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tv   Women Make Science Ecuadors Hidden Treasure  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2021 2:30am-3:01am +03

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athenian biden is familiar with this region when he was vice president there was also a sort of finance and plan for the northern triangle what worries us is that those $4000000000.00 will end up in the hands of the same corrupt presidents of the northern triangle. bill many are welcoming the return of a more multilateral approach to international migration policy experts warn that problems like violence extreme poverty and corruption won't be solved overnight. al-jazeera mexico city. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories so far a critical care doctor says a lack of oxygen and not drugs cause george floyd's death when he was pinned down by the police martin tobin testified at the trial of derrick cho of in the former officer accused of killing floyd last year president joe biden has announced measures to tackle gun violence which he says is an international embarrassment for
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the u.s. they are relatively minor changes and by the support of congress to achieve more ambitious goals nothing nothing i'm about to recommend in any way impinges on the 2nd amendment or phony arguments suggests either these are 2nd amendment rights at stake from what we're talking about. but no member no member to the constitution is absolute gun violence in this country is an epidemic we say it again gun violence in this country is an epidemic and it's an international affairs . the african union is dropping plans to secure astra zeneca vaccines from the serum institute of india and says is not because of concerns about a potential and extremely rare link to blood clots will still receive astra zeneca shots for the kovacs assistance scheme. leaders from southern africa have promised a proportional response to armed groups in mozambique who raided the northern town
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there but meeting in the puter the 16 member grouping didn't specify what support it would offer that leaders condemned the attacks by al-shabaab that forced thousands of people from their homes. after the envoy of the embassy in london. has been removed from his post after condemning the coup on february 1st and calling for the release of the democratically elected. votes are being counted for the day in a landmark unionization push. in the u.s. state of alabama final results may not be known until friday but so far the numbers are showing workers have rejected the formation of a union and has often been accused of unsafe working conditions and union busting which the company denies those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after women make. 30 minutes of news in 30 minutes see that.
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is that a fair assessment. ultimately it will be. governments who are. headed.
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these forests is one of the most amazing places in the world. it is very very diverse. you can have a 1000000 questions every time that you go to the forest 'd. even if you have all the ph d.'s that you want and you're still level ciro when it comes to the forest. for me that's really cool in science that you're always learning. and this knowledge is very powerful this knowledge can change people's lives can change a community. these forests if very threatened by the for
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a station. and here we have a species of spider monkey that is critically endangered that is the brown headed they call them brown headed by their monkey. it is estimated that there's less than $500.00 individuals in the wild. 1. 100 in the part of. people we don't provide for them. so. i want you i don't know and again i can't. i. could wind up going out by not going.
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to be and i want to right now when you know them a. minute ago you know our. command 0. 0. 0000000000009 but. there are still a lot of things that we need to discover that we need to find out iced tea density of these tiny most in a certain area and how to inform the conservation of the species. i discovered that brown had spidermonkey started by toll for dispersion of certain tree species and it took on forest and to see generally nation of these trees ease improved by passing through the gods of. this means that they are declared to nurse of to us. and us
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a number of the species well if you if we conserve them they work on serving the habit that the political so this forest for diversionary depends on this by them which. gets very excited when they see him because every time you learn something new every time is always trying to say for example now i'm dying to go and see which thread they were feeding on and if we find any states that did. so that's right. so. so him home. then. so. he did that it defeats gotta give me
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a song but. i was stunted by the battle ahead of me. that that's in me well a bit of dollars but i'll say so good so far they're more ahead of me not a. few i left in mexico city in 2011 i came here for the 1st time after leaving cuba year i realized that more had to be done in order to protect them. better. for.
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adventure. made everybody. got what i wanted. you don't want to. have the money. you can see like. the best to. your diversity hot spot that runs from south of panama until the north of to and the most affected area by deforestation e's the northwestern part of the where we are orange is that the sort of can do the research we have 2000 hectors there green area ease the remaining forest in this region their white area.
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and area or the palm oil as well there is that have been deforested so far. a part of a lot is a local person that is trained to be a research assistant. when we started this project one of the bases west to involve local people in research that for me has always been very important but it was only here that i could really develop this specific that i teach to probably a little just a couple of lessons per month on science how to type in the data collected how to write down things. to go over what isn't servo motor. so yeah i think she is natural
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scientist that is always asking why. why is that bird eating from st she goes on how to look at the bird for weeks until she finds out. her money go. because on the men on the men i was very good. at that it. will stay like a lot of fear is a more than 100. livy so. this is a big gain you are seeing but a 1001 these though they are the they. are that god i wish to live near or.
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a mentor that will get him better source on. ethanol is fairly meant by the i would say quite radical more this will go to a young no solid little walk or be reminded. me that one more heading vehicle was heavy. i mean no move. that i can move the horn of but i've become and what out of the. head out. of the side of this all out of. the unamiable they get away but
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you're got me in say good lomotil simplemente me which is. good going on coming up i say i will not. when we find the spider monkeys we find feed we collect them and then we identified him. away your guns had led all. will.
