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and our focus is not just on the suffering but also on a more optimistic and inspiring story people trust algeria to tell them what's happening in their communities in kiev and i'm biased and as an african i couldn't be more proud to be part of in. the air. with. reports of a river attack in myanmar of an ethic an alliance of ethnic rebels targets and police. however i'm out of my head seat and this is al jazeera life and also coming up. to the united kingdom honors prince philip the juke of edinburgh who died friday.
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anger in the streets of belfast once again about issues surrounding the u.k.'s exit from the european union. to cinemas no problem indonesia's film industry turns its attention online to make a pandemic comeback. we begin in myanmar where a coalition of 3 powerful armed groups of reportedly attacked security forces for the 1st time since a cease fire in 2019 at least 10 officers were killed in the eastern shan states last month the rebels had threatened to end a cease fire with the military after the joneses a violent crackdown on civilians and embargo details are emerging all of friday's violent crackdown by the military at least 8 people are believed to have been killed 20. chang reports. even before the sun rose the sounds of
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battle raged man miles armed forces moving into the city of an important gateway to the south behind the barricades the protesters tried to stand their ground but the military advance was fierce automatic gunfire and evidence that heavier weapons pictures posted to social media appear to show rifle launched grenades and reports that 3 of myanmar's ethnic rebel groups attacked a police station in the far eastern shan state on saturday morning unity amongst these disparate groups could be problematic for the military as it faces attacks on its outposts and civil unrest in towns and cities at a news conference in yangon the gintas spokesman said support for the protest was waning and the death toll is considerably lower than reported with an ominous warning. if we really shoot at the protest group using automatic rifles the $500.00
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you refer to could be killed within hours but the evidence from mandalay on saturday suggest protesters is still out in large numbers marching through the streets despite the threat of detention or worse. some have fled the cities however for the relative safety of the bases of the ethnic rebel groups along the border while the conditions may be basic the alternative could have been worse you will need you know you will need we know that if we were to get arrested the security forces would not let us live they'd kill us so we had to run away. and the steady flow of people heading towards the borders is growing as many now fear myanmar is on an unavoidable course toward civil war tony ching al jazeera. on friday the un security council her pleas from the people of myanmar for action to stop the crackdown that's an unofficial meeting of council members or diplomatic
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editor james pace reports. that as the military continues its crackdown on peaceful pro-democracy protesters there are also now reneging on their own promises a spokesman for the jointer says although at the time of the coup they pledged to hold elections in a year they now won't take place for 2 more years at the u.n. in new york a meeting was held to give security council ambassadors a picture of the deteriorating situation now most people feel that they are left alone to face the brutal regime armed to its feet start from by the same international actors who preventing action the military nord are condemnations posing a test for the security council with the council well council where over language in yet another statement are we apt to save the lives of the people myanmar's u.n. ambassador who opposes the generals called for
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a no fly zone an arms embargo and targeted sanctions leave the the state action. this meeting was organized by the u.k. all security council members were invited but it wasn't a formal security council meeting both china and russia which object to an official open meeting only sent low level diplomats not surprisingly both countries seem opposed to any sanctions on the generals we share the same concern the main thrust of recent diplomacy has been in the region here earlier this week the indonesian foreign minister meeting her u.k. counterpart i'm told a meeting of the leaders of the 10 countries in the regional as the only group is likely in indonesia in the next 2 weeks but how do you persuade the generals to talk and to give ground the un special envoy christine sharana bergen has had her permission to visit myanmar denied i'm told there are some countries that are
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contemplating the idea of appeasing the generals and giving them a future role in the governance of the country something that would appall human rights activists and those protesting on the streets james al-jazeera at the united nations. iran says it's begun testing new advanced uranium enrichment centrifuges just ahead of another round of talks in vienna president hassan rouhani made the announcements during a virtual meeting of the rons annual national nuclear technology day to her and has been steadily moving away from the terms of the 2050 nuclear deal since the us pulled 8 sons of donald trump other parties to the tail are trying to revive it said baker has more from the iranian capital tehran. this is a national day of nuclear chief this day came about back in 2006 when iran managed . to about 3.5 percent using centrifuges made in the country now we were expecting
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over $130.00 announcements of new achievements over in relation to its nuclear program now iran is using more advanced centrifuges and feeding into them but it's also began production of the centrifuges that's important because under the 2015 nuclear deal iran is restricted to using older and less efficient centrifuges not these ones but also. apparently the production of the centrifuges was damaged because of apparent sabotage some and iran says that they are producing this now this is all in the context of those talks that took place in vienna and did yesterday continue next week on wednesday and this is just iran showing that they will continue along this line along this path as long as those sanctions lifted and . the europeans are not living up to their commitments and iran has been pretty transparent about it they've told the international atomic agency of what they've been doing and as far as iran is concerned they're within the agreement to take
