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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2021 12:00am-1:01am +03

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which part of this case you get through your thick head as hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want to use and if you don't say it when i go let you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. on our intake of this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up. gun violence in this country is an epidemic and it's a little national that. joe biden takes executive action in an effort to tackle the u.s. is escalating gun crisis insisting it is just a start. a critical care doctor testifies it was a lack of oxygen that killed george floyd not
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a drugs overdose. myanmar's military condemned as bullies for knocking out the country's ambassador to the u.k. . african nations dropped plans to buy the astra zeneca coronavirus vaccine but say it's not because of any link to blood clots. and in sport defending champion dustin dawson gets off to a shaky start the masters world number one is having a bad day at augusta have finished round one at 2 over par 745 shots off the pace at the moment. after estimated $11000.00 shooting deaths so far this year u.s. president joe biden has unveiled executive actions aimed at curbing gun violence he described the situation as an epidemic biden says he will rein in self assembled or ghost guns weapons that come in kits without serial numbers and can be assembled at
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home he's also moving to restrict armed braces that are commonly used to steady aof if teens style pistols effectively turning them into rifles pistols are subject to fewer regulations biden says his administration will make it easier for states to adopt red flag laws empowering judges to confiscate firearms temporarily from people determined to be a threat and he's called on congress to pass laws that would close background check loopholes reinstate an assault weapons ban and repeal liability protections for gun manufacturers can really help it has more from washington d.c. . in the absence of meaningful gun control laws passed by congress and in response to recent mass shootings in the states of georgia and colorado u.s. president joe biden unveiled a series of executive actions to curb gun violence growing violence in this country is an epidemic and it's an international barrier the executive actions include
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regulations on so-called ghost guns weapons assembled from parts that lack serial numbers purchasers of void background checks so when they show up at a crime scene they can't be traced also prohibited pistol stabilizing braces reportedly used by the mass shooter last month in colorado and red flag regulations allowing families to petition the course to confiscate weapons if a person is deemed dangerous i've held hands with the hands of parents who have lost a child can control advocates see the executive actions as an important 1st step but not enough the notion that somebody can walk down a city street in my hometown richmond virginia with an assault rifle attached to their back is just you know unacceptable and unnecessary as a senator biden helped pass legislation to ban assault weapons back in 1994 but it
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expired 10 years later he's urging congress to act to reinstate the ban the 1904 act had a positive effect on public safety enforcing these actions if confirmed by to pick to head the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms david chipman he's a former federal agent but also a gun control advocate making his nomination controversy with firearm supporters. biden took on his conservative critics arguing his actions do not infringe on a person's 2nd amendment. right to bear arms under the u.s. constitution idea is just bizarre to suggest that some of the things you recommend be contrary to the constitution the u.s. president is also calling on congress to pass laws ending immunity for gun manufacturers make it possible for victims of gun violence to sue gun manufacturers
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in court joe biden calls this one of his top priorities can really help get al-jazeera the white house trying reason tyler is founder and chairman of the organization stop handgun violence in the u.s. state of massachusetts he believes gun ownership can be controlled without violating the constitution 2nd amendment which provides the right to bear arms. in massachusetts urban massachusetts we have enacted the most effective gun long we've reduced the rate of gun deaths by 40 percent since 1904 we have the lowest gun death rate we have the lowest gun violence cost and and we've proven that gun laws save lives without banning most guns it's just that our congress is lazy and cowardice and they just choose to accept blood money campaign contributions from the gun industry versus read what the 2nd amendment really says and then find their
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backbone and stand up against the gun industry now you have to understand in america every federally licensed gun dealer although they can work out of their homes backpacks or car trunks they're registered gun dealers they have to run a background check but if you're a criminal or a domestic or international terrorist and you know you can't pass a background check you can go to 32 states 5000 gun shows private dealers and buy a 1000 guns a day so it's of you could drive a sherman tank through the loophole so you bet you need universal background checks for all gun sales i'm a gun owner i know i can pass a background check so i go to a federally licensed gun dealer if you're a criminal you'd be stupid to go to a federally licensed gun dealer because you could just go to private dealers who sell 50 percent of all guns without background checks or or any proof of id.
