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watch al-jazeera english streaming live on like you channel. plus thousands of our programs award winning documentary and dead loser folds. subscribed to you cheap forward slash al-jazeera english. tributes are pouring in from around the world 2 on a prince philip who has died at the age of 19 only. one can deny all this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. the state action . best suited to the u.n. appeals for the protection of its people as the military issues death sentences. the medic who did the only autopsy on george floyd says police action caused his
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death. and before the pandemic indonesia's film industry was booming all look at how it's trying to make a comeback. prince philip will be honored with a 41 gun salute at locations across the u.k. on saturday following his death at the age of 99 british naval ships around the world will also take part to honor his legacy as a combat veteran he died at windsor castle on friday queen elizabeth's husband was at her side for 7 decades is being praised for supporting the monarchy as it began reinventing itself in the 21st century paul brennan reports. the official notice of prince philip's death was posted at the gates of buckingham palace the prince had died peacefully on friday morning at windsor castle it concluded the
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royal family joined with people around the world in mourning his loss the prime minister was among the 1st to pay tribute to prince philip and the affection of generations here in the united kingdom across the commonwealth. and around the world like the expert carriage driver that he was he helped to steer the royal family and the monarchy so the it remains an institution indisputably vital to the balance and happiness of our national life the duke of edinburgh witnessed 1st hand as britain's global empire was replaced in the 20th century by the current commonwealth of nations and now statements of condolence have come from across the continent he was a heck of a guy. you know. his lifetime of service you know and again it will come through a. visible everybody pro-forma. india's november modi praise the princes distinguished career in the military and his many community service initiatives.
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and the zimbabwean president. sent his deepest condolences prince philip will be remembered as a champion for young people a decorated naval officer a dedicated philanthropist and a constant in the life of queen elizabeth the 2nd. after more than 70 years at the queen side prince philip was the longest serving broiled consulate in british history from the moment they got married he support the queen he was one step behind and this was a man who could have had an absolutely stellar career in the navy gave up that job and supported the queen for the next more than 70 years in the streets of the british capital the news of his death was greeted with genuine sadness and respect the queen had been married for 17 years 11 season it's just really sad my man you know. a long time money history to. the prince his body will lie in rest at the roll residence windsor castle in the funeral service will also be healthy in st george's chapel in accordance with the prince's wishes it will not be
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a state funeral with a military procession but a much more private and intimate occasion a fitting ceremony for a man who spent so many years in a supporting role largely avoiding the limelight and attention that the british royals attract. brenna al jazeera. 19 people have been sentenced to death and meanwhile for killing an associate of an army captain it's the 1st time death sentences have been announced since the military seized power in february the army has been cracking down hard on and to protest as across the country several people were killed when security forces targeted demonstrators in the southern city of fargo on friday tony chang is monitoring developments from bangkok me news is now emerging of a very violent crackdown yesterday we were watching this closely on social media from the very early hours of the morning before dawn when the security services moved in there was there were recordings of automatic gunfire being used loud
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explosions. emerged overnight tonight is a picture of a very bloody crackdown. it's being reported by radio free asia and myanmar now that more than 60 people have died now that's very difficult to confirm because apparently the military have been taking bodies away and storing them at a local monastery and a school so people can't ascertain exactly who has been killed in this crackdown but we've seen evidence very serious weapons being used there's been recordings of automatic gunfire as i said also r.p.g. being used and mortar shells and light artillery. the united nations security council has heard fresh pleas from the people of myanmar to action to stop the crackdown at an unofficial meeting of council members and diplomatic editor james base reports. as the military continues its crackdown on
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peaceful pro-democracy protesters there also now reneging on their own promises a spokesman for the june 2 says although at the time of the coup they pledged to hold elections in a year they now will take place for 2 years at the u.n. in new york a meeting was held to give security council ambassadors a picture of the deteriorating situation people feel that they are left alone to freeze the brutal regime armed to its feet. start from by the same international actors who preventing action the military nord are condemnations posing a test for the security council with the council well council who are over language in yet another statement are we apt to say the lives of the birds people myanmar's u.n. ambassador who opposes the generals who called for a no fly zone unarmed symbolic 0 and targeted sanctions leave the nice take action. this meeting was organized by the u.k.