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what they see as remedial measures but the europeans and i think this is a breach but the supreme leader said just 2 weeks ago that iran will continue down this path that some of the other countries don't fulfill their responsibilities but it does that extra layer of complexity to those talks because as time goes by iran continues to take steps further away from those restrictions imposed on its nuclear program as part of that 2015 nuclear deal. gun salutes have been fired across the u.k. and at sea to honor prince philip. going to business husband died on friday at the age of 99 he served in the navy during world war 2 military officials said he was a great inspiration and role model for the armed forces for a chance is outside buckingham palace in london a sense this update the queen is in mourning now of course it began on friday when
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the news broke and she will be in official mourning for 8 days now that means that essentially the official business certainly of the role family but also of the government really constricts there won't be any royal signatures put to government bills but there will be a limitation on the campaigning for upcoming local elections. that mourning period for the queen certainly will end after 8 days but then even for the following month she will not really be much insight. and she will be i think staying mainly within the palace is behind closed doors and i think until you get the funeral taking place then officially on government buildings around the country flags like the one you can see behind me over buckingham palace are all going to be flown at half mast until the morning after the funeral so that
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yes the u.k. the moment is a country in an official period of mourning. several police officers were injured in another night of street violence in northern ireland protesters in belfast threw petrol bombs and rams a burning car into a police vehicle despite calls for calm out of respect for the death of prince philip young pro british loyalists have been rioting every night from move in a week angry about post bricks it is she's from belfast sandra simmons has more on the causes of the violence 2 decades after the good friday agreement brought peace to northern ireland. many had warned about the fragile peace in northern ireland being threatened by arrangements over bricks it coming back to the good friday agreement on this day it was signed 23 years ago and it is being the center point of those bricks and negotiations the end result was to avoid
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a hard hard border to put it across the ira see that cause chaos and trade for northern ireland it led to a whole area of dissent and then into mingled with a whole range of other issues with republicans demonstrating quite clearly their strength during a funeral exactly well nearly just exactly a year ago the story and i are a member of a petrol i remember had died and the police did took no action with the 2000 people amongst them in fein leaders who broke coded regulations apparently now the loyalists of the unionist politicians have said point blank the police should have taken action and we have amongst this or all of this with the police under pressure a call from the 1st minister alim foster for the chief constable of northern ireland to resign which he refuses to do so you have that going on as an irritation
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to loyalists who are furious about that add to that the nature of the paramilitaries the loyalist paramilitaries being involved in organized crime some theories suggest that they are the cause of a lot of this violence they're actually organizing it and in fact calling for a low in all of the violence because of prince philip dying that was breached on friday night as we saw and now there is a worry that this could go on this is not going away by no means. facing missing government forces and rebels in yemen central region is intensifying a battle say control of the all rich province of marriage has left more than 50 people dead in less than 24 hours over controls the area will also control key supply lines the united nations as the war has killed more than 233000 people since it began in 2015. sedans says he theo pia's offering to share details of his
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latest plans on filling its controversial no river dam is being seen as a confidence building measure to help overcome disagreements over the project's years of negotiations have failed to reach an agreement on the filling and operation of the dam ethiopia maintains the project is crucial to its development but egypt and sudan worry it will cause water shortages. still to come here on out is iraq accusations of intimidation after a failed immunization drive at an amazon rabbis in the u.s. and chinese regulators hit e-commerce giant alibaba with a record fine. over
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whether to set fire over the next few days for japan with loss the clear skies cloud in the process of pulling out into the open waters prices guys coming back in behind some pleasant spring sunshine then temperatures getting up into the low to mid twenty's for many krippen it certified in try not too bad there into the northeast of childbirth essential parts of china thickening cloud here will make its way further race with and it will turn increasingly wet some heavy downpours as we go on through the next day or 2 off at me on into sunday and monday heavy downpours meanwhile continue across malaysia more lively showers there across indonesia more flooding concerns into indonesia further north we got some rather shop showers from time to time into parts of india china think thailand probably see the wettest of the weather as we go through the next day or so and some showers today on the other side of the but i've been goals from the weather making its way towards for lanka over the next day or so meanwhile away some showers just creeping into the eastern side of india maybe just not seeing across into the plains as we
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go through sunday and on into monday a little puff of cloud down towards the southwest in kona could catch a shower or 2 here into southern parts of carroll i further north a continuous and temperatures into the lower 40 celsius. but. it's the political debate show that's challenging the way you think i want to know where you're to stand on cancer culture. resetting the range of ideas that can be heard from international politics to the global pandemic and everything in between if tech companies are the ones with all the power what do we do what's the solution we get organized what are world leaders or governments missing thread talking about talking it's like trying to 14 we're trying to take the one where he talks right now up front with me marc lamont hill on al-jazeera.
