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tv   Al Jazeera World Mirko Graorac - Trial and Error  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2021 9:00am-9:56am +03

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when to say is what we want and if you don't say it when i go what you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera. who came the bell in doha with the top stories on al-jazeera brazil has recorded its highest single day total of coronavirus deaths more than 4200 fatalities were reported on thursday hospital intensive care units in most states a filling to capacity the president jaya both scenario is ignoring calls for a national lockdown. venezuela has extended its lockdown measure as daily infections reach levels not seen since last year doctors say the number's a much higher than reported so far venezuela has only received 750000 vaccine doses
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from russia and china the government says it's because of u.s. sanctions or straightly is government will purchase another $20000000.00 doses of the fire as a bomb tech vaccine that's because it now wants people under the age of 50 to get the pfizer jab instead of astra zeneca the government has highlighted cases of blood clots and people who took the astra zeneca jab but this is likely to further delay the vaccination drive which has already been criticized for inefficiencies. a critical care doctor says a lack of oxygen not drugs caused george floyd's death when he was pinned down by police martin turbaned testified at the trial of derrick show that the former officer accused of killing floyd last year. and it's because of the positioning of the handcuffs at the back there and how he's manipulated with the handcuffs by both the officer sharp and by officer king the manipulate the handcuffs and they're pushing the handcuffs into his back and pushing them high then on the other
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side you have the street so the street is playing a crucial part because he's against the hard ass farts 3 so the way they're pushing down on his handcuffs combined with the street his left side and that's particularly the left side we see that it's like the left side is in a vise it's totally being pushed in squeeze the from each side president joe biden has announced measures to tackle gun violence which he says is an international embarrassment to the u.s. they include an order targeting that of those that are self assembled and untraceable the changes are relatively minor and by the will need the support of congress to achieve tighter restrictions votes are being counted in the 1st ever push to unionize at an amazon warehouse of the u.s. state of alabama final results may not come out until friday but so far the numbers
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indicate workers have rejected forming a union more than 3000 people cast their ballots amazon's been accused of unsafe working conditions and union busting which the company denies shepparton it has more from washington d.c. . it's not looking good for the union's $3215.00 votes what cost and at the end of vote counting on thursday there are $463.00 yes votes and $1100.00 no votes union there's a supporter you need 1608 yes of apes and looking at these numbers it does suggest that it will probably have what we're calling a final result pretty quickly on friday once the vote counting resumes but it's not really going to be final because we're expecting a great deal or wrangling to happen no matter what the result is either from amazon or from the union and in addition of a vote the i would leave the vote deadline was about 9 days ago we really got to the stage because we have
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a long process where i was on it seems has been objecting to hundreds of votes even being counted in the 1st place so if we got what's called what we're calling a final vote we get that on friday but if the number of ridge of votes that i was on has contested where it would affect the final result then we have to go into a long process that of all betray ssion of figuring out well should those votes be counted so this could go on for weeks if i guess likely to go on for weeks no matter who who wins what we're calling this final vote has been more disorder and fighting had northern ireland police fired a cannon to discuss protest is through stones and petrol bombs anger of the post breaks a trade issues have compounded the frustrations the white house has joined the british and irish governments in calling for calm at least 55 police officers have been injured since the unrest began almost a week ago. was the headlines i'll have another update for you here on al-jazeera right off to al-jazeera walt which is coming up next season.
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this is mere cool good elements. but he's lived much of his life in the croatian coastal city of split.
