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the development of tests treatments and of that. keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the wood and in the land now more than ever the world needs w.h.o. making the healthier world for you. for everyone. who knew you. armed groups joined forces against me and was military leaders and reportedly behind a deadly attack on a police station in shan state. on mariam rising in london with al jazeera coming up on the program iran trials in advance nuclear centrifuge just days before a 2nd round of talks to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement a curfew is among new restrictions now in place in argentina where corona virus
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infections continue to rise. 2 gun salutes across the u.k. and around the world to remember prince philip. we begin to me in mali where the crisis appears to be shifting for the 1st time armed groups have joined forces against the country's military leaders and have reportedly been involved in an attack on security forces a police station in shan state was targeted and 10 police officers were killed meanwhile in boggo about 90 kilometers northeast of the city of yangon activists say the military killed 80 people there in a violent crackdown on friday tony chang as our report. even before the sun rose the sounds of battle raged myanmar's armed forces moving into
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the city of go an important gateway to the south behind the barricades the protesters tried to stand their ground but the military advance was fierce automatic gunfire and evidence that heavier weapons pictures posted to social media appear to show rifle launched grenades and reports that 3 of myanmar's ethnic rebel groups attacked a police station in the far eastern shan state on saturday morning unity amongst these disparate groups could be problematic for the military as it faces attacks on its outposts and civil unrest in towns and cities at a news conference in yangon the gintas spokesman said support for the protests was waning and the death toll is considerably lower than reported with an ominous warning sign i've got it if we really shoot at the protest group using automatic rifles the $500.00 you refer to could be killed within hours but the evidence from
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mandalay on saturday suggests protesters are still out in large numbers marching through the streets despite the threat of detention or worse. some have fled the cities however for the relative safety of the bases of the ethnic rebel groups along the border while the conditions may be basic the alternative could have been worse. you will need you know you will need we know that if we were to get arrested the security forces would not let us live they'd kill us so we had to run away. and the steady flow of people heading towards the borders is growing as many now fear myanmar is on an unavoidable course toward civil war tony ching al jazeera. well man marcin armed ethnic struggles for decades now but groups have been acting independently $21.00 rebel organizations control around a 3rd of the country mostly on the border as the 3 involved in the latest incident cover both sides of the country from right kind stay in the west to shan state in
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the east 10 of the group signed a cease fire with the civilian government 6 years ago but this was fraying even before the coup in february fighting is carried on regardless in catchin state for example displacing one 100000 people and then in rock 120-0000 people have been forced from their homes hundreds more have been killed many of the groups were quick to condemn the coup and now continuing talks to form a united front against the military leaders well earlier i spoke to ronan li an expert in the country's ethnic divisions and he told me the minute tree is now facing pressure on multiple fronts. for members it think minorities the military of the country has always been the enemy that's who they've been fighting for the last many decades they blame the military for standing in the way of their aspirations for local autonomy and for stamping on any expression of their ethnic rights
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or identity that what's happening now is that the military in launching the coup has managed to unify in not just the countries majority against them but also. groups and ethnic minority groups at the same time what the military would try to do in the past is strike a peace agreement with with one group while it launches an attack on the other all all cease fire agreements have now broken down within me and bob and you've got the usual a very very strong protest movement in the center in the urban centers yank on mandalay bag-o. as we see today so for the 1st time the military is not just facing challenges from ethnic armed groups it's also facing challenges from the country's majority and this is all happening simultaneous there's a very strong civil disobedience movement in iraq as a general strike under way this is a country that's close to the point of state collapse and the message the message to the military's clear there is no significant interest in the country that
