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so they do not cross into argentine territory from this form are gentile forwards can money for what's happening in its economic exclusive zones but what authorities here are saying is that what's important is talk regulate what's happening in international waters. this is al-jazeera. over there i'm have a huge scene and this is the news on my from doha. prince philip the husband so persons queen elizabeth has died it's he was 99 years old. we give thanks as a nation and the king to the extraordinary life and look. of prince philip if
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you could get. him. back. a city in myanmar turns into a battleground between all these are testers and security forces as the ruling generals hands out extending the one year state of emergency. the 1st week of talks to revive the around you clear deal ends with turnaround announcing the washington news that sanctions. and voting in djibouti for president is smell margaux in their hands seeking a 5th term in office. and in support justin rose is a brown white a leader at the masters the englishman is 4 shots clear at the 1st major tournament of the sea. prince philip the husbands of reigning british monarch queen elizabeth the 2nd has died. he was 99 years old it's like it's the at buckingham palace are flying at
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half staff the royal family has entered an official mourning period on their golden wedding anniversary the queen described the prince as her strength and stay also known by his title the edinburgh prince philip spent more than 70 years by her side where the royal family issued this statement an hour or so ago where it said it's with deep sorrow that her majesty the queen has announced the death all for a beloved husband his royal highness prince philip that you could edinburgh has passed away peacefully this morning at windsor castle one hour from andrew simmons who takes a look back at the life and legacy of the duke of edinburgh. he was by his side throughout the longest brain of a monarch in british history the prince for that you could edinburgh it wasn't really a marriage but on life of service to his wife queen elizabeth the 2nd born into
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greek and danish royalty philip had a lonely childhood he was taken under the wing of the british aristocracy. when he married that then princess elizabeth and $947.00 he was a promising young naval officer. it was a fairy tale wedding for a country emerging from will and hardship it all changed for the young couple when elizabeth's father king george the 6th died at only 56 years of age she became queen and philip in the words of his private secretary looked as if the world had fallen down on his naval career ended along with his independence prince philip was sort of forced into making huge sacrifices he was very much a man's man not someone who was going to naturally fall into the position of playing 2nd fiddle and walking 2 paces behind his wife and calling him a man in public and so on. and so began life in the queen's shattered hundreds of
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engagements to gear he did however manage to find time for his own charities helping young people like conserving wildlife very energetic a problem solving sort of scientific cost of mind so there is a sort of you know on the positive side the attributes that people of moderate. sometimes you know his his detractors would would would say that you know some of his forthrightness could come across as rudeness philip did have a reputation for embarrassing and politically incorrect remarks whether he was being rude about the chinese or indians or swearing at photographers often a sideshow to formal occasions yet even though an air of racism hung over him a staunchly royalists u.k. media generally forgave him he was certainly given a much easier ride than politicians politicians who tend to make a racist or an offensive remark in this day and age 10 to have to apologize a couple of days later because so much pressure on them but i've never known
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a prince philip to apologize for a mark and i remember once he won it over after said to an aboriginal leader to still throw space at each other and i saw him do this in australia in 2002 and the next day he came over it made front pages all over the world and he just wanted over to the trouble with you is you've got no sense of humor the complete absence of humor so he was going to apologize his retirement from public duties came in 2017 with a sendoff from the royal marines. whatever the faults his 60 years of public service was of mobbed by many people. while their marriage was said to have had its ups and downs in the couple's younger years prince philip remained dedicated and supportive to the queen she'll receive immense sympathy from a british public known to view her with respect and affection was
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cross a life night see rory chalons he joins us from london rory many people paying tribute to the chick of edinburgh and they're emphasizing his long and loyal service to queen and country at this time. yeah i mean marrying the queen in 947 had a long long time ago he lived a great many years and a lot of those years were put in to service as one of the pillars of the royal family one of the most important institutions of the united kingdom and of course the commonwealth around the world as to whether the u.k. is going to be united in its attitudes to prince but it would of course it isn't this is a country which has you know republican leaning is from certain sections of the population i think many young people of the left wing press will perhaps think that it is passing needs no more or less mourning than the death of any 99 year old man
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but certainly in the right wing press ups more conservative older britons they will be i think treating him with a lot more reverence going into his various quantities and mourning him over the coming days and weeks and of course we will hear the kind of things that well the kind of things from the british governments that we have just heard from boris johnson and we can we can listen to his his comments now. prince philip earned the affection of generations here in the united kingdom across the commonwealth and around the world. he was the longest serving consort in history one of the last surviving people in this country to have served in the 2nd world war kate mattapan well he was mentioned in dispatches for bravery and in the invasion of sicily where