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he spent most of the bosnian war in the early ninety's in the village of bahrain looking after his parents but returned to split in march $994.00. in 1900 fine he was arrested by the croatian authorities and accused of being a guard at a concentration camp in northern bosnia. ok there's no there's an organised with great a particular help there's need to protect me to get out that that or be that they're running out a public of a book that i thought you know quite what do you have now to do and that would make i think too that that was and i think unless that's going to let the. medical get out at that late god you know donna you know that no no ticker to that you're going to. get up i think also know if we're to get off you need to get out you know because of the unique as well glistening subsequent am i not supported by your ok
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you know exactly which no deal abilities job gets lost the major not a lot but i've got news launching ability but i think that will be need but it quick serve on the east to go work as well as our total split 2 and then i would see it get out it's but it was not a bit one. but it's always protested his innocence. look at i mean some tools are mine actually essential meters that i bet it is michelle knight but as they build it as if it were good evidence of each other the battle somewhat i mean by any time i was just that a ball is not all that nevertheless in 1960 was put on trial for war crimes and sentenced to 20 years in prison later reduced to 15 that was a bit older than a soldier number on your medical get out at need obviously but i said to get bullet diet. president rabbani spoke so they'll split the medical get out at the regression a canadian you also deny. that i was going as that. grote served 9 years of his sentence but there's strong evidence that he may have been
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wrongly convicted. as long ago was 998 amnesty international published a report arguing that he's had been a show trial for grants and his legal team have so far failed to persuade any croatian court to order a retrial. for colorado. and be that there would be on the grounds i yet others what the marshal in fact was what i could out of here not a morning probably not unite us i will be as in the open for us but i will. they waste into ice and i'm going to have the thought of it out all i buy into. my hug and that ass here that all these models nikka that i don't see me a feel of toes or near. luxor and. probably a lot of it's a lot of it here i'll talk out the b.l.
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monohull often a much. who ees milko groks why was he accused of war crimes and what is the case for his conviction being unsafe. we examine the evidence and hear from the ground rods himself 25 years old as to why he has always maintained he was innocent. after the 1st world war the different states in the balkans region were combined into a single kingdom this was named yugoslavia in 1929. when
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the monarchy was abolished after world war 2 it became a communist country ruled by a president to use it but was tito until his death in 1900. and then the tensions between its republics which had similar for over 30 years resurfaced in a huge wave of nationalism. yugoslavia broke up in the yugoslav wars along its republics borders into 6 separate countries today's slovenia croatia bosnia herzegovina serbia montenegro and north macedonia plus the now semi autonomous territory of kosovo. 993 to 2017 the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia in the hague and tried political and military leaders for war crimes but other local
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authorities and chords also convicted people often along partisan and ethnic lines . and that may be what happened to miracle grants. he his friends and supporters claim he was nowhere near the manufacture concentration camp in the early ninety's there were. there was a lot of older will sell well so why are you with us or not as well. the interval one which are almost always worth your the rule of also which leg up was the really quite all show there is a truly was in a heath a wildly where michael. scalia's a poor fellow was who are you over there where there's a great body they're all there for up the fairies are well thought of us of only a couple a turtle with this period goes for whatever because where are you loyal but made
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you team coverage to be equal your ass people god was it what about the oh she had the rub because yes it was a miracle too but we quote we are all the angles on all you believe on or frequency or the home already without will where is what your part. o. or the hollow mission in economics to the scale he moved. when it gets a week a plaque was a 1000000 on jihad come to where. we are some or this town i don't know really a parade to show me an army parkway to follow a trail me all the security portals if you want the wheeler number which is the route the water use will be not for any all your real quickly telephone a result. was how i thought it was our house ion.
