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be the hero the world needs. more washington. a nation in mourning tributes in the u.k. and from around the world after the death of prince philip at the age of $99.00. he was queen elizabeth's constant companion for 7 decades we look at the legacy of a no nonsense royal who could occasionally be controversial. hello and welcome i'm peter sagal you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up. the law enforcements of dual restraint in the neck compression was just more than mr floyd could take by virtue of that. the
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medic who did the only autopsy on george floyd says the police action caused his death plus. scrambling to escape an erupting volcano thousands of people are forced to get off an island in the caribbean. prince philip will be honored with a 41 gun salute at locations across the u.k. on saturday following his death at the age of 99 british naval ships stationed around the world will also take part queen elizabeth's husband was at her side for 7 decades he's been praised for supporting the photos and year old monarchy as it began to reinvent itself in the last century now shortly challenge looks at prince philip's legacy but 1st paul brennan on the tributes. the official notice of prince philip's death was posted at the gates of buckingham palace the prince had died peacefully on friday morning at windsor castle it concluded the
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royal family joined with people around the world in mourning his loss the prime minister was among the 1st to pay tribute prince philip earned the affection of generations here in the united kingdom across the commonwealth. and around the world like the expert carriage driver that he was he helped to steer the royal family and the monarchy so that remains an institution indisputably vital to the balance and happiness of our national life. the duke of edinburgh witnessed 1st hand as britain's global empire was replaced in the 20th century by the current commonwealth of nations and now statements of condolence have come from across the continent he was a little guy. you know. his life to observers you know any kid who grew up. visibility but interim small. india's narendra modi praised the prince's
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distinguished career in the military and his many community service initiatives and the zimbabwean president innocent man and god sent his deepest condolences prince philip will be remembered as a champion for young people a decorated naval officer a dedicated philanthropist and a constant in the life of queen elizabeth the 2nd. after more than 70 years at the queen side prince philip was the longest serving broiled consulate in british history from the moment they got married he support the queen he was one step behind and this was a man who could have had an absolutely stellar career in the navy gave up that job and supported the queen for the next more than 70 years in the streets of the british capital the news of his death was greeted with genuine sadness and respect the queen had been married for a bit 17 easy n.c.c. nice to see brady sad my man you know we know he'd been the off the file long time bunny sister eden sad the prince's body will lie in rest at the roll residence windsor castle in the funeral service will also be healthy in st george's chapel in
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accordance with the prince's wishes it will not be a state funeral with a military procession but a much more private and intimate occasion a fitting ceremony for a man who spent so many years in a supporting role largely avoiding the limelight and attention of the british royals attract. al-jazeera. he was by his side throughout the longest reign of a monarch in british history prince philip you could read and it wasn't only a marriage but the life of service to his wife queen elizabeth the same. and born into greek cannes danish royalty philip had a lonely childhood he was taken under the wing of the british aristocracy when he married the then princess elizabeth in 1947 he was a promising young naval officer. it was a fairytale wedding for a country emerging from war and hardship. it's all change for the young couple when elizabeth sparta king george the 6 died it only 56 years of age she became queen
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and philip in the words of his private secretary looked as if the world had fallen down on him his naval career ended along with his independence prince philip was sort of forced into making huge sacrifices he was very much a man's man not someone who was going to naturally fall into the position of playing 2nd fiddle and walking 2 paces behind his wife and calling how ma'am in public and so on and so began life in the queen's shadow hundreds of engagements a year he did however manage to find time for his own charities helping young people and conserving wildlife very energetic a problem solver sort of scientific cast of mind so there is a sort of you know on the positive side the attributes that people of modest sometimes you know his his detractors would would would say that you know some of
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his forthrightness could come across as rudeness phillip had a reputation for embarrassing politically incorrect remarks whether he was being rude about the chinese or indians or swearing at photographers who kept him waiting too long often a sideshow to formal occasions yet even though an air of racism hung over him the story royalist u.k. media generally forgave him he was certainly given a much easier ride than politicians politicians who tend to make a racist or an offensive remark in this day and age tend to have to apologize a couple of days later because so much pressure on them but i never know prince philip to apologize for mark and i remember once he won it over after i said to an aboriginal leader do you still throw space at each other and i saw him do this in australia in 2002 and the next day he came over it made front pages all over the world and he just wandered over. you got no sense of humor the complete absence of humor so he was going to apologize. his retirement from public duties came in 2017
