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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2021 8:00am-8:31am +03

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all al-jazeera all ask with everything. and cause. 'd 'd the. brazil's 2nd largest city eases coronavirus restrictions even though thousands of people are dying daily across the country. around the clock this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up people in kurdistan voting in a referendum that could give the president more power and threaten its democracy. 23 years after a landmark peace deal we look at what's igniting the recent violence in northern
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ireland. volcano that erupted on a caribbean island continues to spew ash with warnings there's no end in sight. so countries across latin america rushing in restrictions as they battle to contain coronavirus up breaks the problems are being compounded by slow vaccine rollouts and weak health systems but in the worst affected country that's brazil there are moves to actually eat restrictions in places that have seen a huge rise in 1000 cases and deaths daniel reports from one is. a mixture of relief and disbelief as 2 weeks of lockdown lifted in rio de janeiro one of the worst coronavirus hit cities in brazil for the gist of this war the good news is that by enforcing the 14 day epidemiological period suggested by specialists plus other restrictions we managed to lower the number of people
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seeking the city's basic health system. yet for the past week across brazil there have been an average of 4000 deaths a day adding to a total of more than 350002nd in the world only to the united states health experts say much more needs to be done to curb the spread and. we can't sleep because we don't know full be able to attend to the patients if we will have medicines oxygen today we have them but if these cases continue growing at some point it will be chaotic there is no other way we don't sleep today's reality is that health workers don't trust chile despite a vigorous vaccination campaign has also seen a recent surge in coverage 1000 cases coming a few weeks after restrictions were lifted to encourage tourism in the pacific resort of vineyard omar and the nearby port city of el paraiso. we believe that this increases directly related to several factors but one of them is the holiday
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permits which allowed a significant number of people to travel to districts in our region in a festive spirit has periods of rest relaxation and disconnection after a very bad year your require has also extended lockdown restrictions until the end of april to contain a surge in covered 1000 cases well here in argentina we've seen a record number of daily infections and a new set of restrictions including a nighttime curfew. that people aren't going to tolerate being locked up again like last year many people want to go out they don't want to let their children or their family go hungry they need to look for their daily bread. nazis are being applied but many complain there are too few a new batch is a not a riding fast enough but since hill those vaccination programs start to take effect the only other option if overburdened health systems are to code is to impose ever more lock down restrictions but with people angry and defiant those measures are
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proving to be increasingly ineffective. in their al-jazeera when osiris. colombia has imposed a strict 3 day lockdown in the capital bogota the city of 8000000 is facing restrictions on movement and a ban on alcohol sales coronavirus cases are rising rapidly across the country the number of new infections has doubled during the last months intensive care units are rapidly approaching to pass to the number of sissies. well some of the world's poorest countries may have to wait longer for the 2nd dose of their vaccines up to 60 countries have begun their vaccine rollouts may have to wait until june for more shots supply shortages have seen nearly all deliveries through the kovacs program blocked the world health organization scheme is designed to give poor nations fair access to vaccines. venezuela says it's paid $64000000.00 to receive vaccines through the kovacs program that's half the cost of the doses
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needed to vaccinate around $1.00 5th of the population the remaining balance will be paid after the shipment is received venezuela's government says it's been struggling to secure vaccines because of u.s. sanctions and so far it's only received 750000 vaccine doses from russia and from china. now to kurdistan where people have just started voting on proposed changes to the constitution critics say the overhaul will give more power to the president and will threaten democracy president said it japery of called for the referendum after months of political turmoil charles traffic reports now from bishkek. curious families have been enjoying the spring sunshine after a long winter that sort meant political events in the central asian country one often described as the most democratic in the region but that may be changing. since the new president's plan to change the constitution could be a step backwards on the path towards full democracy. people have
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a strong will towards freedom we don't tolerate backward steps away from democracy there are more serious issues to be solved in the country than the constitutional referendum such as an implement but it's better not to destroy what we have already achieved so far. which is the day that the new president sort of. jailed by supporters during protests of the parliamentary elections were not in october following widespread allegations of vote buying he was serving them 11 year prison term for kidnapping a time crime he denies because he was out of the country when it happened in the 6 months since solid to power off was greeted by supporters on the steps he has changed the political landscape in kyrgyzstan dramatically even before he won the presidential election in january he said that the parliamentary system of governance in kyrgyzstan had failed he described the system as being dysfunctional
