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it was know the importance of evaluating a skill that has come to that i have come generations of the generation. that did not want to be shot. day 2 of marathon talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal is set to resume in vienna the us downplays expectations of an immediate breakthrough. hello i'm sam is a band this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. the healthy person subjected to what mr floyd was subjected to would have died as
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a result of what he was a. doctor testifies that a lack of oxygen not drugs killed george floyd while he was pinned to the ground by police. rather reports of beheadings in last month's attack by isolated fighters in the oven mozambique and polls open in djibouti where incumbent president is seeking a 5th term in office. in the coming hour talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal are expected to resume in vienna so far the u.s. and iran have been communicating in directly european officials are relaying messages between the 2 hotels hosting the delegations president joe biden says he's ready to lift sanctions and reverse donald trump's decision to pull out of the deal
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in 2018 but 1st washington wants iran to stop reducing its commitments to the limits imposed on its nuclear program the iranian president says negotiations are on the right track but the u.s. state department has cautioned against an immediate breakthrough. these talks have been described as constructive as businesslike as accomplishing what they set out to do. and that is true we would characterize it that way as well we would also however hasten to. not allow expectations to outpace where we are after all we have said this will be hart let's go live to acevedo he joins us from the iranian capital tehran so given those kind of different messages what's the bottom line then all these talks making progress along. well it's really difficult
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to say because the negotiating team from iran is being very careful with the language and. she one of the chief negotiators for iran he said that he's not in a position to describe the talks as positive or negative negative he also said described them as progressive and constructive and iran's position still remains the same that they were all sanctions lifted and very fired before they begin to take any step back steps back in terms of their nuclear program that verification process could take some time iran wants to be able to sell its oil and exporting oil for that money to be re-used through the financial challenge to make its way back into iran and of course iran's or the banking sector under sanctions but as i said the negotiating team is being very careful with its language and that's partly due to the internal political situation inside iran there are many factions here you have presidential elections coming coming into play in june and this is president has harneys final term he will be leaving office later this year and he
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doesn't want to be remembered as the president that resided over a failed nuclear deal and he was able to deliver on his promise of lifting the sanctions and also the nuclear deal will play a major role in terms of those t.v. debates when that presidential election takes place it will be used by the conservative camp. and the reformists who are seen by the west and of course these terms are relative they were unable to deliver on it and of course the united states and the west know that their time is running out because many inside and outside the country believe that the next administration will be from the conservative camp and of course the parliament here in last year's parliamentary elections is dominated by lawmakers who are conservative who never wanted the nuclear deal in the 1st place so the united states could be faced with an administration that is less likely to talk but of course the final word rests with the supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei he is the spiritual them. can drive the country and that negotiating team will have to return to iran and ultimately
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convince him of what's on the table. well as said bear with us for a 2nd i want to get viewers caught up on an important development that's happened just before those negotiations resume that was south korea saying that iran is freed one of its oil tankers and the captain iran had seized the south korean flag ship in january after accusing the crew of oil pollution there's been tension between seoul and tehran over $7000000000.00 of the rainy and funds frozen in south korea as part of u.s. sanctions on iran so as to what's prompted the release of this tanker then well it's really difficult to say because iran will never admit that it's holding a ship for political reasons and of course as you mentioned there are the $77000000000.00 of iranian funds stuck in south korea because of u.s. sanctions that this could be a goodwill gesture from iran trying to show the united states and europe that if
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they take steps iran will also take steps we also could be because there is talk of the south korean prime minister visiting iran to discuss matters with president has rouhani and of course what iran's position is that this ship was polluting the waterways and because it didn't have any previous infringements the prosecutor allowed for its release and again this does come at a political sensitive politically sensitive time you go she is in vienna and are set to return but negotiations are set to continue i think next week to see what happens but ultimately. iran's position is still the same the same all sanctions must be lifted and very fired by iran before they take any steps to reverse what it has done in terms of its nuclear program. all right thanks so much. now it's emerged that 12 painful somebodies to be foreigners were beheaded in
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a hotel in mozambique during a recent raid by eisel finds his regional leaders are trying to find a solution off the recent surge in violence left holding reports follicle for the struggle was evident when islamic state fighters invaded the town of palma in march this hotel was raided to a police officer said he found the reception overturned and rooms littered with victims clothing if you say so but i'm assuming that's what it is much too soon which people this is a hotel that hosted many foreigners at the time of the attack many foreigners thought it was the best place to find protection so they ran here because they had security but the insurgents were stronger they broke into the hotel and took 12 citizens of different nationalities were tied them up and beheaded them for o'mara showing journalists around the hotel he points to a patch of earth he said he buried the bodies here himself this is only the latest offensive by eisel linked groups in mozambique and what has become an especially