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with a sendoff from the royal marines. whatever his faults his 60 years of public service was admired by many people while their marriage was said to have had its ups and downs in the couple's younger years prince philip remained dedicated and supportive to the queen chill receive immense sympathy from a british public known to view her with respect and affection. the medical examiner who performed the only autopsy on george floyd has told a us court he died from a police neck restraint and not drugs dr andrew baker said floyd did have underlying health issues and evidence of drug use but neither directly caused his death former policeman derek sherman is accused of killing floyd by kneeling on his
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neck alan fischer reports from the trial in minneapolis. the prosecution has produced a number of experts. because of police action latest to appear in court lindsey thomas a forensic pathologist who reviewed the videos of the night and me and analyzed all the photos in lab reports what it means to me is that the activities of the law enforcement officers resulted in mr staff and that specifically those activities were restrained and neck compression and does this not also represent your own conclusion yes a conclusion you have reached. a reasonable degree of medical certainty yes. she said police officers find no pulse and george floyd on the ground continue to pressure on him drugs are heart disease is the cause of death a theory put forward by the defense she suggested if george floyd had not encountered the police that night he would still be alive do you. have an opinion
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to reasonable degree of medical certainty if mr thwaite would have died that night had he not been subject to the subdual and restraint of the police there's no evidence to suggest he would have died that night except for the interactions with law enforcement another witness was the man who carried out the autopsy and george floyd he didn't want any videos before his examination he ruled the death was home a sight i did not want to bias my exam by going in with any preconceived notions that might lead me down one pathway or another he said he found underlying heart issues in george floyd and the altercation with police would not have helped what they're going to do is it's going to ask your heart to beat faster it's going to ask your body for more oxygen so that you can get through that altercation and in my opinion the law enforcement subdual restraint in the not compression was just
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more than mr floyd could take by virtue of those hard conditions under cross-examination dr baker agreed there were many factors involved in the death that drugs and heart disease may have played a part but he said they were contributing factors not the direct cause of it's expected the prosecution will end its case early next week the defense will then get the chance to present what it believes. is not responsible for the death of george floyd. minneapolis. is a law professor at the university of st thomas he says the prosecution ended the 2nd week of the trial strongly with some of the most compelling witness testimony so far. we had a really interesting week in especially with the medical evidence what we saw was the prosecution do something very intentional which was that they had dr martin toben who is an excellent witness followed up by dr thomas who are experts who
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didn't directly examine george floyd and then only after that did they have any baker testify because his testimony was more important and they want to nail down a 1st take on the expert testimony before they went to him dr tobin that was much more straightforward it was an ambivalent that it was the police officer who caused that and with dr baker there is no more back and forth about that and he did say that the cleese activity was the tipping point that did kill george floyd coming up we have a spark of life witness we don't know who is going to be in minnesota law that someone who's going to talk about the victim talk about george floyd when he was like when he was alive that's a rare thing in american law usually that's not seen as relevant but in minnesota we do have that and and then we'll turn to the defense next week we're going to see
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what the defense really is who they're going to rely on to put that forward and how much evidence they're going to put forward we don't we don't know right now how many days that will take. thousands of people living close to a volcano on the caribbean island of st vincent float on boats after an eruption experts are warning of more explosions and cruise ships have offered to take people to nearby islands from other child 3 explained. it had been rumbling for months before it finally. a choking cloud of gray ash plumes of smoke filled the sky as lost to free air erupted for the 2nd time there was panic and chaos as residents try to escape here lets their slow down explosion i hear that this smoke started popping there saw the army and i does get punished understeer i mean that's so my brother knows there we go with the whole we were told there for the thousands of people have managed to reach safer ground but some were late to heat earlier
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warnings others once as lucky and were stranded on the side of the road desperately trying to reach safety or support to be moved by buses that didn't materialize i do . happen but it didn't materialize as a result quite a number of course is what lead to a new ward looking for. the volcano has lain dormant for more than 40 years scientists say it is now likely to keep erupting for days even weeks the government says out of the 16000 people who live near the volcano roughly 2000 have been moved to shelters thousands of others have been evacuated by ships and by road but it could be months before they're allowed to return to their homes marriage child 3 sirrah. still to come here on al-jazeera thank you say sions of intimidation after a failed unionization drive at amazon warehouse in alabama. and a record rise in corona virus cases forcing stricter restrictions in argentina.
