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tv   Al Jazeera Investigations Generation Hate P2  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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truth about how the climate debate has been systematically subverted the oil industry was a main bankroller or opposition aquatic the campaign against the climate do you think that's a bad thing more suited it was fears of the sea absolutely coming soon all al-jazeera. britain's prince philip the husbands of reigning monarch queen elizabeth the 2nd has died. my. father i'm how my hitting and this is al jazeera life and doha also coming out where most military says elections will be held within 2 years as it shuts down internet across the country. a push for locked in germany to deal with a rising number of covert 1000 and factions and believe it's overburdened health
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care system. and supporting farmers in iraq the government steps in and bans exports to help local production. while we begin with breaking news france philip the husband of reigning british monarch queen elizabeth the seconds has died he was 99 years old on their golden wedding anniversary the queen described him as her strength and stay also known by his title the duke of edinburgh philip spent more than 70 years by her side under sentence takes a look back at his life. he was by her side throughout the longest brain of a monarch in british history the prince for the duke of edinburgh it wasn't only a marriage but on the life of service to his wife couldn't sit with the 2nd ball
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into greek and danish royalty philip had a lonely childhood. he was taken under the wing of the british aristocracy when he married that then princess elizabeth and $947.00 he was a promising young naval officer. it was a fairy tale wedding for a country emerging from will and a hardship it all changed for the young couple when elizabeth's father king george the 6 died at only 56 years of age she became queen and philip in the words of his private secretary looked as if the world had fallen down on his naval career ended along with his independence prince philip was sort of forced into making huge sacrifices he was very much a man's man not someone who was going to naturally fall into the position of playing 2nd fiddle and walking 2 paces behind his wife and calling him a man in public and so on. and so began life in the queen's shattered hundreds of
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engagements to gear he did however manage to find time for his own charities helping young people like conserving wildlife very energetic a problem solving sort of scientific cost of mind so there is a sort of you know on the positive side the attributes that people of moderate. sometimes there you know his hit his detractors woods would would say that you know some of his forthrightness could come across as rudeness philip did have a reputation for embarrassing and politically incorrect remarks whether he was being rude about the chinese or indians or swearing at photographers often a sideshow to formal occasions yet even though an air of racism hung over him a staunchly royalists u.k. media generally forgave him he was certainly given a much easier ride than politicians politicians who tend to make a racist or an offensive remark in this day and age 10 to have to apologize a couple of days later because so much pressure on them but i've never known
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a prince philip's apologize for a mark and i remember once he wanted over after said to an aboriginal leader to still throw space at each other and i saw him do this in australia in 2002 and the next day he came over it made front pages all over the world and he just want to dive into the truck with us you've got no sense of humor the complete absence of humor so he was going to apologize his retirement from public duties came in 2017 with a sendoff from the royal marines. whatever the faults his 60 years of public service was of mobbed by many people. while their marriage was said to have had its ups and downs in the couple's younger years prince philip remained dedicated and supportive to the queen she'll receive immense sympathy from a british public known to view her with respect and affection.
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for the british prime minister boris johnson paid tribute to prince philip from downing street prince philip and the affection of generations here in the united kingdom across the commonwealth and around the world. he was the longest serving consort in history one of the last surviving people in this country to have served in the 2nd world war a cape mattapan where he was mentioned in dispatches for bravery and in the invasion of sicily where he saved his ship by his quick thinking and from that conflict he took an ethic of service that he applied throughout the unprecedented changes of the post-war era. like the expert carriage driver that he was he helped to steer the royal family and the monarchy so that remains an institution indisputably vital to the balance and happiness of our national life.
