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you should channel. plus thousands of our programs toward winning documentaries and in-depth news reports. subscribe to you choose forward slash al-jazeera english. or. day 2 of marathon talks to revive the iran nuclear deal set to resume in vienna the us downplays expectations of an immediate breakthrough. hello i'm sam is a dan this is our just live from doha also coming up. 3 imposes more internet restrictions making it more difficult for protesters to gather
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a rare admission by the north korean leader kim jong un says the country's economic crisis is the worst in decades. and healthy person subjected to what mr lloyd was subjected to would have died as a result of what he was subject to. a doctor testifies a lack of oxygen a novel drugs killed george floyd while he was pinned to the ground. talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal are resuming in vienna so far the u.s. and iran have been communicating in there actually european officials are relaying messages between the 2 hotels hosting their delegations president joe biden says he's ready to lift sanctions and reverse donald trump's decision to pull out of the deal in 2018 but 1st washington once around to return to the full limits imposed on
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its nuclear program the iranian president says the goshi asians are on the right track of the u.s. state department is cautioning against expectations of an immediate breakthrough. these talks have been described as constructive as businesslike as accomplishing what they set out to do. and that is true we would characterize it that way as well we would also help ever hasten to. not allow expectations to outpace where we are after all we have said this will be heart let's go live to bake in the iranian kath's so i said let's start with those talks what do we expect them to get into today well there are underway in the russian representative said that they won't last long the task is to take take to account what's been said
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and decide on the next steps now the chief negotiator one of the chief negotiators for iran has said that he's not in a position to say with a positive or negative but they're not negative and that they have been progressive and constructive now no matter what put forward today or what steps they decide the iranian negotiators would have to return to to iran and discuss with the supreme leader the spiritual and political leader of this country because ultimately that final decision rests with him but there's also the issue of how this will work iran hasn't seen taken a back step or step down from its position that all sanctions must be lifted and very fired by iran before iran takes any measures to reverse the steps it's taken in its nuclear program and also there's the political differences inside the country the conservatives who hold power in parliament they were never for the deal in the 1st place and they're not keen for it. and rouhani his term is coming to an
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end later this year and he's going to get a deal because this has been one of his major policy policies and he doesn't want to be the president that seen as residing over a failed deal and some of that wasn't able to deliver on his promise to get those u.s. sanctions lifted. now as just before those negotiations resume there's been an important development on south korea says iran freed one of its oil tankers and the captain iran sees the south korean flag ship in january accusing its crew of oil pollution there's been tension between the 2 sides after south korea froze $7000000000.00 of iran's money as part of u.s. sanctions so what is the official line if there is $1.00 on this is this officially a coincidence that the ship's being released as these talks get under way. well iran never admits that this is a political reason what iran's position currently is what we're hearing is that this ship had been polluting and the prosecutor has taken
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a look at the case and because this ship and its crew do not have any previous breaches they're allowed them to go and it does seem to be a coincidence that this is happening whilst talks are taking place in vienna but also iran is very keen to get its hands on the $7000000000.00 that's been frozen in south korea we also understand there's a possibility that the south korean prime minister may be visiting iran so on both fronts this could be a political decision but of course iran never admits that or leave it there thanks so much as the day me and miles military is intensifying its crackdown on protesters by imposing more internet restrictions and the near information blackout that means images of violence like these will be difficult to trickle out the joint has now limited fiber broadband service was the only way left for people to access the internet in some areas satellite dishes used to access international channels
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are being confiscated to an international pressure is growing on the military the u.s. has imposed sanctions on me and miles main state own gem company that's an important source of income for the generals. and the u.k. is made no offer of safe haven to be in march former ambassador cho charmaine was locked out of the embassy in london on wednesday it was removed from his post after criticizing february's coup and calling for the release of deposed leader aung san suu kyi let's go live to scott heiler in bangkok and scott we understand the military is giving a press conference what's the latest line from them. sami well the main one which is quite interesting is that they say this is the joins us pokemon saying in this press conference that they expect the government to resume operations fully very soon in this he said because he cited that the protest movement is waning not as many people are going out on to the streets across