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it's time for the perfect jenny. sponsored point cut some ways how i recall lots of dry weather in the forecast for japan and the korean peninsula this weekend it's looking lovely with plenty of spring sunshine not quite as lovely central parts of china some cloud and rain coming through here but high pressure in china that's why we have that settled weather just around south korea so we're about 18 celsius in pleasant sunshine 1617 degrees for japan on saturday and as we go on into sunday perhaps a touch will miss still as that wetter weather into central and eastern parts of china along the spells of right making its way over towards shanghai as we go through the day should be dodgy dry for hong kong with some pleasant sunshine
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coming through here a mix of sunshine and showers meanwhile across india china some shop showers there into the philippines the wet weather will be into malaysia more heavy rain there coming into those 5 affected parts of indonesia over the next day or so also some showers to win 2 west flank into the fosse out of india up to key to carola maybe it's going to taka over towards the east coast you could see some sharp showers here as well just around more than possible under the dash pushing across into a dish but to further north cross the plains once again that pretty monsoon continuing to build and we can see those temperatures again getting up into the low 40 celsius. sponsored paul qatar airways. the story goes that the statue of an ancient greek god hit the meat of the waves for millenia. until a palestinian fisherman on earth the priceless relic. the story continues that as the world's attention was drawn to causes mysteriously the day
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it disappeared once again. the apollo of gaza. on a. former . welcome back you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories so far this half hour britain's prince philip queen elizabeth's husband has died at the age of 99 he was married to the queen for 73 years and served alongside through the length of a reign or family has now entered an official period 8 days of mourning. tributes have been pouring into the duke of edinburgh from around the world philip was praised for helping to modernize the british monarchy but was often prone to gaffes
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and some impromptu remarks. the medical examiner who performed the only autopsy on george floyd has told a us court he died from a police neck restraint and not drugs but andrew baker says floyd did have underlying health issues and evidence of drug use but neither directly caused his death. 19 people have been sentenced to death in me in march for killing an associate of an army captain is the 1st time death sentences have been announced since the military seized power in february the army is still cracking down on protesters rallying against the coup rescue workers say at least 4 people have been killed in the southern city of bargo but there are media reports that number could be higher rights groups say more than 600 civilians have died since the protests began. the un security council in new york has heard fresh pleas from the people of myanmar for action to stop the crackdown at an unofficial meeting of members here at our diplomatic editor james bays. as the military continues its
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crackdown on peaceful pro-democracy protesters there also now reneging on their own promises a spokesman for the jointer says although at the time of the coup they pledged to hold elections in a year they now won't take place for 2 years at the u.n. in new york a meeting was held to give security council ambassadors a picture of the deteriorating situation now most people feel that they are left alone to freeze the brutal regime armed to its feet start from by the same international actors who preventing action the military nord are condemnations pulsing a test of the security council with the council well council where over language in yet another statement are we apt to save the lives of the people myanmar's u.n. ambassador who opposes the generals called for a no fly zone an arms embargo and targeted sanctions leave the these
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extreme. this meeting was organized by the u.k. all security council members were invited but it wasn't a formal security council meeting both china and russia which object to an official open meeting only sent low level diplomats not surprisingly both countries seem opposed to any sanctions on the generals we share the same ones the main thrust of recent diplomacy has been in the region here earlier this week the indonesian foreign minister meeting her u.k. counterpart i'm told a meeting of the leaders of the 10 countries in the regional as the group is likely in indonesia in the next 2 weeks but how do you persuade the generals to talk and to give ground the un special envoy christine sharana bergen has had her permission to visit myanmar denied i'm told there are some countries that are contemplating the idea of appeasing the generals and giving them