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actually wants the military in charge well in our other top story iran is saying it is testing new more advanced centrifuges for enriching uranium despite preparing for another round of talks aimed at reviving the nuclear deal with wild powers president has made the announcement during a virtual meeting on iran's annual nuclear technology day country's been steadily moving away from the terms of the 2050 nuclear deal since the u.s. unilaterally withdrew under the presidency of donald trump the european union's been acting as a go between to try and revive the diplomatic process will exit bag is intact ron and says the iranian government hasn't changed course. this is a national day of nuclear chief this day came about back in 2006 when iran managed . to about 3.5 percent using centrifuges made in the country now we were expecting over $130.00 announcement of new achievements in relation to its nuclear program
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now iran is using more advanced centrifuges and feeding into them but it's also began production of the 6 centrifuges that's important because under the 2015 nuclear deal iran is restricted to using older and less efficient centrifuges not these ones but also. apparently the production of the centrifuges was damaged because of apparent sabotage. producing this this is all in the context of those talks that took place in vienna that ended yesterday continue next week on wednesday and this is just iran showing that they will continue along this line along this path as long as those sanctions are not lifted and. the europeans are not living up to their commitments and iran has been pretty transparent about it they've told the international atomic agency of what they've been doing and as far as iran is concerned they're within the agreement to take what they see as remedial measures but the europeans and i think this is
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a breach but the supreme leader said just 2 weeks ago that iran will continue to see other countries don't fulfill their responsibilities but it does extra layer of complexity to those talks because as time goes by iran continues to take steps further away from those restrictions imposed on its nuclear program as part of that 2015 nuclear deal. the turkish present russia type i do want is promising to support ukraine over its border tensions with russia and says he hopes the dispute can be resolved through dialogue it came as a do on welcomed as ukrainian counterpart belgium is lenski to istanbul for talks send us your new has more on this now from istanbul this is the 2nd meeting in 7 months between ukraine's leader volodymyr selenski and turkish president regift so you've bragged on. visits to a stumble comes at
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a crucial time for both nations but the focus on saturday was largely on trade tourism and defense ties between on current kiev. ukraine has a soviet legacy of producing helicopters aircraft and cruise missile engines turkey's next generation of combat aerial vehicles equipped with ukrainian engines are expected to be introduced later this year c r c this song considering that defense and foreign policies are interconnected we established a platform with our defense and foreign ministries to increase cooperation between our countries this cooperation is by no means a threat to any 3rd country. but tension has been rising in the black sea region in recent weeks russia is amassing troops and a weapons near its western border with ukraine and the fighting in is turn ukraine between government forces and russian backed separatists and donbass has escalated russian officers have indicated moscow could intervene to help russian speaking
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residents and is stand ukraine if the government launches an all out operation there the other questions for you sure we discussed in detail the issues of security and draw interaction patrolling dres in the black sea region it's worth noting that the regions of kiev and uncover coincide both regarding with rich themselves and the ways of responding to those threats the united states is considering sending 2 warships to the black sea region in the coming days despite do u.s. navy routinely operating in the area the stime the pentagon believes the deployment will send the message to moscow that the u.s. is watching the situation closely. turkey is in a sense to position at the moment as a nato ally it is likely to support their alliance in any potential crisis between ukraine and washington on one side and moscow on the other but that could provoke anger in russia the country ancora depends on for its energy needs russia and
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turkey have a fragile partnership in syria and libya when it comes to ukraine that through lation ship could be tested in the weeks and months ahead see now because so look al-jazeera stumble. argentina has registered a record high number of new corona virus infections for the 4th day in a row the government is impose tougher restrictions including a 3 week nighttime curfew in an effort to try and contain this wave of infections daniel shriner has more on this now from when is iris. argentina has coped relatively well with the number of people using the i.c.u. beds i mean the figures here are as drastic as dramatic as anywhere else 56000 people dead in as you mentioned this record number of infections but the medical services have been coping albeit under pressure but with these new rises in infections the fear is that they they will reach