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myanmar we do know that they still are going out across the $100.00 streets across me and mark obviously not the biggest numbers that we saw that when this really whole movement swell the couple of weeks ago but they are still coming out he said confidently that the government will start to get back to business as usual quite frankly now one thing that's concerning about that obviously is we are still seeing bloody crackdowns we have this week and there are some reports that could still be going on now but they say that they will get back to business as usual and also he said that trade with the with the country and its trading partners is also continuing as usual and actually he even said that there is fake news out there that some in the international community the international community at large really doesn't recognize the jones as the power leader inside myanmar he said that that was fake fake news that they are recognized as the leaders of the country so a lot of spin coming out of this press conference i would have to say particularly when it comes to that the government acts that he expects the government the joint
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expects the government to resume full operations that's with all the ministries and everything going back to normal and obviously with the amount of people who have been on strike for weeks months at this stage it's very unrealistic that they'll be back to business as usual any time soon considering that these protest movements and the strikes are continuing sammy. scul we've got some lines dropping right now as we're actually on the let me just read out one for our audience the main mahmoud tree is saying an election must be held within 2 years not one year and they're now saying election must be held within 2 years this is something of a change isn't it it is semi you know and you know that weeks after the days after the over they said that they were going to put together a plan a schedule that democratic elections would happen again and they said
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a year and that was maybe $23.00 weeks after the coup was staged on february 1st they said a year and then they started to back off any kind of schedule and left it very general that at some point soon you know the soonest possible time they will hold an election i heard the 2 year potential about maybe 4 or 5 days ago they said one or 2 years but really not nothing kind of official but i guess now they're saying definitely nothing's going to happen on the election front for 2 years and now that is you know more definitive schedule than we've heard in quite some time semi so i guess call this shows that you know even the new sanctions like the u.s. sanctions on the gym industry really not having much impact at least yet so far. not yet semi and one thing you need to look at when sanctions what kind of let's go back in history a little bit when the military when it was a dictatorship in for decades 7 decades there were sanctions from most western
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nations on anything coming out of her going into myanmar they survived that the way they survived that is a big partners big trading partners that didn't have sanctions and that's china that's russia and india so they were able to continue on even when there are very severe sanctions the sanctions we've been seeing over the last 10 weeks since the gentle took over you know these are sanctions that will hurt them at some stage but it's the partners that are imposing these sanctions aren't big trading partners right now and they haven't been historically so they won't have as much impact and when you talk about say for instance the the gem conglomerate sanctions that we heard from the united states treasury department that is more of a mid term long term impact obviously it does you know kind of tighten the screws when it comes to economic pressure on the joint to but it's not immediate and what's interesting is a lot of experts at the u.n. human rights council has said what really needs to be focused on is the largest oil
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and energy sector in myanmar that is the biggest revenue generator for the joint that's what should really be focused on when it comes to sanctions because it's the the top revenue generator that will have more economic leverage than say even though it does help say that the gem industry or at school hyla beth from bank of. north korea's leader has acknowledged his country is facing what he calls the worst ever situation partly because of the pandemic kim jong un made the comments during a meeting of the governing party he compared the challenges to the famine of $990.00 that killed hundreds of thousands of people came also blamed economic problems on u.s. led sanctions and last year's natural disasters alina is a specialist of north korea and the senior lecturer at the international college of management he joins us on skype from sydney good to have you with us so let's start with the statement there by germany how critical is the economic situation is
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this a repeat of the 1990s will hundreds of thousands of people die. i don't think that we can compare what happened 25 years ago in north korea it was a real disaster it was the culmination of the drama with the collapse of the soviet union the establishment of diplomatic relations between people the fabric of china and the united states of korea was north korea was part of an accelerator at the time there had not been a need elations with south korea and indeed hundreds of thousands of people if not millions die of starvation or fame in the related diseases nothing like that is happening right now are not career has been doing relatively well in the previous 9 years of him jiang in leadership since 2012
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for control and introduce a number of economic measures and reforms which permitted the country to. sort of make. some progress in production of food starts and manufacturing and international trade of course the international sanctions compounded the sufferings of north koreans during the last year the in the global pandemic. 318 wheeler state that the infrastructure and even the. even the last election in the united states led enjoyment without the use ally in the white house so it was bad news for north korea obviously kim jong un is he already apologized once last year during the korean workers party being appalled by telling the people that their sufferings. are unbearable when they.