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a future role in the governance of the country something that would appall human rights activists and those protesting on the streets james al-jazeera at the united nations. about $200.00 rebel fighters have been killed by security forces in central african republic that's according to the president's security advisor valarie as a car off witnesses told al-jazeera the government troops and russian forces surrounded the town of niamh and attacked rebel bases several fighters have been arrested the rebels have been fighting the government of president faust in our data since his reelection in december. president ismail omar has been reelected for a 5th term professional results gave him more than 98 percent of the vote is just one challenger a little known businessman and political newcomer zakaria ismail fatah jacuzzis main opposition parties boycotted the election. the number of judges in the u.s. supreme court could be expanded to the u.s.
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president joe biden's alternate bipartisan commission to study potential reforms term limits could be part of any changes reform is a priority for progressive democrat politicians after the former president told trump forced through a replacement justice before last year's election white house correspondent kimberly hellcat has more now from washington well because it was a campaign promise made by president biden on the campaign trail so he's making good on that pledge to at least study the issue but i can tell you that packing the court as it's called is controversy all in the united states currently it's favored by democrats who want to see the ideological balance of the court which right now tips to the right or conservative given the 3 appointments by the previous president so they're in favor of it it's something that for the most part conservatives oppose this just to give you some context is something that we really
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don't know what joe biden ultimately thinks about whether or not this is a good idea all he would say on the campaign trail is that he was willing to set up a commission if he became president so that's what we're seeing right now this commission being set up the white house press secretary saying that he will be listening to a diversity of viewpoints we know that they will sort of conclude their findings after about $180.00 days of review but that they will not be making any recommendations so it's really a little unclear what's going to happen next. work is an amazon warehouse in alabama voted against forming the country's company's 1st union in the united states it's a blow for the labor movement but activists say the fight isn't over has she how pretenses. this was a blowout by a more than 2 to one margin employees at this amazon warehouse and bessemer alabama voted against joining a union the campaign to unionize had been seen as a potential turning point in labor relations in the u.s.
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amazon is the nation's 2nd largest employer none of its workers are unionized but it's not over yet the retail wholesale and department store union says it will challenge the results. the results demonstrate the powerful impact of it ploy or intimidation and interference we will be calling got the labor board to hold amazon accounts of all sorts of great just say hey if you're going to care paying the union says amazon unduly pressured workers to vote no creating an atmosphere of fear from organizing mandatory lectures for workers that argued against united nations to having managers encourage workers to vote in front of them and employing an agency to monitor workers social media posts amazon also asked the u.s. postal service to install a mailbox outside the warehouse even though the national labor relations board the government agency overseeing the election has said it did not want voting on the
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amazon site in case it suggested amazon was directly involved in collecting the votes if the n.l.r.b. accept the union's complaints the election could be rerun or the results could even be overturned and the union certified how about amazon has dismissed any concerns in a statement it says it's easy to predict the union will say that amazon won this election because we intimidated employees but that's not true amazon didn't women our employees made the choice to vote against joining a union long time observers of labor relations in the usa the r.w.d. as you is partly to blame for the results. this is the birth of this huge national movement solidarity extremism where the so sweetly chicago got on a well strike what went wrong was they didn't build enough support. and so they tried to rush this and so now we see what we have to do is build a new way the same as on workers nationwide co-incident long term labor advocates argue that the history of union organizing in the u.s.
