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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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the logs you believe these were dollars. it's the. people in power investigate exposes and question the use and abuse of power around the globe. on how to 0. 'd 0. this is a news hour on al-jazeera i'm fully back to live in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes a top iranian scientist says the blackout at one of the country's key nuclear facilities was an act of terror. more volcanic eruptions on the caribbean island of st vincent triggering power cards and water outages also this hour
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a return to socialism or another 4 years of pro market policies the dilemma facing ecuador's voters in a close presidential runoff and voters in kyrgyzstan grand sweeping powers to presidents a dear jumper often a constitutional referendum. on to have an ash with the sports the final round of the masters is underway at all gusta ahead jackie marcial is aiming to become the 1st japanese man to win a major. cohen thank you for joining as he runs nuclear agency says its main natanz facility has been targeted by what it called an act of terrorism it follows a blackout at the plant early on sunday iran is now reaching the international atomic energy agency to take action and says it reserves the right to punish the perpetrators iranian agency said. the size electrical distribution grade was
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affected. across the facilities above ground workshops and on the ground enrichment holes on saturday president hassan rouhani said tehran had launched new advantage in richmond centrifuges at the site this is after several centrifuges were damaged in a fire last year an incident tehran called an act of sabotage and in the path our israeli media have quoted anonymous sources saying its intelligence service mossad is behind a cyber attack that led to the blackout in the times. in tehran with more on the reaction from iran's nuclear agency. there seems to be an admission now from iran that this was some sort of attack and the head of iran's atomic organization has come out and said that this act was carried out by those that oppose iran's progress in the nuclear industry and it was shows a failure of those that oppose iran's negotiations to have those sanctions lifted he said that iran condense the act and he urged the international community and the
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international atomic energy agency to confront what he called nuclear terrorism you also said iran reserves the right to act against those that hide out this act and those that ordered it now 1st we heard of this it was an incident it was made out to be an accidental iran did say that they were investigating but this is very quickly turned into an admission from iran that this is an attack now fingers have been pointed pointed officially but just last tuesday and hearing in ship was attacked by using a mine in the red sea from reports israel is being blamed for the fact and although officially iran hasn't pointed the finger at israel over this incident they are the prime suspect this comes at a time when iran is getting ready to return to vienna to negotiate over the 2015 nuclear deal and iran wants those sanctions imposed by former president donald trump lifted and incidents like this will definitely complicate matters if not make them more difficult than they already are while the iranian nuclear issue is high
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on the agenda as the u.s. secretary of defense lawyer asked him visit israel israel defense minister benny gantz says his government is ready to work with its ally to ensure any new deal with iran does not undermine regional security harry fawcett reports from west. flying into the major foreign policy issue confronting israel's alliance with the united states the divergence in approach to iran and its nuclear program u.s. secretary of defense lloyd austin is the most senior bitin administration official to visit israel since the new u.s. president was sworn in. after 4 years of a trump white house which fave it is ready line on iran these at different days as the u.s. explores options for reviving the iran nuclear deal as a major strategic partner for the united states are by light bilateral relationship with israel in particular is central to regional stability and security in the
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middle east and during our meeting i reaffirmed to minister gantz our commitment to israel is enduring and it is our inquired. austin's opposite number israeli defense minister benny gantz pledged cooperation in confronting what he called a threat to international security and region and israel. and we war closely resolve american allies to ensure that any new agreement reason iran would secure the vital interest of the ward of the united states prevent dangerous armories you know region and protect the state of israel but in the midst of talks in vienna aimed at finding a new agreement the language from israel's prime minister has been very different benjamin netanyahu insisting that israel would not be bound by any deal that pave the way to an iranian nuclear weapon israel is already confronting iran on multiple
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fronts reportedly behind the attack on a rainy and ship in the red sea last week regularly targeting the iranian military inside syria blamed by iran for assassinating its chief nuclear scientist last year israel's defense minister may be talking about cooperating with the americans on a new deal but it'll be interesting to see the language used by his political rival the prime minister benjamin netanyahu long the most vehement opponent of any such deal when he meets the u.s. defense secretary on monday ari force at al-jazeera west jerusalem they speak tomorrow rockwood about all this she is the director of the open nuclear network and see earlier helps right global atomic rolls in a 3 decade long legal career with the international nuclear atomic energy agency she's joining us now live from vienna thank you so much mr awkward for being with us on al-jazeera of course any incident at a nuclear plant a nuclear facility is worrying fane the radians are describing this as an act of
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terrorism implicitly pointing the finger at israel 1st of all how much damage do you think this facility would have sustained if the electrical distribution grid was indeed affected. it's really hard to say without having more information if you recall when the stuxnet virus was deployed against natanz it really did interfere with the operation of the centrifuges but eventually iran got the centrifuges back up and running so it's really hard to know until we hear a little bit more from the. tomic energy agency of iran so just have to wait and see right at tehran say if it had launched new advanced centrifuges at the site because of the fire that happened last year which they also blamed on israel do we know exactly what type of work happens and goes on at the natanz facility oh yes yes the i.a.e.a.