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all security council members were invited but it wasn't a formal security council meeting both china and russia which object to an official open meeting only sent low level diplomats not surprisingly both countries seem opposed to any sanctions on the generals we share the same concent the main thrust of recent diplomacy has been in the region here earlier this week the indonesian foreign minister meeting her u.k. counterpart i'm told a meeting of the leaders of the 10 countries in the regional as the group is likely in indonesia in the next 2 weeks but how do you persuade the generals to talk and to give ground the un special envoy christine sharana bergen has had her permission to visit myanmar denied i'm told there are some countries that are contemplating the idea of appeasing the generals and giving them a few chill role in the governance of the country something that would have poor
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human rights activists and those protesting on the streets james al-jazeera at the united nations. i. the medical examiner who performed the only autopsy on george thought has told a u.s. court he died from appendix neck restraint and not trucks dr andrew baker said floyd did have underlying health issues and evidence of drug use but neither directly caused his death former police officer derek servan is accused of killing floyd by kneeling on his neck ellen fisher reports from the trial in minneapolis. the prosecution has produced a number of experts to say george floyd died because of police action latest to appear in court lindsay told a forensic pathologist who reviewed the videos of the night and me and idolized all the $42.00 is in lab reports what it means to me is that the activities of the law
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enforcement officers resulted in mr floyd staff and that specifically those activities were the subdual of the restraint and neck compression and does this not also represent your own conclusion yes a conclusion you have reached an opinion you hold a reasonable degree of medical certainty yes she said police officers find no pulse and george floyd is really on the ground continue to accept pressure on him drugs or heart disease is the cause of death a theory put forward by the defense she suggested if george floyd had not encountered the police that night he would still be alive do you have an opinion to reasonable degree of medical certainty if mr floyd would have died that night had he not been subject to the subdual and restraint of the police there's no evidence to suggest he would have died that night except for the interactions with law enforcement. another witness was the man who carried out the autopsy in georgia
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floyd he didn't want any videos before his examination he ruled the death was home a sight i did not want to bias my exam by going in with any preconceived notions that might lead me down one pathway or another he said he found underlying heart issues in george floyd and the altercation with police would not have helped what that adrenaline is going to do is it's going to ask your heart to beat faster it's going to ask your body for more oxygen so that you can get through that alter cation and in my opinion the law enforcement the dual restraint on the neck compression was just more than mr floyd could take by virtue of those heart conditions under could. examination dr b. agreed there were many factors involved in the death the drugs and heart disease may have played a part but he said they were contributing factors not the direct cause of death it's expected the prosecution will end its case early next week the defense will then get the chance to present what it believes. is not responsible for the death
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of george floyd alan fischer al-jazeera minneapolis. chinese regulations and find the e-commerce giant alibaba $2800000000.00 for violating anti monopoly rules says the company has been penalized for abusing its dominant market position as billionaire founder jack ma has been under scrutiny from chinese authorities after criticizing the country's regulatory system. pfizer and biotech have applied for approval to use their covert 19 vaccine on 12 to 15 year olds in the u.s. the companies say phase 3 trials for younger teenagers have been effective they plan to make similar requests around the world in the coming days. india has reported a new record number of corona virus infections in the past 24 hours more than 145000 cases were reported on saturday this is the 4th time in
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a row the country has broken its previous single day tally the western state of maharashtra is the worst hit its capital known by along with a growing number of other cities and towns have imposed not curfews that we can. grow about as cases are continuing to rise across parts of latin america health systems in several countries are breaking point to raise the boat has moved from argentina its capital when a site is. the rise of infections in latin america confirms that the 2nd wave of the corona virus pandemic has arrived to this part of the world mounting cases in countries like colombia bolivia peru and argentina in argentina president obama before them and there's an announced new restrictions in order to prevent the spread of the virus among those restrictions there is a curfew in the middle of the night there is also a prohibiting of social gathering in private homes and also more restrictions on public transport there is this is a highly divisive issue in argentina and while some are asking for
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a total lockdown in this country others say a bad knock down is an attack against personal freedom and of course this division this polarization is what hurts argentina's chances of recovering from the pandemic of fighting the pandemic but also recovering economically from what sweden happening in this past year in brazil there was another daily record over 4200 people lost their lives to coronavirus pandemic and this is happening as the supreme court in the country has authorized an investigation of parliamentary investigation over precedents ajai towards when i was handling of the pandemic in another country or 2 why the government has announced they're extending the ricks direction until the end of the month and we know that right now cases. i've been writing in to why and the intensive care unit capacity right now is at 75 percent latin america south america specifically is one of the hardest hit regions by the