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george floyd died from a lack of oxygen after he was handcuffed and pinned to the ground as the testimony of a critical care doctor at the trial of derek show been a former police officer accused of killing floyd last year all the knowledge not in tobin says floyd couldn't take enough oxygen while being held down by show when and 2 other officers eventually damaging his brain and causing his heart to stop. and it's because of the positioning of the handcuffs at the back then how his manipulated with the handcuffs by both officers sharp and by officer king how the manipulate the handcuffs and their pushing the handcuffs into his back and pushing them high then on the other side you have the street so the street is playing a crucial part because he's against
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a hard ass false 3 so the way they're pushing down on his handcuffs combined with the street his left side and that's particularly the left side we see that it's like the left side is in a vise it's totally being pushed in squeeze the from each side earlier tobin told the court that the fence will enjoy the system did not affect his ability to breathe during his arrest is testimony was followed by that of a forensic toxicologist who says the level of fentanyl was well below the usual level of people who died from an overdose. how does mr floyd's ratio compare to that in a sat so mr florence ratio is roughly just a little bit below the median ratio in dui so post-mortem cases we know concentrations can be much higher than nor fentanyl concentrations are because frequently these are these are deaths due to fenton all other drugs may be present
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and there could be other reasons for the death it doesn't say these are all from the one talks occasions but just looking at it as a whole large amount of data this is what we observed john hendren is following the case from minneapolis for so what else of the experts who testified today have to say. well you just played sort of the greatest hits from the day with that 1st witness the one with the irish accent dr martin tobin he was perhaps the prosecution's most effective in most important witness so far and he was unequivocal he has he's written what they called the bible on mechanical ventilation or breathing that's according to the lancet magazine which is itself a kind of bible of medical research and he went on to say that show ven caused george floyd to lose the ability to breathe he cut off his breathing and that that
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led directly to the death of george floyd and there's been a lot of talk about drugs involved here including fentanyl and methamphetamine and he said fentanyl did not affect george floyd's breathing he apparently drew these conclusions from watching the videos hundreds of times and from his own observations on those videos and critically he asked them to freeze the frame at one point where george floyd had one finger pointed on the ground and his knuckles on the tire of the squad car and this expert used that to say that george floyd was literally trying to lift himself off the ground in order to breathe because he was able to breathe without that assistance and eventually of course was completely lost his breath and that caused a chain reaction in which is brain and heart stopped but he was very clear that it all began with derek show vins need and then you had this forensic toxicologist dr daniel. who said the amount of drugs in george floyd system really wasn't that much
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that methamphetamine the amount there was about one joe's of prescribe methamphetamine and i learned today something i didn't know before which is that there is such a thing as doctor prescribed methamphetamine it's used for things like obesity and age deed but in any case you know there's are. the small amount of that and the amount of fentanyl in george floyd system was well below the average of what people have generally been found with in driving under the influence circumstance so bottom line both of those experts suggest of the drugs did not play a major role and we're going to hear from the defense and the medical examiner coming up but right now it was a very strong day for the prosecution and while the defense lawyer has been very effective in cross-examining witness after witness this time he really did not seem to lay a glove on this one particular expert who helped the prosecution make one of the
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most crucial points in its case 100 thank you very much indeed we're joined by the former chief public defender for hennepin county in minneapolis mary mariachi she joins us by skype thank you very much indeed for taking time to talk to i just want to ask you about that particular witness he did appear to be compelling what was your view of what he brought to the case is probably one of the best expert witnesses i've ever seen testify at trial and that's because although he is it seems to be a world renowned expert on breathing he was more like a teacher to the jury he was facing that he was looking at them and buttoned his shirt pulled down his tie to point out where the muscles were in the next he asked the jurors to examine their necks of that they knew what structures he was talking about and he went meticulously through videotapes including the one that was pointed out earlier with george sure it's not holes on the tire of the car the other one that was very compelling was that he walked us through the video the
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actual time that george wants death including knowing exactly when he died because of the look on his face and that was really emotional as he was an outstanding witness for the state today what do you make of the cross-examination of him in particular. yes that wasn't very effective you know as a defense lawyer when when you are examining an expert witness you can't go toe to toe with them about their area of expertise without controlling what they say that there were too many open ended questions too many opportunities for dr tobin to explain things which which was not helpful to the defense at all because the doctor told me he was actually able to address some of the what was thought to be the defense's best arguments such as the fenton all the high level of carbon dioxide and pretty much everything the defense intends to bring up was shot down by dr tope and and what can we expect next in any case but any change in the strategy for the