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this is al jazeera a quick reminder of the top stories this hour there are reports from myanmar at least 10 police officers in the eastern shan state are being killed on the lines of ethnic rebel groups the station in no more words attacks on francis who pulls the military coup. our. consulates are being fired across the u.k. and that seeds are on our prince philip when those of us husband died on friday at the age of $99.00 served in the navy during world war 2. iran says it's begun using new advancement advanced uranium enrichment centrifuges just ahead of another
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round of talks in vienna president hassan rouhani made the announcement during a virtual ceremony to mark its national nuclear technology day. voters in chad will go to the polls on sunday's choose the country's next leader despite opposition calls to boycott the votes president idriss deby is set to extend his 3 decade long rule the interior ministry says it has arrested several people for planning attacks on polling stations try to disrupt sunday's elections by its groups and opposition have accused president idriss deby is announce a government of repression and the u.n. is urging the country to respect civil rights and free speech have a morgan has more. all in the attack and presidential election at her feet open on funding for the civilian populace meanwhile a day before that happened on saturday that all gave a military pathing their ballot for who they say they want to see winning m.b.
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for presidential election incumbent president is speaking i think after. president. president.
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in the days leading up to. the.
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along the border with molly cameron i made varia thought before to say that they want to get on with able to handle this if an illegal operation as well as insurgency is in the east and along the border with libya if you've not heard a little bit i've also heard them to have someone in the president be able to handle those affairs alabama because that is their number one if. 5 people have been killed at a polling station in india's west been goal fighting broke out between voters and 2 political parties security forces say they formed shots to protect voters but ended up killing 4 people has been sporadic violence over the last few weeks as many states hold local elections. thailand has set up field hospitals in bangkok to deal with
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a surge in coronavirus patients the new beds could accommodate once a 3000 people thailand is struggling with a new wave of infections 500 new cases on friday new coronavirus infections in india have hit a record high for the 4th day more than 145000 cases were reported on saturday colombia's capital bogota is being put under a strict 3 day long time the city of 8000000 is facing a brit restrictions on the ability in a ban on all alcohol sales coronavirus cases are surging across the country with the number of new infections doubling during the last month i see years are approaching capacity in a number of cities vaccine supplies and johnson and johnson are set to promise in the u.s. by 86 percent the new york times reports supplies will be limited until federal regulators approve production at a manufacturing plant in the city of baltimore federal officials say vaccines for
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madonna and pfizer bomb tech will be used to cover the shortfall. indonesia's film industry like others of around the world has been hit hard spy the coronavirus pandemic is one of asia's biggest markets and with many of its cinemas cool's demand for streaming services is surging some filmmakers are hoping the trend will help shake up their industries so it can better competes with foreign titles cheska washington reports from jakarta. and it's a love story one of many popular recent films by indonesian filmmakers from romantic comedies like this to superhero and horror films denise's film industry makes around $120.00 films a year. before the pandemic domestic films were the fastest growing part of the creative economy sector at an annual rate of around 20 percent the pandemic
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disrupted years of steady growth. is the big challenge for us from the very healthy and growing most exciting market the market to hardly. think how to rebuilt our market the way it was before. but after anita says the indonesian industry is resilient whatever the challenges that. they face it doesn't stop them from making movies anyway there are more than $400.00 cinemas across indonesia but around half of them are closed because of covert 19 this month a group of into the filmmakers wrote to the president requesting subsidies for the industry and assistance with encouraging indonesians to return to cinemas but many in the industry say they have aspirations beyond returning things to the way they were with many cinemas closed streaming services are experiencing
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a boom and films from south korea are often more popular than local titles. their government has actually invested quite a lot for more than 20 years and that's why now they're reaping what they sell and the pandemic hasn't stopped some corporations from investing in the industry construction on a new development called movieland is underway in west java the privately funded site is intended to be a hub for filming set design production and more to have this type of. it is it is. i believe that it will help the industry to grow but investing in infrastructure doesn't make up for the shortage of skilled work is. in the need still in. need of good schools and training. and. in the indonesian government says it recognizes the importance of training. this new administration something's got to
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refocus on how we could increase. as well as increase. our. work force with sectors. some call the years before the pandemic indonesia's golden age of cinema and despite the temporary challenge at a time and to revive that success jessica washington al-jazeera jakarta workers as an amazon warehouse in alabama voted against forming the company's 1st union in the united states it's a setback for the u.s. labor movements but activists say the fights isn't over she reports. this was a blowout by a more than 2 to one margin employees at this amazon warehouse and bessemer alabama voted against joining a union the campaign to unionize had been seen as a potential turning point in labor relations in the u.s.