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he saved his ship by his quick thinking and from that conflict he took an ethic of service that he applied throughout the unprecedented changes of the post-war era. like the expert carriage driver that he was he helped to steer the royal family and the monarchy so that remains an institution indisputably vital to the balance and happiness of our national life. the rory the event is very all the time at the age of $99.00 so this will be a great shock to many people and of course these funerals are plans years in advance but nobody really could have forseen the fact that prince philip would have died in the middle of a global pandemic how are they going to hold this pomp and pageantry the royal sendoff for the country is still unlocked. well i think it will
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be a very different funeral than the ones the palace organizers will have been preparing for pre covert of course since covert hit they have had to come up with a plan b. and what's been a plan b. ones entailed is the kind of things that we're used to seeing in royal funerals professions through the streets crowds lining those streets waving flags packed in tight be next to each other perhaps the coffin lying in a cathedral with people processing past it and paying their respects that is most likely going to be impossible at the moment in the u.k. because of code restrictions funerals are limited to 30 people maximum now that is going to endure i think for a least a few weeks perhaps another couple of months or so so if we have prince philip's funeral within that time it is likely to be much much smaller much less public than
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the organizers had been hoping for so it is almost certainly going to take place at windsor castle and be attended by a much smaller number of people perhaps just close family of course it will also raises questions about whether family overseas are the moments prince harry and a mega markel who have had their differences with the royal family as we know over recent months whether they will be in attendance these are questions we don't know the answer to yet ok very chalons that live from london rory thank you very much indeed. well let's take a course of the the life of the chick of edinburgh prince philip was born on june 10th 1921 in core foods a greek and danish royal families here is known as prince philip of greece and denmark which uses mother's ill health philip moved to england in 1928 and was
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raised by his maternal grandmother and uncle in 1942 he became a self the tenants in the british royal navy and was promoted to 1st left talents an executive officer aboard the h.m.s. wallace he participated in the allied landings in sicily during world war 2 on the 20 s. 19 $147.00 he married princess elizabeth westminster abbey becoming the juke of edinburgh less than 5 years later phillips naval career ended with the death of king george the 6th sense of the service ascension to the throne in 1979 his uncle will implement baton was killed in an ira bombing in arlen's on june 10th 2011 philip celebrated his 90th birthday and became the oldest serving while consorts later in life he suffered from various ailments including a chest infection a blocked coronary artery and bladder infections and in august 27th seen he
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attended his final official engagements before retiring from public life well let's get more now from wild biographer christopher wilson he joins us on skype from cornwall cornwood rather in the united kingdom it's good to have you with us on the news are. just so it's hard to get the life of a 99 year old especially one married to the reigning british monarch and see approximately a minute 30 seconds but there's a long and storied life many achievements many impacts on so many people how do you think he will be remembered not just by those in the u.k. but also worldwide. well i think. he is a person who has actually saved the house of windsor and in my view the queen when she came to the throne was still in her early twenties and she needed
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a strong guiding hand behind her she needed somebody who would support her and separate her from the old course who who were alone of course years who have been around for many many years and didn't want to change the british royal family needed to change radically in the post-war period and it was philip who came in with that dash dash that he's got. that helped change things and of course he ruffle a lot of her that she made a lot of enemies doing this but in so doing he modernized the house of windsor which would otherwise have been a very much more difficult situation his mother in law the queen mother who had been queen elizabeth 2 the previous king king george the 6 was a conservative backward looking figure determined that she should have control of her daughter who in this was and managed to brush her to one side and
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allow queen elizabeth to be her own woman and that is really his greatest contribution at the grable his his life and as we're hearing attributes come again from presidents and prime ministers around the world is life really has been defined by service and royal gizzi but he did have a very distinguished military career of his own it must be very difficult to. to set that aside for a rule that which he spent most of his life walking several paces behind this wife . it broke his heart he thought that he had a good chance that king george the 6 queen elizabeth's father would live at least for another 20 years it would give him a chance to rise up in the royal navy he was an enthusiastic sailor military man he enjoyed the challenge the manly world the being on
