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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 8, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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there's a very firm grasp on it and then mr floyd's left hand has been pushed in against his chest or so we're able to see just on the side that officer sharpens is coming in and that's compressing in against his side as well so the ability to expand his left. left side here is enormously impaired and odd so you're seeing that the size of the chain between the 2 the right side and the left side is very short so he his whole left arm is also been pulled over and so it's preventing him also from expanding the right side i've been focusing on the pocket hand and the pump handle on the left but you can also see here that these are impaired his ability to expand his chest and of course the key factor you must keep that it's in kind of in a sense see here in one sense is the street the street is what his having
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a huge effect because ease jammed down against the street and so the street is playing a major role in preventing him from expanding his chest. it is just a little after 1500 hours g.m.t. 10 am in minneapolis in the u.s. we are once again bringing you live coverage of the trial of derek trev in the 9th day of proceedings the former policeman is accused of murdering george floyd in a case that triggered world wide protests demanding racial justice the prosecution currently questioning pulmonary and critical care experts dr martin tobin. about. him and his expert opinion what led to george floyd's death he said that george ford died due to a low level of oxygen or a fixation. let's go back and listen.
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so do you recognize this is this still image that you selected yes. your honor we offer state's exhibit 92 or. 143. and could you tell us what dr toby must this is the significance of this image and what we see here. part you're seeing is likely different than the 2 images but they marry together if you look on the left side you see his finger is pushing against his street the street. you also see the hands here of the officers around his left hand you can see that left hand cupped arm as we discussed or seen a more clearer view here how it's been really round into the back of his back there's just no way he's going to be able to expand that but with the. left image you see the finger on the street then over on the right image you see he's against
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the tire and to most people this doesn't look terribly significant but to a physiologist this is extraordinarily significant because this tells you that he has used up his resources and he is now literally trying to breathe with his fingers and not it's because when you begin to breed you begin to breathe with your rip cage in your diaphragm the next thing you recruit after that is your sternum asked for muscle which is the big muscle in your neck and then when those are waist that up then your return relying on these types of muscles like your fingers to try and stabilize your whole right side because he's totally dependent on getting air into the right side so he's using his fingers and his knuckles against the street to try and crank up the right side of his chest this is his only way to try and get
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air to get into the right lung. you know back to showing you what's been marked as state's exhibit 938 is there's a related series of photographs and images yes. we offer states it wouldn't matter if. so dr tell us what we see here it's a focus with the me in the top panel is the same as the bottom on the bottom is just the blowup of what you've seen on the top and the focus on the left hand side is his shoulder. and again as i mentioned when you have difficulty in breathing you begin with the roof dive print the rip kit you go on to the accessory muscles like
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the sternum ass that one of the very last muscles that you will use your shoulder you don't really use your shoulder for breathing but if you look here on the left hand side the shore there is extremely prominent so this is what like people in the gym with called sculpting of the shoulder muscles and you're seeing them standing out very prominently so at this point on the left hand side he's taking a breath in using his shoulder to try and get a breath in and then on the right side you see between a breath where he's relaxing he's not he's breathing out and it's the to a commercial and so as you see the that marked effect on the left but again you have to realize that the sure there is a very ineffective way of the because at that stage the chest is also expanded so when you contract your shore there because the chest underlying it is so expanded you get very very little area and it's
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a very poor way of breathing but it's what you have to do when everything else is failing when you're in extremis you will call on the use of the shoulder to try and prevent. so dr dog and have we covered the 1st bite on the head that is handcuffs and history yes so let's talk about number 2 me on the neck. explain why the knee on the neck is so significant the knee and then egg is extremely important because it's going to occlude the area getting in through the passageway. so it's possible dr to perhaps even demonstrate an amount of the last of us so maybe relative to understand the need on the neck you need to examine your own
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necks all of you here in the jury like i'm doing now and so mean the 1st thing is if you put your index and tom up here at the top tier neck the 1st thing you're going to find is your atoms up and you can find the adam's apple and it's a very sturdy structure because it's surrounded by cartlidge and it protects the voice box the larynx which is essential to for speech and so any amount of compression on the adam's apple is not going to compress it this is an extremely strong sturdiest structure it's not going to be compressed by any other name then you go down from your adam's apple and if you did it would bumps but neat that and these are the rings of cartilage or up your 3 key or your 3 so this is your windpipe here and so that's again because at the cartilage there and knee on the front of that part is not going to cause compression. but then bring your finger up
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to the top of your adam's apple and up at the top of your adam's upper you're now directly over the hyper pheromones and the hyper pharynx is the crucial area in mr floyd's at this here is where the hyper pharynx is located on your surface and that . so why is the hype of barracks important for understanding this case what happened the hype of firings is very important for understanding this case for a number of reasons because it's so vulnerable because it has no carte leach around it it's going to be an area that is compressed it's extremely small to read through and it becomes very important for being able to continue to read through. dr i want to show you what's been marked as state's exhibit 935937.