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and corrupt critics propose changes to the 2010 constitution show he is trying to impose a more thorough tarion formal rule one which we can checks and balances needed to prevent abuses of power this. proposed text on the constitution is going to change the rules of the game at least at the high level toward serious centralization of power in the office of the president to such an extent that it's . basically no national level institution will be able to do anything without participation signed off on its by the president's. the names on the plaques of those killed during 2 of the 3 revolutions kyrgyzstan has had since independence following the breakup of the soviet union 30 years ago the fight for democratic rights is something curious people are proud of young members of the recently
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established reform party campaigning in municipal elections which are being held on the same day as the referendum the presidential rule implies. there's no room little room for parties because the value of parties is being. it's being devalued parties are being represented something western something that is imposed. back at the amusement park people enjoy the warm weather and riots there's no sign of the political upheaval of recent months and the new president's plans for constitutional change that many say would put the brakes on decades of democratic gains. that crowds of crowds of mostly young people have righted almost every night in parts of northern ireland for almost a week a break sitting controversial coronavirus frustrations and 2 of the issues triggering the violence andrew symonds reports now from belfast. it was called the
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peace wall but a ceasefire took 3 decades to achieve now 23 years after the good friday peace agreement was signed it fails to live up to its name again dissent on the streets is reborn. for more than a week pro british loyalists have been attacking police some of the worst violence has been near the peace wall in belfast that separates loyalists on one side from republicans on the other really hutchinson is a formal loyalist paramilitary who served 15 years in jail for murdering 2 catholics in 1974 he points to a mural of loyalty to the british monarchy and talks of a lull in violence during the period of mourning for prince philip hutchinson is now the leader of a political party that doesn't advocate violence but he condemned what's happened i
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want these young people to feign that they can come back from where they cross and that laying they need to be able to step back. and you know i think that nobody has used this term yet but i'm going to use it as far as i know i don't feel of erotica. the brics a trade deal had a late switch of plan to put a border across the irish sea that separates great britain from northern ireland there's a customs post on this site among the vexed issues has been chaos all imports coming in which are all subject to european union regulations put simply even the more moderate loyalists feel they've been betrayed and alienated by brics it but over the peace wall the republican leadership feel that the good friday agreement may have been damaged but it's secure all and will stay that way shin fein says all sides need to play a part of the political process as sales roll is on our streets our brightest our
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game i'm dangerous and i don't think. that i have asked to be nurtured us to look after all the players after it's sure that they play their part and developing now it's another major issue is a republican funeral question fane leaders failed to observe covert regulations the union is 1st minister of northern ireland is calling for the resignation of the chief constable for not making any prosecutions the violence involves a small minority many of them teenagers signposts call for a suspension of protests until after the period of mourning the prince philip even if those cool. scenes like this could return soon and for now it seems there's no solution andrew simmons al-jazeera belfast. thousands of people have joined protests against pollution in serbia's capital demonstrators blocked traffic in front of parliament in belgrade they want stricter laws to prevent more to land
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an affirmation by industries such as mine. you know still ahead here analogies are ecuador may swing to the left in sunday's presidential runoff we'll look at the challenges facing the next leader. and clinging to tradition how yemenis are preparing for the moves in the who the month of ramadan despite all of them. how once again we've got more showers just around the eastern side of the mediterranean central and eastern parts of turkey remain on the cool side that cold air now slipping down across cyprus into that western side of syria lebanon jordan also seeing some of that cooler air as well want to see showers making their way towards southern parts of the caspian maybe a shower or to the northern areas of iran maybe a little bit of
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a wintry mix over towards northern parts of afghanistan the south of that generally not too bad a little legacy of cloud he can just make out says just moving across the keyway that will eventually just drag its way just to the north of us here in qatar temperatures generally getting up into the low thirty's over the next day or so plenty of hazy sunshine and then notching up early next week plenty of hazy sunshine just around the horn of africa larry is the showers there it's essential in southern parts of atheist and then the showers there but if they do ramp up once again is the southern parts of uganda some heavier downpours over towards the democratic republic of congo and we stay in some very heavy rain now starting to push its way up into the gulf of guinea the show is extend across the northern parts of angola northern areas of zambia well in parts of mozambique but to the south of that it's fine dry and sunny.
