant is suing 2 police officers pointing their guns and pepper spraying him at a traffic stop late last year. now i did oh. yes a camera video. being forced out of his car and repeatedly pepper sprayed police say he was stopped for failing to display a license plate the temporary one is visible in the footage i was then arrested but later released without charge. they knew they were then they threatened to destroy a man's career if he called them out. after seeing what i've seen on the body. it's kind of hard to justify having them serving it protect any. japan has a new
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a limp gold medal how you part and how they might see ya but one goal for us masters tournament he is the 1st japanese man to win a golfing major 29 year old finished a shot ahead of the field after starting his final round out and got a national with a 4 shot 5 times masters champion tiger woods 2nd tweet that the wind will impact the entire field. all right let's have a quick check of the headlines here now it's terror and conservative bangkok where my last cell has declared himself ecuador's new president elect after winning nearly 53 percent of the runoff vote economists on today's out who's has conceded defeat with 47 percent of electors voting for him latin america to newman as more from the chilean capital of santiago. he said to change the tone of his campaign he really began reaching.


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