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for the defect defense to based on what the what's happened so far no and they have to stick with causation they've got experts expect that the state will probably rest either tomorrow or monday and then the defense will have an opportunity to put on their experts it's too late to change at this point and really causation was there and is their strongest piece here and they've got experts to come in and it's just that this expert was absolutely outstanding for the state and that may be too much of a hurdle for the defense to overcome getting that it will rest in the end on the medical evidence is that going to be the the k. to this or not it's certainly a big key to it because all 3 charges depend on the state being able to prove beyond reasonable doubt to all 12 jurors that derek show vns actions were a substantial cause of george floyd's death so they do have to prove that and as i
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said that is the the defense's strongest point i don't know that it's a very strong point but it is what what they're trying to attack and create reasonable doubt about very mariachi thank you very much indeed thank you. much more still ahead on the out of their news hour. djibouti heads to the polls we'll tell you why only one independent candidate is prepared to take on the president. burning over breaks in trade frustrations calls for calm in northern ireland after some of the worst rioting in years. and it's for to delay for the 2nd grand slam tennis event of the year from now will be here to explain that decision . meanwhile as military leaders have stepped up their campaign against critics calling for a return to democracy both at home and abroad there are reports at least at 11
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protesters have been killed during anti crew demonstrations in the northwest town of tassie that takes the number of civilians reportedly killed by security forces since the june to seize power on the 1st of february to $600.00 and leading at paying tank on who backs the protests has reportedly been detained and local media says almost 3000 people are currently in detention and arrest warrants have been issued for hundreds of influencers entertainers artists and musicians and the u.k.'s foreign minister has condemned what he called the bullying tactics of the military jointer that's after the former ambassador was locked out of the embassy in london by the army generals who sacked him try to how has more from the british capital. the. protesters at the miramar embassy. wednesday night ambassador tortue amin was locked out allegedly by his deputy and the military attash a last month the ambassador
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a former army colonel himself had broken ranks criticizing the coup on february 1st and calling for the release of the country's democratic leaders in the morning he returned did spoke to reporters outside he said embassy staff. we're now taking orders from the military attaches a than the formal retries in the military for your comments last month you like yes . inserting from the capital or. being a road or does it or this was a this is there was a decision he said his own options did not likely include returning to his country you see you get killed if you look at it. in the water maybe one of his last journeys in an official diplomatic troubleshooter i mean headed to a meeting of the u.k.'s foreign commonwealth and development office in a statement foreign secretary dominic robb had earlier said we condemn the bullying
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actions of the me and my military regime in london yesterday and i pay tribute to min for his courage the u.k. continues to call for an end to the coup and the appalling violence and for a swift restoration of democracy the british government has imposed sanctions on myanmar military interests since the coup but it's not clear what more can be done now a foreign office spokesman said myanmar's military authorities had given notice that they terminated the ambassador's position and decision the government accepts what is it you'd like the british government to do so just. open the door. for them. george says he considers himself still to be the ambassador here in london the foreign commonwealth and development office does not this country has a long standing tradition of recognizing states not countries and so it is the military in myanmar that has authority over what happens inside this building jonah
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how al-jazeera london. developments within me in march from kuala lumpur in neighboring malaysia she says the arrests of high profile individuals have been discourage people from continuing their protests against the military didn't. tacan is the latest public figure to be detained by security forces his family members said he was taken away in the early hours of thursday morning security forces it entered their family home and they don't know where he's being held he's a well known actor know not just in myanmar but also in neighboring thailand now and a couple of days ago security forces also arrested a well known comedians are gonna who's famous for being politically outspoken he was critical of the military june to a military authorities even when they were running the country up till the democratic transition in 2010 and he's been arrested several times before and he is now back at behind bars again now on the tactic i suppose is to strike fear in the hearts of protesters to show that no one is safe from a rescue
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a public figure state is not going to protect you but that hasn't been enough to deter people from coming out on the streets to protest against the military coup we're seeing that again on thursday now protests in myanmar across towns and cities in the country they are now into the month and we're also hearing that these civilians the protests is announce some of them are beginning to fight back local media reports are saying that in the town of tozzi protesters were fighting back using hunting rifles firebombs knives and at least 11 people were killed in fighting continued into the early hours of thursday morning and a humanitarian crisis is unfolding in eastern me in mar where the separatist karen national liberation army is opposing the military coup thousands of people have fled government airstrikes in karen state over the past 2 weeks with reports of schools and homes being destroyed on wednesday clashes were reported between the army and rebel fighters at least 10 major armed groups of backed anti to protest as
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in myanmar or soul food baby is the spokesperson for the karen support network is in myanmar as current state and says the displaced people need immediate humanitarian assistance. all this market there's not been any jet fighters flying over the kindle territory but we have seen a lot of drones continue to surveillance the areas and right now we have more than 30000 internally displaced people hiding in the jungle because they don't know where the jet fighters are coming again and they don't know where and when they go to drop the bombs again so disturbing to see this more than 20000 internally displaced people is currently in its humanitarian effect and tiring and has. put a very restricted border accept social monetary aspects that come in from thailand