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could you identify just for the record tell us what what's the pick yes i'm looking at 937 which is the high profile. and the amount 35 people. and not $35.00 which i'm looking at $935.00 which is the hyper ferentz with a coin. and do these 2 images fairly and accurately depict the hyper ferrers they do on our office state's exhibit 935937. 35 unknown to me 7 r.e.c. . we can show them to the jury. so dr using exhibits $37.00 and the $35.00 help us to better understand what the barracks is and what it does. so what you're looking at here and you know if this
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works yet does so here at the where i've drawn in red is the top your tongue ok and that's the tongue there and then above it is an empty space and then above that is the top at the heart of it so that ory intense you there and say then the tongue comes down along here and the critical structure in this case because the act of speech in mr floyd becomes very important how he was able to speak and of these different things so the structures that gives a speech are the focal courts right here and there in the voice box and in the larynx and then we have a little area here card that epi plautus it's a little sliver and that comes back to prevent food going the wrong way when we're swallowing because we use the hyper pharynx both for swallowing for eating and we use the hyper pharynx for so when we're breathing the air is going to come in
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through your nose your mouth and down through the hyper pharynx then through the fork in courts and into the windpipe into the trachea and go on down into the lungs where is when you're swallowing that trapdoor of the epi plant and so far will prevent the food going into the air passages and will directed into the food to but the back the esophagus the area of the hyper pharynx then is exactly from the base of the epi plot is the 1st yellow arrow down to the 2nd yellow or which is the the larynx and it's just that little area that is the size of the hyper ferrari x. that we see in a 35 for us and so this is the we know that the. sectional area of the hyper pharynx in adult people have it here in the millimeters 1993 or 3 which are obviously difficult to remember those type of 1000000 users but in fact right
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in the middle of this would be the size of a dime so a dime is basically the size of what the hype of franks and it tells you how small and how vulnerable is this area so if it's going to be decreased in size it's a very tiny area and so why is the type of erik's important and the case of mr floyd. because the hyper pharynx is going to be the area that will be vulnerable to a tradition from the need on the neck but in addition to hyper pharynx has another aspect and that is that hyper pharynx is also controlled by the size of your lungs as your lungs expand you increase the size of the hype of firings with every breath and so there's a regulation of that that's going on was mr shorten applying force or pressure to the hyper pharynx of mr floyd that you have are at different times it vary from
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time to time. not yet are you able to tell us if mr show with have put his weight. directly is for weight on this the floyd's neck are you able to tell us what impact or effect that would have had on this floor. if mr up answer show up and had placed his need directly on the hype parents just that area the dime and it never varied from there and it kind of came in like a bull's eye on that particular area then you would expect that this area would become totally uprooted but it did it mean he varied the position bet mr floyd varied the position of his head and officer show than all it so varied the position of his knee so it very difficult time and if it had if it had become totally
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occluded then what if it had become totally a true did within seconds you were going to drop the level of oxygen to a level that would be produce that oxygen deprivation in the body resulting in either a seizure or a heart attack one of the up. do you have another photograph taken from footage or at the scene that would help with jury understands point yes i'm going to show you what's marked as state's exhibit 941. and this is derived from exhibit 15 already in evidence do you recognize this this photograph or not 941 yes i do. not are we all for states is going to 941 and if 41 is using. dr toben tell the ladies and gentlemen of the jury what it is you mean it can vary
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here exhibit no one. so if you're looking say on the one at the left and if you look at me 1st before you look at that so if you stick your finger in your ear then you draw a line from your finger you're you're going down through the bodies in your spinal column you can get a line going down and you're looking at that axis and that's what i've drawn in here with the yellow dotted line and so if you look here on the 1st slide it you see that mr floyd's knows his face is directly face down on the street it's not at any angle so the next thing is gan don't look at this at the slide feed yourself on your own neck and now if you've put your hand at the back here. and you put at that you feel the bottom of your skull and so here the skull the