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has always been a gradual process facing as it does such powerful opposition the r.w. diaz who says it's received over a 1000 and qualities from hours on workers across the country about uniting since this election began without a fight or aright. if you live. in addition there is no renewed focus on a union rights bill that's already passed the house of representatives in washington the would make some of the ledge tactics during this election illegal. fine and by on tack of applied for approval to use their coded 1000 vaccine on 12 to 15 year olds in the u.s. the companies say phase 3 trials for younger teenagers have been effective they plan to make similar requests around the world over the coming days and mike hanna has more on that from washington d.c. . there are tests for 12 to 15 year olds that phase 3 tests. to
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success rate of 100 percent this is very high indeed and it also revealed that the sight of thick for patients this age was exactly the same as side effects for patients age 16 and above now at present the emergency use authorization does apply to ages 16 and above but now pfizer is seeking to increase the pool of those liable or available for vaccination between 12 to 15 now what happens next is that the f.d.a. sits down and looks at this request for an extension to the emergency authorization that's a process that should take pretty speedy time given previous authorizations that have come through or previous extensions to amendments but why this is particularly significant at this moment is that yesterday for example in the united states thursday there was some 60000 new cases of corona virus reported now this is being an average for a number of weeks now and health officials are warning that this represents
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a major threat to the country in particular as the majority of new cases are that u.k. variant now this is of great concern to health officials any action that will widen the pool of those available for vaccine could have a major role in terms of continuing to attempt to push back the virus. the european union's drug regulator has launched a review into a possible link between johnson and johnson's body responds seen and blood clots has received reports of fork cases of cloths in vaccine recipients one of them was fatal the watchdog has already approved but it's not due to be rolled out until later this month the astra zeneca vaccine has been restricted in some countries because of similar concerns fires cases are continuing to rise across parts of latin america health systems in several countries are now at breaking point to resume reports from argentina's capital berner cyrus. the rise of infections in
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latin america confirms that the 2nd wave of the corona virus pandemic has arrived to this part of the world mounting cases in countries like colombia bolivia peru and argentina in argentina president about a farm and there's an announced new restrictions in order to prevent the spread of the virus among those restrictions there is a curfew in the middle of the night there is also a prohibit of social gathering in private homes and also more restrictions on public transport there's this is a highly divisive issue in argentina and while some are asking for a total lockdown in this country others say a bad knockdown is an attack against personal freedom and of course this division this polarization is what hurts argentina's chances of recovering from the pandemic of fighting the pandemic but also of recovering economically from what sweden happening in this past year in brazil there was another daily record over 4200
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people lost their lives to coronavirus pandemic and this is happening as the supreme court in the country has authorized an investigation of parliamentary investigation over precedents ajai towards when i was handling of the pandemic in another country or 2 why the government has announced they're extending their extinction and till the end of the month and we know that right now cases have been rising in order why and the intensive care unit capacity right now is at 75 percent latin america south america specifically is one of the hardest hit regions by the virus pandemic we have seen unemployment rise poverty rise in this past year and there's lots of difficulty and lots of challenges because many countries in this part of the world cannot afford to assist their populations over the coming months and on what's coming next. posing a state of emergency in tokyo. combat searching coronavirus cases ahead of the
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olympics starting in july the national vaccination drive has got off to a slow start the raised alert status means the opening hours for bars and restaurants will be shortened the measures are due to begin on monday they'll continue for one month. to 30 hours g.m.t. i'm peter dobby here in doha are your top stories so far britain's prince philip queen elizabeth's husband has died at the age of 99 was married to the queen for 73 years and served alongside her through the length of her reign the will family has entered an official period of mourning tributes have been pouring in for the duke of edinburgh from around the world philip was praised for helping to modern.


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