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tv   Witness The Apollo of Gaza  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2021 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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plus thousands of our programs will be with documentaries and dad who. subscribe to you she would slosh al-jazeera english. although i'm maryam namazie and london our main story this hour iran says the electrical blackout to a nuclear facility was a terrorist act earlier the government said the incident at the town's facility was a problem with the electrical quit feeding the site power was out across workshops and underground enrichment ols the incident came a day after the country announced advanced new equipment and add of more talks about reviving the 2050 nuclear deal i said begg is intact ron. there seems
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to be an admission now from iran that this was some sort of attack and the head of iran's atomic organization has come out and said that this act by those that oppose iran's progress in the nuclear industry and it was shows a failure of those that oppose iran's negotiations to have those sanctions lifted he said that iran condemns the act and he urged the international community and the international atomic energy agency to confront what he called nuclear terrorism you also said iran reserves the right to act against those that hide out this act and those that ordered it now 1st we heard of this it was an incident it was made out to be an accident iran did say that they were investigating but this is very quickly turned into an admission from iran that this is an attack now fingers have been pointed pointed officially but just last tuesday and hearing in ship was attacked by using a mine in the red sea from reports israel is being blamed for the fact and although officially iran hasn't point to the finger at israel over this incident they are
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the prime suspect this comes at a time when iran is getting ready to return to vienna to negotiate over the 2015 nuclear deal and iran wants those sanctions imposed by former president donald trump lifted and incidents like this will definitely complicate matters if not make them more difficult than they already are. the number of corona virus infections in india has hit a new record high for the 6th day in a row now 152000 new cases and 839 deaths were reported on sunday this is the highest single day death toll in 5 months authorities in several states have warning of vaccine shortages now in the coming days but india's health minister is acu state governments of fear mongering. which isn't carried a stone of granted the president sweeping new powers in a referendum the election commission is saying 79 percent of voters approved changes to the constitution with a 90 percent of polling stations counted it something new president said their job
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has been pushing for changes in the power to appoint judges and shrinks the country's parliament while allowing him to run again. 2 presidential hopefuls are facing off in the 2nd round of the election it pits 1st time run under is a rouse against 3 time candidates get more last so far it's the state of the economy that's dominating the political fight ecuador is hugely in debt partly because of the recent global oil price crash you see in human is in santiago. but it's houses a 36 year old upon a missed his the protege of rafael correa who was the man who launched what he called the citizens revolution in ecuador he governed for 10 years when he stepped down to his successor then veered off to the right and since then the economy has collapsed partly because of the foreign debt partly because of the drop in oil prices and some would argue because of the way he and has handled the economy so now that it would orange rather are faced with the decision of going back to what
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they had under way ab out with less money and also with concerns on many people's parts that korea was a big call in a store in terrien who limited the press freedoms and also who persecuted they say his opponents get more last so who's much older you could call them more mainstream says the democracy therefore is what's at stake in ecuador right now and one of those who are following ukraine saying that one of its soldiers has been killed and another seriously wounded this happened during shelling from russian back separatists in the east of the country is the latest incident in escalating tensions along the russia ukraine border with verbal threats being exchanged this week from both countries. for now those the headlines witnesses coming up next.
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look at sand on my lower number most of the benefits of this and went well on through the excess in perth girl aboard a new book looking but i didn't with this is it going to get a yes or suppressed for a more cut out for them i shouldn't have taken your gear so because go up there for more than work for 4 men or get up acted risky just like when i was that backed it up or step on the media danny offered to say look he does your case so he sold the board remember our crucial if you're militiamen come instead acted tell us what the good door itself is directed only mean or don't need it but take them said the guy say oh you got to be picky fargas i said mr noisy group on or you know new do vowing that recessional put her in some of the dishes this is he says i call showing black off it kills he just see it he saw leverkusen if he said that about women bourse that's good said sid less said dick you know but you bought it i said
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i'm sure many of those are those are under 4 on the new so you have bones became a you had her you know. limited ok let me kill osama i that christian kind of you for example on our. look a lot and i've been coming here michel i will all come and value my. piece. of ice about the aussie a little disloyal if you look in the cellar but you know i can look through. one of the you know of the. blossom in the snow and what's going madam kermit's mishmosh what when and on.
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this and you refer to doesn't he need here peter vi to get him also. medicare but he acoustic you think and he smiles it is significant but it's no. use a hold on a mop with which if you. saw the sauce when he said. he was a hoss. the climate has changed every year for millions of years decades of talk but little action it's all about distraction create confusion to create smoke and mirrors the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically subverted the oil industry was
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a main bankroller or opposition of climate action the campaign against the climate do you think that's a bad thing more suited it was fears of the thing absolutely. 0. discover a world of difference. determination i'm talking about when we need we are moving. freedom we're climbing the scale it's a snap shot so just put it on the 16 people. corruption and get it going and compassion. just 0 world a selection of the best films from across our network of couples. there's a wave of sentiment around the world people actually want accountability from the people who are running their countries and i think often people's voices are not heard because they're just not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we cover the big stories and report from the big events going on but we also tell the stories of people who generally don't have
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a voice and i'm going to charm my that's never be afraid to put your hand up not a question and i think that's what i'm sure every down the office the questions to people he should be accountable and also to get people to give their view of what's going on. leave the on the on. the on. oh i maryam namazie in london with a quick roundup the headlines now iran is saying that the electrical blackout nuclear facility was a terrorist act earlier the government described the incident at the natanz facility as being a problem with the electrical grid feeding the site power was hours across above ground workshops and on the ground enrichment holes it comes a day off the country else advance new equipment and also head of the talks about reviving the 2050 nuclear agreement iran is now urging the i.a.e.a.