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violent month. in a cordon aided attack insurgent seized pama this coastal town that lies close to a multi $1000000000.00 liquid neutral gas project it's crucial for the mozambican economy the assault claimed dozens of lives while the u.n. says more than 11000 were forced to flee. the northern province of kabul delgado has seen an encrease in fighting since 2017 some believe ice a link fighters are trying to establish a caliphate here but regional leaders say they won't let that happen the recent attacks in the town of palma have recently demonstrated the magnitude of the problem at i want our steps on thursday a delegation of 16 southern african countries met to discuss the latest violence in mozambique the southern african development community or s a d.c. is charged with finding a solution to the unrest in
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a tweet the president of zimbabwe said the summit agreed that the n.s.a. d.c. force should be resuscitated and capacitated immediately so that it can intervene the violent escalation of an insurgency in the north of the country has sparked fresh concerns about security in southern africa a region that has enjoyed relative stability and recent decades but with these recurring attacks hope is scattered we are hard in al-jazeera now voting is under way in djibouti 73 year old is my all men who is seeking a 5th term in office he's been in power for 22 years main opposition parties of boycotted the vote and small hole of african nation is strategically located in one of the world's busiest trading routes and is home to several foreign military bases catherine soy is following the election from the kenyan capital nairobi so how much enthusiasm is there 1st of all given everything that's going on there with the
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election. well we have about 128000 or so registered voters voting started about 3 hours ago people are waiting patiently in line but many of the ones that we're speaking to are saying that they are sighting of the outcome of the election the president is going to win because he doesn't have a stiff enough opposition so a lot of people are basically basing their expectations around him there are those who are saying that they want change in the country they were hoping that the opposition at least the main opposition would participate most of the opposition leaders have both courted this election some of them are in exile they say that they don't believe the election is going to be free and fair they say this is just like you know president gala electing himself they say that the
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process of the electoral process so far has been question a ball and that they don't trust the institutions that are running the election because this institutions are not not independent and they don't even believe that they will have recourse if they are to challenge the outcome of the election but we have one challenge of the president. he is a relatively new comer in politics a businessman he has not been campaigning much though i think he has only held 3 political rallies where he's saying that he is presenting himself as the voice of the voiceless the voice of the poor but then people really don't understand his policies or he's agenda he has not had a lot of interviews just to expound on what he is about but like i said the expectations are high the president in the last 20 or so years has based his
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agenda on all this development infrastructural projects because of how strategically placed. djibouti ease and all their trucks and it's getting from foreign countries and so one but people are saying that much of this things that he's done are not quite trickling in to them djibouti is a fairly easy is still a very poor country people are very poor unemployment rates are very high and the cost of living is extremely high but so people are really hoping going forward that the president and his government is going to parry ties them and just lessen the burden especially when it comes to the cost of living for it catherine sort of from the roving. eye. doctor has rejected suggestions george floyd's drug use and underlying health problems caused his death long critical care
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specialist dr martin turbin testified floyd guards from a lack of oxygen while being pinned to the pavement with a knee on his neck alan fischer reports from minneapolis. focus on this this was a significant day in court a phase of testimony covering important medical evidence the 1st witness martin to open a doctor with more than 40 years experience a pulmonologist a breathing expect mr floyd died from a low level of oxygen. this caused damage to his brain that we see and it also caused. a rift that caused his heart to stop how mr floyd pinned to the ground restrained by police simply couldn't get enough breath to survive that contain forces that are going to lead to the shallow breath are going to be that he's turned prone on the street that he has the
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handcuffs in place combined with the street and then that he has a knee on his neck and then that he has a knee on his back and on his side dr toobin reviewed all the video and concluded that after he taken his last breath the police continued to pin george floyd done for a further 3 minutes that's the moment the life whose body the defense argued that drugs taken by george floyd was a significant factor in his death increasing his carbon dioxide level in his blood not so says the doctor what you're seeing is that the increase in his carbon dioxide that is found in the emergency room is so explained by what you expect to happen in somebody who doesn't have any ventilation given to him for 9 minutes and 50 seconds under cross-examination dr toben acknowledged he had a lot of time to analyze the events of may last year but derek chauvin was acting
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in reacting to events as they happened he dismissed some of the questions from the defense trying to poke holes in what was a compelling testimony throughout the jury paid close attention to the doctor many making notes the defense team including derek. good to see a forensic toxicologist told the court there were traces of drugs in georgia system but nothing that was alarming the result to be consistent with a prescription. that he considered a low level of methamphetamine. the final question for dr toben again concerned. drug use he said that the fentanyl over dorce went into a coma 1st george floyd never did. at the trial in minneapolis. still ahead of al jazeera.