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majority you all the real theoretical bill were still as gifts that are. only old one card and what i do with them in a week or avoid a form for a marginal country or to sell overall so what actual sleep. followed. crystal. clear the oil toilet without being mixed somewhere where the property for the last little of use a. little girl much has own was maintained he was in his payments to the jew by mc between 19021994 but he still lives today yeah some o. the deal with their bellowing is a lot on the air the israel or the in question echogram peace me here isn't a c.b.o.t. point that's for control that may be still visited not the allow what was said
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police obviously that's caught up in nature not nearly the only coppola that that may be those that are gay then here below me les nabi movie was also the nikkei poneman h. o. glad that they don't want to show that they have it needs some ne. ne so near it was a real nice little hero pull that waiting for you to be in for bill voice as a true idiot a stone as a bonus as a nuclear although as an emo it's not just an e.d.p. for the bill before the house that he would use them in each evening here when he could he was assume i came over to wake up roll on it but you know without economic your nose you have. to solve a salary today marking a matter of law that runs a psychological on the thumb of the evidence almost 2 years to consider well so using a practical time on all kako isn't a studio time way of choices memories he does not use any process or all the
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thoughts and i couldn't see who demand our problem with our own is going to be funky business we get a sense to do so carelessly compress it because they're afraid possible to thompson . he was not on the suburbs while your id on the topic was you or your grandma go beat you up so you call her house almost equally cause the stuff because you don't know the spot t.w. to go on and on if you like i'll use more meat so any need the commodity when whole not just but it does the neck of a peanut. does the sister. made a spoiler so miss capone it was such a fake as fuck i would trust yeah showing him what i will cause pretend you know you and your family while many mouthwash a very malicious fantasy movie was. ahead of us we had to time what does seem like a moment appeared it is probably most appropriate what oswald would say. which is
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about him not me the more cynical. psychotic test. when the worst as i recall goes for me out on a course from now made scotty tassel play that asylum pickle grants a way that is. why a value because a yacht thorn is me i'm an odd the sleuth's i know the only man because a. lot so i know the bus what they do it because it will be. the other. then pretty much a new anthem it was awful awesome water that was a meal a bunch of musical bracci cause all sorts of people would call it would be all right. now what we were there were 2 adults i was out all the bugs the only
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somewhat tricky couple watching what they call total all the little oh yeah. you post anything the big one what did i want you to spew off but i called my just so was semi just those she was sleep on the something of an idea you know santa was a she said call him i was sort of such as a negative true enough b.s. about ideas i'm going. to actually kind of me some i. did make it back to split but the warnings of his friends turned out to be well funded. though so if i keep this why they said they were. never this path they're going to say that assad the pet this been with the. spirit so the pain just recently was water pouring chat's not when it's high so what's your view then i said big time of his life i avoid. putting chia what
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muscles know so what. mistah the same time if someone and. shelly asked said that i'm ok miss one religious philosophy has only lead to the worst but it wasn't the you guys not phone 7 what you're going to perform the sprint has was no one but i thought said scott they ask on a man how to connect and then they made a scene in a phenomena he shows what the show called don't want to name a nickel peppers i want to negotiate you go on this you deal with them and i thought schemes to be a distributor thought to be imposing new history of bill maher says i miss going to go to buy a city below demo 15 through a pious hill piously oh no bob. sockless cynic you have caused try to turn him away
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this are not from the audience of anecdotes i think i also want to point out of many pickups i may not not pulling enough it was out on the bus i'll be happy to tell you a nickname my nicky thanks cleo south you it was the g.o.p. it's idea if she was going to come you want to cynical over with this would be all on a comment on monopoly thunder ikaw to cause she's not the ports deal or we ice because i was ice climbing i had to arrange for bill on it and i want to show someone it falling enough maple cause an east coast if so pointed out how many i would nominate agogo to his chances or he chances who he chances. grunts was interrogated by the intelligence service of the coalition ministry of defense. in the tone court when that is over that he's built another place with some one cause that many copal evil but i call was not the os i want to shift your resume
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a window with her. yeah so carter who responded exposure to handle cocaine said go to the bottle see him cut a corporal was so going to it with ideas over there too with whom he was diallo was his approach i had no say the sergeant hid some benefit of what the men who want to show us where they that's a culprit him it all better it kind o. not the man it all couldn't leave is he when he is here all coulda ego will be got wall no will but always thought was the one to call come when he's on the earth i don't know much i don't know yes i'm sorry the way home and your friends are. the
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gospel message all for sagas for me. not and i want to stop now see this is not no you're selfish i will cut may i without a on because folks are never the same but they want him gone without support so moch we planted a soldiers from a in a came the body is someone i came up with the right name or culmination except franco by being a lawyer in kabul bio nabila samik or that was the model david cobb and i have chicago and there was throw away and then took a year problem so same it now can i. know sell it all why is stereo it yeah not only a stereo it'll come out so not a council owned it will call congress for 3 years for god's will is that's what they are so they going to sober same one and what's what but i'm still not usually one on the it god iowa tazim die then spirit said the easiest aagot. worth as i'm
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recovering from manager paul rodgers we were told from. the oscars a long time saver mr carlin. you know actually throughout. richard all run. with him against any performer. works for human rights organization instagram in 2001 girl writes his wife madea gave him a large collection of documents to consider. dunn has. said the name for the emo so what should or systematically cause this is said and it's not in the car. of i. do does he have this that on. try and be
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a miracle get out the. chair. year only iraq of a someone as you. put it in your gender. but it is interest she that is the one image the easiest. amnesty international. but artillery its a soldier in a piece earlier options are elaborate to quote of that that. you had number issue cry and name provisional the. niece who option. die though she was. be learned nice contradict you. the amnesty international report was published in december 1998 and examined every aspect of the original trial. it says that proceedings in which defendants were tried by a former enemy were often show trials the defendants were often unable to conduct
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a proper defense and that the trial quote did not meet international standards for fairness. in 2001. also centers on pussy chill letter from my husband pleading his innocence. here men. posted it on the show but out. there are that's. the small. bit of get out is it morally. so does that it had to be in any more portrayed court ali. we're yeah they're all. you know yard sure.
