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ordered from their homes as it shows signs of erupting roughly 16000 people live in the so-called red zone around la sophia volcano being sent there by islands shelters and even cruise ships for safety it just erupted in 1979 but a previous one in 1902 killed more than 1500 people. and came from al in doha with the headlines on al jazeera a critical care doctor says a lack of oxygen not drugs cause george floyd's death when he was pinned down by police boston tovan testified at the trial of derek show of a former officer accused of killing forward last year. leaders from southern africa have promised a proportional response to armed groups in mozambique who raided a northern town killing dozens of people they also condemned the attacks by eisel linked groups that have forced thousands of people from their homes in mozambique.
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brazil has recorded its highest single day total of coronavirus deaths more than 4200 people died on thursday the 2nd highest toll yes hospital intensive care units in most states a filling to capacity the president jaya both an auto is ignoring calls for a national law. south korea says iran has freed one of its oil tankers in the captain or on seize the south korean flagship in january after accusing the crew of oil pollution all of the other sailors were released in february there's been tension between sold into iran of a $7000000000.00 of iranian phones frozen in south korea as part of u.s. sanctions on iran. president joe biden has announced measures to tackle gun violence which he says is an international embarrassment for the u.s. they'll need the support of congress to achieve more ambitious restrictions. nothing nothing i'm about to recommend in any way impinges on the 2nd amendment or
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phony arguments suggesting these are 2nd amendment rights at stake from what we're talking about. but no member no member to the constitution is absolute gun violence in this country is an epidemic we say to game gun violence in this country is an epidemic and it's an international embarrassment. votes have been counted for the day in a landmark unionization push at an amazon warehouse in the u.s. so far the numbers are showing workers have rejected forming a union. there's been more disorder and fighting in northern ireland but he's fired water cannon to disperse protesters who threw stones and petrol bombs anger of a post bricks of trade issues have compounded other frustrations. was the headline so i'll have another update for you here on al-jazeera white of the stream which is coming up next a c.s.o. but by fidel. talking to al-jazeera. can you tell me what the
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government you represent is now a legitimate we listen we do not sell tents material any country going in or the conflict in yemen we meet with global news makers i'm talking about the stories that matter on culture syria. either way ok welcome to the stream the home edition today we're going to be talking about fakes and the company even the lips in focus groups i know the person who can say that absolutely perfectly her name is needed she is the author of this book now welcome to the street really good to see. we are going to use you as a result we have you to we have commenters we have people on line who again a chat so if you are in the comments section you want to talk to meaning absolutely candy you know what's to jump into the comment section but you're coming in there
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which i get as many as possible into the show and you know we have so many questions for you people who read the book people curious about the ideas i'm going to say a sentence i want you to finish the sentence so this book is about the current summation he said. the foreign ministry thinks. there are 3 things i want to ask you just to get out of the way before i open it up to our audience around the world one is the perfect perfect description of his information go ahead. it's basically bad information that is spread even without necessarily an intent to deceive your description for what does information is this information is another type of balun information but this is made with the express intent of deceiving is so
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clips that snots little worse lately lates a lot of the work they're doing he explained that. the info collapse. so you know if it is it's kind of a word play on information apocalypse and i use it to describe this information ecosystem which we exist in which is increasingly defined by misunderstood from ation you look is incredible credibly present a very very relevant for right now some to read your book and then he wanted to ask you a question about it in a very creative way he is having listening or after reading your book i started playing with all these new technologies and soon i was able to create a clip of your voice to take a few photos of you from social media and retreat you doing insane things that you never did that made me wonder what will have room to our shared sense of reality if
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everybody is old version of reality and even if you look. deep through the conspiracy theories are we all really part of the board and we're no reader of. now that if absolutely fantastic i know founder we work together and he's basically portrayed so vividly there by actually face warping into what was my former living room and manipulating my words why are just so dangerous because they are the latest evolving threat in this crisis of information that we're facing but they're the most sophisticated form of manipulation we've ever seen because anybody's words their image can be used manipulated and hijacked by any actor who basically because ai is an alternate fake media doesn't even need any resources or expertise to manipulate media so we're
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about to face an avalanche of ai jewett generated fake media in an information ecosystem which is already replete with bad information so this is just the next step in in a row a ready corroding information ecosystem where the notion of reality is already being undermined and i want to give people an idea of how easy it is for ai to create people create faces as a web site called this person does not exists view what you like now you're going to have a look at it this is the say says that i'm going to start with and then i'm going to refresh my browser and then you'll see the face who changed and what you're looking at these people don't actually exist this is not a real person nina what's happening here. well essentially the power of ai to generate fake media and this can be anything it can be an image it