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the crackdown against protesters intensifies as the tree further isolates people the outside world. this is an epidemic from catch he has to stop president joe biden unveils how he plans to get u.s. gun violence under control. hala very slick in pretty quiet across central parts of europe at the moment now that's the good news in terms of the bad news i'm afraid it's going to turn cooler for many as we go on through the next diode say some brisk winds coming in around our area of low pressure up towards the northwest as well but at least those winds coming in from a westerly direction at the moment as we go on through the next hour so it will cool off here with say some significant snow into the southeast of europe from northern parts of cyprus pushing across into turkey cyprus upright not being see
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there will be more snow will cold air they're coming into a good part of the ankara just 6 degrees celsius wintry mix to just pushing across that's at least inside of here well snow to across scandinavia there we go with that cold west started to talk its way across northern parts of the u.k. so scotland temperatures no higher than about 7 celsius in glasgow on friday off there is a 12 for london one to some wet weather across much of western europe at 12 turns into a 7 by the time becomes a sad state as that cold air will continue for a little further south with wetter weather coming in across much of france in the low countries much of west you see some pretty weather wet weather as we go on through the next couple of days and some of that whether it will also affect the phone north of morocco a chance of one of 2 showers for an all in algeria. it's a very bleak picture for a lot of americans out there white supremacy impacts all of our issues you're
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putting more money into the hands of someone 1st taking money out of the hands of other workers their own goes to their camp it becomes us versus them this is the deal about constraining your nuclear program the bottom line the big questions on out is the. play an important role. ringback to move. the world. bottom back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap those headlines now talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal all set to resume in vienna president joe
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biden says he's ready to lift sanctions but 1st washington wants iran to return to the full limits and posed on its nuclear program voting is underway in djibouti years president this my long one seeks a 5th term in office in opposition parties have boycotted the vote. critical care doctor says a lack of oxygen not drugs killed george floyd when he was pinned down by police martin tobin testified at the trial of derek shows in the former officer accused of killing floyd. i mean mars militaries intensifying its crackdown on protesters by imposing more internet restrictions and the near information blackout and that means images of violence like these and difficult to trickle out of the country are jointer is now limited fiber broadband service it was the only way left for people
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to access the internet and in some areas satellite dish used to to use international channels are being confiscated more than $600.00 people including $48.00 children have been killed since the coup in february international pressure on the military is growing meanwhile the us has imposed sanctions on myanmar as maine state owned gem company that's an important source of income for the generals and the u.k. has made an offer of safe haven to be in mars former ambassador cho schreier minerals locked out of the embassy in london on wednesday it was removed from his post after criticizing fabrice coup and calling for the release of democratically elected leader aung san suu kyi let's go live now to scott heiler in bangkok start 1st of all with that escalating digital crackdown how is that impacting the protests. greatly sami because that is one of the
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main reasons main ways that they have been able to communicate with each other yes to organize the demonstrations to organize a civil disobedience movement but also to communicate with each other on what's been happening if people have been detained if anyone has any information about friends relatives colleagues family members what has happened with them so that it's a big blow to the protesters absolutely and as you mentioned you know we've kind of had this steady restriction on internet use and internet internet access straight 3 through since the since the coup took place on february 1st and as you mentioned sami the latest is the clipping of the broadband fiber optic broadband service into the country that is greatly greatly reduced has been greatly reduced over the last several days now we're saying now they are saying it looks like it's almost a complete halt you know digital data connections had been greatly reduced several weeks ago and again that also has been reduced considerably over the last several
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weeks so that's really a concern sami yes for the protest movement because they have very difficult time now organizing what they're going to be doing but as a communication medium for them to talk to each other not just about organizing the protest but how everybody is doing and where they are and if people have gone missing which as we know sami that's happening at a rapid rate what about the u.s. sanctions on the gem industry what kind of impact is that having on the generals and on the economy. well when you look at the economy of myanmar jet precious gems is a very big industry in the country particularly when you look at jade it is the world's largest supplier of jade and these 2 conglomerates owned by the joint to owned by the military connected to the military those are the companies that have been faced with sanctions by the united states government now the government in the us has kind of steadily ratcheted up these sanctions that at the beginning of the