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you know that is not. the sort of awful to need a couple of developments in either to claim that copper that clip wood said they own all polizzi looted police but also all the my you just get all of the little shit you lead. to your lead character that's what you want to go to you know. you're going to do the quaker purpose and all this was in your cult a lot on my head she knew that i wouldn't do much. eco touching on the needle at virginia. well it's an exact quote in. it could be as a call a. well it's a it's a substance in almost some of this it when you go to the us military and the dinosaurs what's going opposed to the.
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question. we get it. done actually establish a. good hour and some food and corn enjoy. the show used you know. pretty sure as she does you know it's nice to know. really good and yeah. yeah go called utica but why not die on. you know it's got to be audited. that it's called. he had them atlanta should talk all to march sure nuclear to crowds and he some video and it sure sounded. some of these are good enough to not only bill the choice to live on the streets because it fun but it's either on the. noble as it or that the.
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yelling get out that's stable between a couple. of years so it's almost to live i said to split yes i knew that i was little i don't know that i just don't know still stone the neos the list of complaints you know that idea that there was a. notable going to be a trust only and thus was you don't see whether they still are those people now you know it but i said it's. the only those who don't kind of call it. the new because up only a little girl might actually. know the boatman was moved to get out of his lawyer he done in 2018. more because we're. coming up in part to the
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impact all the allegations of war crimes and get out of his imprisonment hand and his wife and family where the war hero was. neither neither an. american. london is one of the most important cities in the world and decisions made here have an impact right around the globe and so here and i'll just say right we will show you the true impact of those decisions on people and how it affects their everyday that. we are free to put them on air and to really engage those stories because we know there are all this is interesting not just in the mainstream news but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go under reported. xenophobia
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violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. a generation identity was at one time a fosters growing far right organization on the continent now watch the investigation that led to the french government banning the group. generation hate . talk to a special 2 part investigation. from the al-jazeera london broke out to people in thoughtful conversation people use the lowest get agreement they describe the outsider with no host and no limitation the difference between a migrant and refugee is purely a choice when you are refugee you are forced to flee thought one of asthma come on back at what has happened a lot in the west is that culture and food are separated studio b. unscripted and al-jazeera. if you want to help
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save the world. their. knees and your own. i'm kim that alan doha with the headlines on al-jazeera brazil has recorded its highest single day total of coronavirus deaths more than 4200 fatalities were reported on thursday hospital intensive care units in most states of feeling to capacity the president diables the novel is ignoring calls for a national lockdown. australia's government will purchase another 20000000 doses of the fire as a biotech vaccine because it now wants people under the age of 50 to get the pfizer jab instead of astra zeneca the government has highlighted cases of blood clots of
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people who took the astra zeneca jab this is likely to further delay the vaccination drive a critical care doctor says a lack of oxygen and not drugs cause george floyd's death when he was pinned down by police and tobin testified at the trial of their children the former officer accused of killing floyd last year. president joe biden has announced measures to tackle gun violence which he says is an international embarrassment for the us they include in order targeting guns that are self assembled and untraceable but the changes are relatively minor and biden will need to support of congress to achieve tighter restrictions. nothing nothing i'm about to recommend in any way impinges on the 2nd amendment or phony arguments suggestive these are 2nd amendment rights at stake from what we're talking about. but no member no member to the constitution is absolute gun violence in this country is an epidemic we say it
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again gun violence in this country is an epidemic and it's an international embarrassment. votes being counted in the 1st ever push to unionize as an amazon warehouse in the u.s. state of alabama final results may not come out until friday but so far the numbers indicate workers have rejected forming a union amazon has been accused of unsafe working conditions and union busting which the company denies. the u.k. is allowing me and mas ousted ambassador to stay on and burson. was knocked out of the embassy in london on wednesday he was removed from his post after criticizing the breeze cool and calling for the release of 1000000 miles democratically elected leader aung san suu kyi those are the headlines that's it for me for now at next december as i don but 1st al-jazeera world.