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the international atomic energy agency to take action and says it reserves the right to punish the perpetrators as a big how small. there seems to be an admission now from iran that this was some sort of attack and the head of iran's atomic organization has come out and said that this act was carried out by those polls iran's progress in the nuclear industry and it was shows a failure of those that oppose iran's negotiations to have those sanctions lifted he said that iran condemns the act and he urged the international community and the international atomic energy agency to confront what he called nuclear terrorism you also said iran reserves the right to act against those that carried out this act and those that ordered it in our other headlines the number of corona virus infections in india has hit a new record high for the 6th day in a row 152000 new cases and 839 deaths were reported on sunday the highest single day death toll in 5 months in several states a warning
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a vaccine shortages in the coming days but india's health minister is a q. state governments of fear mongering voices in karega start of a grant to the president sweeping new powers in a referendum. the election commission says 79 percent of voters approve changes to the constitution 90 percent of polling stations count now it's something new president has been pushing for changes grant him the power to appoint judges shrinks the country's parliament and allows him to run for office again. ukraine says one of its soldiers has been killed and another seriously wounded in shelling from russian backed separatists in the east of the country this is the latest incident in rising tensions along the russia ukraine border the 2 countries exchanging verbal threats this week i'll be back with the news hour 2100 g.m.t. that's in about 30 minutes from now witness continues. can
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the lot michel earlier will. this another 30 min be a 34 min b. may be a fast look i'm on maybe and. the thought behind you are that i've added in. a bit too that if bella the other to care for a millie year a women call phyllis than ian or obama could if it is the knee in the hollow robot aluminum. and the ice a bit of a balloon has. the. kind of. collision of other. for quality of care can all be over shot. but not for. you do your militia don't feel of.
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to. the to do. i know that a somebody was in touch with the museum to bring it here to restore this here and i think that. the war at the end stop and interrupt these negotiations. as you can see those are sculpture that are from all the paragon of divinity and of course we have our beautiful venice coming from but. we have. the honest us we have the matter we are artemis we have. never
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a tuna. we have. 2 issues of the goddess of the fortune. we missed the point of here. for me to to look at material culture to understand to find an object to do so rainier is trying to send better this time it's like to touch a piece of history it's like going back to to this moment. if you want to present to a lot of people. as cultures these could be is. natural . place. no not. at the gym with can we.
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listen on the 1st one i would really listen 1st decision and you will see what. i had that and so listen and you are a few mcclung you know as. complete my no. one knows what to tell ya but it's up and move on and i wouldn't have as. good looked at it but let's see you show little alan but they are off limits was i read where your team also already has. the shit in law. that if one was to gene removed. and as your let out if and used as well it's and says. the mistress of. the movie does tell you that you are
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mr. wilder. had the hit of fi had the macand do that and now have. halle agent then but on this pretty lead can erlich here to humiliate her daughter i dida messel and feel what he their dick when been one half of the holly had cold front men look of. a woman he she. there are the violent would you that the medina if it teddy well more heard it but all about the left hemisphere toronto cleveland.
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and in philly all with difficulty and one of the all about that has returned. after that one in a few years your sort of a not about us of hobbit here are the of thought bothered by the very government she discussed in saudi for. a minute but on all of. that might have. been the other not having a bomb had the failure of the it had been but. how the truth a terminal and you know a neocon would to a fair and muggle motlop. he had the luck and how tyler yasid ilaiah the. american or her commander at the men quintile well tomorrow when that cannon had the from in the early when had made the well a solemn half of the early. should have her love and not ok for
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to each he father sit in love even. look at the heather who had him i mean this. this if you got me something. to keep the fight against would he be yeah i could have set our national. key new redefault asked me did it get you clear i said if. i clicked it i could plead to perform. so secretly she niggle messenger by the way to this me. but he won last year now he took it up but you will know what i'll see it will go on to how much government new economy on your shop to ed did you get
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last year and will do more to get it ever end up a bit of an e-book about it it's good to maturity on that after all the dr doesn't have a bigger problem to well such issues to get his operating. going to don't look up to. me or do they can go back. to her job if you give all the teen like dude available and the images that you don't get biodiversity reforms are looking for you. mr halo be a good commander sheen. and if you had missed it i will mean this that i will give give this 30. industry.
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kids do what good is give. us the. higher of the. law that give and that a good bye heart. was that alien it was that. sandwich sundays for law firm i'm not pushing. thank you. thank you thank you. thank you. i was always at as i have not literally had taught.