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xenophobia violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. a generation identity was at one time a foster's growing far right organization on the continent now watch the investigation that led to the french government banning the group. generation hate . part 2 of a special 2 part investigation on a. test of the. the. again you're watching out as are most of our top stories this hour and countries across latin america are rushing to impose restrictions as they battle to contain
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the rising number of covert 1000 cases but brazil is easing restrictions despite being the worst affected country in the region. people in kurdistan a virtual proposed changes to the constitution critics say the overall give more power to the president and will threaten democracy has been cited for over a call for the referendum after months of political turmoil. prime minister has warned against a spiral back after 14 police officers were injured in violence in belfast protests to 3 petrol bombs and rammed the burning car into a police vehicle as anger over breaks it among other grievances. polls have just opened in charge of presidential election the incumbent idriss deby is widely expected to win as opponents have been calling for a boycott of the vote accusing the government of repression on saturday the interior ministry said it arrested several people for planning attacks on polling stations have been morgan reports now from the capital in jimmied. on
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the streets at the national stadium and elsewhere across the chechen capital in jemaine now thousands have come out to show their support for one man president idriss deby the incumbent leader has been in office since he took power in a coup more than 50 years ago debbie is now seeking a 6th term and promising a new future for charity and. together we're going to build in africa like other continents that shares a long history a common history with those who colonized us and we're going to start this chapter together with them. during the my 990 cuckoo debbie overthrew his predecessor the same brain who he had worked for as a military advisor before their falling out 3 years ago chats parliament approved and you can't. situation that expanded powers it's also allowed him to stay in office until at least 2033 you know votes boycotted by opposition legislators chad has seen fighting with rebels in the east and several attempted coups in recent
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years while incumbent president would raise that he met her supporters on the final day of the election rally opposition candidates were notably absent you know we're driving up to the elections hundreds of years protested against that his candidacy and human rights watch says the british forces have ruthless a crackdown on protesters i'm a physician ahead of the vote. weeks before the elections the army raided the house of opposition leader yeah killing 2 of his family members ditto whose candidacy has been rejected by the high courts along with 6 others has fled other opposition candidates have withdrawn their candidacy accusing debbie and the military of intimidation ignition of pollution which are simpler. and more and more run 50 percent of those members you have. any regrets in your friends. from the recent work to this is going to be fiction the solution remove
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the transparent from sincere. not be. released to the retreat. 7.3000000 voters have registered according to chad national electoral commission 5 of the candidates are also in the race but opposition leaders have called on their supporters to stay away from the voting but those who backed the president like yes it say they will take part of the if it were i will vote because it's my right i want stability and security as well as better economy and i believe the current president is the man who can provide thought so i will vote. others say they'll follow the lead of the opposition. these are not elections there are no competitors some of been rejected some of being intimidated and things have been the same for the past 30 years and i don't think there will be a chance so will be the election. the polls are open for a single day but it will take 2 weeks before
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a winner is announced but many here at the stadium are confident that candidate they support will be the one to lead them for the next 5 years morgan al-jazeera chad. president is promising to support ukraine increasing border tension with russia and says he hopes the dispute can be solved through dialogue. welcomed his ukrainian counterpart to istanbul for talks. the cost of living in yemen is going up as imports a blog in many parts of the country with continued fighting families are trying to cling to tradition as they prepare for the muslim holy month of ramadan harding has this report. for 50. 6 years of war and a global pandemic now on top of that inflation below is a father and earns a daily wage but he said it's not enough to deal with the rising cost of living and that's making shopping for essential zx in preparation for the start of ramadan
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a difficult task and i had that on one line my family and i we were not able to buy much we still need to buy rice sugar and flour like everyone else god knows we are tired of the war we have been displaced we have been left hungry only god is aware of our situation. the city of tire as is still under a blockade by the hoof the rebels restricting aid and imports forcing prices to increase the un says fuel prices have tripled in some areas and according to a report by the ministry of social affairs 5000000 yemenis have lost their jobs to get out of jail or should have an issue also live in same issue merchants buy and sell the way they like and money changers do what they want the government is absent despite an increase in covert $1000.00 cases markets are crowded in preparation for ramadan pilots out of rice's very high especially with the rise in
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the exchange rates to rise of the us dollar and to saudi radio is increasing our cost of living. this will be the 6th holy month since the start of the war many of these children don't know a different life. like millions of other yemenis and his family will have to make do with what little they can afford. al-jazeera. another quake off the coast of indonesia has killed at least 7 people and by concede 6 quake hit the main island of java hundreds of buildings have been damaged tremors were felt in the neighboring island of prolly it's a 2nd disaster to strike indonesia in a week after tropical cyclon killed at least 165 people. ash from a volcanic eruption on the caribbean island of st vincent is now forming on the island of barbados almost 190 kilometers away thousands of people have been forced to flee sorties say the eruption could go on for several weeks as rob reynolds now