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a tipping point so the new restrictions have come back in it's been difficult over the long as it has been elsewhere in the world but many of these measures have been in place for many of them since march of last year universities for instance haven't gone back to classes people are still doing classes online schools did go back a few weeks ago most people are still wearing masks in public so in that sense we've had restrictions all the way through but i think it's the sheer amount of time that people have had to put up with this the fact that the vaccines were promised they started to arrive about 5 or 6 weeks ago haven't come in sufficient numbers to help people and patients in this situation so it has become a very difficult situation the new measures again whether the people are going to adhere to them whether they're going to respect them there has been opposition in many cases some people out on the streets defying the measures so we'll have to see
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how they how do they take effect in the next few days all 10000 field hospital beds are being hastily set up in bangkok thailand fights a 3rd wave then factions nearly 600 new cases reported on friday a rest by can a country which has successfully managed to keep the numbers low there are fears that millions of people could travel in the coming days the new year holiday some regions have imposed restrictions but the national government has avoided it tied on record just 96 deaths in the past year. well some of the world's poorest countries might have to wait longer for the 2nd doses of their vaccines up to 60 countries that have started their vaccine rollout might now have to wait until june for more shots supply shortages have seen nearly all deliveries through the kovacs program blocked the world health organization scheme is designed to give poor nations fair access to the vaccines one in 4 adults in the world's richest countries have already had at least one dose. you're watching al-jazeera live from
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london much more still ahead on the program going to bring you all the latest from chad where people are getting ready to vote in an election where most of the opposition candidates have already been disqualified. and the search for 2 tim cummins temple reveals a city egypt thought of last for thousands of years. hello once again we've got some rather nasty weather now pushing across western parts of australia to tropical cyclones moving through here in the form of debt and serota in crisis russia that's the dominant feature to mixing together out it's getting sucked in but cicero's it will take over some very strong winds 120 kilometers per hour and rising over the next 24 hours or so until it does make landfall late on sunday going on into monday by that stage it will be moving in
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a general southeast direction just across southern parts of the way fading towards perth and as we go on through the next couple of days it does bring with it the usual has its damaging winds some very heavy rain flash flooding some exceptionally dangerous ties and we are likely to see coastal flooding as a result of that as the system just moves in across the southwest quarter into the early part of next week down towards a southeastern quarter we've got some showers feeding through here they are going to be quite blustery as well city cooling down as we go through the next day or so on the other side of the ditch into new zealand some bits and pieces of cloud on the right will make their way in here as we go on through the next day or so so western parts to the increasingly wet fine and dry for longest to the east. but. a passion for supporting local communities.
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and pioneering innovative african science and technology projects the child beautiful. stories are all of us on this planet not just africa al-jazeera fun is a leading by a chemist determined to use his scientific knowledge to africa women make science from the lab to the field on al-jazeera. the in the. main stories now 10 police officers have been killed in an attack by a coalition of armed groups and me and maher activists say the military also killed 80 people in
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a violent crackdown on friday iran has announced the testing of new equipment to enrich uranium even as it engages in talks on reviving the deal with wild power as president has some rouhani use the annual nuclear technology day to reveal the centrifuges. in a meeting with ukraine's leader turkey's president has offered his a force against russian incursions ukraine's defense minister said a russian troop buildup could provoke an armed response. now it's 23 years to the day since the signing of the good friday agreement it was supposed to bring peace to northern ireland but the past week has shown how fragile it really is the 9098 deal agreed power sharing between unionists who want the region to stay in the u.k. and nationalists who wanted to join with island it brought an end to 3 decades of conflict known as the troubles which kind 3 and a half 1000 lives but the effects of the u.k.'s brecht's it deal in a control over coronavirus restrictions led to
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a week of violent protests people had hoped they would never see again anderson is reports now from belfast. it was called the peace wall but a ceasefire took 3 decades to achieve now 23 years after the good friday peace agreement was signed it fails to live up to its name again descend on the streets is reborn. for more than a week pro british loyalists have been attacking police some of the worst violence has been near the peace wall in belfast that separates loyalists on one side from republicans on the other billy hutchinson is a formal loyalist paramilitary who served 15 years in jail for murdering 2 catholics in 1974 he points to a mural of loyalty to the british monarchy and talks of a lull in violence during the period of mourning for prince philip hutchinson is now the leader of a political party that doesn't advocate violence but he won't condemn what's