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can be a video it can be a piece of audio it could even be synthetic a text is nascent it's been around iraq 3 and a half years and what you're seeing there on that website is basically a model that's been trained on data of hundreds or hundreds of thousands of human faces so that it's learned what a human face of and can automatically generate nonexistent human faces and this is why depictions of benteke media are just so fascinating because they are the very start of a process whereby artificial intelligence will be wholly able to generate fake media you see it there in those people but as this technology gets better it's going to expand into video audio text it's not only going to be human faces it's anything you can imagine really but the fascination is doubly being picked up by our audience have a look at this tweet we were telling people about you coming up and you being on the stream today so talking about deep fakes and then underneath that john byrne
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says how do we know that it is really you and we have another comment say well could it be really you maybe it is mostly it's not so there's some tongue in cheek fun about that but there is a serious underlying point which is how do we tell if it's a real person and not a real person. well that is exactly one of the dangers of the coming age of synthetic media because one of the manifestations of synthetic media is going to be in these digital avatars and include creasing the increased completely synthetic humans which also will be used for misunderstand from ation but even before we get there the weird paradox is that eyes people become aware of fakes which is necessary to inoculate the public against their risks it also means that everybody starts denying or and the credibility of authentic media starts being undermined as
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well so you're really in this place where if you're a bad actor you can also dismissed any kind of authentic media as being a defect or faked so you get into the place where you simply don't know what's real are not anymore even before synthetic media is ubiquitous this thing called the liar's dividend is already giving bad actors a lot of currency and just want to bring in you tube here because people are watching right now and they're wondering about the age that we're in so taylor says hi taylor thanks for being part of the show i saw previous shows learned young that just because you see something on a blog social media or website that doesn't mean that it is true how can we fix if we teach this the tech in the church the inner. well that is really one of the biggest challenges because i think the 1st step is just the conceptualization of the vast stale of the problem the challenge here it's an entire paradigm change in
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the way that we understand information consume and process information so when you talk about digital literacy that is one part of the puzzle when it comes to building solutions and it's a very important one but i think there has to be a recognition that descale the problem is so vast that it's not only about digital literacy but it's also about enforcing technical solutions and building society wide resilience to which digital literacy is $1.00 part of the solution. you're watching this conversation i'm sure it isn't and you may not see the dangers quite yet in ai synthetic tension ology i want to share with you a quote from nina's book deep sleep porn is an undeniably gendered phenomenon after hundreds of videos i scrolled through in the new sate porn sites but it didn't see a single one of the male celebrity you know brad pitt george clooney dead now here
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we're getting into the dark side of dean states tell us more. well the 1st manifestation. of surprise surprise when it started leeching out of the research community this amazing ability of ai to generate fake media the 1st application the world in nonconsensual porn in so many ways pornography is pioneering just as it was at the very beginning of the age of the internet and enormous user calling himself fakes basically use some of these open source tools out of the research community to start making its own ai generated nonconsensual porn films where he took real point arms and managed to get ai to generate the faces of female celebrities into the film so these were female celebrities being targeted he showed other users how he had made them and from there because he was posting them on reddit it went wild because a fury. was banned on reddit but the genie was truly out of the bottle and
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since then which was that in 3 years ago there is an entire deal fake porn ecosystem online every celebrity you can imagine is targeted but it's not only celebrities it is also increasingly normal women but again it is a gendered phenomenon it is almost universally targeted against women and there's been some very alarming reports recently of deep acorn also being targeted against minors so this very malicious use case of ai shows how your biometrics can be hijacked to put you in a situation which you never inhabited. i want to bring in dr giorgio who talks about an investigation that he and his colleagues did looking into. i don't want to spoil the story but it's to do with deep fake news and porn and have
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a listen to what he found out this is something to happen in just the past couple of weeks. once we uncover an investigation that more than 100000 people were adopted by the fake bots host or messaging person done on able to feed naked pictures of people starting from a single photo taken from their social media account now we very body able to place our face in page imagery showing us in compromising our intimacy to issues we are a person on the desir frats blackmail extortion and public shaming online. this was an incredible for support that george's company sent 30. is actually a detection company released just last week or last month which basically unveiled their own telegram the messaging app this technology had been wrapped up in an interface where users could simply send an image of any woman or minor fully