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good arts is a croatian serb and retards traffic policeman from split. during the yugoslav wars he says he was in his parents' village of bahrain city in northern bosnia from 1902 to 994. however he returned to split in 1904 and a year later was arrested by the croatian authorities. he was accused of war crimes allegedly committed as a guard at the manufacture concentration camp he was sentenced to 20 years in prison later reduce to 15. by girl rights has always protested his innocence.
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a lot about it all goes well in a as well as that of easy answers you don't know me not about enemies they get shit out of me in the breach of laws all genuine medical get out the vote of the others you know balkans reporter granny music each try to contact a number of different people involved in the case in the mid ninety's to get an all round perspective. but they did not want to talk about it or have their identities known. when the war in bosnia started ideal that a gun of each was president of the municipal court in the bosnian tonneau son ski most it was arrested in maine 1902 and taken to the manufactured detention camp. just some critical gory liquid a newbie any technology is a videos we much as we are not a group it's clear that
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a creator then our subdued equips will believe only that achieve was political it's good it was really only support really was art unique ways dollars with of purpose of ownership totally awesome you were the possible goes we want you in every minute he has a video they can do with a quasar they said apologized slowly for that he has not talked record deal and was a mini raging echo that below ground or a miracle card jamira gordie needs a video and it's a ploy only to lull actually always missing a preterist or switching is twisted miswrote into the good enough in the neck will act faster but it'll trick for the mortgage or gordo yes but i buy the top part for the proceeds to them a republican what it is to lug attribute quarters on a craft above or maybe aside from
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a water terminal sales galliard some yeah suck it up be yourself. queer beer subs are the to vanni not some yuppie your biryani sucky done so produce a political cause start is that not just a good. hours now samir for some years knows it's not his girl or blow against saddam or your specific neck are calling the so dearly bill if possible. development below coordinate equals commando music under our nick at need cut categories not for the nneka need for shadow training. only appear on a minute as our own wants are some oh so close 2nd to cairo time or t.v. n.h. . i am of the current current near your current near or in the us what i call the. nearest you know near used in a nice and b r
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b or where it's a thought out of your spiritual soul godly thought and people are many people's idea of ourselves one is mystery mr fisher. sinister and it all shit to below the look today tesco but he's not he doesn't a political. book and that is a misleading missive mono image. of the city chipper houses are said astride the started. you know the cause is lost and unfortunately they throw glass at the neighborly rudest are the most those quarter that never knew the progress of the 3 . he has a super. bowl was building up yes a little fuzzy both of there was blood on his end but almost also a skull look and she but both of them on a body a beautiful but it was dark and the nice morning early really keeping at bay will
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create a pose the door would be any scene. that is when i got the go to the pouring cold my nancy you see more too but i went there in on a also because who really believe i mean see me big you need to see really quick to be really. willie mosconi but mostly. but i believe she nearly most every show those on this had both those that were any codomain to why nancy you see the not you national with yourself will find out that these you know guys who believe or being or. see those are good but a lot of that all good news for those who see the old see what we must to get out by us would also because to be liberal by means of course would be liberty but if you want to be for months or. in early may 9092 serb forces arrested several 100 men from the village of
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corruption in northern boys and. these men became the 1st inmates of them a notch account. but only music each met some of the former detainees asked them about musical get out. least we got to get it up a little good or just so we got the way we goes all still has that ability kick us out of the beatles but it could be he got it. you are so good to feel a possible get over just. tackle the source of this supposed to slow developer deal . logos because it says. love each had autocad over her or if she. was assaulted a post of course it would not be much of her richard knockout from economies revealing only a safe to see it either for b.b.