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the korean workers party must take the brunt of their sufferings and that was repeated once again right in when you really get the latest suffering is it likely to continue if the covert situation. is one of the main reasons that allegedly derailed the 5 year north korean economic plan is that what is happening. yes absolutely of the korean workers congress. which was an ingenue american mike admit that the defeat of 4 of the 5 year economic plan and of course kim jong un understand that the pandemic is continuing this year and perhaps who knows how long that means that even the traditional allies are not really china and russia are helpful in helping the north korean economy because north korea simply completely isolated itself called the
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borders more than a year ago and does not permit anything to be brought into the country either legally or even smuggled into the country is now out of question are not great cannot sell things that go with the food natural resources because it's on the international sanctions which are continuing and there are no negotiations north korea simply refused to talk to joe biden the time and of course not not a great leader has. little options but just simply to apologize 1st and put in courage. the korean workers party staff for work harder consume less to make sure that people don't need to buy their belts again all right thank you so much for your analysis on that leonid petroff thank you for unless you know. still ahead on al-jazeera polls open in djibouti we'll have the latest on the
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presidential vote in the strategically important states in the horn of africa. but. how i once again we've got more heavy showers across a good parts of southeast asia a lot of you downpours into parts of thailand some heavy showers continuing into indonesia 61 millimeters of rain in the space of 24 hours that's nearly a month's worth coming down in next to no time then in the wet weather will continue baited more showers there into indonesia good russia showers there to across much of malaysia missing some wet weather just pushing back into southern and central parts of the philippines what's the weather will continue there for thailand around the middle a potential as we go on into sunday see some heavy showers from time to time into
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cambodia also pushing up into allow further south the showers there she can see into indonesia joining up with some heavy rain that we have just around the northwest of australia we got 2 tropical cyclons are rolling away here we've got odets to the north and then a little further south we have some roger that's going to continue making its way further south was given some course concern here because these 2 gradually going to link up interacting with one another through the roger affects us as it snowed in the trade that will continue to make its way towards that western coast of australia as we go on through sunday gradually making landfall late in the day. the usually margin in life but the world of sumo wrestling is shrouded in secrecy when east gets rare access inside a sport where ancient tradition meets modern scandal on al-jazeera.
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choosier. every. day watching our time to recap our headlines now talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal are set to resume in vienna president joe biden says he's ready to lift sanctions but 1st washington wants iran to return to the full limits imposed on its nuclear program. my in-laws military says there won't be another election
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for 2 years the armed forces have been intensifying their crackdown by opposing more internet restrictions and in the information blackout. there's been more disorder and fighting in northern ireland police fired water cannon to disperse protesters who threw rocks and petrol bombs anger about post briggs's trade issues have worsened other frustrations the white house has joined the british and irish governments in calling for calm. but i jus an army says 10 soldiers and an officer have been killed in an attack in central benue state they were deployed there to tackle local armed groups voting is underway in djibouti 73 year old is my alarm and gala is seeking a 5th term in office he's been in power for 22 years main opposition parties have boycotted the vote the small horn of africa nation is located in one of the world's
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busiest trading routes and is home to several foreign military bases catherine sawyer is following the election for us from the kenyan capital nairobi so the opposition are calling for a boycott of people enthusiastic about coming out to vote. well let me start by saying sammy that we have been told the president gala voted not too long ago and that many people who are in line many devotions who are in line waiting to vote basically are revolving a lot of the expectations around him because they say they're citing he's going to win this election and one of the reasons why and you've mentioned it is about this opposition boy court the main opposition leaders some of whom are out of the country in exile have said that they will not participate in this election because they do not believe that it's going to be free and fair and i mean analysts of talk
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to are saying even if this opposition leaders its opposite traditional opposition parties participated in the election in the last election they did not participate as well so even if they did did participate there would not be much of a difference because the opposition itself is fragmented and disenfranchised but there is one man who's challenging the president he's called zakaria far and he is basically a political newcomer he's a businessman and he is seeing himself or selling himself as a voice of the poor and saying that it's time for change and there are some people who agree with him saying that president has been in power for too long and perhaps now it's time for change but many bush and they are voting they don't expect any changes so they're just saying that going forward they hope that the president and his government is going to paris and is going to help them you know the cost of
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living in djibouti is extremely high so people saying that they don't want to be bad and anymore with this very high cost of living electricity costs a very high as well so they're just hoping for changes in you know the provision of their basic services thanks so much catherine. now it's emerged that 12 people some believed to be foreigners were beheaded in the hotel in most northern mozambique during a recent raid by eisel linked fighters regional leaders are trying to find a solution after a recent surge in violence has more solid confidence in the struggle was evident when islamic state fighters invaded the town of palma in march this hotel was raided to a police officer said he found the reception overturned and rooms littered with victims clothing if you say so but i'm assuming that's what it is much use in which