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coup just after the coup i should say they targeted people generals themselves and family members and then they took a step back and more at the entities that they own these generals and the military at large and so this is just another step down that path where they're trying to really put pressure economic pressure directly on the joint through these sanctions but it needs to be said 7 when you look at the military and how they have been able to operate in past times under sanctions as well it will have an impact but what is it really going to do how quickly i should say is it really going to do something that curb what we're seeing on the streets across myanmar that is the big question now you know you have other countries who have also implemented sanctions but it really comes down to those countries that have dealt with the jump to directly over the years over the decades and that is china that is india and that is russia when you look at sanctions the pressure the economic pressure that those sanctions will hopefully put on the jump that it really needs to come with those nations who have
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a great deal of business both militarily and just based on the economy and more that's where you really need to to be able to tighten the screws and so far that hasn't happened in those countries it's the countries that obviously have been coming out western nations primarily coming out saying that something needs to change and they're trying to do that through economic means. good stuff the bank all. now there's been more disorder and fighting in northern ireland police fired water cannon to disperse protesters who threw rocks and petrol bombs anger over post brags that trade issues have worsened all the frustrations the white house has joined the position our government irish government's i should say in calling for calm. he's calling it an epidemic and an international embarrassment now president joe biden has outlined his 1st moves to reduce u.s. gun violence he admits the measures are limited and he will need the support of congress to achieve more ambitious goals
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a white house correspondent kimberly how it has more. in the absence of meaningful gun control laws passed by congress and in response to recent mass shootings in the states of georgia and colorado u.s. president joe biden unveiled a series of executive actions to curb gun violence gun violence in this country is an epidemic and it's an international embarrassment the executive actions include regulations and so-called ghost guns weapons assembled from parts that lack serial numbers purchasers of void background checks so when they show up at a crime scene they can't be traced also prohibited pistol stabilizing braces reportedly used by the mass shooter last month in colorado and red flag regulations allowing families to petition the course to confiscate weapons if a person is deemed dangerous i have held hands. with the hands of parents who have
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lost a child gun control advocates see the executive actions as an important 1st step but not enough the notion that somebody can walk down a city street in my hometown richmond virginia with an assault rifle attached to their back is just you know unacceptable and unnecessary as a senator biden helped pass legislation to ban assault weapons back in 1994 but it expired 10 years later he's urging congress to act to reinstate the ban the 1904 act had a positive effect on public safety enforcing these actions if confirmed biden's pick to head the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms david chipman he's a former federal agent but also a gun control advocate making his nomination controversy with firearm supporters. biden took on his conservative critics arguing his actions do not infringe on
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a person's 2nd amendment right to bear arms under the u.s. constitution the idea is just bizarre to suggest that some of the things you recommend are contrary to the constitution the u.s. president is also calling on congress to pass laws ending immunity for gun manufacturers make it possible for victims of gun violence to sue gun manufacturers in court joe biden calls this one of his top priorities can really help get al-jazeera the white house the u.s. has voiced more concern about reports of human rights abuses and atrocities in the theo piers to grave region fighting there is killed thousands of people also in jordan has more from washington d.c. . the u.s. has decision to add 152000000 dollars in emergency humanitarian aid for the people living in the t. grey region of ethiopia is coming with
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a warning for the leadership and address ababa this is net price the state department spokesperson the ethiopian leadership knows just how serious we are it is a message. the leadership has heard directly it is a message we have relayed. different channels different messengers but again the message has been consistent our concern for the reports that are emanating that have emanated from gray we have made no secret of that we have gone to tremendous lengths to provide to make available i should say humanitarian assistance while the bite ministration says it's growing increasingly worried about the reported number of human rights violations in the t. grey region officials say that what they're seeing does not yet rise to the level of genocide.
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housetraining as government says it will purchase another 20000000 doses of the pfizer biotech vaccine that's because it now wants people on the the age of 50 to get the pfizer a jab instead of astra zeneca the government has also highlighted cases of blood clots in some people who took the astra zeneca job but this is likely to further delay the vaccination drive. corona virus infections in india have hit another record for a 3rd day nearly 132000 new cases were reported on friday the nation is battling a 2nd wave of covert 1000 cases which is far more aggressive than last year's initial outbreak south korea is reimposing bands are nightclubs karaoke bars and night time entertainment facilities infections are rising daily case counts are now at a 3 month high the new restrictions are set to come into effect on monday and last for 3 weeks brazil has reported more than 4200 deaths on
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thursday the highest yet health systems in states across the country are at breaking point with many already overwhelmed and another round of restrictions is come into effect in argentina's capital as it struggles to contain a record number of new infections on the side of us and its surrounding suburbs recalling more than 14000 cases on thursday new measures include a nighttime curfew and the closure of bars and restaurants from 11 pm the restrictions will be in place until the end of april people living near a volcano on the caribbean island of st vincent are being ordered from their homes as it shows signs of erupting roughly 16000 live live rather in the so-called red zone around los wolf where the volcano.


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