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bone of the skull ends and then you come down from that and you'll find and you put your whole power of your hand around a very. again . the reason that the microphones have been turned off in the course is that the judge is taking issue with with some of the evidence that is being presented to to the court of the moment he's just discussing that with the defense and prosecution teams. as soon as he's satisfied then the march 1st will be tons on again we can hear what's happening in the court just to remind you with al-jazeera
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. and where bringing you live coverage once again of the director of in trial day 9 of proceedings today the former policeman accused of murdering george floyd in a case that's triggered worldwide protests demanding racial justice the prosecution is questioning medical expert pulmonologist and criminal case critical care experts i'm sorry dr martin tobin. the witnesses as you do certain things these are not required you may do them and he should phrase it more in terms of if you were to do that and if you wish to do it that is your choice you are not required to do anything that the witness instructs you to do but feel free to do it if you wish mr blackwell thank you ron. dr toben if we could go back to where you're explaining the the anatomy and the back of the base of the star so as i'm putting my hand here at the back of my neck and feeling the tip of my skull and then i'm bringing down
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my hand and feeling an extremely thick ligament and that's called the new cool lincoln mint and it's almost if you. put the full power of my hand on my new khaliq a mint it's almost like wood it's a strong make a mint and that ligament is what your see the need is been placed over on the left hand slide and so within me there regularly or where the new collegian meant it can cause no up structure because this is such a dense ligament and that's what you're seeing in you're seeing is where with the low triangle sorry the yellow diagonal clear that the bulk of officer show vns need is above that yellow line the 2nd thing separate from this on this slide you can see that mr floyd has his face randy in to the street because
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he's using his face here to try to try and crank up his chest he's actually using his forit and his nose and he's chin as of way of trying to help them get air into the right side of his chest as another way to crank up his chest and how do you contrast that to what we see in the photograph on the right and examine that 41 the right hand side you can see now the orientation of mr floyd has changed and also you can see the position of officer shortens need has changed because it's come down. below the diagonal and in this position there's going to be far greater compression of the hyper pharynx in this reed region here compared with what you are seeing on the left side on the left side there is no compression of the height of parents but on the right side and if you watch the videos over time you will see that there is
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a variation over time as to where exactly is the location of mr floyd's head and where is the location of officer show. and in the photograph on the right. is exerting. talking greater force on the hyper variance correct is it possible to calculate the amount of force yes it is so we can calculate the amount of force based on the weight of officer shaaban and his body weight taking into account how much gear weight for gear that he carries and then also you have to remove out the weight of his shin bone and he's boot and so subtracting out all of these and then you can calculate the weight and you also calculate the changes or narrowing in the space that people have to breathe through yes you can separate.
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with this being anywhere can to breathe in through a small opening like a straw yes it would so i mean when you have to breathe through such a narrow passage way it's like. breathing through it drinking straw but it's much worse than that because breathing through it thinking straw i mean is somewhat unpleasant but not that unpleasant and that it gets much worse than it. so as the space narrows is it more difficult then to breathe through enormously more difficult and we know that from physics and through physics then is that something that can also be calculated yes that can also be captivity and that type of a calculation now would it be specific per se to george boy no it wouldn't this would be for anybody for we know in terms of what happens physiologically when you have this level of narrowing this is going to happen to everybody can't can you
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please explain to the jury what those calculations which show about the effect of the narrowing on the airway breathing right yes a believe there's an exhibit that relates to that. let me then show you what's marked as state's exhibit 94939. if you. want scanned the mark for has been turned off while the judge clarifies something with the prosecutor. assume as the judge is satisfied the microphones will come back on again.