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amazon is the nation's 2nd largest employer none of its workers are unionized but it's not over yet the retail wholesale and department store union says it will challenge the results. the results demonstrate the powerful impact of that ploy or intimidation and interference we will be calling got the labor board so hold amazon accounts of all sorts of great just say hey if you're going to care paying the union says amazon unduly pressured workers to vote no creating an atmosphere of fear from organizing mandatory lectures for workers that argued against united nations to having managers encourage workers to vote in front of them and employing an agency to monitor workers social media posts amazon also asked the u.s. postal service to install a mailbox outside the warehouse even though the national labor relations board the government agency overseeing the election has said it did not want voting on the
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amazon site in case it suggested amazon was directly involved in collecting the votes if the n.l.r.b. accept the union's complaints the election could be rerun or the results could even be overturned and the union certified however amazon has dismissed any concerns in a statement it says it's easy to predict the union will say that amazon won this election because we intimidated employees but that's not true amazon didn't women our employees made the choice to vote against joining a union long time observers of labor relations in the usa they are w d s u is partly to blame for the results. this is the birth of this huge national movement solidarity extremism workers the so sweetly chicago got on a well strike what went wrong was they didn't build enough support. and so they tried to rush this and so now i think what we have to do is build a new movement of amazon workers nationwide co-incident long term labor because argue that the history of union organizing in the u.s.
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has always been a gradual process facing as it does such powerful opposition the r.w. d.s.u. says it's received over a 1000 and qualities from hours on workers across the country about you know i think since this election began we got a bite or aright. if human being not rollback in addition there is a renewed focus on the union rights a bill that's already passed the house of representatives in washington that would make some of amazon's alleged tactics during this election illegal shepparton see al-jazeera. chinese regulate says have signed the ali baba group nearly $3000000000.00 for violating ansi monopoly rules the rules for this e-commerce platform has been penalized for reportedly abuse in its tillman's market position founder jack ma has been under scrutiny from chinese authorities after he criticized the company's wiki leaks in the system for the exactly this the co-host of the phone counts china tech investor says the future of ali baba in china may lie and how much it can distance itself from its high profile finder.
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practices of you know ali baba are not that much different than the anti-competitive practices of say facebook or amazon but what's different is that usually in the west they'll just slap him with a fine and they'll move on in this situation we see it at alibaba and jack ma business empire in particular really seems to be in the not in the good graces of beijing and what this and that ends up happening often is that it leads to this sort of reputational damage where a lot of companies don't want to do business with companies or individuals that are not in good with aging and i think that's the big risk for ali baba going forward i think of a big question for ali baba's future is about how much they can separate themselves from jack but another story that hasn't been as widely reported at this find is that over the past week jack ma executive business school had stopped
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taking on new enrollment by order of the government essentially what the government is saying in this situation is that they do not want jack ma to have influence or power in china under she didn't think that jack thought and she jinping thought are not in this and not compatible with one another and i think that the future for alibaba really lies in what they what can they do without jack ma they need to shed jackpot if they are to succeed. archaeologists in egypt serve discovered a 3000 year old lost city of the dead the well preserved settlements was find as they search for the mortuary city of king 2000 common near the city of looks or egyptologist believe this could be the most important discovery sensed his income as a cough because it was unearthed in 1928 in. my yard.


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