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has its eye on natanz enrichment facility on a regular basis regardless of the j c p o a regardless of the iran deal so the i.a.e.a. inspectors have a very good sense of what's going on what kind of centrifuges are spinning how much enrich uranium is being produced so i don't think that it's a serious issue i think this could be a brief setback for iran but what i don't think it will do is deter iran from continuing to enrich uranium and to install more and better centrifuges right while the timing certainly is a very interesting and suspicious one the iranians would say as they're about to resume nokia talks in direct talks for the time being with the u.s. trying to revive the 2050 nuclear deal do you do you see this as perhaps being an attempt to derail those negotiations and what effect could it have on the talks. in my view without a doubt this is definitely not
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a coincidence and one thing you need to remember while it is. israel is the usual suspect in these events over the last few years one must be mindful that there are many opponents in many different corners to the resumption of their joint comprehensive plan of action not the least of which is from within iran itself so it certainly is not coincidental in my view but i think that both president rouhani and president biden are committed to trying to find a peaceful resolution to this issue and a way to get back to the basic constraints in the j.c. and what would it take precisely to return to the 2050 nuclear deal he knew neither side right now seems willing to compromise what needs to happen on the iranian side and on the american side to think well i think what they're doing in vienna if fine . if i'm understanding it correctly is iran is identifying with sanctions if it
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wishes to have listed and the u.s. is identifying those actions which they wish to have iran do and perhaps it will be done simultaneously i think we have a very imaginative and creative diplomats who are negotiating this deal so i think it is possible it happened before at a time when nobody believed it could so i think both sides are so fundamentally committed to making this happen. that they just need to be clear about what they want and clear about what they are prepared to give up on in order to achieve a peaceful solution thank you very much for talking to us about this thank you for your insight laura rockwood is from the open nuclear network joining us there from vienna thank you for your time my pleasure. the corona virus pandemic now in research in israel suggests the pfizer covered
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$1000.00 vaccine may be less effective against a variant 1st discovered in south africa scientists compared $800.00 people who tested positive for the virus half of them not vaccinated and 'd the other half inoculated with the fires a shot on the south african born a virus variant managed to breach the protection offered by 2 doses of the vaccine to some degree but the scientists are television averse to the caution that the study had a small sample size meanwhile china's center for disease control says the government may need a change in vaccine strategy after admitting issues with the effectiveness of locally produced shots china has administered 65000000 doses by the middle of last month its health agency has suggested mixing vaccines or revising dose timetables but that would have serious implications for the more than 20 countries that are getting chinese made vaccines including chile which traces a surgeon infections despite a roll out of the job a study there found one dose was only 3 percent effective compared to 56 percent
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with 2 shots chinese manufacturers have yet to publish face 3 trial data leading to accusations of a lack of transparency and chinese vaccine makers is now recommending longer intervals between the 2 doses of the vaccine to increase the jobs effectiveness its spokesman admitted the vaccine could work better in some countries. the protection rate of the vaccine is fitted by many factors such as the intensity of the local outbreak the vaccine immunization program different virus trains the quote your ear for determining the case the age range of patients under observation and so on this is one of the reasons for the different protection rate of sign of a covert 19 vaccine in a different country. in india the number of corona virus infections has hit a record for a 6th day the country is struggling to contain another wave on sunday every 4 did the highest single day death toll in 5 months of oldies in several states are
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warning of vaccine shortages in the coming days but india's health minister says state governments should end what he calls fear mongering. there's more ahead on this news hour including peruvians are voting for their next president and the pandemic has made it an unpredictable contest will have a live report that's why it will be no pain sailing for shot or fry companies in france if climate campaign is get their own way and in sports into milan have good reason to be cheerful jemele explained why in sports. first the caribbean island of st vincent is being described as a battle zone after a series of volcanic eruptions many homes are without water and electricity and thousands have been forced to flee falling on neighboring islands including barbados nearly 200 kilometers away alexey o'brien has more.