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so you are pros and you get. them to the 9 and then 40 or isn't. so let's start with exhibit that 40. dr talk and tell us what's depicted here describe this for us yeah so this is a physiology experiment and what it's looking at it is up what is the effort to breed that's what's shown along the y. axis of the plot and then it his with different levels of narrowing and so at the very bottom one with the white triangles the lowest curve that's normal there is no narrowing and so we see that as the flow varies and shown in red is what would be the normal flow rate in the 46 year old man and we can see what is the work that is
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done if you look at the normal one and then you look at 60 percent airway and narrowing in this is much more narrow down breathing through a straw and you can see there is really no bigger increase in the effort to breathe it's hardly different from what it in terms of normal but then if you get 85 percent narrow we now you see that the effort to breed increases 7 and a half times compared with what it was with no narrowing and so you're seeing a huge increase in the work that has required it becomes far more difficult to breathe as the narrowing becomes more narrow and doctors must look at exhibit 939. so this is the science behind that plot before and before i showed you and these is just the quezon in physics that tells you how that works and the key thing when you look at any question like this for me as
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a physiologist is i focus on the square sign of the stricture that tells me here when i see a square sign on top of it and it is below the level on the question that is. the denominator i know with that that you're going to be fine all along for a period of time and then suddenly everything is going to increase enormously you're going to into what we call an exponential increase and that's exactly what we see on the experiment that was done where we see there's really nothing happening at 60 it's nothing much but then it 85 percent it suddenly takes off and if you had beyond 85 percent it would be even more and more and so based on the formulae here you can tell that as you are narrowing and narrowing the effort to breed is going to become extraordinarily high and at some stage unsustainable
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you're just not going to be able to do it. so in this case the case of miss floyd that narrowing was this hyper ferrets it was in the hype of parents yes did the mr shoguns knee on the neck then cause an aeronautical air yes it did. so given the the the changes that you observed mr shaw and the list of lawyers over time were any of those changes significant from the from the standpoint of placing pressure on the hyper fare if there are extremes. let's look. at exhibit 947. and then you want to read off for. we offer exhibit than 47 which is taken from
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from exhibit 55. 47 others. not tell us what we see here and on exhibit 40 so what you're seeing is the orientation of officer sharpen he is body building is quite erect here but in particular what you're seeing is that the toe of his boot is no longer touching the ground this means that all of his body weight is being directed down at mr floyd's nick there because in many of the calculations i excluded the effect of his leg and he's shoe because some of it was touching the ground but here you can see none of it is touching the ground so he were taking half his body weight plus the way to peace how have the
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gear and all of that is coming directly down. mr floyd's name. i want to show you was marked as exhibit 943. did your system preparing this exhibit yes i did. would it help you explain in your testimony yes your honor we offer exhibit 143. 43 is recent and you're out of your attic a clear. thank you. so dr talwar and what do we see here at exhibit not $4035.00 here is a news that half of his body weight plus half his gear weight is coming down that's $91.00 pounds is coming down directly undisturbed floyd's nick. is and all we see. of the reason we're seeing that is because that that the toll
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is off the ground and there is no body weight sitting back he's not hunkering back on his heels so everything is that wrecked down on his knee the in this place. his shin and he is and he's who is playing no country. and were there times also when mr chavez left me was at the back of the support that current and when was that when he's knees on the back that's a separate set of forces it's the same force but it's compressing a different air it's compressing inside his chest and what about the time when most of for he would have had his face smashed directly to the paper when he's faces is into the pavement at that time like one of the ones i showed you if it's coming down on the nuclear ligament it's going to be a huge weight for mr floyd to try and breed but he won't be compressing the high
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profile except the time when that's happening it so all of these different forces are there somewhat complex terms of how they're interacting. but there are coming to the same point. now you pay particular attention who told us of the 1st 5 minutes or 3 seconds of the subdual on the graph yes. how would you characterize mr floyd's oxygen levels during the 1st 5 minutes and 3 minutes that mr shorten was on top of that we know that he's oxygen levels where enough to keep his brain alive and the reason we know that is because he continued to speak over that time we know that he made various focal sounds for 4 minutes 51 seconds from the time that the needy is placed on the mic and that's telling is partly that he's speaking but the big thing is it's telling is because you can't speak without her brain