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this largely or this shift of your other to 3 or so that's a bit or 2 was obvious of that alibi that. the g.r. sub have a sub because assess like it or see what people it's out of said people. discuss going to be able to show exactly what the protégé of your type book called. the subtle true style about sleeper water vehicle that r.c.c. does he want to really perceivable the pro-ball but he does that these are the ally of the group but what he puts out squeezed just about it will be. the obvious or so that's but the seed already is all kept bola what it was you know it already we exceed all right. below 0 i feed cuomo i now peter stick
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he said that it has done us a few times now jesse's eyes or he may feel like he is the tollway we'll never know if you are some of the it from us and we are in a group that's it but me squeeze more than to my school only crowd probably question that crowd in a queue i once again as i know there are already in start artisan art all it needs doing or probably much me smile of i told what folks are doing as for me so many countries know sujit nichols need to reinstitute the globe you. this committal beauty treatment. you want me to order that some storyboards to go out in the pool they just missed our beauty school you know move the north pole but he could not meet the. sport and see what that's me to the streets i'm to pardon is so beautiful since they are not on what will get you in the lake over to
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wake up that it is an estate in a part of you they build toward the only appeal he had thought he had here to get was put in a bottle stall we got he spun he cut it in the olives and then he said nick did you do those dilute your teeth quiznos those are the questions for him who will be posed not as the mole painted minister nick or coniston hitler a couple of union up in need up in approval the set doesn't mean. it isn't being counted on others are done. and then if you try to do below you was really good i'll leave you dinner g.-man hirai. but you know on track it would work i read it and i had to read their produce binaries are very
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rowdy you know who that are should who are very normal start all in line are you trying are shouldn't these respond then you can download the country to where in canada to read your age your read your nature the goodness in regard to remark we need are now days if we don't you know richard our family don't want to tell you to read you in your group or to rap you you know if you don't actually can you can easily do knowing which in many years right now there are 200 to. only a good up of each has conducted a detailed study of corruption and the manufacture can. most just want to slit it does some soft teen up to what do you call bubbles and she really really oh i interview was about what even some emotion you've always never will be in a minute you always need didn't need this and it's bumming it's not she you may praise my musical belts so she will smoke but it's just a moment to come and look i'm not always calls me
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a mobile or the look that any call the slow as a jenny couple would be a whole go to monitor lunch reported the number of these are they mentally but is minimal you know this does not of course will be the whole why oh place will people will might have some idea on be able to get it out to collect child and i mean it's and thought of beyond us on both of which you know will was a plenty come 1000000000 goes a long enough to keep posting my all why on or drop that some of them she. does on already call you soon will be you know who is launching and then i would you need give me a call that also. the allegations against american ground rights and his imprisonment were too much for his wife money. night more money on me and i.
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think i saw him trying to run a more sober a way and i believe your voice of course being. your true sign and when you're sure not in some way or so you know he knew you were the only they threshed if you're not on account of your kind died in one you're going to have the popcorn and swab the entire course from all the seanad kind of mom you're with i want to. another story we have time. for the things that only help we're going to nurse me if you don't think oh no not weak making meaning make i mean pretend that's me think no no. no no. mr. news i'm in you're in a problem you need more stories rainbow and i mean you.
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have ground. that i was called that you know police each other some help all those who want to. show their. political skit on cup with. your son the. good of. staying in the cut. they put up the. cost on the ship yet don't show it. oh i. missed it. yeah. i said over the law you split 2 posts you always shine like on a disability and the last of the. years in. which look you
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know it's all. star. tony a person i will i suppose knew sanogo virally does directly talk to one i adore yeah. so i was near me when i was in ga with thier sure but the more you i mean there's no law called course. concept about it is sports with a leg name credit you know what you mean also cannot say he's porter's b.b.b. and i propose that. yes and i'll be split transmissible should be. no more but there may be a small grudge do we not mobile tell me. that's.