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the last caribbean island is an instant transformed into a gray gloomy moonscape. streets and buildings blanketed by ash spewed from a nearby volcano the lawsuit ended decades of inactivity on friday when it erupted in spectacular fashion there were several earthquakes and a column of ash was pumped up to 15 kilometers into the air we're going to hold what you were told would be great. and it's hampering the escape of thousands of people who are now in shelters across the island i am. every family or. site. means self outlet it's the only potentially active volcano sent which is home to about 100000 people from
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the eruptions rained down on several neighboring islands including barbados nearly 200 kilometers away countries including venezuela cuba ghana and the united states a sending aid to the island nation. cruise ships have been same turn to help those fleeing the eruption but because of the pandemic anyone going on board will have to be vaccinated and everyone in a shelter will be tested for covert 19 this is the 2nd they're mad experience in their work enough to force them and they were dead now as many as they have been 5 explosive eruption zones in france and in the past 300 years the most recent in 979 while there have been no deaths reported this time an eruption a 902 killed more than a 1000 people but damage to crops and farms from the choking cloud of ash is expected to be severe.
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and experts say the eruption could continue for some time yet brian al-jazeera earlier spoke to coleman harry is a program manager for n.b.c. video he spoke to us from st benton's and says there's an increasing number of people who are in need of shelter. we continued to have individuals who decided to stay a 2nd deciding to move because it's now a case where it is getting even more serious scientists are comparing this to the 1000 to 2 eruption it has now surpassed and terms of the the way it has been erupting the 179 eruption which was the last time that we had such an activity. increased numbers in the shelters the last time the last figure we had yesterday was a 3000 across 78 charges i suspect that that number has since increased there was an episode a really early hours of this morning just after 1 am when there was
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a and i don't know why a lot of the electricity supply which leftish out is without power as well and certainly that would have caused some family those who were seeking shelter and they were show doesn't and the population in general as it is now persons are being moved from from the on so it's not mandatory kwannon to move from the on zones but they often has been extended to those who want to move from the orange areas into the green zones so that we can ensure that as many persons as possible can seek shelter if it did so and needed we have received pledges of support from the regional governments and all government is working with these regional organizations and governments to lend support and to see how we can plan a way forward as it is now there are many uncertainties and it's sort of all by our development and things can change rather quickly. voters in ecuador of choosing their next leader in the ongoing presidential runoff more than footie 1000000
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people are expected to cast their ballots but 6 social distancing rules are in place because of the coronavirus pandemic is comes amid rising tensions between the 2 candidates after a disputed 1st round of voting recent polls suggest it would be a tight race between leftist economies andras hours and conservative bank i get more losses from on this that speak to a latin america added to lucien newman who is in neighboring tunisia she joins us live from santiago to see if the shadow of former president rafael correa is looming large in this runoff yes he certainly is and that's because and that assad out 36 year old economy is truly he was a i would call him a low profile member of gloria's cabinet during his 10 year time in office is he is seen as being the stand in for a fire program precisely because korea had not returned to his country he went to live in belgium where his wife and children were born and he is now unable to
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return to ecuador because he has been convicted for corruption and sentenced to 8 years in prison so instead we have als i doubt it can have campaigned with lifesize cut outs of rafael correa by his side so people would know exactly who he stood for what it were and what that does stand for is a left wing movement it was very very different from the current government some call it populism others call it a version of socialism of the 21st century but whatever it is it has divided the the ecuadoran people almost half and half 5050 right so what then are the issues you see at the center of this election and how do the 2 candidates visions different. well exactly we have who stands for revolution of the 21st century that is large government spending social programs restrictions on certain capitalist movements restructuring the foreign
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debt with the i.m.f. and then on the other and large public works programs last on the other hand says he wants to have a very good relationship with the i.m.f. he's a former banker or rather is a banker i think still and he will want to shrink the size of the economy and and not depend on the government to basically jump started now remember ecuador is going to its worst economic crisis probably in history as well as and added to that of course we have the problems of the pandemic and political instability which has which has been taking place year after year ever since rafael correa left so we have left against right to a very historically different views of where the country should go and that's what will go what people are going to vote on or what they are voting on at this hour thank you very much in human is our latin american and so reporting there live from santiago now voting is also underway in neighboring peru for the 1st round of the
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presidential election 18 candidates are running but none have a strong enough lead for an outright win many peruvians say they still don't know who they'll vote for the pandemic has killed tens of thousands and overshadow the run up to the election let's speak to marianna sanchez in lima forest so marianna this election is taking place as peru is grappling with a 2nd wave of covert 19 a record number of deaths how's the voting going in this context. well foley i think that's a perhaps the main reason why the beginning of this voting day has been pretty much the sauce just the national office of professor of electoral process has said that in a some districts there's been a 50 percent level of absenteeism among the secretaries and precedents of the polling booth and this is terrible because if they're if they didn't go right the booths would not open and that's that's been the case in many places