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being active and so we know there's oxygen getting to his brain at 4 whenever he is making an attempt to speak. once again the microphones in the court have been turned off while the judge clarifies something with the prosecutor. if you just joined us we are once again. covering live. the trial of derrick cho in the police officer. accused of murdering george floyd in minneapolis this is the 9th day of proceedings currently giving testimony
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is pulmonary and critical care expert dr martin toobin. well just for the next 10 minutes. of course. you are this is probably be a good time for out of it martin break. ok. so the judge deciding that now is the right time to take a break in that testimony the testimony as we were saying of polyamory and critical care expert dr martin tobin who stated early in his testimony that in his opinion george floyd died due to a low level of oxygen or a fixation floyd's chest he said couldn't expand properly enough with him pinned against the pavement by the police officers to breathe and in the last few minutes
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as you've been hearing. he's been talking about the narrowing of the hypo pharynx caused by the pressure of knee on floyd's neck and what that would have had to do to. involved in a lack of an inability to get oxygen to the brain he was saying that for whatever 5 minutes it wasn't. causing enough damage to work to affect oxygen getting to watch george floyd's brain because he was still able to talk. is there in minneapolis he's been following. this testimony so far what are we to make of what we've heard. hugely significant this is the 1st direct testimony we've heard from any sort of expert. actions of derek children led
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directly to the death of george lloyd. a doctor with more than 40 years experience he's a pulmonary expert essentially he's an expert in breathing and he says that the. exam to stop george floyd being able to breathe properly one telling moment and the testimony to me just the glossed over he said you could see his hands and his knuckles were moving against. that point the doctor was suggesting that george floyd. distress he was even trying to breathe through his hands and his knuckles he said that there was activity in the brain you could hear him trying to talk but his breathing became much more labored the gap between the words became much greater and then he said his final words and there was a big gap between those words and those words where i can't breathe certainly we nor that in the courtroom the judge had to ask the jury but tell them in fact that
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they didn't have to follow the judges he was explaining everything around the neck and how it all works a number of jurors felt that they were obliged to do that but the judge said look you can do it if you want but you don't have to that sure is that the jury is paying very very close attention to what this judge is saying and it's very important just one other point that he made he said that did the knee on the neck cause the narrowing of the vital organ that is needed to breathe and he said yes he is pointing the finger directly at derek children and they looked at one picture where derek children has his knee on george floyd's neck his foot is off the ground the doctor said that means half is body weight is being exacted on the neck at that point you're talking somewhere in the region of $95.00 pounds which is more than $4050.00 kilos as a quick conversion plus half the weight of his equipment so you can just see how
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much stress was being put on the organ that helps you breathe at that point dr top and this is a very significant part of evidence for the prosecution and for just a 2nd let's hear from from dr martin tobin there who was explaining the medical complications which ultimately led to floyd's inability to bring in a lot about me his death. and it's because of the positioning of the handcuffs at the back there and how he's manipulated with the handcuffs by both officer shaaban and by officer king how they manipulate the handcuffs and they're pushing the handcuffs into his back and pushing them high then on the other side you have the street so the street is playing a crucial part because he's against a hard asphalt street so the way they're pushing down on his handcuffs combined with the street his left side and that's particularly the left side we see that
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it's like the left side is in a vise it's totally being pushed in squeezed in from each side. however this as you said hugely significant testimony from this expert witness it's difficult to see how the defense would argue against any of his. there's a couple of things that stand out 1st of all when he mentioned the fact that how difficult was it to breathe let me give you this example and you can maybe even try to it's like trying to breathe through a drinking straw only much watched the night so that's what george boyd was going through and things like that tend to stick with students and so that's hard for the defense to overcome here's another thing dr torben has never given evidence in a criminal case before he's given evidence in more than 50 cases but that's been mainly medical malpractise so he's spoken on behalf of doctors and he's spoken on behalf of patients and he isn't receiving
