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inside a sport where tradition meets modern scam on al-jazeera play an important role protecting it with. ringback a nation in mourning tributes in the u.k. and around the world after the death of prince philip at the age of $99.00. he was queen elizabeth's constant companion for 7 decades we look at the legacy of a no nonsense royal who could be controversial. hello again i'm peter dobby you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up. the law enforcement to do
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a restraint on the not compression was just more than mr ford could take by virtue of that those hard conditions. the medic who did the only autopsy on george floyd says the police action there caused his death plus. an explosive scene right on their doorstep thousands of people are escaping an erupting volcano on a caribbean island. prince philip who will be honored with a 41 gun salute at locations across the u.k. on saturday following his death at the age of 1009 british naval ship stationed around the world will also take part queen elizabeth husband was at her side for 7 decades he's been praised for supporting the 1000 year old monarchy as it began to reinvent itself in the 21st century shortly we'll look at his legacy with.
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challenge but 1st paul brennan on the tributes. to the official notice of prince philip's death was posted at the gates of buckingham palace the prince had died peacefully on friday morning at windsor castle it concluded the royal family joined with people around the world in mourning his loss the prime minister was among the 1st to pay tribute to prince philip earn the affection of generations here in the united kingdom across the commonwealth and around the world like the expert carriage driver that he was he helped to steer the royal family and the monarchy so that remains an institution indisputably vital to the balance and happiness of our national life. the duke of edinburgh witnessed 1st hand as britain's global empire was replaced in the 20th century by the current commonwealth of nations and now statements of condolence have come from across the continent he was not the kind of guy. you know. whose life to observers
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you don't think you knew the crew of. his ability but he drove small to india's narendra modi praise the princes distinguished career in the military and his many community service initiatives and the zimbabwean president amazon and god sent his deepest condolences prince philip will be remembered as a champion for young people a decorated naval officer a dedicated philanthropist and a constant in the life of queen elizabeth the 2nd. after more than 70 years at the queen's side prince philip was the longest serving broiled consulate in british history from the moment they got married he support the queen he was one step behind and this was a man who could have had an absolutely stellar career in the navy gave up that job and supported the queen for the next more than 70 years in the streets of the british capital the news of his death was greeted with genuine sadness and respect the queen had been married for a bit 17 easy n.c.c.
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missing really sad my man you know we know he'd been the off the file long time money history the sad the prince's body will lie in rest at the roll residence windsor castle and the funeral service will also be healthy in st george's chapel in accordance with the prince's wishes it will not be a state funeral with a military procession but a much more private and intimate occasion a fitting ceremony for a man who spent so many years in a supporting role largely avoiding the limelight and attention that the british royals attract. al-jazeera. he was by his side throughout the longest reign of a monarch in british history prince philip you could read into it was in tony a marriage but the life of service to his wife queen elizabeth the same. and born into greek cannes danish royalty philip had a lonely childhood he was taken under the wing of the british aristocracy when he married the then princess elizabeth in 1947 he was a promising young naval officer. it was a fairytale wedding for
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a country emerging from war and hardship. it's all change for the young couple when elizabeth sparta king george the 6th died at only 56 years of age she became queen and philip in the words of his private secretary looked as if the world to fall and down on him his naval career ended along with his independence prince philip was sort of forced into making huge sacrifices he was very much a man's man not someone who was going to naturally fall into the position of playing 2nd fiddle and walking 2 paces behind his wife and calling how ma'am in public and so on and so began life in the queen's shadow hundreds of engagements a year he did however manage to find time for his own charities helping young people and conserving wildlife very energetic a problem solver a sort of scientific cast of mind so there is
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a sort of you know on the positive side the attributes that people of modest sometimes you know his his detractors would would would say that you know some of his forthrightness could come across as rudeness philip had a reputation for embarrassing politically incorrect remarks whether he was being rude about the chinese or indians or swearing at photographers who kept him waiting too long often a sideshow to formal occasions yet even though an air of racism hung over him the story royalist u.k. media generally forgave him he was certainly given a much easier ride than politicians politicians who tend to make a racist or an offensive remark in this day and age tend to have to apologize a couple of days later because so much pressure on them but i've never known a prince philip to apologize for a mark and i remember once he won it over after i said to an aboriginal leader do you still throw space at each other and i saw him do this in australia in 2002 and the next day he came over it made front pages all over the world and he just wanted
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to. know since if you the complete absence of human so he was going to come. his retirement from public duties came in 2017 with a sendoff from the royal marines. whatever his faults his 60 years of public service was admired by many people while their marriage was said to have had its ups and downs in the couple's younger years prince philip remained dedicated and supportive to the queen chill receive him and sympathy from a british public known to view her with respect and affection. violence in northern ireland. want to maintain a sense of calm out of respect for prince philip but it is still tense in belfast especially at the dividing line between loyalists and people who identify more strongly with island and recent reports. the situation is tense nothing
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like it has on wednesday and thursday not at this date but this can be the loyalists saying that they want to have a calm out of respect but this problem still persists there is a whole round of speculation about some sort of suspension but they're ignoring calls from the assembly the northern out of the somebody to stop this whole protest movement by saying there can't be any peace right now because the brics it because of the situation they're in over imports exports the the whole bureaucracy of of the ports and goods from britain this place being really a part of the european union now with the border in the hours so the brics it is meant to be the central issue but there are other complications like always in
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northern ireland there's more behind the story there's a situation where a funeral a year ago was took place as a prominent member bobby story and at that funeral something like 2000 shin fine supporters gathered at the end of it all the unions said this was in breach of covert regulations and prosecution sort of should be made across the board particularly at the scene the ocean fane that leadership there that didn't take place all all in foster has now called for the resignation of the chief constable and that has no it's you can see everyone's reliance on the security forces but right now they're under fire from the politicians themselves so it's by no means a secure situation here. the medical examiner who performed the only autopsy on george floyd has told a u.s.