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reports. a towering plume of smoke and ash filled the sky over st vincent as less volcano continue to shape the caribbean island with violent explosions the cloud rose 15 kilometers into the sky and was visible from space the situation is that when common experience in a very intense ashfall throughout most of the main ones that been sent and we've been experiencing this since late yesterday the explosive portion of the eruption began yesterday morning and as we went into the night last night we had the intensity and the amount of action crease quite considerably. covered houses roads and cars and the smell of sulfur hung in the air about 16000 people have been evacuated from the so-called red zone surrounding the volcano on this mine. no more on the run after move know some people fled by coast guard vessels to safer
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areas several cruise ships were also assisting in the evacuation effort until recently. had been quiet for decades but in 1000 no to a severe eruption resulted in the deaths of at least a 1000 people there now some 78 emergency shelters that are active at this point in time and the last figure we have as 3000 of it individuals living in the show does at this point in time there have been no reports of injuries or deaths in the latest eruption but damage to crops and farms is expected to be severe ash from lawsuit free air fell as far away as barb a. those nearly 200 kilometers from st vincent countries including antigua cuba venezuela and the united states are sending aid to the island nation home to 100000 people scientists warned that the eruption could continue for days or even weeks
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roberts al-jazeera more lover is flowing out of a volcano that erupted in iseman 3 weeks ago the 3rd fiji is open between the 2 existing ones the volcano on the arctic jayne's peninsula has become a tourist attraction about 30000 people have visited the area since the eruption began. ecuador is set to hold a presidential runoff the main contenders are the leftist economists on today's other news and the conservative bank. that won the 1st round polling suggests he could win 2nd by a landslide the new leader will face big challenges as a latin america to cede human rights. the. is a rule indigenous community the known for its rich as a culture and flower exports but here as in the rest of ecuador the economy and
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basic services have collapsed long before the pandemic. russified an angle is one of the many unemployed who's had to find a new way to survive she's raising and selling these guinea pigs at $8.00 each 2 2 2 2. here they're a popular dish at the facebook that's not a job that's all i ask of him. she's referring to and that is sad alice the leading presidential candidate is a young the economist and protege of former left wing president rafael correa who was in power for a decade until 4 years ago and i was his name is frequently placed next to cory as image so they'll be no doubt about the connection that's on the something on the 5th and it's not just me who will vote for a rose everyone says that korea did a lot for us they say he stole but he did a lot. under quota as citizens for the nation poverty levels fell social spending soared and so did public works projects but there were also nagging
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accusations of corruption and persecution of opponents and the media member who lived to korea is now living in belgium and faces 8 years in prison for corruption if you returns home. but korea is still a powerful force represented by 36 year old r. else one of his former ministers. from ecuador's pacific coast to the mountains i doused has been campaigning hard to reinstate and it's celebrate their citizens revolution movement he says it was betrayed by current president mean more dental but as you know they prefer to pay the foreign debt rather than protecting a quid dorians who had to leave their corpses on the street during the pandemic because there was no money for hospitals. part of his rival and more last saw faces an uphill battle he is perceived as close to the discredited current president and worse yet to the i.m.f.
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the bank a businessman is a 3 time presidential hopeful and a political conservative he warns that a return of korea's party would threaten democracy getting snared when your lot at large for more than a decade they persecuted those who didn't buy out the tastes of their chief we represent those who consider diversity is one of ecuador's principle assets. yet i asked former president correa about speculation that he'll return to ecuador as the power behind the throne if i doused the selected. place i don't even plan to return to my country rather to continue in academia and belgium with my family furthermore the brainchild of our program to risk you ecuador is andras i was a brilliant economist. back in candour a ph d. degree incline to me or experience in banking i mean very little the only thing people say they want is a president who will remember that they need help you see in human al-jazeera
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the funeral for britain's prince philip will take place on saturday there will be lowkey in line with the wishes of queen elizabeth's husband who died on friday at the age of 99 he's been honored with a 41 gun salute in the u.k. interpol to navy ships around the world for a challenge as this was. across the u.k. including london edinburgh cardiff northern ireland on the royal naval ships at sea and gibraltar to a special gun salutes for prince phillip once a minute 41 times. a tribute to from his son prince charles. my dear but pearl was was a very special person who i think above all else would have been amazed by the reaction and the touching things that have been said about him and from that point of who we are my family deeply grateful for all that it will sustain us in this
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particular loss and at this particular time. outside the queen's london residence a growing row of flowers from the public for the man who stood beside her for 73 years of marriage it's a reminder for our serves you know those wonderful values of bravery and loyalty and he was just a great british man someone who gives that many years to public service it's just come down on. him a sad moment isn't it. well meaning something the royal family is trying to discourage because of restrictions walking a palace is keen to avoid the royal residence is turning into a focus of mass mourning it's actually asked people not to come down here and lay flowers but as you can see there is a steady stream of people who've turned up to pay their respects anyway. the pandemic has also drastically scaled down plans for how he'll be laid to rest
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philip himself had ruled out a state funeral buckingham palace has announced the service at windsor castle on april 17th is to have no public access for public procession beforehand as per the u.k.'s pandemic regulations the number of mourners will be limited to 30 prince harry he's distanced himself from the royal family will return from his new home in the us for it but his pregnant wife make it markel will not on the advice of her doctor. al-jazeera of the. clock in doha with the headlines here on al-jazeera and countries across latin america are rushing to impose restrictions as they try to contain the rising number of covert 1000 cases the problems are being compounded by slaves that seem rollouts and weak health systems but brazil's easing restrictions in some places even though it's the worst.


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