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a ship at sea demanded and he was particularly good at it he was competent at it and to suddenly have this career ripped away from him and then as you say to have to walk 2 steps behind the woman that was his wife was very difficult what i will say is that he was born royal and he knew that if you became a prince consort but that was your job to step behind. quite a bit he he fulfilled that g.t. he never wavered from its much as he would have liked or disliked it he carried that rule and function to the very end and he was an important. support for queen elizabeth not just in the rules he performed but also to help her steady the ship through what's been quite a turbulent reign and has to be seen there all family has endured many challenges not just the abdication the death of princess diana and it's seems as going through
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another turbulent time right now with the story of prince harry and meg and marco. well he was able to discipline people as they were to call on the queens of origin the queen said you have to run my family for me because i'm. running matters of state and so he was able to keep a relatively strong discipline on the younger royals i mean things happen you know princess diana prince charles you know the difficulties that they have had with but surely all children. you can't you can't escape that in any family but what he was able to do was he was able bring up an order and discipline so that if something went wrong the somehow create corrective could be made. simply because he would knock heads together he would insist that the royal family came 1st and even if you were
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a prince or princess your duty was to the crown to the queen if you like but to the crown that's your job that's what you do and he was a wonderful sort of major figure in that way. biographer christopher wilson thank you so much for for setting light and giving more context to the life of the juke of edinburgh who has passed away at the age of 99. let's move to other news now i'm heading to myanmar where there are reports of tense fighting the security forces cracked own on protesters rescue workers say at least 4 people have been killed in the southern city of by a goal but local media reports say the death toll could be higher rights groups have recorded $614.00 civilian deaths since the military to power in a coup at the start of february the armed forces have also impose new internet restrictions on most military has also pushed back its promise to hold an election
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within a year they're going to go at the moment you are going to the state of emergency most are you over within 2 years and the elections must be held within 2 years we must hold elections and transfer power to the winning party in the election. and international pressure is growing on the military the un envoy for myanmar has arrived in bangkok with hopes of talking to the generals who are refusing to meet her on thursday the u.s. imposed sanctions on myanmar as maine state owned gen company as an important source of income for the generals the u.k. has made an offer of safe haven to myanmar's former ambassador church amin was locked out of his embassy in london on wednesday after criticizing coup 18 ambassadors to the country of called for the restoration of democracy in a joint statement said let's cross over no lives he's got hired lawyer he is
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covering developments in bangkok for us and scott there's an awful lot to talk about here lots of developments happening at the same time let's just start with the things inside the country were hearing reports of armed combat between the military and arms protesters and this is coming at a time when the military really is opting the and c and and shutting down the internet within the country to to make it harder for people to organize. yes it is and you know this is an area called boggle and that's where we've been kind of focused today friday and it sounds as though you know we knew that the protests there started quite early in the morning this is kind of the the m.o. now for the protesters in the civil disobedience movement people they go out kind of early because there is anticipation as we've seen that the security forces will crack down crack down hard and quickly so they do it earlier in the days so to
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hopefully have a little bit of time for their protest movement there was a crackdown about going as you mentioned. because of the situation with the difficulty getting information out of myanmar social media is really a source and a resource as well as the local media and what we've been hearing is at least 4 people were killed there some social media saying it's probably going to be a lot more at the end of the day now what's interesting about this situation and this is something we've seen earlier in the week it appears as though again this is anecdotal information and photos we've been able to see on social media and local networks and they are showing local media they are showing bits of r.p.g. rocket propelled grenades and that they say the security forces are using on the protesters so that is something that that's an escalation of sorts we saw earlier in the week that is because now they're using heavy your arms if you will other than rifles and guns and rubber bullets and tear gas they're using essentially
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r.p.g. that's used against other military forces so that is kind of upping the ante and that's why there is concern that these casualty numbers numbers could increase. and . this is all happening within a context of incredible pressure you're seeing a pressure coming from the outside the u.s. is putting is putting sanctions on money spending industry for the military and yet they don't seem fazed by any of this pressure a toll they're even toppling in and delaying will to collections for 2 years how do you explain that. it's very interesting when you look at you know kind of the history of the military rulers the generals inside myanmar there was a dictatorship essentially that right was run by the military for decades inside myanmar and they were cut off essential from the rest of the world except a couple of allies including china that and they were they were sanctions then but