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around the country where it has taken 23 hours for the voting to begin in many cases and this is affecting mainly the older voters that we're told that they should vote if you have a 9 am in the morning to prevent exactly all the big groups of people to prevent them from being. of contagion because into rule virus the brazilian variety and it is spreading fast and so it is very it's very dangerous so this has affected all these people and perhaps this level of absenteeism is one of the reasons why this election may be unprecedented. it's one of the most unpredictable general elections and produce history $800.00 presidential candidates and polls to see any of the 6 front runners could reach the 2nd round
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it's an unprecedented scenario a few by the pandemic hours ahead of the vote it was too close to call out and only the campaigns have been unusual people haven't had the chance to meet candidates they've been hardly any rallies or town visits nearly 60 percent of people don't know the candidates proposals so they'll be undecided until the last minute and this may be why they are undecided they go for him already running for the 3rd. time while under investigation for corruption literally come in those are making a 2nd run with a progressive left wing agenda is ideologically far from the radical leftist teacher. i have nonetheless sort of known for his controversial theory of beating poverty they're giving them titles to the poor has full flea claimed owning 10 doctorates if you can or populist who says the corona virus can be cured with alcohol and salt and then there is an ultra conservative raphael of the who says he
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practices self flagellation when in front of a pretty woman but peruvian seem to be more worried about their health than politics tens of thousands have died of corona virus since august but is waiting for news of his wife in hospital. with all this happening the election should have been suspended so many people are dying and now what a new president what is he going to do. it was at the crest of the 2nd wave of contagion with the brazilian variety rapidly spreading many are afraid of catching the coronavirus all just say they don't know how many people will not vote it is a big question for many all the peruvian still trying to decide whether to take the risk of voting and getting infected at holy stations pollsters say the candidates on offer are so unimpressive voters have been constantly changing their minds in. our findings continue to show that each week each day people change their opinion
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if the elections were 2 days or one week after we would probably see different results and waiting for news of her son ill with coalwood says she doesn't know if she will vote so they make so many promises i hope the hot sun moved and they take pity on the code 900 patients. in such a fragmented scenario where not one candidate holds more than 13 percent of support in the polls the only certainty is the. there will be a run to june. when marion as we saw in your report there the vote intention is very fragmented 6 front runners could go into the 2nd round house a possible. that's right foley 5th front runners 18 candidates and 20 political parties to to. elect members of congress if this is really fragmented and of course it's it's going to make that congress
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a fragmented one it will be very difficult for the next president to govern no matter what but remember that peruvians are coming from 5 years of political instability we've had 4 presidents in the last 5 years 3 only 3 in one week last year because of this political instability and among the press is a former president's daughter live in the they are all in jail or under investigation for corruption so this is just. this is just the spec too. for you to understand the peruvians are disenchanted with the candidates candidates who have been lying out right during the campaign think crazy things like soltan out the whole can to you from. from the corner of i want to be more serious . most of the candidates plan for government to not meet the
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2030 development un development goals which is very important for a country that is lacking so much in development and they have been really hard hit by the coronavirus leaving millions of people out of work so the answer is really that peruvians are mainly disenchanted with politicians and they don't think that visit election will change anything for them and i thank you very much for that marianna sanchez is our correspondent in. still ahead on this news hour we'll tell you why families of those killed in myanmar's military crackdown on being asked to paid a ransom that's a make up a 3rd of the population but they're not being vaccinated why refugees and migrants in lebanon are being left behind and in sport rafael nadal is about to return to the tennis court for the 1st time since the australian open.
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but. hello the weather sloshy set fire across the middle east lots of sunshine across the arabian peninsula basin places a fair weather cloud nothing too much to speak of the cloud that we do have further north that will still produce a few wintry flurries but it is an improving pitcher so we'll see temperatures noncredit around 4 celsius into the mid scenes around the levant these temperatures will pick up as we go through chews day as wintry showers feeding their way out across eastern parts of maybe georgia catching a shower or say we want to show is to just around tech minustah northern parts of afghanistan but elsewhere it is pretty much wall to wall sunshine that sunshine stretches down across the whole of africa somalia lossie dry and finally a few showers around the pm highlands somewhat of weather just coming into southern
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parts of ethiopia through the rift valley as well will see some big showers southern parts of kenya could catch a shower or to tanzania with a chance of seeing some wet weather most showers across the central parts all the way up towards the gulf of guinea those shows do extend down across the northern parts of a zombie as zimbabwe could catch want to showers in the north of the country will mary's of mozambique or so when to madagascar but to the south of that glorious sunshine too over the next few days. from the algae. people. describe. what has happened in the. studio. and.
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i want to. go. on. the on. the on the.