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me one of the. one. so i have been back and on my. family some art and national letter the have. started felony and. then the law how allison i thought you were our 3rd and 11 and then i thought you who are going to lead a home how will or at the far world mob the. original in the. whole. be my blood of my blood hear them out of the for me at the. if you are buying a home for love was at the early hours of the will but then it was that the blood was at the see how the 3rd. a leftist and i was more.
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when they made the mill case fan who. then when the. will there. be a clear metal. charter now will solve that in the largest area. but i love not look. to see a hell of a frog. in the same in the clothes. and i was totally in free.
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man talk about the young women should reveal before india left out an official i didn't know. it. was me i never did get a chuckle from. the trial of a gentleman in the national unity government with my romantic. notion of weakness in sending them. or song a song. i don't murphy then more. than 100 mo. ma. making up early magic definitely but. surely best song keep bush said he told leopard on geza. yes defend me d.m.f.
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your home plus new blog. on sit by. this. yeah you see it is a number story by a big secret very classified. this study showed the light over international media came to gaza after absence all the time we are talking about does a blood chip destruction something like this but suddenly they have something beautiful something really fun to love a god of love and other things. there is something really for not really going to war there is something important which is on drama scum and everybody was talking about girls i got some girls i girls are because of this piece of the bronze you know which i like it by the way i love it but nothing happened it has this
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disappeared well you know what haunts him as i join him is for me i think i cannot see on the big behind us here where the white simply because we here it is said that it is only now by a massive military wing is it due to or not i don't know i believe this this rumor because if it is a government we will see it done something public we will see it but as long it is with as long as it is within that military wing it is not easy for them to see it or to to follow or to follow this story. it's to talk about. militant groups or the idea of resistance. so when they say that it's in the hands of the resistance groups so we
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know that we are not allowed to talk about. militant groups are attempt to talk about that we can't make a report. and some point we believe that there is disagreement between the armed wing of hamas and the officials the government. we felt that the officials are afraid to talk about so if they are afraid to talk about it we have no right to talk about. this but. they don't want to shut you. down if you. show us a. patient. who . is up we looked out of
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a futile if we. couldn't. you know she was to someone. you could. the most will do because if you look. at the out of the side of. the wood was. a. few of the youngest doesn't. use a. venomous will because. you know i'm.
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going to hunt and about on the side. i know what johnny. johnny on whom. i just don't hunt. now would you not as a new because well. when i. studied out of. the month of us to learn. how to. use a. clue surely. it's . because.
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we were to decide. who she was. that the. in this business the myth they will. soon we don't want to have but you shouldn't want to do near the end of it it can be spied on me. well long. but i still said just on the need tista need will use the others own. it it alters yes it's. said get your news in in a measure homebody city limits. in this open and they will tend to show us if the no past said could do you will fit but didn't i'm sick and there's only one food he just i can be sure to defend home. shook his 5th folks in that vicinity.
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i thought you looked the cook it was me in the not a. sub sub the book but the reason it didn't finish. the book up and pulled to show. you christians. who goes oh you need christian. when i enter the ring i feel on top of the world i don't want that feeling to go
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away when the show ends the final monk or the retirement and i follow my laugh line watch the laugh line meet the form a circus performers brace from supporting each other on the stage of life keep going lest you got a broken bone every minute off it was beautiful witness presents office. the circus on and jesse you know that's basically use patience is still must go on. but. the weather's improving nicely cross much of australia i say much because i was towards the west we have some nasty weather pushing through dangerous weather
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actually in the form of tropical socks so russia that will make landfall over the coming hours and listen see that wet weather lingering here as we go on through a good part of a monday so the moment winds of around 130 kilometers for us it's ramped up slightly recently but it is moving pretty quickly at 43 kilometers per hour will continue to drive its way across the southwestern corner but the issue has it's damaging winds we're looking at heavy rain flash floods and dangerous tides over the next 24 hours or so that cea expect a track of the storm and just moving through to the north of perth and this is of course a part of the world that doesn't usually say tropical sideways so it will cause widespread damage functionally though it is moving pretty quickly elsewhere across the country is fine and dry because some warmer weather coming into the southeast and kona eventually 121 celsius there on monday in sydney but pushing up to around $25.00 by that stage i went to weather much okasaki and just clipping the fos out
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of south australia pushing towards victoria was there's a typical some wet weather coming through and tending rather unsettled. from the al-jazeera london broke out to people. in full conversation people use the lowest get agreement they describe. with no host and no limitation the difference between a migrant and refugee is purely a choice when you are refugee you are forced to speak of as my current act had what has happened a lot in the west is that culture and food are separated studio unscripted and. the latest news as it breaks the biggest challenge to his presidency is not only having to deal with some vicious military officers but also all right. with
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detailed coverage the cockpit voice recorder is now safely in jakarta in the hands of indonesia's transport safety commission from around the world let's go experts say that could be a government of national unity that's the case that. will keep his job. the. al-jazeera. hello i'm. watching the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes a blackout at iran's may you rein him in richmond facility the government 1st calls it an accident but now says the cause was an act of nuclear terrorism. a mounting health crisis in india as it records the highest single day career.


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