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court he died from police neck restraint and not drugs dr andrew baker says floyd did have underlying health issues and evidence of drug use but neither directly caused his death the former police officer derek sjodin is accused of killing floyd by kneeling on his neck for more than 90 minutes alan fischer reports now from minneapolis. the prosecution has produced a number of experts to say george floyd died because of police action latest to appear in court lindsay thomas a forensic pathologist who reviewed the videos of the night and me and analyzed all the photos in lab reports what it means to me is that the activities that the law enforcement officers resulted in mr floyd staff and that specifically those activities were the subdual of the restraint and neck compression and does this not also represent your own conclusion yes a conclusion you have reached an opinion you hold
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a reasonable degree of medical certainty yes she said police officers find no pulse and george floyd on the ground continue to exert pressure on him she ruled out drugs or heart disease is the cause of death a theory put forward by the defense she suggested if george floyd had not encountered the police that night he would still be alive do you. have an opinion to reasonable degree of medical certainty if mr thwaite would have died that night had he not been subject to the subdual and restraint of the police there's no evidence to suggest he would have died that night except for the interactions with law enforcement. another witness was under because the man who carried out the autopsy in george floyd he didn't want any videos before his examination he ruled the death was home a sight i do not want to bias my exam by going in with any preconceived notions that might lead me down one path where another he said he found underlying heart issues in george floyd and the altercation with police would not have helped what
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that one is going to do is it's going to ask your heart to beat faster it's going to ask your body for more oxygen so that you can get through that alter cation and in my opinion the law enforcement subdual restraint on the compression was just more than mr floyd could take by virtue of those hard conditions under cross-examination dr baker agreed there were many factors involved in the death that drugs and heart disease may have played a part but he said they were contributing factors not the direct cause of it's expected the prosecution will end its case early next week the defense will then get the chance to present what it believes. is not responsible for the death of george floyd. minneapolis. well earlier george floyd's uncle selwyn jones spoke to al jazeera he said evidence presented against eric jovan has been compelling but difficult to watch i'm hoping and praying my family's
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hope and pray. that the judicial system does what it's supposed to do and rest and the rest convict because we basically saw him use power and control of my nephew and we our way to die on if you after after about 3 minutes. you sit there and you want to. go. and didn't they come up with the op to say just a word he started out and you can tell when you hear i term died from the time dirt child and trafford put his name on my nephew nick that was probably the most. gruesome horrific hate feel anger fear he'd literally think about this after about after watching those clips for about
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1015 seconds you knew in your heart that he wasn't going to leave. still to come here on al-jazeera. leave the state action. an appeal for me and mars un ambassador for protection she is people as the military is use death sentences. and ukraine's president on the front line is fears of a new confrontation with russia continue to grow. it's time for the perfect gentle. sponsored point qatar airways. dry weather in the forecast for japan and the korean peninsula this weekend it's looking lovely with plenty of spring sunshine not quite as lovely central parts of
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china some cloud and rain coming through here but high pressure in china that's why we have that settled weather just around south korea so we're about 18 celsius in pleasant sunshine 1617 degrees for japan on saturday and as we go on into sunday perhaps a touch warm is still that wetter weather into central and eastern parts of china along the spells of right it's making its way over towards shanghai as we go through the day should be dodgy dry for hong kong with some pleasant sunshine coming through here a mix of sunshine and showers meanwhile across india china shop showers there into the philippines the wet weather will be into malaysia more heavy rain there coming into those for the thick to parts of indonesia over the next day or so so some showers to when to west flank into the fosse out of india up to key to carolyn maybe to kind of dhaka over it was east coast you could see some sharp showers here as well just around the piles of under the dash pushing across into edition but to further north across the plains once again that pretty monsoon continuing to build
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and we can see those temperatures again getting up into the low 40 celsius. sponsored by qatar airways. xenophobia violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. generation identity was at one time the fastest growing far right organization on the continent now watch the investigation that led to the french government banning the group. generation hate. part 2 of a special 2 part investigation on a. local