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a fee for doing this he was approached by the state of minnesota he decided to help with the case but because he'd never done this sort of thing before he decided he was not going to accept a fee for that so trying to attack this month credibility in any way becomes much more difficult for the defense as well no the defense have been very good at just finding little nuggets that they can just throw in to try and exploit anything that may just cause that little doubt in the jury and if we've said many times throughout this trial almost every single day it is for the prosecution to prove the case it is only for the defense to create an element of doubt. alan for the moment many thanks indeed we'll be back in minneapolis and when the court session resumes there on a break up at the moment in the meantime let's move on to some of the rest of the day's news pope francis has appealed to world financial chiefs to reduce the debt
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of poor nations who've been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic the head of the roman catholic church says they have stashed all monetary fund and world bank leaders must also give developing nations a greater say in global decision making pope francis says the pandemic has highlighted the connection between socio economic ecological and political crises facing poor countries is once again appealed for vaccines to be a major made available to all countries sudan's leader says that he's agreed to reactivate several agreements with casa some arrangements have been suspended after the fall of omar al bashir is government a bullfight alba han is in the half or 2 day visit to discuss a range of issues including trade and regional issues on the sidelines of the talks he said ethiopia's construction of the renaissance dam was one of his most pressing concerns. the love all of my loonies really demand. is a problem talks in negotiations have been done for
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a long time we had dialogues and we had meetings with the. pseudo recently supporting the african mediation the african mediation there and we also have the u.s. mediation but all these mediation haven't reached a real solution and. the death toll of the days of tribal clashes in sudan's western darfur region has risen to $132.00 the violence poses a challenge to sudan's transitional government which is trying to end decades long rebellions in the region the violence follows a shooting at the weekend that killed 2 people in a camp for displaced people. well in the most recent attack in the town of palma i'm sorry we're in the wrong region but in one of the latest of many in the gas rich chicago delgado province in the north of mozambique the attacks began in earnest in 2017 though it had been brewing for some time and
6:41 pm
list say it's partly driven by ethnic tension and high youth unemployment armed groups linked eisel want to establish their own state they've carried out regular attacks targeting civilians and of occupied towns and villages in the last 3 and a half years around $700000.00 people have been forced to flee the palm attack which left dozens dead was one of the worst since the conflict began the mounting violence prompted french energy company toto all to temporarily suspend the multi-billion dollar project near the town. is the southern africa director with the africa division of human rights watch and says mozambique and forces are not capable of securing palma on its. it remains unsafe for people to return to the toll of palma. civilians fled and it is and clear what capacity or prisons. the group heads. on
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so at this point it's certainly not safe to mozambique and security forces but do not have the capacity to secure. to secure what your body the cup what you got good job growth in mozambique what needs to happen immediately is for the muslim became government to acknowledge this crisis lipitor priority and reach out to the southern african development community side like tool seized in a meaningful way to do better look action plan but of course that is a challenge that most of the government. and willing to reach out for this kind of support just this afternoon the subject leaders were meeting in mock mozambique's capito but they came up with a very weak communique. was to immediately deploy it. on the grounds to assist muslim league and then another meeting at the end of this
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month so it shows that there is a reluctance to forward prioritize this crisis because the big east and willing to reach out to its neighbors the world health organization is appealing for fairer distribution of corona virus vaccine success that africa is being left out of the race to end the pandemic and see nation is a lifesaving tool in the response to the pandemic and $100.00 days into the year and also more than $600000000.00 in those it's emitted globally africa has that minister that only 20 percent more than $1000000000.00 up against remain on the margins of this is starting to end the pandemic. african countries like ghana are one and umbrella have delivered a significant proportion of their vaccines within a short space of time and some of the success that include trading off in advance simulation exercises pretty listing parenting groups and communicating with
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communities the african union is dropping its plans to purchase the vaccine made by astra zeneca and will switch to one made by johnson and johnson instead but the head of the africa centers for disease control insists that it's not due to concerns about a potential but extremely rare link to blood clots he says the global kovacs facility will focus on providing the astra zeneca vaccine to provide africans with the greatest range of jobs possible i think is a strong wish from the africa c.d.c. to continue to encourage african countries to take up the vaccines quickly because they were quickly because without that snitching quickly then we would not be really in the battle against 90 nothing that is really my message to all of us that it's a collective effort it's a collective responsibility and collective accountability that will be able to rule our vaccinations across all member states remember vaccines because that's nation it was an economy. more of catherine sawyer what the