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happened i want these young people to feign that they can come back from where they've crossed and that lang they need to be able to step back condemnation will prevent that it will eliminate them more and you know i think that nobody is used this term yet but i'm going to use it as far as i know i don't feel of erotica. the brics a trade deal had a late switch of plan to put a border across the irish sea that separates great britain from northern ireland there's a customs post on this site among the vexed issues has been ok also imports coming in which are all subject to european union regulations put simply even the more moderate loyalists feel they've been betrayed and alienated by brics it but over the peace wall the republican leadership feel that the good friday agreement may have been damaged but it's secure and will stay that way shin fein says all sides
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need to play a part of the political process as syria's role is in our streets our brightest our game i'm dangerous when i don't think. that i have asked to be nurtured us to look after all the players after that the plane of art and development not another major issue is a republican funeral question fane leaders fail to observe coded regulations the union is 1st minister of nor the law and is calling for the resignation of the chief constable for not making any prosecutions the violence involves a small minority many of them teenagers signposts call for a suspension of protests until after the period of mourning the prince philip even if those coons are heeding scenes like this could return soon and for now it seems there's no solution andrew simmons al-jazeera belfast meanwhile here in the u.k.
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it's been announced the funeral of prince philip will take place on april the 17th but the event at windsor castle just outside london will be relatively. as out as there is for a challenge now reports military tributes have been paid for the husband of queen elizabeth who died on friday at the age of $99.00. it was. across the u.k. including london edinburgh cardiff northern ireland on the royal naval ships at sea and gibraltar to a special gun salutes for prince philip once a minute 41 times a tribute to from his son prince charles. my dear but. was was a very special person who i think above all else would have been amazed by the reaction and the touching things that have been said about him and from that point of who we are my family deeply grateful for all that it will sustain us in this
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particular loss and at this particularly sad time. outside the queen's london residence a growing row of flowers from the public for the man who stood beside her 73 years of marriage it's a reminder for our sins you know those wonderful values of bravery and loyalty and he was just a great british man someone who gives that many years to public service it's just come down on. him a sad moment isn't it. well meaning that something the royal family is trying to discourage because of covert restrictions what you paris is keen to avoid the royal residence is turning into a focus of mass mourning is actually asked people not to come down here and lay flowers but as you can see there is a steady stream of people who've turned up to pay their respects anyway. the pandemic has also drastically scaled down plans for how he'll be laid to rest
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philip himself had ruled out a state funeral buckingham palace has announced the service at windsor castle on april 17th is to have no public access for public procession beforehand as per the u.k.'s pandemic regulations the number of mourners will be limited to 30 prince harry he's distanced himself from the royal family will return from his new home in the us for it but his pregnant wife make it markel will not have the advice of her doctor chimes al-jazeera of the. all in our stories are following there's been heavy fighting in central yemen for the key oil producing region a robot ship with more than 50 people now killed in just the past 24 hours with the rebels are pushing hard to take the last government held region outside the south of the country another control of the area will also control key oil supply lines united nations says the 6 year war in yemen has killed more than 233000 people
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now at least 4 people have been killed in a suicide bombing in somalia a man detonated his explosive belt in a cafe in the city of but doa local officials say the bomber was targeting the regional governor who survived the attack 2 of his bodyguards and several bystanders were injured. well now to chad the un is urging the government that to respect civil rights ahead of the election on sunday president addressed ab is expected to win a 6th term as leader with most of his opponents sidelined rights groups and opposition parties have accused the government of repression the interior ministry says it's arrested several people for planning attacks on polling stations and trying to disrupt sunday's election ible morgan is in the jimmy know where there are doubts that a vote is likely to be free or fair. polls in the presidential election officially open on sunday for the civilian population a day before that's happened on saturday. a military has started casting their ballot for who they say they want to see winning in this presidential election