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clothed which they taken perhaps from our social media and then this bot which telegram was hosting would use the ai to generate an image of that woman or indeed child nude now there were over 100000 images being shared publicly and when the censor to recently asked telegram to take down the bot they didn't even answer and it was only when this report was released and it got a lot of public attention that telegram for least that part but the most important thing to remember here is that technology is becoming increasingly accessible and anybody can be targeted right we're talking here about one image taken from a woman or a child social media and while this manifestation was a nonconsensual fake porn it can be used in a whole host of other settings it could be used as fraud it could be used as blackmail so we're only really starting to see the tip of the iceberg of what's to come. we could do the whole show on say porn the new
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what's happening to women online women includes online when i am going to move on because maps the 3rd one another. that you were talking about a new you really look into geopolitics and what's happening with a 96 a this is this is a sweet spot for you and we hand over to mac. arthritic one of the things i find most alarming invoke is an hour of potential military applications of the fakes an idea that they could be used to create a kind of a world war and without in mind given that it is much cheaper to set up and maintain and operate a troll filemon it is to do the same with a tank battalion what do you think the future is of military spending over the next 10 years or so how will we see a shift towards information warfare as opposed to traditional warfare i think that's a brilliant question and i think although i can't comment on that spending figures
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the top line is that in the 21st century increasingly warfare is going to be forward in this information ecosystem information warfare is increasingly going to define warfare and it's very difficult because unlike physical warfare where you can see the tanks at the border or the little green men invading you can't see information warfare it's not tangible therefore it becomes very very effective and the other thing about information warfare and the democratization of the weapons of information warfare is that it is no longer a thing that only state actors can wage well organized groups can wage information warfare even an individual can wage information work for a win against the states i think. when you look at warfare in the 21st century it is increasingly going to be fought in this information space by more actors and it's community creasing league difficult for citizens or groups to realize that
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they're actually under attack and you can even look at the debate in the united states right now to understand how aspect of information warfare is especially when it comes to foreign interference and just information. what's making even more difficult and you point this out is that more now i'm not sure what's real and what's not real so we salute looks at the we now we're going to think that potentially it's not real and so i want to bring in a story from you share it which is when the leader of google went missing went on a trip to saudi arabia and he just went missing and so do this whole period of people not knowing where he was this video was released i'm going to put you picture in picture nina so you can explain why people thought this might be a deep let's roll the video and you can comment on it. and he'll tell us why does this look like it's thank you. so this is the perfect example of something known as
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a liar as dividends in a world where anything can be faked and everything can also be denied and back and used by bad actors and now. the president of the bonn have basically gone on a trip and foreign media reported that he had been ill and it probably transpired that he had had a stroke and he basically didn't appear in public for many many months and his critics were saying that the president was actually dead he was incapacitated and in order to quell those rumors the president of the barn and his allies released this video but he looked very strange his face didn't look more mall his eyes looked wide it didn't quite look like him so his opponents basically said that this was a deep faith and evidence that the president was dead and 2 days later excuse me there was the start of a military coup. it failed but it just showed how powerful this video which was actually on when tick and he probably looks odd because he had
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had a stone stroke i mean probably had. the bad effect of the stroke it shows how effective it can be to say authentic video is fake when there's not. a little bit of a cough right then you know it's hard when you're the only guest on this show and you've got to keep talking so i'm going to go for a moment to tyler jeremiah and tyler johnny and stan about what is possible yet what we've been doing for a big chunk of the show with nina is working out why the fakes when they used in a sinister way are problematic time that is a student he knows a lot about ai and even he is to christ alison. you know as someone who's pretty much grown up on social media i feel like before i have a pretty good understanding of how information gets manipulated by man was or someone i didn't know and coming at this as a political science student my main concern is how does ai technology and was the
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fix and packed our politics so my main question is given that so biden just won the presidency here in the u.s. what advice would you give his administration in dealing with this technology going forward. i think that every politician who believes in love liberal democracy and a shared reality to govern society and doesn't want to have neverending information warfare should make an absolute point of priority the problems of the information ecosystem and focus on fixing the architecture in which this information ecosystem is molded so what are the technical solutions we can embed right into the architecture of the information ecosystem so that as consumers and citizens we basically get to separate some of the noise from the truth from the noise so proud
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sometimes new recruits for example. for example you are increasingly able to think about the provenance of all media so if for example you're a journalist you are a human rights activist and you have you want to show that the media that you're portraying is true and that hasn't been tampered with and that you're not someone trying to benefit from the live dividend you can build technology right into the hardware of your device whether that's your own or your camera to prove that throughout the life of that media that media has not been tampered with so that's the prominent side of the solution on the other hand you also have to think about building ai software to detect fakes because as deep fakes become ubiquitous they're not only going to inundate but their quality is going to be so good that to the naked human eye we simply won't be able to tell whether it's real or fake so you basically build ai detection to also comply automatically whether or not it's