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it's a very challenging joint says live from london and rory we heard there from the present prime minister of attributes are already being pays and emphasising has a long life and very much has devoted service see his country and his queen. yeah absolutely and i think it will be. obviously his his loyalty to his wife that will probably be the thing that is remembered for 1st and foremost but you know as andrew was adequately saying in is report there in his a big tree there were many other things that prince fit it was known for not not pleased of those being his gaffes and the controversial things he could say but you know charity work that you could edinburgh awards a naval promising naval career that was cut short of course you know it will be the queen his lifelong companion who will feel this most severely and
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we have just got a brief note from the palace which is from the queen herself saying that it is with deep sorrow that her majesty the queen announces the death of her beloved husband his royal highness the prince philip of duke of duke of edinburgh his royal highness passed away peacefully this morning at windsor castle further announcements will be made in due course the royal family joining with people around the world in mourning his loss now we understand that the queen is going to go into a period of mourning for 8 days. jury in which time there won't be any royal assent given to bill's going through parliament or anything like that and then for perhaps a month afterwards we won't see much of her then either be the question remains closed what's will happen with regards to a funeral because all of the plans that had been laid out for 'd
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a. time and now that the u.k. is still in its lockdown the plans for a proper funeral have had to change and now you know you won't get any of these kind of big processions through the streets it's unlikely. you won't have a time where the call. and lay there in states and have people come in process past and see it there won't be any military parades or of what about you in the u.k. you still have a situation where funerals are limited to a maximum of 30 people and that is changing next week but i think still there will have to be a big limit placed on the kind of funeral that we're likely to see happen for prince philip when it actually comes to be that time person interesting point that you raise worried because of course royal funerals are often planned many months years decades in advance and we do know that prince philip placed in acts of rule
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in it and planning his own remembrances but it's important also to remember that these funerals and ceremonies are not just for the individuals of the family but for the nation will the nation be reacting to the news that prince philip has died at the age of 99 because he was a long standing member of the family one with a controversial controversial or utterances as we heard in that package but certainly one who was beloved by the british public. yeah i mean i think you know you can you can ask many different britons what they feel about the role family and you'll get many different replies it's not a uniform supports across the population by any means but i think by and large the u.k. population is in favor of the monarchy and does hold the senior members
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of the royal see the queen and for me prince philip of course with a great amount of respect so even in those parts of the population that are not inherently royalist i still think you'll have views that are sympathetic towards the queen obviously for a personal loss you know there are parts of the country that don't care at all but you know this will be a country that is i think in. and at some a state of mourning for that for the next month or so is not likely to be the same kind of mourning as we saw back in 1907 when princess diana died i think she was someone who chimes much more with a greater section of the population than perhaps prince philip has done over his years but still this will be a country that is feeling the loss indeed it will every challenge from now live from london thank you very much in deeds will we can i speak with royal biographer
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christopher wilson who joins us from corn who is in the united kingdom because everywhere there is here on al-jazeera we were discussing this earlier was really chalons and showing our viewers pictures live pictures of buckingham palace where people are already it has to be said starting to gather there how do you think prince philip will be remembered. well i think with great affection particularly marks the old generation remember he served in the 2nd world war and there are still many around who are of the generation if they didn't serve more war then you know they owe their safety their livelihood to those who did serve. and he was a heroic figure and in that respect i think it's easy to look up to him whether you see him wearing all these uniforms on his decorations that sort of thing or just
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look at him as a man as a survivor as a person news had to fight hard against the critics who accused him of racism we heard that. and of not suffering fools gladly that sort of thing so i think a bit very interesting to see quite the depth of. commit the nation has to wards giving him a decent send off because we do hear it's interesting you mention for older generation they will certainly really relate to his history his service younger people through the generations will recognize of course says charity work that you can vet and reward scheme formulated to help shape and mold the children of the nation the really is an awful lot to touch on through a 99 year history but one of the things many people turn to is how important
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a steadying support he was for the queen during turbulent times we heard the reference to the death of princess diana that was a very turbulent time but it has to be said the royal family is certainly going through another turbulent time right now and this time her majesty is facing it with that it's. her husband's and her concerts. i think that the difficulties which the british royal family are facing present are evident in recent years prince philip's influence has waned i mean. at the outset he came from a royal family which would be kicked out of its own country and he realized right away when the queen actually took to the throne but things have changed he was a progressive thinker he was a modernizer he was somebody who realized that that the royal coach however
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glorious it looked was in need of great repair and it was he who set about changes i mean after all royalty is is to many an outmoded concept but somehow managed to bring it forward so that it retain much of its majesty but the same time look more want stayed in tune with the present generation but as the years ago on and course you know i mean the entity is 90 years year and he went into his ninety's the influence that he had the discipline he was able to exercise over other members of the royal family waned and i think that we can see the results of that in the present conflicts which are within the war found in our. and in terms of. doctors know about the charity work that that you can vet and birthdate because. it's often difficult for a man who was you had this distinguished naval career to take