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play again you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera a reminder of amin stories iran's nuclear agency says its main aton society suffered a blackout because of what it calls an act of terrorism israeli media is quoting unnamed sources saying a spy agency mossad is responsible for the cyber attack that led to the power outage china's center for disease control says the government may need a change in its coronavirus vaccine strategy after admitting issues with effectiveness of locally produced shots it's how the agency has suggested mixing vaccines or revising dose timetables and thousands are without power in the caribbean island of st vincent after a volcano eruption vessel fear has been blanketing the i ended for a smell since friday around $16000.00 people have got to meet their hopes. but jordan's king abdullah and his half brother have appeared together for the 1st time since to political dispute from a crown prince hamza joined the monarch and other members of the royal family at
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a ceremony marking 100 years since independence last week the government accused of being involved in a project to destabilize the country says he was put under house arrest after accusing the government of corruption but he later preach allegiance to the king. a black u.s. army lieutenant is suing 2 police officers for pointing their guns and pepper spraying him at a shop ixtapa late last year. the car her out i did oh well what's gotten hold of us in video captured by barney cameras lieutenant karen as the area was seen forced out of his car and repeatedly pepper sprayed in the state of virginia police say he was told for failing to display a license plate license plates but a temporary one is visible in the footage as area was then arrested but later released without charge the living room the role that moved through the story a man's career if he called. to see what i've seen all of our digital.
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kind of hard to justify having them sort of a protector in to france now where the lower house of parliament has approved a controversial ban on short whole domestic flights in an effort to reduce carbon emissions if passed by the senate's the law would force airlines to cut all waltz that can be covered by train in under 2 and a half hours it's part of a broader climate bill that aims to cut emissions in france by 40 percent by 2030 the aviation industry has criticized the move to banff rights watch pandemic hit airlines are relying on bailouts let's speak to sara frey all about this she's a transport campaigner at greenpeace france and she's via skype from paris it's our very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so the french government says this is a way to lower carbon emissions in achieve net 0 targets does greenpeace france welcome this move this decision does it go far enough. we find that this decision is far from being ambitious you know just to make it clear that when they decided
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to buttle all that mystic flight when there is none to actually train you know and then to an as far as lecture you explain it quickly means that only 3 airlines will be concerned and will be concerned out of the in dread of the mystical of flight that exists in france with the kind of benefits that would be really reduced really limited so we we think that it's fun from being in the ship and beyond the worlds that make it seems like ambitious it's not it's not saw it we are quite good at pointed with that this young and this the law of elephant metion so what more needs to happen then sarah to accelerate france's environmental transition for example in shuttle flight the law that is being discussed at the moment. it's coming from a citizens climate convention and decisions climate commission inspired the law but
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the government has decided could daunt the proposal of the citizens convention and for example domestic shuttle flights the climate citizens' convention was proposing to do too but shuttle flights when there is an internet trends in less than 4 hours it love and a lot to do that at least $23.00 airlines so it would have been way more ambitious than what the government has finally decided but you understand i mean you saying this is not a best buy for the aviation industry that is struggling and says corona virus pandemic this is not good news for them at all so a lot of people are asking whether now is really the time to ban some of these domestic fights when mediation industry is suffering so much. yes but of the problem we have with the air transport is that we cannot also try to claim a print out of you to come back a political crisis to louisville's and the rules of traffic we knew before the
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crises is getting us in a climate. crash so we need this serious right now to not go again in the same vicious circle we knew before could be crazy solution is to be taken out of course and of course we're 20 minutes will show consequences of these decisions and to make sure that the walkouts of the air transport 6 or will be complied predicted so yeah it does consequences actually beauty prettied and we are asking also for these thank you for talking to us about this survey on is from greenpeace france joining us there from. thank you uganda in tanzania have signed agreements with oil firms to build a $3500000000.00 pipeline it will be used to ship crude oil from fields in western uganda to the tanzanian coast and energy giant so tallent china's national offshore oil corporation involved in the project but conservationists have warned the
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pipeline threatens wildlife in the ecological center they have retained vests the polls have closed in chad's presidential election incumbent seeking a 6th term to extend his 30 year role it's a 1st election since parliament approved legislation to expand its powers the opposition call for a boycott in protests here morgan reports in the capital in germany. he's led the country for more than 30 years and now seeking a 6th term incumbent agrees there be cast his vote in chats presidential election urging others in the capital and around the country to do the same. you know they must have to. i have come here today as a citizen to vote and have done my duty and now it's your turn what the people of chad to exercise your right to vote wherever you come and vote for the candidate of your choice. hundreds were waiting to vote at the same center where debbie appeared