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to cranston it is very much and the control of thai authority and we have not see a. human to accept being alone by the past already much so these people need immediate humanitarian access right now and we replaced the entire authority as well to launch me to access to these people and then eve the job fighters are coming in again and continue to drop bombs in this area and also requires the thai government to allow them to take refuge in parasite actually and in another territory all clear and you have not right in the territory of where the bombings right now i mean in the previous week but 1 we have also see that jeff i just i fly over in that territory when i was there right now so the situation of whether they will be what they were born again is not we do not know that so we have to be very cautious about. that just by just by over our head
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so we have seen a lot of people are now digging burqas and at night time they cannot sleep in the village but they are sleeping in the bunkers in the forest. tiny does it nation of djibouti is located on one of the world's busiest trade routes and voters there will elect the next president on friday currently to a smile is expected to win a 5th term is only challenge it is an independent candidate who is new to politics but insists he's a champion of the poor katherine sawyer reports. many people in djibouti say they already know who will win the election president a smile on mar galli has been the country's leader for 2 decades and he's hoping for another run he changed the constitution in 2010 scrapping time limits while also introducing an age limit of $75.00 he's now $73.00. his political rallies with
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a campaign platform has continued to have been attended by thousands of supporters he says he still has much to accomplish in this country of 1000000 people. we are a small country we need to regroup to build our country and to share benefits but also continue to defend peace in our country he is a desert nation but strategically placed in the horn of africa and on one of the wards b.z.'s trade routes is that a crossroads between africa and i reagan peninsula and the president has exploited this geographical advantage by investing heavily in ports and other infrastructure his plan is to transform djibouti into africa's largest trade and logistics hub the country has also attracted foreign military bases including the u.s. several from europe china and japan but many g. bush shows are poor and unemployment rates are high the president has also been accused of cracking down on his opponents in the past few years something this man
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wants to change zaccaria is only challenger he's an independent candidate and widely seen as a political novice who has not been campaigning march. for me to compete again is the president because he's been in power for so long but i believe in the promises are making to the people the big government as never really purities them all the other more established opposition leaders have boycotted the poor claiming it will not be free and fair. get laid. face potus last year but analysts say any opposition is fragmented and disenfranchised catherine. turkey has condemned comments made by italian prime minister mario draghi which likened president richard to one to a dictator turkey's foreign minister has summoned the italian ambassador to explain what he called ugly comments italian prime minister also accused at one of
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humiliating european commission president was left under lyon she was left without a seat at a meeting with the european council president and turkish president on tuesday. i absolutely disagree with president wants positions i think it was inappropriate behavior i was very sorry for the humiliation that the president of the e.u. commission bunda lion had to suffer. with these let's call them what they are dictators however we have to collaborate one has to be frank in expressing the diversity of views opinions behaviors and visions of society. no challenge there live from london still ahead as sri lanka struggles with its vaccine rollout why these 600000 doses sitting in storage on able to be used. as number of people including many children heading to the u.s.
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increases the white house suggests a new policy for central america. and for more bad news for the canadian hockey team haven't been able to play a game for the past 2 weeks. holiday there is slipping pretty quiet across central parts of europe at the moment that's the good news in terms of the bad news i'm afraid it's going to turn cooler for many as we go on through the next diode see some brisk winds coming in around our area of low pressure up towards the northwest as well but at least those winds coming in from a westie direction at the moment as we go on through the next hour so it will cool off with say some significant snow into the southeast a fips from northern parts of cyprus pushing across into turkey cyprus upright not being see there will be more snow will cold air they're coming into a good part of the anchorage just 6 degrees celsius when she makes to just pushing
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across that's at least the side of here or snow to across scandinavia there we go with that cold west opted to talk its way in across northern parts of the u.k. so scotland temperatures now hot in about 7 celsius in glasgow on friday off there is a 12 for london one to some wet weather across much of western europe at 12 turns into a 7 by this whole becomes a sas take is that cooler weather will continue and a little further south with wetter weather coming in across much of france in the low countries much of west you see some pretty weather wet weather as we go on through the next couple of days and some of that whether it will also affect the phone north america a chance of want to show is for an all in algeria. xenophobia violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. a generation identity was at one time
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a fostex growing far right organization on the continent now watch the investigation that led to the french government banning the group. generation 8. part 2 of a special 2 part investigation on a. most people will never know what's beyond these still. the deafening silence of 100000 forms how it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it's like to work with every breath is precious. with me it is not an option. but when know most people. you.