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a step back so he could supports the queen bit less it just be remembered for his role of support he did give a lot back to the united kingdom through his charity work talk to us about the impact he had on the country at large. well he became the patron or supporter of many different disparate groups he was at heart an environmentalist he was very keen on seeing early on that something should be done to right the planet which in his view was going in the wrong direction and so he devoted some of his thoughts to that he was also but he was all a very sensitive man you do not think women that way but he was a gifted painter and so therefore he supported the arts and because he himself been a serving officer what he did was he rallied the many people who'd also served in
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the armed services during war after war and sort of gave his particular attention and support to that so overall he had a broad range of interests he tried her and he worked very hard this is the other thing too which one must remember you don't think people behind palace walls being served by servants and having a jolly good time and having long holidays and all that sort of thing but actually he had an inner discipline that made him want to get up every morning and do something and then a discipline that many admire and certainly a long and storied life there will be paid tribute to in the hours days and indeed weeks to come but for now thank you so much indeed for sharing your insights royal biographer there christopher wilson joining us live there from the united kingdom. let's turn now to other news and 18
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foreign ambassadors to myanmar have issued a joint statement calling for the restoration of democracy well this in response to myanmar's ambassador to the u.k. being ousted show sure minos locked eyes of the embassy in london and removed from his poll staff to criticize unfair bureaus coup the u.k. says it is allowing him to temporarily stay on and minimize military is also pushed back its promise to hold an election that now says it will let the country vote within 2 years previously it's a had said it would carry out its the elections within one. way and forces have been intensifying their crackdown by imposing more internet restrictions and near information blackouts that will make it harder for people to get images showing violence like this i miss of the country to reporters has more now from bangkok. this is from a joint a spokesman saying that the election will be held within 2 years interestingly in
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this press conference where they announce that within 2 years they'll be election they also said that that the government should be back to normal business as usual relatively soon all the ministries will be back doing their jobs and this they say because they view the protest movement as winding down as that they're not as many people going out now obviously that is not the case because we are seeing protests today we've seen protests every day we know that there's one that has turned deadly near yangon at least 4 people have been reported to been killed other reports on social media say it could be much more than that so those protests are still going on they're not as big as we saw maybe several weeks ago but they are still going out there and this is kind of the government's way the junkers way of trying to put a spin on it if you will they also went on to say that that there is fake news circulating that they are viewed as not viewed as the leaders in the international
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community that they are not the legitimate leaders of the country by the international community they say that there's fake news saying that they that there's an opposite opinion out there's a very interesting a lot of kind of spin going on in this press conference to be expected from the spokesman the latest round of talks to revive the landmark 2050 nuclear agreement between iran and world powers have ended in vienna all sides have agreed to means you negotiations in the same location next wednesday president joe biden says he's ready to lift sanctions and reverse donald trump's decision to pull ice if the deal in 2018 but 1st washington won't soon run to return to the full limits imposed on its nuclear program the arabian president says the goosey asians are on the right track said baik is keeping an eye on the iranian reaction in the capital to her on . the iranians have said that they are serious but if they see that the other side isn't serious then there won't be a reason to continue those talks that there is some tough language coming out so
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far the iranian delegation the iranians position hasn't really changed they want all sanctions lifted before they make any steps in terms of their nuclear program and that's partly because they have to come back here to iran to discuss with the supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei who is a spiritual and political leader of the country because he will be he will be the one that finally signs off on any agreement but also the internal politics taking place there's a presidential election coming up in june president hassan rouhani his term will come to the 2nd term will come to an end and he doesn't want to be remembered as the president that resided over a failed deal and he was unable to deliver on his promise of lifting getting those u.s. sanctions lifted that that issue of the nuclear deal is expected to play play a major role in those presidential debates and the reformists are going to be attacked by the conservatives in the conservatives who dominate parliament they were never for the agreement in the 1st place so yes the president has been rouhani
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has said that he's optimistic but the final decision will will rest with the supreme leader voting is underway in djibouti 73 year old the smell of margot there his seeking a 5th term in office he's been in power for 22 years position parties have only causes the vote. djibouti says so on one of the world's busiest trading routes across africa and the arabian peninsula and it hosts several military bases which means foreign powers watches politics very closely catherine soy reports. many people in djibouti say they already know who will win the election president is smile on mark galley has been the country's leader for 2 decades and he's hoping for another run he changed the constitution in 2010 scrapping time limits while also introducing an age limit of $75.00 he's now $73.00. his political