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23 year old emina to make a 1st time voter was one of the 1st in the queue. i've come to exercise democracy and also to see the president marshal debbie is the one i think will be able to lead the country forward and bring it stability and improve the economy see anyone i see in the failed. 7.3000000 people have registered to vote in this election according to the national electoral commission many reporters are spoken to on sunday and in the days leading up to the election say their biggest concern is that the military and security after $34.00 and recent counterterrorism operations in the north and west they believe president with running against 5 other candidates can tackle both the candidates need at least 53 percent of the vote to when the results will be out into the opposition and their supporters say they are boycotting the elections 6 prominent figures who sought to run for president were rejected by the high court to accuse the ruling party of militarizing the campaign
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a charge echoed by right groups who say security forces have used less forest against protesters and opposition leaders we don't think there is. there is. liberty freedom so doug why we can't accept it because i lecture on we call people to boycott it all. of these. election observers appear to have a different view. or judge roll is important in the region especially in light charge in this. in a region that so preserving its stability is the role of the african countries and the region and the people of the country. whatever the outcome of this election the gap between debbie's ruling party and the opposition is clear how the 2 sides move on from here will almost certainly set the stage for the country's political future
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people morgan of his era chad. voters were also electing a new president president faced fellow is was facing weakened opposition in a vote he is likely to win he is accused of sidelining most of his y. votes talent came to power in 2016 promising to serve only one term in volume to stamp out corruption. in kyrgyzstan preliminary results show voters have granted sweeping powers to president said dear john of the constitutional referendum will also allow him to run for re-election for reports on the capital bishkek voters cast their ballots in cuba stand for the 3rd time in 6 months the referendum was called by the new president sort of to power of who asked the country to approve changes to the constitution the critics say they could pave the way for all thora terrorism and misrule you just need your bill is a bottle and ask you i don't think only one man should decide everything there is a proverb that says you only find truth through debate the more opinions you have
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the better it is for the country's development. free from jail by supporters in october jury protests after parliamentary elections were no following widespread allegations of vote buying by pro-government parties the government collapsed in. the 3rd revolution in 3 decades since independence. japan says the last 10 years of the parliamentary system under the current constitution has been a failure and kyrgyzstan is not ready for a parliamentary democracy the people have been really feeling that the parliament has been the scene of irresponsibility that there is no. there is nobody with whom at home the bucket stops as it were and the president has really picked up on that sense of sentiment among the people that we have a constitution that doesn't assign clear responsibility to anyone and i'm the one who is going to take full responsibility myself i will answer for everything that
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happens in this country and just give me the power supporters of the proposed constitutional changes say freedom of speech and democratic rights will be protected but order needs to be restored to government often accuse of mismanagement and corruption to turn you could rip we've had 33 prime ministers in 30 years can you imagine that and always the appointments in decisions were made by the president behind the scenes which was unconstitutional the prime minister was the victim of those decisions because you tional changes mean the president will be able to act transparently kyrgyzstan is often described as the most democratic country in central asia and christological are off says that altering the country's constitution will not change that but there are many people here who are afraid that he represents a problem on the 'd part towards full democracy a policy that they have struggles to build since independence 30 years ago started
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out to 0. ukraine's military says a soldier has been killed and another seriously wounded after confrontations with russian backed fighters in the east earlier the u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken warned of what he called consequences if russia acts aggressively towards ukraine turkey's president held talks with the ukrainian leader on saturday recep tayyip erdogan says he hopes a dispute can be resolved through dialogue. to myanmar now where some families say security forces are compelling them to pay $100.00 to retrieve the bodies of relatives killed in recent protests 80 demonstrators died during a crime in bangalore on friday protests that continue in several cities including young gone down way and mandalay early on saturday 3 rebel groups in eastern shan state reportedly attacked security forces the 1st since a ceasefire in $21920.00 chain has more from bangkok in neighboring thailand. we have had it confirmed by the student union who have had to pay to recover
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a number of bodies they say have told us that the rate that's being asked for by the police to recover the bodies of the $82.00 people who are reported to have died in their crackdown on friday is 120000 that's the equivalent of about $100.00 us dollars and there have been some some terrible stories coming out the case of caking a woman whose husband was lost in the crackdown and was killed she was asked to pay the standard $20000.00 she didn't have enough money so had to go to the community where people gathered those funds together including another woman whose nephew and son had both been killed she didn't have enough money so she decided to contribute what she did so the kings could recover the body of her husband many people are reporting the same thing some were too scared to go for it is still very hard to get information out of me with the new internet so the blocks are the being put in
9:45 pm
place in the last week but the assistance association for political prisoners which seems to now be the definitive sort of role of confirmed $82.00 people died in just one place in just one day. human rights groups in lebanon are concerned migrant workers and refugees are being left out of it's called the 1000 banks seen drive by the government blames a slow roll out on the limited number of shots available as in a hard job reports from beirut. isolation is seen as a privilege for palestinian and syrian refugees in lebanon who have died from coronavirus at a higher rate than the national average along with migrant workers they make up 30 percent of a nation of 6000000 people they are included in the national vaccination campaign that is supposed to give equal priority to all but many refugees don't seem to be aware of their rights. nobody came and mentioned anything but if people truly take