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are one of the top stories here on to 0 u.s. president joe biden has announced a series of measures to tackle gun violence calling the situation an epidemic and an international embarrassment biden says he'll restrict the use of self assembled weapons as well as armed braces but effectively turned some pistols into rifles. a critical care doctor says george floyd died from a lack of oxygen after he was handcuffed and pinned to the ground martin tobin was testifying at the trial of direction even a former police officer accused of killing floyd last year. u.k. is accused man mark bullying its own ambassador after the employee was locked out of the country's embassy in london. mina's be removed from his post after criticizing febreze coup. the u.s.
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has expressed concerns over reports of human rights abuses and atrocities in the region in a call with ethiopia's deputy prime minister last week reports emerged of a massacre by the military president jordan has more from washington d.c. . the u.s. has decision to add $152000000.00 in emergency humanitarian aid for the people living in the 2 grey region of the ethiopian is coming with a warning for the leadership and outis ababa this is net price the state department spokesperson the ethiopian leadership knows just how serious we are it is a message. the leadership has heard directly it is a message we have relayed. different channels different messengers but again the message has been consistent our concern for the reports that are emanating that have emanated from gray we have made no secret of that we have gone
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to tremendous lengths to provide to make available i should say humanitarian assistance while the bike that ministration says it's growing increasingly worried about the reported number of human rights violations in the t. grey region officials say that what they're seeing does not yet rise to the level of genocide. brazil has again mocked a record number of code related deaths its health ministry says 4249 deaths were reported on wednesday the 2nd time the country has registered more than 4000 deaths in 24 hour period. you know the african union is dropping plans to buy astra zeneca kevin 1000 vaccine and will switch to johnson and johnson instead the head of the africa centers for disease control assisted is not because of concerns about a potential and extremely rare link to blood clots john and kate are song says the
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un's kovacs facility will continue to provide the astra zeneca vaccine while the union wants to ensure africans have access to the greatest range of doses possible . world health organization is regional director for africa is urging countries to continue using the astra zeneca vaccine based on current information in the usual considered that the benefits of using the vaccine greatly outweigh the risks and the countries in africa as we continue to vaccinate people with asters in the comeback scene while we continue to analyze the data and the updates through our expert committees that are common these news and advise to countries accordingly coming to miller's more from south africa where the vaccination campaign has been slow to recover after the suspension of the astra zeneca jab. earlier the c.r. south africa suspended its vaccination program using the astra zeneca jab that after a new strain was identified here and
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a trial show that astra zeneca would not be as effective against the strain and since then about a 1000000 doses of that vaccines been sold to other african countries and now south africa says it's been refunded for the other $500000.00 doses that would you to be delivered the government has been criticized for potentially wasting money but it says it's continuing to engage with astra zeneca as they continue to research and any development on a new generation vaccine the government hopes it will deal adequately with the new variants in the meantime south africa has bought millions of doses of the johnson and johnson vaccine and it hopes to meet a target of vaccinating about 252270000 people a day and that's to achieve what he calls herd immunity for many south africans it's been a long wait for a full vaccination program so far only health workers have been vaccinated about $270000.00 of them and so many south africans are waiting to hear when that broader
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program will begin heal asshole's was one of the astra zeneca vaccine recipients who died as a result of a blood clot on the brain a 59 year old was given his 1st dose of the vaccine on march 17th but died in hospital on sunday after suffering 10 days of headaches and loss of vision his sister a pharmacist says she feels very angry but is still edging people to get vaccinated . spikes what has happened and the impact on our family i still strongly believe that people should go ahead and have the vaccine if problem develops go ahead and have the 2nd if you haven't yet make sure that you do over all we will save all our lives like people having the vaccine not so that make it well it is very very slow and my brother was extraordinarily only ok but even given the situational awareness
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and i would still be encourage everybody to go and help. if we can if we can save your life or the family as a result of this would be worthwhile 15000 corona virus infections have now been reported in yemen a number of us doubled in the past month the u.n. says the actual number of cases in yemen could be much higher there are limited testing and reporting capacities in the country health workers a scrambling to scale up testing and vaccine distribution over $5000.00 covered 1000 cases have now been confirmed since the start of the pandemic this number has doubled in just one month signaling an alarming dangerous surge in the virus fatalities are on the rise with almost a 1000 deaths having been recorded so far 3rd of those have been confirmed since march since mid march we know that these figures greatly underestimate the country's actual disease zs burden due to limited testing capacities and under reporting as well as challenges of access to any treatment as of today yemen