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rallies with a campaign platform of continue to have been attended by thousands of supporters he says he still has much to accomplish in this country of 1000000 people. we are a small country we need to regroup to build our country and to share benefits but also continue to defend peace in our country he is a desert nation but strategically placed in the horn of africa and on one of the wards b.z.'s trade routes is that a crossroads between africa and i reagan peninsula and the president has exploited this geographical advantage by investing heavily in ports and other infrastructure his plan is to transform djibouti into africa's largest trade and logistics hub the country has also attracted foreign military bases including the u.s. several from europe china and japan but many g. bush owns are poor and unemployment rates are high the president has also been
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accused of cracking down on his opponents in the past few years something this man wants to change zaccaria is only challenger he's an independent candidate and widely seen as a political novice who has not been campaigning march. is challenging for me to compete again is the president because he's been in power for so long but i believe in the promises are making to the people the big government as never really purities them all the other more established opposition leaders have boycotted the poor claiming it will not be free and fair. face potus last year but analysts say any opposition is fragmented and disenfranchised catherine soy al-jazeera then argyria an army says 10 soldiers and an officer have been killed in an attack in central benway states they were deployed there to tackle local armed groups in the past 6 years hundreds of people have been killed in violence between
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farmers and cattle herders in the region and in the north and could do interstate 5 students have been released after they were kidnapped from a primary school last month the attack was the latest in a string of abductions and schools in northern nigeria a total of $39.00 college students were taken by armed men the remaining 29 students are still in captivity. germany's health minister is calling for a nationwide lockdown after a surgeon coronavirus infections young man says the measure should last for as long as a month he also wants night time curfews intensive care units across germany are filling up fast and there are concerns if that continues it could overwhelm the health system stephanie decker is in berlin and says germany is grappling with how to handle its i break. the numbers have been steadily increasing and there's really no uniform decision or policy when it comes to lockdown of course germany is ruled by
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decentralized federal system so you have 16 states they're all in charge of their own health system so what we've been seeing out of her exam just to remind you charles for i'm going to mark old school for a strict lockdown over easter while she went back on that 24 hours later apologizing to the german public so what you have right now is a situation where there is no uniform lockdown decisions people are frustrated even speaking to germans who will tell you that nothing is clear one day they say one thing when next day they say the next so this is now what's being debated and i think interestingly under merkel was supposed to be meeting with the leaders of the 16 states on monday that's been postponed however there does seem to be agreement that perhaps the central government will be given more powers when it comes to imposing lockdown rules on the states if the numbers of corona virus infections go over a certain number that is going to be put to the cabinet on tuesday but certainly the bigger picture here is one of very little control over what is an increasingly
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. you know pandemic the 3rd wave the warning was i.c.u. beds could run out in the next month if the lock downs didn't get imposed. south korea's reimposing bans on nightclubs karaoke bars and night time and sustainment facilities is still the case cancer nyota 3 month high the year restrictions are set to come into effect on monday and the last for 3 weeks. north korea's leader has acknowledged his country is facing what he calls the worst ever situation partly because of the pandemic can joe made the comments during a meeting of the governing party he compared the challenges to the famine 1990 that killed hundreds of thousands of people came also blamed economic problems on u.s. led sanctions and last year's natural disasters. there's been another night of street violence in the northern ireland capital belfast this is a place where. the really. processors 3 projectiles that riot
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police who responded with water cannon began a week ago it's mostly been blamed on progress issues youths tensions have been simmering caused by bracks a trade issues and they got worse after a decision not to prosecute republican politicians for violating a coronavirus long time ukrainian president vladimir alinsky has visited soldiers on the eastern border whose appearance comes at a time of heightened tension with russia a buildup of russian troops along ukraine's border last week has been causing concerns for kiev and its european allies and the united states iraq is banning some food imports in an attempt to support its own farmers but there are doubts over whether the move will help local production some wonderful teen reports from baghdad. iraq's been harvest is in full swing and to support local farmers the government has imposed restrictions on imports of beans
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and 23 other agricultural products during harvest season the absence of cheap competition from iraq's neighbors iran and turkey has allowed farmers to get a better prices but it's not enough to scale up production to meet local demand. because a lot but it's about as trucks as we need to use water pumps if the government or support us should provide which are too expensive for me to buy. farmers should be entitled to subsidise seeds and fertilizer but in reality they can be difficult to obtain if you don't have good connections within the government there's also no proper irrigation system which means these farmers struggle during the summer. there's one water park from the tigris river that recently everyone just comes and taps the pot to divert the water when we don't complain nothing happens. productivity the ministry of agriculture wants to attract investment. but the
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lack of stability in iraq is the fact that the agricultural sector investment has been slow we'd like to rely on investment and technology to improve and develop production in terms of quality and quantity. but the government's protectionist policies risk alienating current and potential investors turkey imports around $2500000000.00 worth of agricultural produce each year but it also has direct investment in the sector the potential investors will look into it very few of the requirements and. conditions in the market but 1st and foremost of course they will look into the inflow of goods they will need some inputs to saw i don't think that any potential unrest through would like the idea of let's say. your raising of terry. in an unpredictable menu.