9:46 pm
it the government data shows only 3 percent of those vaccinated so 4 are non lebanese human rights groups blame this on hesitancy little information on how to register and the government deviating from the national plan. distribution by private sector has meant that they don't have to follow 1st priority categories so you have on the one hand people who are politically connected or work for organizations or could buy the vaccine who have access to it and then people like migrant workers and refugees who depend on the national. who aren't getting vaccinated fast enough fish will say the private sector is helping in your bankrupt state and limited supplies are the reason why only 2 percent of the adult population has so far been fully vaccinated no one is a prevent you from registering because you are a syrian or if you know or if you can or whatever if you are just and you are going
9:47 pm
to get the vaccine one of the priority groups no one is the prize and you are from having an appointment but for the hundreds of thousands of migrant workers registering can prove to be an issue they don't have enough accurate and reliable information on the different vaccines the side effects or any other information related to their illegal status given that a lot of them are undocumented and nothing has yet been communicated publicly to give them guarantees that they will not be deported or arrested and they are not protected by the law the authorities long accused of corruption and nepotism enjoy little trust many question how they are distributing the vaccines for example a donation of 100000 doses is being given out by the priority groups. there is concern migrant workers and refugees the vulnerable will get their turn if the criteria established is not followed. beirut. the cost of living in
9:48 pm
yemen is going up as a poor sobrante in many parts of the country despite the challenges of life during conflicts families are still trying to cling to tradition as they prepare for the muslim holy month of ramadan the hadi has a story of. 6 years of war and a global pandemic now on top of that inflation below is a father and earns a daily wage but he said it's not enough to deal with the rising cost of living and that's making shopping for essential zx in preparation for the start of ramadan a difficult task and i had that on what. we were not able to buy much we still need to buy rice sugar and flour like everyone else god knows when we are tired of the war we have been displaced we have been left hungry only god is aware of our situation. in the city of tire as is still under a blockade by the hoof the rebels restricting aid and imports forcing prices to
9:49 pm
increase the un says fuel prices have tripled in some areas and according to a report by the ministry of social affairs $5000000.00 yemenis have lost their jobs to get out of jail or should have an issue a sort of in same issue merchants buy and sell the way they like and money changers do what they want the government is absent despite an increase in covert 1000 cases markets are crowded in preparation for ramadan are not adequate rice is very high especially with the rise in the exchange rates to rise of the us dollar and to saudi radio is increasing our cost of living. this will be the 6th holy month since the start of the war many of these children don't know a different life. like millions of other yemenis and his family will have to make do with what little they can afford. al-jazeera and one of russia's famous
9:50 pm
supermarkets has closed its doors after 120 is a fed is known for its spell a show and a rock in teria the. key food hall stayed in business during imperial russia and outlived the soviet era and official say legal issues and a drop in tourism because of the pandemic led to its closure the government says it will keep the stores in teria as an architectural monument music on your computer it is sad news for me of course i've lived in this city on a nearby street for almost 70 years and it wasn't just a drop by and by some food it's been a symbol of the city i used to come here to admire the interiors. of it well for me the closure is a tragedy because it's a store with such history with such splendid design it's the history of moscow that everyone should know about and places like this should stay and bring joy to the locals and guests to our capital. still ahead on al-jazeera gemma will be here with action from the 1st day of the monte carlo masters sports next stay with us.
9:51 pm
to discover the world of difference. determination and tell me about what you need we are moving to. freedom to climb this keeps us in the shop so just to 16 people. corruption and get it on compassion. just 0 the world a selection of the best films from across our network of couples. xenophobia violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. a generation identity was at one time the fastest growing far right organization on the continent now watch the investigation that led to the french government banning
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the group. generation hate. too with a special 2 part investigation on a. time now for sports his gemma thank you folly of the final round of the mostest is underway at augusta later. has just teed off as he looks of a comet the fest player from japan to win a men's golf major well that's what the of his daughters have been doing this is a glimpse at terrell hassett chipping in at a $61.00 of 4 bodies for him so far. on the same hole
9:53 pm
a fellow englishman tommy fleetwood is already made a hole in one of the tournament came close to another the ball hitting the pen and landing just a few feet from the hole great shot that one isn't it and he would go on to make the short putt for birdie believe he then gave the shot right back out the next hole to football in the interval and have restored their 11 point lead over ac milan at the top of the italian league that's after they beat calorie one nil last year don we have a scoring the winner with 13 minutes left and you can see just what that goal meant to the players and coach antonio conti he said he enjoyed celebrating that one with his players and you can see that on the non-problem going to them for the limit jordan i do not see myself like a father but more like the older brother who can shout at them hug them or kiss them i like to prove my feelings towards them i think it's very important to congratulate them when they've given everything and it was important to show their great moment of happiness we are getting closer but we have not done anything yet.