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virus pandemic we have seen unemployment rise poverty rise in this past year and there's lots of difficulty and lots of challenges because many countries in this part of the world cannot afford to assist their populations over the coming months and on what's coming next. still ahead on al-jazeera a volcano eruption in the caribbean island of st vincent has people scrambling to escape plus. amazon best lead. the way. they live right in the system. activists accuse the online retailer amazon of coercing workers into voting against forming a new. color
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that whether slouchy set fire across the arabian peninsula for the next few days further north something of a change going on there we've got some lively storms in the eastern side of the mediterranean some wet weather some blustery showers rolling across cypress into that western side of syria the lebanese mountains could see some wet weather possibly some snow over the high ground and the chance of some snow there into central and eastern parts of turkey yes again that wintry mix will make its way a little further east which as we go on through sunday started to see the temperatures picking up around the arabian peninsula once again doha getting up to around 36 celsius and 19 in kabul but the chances of wintry flakes into northern parts of afghanistan pushing towards the far north of pakistan further south of this generate dry that dry weather coming down across the malia if you generate set for the usual richard showers there just making the way right across central parts of africa pushing across towards cameroon and southern parts of nigeria further
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south it is multipath atoll lashley come down into also zambia zimbabwe will see some places sunshine there into botswana in the maybe south africa recess of the next few days one of 2 showers into northern parts most m.p. . a footballer from spain traded battling opponents on the page for fighting fascism at home on the broad. footballing legend at accountant introduces up the name on the bottle. of water he could use his beloved game to help himself and others survive the horrors of the nazi concentration camp. football rebels on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al jazeera for a month now of our top stories prince philip will be honored with a $41.00 gun salute at locations across the u.k. on saturday following his death at the age of $99.00 the prince was married to queen elizabeth the 73 years the royal family has entered an official period of mourning. the 1st death sentences since the military coup had been announced in me in march for the killing of an army captain's associate many people have been killed in the southern city of good as the army cracks down on test it's. the medical examiner who performed the only autopsy or george floyd has told a us court he died from a police neck restraint and not from drugs dr andrew baker says floyd did have
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underlying health issues and evidence of drug use but neither directly caused his death. in northern syria areas under rebel control reporting a lack of humanitarian aid some of the most vulnerable people including women and children a struggling financially and psychologically after more than 10 years of war we heard reports. these women share a common thread each one has lost her husband after a decade of fighting this camp is the place they call home but for these survivors of war making ends meet is tough. we are a group of widows and i am one of them and the situation is difficult life is the fickle i have to sit kids i want to give the medicine tens of thousands of women living here have no source of income and rely on aid from humanitarian organizations these widows say women without children have it worse and find it harder to get support but even with some child support life is hard. the month of
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ramadan is also approaching i want to be able to give them something new a shirt or pants to make them feel happy but we are not getting any aid widows are not getting any we don't see anything outside of aleppo in the city of this department a family council in cooperation with international organizations is trying to help . as a caseworker and says the pandemic is making things worse problem. before the growing a crisis were active in giving psychological support and guidance to the families to your friends. but now it is limited because of covert the number of widows in syria is increasing as fighting continues in parts of the country even after 10 years of war they're struggling to patch up their lives leo harding al-jazeera. about 200 rebel fighters have been killed by security forces in central african republic as according to the president's security advisor valerie. witnesses told
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al-jazeera that government troops and russian forces surrounded the town of him and attacked rebel bases several fighters have been arrested the rebels have been fighting the government of president. since israel election in december. to bertie's president to smell or margaret lair has been re-elected for a 5th term provisional results gave him more than 98 percent of the vote faced just one challenger a little known businessman and a mystical newcomer zaccaria ismail fatah. main opposition parties boycotted the election. campaigning has ended in binny ahead of sunday's presidential election president patrice how long is facing a weakened opposition in a vote he's expected to win by a landslide most of his rivals have been silenced or forced into exile made interest reports from the country's commercial capital continent. in the final hours of campaigning president patrice to law is leaving nothing to
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charles he's back on the road again in a last ditch effort to go on approach recent opposition protests which are rain need i concern for the governing party suggesting that the president's reelection may not be as easy as they see after all. president want voters against hunting the country to an opposition he says have no plan to move the country forward promising to build on what he calls an era of power or development for been. what we did in 5 years was not done in 50 years in the history of the country what we've done is just to warm up the best is yet to come. his supporters almost sutton about his reelection chances they had the money and the organization to reach voters his challenges couldn't the campaign promises it was able to march to.