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people were murdered this is a hotel that hosted many foreigners at the time of the attack many foreigners thought it was the best place to find protection so they ran here because they had security but the insurgents were stronger they broke into the hotel and took 12 citizens of different nationalities were tied them up and beheaded them for o'mara showing journalists around the hotel he points to a patch of earth he said he buried the bodies here himself. this is only the latest offensive by eisel linked groups in mozambique and what has become an especially violent month. in a cordon aided attack insurgent seized pama this coastal town that lies close to a multi $1000000000.00 liquid neutral gas project it's crucial for the mozambican economy the assault claimed dozens of lives while the u.n. says more than 11000 were forced to flee. the northern province of kabul delgado has seen an increase in fighting since 2017 some believe ice a link fighters are trying to establish a caliphate here but regional leaders say they won't let that happen the recent
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attacks in the town of palma have recently demonstrated the magnitude of the problem at i want our steps on thursday a delegation of 16 southern african countries met to discuss the latest violence in mozambique the southern african development community or s. a d.c. is charged with finding a solution to the unrest in a tweet the president of zimbabwe said the summit agreed that the n.s.a. d.c. force should be resuscitated and capacitated immediately so that it can intervene the violent escalation of an insurgency in the north of the country has sparked fresh concerns about security in southern africa a region that has enjoyed relative stability and recent decades but with these recurring attacks hope is scattered leo harding al-jazeera. ukrainian president of all the mayor of lenski has visited soldiers on the eastern border his
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appearance comes at a time of heightened tensions with russia a buildup of russian troops along ukraine's border last week has been causing concerns for kiev and its european allies as well as the united states but russia says its military activity is defensive and has no plans to move into ukraine. i am i. a doctor has rejected suggestions george floyd's drug use and underlying health problems caused his death longer in critical care specialist dr martin tobin testified floyd died from a lack of oxygen while being pinned to the pavement with a knee on his neck alan fischer reports from minneapolis. focus on this this was a significant day in court a phase of testimony covering important medical evidence the 1st witness martin to
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open a doctor with more than 40 years experience a pulmonologist a breathing expect mr floyd died from a low level of oxygen and this caused damage to his brain that we see and it also caused. a rift that caused his heart to stop how mr floyd pinned to the ground restrained by police simply couldn't get enough breath to survive that pain forces that are going to lead to the shallow breath are going to be that he's turned prone on the street that he has the handcuffs in place combined with the street and then that he has a knee on his neck and then that he has a knee on his back and on his side dr toobin reviewed all the video and concluded that after he taken his last breath the police continued to pin george for it done for a further 3 minutes that's the moment the life his body the defense argued that drugs
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taken by george floyd was a significant factor in his death increasing his carbon dioxide level in his blood not so says the doctor what you're seeing is that the increase in his carbon dioxide that is found in the emergency room is so explained by part you expect to happen in somebody who doesn't have any ventilation given to him for 9 minutes and 50 seconds under cross-examination dr toben acknowledged he had a lot of time to analyze the events of may last year but derek chauvin was acting in reacting to events as they happened he dismissed some of the questions from the defense trying to poke holes in what was a compelling testimony throughout the jury paid close attention to the doctor many making notes the defense team including derek. a forensic toxicologist told the court there were traces of drugs. but nothing that was alarming the result to be
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consistent with a prescription. for . the final question for dr again can. drug use he said. overdose went into a coma 1st george floyd never did. at the trial in minneapolis. germany's health minister is calling for a nationwide lockdown after a surge in corona virus infections. the measures should last for as long as a month he also wants night time curfews intensive care units across germany are filling up fast there are concerns if it continues it may overwhelm the health system australia's government says it will purchase another $20000000.00 doses of
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the. vaccine because it now wants people around the age of 50 to get the job instead of astra zeneca the government has also highlighted very rare cases of blood clots and some people who took the astra zeneca jab this is likely to further delay the vaccination drive. corona virus infections in india have hit another record for a 3rd day nearly 132000 new cases were halted on friday the nation is battling a 2nd wave of coded 900 cases which is far more aggressive than last year's initial outbreak south korea is reimposing bans on nightclubs karaoke bars and night time entertainment facilities its daily case counts are now at a 3 month high the new restrictions are set to come into effect on monday and will last for 3 weeks the philippines has recorded its highest number of deaths from cope with 19401 people died on friday taking the death toll to more than
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14000 the world health organization has warned the philippines its health sector is being pushed to the limits it's facing the highest rate of infection for any country in the western pacific region brazil has reported more than $4200.00 deaths on thursday the highest figure yet health systems in states across the country are at breaking point where they are already overwhelmed. and let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal of resume didn't vienna president joe biden says he's ready to lift sanctions but 1st washington wants iran to root.


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