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safe but that is always going to be a cat and mouse game because as soon as you are detector improves the generating ability of ai to beat that detector will also improve. the story through earlier this year connected with code where there's been a lot of misinformation and disinformation surrounding it and that relates to belgian and build you had a deep fake situation but it came via extension rebellion and will exceed your 1000000000 did was they made their premier do a speech make an announcement that was all about connecting climate and climate crisis to. the current covert crisis i'm just going to lead a closeup view of the premier this is the defect if you look really closely you can actually see looks like the join here and mean how would you put this into a category of the deep state being misleading or is it in the category of reggie
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fates can be helpful and useful if you're in the middle of a climate crisis it's not a gray area. so i would absolutely favor a misleading because extinction rebellion the controversial ecological activist group basically manipulated a speech made by so if the prime minister of belgium in which she was made to say that covert 19 was directly linked like other pandemics evola to ecological destruction now she had never actually said that if you watch the video it's not completely high fidelity femi already pointed out you can kind of see that her face doesn't look quite right but that is not indifferent terror sometimes the quality of the media whether or not people are for and indeed some people when they saw that video circulating by extinction rebellion we thought that serbs yvel most have made those comments so it is a mis representation an actual fabrication of
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a speech that a politician does not make and given that it wasn't labeled very clearly i would say that's absolutely a misuse of the technology. so many questions linger about how do you know what should we do in the what should we do cut a great i want to bring in the program director of the salmon gregory because sam is putting the onus northern asked the public trying to deduce is is a deep thinker is not a deep sake he's putting the onus on the creator is serious. we can't expect the average person to be able to spot a fake it's already hard and it's going to get harder so there's a responsibility on the people who make the tools to create the prick's to make it as easy as possible for a machine to spot the manipulation and on platforms and video sharing sites to detect those manipulations and tell their users they've seen it and then we can
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make decisions if something is malicious and to be careful or whether it's funny until after. so it's a brilliant insight by sam gregory who i know while his organization does incredible work not only with regards to thinking about the folks at this information and misinformation in general and he's absolutely right this goes back to the point i was making earlier about we need to build safety into the architecture of our information ecosystem because we as sole individuals and sort of them's are not going to be able to tell when something is a deep they are not and there are many many companies going to be working in this space of generating. a synthetic media basically a i generated fake media because it was going to be so many commercial viable applications it's going to rewrite the future of the industry of film fashion corporate communications so as these people work on building the school technology they absolutely have an ethical responsibility to ensure that it is not misused oh
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goodness me let me just do this one more time so that you can see this book complete secrecy in the book cover. that coming in for clips that is needs but it's fascinating at the very end you give people ideas about where they should go to get credible in the nation what are your 3 favorite sites. so actually obviously it's a real example of how hard it is and our political environment has already become or how potent in for the last 30 seconds of the shouting enough dish your 3 favorite places where often you read when it's raining for snow this is a fantastic resource as well that i would really really recommend witness the organization as well. thank you very much need a shake she's the ocean as deep shakes the coming into collapse thank you cheap as
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you read appreciate your really great questions to all of our video coming to us as well you make the show anthony ok stunning often the stream home edition the next time i was watching it really. planted a wondrous diverse ecosystem but human activity is that escalating climate change and posing an existential threat you don't get a resource but part of the threat is scary in the lead up to us to al-jazeera ground special coverage documentaries discussion center pools exploring the consequences the boxing's and interactions it's very hard to move a bar a few all civilization that culture and showcasing ways in which some are seeking to turn the talk there straight ahead there are 3 individuals in very rare to see
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that really exciting the season of programming exploring the climate crisis ahead of the earth day on al-jazeera. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of how the lives. of the stories. provided a glimpse into someone else's what. we would call the threat to the fight. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. i am the voice we are the voice witnesses on al-jazeera. the athletes are longer than life but the world of sumo wrestling is shrouded in secrecy one on one nice gets rare access inside a sport where ancient tradition meets modern scandal on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no
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matter what you see al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. the. venezuela falls fall behind in securing back scenes for its people doctors accuse the government of downplaying the real number of covert 900 infections. i'm tim fidel this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a strategy of faces delays in its vaccine well after issuing new guidance over the astra zeneca. adult to testify.


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