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sumedha to response plan which seeking $3850000000.00 is only 13 percent funded. india's prime minister has received the 2nd shot of his covert 19 vaccine and is urging citizens to get inoculated but some backs nations and as a turning people away as large parts of the country run out of doses central government insists it has enough stocks well authorities report another record rise of more than 126000 cases is a bit for on m has more from the indian capital new delhi. over the past 2 weeks we have already seen the number of vaccines whether it's the seal and to choose manufacturing off the oxford astra zeneca or even the indian manufacturer of buyers biotechs close vaccine we have seen the number of exports come down drastically exports to foreign countries over the past 2 weeks and that's after the indian government decided it had to prioritize vaccinating people at home and that's the
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2nd wave cases of rising much more rapidly than the 1st wave and the indian government was under criticism for export more vaccinations than the number of people it had inoculated at home and over the past few days we are now hearing reports of vaccine shortages in india the worst affected state model astra the health minister has said that the state's going to run out of that some nations in the next 3 days we've seen 100 vaccination centers in one of the worst affected cities in maastricht they have to stop their operations so have 2 districts and must draw on wednesday as capital momus mayor has said they're running out in the next few days and we're also hearing reports of shortages in other states and he is most popular. and even among those reports of shortages we have modest traditionally the indian medical association asking the indian government to remove the low age limit for that nation's just only $45.00 so that any adult who
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wants to be vaccinated can and so the priority in india right now for the central state governments is very much that's amazing as many people as possible in india as the cases go up. sure not because vaccine rollout has been slow with fewer than a 1000000 of its 22000000 people given their 1st job and about 600000 doses donated by china a sitting on ice unable to be administered the government still hasn't approved the chinese on a farm vaccine for public use in elfin and as reports from colombo. anyone thinking the scenes are in china could be forgiven it's actually cool with 900 vaccines and the chinese nationals living and working in sri lanka they were the 1st to receive vaccines from the 600000 doses they need to do the south asian island maybe zhang we started to give only for the chinese citizens while living here working and
12:40 am
living it and the families and those who love working in interland after i bought the next thing i think there is no more i don't have any hard sell for now i feel good. but these reactions are not enough to sri lanka's regulator the national medicines regulatory authority to clear the use assign a farm on local it's demanding more detail it will make new decision we had to go over the scientific evidence and then only give the poor for anything like over there it's a diagnostic method or drug or rexy so it is therefore the sign of a morsel. if there is a real liberal regarding. the safety then there's no problem with that but without those that are definitely we cannot because we can't risk of being something that other people. off with 3 are not sure the doolies causing displeasure within the government would present good to have been his brother mine the rajapaksa have
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worked closely with china in recent years the president received a shipment of vaccines from the chinese ambassador in colombo we need to arrive last week our finest are just the pandemic out all countries under 2 peoples. who would be always standing for money productive or underused the plant or hardly a friend to each other. we faced many difficulties during the last 2 to 3 weeks to bring this to sri lanka. unexpected influences from really is bodies how we were your arm all these influences and ultimately make it to success not going as the regulatory authority refused to be pushed to grant approval the government removed civil of its 13 board members describing it as
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a move to reform the body but a senior doctor gleamed then removal was connected to the senate phone back. at a time when corporate vaccines around the world are coming under scrutiny regulators here say they cannot approve the sign of farm doors until this study all necessary data they say the sooner they receive this the sooner they can make a decision when their finance or dizzier colombo the european court of human rights has backed the czech republic's policy on mandatory vaccinations for children a landmark ruling was reached in a case brought by parents who were fined or denied access to preschool services because they refused to have their children vaccinated the czech republic has compulsory childhood vaccines for 9 diseases the complaints were made before the code 19 pandemic but the court ruling could set a precedent for europe's current coronavirus facts you know that. united states
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special envoy to central american countries has been meeting the region's leaders promising to address the root causes of undocumented migration the number of people heading to the u.s. border has dramatically increased since joe biden became president border officials apprehended more than 170000 people last month alone a 71 percent increase from february and more than 10 percent of them were unaccompanied children when iraq will has more from mexico city. this meeting between u.s. and guatemalan officials is being seen as the official start of a new strategy by the u.s. government aimed at reducing the number of migrants fleeing central america the biden administration's special envoy to the region the capital sunita says the white house wants to create legal ways for migrants to reach the u.s. at the set i want to emphasize that the u.s. border is closed we are here to also talk about the need and the efforts of the white house to create legal means for migration so that people do not have to use