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all only a village b o m b c bury me or stand by and look without thought about it would be as. always we have really. really pose no they but i in fact. now to watch the stunts those who orderly nah i'm on board with. ya some tissue ball issue. if. you don't have our satish was done the c.m.o. does wally suppose he had. made you do.
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the national song on cars and buses on top model dr melody or a leisure book published yesterday. although i. had to beat up it will cheer help out that you don't hear it. maybe had read on i'm a shot the severity. of those extremists he thought that article dog i don't know what. sound i'm going to be. on i claiming it on janja nice own view. is that the minute you are missing the
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midnight mission told program there needs to be there money think it's time to clear cut right. when you posted the journal's book some assuming it up was lee blame it on i don't let you know put the nigger the show see the as you say and you go exactly but i meet up with what i was going to run down and then below what are who we should sue proven claim i had was good that i was an associate too but though it's really sort of the vehicle for or neck up in but i really must. go that by moni as we all know the money will get the market data is any kind of us with that or now it's the only thing that if you open a pick up sign you got away in email berating me probably on me which of those i'm quite they were you going to join a quiz book. movie star need only be able to see this then i will promise i want to be the majority in what i was built up but i made a way was catching up to you when i see my problem isis when you know it's going
9:51 am
but are you mother could i. know where that was she on. a property on a summer clothes g.g. needs of the month easier on coat of these let you know as you swing element that it doesn't but i also saw it us with you know some of us was 1st shown. and then yeah and it thank god been if you notice some or not modestly outed us what was he the its. men you have the answers not a lot of good story for truth on which are you know him made you want theme while not so new you sound nothing without your boss that you have to employ yes as can you know wardrobe your dime here will soon see how many are 3 grown ups is due to a 1000000 and now lives in the republic of ireland. boss they're probably all who've gone grower joe molly yes and nobody else. not.
9:52 am
god where there was not was enough then either he doesn't. let up on more than was the boss there billy employees who. dug. him so when i asked you not only would be in israel. think she going in with oh but i might cut off not systematically if you mean yeah aquarium fair score by the nonsense of the morning here too dreaming ali stalin was us please don't when you call god only in our new home without. plough the knob or done you. who will there thought was lead to startlement old english to the will you but do you know the one
9:53 am
in which i want to go in the idea cars are all still employed no one up with the almost little speck but did the show that bought the stunk. but did not of it but but the play didn't see the many. dots of a soviet in the navy no solution but in a stock sniper probably and. for media as ordered. the old to be a bottom taco such as fox you. sit tight protests or blow it. there are 3 star. who probably never would have been on they saw their true nature that's for the nickel probably prefer more of a half a dollar duck although james i know why we're not going to be after now we're gathered to cover here what we'll say is us though but i think we're going into.
9:54 am
maybe on their new car hormonal possible car and i promise you what i was going to be also didn't yeah that's ok i've lost them all knocked out they don't pay me for some last one act play that you're more and more try on the action to cry more he walked off. milk a good hour rides his lawyers filed a request with the county court in split for his case to be reopened on the 9th of october 2020 but a month later the petition was denied. they then resorted to the supreme court of croatia but in february 2021 this petition was also tonight. they came from the countryside to cairo and became part of a of a new life. they say this job is different from being the doormat al-jazeera world
9:55 am
meets the man you've been keeping a close eye on residential life in the big cities for decades but who may now be passing into history. the thief and all the people he wasn't normal but he's now managed by a security company the domain of egypt on al-jazeera. there is no channel that covers world news like we do as a roaming correspondent i am constantly on the go covering topic from politics to conflict is stuff just are mental issues the scale of this count is like nothing you've ever seen access to health care what we want to know is how do these things that people we revisit places stay even when they're no international headline. al-jazeera really invests in that and that's a privilege as a journalist. how
9:56 am
i once again temperatures starting to ramp up now across much of the middle east much but not all we have with the forecasts which you believe.


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