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bank you're watching al-jazeera your top stories this half hour britain's prince philip queen elizabeth's husband has died at the age of 99 he was married to the queen for 73 years and served alongside her through the length of her reign the royal family has entered now an official period of mourning. tributes have been coming into the duke of edinburgh from around the world mr philip was praised for helping to modernize the british monarchy but was often prone to gaffes and impromptu remarks. the medical examiner who performed the only autopsy on george boy has told a u.s. court he died from a police neck restraint and not drugs under baker says floyd did have underlying health issues and evidence. but neither directly caused his death. 1000 people have been sentenced to death in me in mob for killing an associates of an army captain this is the 1st time death sentences have been announced since the military seized power in february the army is still cracking down on protesters
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rallying against the coup rescue workers say at least 4 people have been killed in the southern city of bargo but local media say that number could be higher rights groups say more than 600 civilians have died since protests began the un security council has heard fresh pleas from the people of me and law for action to stop the crackdown at an unofficial meeting of council members is a diplomatic editor james bass. as the military continues its crackdown on peaceful pro-democracy protesters there also now reneging on their own promises a spokesman for the jointer says although at the time of the coup they pledged to hold elections in a year they now won't take place for 2 years at the u.n. in new york a meeting was held to give security council ambassadors a picture of the deteriorating situation now most people feel that they are left alone to freeze the brutal regime armed to its feet start from by the same
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international actors who prevent action the military nord are condemnations housing a test of the security. with the council well council where over language in yet another statement are we apt to save the lives of the people myanmar's u.n. ambassador who opposes the generals called for a no fly zone an arms embargo and targeted sanctions leave the these extreme. this meeting was organized by the u.k. all security council members were invited but it wasn't a formal security council meeting both china and russia which object to an official open meeting only sent low level diplomats not surprisingly both countries seem opposed to any sanctions on the generals we share the same ones the main thrust of recent diplomacy has been in the region here earlier this week the indonesian
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foreign minister meeting her u.k. counterpart i'm told a meeting of the leaders of the 10 countries in the regional as the only group is likely in indonesia in the next 2 weeks but how do you persuade the generals to talk and to give ground the un special envoy christine sharana bergen has had her permission to visit myanmar denied i'm told there are some countries that are contemplating the idea of appeasing the generals and giving them a future role in the governance of the country something that would have poor human rights activists and those protesting on the streets james 0 at the united nations . the u.s. has issued new guidelines which will make it easier for its officials to meet their taiwanese counterparts washington's hoping to strengthen relations with taipei after an increase in chinese military activity around the island the white house calls beijing's actions potentially destabilizing china says the u.s. is colluding with taiwan to challenge beijing and giving support to people who want
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the island to declare formal independence from china about 200 rebel fighters have been killed by security forces in central african republic last according to the president's security advisor valarie a car of witnesses told al jazeera that government troops and russian forces surrounded the town of name and attacked rebel bases several fighters have been arrested the rebels have been fighting the government of the president kong since israel action in december. soldiers have been killed in what the nigerian army is calling an unprovoked attack that happened in the north. and punish those responsible people have been killed over the past 6 years in violence between farmers and cattle herders in this region. campaigning. of sunday's presidential election the president. is facing a weakened opposition in a vote he is expected to win by
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a landslide most of his rivals have been silenced or forced into exile reports now from the commercial capital and. in the. is leaving nothing. is back on the road again in a last ditch effort to. recent opposition protests which are a. concern for the governing party suggesting that the president's reelection. president want voters against hunting the country to an opposition he says have no plan to move the country forward promising to build on what he calls an era of on power or development for been. what we did in 5 years was not done in 50 years in the history of the country what we've done is just the best is yet to come. his supporters almost sutton about his reelection
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chances they had the money and the organization to reach voters his challenges couldn't the campaign promises he wants everyone to my. understanding is the president has more to come up to standards you know sadly. the law but given the president and his martin. brundle. want to say this is right on the ticket it's because it's because there's a reason it was. the opposition is under immense pressure 2 days before the election one of the candidates is threatening to pull out due to violence and intimidation of his supporters by government. ok now that the country is passing through a crisis of confidence and distrust look around everyone here is scared even local chiefs were sacrificed ourselves to save this country at the violence continues