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they were able to get away with with carrying on the country that was through some of these mechanisms they have now that are conglomerates like selling gems that to the united states is putting sanctions on now to try to leverage economic ways to get them to talk to open a dialogue but the problem is that because they're so used to because they're deft at dealing with sanctions that's the problem moving forward so yes even though we've seen this kind of ongoing increase of sanctions against the from mostly western nations they're used to dealing with this and that is why we're looking at maybe with those sanctions kind of a mid term slash long term leverage what the international community is trying to push forward now is short term leverage they want them to join to to sit down and start talking about what can be done to stop the violence and when you look at these kinds of sanctions it doesn't seem like it's really going to do that and
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there are some other ways that some of suggested it need they need to focus yes the gem industry is quite large in myanmar but there's been a focus on the energy in the oil sector which is the biggest revenue stream for the justice so there's talk about focusing on that but then also most importantly that is those allies that have worked with me and more over the decades including china including russia there the nations that can really put that kind of leverage economic and political to get the jump to to find they have some type of dialogue to stop the violence and to move things forward who will be keeping a close eye over the coming days but for now he's got to hide though that life for us in bangkok thank you scott. there's plenty more still ahead on this news hour including we look ahead to the presidential election in believe in what hundreds of used cars have been abandoned at the border with nigeria and a sport full here for the 4 time olympic champion who is already making plans for
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the 2024 games in paris. the latest round of talks to revive the landmark 2015 nuclear agreement between iran and world powers of ended in vienna all sides have agreed to resume negotiations next wednesday president joe biden says he's ready to lift sanctions and reverse donald trump's decision to pull out at the deal in $28.00 scene but 1st oceans of what surrounds it returns the full limits imposed on its nuclear program the iranian president says the go see a sions are on the right track and the iranian foreign minister has tweeted saying iran proposes a logical path to foo j c p u a compliance us which caused this crisis should return to full compliance 1st iran will reciprocates full and rapid fire for cation all tromped sanctions were and c j
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c p u a and must be removed without distinction between arbitrary designation well let's say. the saw by adults are but wolf he's in philadelphia he's an associate fellow at johns hopkins university it's great to have you with us on the news are here where in these negotiations several is talking about time who moves 1st would you say has the upper hand. i don't think it's well 1st of all i disagree with you a little bit about a matter of having the upper hand right now the 1st thing that we need to keep it in keep in mind is that today we're going to hear back from the 2 working groups on the measures to revive the deal you know which sank in should be lifted and which of the rons violations should be reversed that's that's critical we need to keep in mind also that both sides both iran and the united states have fairly printed his
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domestic political constraints to deal with joe biden has to deal with cross-cutting cleavage is. that involved you know on the one hand there are progressive's that are in favor of what you would call compliance for compliance which favors lifting all the sanctions in exchange for iran coming back into back into compliance with the deal and on the other hand there are some there are hawkish elements both within his to own party and favor and there are other elements that favor you know a you know basically a return to trump's failed maximum pressure policy within iran we know that there are hawks shell myths that are favored basically favor. you know completely walking away that favor at a minimum maintaining enrichment and even in favor of pursuing bomb we also know
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that this is been accelerated due to the fact that i mean closer and closer to the closer and closer to the elections so. both sides have some leverage some leverage. so that should those reports catch to remember so i don't so thank you very much for having me on oh you're more than welcome we do appreciate all the expertise especially in this difficult issue to to decipher but as you say both sides. are 6 having to deal with domestic politics at home in the u.s. joe biden has won the election he's going to be there for the next 4 years in iran there's a much closer deadline coming up so there is certainly a time pressure that's more on one side's than on the other is that going to impact will sort of outcomes we can expect in the coming days and weeks it's going to impact it but remember something in the reining in elections the supreme leader
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ayatollah khomeini basically gets to choose who gets to run a technically speaking the guardian council who plays the formal role in basically determining who gets to stand on the on the stage in the elections but you know it's the supreme leader who really calls the shots now as we've seen in recent days you know there's always been this hypothesis that there's going to be and i argee see your pasta run coup the presidency however. it caused a riot doesn't seem it will get its act together and in the past with the exception of general bacon all of these guys from the os to run have been abysmal candidates i mean you i mean you look at each one of the people. you know they've run before and they've only gotten a percent the other thing is that i have. to excuse me this supreme