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but in the markets of baghdad you can find some imported vegetables highlighting the government's limited ability to control its own borders produce is still being smuggled in from neighboring countries these terrorists for example have been crossing illegally from neighboring iran a trickle down the price traders say the price hikes have reduced the amount of many people struggling to afford basic necessities. the wife of the al-jazeera look at. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines prince philip the husband of reigning british monarch queen elizabeth the 2nd has died he was 99 years old also known by his title the duke of edinburgh philip spent more than 70 years by her side re chalons has more from london. the queen is going to go into
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a period of mourning for 8 days. during which time there won't be any royal assent given to bill's going through parliament or anything like that and then for perhaps a month afterwards we won't see much of her then either the question remains of course what will happen with regards to a funeral because all of the plans that had been laid out were for a pre-code time and now that the u.k. is still in its lockdown the plans for a proper funeral have had to been changed. 18 foreign ambassadors to myanmar have issued a joint statement calling for the restoration of democracy it's in response to myanmar's ambassador to the u.k. being ousted from in was locked eyes of the embassy in london and removed from his post after criticized in february is coup the u.k. says it's a loan him to stay on temporarily. and their most military is also pushed back its
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promise to hold an election now it says it will let the country votes within 2 years previously it had said it would carry the merits within one. latest round of talks to revive the landmark 2050 nuclear agreements with you know iran and world powers has ended in vienna all sides have agreed to resume negotiations in the same location next wednesday so far the u.s. and iran have been communicating in directly. forcing is under way in djibouti what 73 year old is smell on margaux there is seeking a 5th term in office he's been in power for 22 years in opposition parties because of the vote germany's health minister is calling for a nationwide lockdown after a surge in covert infections and sponsors the measure should last for as long as a month was the headlines witness is next.
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fighting nato us gone and combating climate change finding ways to protect all life on our planet earth life coming soon as the ceroc. when the news breaks here in windsor with to see if maybe this is the main bridge completely underwater when people who need to be hurt 1000 people staying in these tents just a stone's throw from the us mexico border and the story needs to be told. the whole sky is full of them with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports al-jazeera has teams on the ground to the house of abraham to bring you more award winning documentaries and life. after more than 30 years in power charts president idriss deby is no seeking a 6th term voters will make their choice on april 11th but with much of the opposition barred all boycotting the election on the people expect change join us
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for special coverage jobs child focus on the jersey or. the latest news judge need to see there will be no closure until justice is served as the identities of those behind the list of bombings are revealed with detailed coverage there's something else significant about this plot that represents an invisible dividing line between the wealthier and the poor from around the world the man who knelt on his neck in his friend the week in a minneapolis corporate board the selecting jurors to decide if he should be convicted of murder. it's made to look like a city from the sky but they're fishing vessels just outside of argentina's exclusive economic zone. the united states launched operation southern cross to combat illegal and regulated fishing in the southern atlantic argentina's coast guard say their main task is to control their movements so they do not cross into
4:00 pm
arjan time territory from this form are gentile forty's can monitor what's happening in its economic explosive zones but what authorities here are saying is that what's important is talk regulate what's happening in international waters. this is al-jazeera. over there i have a huge scene and this is the news hour live from doha. prince philip the husband so persons queen elizabeth has died it's he was 99 years old. we give thanks as a nation and the king to the extraordinary life and look of prince philip.


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