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against the opposition will have no alternative than to pull out from the race attaining power isn't worth the blood of any citizen as. the president and his supporters may be upbeat about just chose us but for ordinary citizens lives getting harder as unemployment is on the rice the economy has slowed from an impressive growth of 6.9 percent in 29000 to 2.3 percent last year mainly because of corporate 19 and i just closing of its borders for 18 months. hitting cross border trade significantly. many voters are still unsure if they will turn out to vote but for those who say they will they want to ever win elections to widen the political space create jobs and reunite of people set apart by politics with reese al-jazeera. russia's invoking the threat of full scale fighting with
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ukraine as tension increases in their disputed border regions the president vladimir putin's spokesman says he's willing to protect civilians but the u.s. says moscow's troop buildup is the largest since its invasion of crimea and as in basra he reports ukraine's president is donning military fatigues. the president in the trenches meeting soldiers on the front line rallying the troops for battle but it was nothing but really the ukrainian leader donned a wartime look for his visit to donbass in the east where russian military buildup along the border came after weeks of fighting with russian backed separatists don't see yet. there's an escalation indeed in the donbass region we can see it servicemen can see that commanders in chief and commanders can see that we understand that our boys are targeted by snipers who are 26 killed ferguson. the military do everything possible to defend our country and to hold ceasefire but
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when our soldiers are attacked and when there are casualties it is clear to everyone that the army responds. russian equipment and thousands of personnel are on the horizon russians are tearing out military drills along the border and pro russian rebel fighters are taking up positions in urban areas who have both sides seem primed for war the united states is increasingly concerned by recent escalating russian aggressions in eastern ukraine including russian troop movements on ukraine's border russia now has more troops on the border with ukraine than at any time since $24145.00 ukrainian soldiers have been killed this week alone these are all deeply concerning signs. in a phone call with russian president vladimir putin german chancellor angela merkel tried to deescalate tensions and asked him to pull back leaders in moscow warned kiev they see calls to speed up ukraine's nato membership as provocative and that
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russia might have to step in to defend russian speakers in the east once again my right in the absolute we are free to move our armed forces and any units across the territory of russia at discretion and secondly you cried it's turning into a potentially very unstable region again and any country that has an unstable explosive region near its borders surely types the necessary measures to ensure its own security. war in eastern ukraine 1st broke out in 2014 it ended with russia seizing the crimea region there's been a low level conflict ever since subsiding briefly last year picking up again at the start of 2021 the same bus ravi al-jazeera. a veteran green crime journalist has been shot dead outside his home in athens police say george your kind of us was
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attacked by 2 gunmen on a motorbike he was one of the country's best known crime reporters on t.v. and online john sort of police has more now from athens police haven't said anything officially yet about the murder but local reports which are gleaned from things that the police have said on officially report that at least 2 men approached the crime reporter your skydivers as he parked his car and walks to his house in the southern suburbs of athens they 2 men emptied a magazine into him from an automatic weapon police are said to have found at least 16 bullet casings at the crime scene and believe that 5 or 6 of those bullets hit the victim causing instantaneous death your scrivens had just been. on air in a major network talking about his beach the police beat and he had clocked off work and had gone home so it is highly likely that the
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perpetrators had watched him live and then expected him at that time to be arriving at the house it's not known whether. it was investigating any sensitive stories that night of disturbed organized criminals or other people who would have wanted him removed it's not known also whether he had received death threats or had asked for any police protection and such crimes really are very rare in greece the last such match your style killing of a journalist was in 2010 when another reporter spoke about his goal u.s. was summoned to the entrance of the building where he lived. the u.s. rapper dmn x. has died at the age of 50. the grammy nominated performer whose real name was simmons suffered
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a heart attack 5 days ago and had been on life support his career was marred by legal troubles and prison time but he is best remembered for his signature. style of rap chronicling the struggles of life on the streets. thousands of people living near a volcano on the caribbean island of sin bin sent a flood on board boats after an eruption there. spread ash across villages in the north of the island around 16000 people have been told to leave the area with experts warning of more eruptions the volcano had been dormant for more than 40 years. this is al jazeera these are your top stories britain's prince philip queen elizabeth's husband has died at the age of 99 he was married to the queen for 73 years and served alongside her through the length of her reign thorough family has now entered an official period of mourning.


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