9:54 pm
commentaries outside the event to speak generally a 31 to stay in touch with 2nd place ac milan after day amec opened the scoring our very matter made it to no. west in the mechanic go evasive 3rd in the 2nd half the current italian champions remain in 3rd place their one point behind him and 3 ahead of 4th placed in napoli he will say won their match on sunday. manchester united and had to come from behind to beat top no miss 31 in the english premier league some humans go gave spurs a 10 lead at half time fred equalized united before us and put them to one up with 10 minutes to go amazing greenwood made sure of the win in the 96 minutes united a 2nd best 11 points behind leaders manchester city while spurs a 76 points of the champions league places online manchester united player jesselyn
9:55 pm
got scored twice as west ham be leicester $32.00 gerrard bowen scored west ham's 3rd as they went 3 in a lump and they survived a late less to come back to go back about chelsea into 4th while lest they stay. athletic a majority can retake a top spot in the spanish league with at least a true against betis that match kicks off in around 5 minutes athletic i all without doubt that to a top scorers luis suarez are more costlier and say both players are suspended and suarez also injured his leg in training and is likely to be out for at least 3 weeks dak samarium it's a blow but remains confident in his team. yes we have lost a very important player like luis suarez for the upcoming weeks he's a very decisive player for the goals he scores for the team but we have players like and had a career who wants to prove himself or sure why felix i see his role like it was against chelsea i only see positive things for my team and there are plenty of positive things. tennis world number one novak djokovic tends to action at the
9:56 pm
monte carlo masters next week in his 1st event since winning the australian open almost 2 months ago rafa nadal also hasn't played it since taking part in melbourne and he too makes his return at the same tournament in monaco the king of clay as he's known as won this event and levon times in 15 appearances great record and if there's if results go his way he can return it to wild at number 2 the 20 time a grand slam champion has been recovering from a back injury but feels fit and raring to go i take it a while after i was put on the i want to be my 2nd tournament is through that the situation that we are facing not helps to to play that often but yeah right for an important part of the season for me and i think i did the right work to be to be ready so let's see remain a couple of days of practice here but yeah happy the way got them playing. for the moment my body is in good shape so i am excited about playing here in monaco
9:57 pm
a game of the guidelines everybody know is one of my favorite tournaments without a doubt i love being here. the tournament is already underway and belgium's a damaged golf i came through his 1st round match against. number 11 seed took the 1st set 6 full the former u.s. open champion fall back to take the 2nd 63 but dominated the decider it's taking it 6 left to make it into the 2nd round where he'll play a qualifier dennis rodman is one of the most famous names in boscobel history but now his daughter trinity rodman is making her own way in professional football she scored on head debut for the washington spirit same in the national women's soccer league it's just 5 minutes to find the net off to coming on as a sup in the 2nd half scoring with her fust touch the 18 year old is the youngest player ever to be drafted in the league to talk about the media impact there that is what you'll sport for now i'll be back with more. gemma thank you very much for
9:58 pm
have at it for the news hour on al-jazeera from me fully back to the whole team in doha thank you for watching what life milan the new center next with my amnesty. want to i'll just see. you tell me what the government you represent is now illegitimate and we listen we do not see the fence material any country the way you will conflict in yemen we meet with global news makers until about the stories that on syria. the story goes that the statue of an ancient greek go
9:59 pm
beneath the waves for millenia. until a palestinian fisherman on earth the price. this relic. this story continues that as the world's attention was drawn to her as mysteriously the day it disappeared once again. the apollo of gaza on. the health of humanity as its stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving tools supplies and training to help the world's most vulnerable people uniting across borders to speed up the development of test treatments and of that seed keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the land now more than ever the world
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needs w.h.o. making healthier world for you. to everyone. a blackout at iran's main uranium enrichment facility at natanz the government 1st calls it an accident but now says the cause was an act of nuclear terrorism. hello i'm marianne rising and then you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program a mounting al crisis in india as it records the highest single day coronavirus deaths in 5 months government.


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