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incumbent president agrees seeking a 6th term after 30 years in power. absent from the political arena i do opposition candidates and opposition leaders at least 6 had their candidacy rejected by the hardcore. opposition members who were deemed to be strong enough to compete with president very. kind of this the following up on opposition leader you know house made a very. first killed political opposition say that they believe this election will be free and fair and that there has been a militarization of the political climate hundreds of protests in the weeks leading up to this presidential election and i'm certain the president to be seeking power they say that they want to see they were met with women rights watch says as ruthless crackdown against all sectors and political opposition in the days leading
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up to the vote following up on the opposition leader you know in late february. killed the political opposition say that they believe this election will be free and fair and that there has been a militarization of the political climate the interior minister issued a statement on thursday saying that several have been arrested in connection to a plot to traffic from the sunday elections and that opposition leaders as well as half of us are now. being interrogated and then listen to those accusations of trying to disrupt the election now actually 7000000 people are predicted to board the embassy election and they say that one of the most important issue for them to . is improving the economy more than half of our 17000000 population lives below the poverty line so they say they want to see change and they want to see 3 points in their economic life style it's all just here who in school come to say that some of them with pressing issue for them is that if you have security because tired
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right now is involved in several counterterrorism operations are longer border with miami family i'm a jury so the thought to say that they want to see someone who's able to handle those issues are lead those operations as well as insurgencies in big east and along the border with libya this is this is our consul to them to have someone in the presidency who's able to handle those affairs and lead them because that is their number one issue. a long dormant caribbean volcano that erupted on friday as remained active for a 2nd day residents on the island of st vincent woke up to more clouds of ash on saturday government ordered 16000 people living closest to last a figure of ok no to leave their homes or can ologist say there could be more explosive eruptions in the coming days and weeks. well in egypt ever revealed more about the 3000 year old lost city that was discovered last year such as are looking for the mortuary of came to it uncommon when they found what they
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believe could be the most important discovery in almost a century after chappelle has the story. while piecing together the remains of an ancient civilization archaeologists in egypt came across something unexpected clay pottery wine vessels and colorful jewelry from a city that has not been seen in 3400 years we believe that this girl didn't last the city is the most important discovery after the discovery documented on come what i call the golden because the rest found in the golden age of egypt 15200 b.c. i cared less city because it has lost money believed that the city could exist here . it's the largest ancient city ever found in egypt according to the team that discovered it several neighborhoods and homes with walls nearly 3 meters high a bakery kitchen and areas for making sandals and sewing clothing and people who may have worn them it's believed this is where worship of the sun god antón began
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to shift in medina that we do have to facilitate the discovery of the city has given us insight into the daily lives of ancient egyptians we've always believed that ancient egyptian culture was one of death and resurrection but now we know these details about the lives of the ancient egyptian. on the west bank of the nile river it's a once in a century finding dating back to the rule of king to the commons grandfather and egyptologist say they're just getting started and are chapelle al-jazeera. well history has been made in the u.k.'s most famous horse race with the 1st female jockey to win the grand national blackmore surged to victory on board monella times at the entry course in liverpool she's the 1st woman to ride the winner in 173 races dating back to 839 the grand national is one of the longest and most difficult horse races in the world run almost 7 kilometers and featuring 30
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challenging fences. i don't fear me or fear right now i don't even feel human this is just on belief. well there's always a website are there we're covering get all the latest on our top stories that are also analysis and commentary that takes you behind the headlines and the option to watch is on life streaming as well as our dot com. a recap of the main stories now and 10 police officers have been killed in an attack by an anti military alliance of different groups in may and ma and this comes after a deadly confrontation between troops and protest as in which at least 80 people were killed there is evidence the army used automatic gunfire and even rifle launched grenades in the city of boggo it does not appear to have deterred the protesters though because large crowds are reported in the city of mandalay on
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saturday iran's announced the testing of new equipment to enrich uranium even.


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