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leader. has you know it has the ability to cut the you know cut them down to size so he has an incentive to want to prevent some of these hard liners. wanting to come in just to keep a check on the past to right now the positron is always been about to be the most hard line we're going to say shoot with in iraq we could talk for days about it's own in you know the divisions within the asteroid so but the point is is that this supreme leader can use the elections as a signaling device as to whether or not he wants a deal or not so far people like chobits agree and president rouhani have been have been very smart about the way they've used the upcoming elections as a form of diplomatic leverage in the talks or or in the. i should say in direct bargaining with the united states he has here quite right we could talk
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about this for days but sadly we are out of time but great to get your thoughts sets out to albert wolf there joining us from philadelphia thank you very much indeed thank you. for a quick check on the weather here's efforts in. however there they whether sloshy set fabric cross much of australia got a few showers into the southeast in kona not too much to speak of their sweeping away moving towards do you zealand dry weather coming back in behind i move out of the way we have to dangerous systems making their way towards that western side of a western australia has to travel cyclons a lot it's a link together a very close together interacting with one another in what is known as the food wara effect in the tray that's going to sink its way further south which as we go through sad stay very close to the coast there and then come come to sunday odets like to get drawn into soraya and they will make its way towards those coastal fringes so we're looking at damaging winds some very very heavy rainfall flooding
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is certainly on the cards large waves pushing through and high tides and that's hitting an area that's not used to seeing tropical cyclers so there will be widespread disruption system just runs towards the north of perth as we go on through monday definitely want to watch over the next few days largely dry there is a sort of course a good part of australia some showers along the spells of right moving towards new zealand some wetter weather to coming in across the good parts of china we have got clear skies and sunshine for the korean peninsula and japan. still ahead on al-jazeera ukraine's president heads the don't dast region as tension builds on the border with russia. and sport the surfer who landed this move to hit number one in the world rankings. planet earth
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a wondrous diverse ecosystem but human activity is the escalating climate change and posing an x. the stench of threat in the lead up to us to al-jazeera grant special coverage documentary discussions and reports exploring the consequences of our actions and inactions and showcasing ways in which some are seeking to turn the tide a season of programming exploring the climate crisis ahead of earth day on al-jazeera. the climate has changed every year for millions of years decades of talk good little action it's all about distraction create confusion to create smoke and mirrors the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically subverted the oil industry was a main bankroller or opposition aquatic the campaign against the climate do you think that's a bad thing more suited wishers of the same absolutely coming soon on al-jazeera.
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oh. this is al-jazeera quick reminder of our top stories this hour prince philip the husband overrating british monarch queen elizabeth has died it's 99 years old and all family has answers and official. warning periods like at buckingham palace since flying at half staff. there are reports of fighting a security forces crackdown on protesters in myanmar rescue workers say at least 4 people have been killed in the southern city of fargo local media reports say the death toll could be higher. and the latest round of talks to revive the landmark 2050 nuclear agreements between iran and world powers and yet i have an end date
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all sides have agreed to resume negotiations next wednesday. it's been another nice of street violence in the northern island capsule belfast. this is a place where they disperse the really. protests or 3 projectiles at right police who responded with water cannon at least 1000 officers were injured you know the rest began a week ago it's mostly been blamed on pro british youths tensions have been simmering caused by breck's a trade issues and they got worse after a decision not to prosecute republican politicians for violating a coronavirus longtime. ukrainian president's vote amir's olinsky has visited soldiers on the eastern border his presence there comes at a time of heightened tension with russia so in basra the reports. of. a president in the trenches meeting soldiers on the front line rallying the troops
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for battle but it was nothing but a very the ukrainian leader donned a wartime look for his visit to donbass in the east where russian military buildup along the border came after weeks of fighting with russian backed separatists domitia yes just as almost there is an escalation indeed in the donbass region we can see it servicemen can see that commanders in chief and commanders can see that we understand that our boys are targeted by snipers who are 26 killed service me. military do everything possible to defend our country and to hold ceasefire but when our soldiers are attacked and when there are casualties it is clear to everyone that the army responds. russian equipment and thousands of personnel are on the horizon russians are tearing out military drills along the border and pro russian rebel fighters are taking up positions in urban areas who are going from both sides seem primed for war the united states is increasingly concerned by