12:44 am
irregular and dangerous routes we also want to make sure that they are ways and means of accessing protection for people who require that protection and this. since the start of the year there's been a dramatic increase in the number of people fleeing central america and more often than not their destination is the united states last month more than 171000 migrants were apprehended on the us mexico border among them nearly $19000.00 unaccompanied children from central america representing one of the highest monthly totals on record experts say it's critical that new regional immigration policies be forthcoming. policies that guarantee the rights of migrants and asylum seekers and also improve conditions in their countries of origin but also we are expecting that the. relationship between the united states and the congress will not be instant trying to marry or we are expecting. substantial change in the way that the
12:45 am
u.s. administration is going to relate to these countries we have to speak the moral operation more open ration to ensure that costs are going to be addressed so that people don't you are not forced to leave their homes part of the u.s. government's immigration strategy includes nearly $4000000000.00 in aid for water mala hundreds and el salvador a region of central america known as the northern triangle legal observers say the biden administration needs to ensure the money is actually used for. its intended purpose. biden is familiar with this region when he was vice president there was also a sort of financing plan for the northern triangle what worries us is that those $4000000000.00 will end up in the hands of the same corrupt presidents of the northern triangle. well many are welcoming the return of a more multilateral approach to international migration policy experts warn that problems like violence extreme poverty and corruption won't be solved overnight
12:46 am
madrid are below 0 mexico city. another night of violence in northern ireland spot calls for peace from the british government as well as the white house the region is split between people who want to remain part of the u.k. and others who want to unite with the irish republic of reps clashed on wednesday for the 1st time with children as young as 13 throwing bricks and petrol bombs over dividing wall anderson and supports. a 6 nights of violence in northern ireland this is the scene in belfast a bus set on fire the driver escaped shot but not hurt no passengers were on board at least 7 police officers were injured here than 50 hurt in less than a week most of the violence has been called pro british loyalist realities angry at a number of issues that enraged by the new brick city trade barriers between northern ireland and the rest of the u.k. and say they're becoming alienated the northern ireland assembly met in emergency
12:47 am
session calling for unity today is not the time to rehearse the arguments of the last number of weeks if say we should all know well i'm in politics feel orse are perceived to be failing in northern ireland their nose they fell a vacuum of her destruction and despair as critical leaders we must stand united in appealing to all concerned to refrain from further threats or use of violence but union is to loyalist politicians who want to remain in the u.k. and the publicans who want to be out of it are deeply divided over a policing issue the union is say the police failed to prosecute republican shin fein members attending a. large funeral which apparently broke the regulations and there's a disturbing aspect to wednesday night because it involves loyalist and republican nationalists for the 1st time since the rioting started the flare ups by the side
12:48 am
of the so-called peace war that's still standing despite the good friday peace deal of 9098 andrew symonds algis in. china has accused the u.k. of sheltering wanted criminals after one of hong kong's leading pro-democracy activists was granted political asylum nathan or has been in the u.k. says general i after china imposed a sweeping national security dole on the semi autonomous territory britain has pledged $59000000.00 to aid residents from the former colony resettle in the u.k. and help them find jobs housing and schools the u.k. estimates more than $300000.00 hong kong residents could emigrate over the next 5 years. there are still ahead in support the former champion who looks to be getting format just the right time for this year's masters.
12:49 am
12:50 am
you know all. now from deep techno beats to soaring classical orchestras butlins music scene attracts fans from all over the world but dance floors and concert halls have been forced to remain empty because of the coronavirus pandemic so how have artists adapted stephanie decker reports on how some musicians are keeping their rhythms flowing. band rehearsal on a snowy berlin afternoon. it's been a long time since they've played to a live audience. i feel like an essential part of my meaning in life
12:51 am
has been taken away from me and i don't think that that's unusual i think the tough feels that i think a lot of musicians i know feel that you know a guy i knew from the local stump tonight but like where i go jam sandman. committed suicide like it really another friend of really good friend of mine gave up music and changed careers so there's tons of stories like that but they've managed to make a shift focusing more on the digital aspect so we just adjusted we did in the end we decided to release the album and we did at least party online we did a listening session where we're basically listening to the whole album and the fans can write comments and we in the real with them and it was very nice people didn't really get why they want this stuff here is a d.j. and came to berlin from ukraine almost 30 years ago. he too has had to move his sets online these days so i'm you know going crazy playing playing the stuff you
12:52 am
know getting exactly and then i look at that 2 guys and they're like sitting on their computers and. so this was really. in the beginning. was the reverberation time has to be not too long because nothing can replace engaging directly with an audience being surrounded by music you know opera live from density live from being together to have a tension in the room too few distances to feel the crippling feel for the singers of the sound and so and all senses are affected the. pandemic means that they've been forced to move online to this the most recent performance of figaro. last week berlin state opera house has been closed to the public since november the 1st. back at band rehearsal the attitude is one perseverance so things are happening you're just going we definitely expect the day of playing a concert like