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be. will be. sometimes. for the. health system branches. the timber company provides
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a lot of jobs for local people however. and that's also our role to help them to understand the value of what they hear to understand. we're going to run into the guest house because he's a farmer from this community so. we. we need to make sure that everything's ok we have to avoid any more conflict with my street because farmers are really. nice
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and good but they also have a limited because it's also their livelihood. are you a. victim and they will hurt like us and not allow your but i will. then throw a primitive answer for you yeah your call he said. you got your car units will be using another bison and he lives in a condo nominee i what i mean is that america has said it will not allow seems obvious that you will permit a less lethal you're going up what you said i call you you know what i saw him i know you want to because i will if i stop like i'm not i'm going to live for you you know the city like o'hare like i said very good as a novelist. but i got that point i celebrated of a film other than the case here. it's a lot of the money. back on the money. but you got to follow
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it. perhaps that. was one place it doesn't help when police. that out there are you are in the us is mccord yeah i thought about it i even try to discuss. this. a little fun for the in the real reason i don't but i don't like a. lot. of them. well that is. the year one. that i am but i. mean. yeah the ada got those. you know you so well you know your
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lawyer was a little loony go. much like you go. but that's another. thing . you. know. how much i'm on that i'm part. of. what i said if it. i'm going to try to just make sure you. know where thank you.
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you can have enough and you can go into another night. and you're going to have your been south london and i'm like you can't i don't i'm not that i'm not that that and i don't know. much. but if it did you know that then put that in a in an apartment window i love and deal and yet i get up at the top of the year i think. that will affect what i get i think i thought by the way i feel like i got it. but didn't i do good i really like i've done. you. make a i did and that one. that it doesn't i'm going to. eat. now another family has c.n.n.'s own life that i don't feel
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it is true and i'm not going to get them when i look at it when my dad left the house. and a van they would get out of my front of them had to get out i had as a shot at. what not and that i am not mine and i have the and they tend to think that but i would say that give them a day to day. what else is very important to keep a record on the glass population care with those they are indicators of the good health of the river systems and he's not studied yet here in atlanta. when they're young they're pentad like gay. cowboys at morehead i'm a boy yes and what you call. bad i.k.o. men will head again and acquire the order. so moyes will meet you. but you're not
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taken back by that is headed by you. haven't also let me. go out there and i'm not going. to miss the emphatic it and that i had for you and the like. it's not going to get on my feet yet i thought about that me and down made it clear the bowl. ticket. seemed to be gone when i cannot. deny the gun and some of the what that might have been is going on and i don't. i don't want. to do to push even if it's done this by that i'm. money. and. we're putting together an amphibian gate of this sort o. . we identify them and we put
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a short description in spanish and this guide will be a ford local communities and one of the local schools when we started there was a lot of misinformation about the animals that we have here and now they're probably other just becoming bus other self conservation in their communities and that's how the message of conservation gets spread out. to. the. already me the most you go you know and it was going to the movies. this is this you know we keep coming up we should look we've. got to tell you that this is going ok i just might not want it i think they're really not. if
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you let me go yeah ok well no i think well you know we do there's no absolute jackie tell us you don't want to buy that stuff and believe you look at it is not what it was close to it is that. it is it. was because he doesn't look at you say i'm a deity but it mustn't be a come on how well he has some money in the. car and in terms of him the man was the only man on the land and easy really did have you know where we feel they have passed the. very much it was a little better. so proud of him as ever at least your mother that you're putting. in lieu. of us if. you will this is the beginning you. know you have you not a single thing about those i said that. i don't. know what he
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said to you but in that little gate i don't actually know what it meant for you know somebody you know. does when i wear those born as opposed to a white and so on so i'm going to love that as a poll last year miss on that but it others can learn to put a lot of this up by they say they they own. all the democrats because they said well but look sick i know in terms of the super supreme court come to consider one of the. most i love most want to have a. big set of i assume they don't get it i meant the left instead of assume that of us in this will not pick up an aisle seat but up them in this and i think a collective or case implemented without it and not get them see. yeah. another day i mean bus family is the one out of.
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the ability to say yeah. yeah. but i'm not going to fulfill more than a 4 month than the 50. first. but.
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if. i. feel. sorry for someone who doesn't. but i thought we wouldn't be there. mostly warm though also a lot. more you. will.
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we will send her to a rescue center where she will be safe. she can have another chance of being rehabilitated and to be free ready. when we came to this place it was different we were different and less have been strange for it for the local communities to see we men in charge of projects. going to the forest and carrying out field work and doing what he's
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supposed to be. i think we are a good role model for children and. i'm very happy about that because we're giving these girls a chance to see other options that they can study they can be a recognised with the work that they're doing. and i think science for me has been amazing in terms of finding my own way. back. a passion for supporting local communities. and pioneering innovative african science and technology projects his child beautiful. glorious off all of us on this planet not just africa al-jazeera front as a leading by a chemist determined to use his scientific knowledge to say africa women make
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science from the lab to the field on al-jazeera. from the al-jazeera london broke. to people in thoughtful conversation people use the lowest get agreement to describe the outsider with no host and no limitation to the difference between a migrant and refugee is purely a choice when you are refugee you are forced to speak of as mccaughan and has an ak at what has happened a lot in the west is that culture and for the separated studio to be unscripted and al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera is news one of the biggest stories of the week delivered to your inbox must analysis and opinions that have the world to subscribe and be part of the conversation. a doctor testifies that a lack of oxygen not drugs killed george floyd as he was pinned to the ground by the police. well again i'm peter w. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up this is an epidemic rights and has to stop. declaring that there have been enough prayers time for.


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