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recent escalating russian aggressions in eastern ukraine including russian troop movements on ukraine's border russian now has more troops on the border with ukraine than at any time since 24145 ukrainian soldiers have been killed this week alone these are all deeply concerning signs. in a phone call with russian president vladimir putin german chancellor angela merkel tried to deescalate tensions and asked him to pull back leaders in moscow warned kiev they see calls to speed up ukraine's nato membership as provocative and that russia might have to step in to defend russian speakers in the east once again. we afraid to move our armed forces and any units across the territory of russia at discretion and secondly you cried it's turning into a potentially very unstable region again and any country that has an unstable explosive region near its borders surely types the necessary measures to ensure its
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own security. war in eastern ukraine 1st broke out in 2014 it ended with russia seizing the crimea region there's been a low level conflict ever since subsiding briefly last year picking up again at the start of 2021 the same bus ravi al-jazeera. the chinese government has launched a campaign to counter what it calls lies and this information about suspects as human rights abuses against we're muslims and she and john rights groups are calling on governments to boycotts next year's winter olympics in beijing katrina you reports from the chinese capital. spectacular landscapes and chinese hand and we get people living peacefully side by side to be cicle wings of song portrays should dump province as the chinese government wants the world to see it it's part of an intensifying campaign pushing back against international criticism of its
4:38 pm
treatment of the muslim ethnic minority news coverage is aiming to discredit negative reporting have been held in china the u.k. and australia who decides it should be the choice to do with china ugly become a tool choice. beijing is facing mounting pressure for reported human rights abuses against the readers with research is pointing to evidence of the internment of up to $1000000.00 people in reeducation camps torture and forced labor and sterilization human rights groups and politicians in the u.s. canada and the netherlands say this amounts to genocide the e.u. and the u.k. have sanctioned officials and should join the international community cannot simply beijing denies the accusations saying the camps of occasional training centers and strict measures are part of its antiterrorism program responding to separatist violence a state media series on the subject debuted last week that ad lists
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a chinese should junk charm offensive is counterproductive. and the rest this is all about. r r r and. on the ground the stakes are high for china's leaders who are counting down to the opening of the winter olympic games in beijing in february we get activists are calling on governments to boycott the event sometimes consumers are pushing back with boycotts of their already punishing foreign companies including swedish clothing. for raising concerns about the use of forced labor and shin junk textile factories beijing is run tightly controlled tools of the northwest and province for so-called friendly foreign diplomats and media but the u.n. commission of human rights says the chinese government needs to provide unlimited access to the region to prove it has nothing to hide katrina you al-jazeera. the nigerian army says 10 soldiers and an officer have been killed in an attack in
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central states they were deployed there to tackle local armed groups the past 6 years hundreds of people have been killed in violence between farmers and cattle herders in the region. jeb bush he's president says he's very confidence he'll win a 5th term in office. is mel margolis star cast his bar in the capital around a quarter of a 1000000 people are registered to vote it's in the horn of africa nation who's been power for 22 years is only one challenger main opposition have boycotted the election for more on this we can bring in iran as more in china in nairobi he's a former vice chair personal of the african union commission and is the chairman of the african capacity building foundation thank you so much for joining us on the news our stock much of election really is everyone appears to be boycotting it do
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you see this election playing at or don't you very much. well. i think. that the blanket is very much unfortunately because. no credible really but is and has been a given other than the fact that perhaps many germans here is mired. apart so the writing on the wall that he was not going to be able to make a dent. is known as one decent actions since 1990 in 2000 and. 2 dozen men and women to dance and then 16 so there was no really any indication see that anything has changed that would. jam into his presidency and therefore i think the logical reason was then to throw
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in the towel or before the fight. oh ok what were we we are able to ask their possession at this time we don't have anyone available to to dispute that but what is clear is that you pretties a very special case is it not it's a very strategically important location it has many military bases base there many countries are have an interest in seeing political stability in the area how do strategically important would you say it is to outside nations to have the current president remain in post that is a pattern and observation and you are right that you putting. possible to location where it is in there one of the ticker is embedded to. that region and a sort of stability in djibouti is paramount and the peace and security of the
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region to good is also as you know. but. oh dear we've curates we have technical issues and. air us this more inches are you still able to hear us sir it does appear that we have lost the skype link there with erastus more when she joining us from nairobi which is unfortunate very much of like to hear his thoughts on the strategic importance of the country and how this plays in to the current selection ongoing in djibouti i will try and reestablish that connection at another time for now let's see if we can move on to another story we'll head to key tube in the night which is gearing up for a presidential election on sunday it has one of the strongest economies in west