12:53 am
a real concert we had a little bit in the summer which was nice but i think it will come and i think people realize that all design concerts and everything it's not a replacement for live music and it's good that there's no real replacement for it i think it's a good thing. a desire felt by most musicians and certainly by many of us to. to be able to watch listen and to feel the music again. together. stephanie decker al-jazeera earlier. this summer now with the sport thank you very much lara while defending champion vest and johnson that got off to a shaky start the 1st round of the masters sunday world number one finished with a 2 over 74 which included a double bogey on the 18th hole he's 5 shots off the pace at the moment while johnson has been the title holder for less than 5 months after winning at augusta
12:54 am
and november justin rose is currently at the top of the leaderboard and just a night it took a big step towards reaching the er pay league semifinals with an away win over get on either in the 1st leg of their last $8.00 a tie marcus rushford put united ahead scoring 8 awls in european competitions a season bruno fernandez a penalty in the 90th minute to put united and total control it finished to nail to the english side united to have not won a trophy since winning their paralegal 4 years ago. arielle madrid welcome arch rivals of barcelona saturday of for the much anticipated el classico it will be a crucial match in the tata race this season both the spanish giants have improved considerably after a slow start making a late play for the title 54 than side that will put them above 2nd place a barcelona and level on points with currently the athletic will. but all those
12:55 am
studying history will secure a classic of for me as the best game in the world not only for me but for everyone the history of birth teams means it's always a game that is very important as always it's a game that is very difficult against a team that likes to have to pull to have got to go all out for the win because this is a final for us. and it is cricket's a hero such a has been released from hospital a week after he was admitted to having tested positive folk over the 19 to luka who turns 48 elated this month that will continue his recovery at home or staying in self isolation where he lives in mumbai in the state. where more than 59000 covert 900 cases were recorded on thursday or this year's french open tennis tournament is being delayed by
12:56 am
a week due to the covert 900 pandemic the 2nd grand slam event of the season will now start all may 30th it's hoped this will allow more fans to attend last year's edition it was postponed by 4 months and took place in front of limited crowds. the vancouver canucks hawkie team say 25 of their players and coaches have now tested positive for covert 19 the team haven't played since this heavy loss against the winnipeg jets on march the 25th the n.h.l. is now targets in the end of next week for the canucks to return to competitive action. for nothing on monday andrew card now police say a former n.f.l. player is the suspect in a mass shooting in the us state of south carolina that's 2 year old philip adam is
12:57 am
believed to have killed 5 people before taking his own life it happened at the home of his doctor who is also one of the victims investigators do not yet know what the motive was a few hours into this investigation we gather a lot of information we have a lot more information to gather as to the why. 2 priorities here are number one to assure the citizens of the community in your county that an armed man who just shot 6 people is not on the loose sure the community that is the case we feel like that we have. the individual who's response for this and he's deceased. and that's why as well we'll have more for you later on but now it's back to lauren so i thank you very much indeed craig mundie you can catch up any time on our web site just about his out is there dot com that's it from in our entire
12:58 am
defense news out of here with more news in just a myth. it's the political debate show that's challenging the way you think i want to know where you're to stand on cancer culture decreasing the range of ideas that can be heard from international politics to the global pandemic and everything in between if tech companies are the ones with all the power what do we do what's the solution 'd we get organized what are world leaders or governments missing thread talking about
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targets like 20412815 when we're talking to but now up front with me marc lamont hill on al-jazeera. the environmental crisis is the defining story of our time never before have done it already in human health so clearly a line after i've agis here is the rule of winning environmental solutions for example across the wild we seek out people who are fighting may tell us gone and combating climate change while finding ways to protect all life on a planet asked life coming soon as a sarawak. when freedom of the press is under threat demonstrators and journalists are dealing with internet outages police intimidation and charges of said dish and the stink line becomes the default the media namely develop new kinds of images that that lead to death and that it gives to these guys that just how did he create a new science makes it hard for people to know what's real and what's not step
1:00 am
outside the mainstream to shift the focus covering the way the news discovered the listening posts on a. if you want to help save the world. sneeze and hero. or at the end. gun violence in this country is an epidemic and it's a little national that. joe biden takes executive action an effort to tackle the u.s. is escalating gun crisis insisting it is just a start. and more intelligence is al-jazeera live from london also coming up a critical care doctor testifies it was a lack of oxygen that killed george floyd not a drug.


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