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the president's hand to the president as much to have access to services and also signed. the law but given the president on his watch it. runs pretty hard to say this right on the ticket is because it's because there's a place in the last year. the opposition is under a man's pressure 2 days before the election one of the candidates is threatening to pull out due to violence and intimidation of his supporters by government. but ok now that the country is passing through a crisis of confidence and distrust look around everyone here is scared even local chiefs were sacrificed ourselves to save this country at the violence continues against the opposition will have no alternative than to pull out from the race attaining power isn't worth the blood of any citizen because. the president and his supporters maybe just chose us but for ordinary citizens
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lives getting harder as unemployment is on the rice the economy has slowed from an impressive growth of 6.9 percent in 29000 to 2.3 percent last year mainly because of the cup at 19 and nigeria's closing of its borders for 18 months. heating cross border trade significantly. many voters are still unsure if they will turn out to vote but also say they will want to ever win the election to widen the political space create jobs and reunite a people set apart by politics with reese al-jazeera. a veteran greek crime journalist has been shot dead outside his home in athens police say cry of us was attacked by 2 gunmen on a motorbike he was one of the country's best known crime reporters on television and online. workers at an amazon warehouse in alabama have voted against forming
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the country's 1st union in the united states it's a blow for the labor movement but activists say the fight is not over she reports this was a blowout by a more than $2.00 to $1.00 margin employees at this amazon warehouse in bessemer alabama voted against joining the union the campaign to unionize had been seen as a potential turning point in labor relations in the u.s. is on is the nation's 2nd largest employer moment its workers are unionized but it's not over yet the retail wholesale and department store union so that will challenge the results. the results demonstrate the powerful impact of a ploy or intimidation and interference we will be calling got the labor board to hold amazon accounts of all sorts of great just say hey if you're going to care paying the union says amazon unduly pressured workers to vote no creating an atmosphere of fear from organizing mandatory lectures for workers that
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argued against united nations to having managers encourage workers to vote in front of them and employing an agency to monitor workers social media posts amazon also asked the u.s. postal service to install a mailbox outside the warehouse even though the national labor relations board the government agency overseeing the election has said it did not want voting on the amazon site in case it suggested amazon was directly involved in collecting the votes if the n.l.r.b. accept the union's complaints the election could be rerun or the results could even be overturned and the union certified how about amazon has dismissed any concerns in a statement it says it's easy to predict the union will say that amazon won this election because we intimidated employees but that's not true amazon didn't women our employees made the choice to vote against joining a union long time observers of labor relations in the usa they are w d s u is partly to blame for the results. this is the birth of this huge national
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movement solidarity extremism where we so sweetly chicago got on a well strike what went wrong was they didn't build enough support. and so they tried to rush this and so now i think what we have to do is build a new movement of amazon workers nationwide co-incident long term labor advocates argue that the history of union organizing in the u.s. has always been a gradual process facing as it does such powerful opposition the r.w. d.s.u. says it's received over a 1000 and qualities from hours on workers across the country about uniting since this election began without a fight or aright. really be. in addition there is no renewed focus on a union rights bill that's already passed the house of representatives in washington the would make some of a ledge cut during this election illegal. thousands of people living near a volcano home the caribbean island of st vincent have fled on boats after an
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eruption so free it spread ash across villages in the north of the island 16000 people have been told to leave the area with experts warning of more about since the volcano had been dormant for more than 40 years after a year that saw their industry take a big hit because of the pandemic filmmakers in indonesia hoping to go back to the exits and many of them attending to the government and the private sector for help just washington reports from jakarta. and it's a love story one of many popular recent films by indonesian to make is for romantic comedies like these 2 superhero and horror films lineages film industry makes around $120.00 films a year. before the pandemic domestic films with the fastest growing part of the creative economy sector at an annual rate of around 20 percent the pandemic disrupted years of steady growth. it's
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a big challenge for us from the very healthy and growing most exciting market the market to hardly. think how to rebuilt our market the way it was. but after anita says the indonesian industry is resilient whatever the challenges that they face it doesn't stop them from making movies anyway there are more than $400.00 cinemas across indonesia but around half of them are closed because of covert 19 this month a group of into these filmmakers wrote to the president requesting subsidies for the industry and assistance with encouraging indonesians to return to cinemas but many in the industry say they have aspirations beyond returning things to the way they were with many cinemas closed streaming services are experiencing a boom and films from south korea are often more popular than local titles. their
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government has actually invested quite a lot for more than 20 years and that's why now they're reaping what they sow right the pandemic hasn't stopped some corporations from investing in the industry construction on a new development called movie land is underway in west java the privately funded side is intended to be a hub for filming set design production and more to have. it is. i believe. the industry to grow but investing in infrastructure doesn't make up for the shortage of skilled work is. in the need still in need of good schools and training. and. in finland the indonesian government says it recognizes the importance of training. this new administration so things are going to refocus on how we could increase the
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employability as well as increased skills of. work force with sectors. some call the years before the pandemic indonesia's golden age of cinema and despite the temporary challenge it is a term and to revive the success jessica washington al-jazeera jakarta. i'm kim the nile in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera prince philip will be honored with a 41 gun salute at locations across the u.k. on saturday following his death at the age of 99 he was married to queen elizabeth the 73 is and served alongside her through the length of her reign the world family has entered an official period of mourning tributes have been pouring in for that you can read in from around the world for that was praise for helping to modernize
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the british monarchy but was often prone to gaffes and impromptu remarks.


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