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africa a pandemic is having an impact there the eastern border with its biggest trading partner nigeria has been closed for the past 18 months a measure greece found that's meant for traders in the commercial border town of summer. has been selling 2nd one cause for more than 10 years in. a border town between binny and nigeria. he says he's never lost so much income as he did in the past year. we are totally pamela used ships that were supposed to bring in god's aren't coming as they used to those who buy from us are gone many employees have lost our jobs lives so hard for everyone involved in this business most of our clients nigerians we don't see much of them these days they come and see has lost its value and it's no longer profitable for them to buy. what i preach been in the imports $25000.00 cars a month while the vehicles are meant for countries like malaysia chardin booking
4:45 pm
a fossil 80 percent of them end up in nigeria. but this was the impact of covert 19 and an 18 month long border closure by nigeria been in recorded a 2.3 percent growth. the slowdown is in commerce transport agriculture and hospitality industry. is an important maritime help for many west african countries like booking a fossil chad and the general public a substantial part of its revenue comes from car goes of cars like this but in the last year revenues on exports have snow covered 19 nigeria shutting its borders these cars have been sitting here for months waiting for buyers. important supplies medical equipment to clients and binny me and beyond is as prospects for recovery are bright. with so many vaccines now in play there is hope that the 1000 pandemic can be contained quickly
4:46 pm
this will help revive business activity. but it's the poor mostly affected incomes and jobs have disappeared for many inflation has also doubled from 0.9 percent in 2019 to 2 percent last year still one of the lowest in the region but rising employment and poverty are raising concerns about an economy that's the envy of many countries in west africa. on the bin in nigeria border. the european union's drug regulator has launched a review into a possible link between johnson and johnson's coronavirus vaccine and blood clots b.m.a. says it's had 4 reports of 4 cases one of them fatal one occurred during a clinical trial and 3 during the vaccines rollouts in the united states germany's
4:47 pm
health minister is calling for a nationwide lockdown after a surge in corona virus infections fund says the measure should last for as long as a month intensive care units across germany are filling up fast and there are concerns if that continues it could overwhelm the health system corona virus infections in india have hit another record for a 3rd day here they 132000 new cases were reported on friday the nation is battling a 2nd wave of covert cases which is far more aggressive than last year's initial outbreak so korea is free of posing bans on makeup karaoke bars and nighttime entertainment facilities is still the case counts and i had a 3 month high and you restrictions are set to come into effect on monday last for 3 weeks japan is raising the coronavirus alert level in talk you into a low tougher measures to curb it spread ahead of the olympic games factions have
4:48 pm
been surging in the capital raise alert status although tokyo's governor to mandate shorter opening hours for bars and restaurants the measures are due to begin on monday and continue for the next month. brazil has reported more than 4200 deaths on thursday the highest figure yet health systems in states across the country are at breaking point with many already overwhelmed. iraq is banning some food imports in an attempt to support its own farmers but there are doubts if the move will help local production some one of 14 reports from baghdad. iraq's been harvest is in full swing and to support local farmers the government has imposed restrictions on imports of been some 23 other agricultural products during harvest season the absence of cheap competition from
4:49 pm
iraq's neighbors iran and turkey has allowed farmers to get better prices but it's not enough to scale up production to meet local demand. lessen it out idea because a lot but who knows tractors we need to use water pumps if the government was put us we should provide which are too expensive and your boy. farmers should be entitled to subsidise seeds and fertilizer but in reality they can be difficult to obtain if you don't have good connections within the government there's also no proper irrigation system which means these farmers struggle during the summer. there's one water park from the tigris river that recently everyone just comes and taps the park to divert the water when we don't comply and nothing happens. productivity the ministry of agriculture wants to attract investment. but the lack of stability in iraq is the fact that the agricultural sector investment has been slow we'd like to rely on investment and technology to improve develop
4:50 pm
production in terms of quality and quantity. but the government's protectionist policies risk alienating current and potential investors turkey imports around $2500000000.00 worth of agricultural produce each year but it also has direct investment in the sector the potential investors will look into it very few of the requirements and. conditions in the market but 1st and foremost of course they will look into the inflow of goods they will need some inputs to saw i don't think that any potentially western would like the idea of let's say facing. or raising of terri. in an unpredictable menu. but in the markets of baghdad you can find some imported vegetables highlighting
4:51 pm
the government's limited ability to control its own borders produce is still being smuggled in from neighboring countries these terrorists for example have been crossing illegally from neighboring iran a trickle down the price traders say the price hikes have reduced the amount of many people struggling to afford basic necessities. so you want to hold the al-jazeera about. still ahead on al-jazeera will have the scored for you or will tell you more about it's the go for with plenty to celebrate the 1st major tournament of all the season for oh we'll explain after the break.
4:52 pm
the and the the all.
4:53 pm
it's time for the sports heroes far thanks so much overnight leader justin rose has just teed off his 2nd round at the masters the english man is 4 shots clear at the 1st major of the season after many of the world's best players have problems at the augusta national course and he richardson reports. justin rose has a u.s. open title and the olympic gold medal in his back catalogue but the masters has so far eluded him that a 7 under par opening round of 65 has put the englishman 4 shots clear at the top of the leaderboard. a finish that had looked unlikely for the 40 year old when he was over after 7 holes. you can't win the golf tournament today in the 65 because when it's
4:54 pm
a day you can only probably lose it's a day obviously and i was very aware then couple over through 7 that things were you know didn't hit the panic button yet but a kind of reset just prior to that and i just thought if i can get myself back around even par you know that be a good day's work. jordan spaeth arrived in a gust to having just won the texas open a triple bogey on the 9th wasn't in his master's plan. but the 2015 champion was able to regain his composure and he finished on one under par was. defending champion and world number one dustin johnson is to over. well price and to schaumburg stated aim of overpowering the course didn't quite
4:55 pm
work out he finished up on for over. 4 time major champion rory mcilroy hit the same score on his own father's leg with this way which shots perfect shot of his dad's trip. but i think he was ok i don't think it in a little way walked away pretty swiftly so that was our it. england's tommy fleetwood wasn't having a great day and so this happened on the 16th. was. a hole in warm movie came up to 2 over par on the richardson al-jazeera. and the n.b.a. the miami heat v the l.a. lakers as le bron james missed his 10th game in a row due to injury jimmy butler scored 28 points from miami while victor all the depot added 8 teams are leading the heat 112104 when the lakers have
4:56 pm
now lost 6 of their last 10 games and dropped down to 5th in the western conference . coronavirus has resulted in the trial of blue jays making some baseball history canada's only major league franchise have become the 1st team to play home openers in 3 different cities over 3 consecutive seasons border restrictions mean the blue jays are based in need of florida for now last season the jays played home games in buffalo they lost the sauteing against the only actual 75. japan has raised its coronavirus lower level in tokyo in an effort to curb infection rates ahead of the olympics organizers are still hoping that the torch relay can continue and test events can take place next month olympic qualifiers and diving and to stick swimming could still be staged in tokyo american gymnast simone biles has handed paris not tokyo maybe her last olympics the 4 time gold medalist has 2 french coaches who are pushing her to stay
4:57 pm
in the sport until the 2024 games. honestly right now my knee is the only big gains and then after i have been touring that we've put together so i'm really excited to go around the us the girls and do that $36.00 city tour in afterwards i'm not so sure because seal and moronic are from parents and so they've kind of means at least being a specialist in coming back but you know the main goal is 2021 olympic stars tour and then we'll have. another athlete talking gold in tokyo as surfer chris some more the american pulled off this air reverse move at the world a surf league event in australia it earned her the highest single wave score of the event so far helped her move up to number one in the world rankings surfing will be making its olympic debut in japan. ok and that is all your sport for now back to you hala thank you very much indeed a far away that brings this news to
4:58 pm
a close with you keep it here on al-jazeera i'll be back with you on the other side of the break see you then. in the midst of war a generation grew up in exile more than 13000000 syrians that top the pre-war population remain displaced inside and outside the country and as the conflict enters its 2nd decade with no political settlement in sight there could be further displacement home for many has been informal camps like this in neighboring countries in lebanon's bekaa valley life has been one of poverty and uncertainty. syria's economy is collapsing and international aid organizations are warning it is pushing millions deeper into poverty many are jobless and hungry the united nations says 60 percent or $12400000.00 syrians don't have regular access to enough food
4:59 pm
despite the battlefield being largely quiet for a year. aid agencies say the daily suffering of syrians is worse than it has been at nearly any point throughout the conflict and the hardship has not stopped at syria's borders. oldham's rightwing government and the catholic church are the very best of friends the curse supports the government the government supports the church the critics claim they both draw power from demonizing others they find an enemy in them and try and scare the people with that and it's not by the all the jews. but have recent changes to abortion laws pushed the public too far. people in power across the gates poland's church and state alliance on a 0. the athletes are larger than life but the world of sumo wrestling is shrouded in secrecy one on one nice gets rare access inside a sport where ancient tradition meets modern scandal on al-jazeera.
5:00 pm
be the hero the world needs right now. washington. prince philip the husband to old britain's queen elizabeth has died at the age of 99. we give thanks as a nation and a king to the extraordinary life and look at prince philip you could. know that i'm how the markets ian and this is al jazeera live from doha also.


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