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c.d.c. director had to say about his concerns about the astra zeneca virus. he did say that they still recommend that african countries continue using this vaccine because. benefits greatly outweigh the risks and it's important to note that most of the african countries are using astra zeneca then the issue of this shift from procuring astra zeneca from the seram instituted in india to johnson and johnson came up and he said that last week the african union signed a deal with johnson and johnson to secure a 400000000 doses of vaccine in the 3rd quarter of the year but he said this is in no way linked to the concerns and the problems that are being seen with astra zeneca he said that the program astra zeneca vaccines will still
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continue being distributed on the continent through the call the ex program but what is happening is that the african union wants to. secure more and more. scenes from different quarters wants to sign more bilateral deals because this is all complimentary he says that they want to get in as many vaccines as possible on the continent so that as many people as possible can get vaccinated and even if there are some success stories here in africa the vaccination drive is still very low and they want to change that health regulations in the u.k. i mean you say they still have confidence in astra zeneca is covert time team vaccine and its effectiveness after finding that it may cause a plant closing in very rare cases individual countries deciding on how to handle a potential risk among handful of people germany spain italy and. philippines are
6:47 pm
recommending that only people over the age of 60 use the astra zeneca vaccine belgium and france introduce some of the restriction halting it for people aged 55 and younger a study a is recommending that people in the 50 avoid the astra zeneca vaccine while the u.k. says that only those under the age of 30 should avoid as well as it is evaluating whether they use astra zeneca a tool while mexico brazil and hungary will continue to distribute astra zeneca vaccinations across all age groups to run kim is the director general of the international vaccine institute and explains why the vaccine may be causing blood clots and wrestle comes down says there is a very you know scientific explanation we think it looks like a very rare clotting disorder that occurs in in certain people who get. a blood thinner called heparin. but we still can't explain why it occurs and why it seems
6:48 pm
to be a little more common in young women is there are association with birth control pills is there you know prior koeppen infection or active covert infection because a covert $1000.00 itself can cause blood clots so right now the science we don't have a firm explanation for why this rare event is occurring but we do know that you know by and large the vaccine is safe it is preventing disease it is preventing hospitalizations and so countries have to repeat balance the risk of the relatively rare complication of like clouds which is occurring between you know one in 100001 in 500000 jobs and the real risk of infection and deaths and also the 2nd very important thing which is uncontrolled operates are the source of variant. and these variant viruses are beginning to threaten the progress that
6:49 pm
we've made in terms of vaccine development so we really have a series of very very difficult choices to make about the deployment of vaccines and the veil ability of vaccines we have focused on the need for safe and efficacious vaccine and fortunately right now we don't have a lot of vaccines to operate through the kovacs facility because really and very critically all vaccines have to be reviewed and approved by the world health organization and right now the vaccines from china and the sputnik 5 vaccine from russia are not completely through the process yet although the world health organization did say that that the chinese actions were safe enough acacias they stopped short of saying that the vaccines were approved and that means that there are not a lot of alternatives and particularly there are not that are available in the supply of necessary in order to vaccinate as many people as possible as quickly as possible efforts by kovacs could become the case had by india's decision to temporarily put a hold on major vaccine exports the serum institute is
6:50 pm
a major supply of astra zeneca vaccines the government is reevaluating distribution as it battles a bigger and more severe wave of corona virus a record 126000 cases were reported in india on thursday the rise on to new zealand to temporarily suspend entry for all travelers from india for the next 2 weeks elizabeth brought in reports now from new delhi. over the past 2 weeks we have already seen the number of vaccines whether it's the sale and to choose manufacturing off the oxford astra zeneca or even the indian manufacturer bars biotechs clothes vaccine we have seen the number of exports come down drastically exports to foreign countries over the past 2 weeks and that's after the indian government decided it had to prioritise that nation people at home and that's the 2nd wave with cases of rising much more rapidly than the 1st wave and the indian
6:51 pm
government was under criticism for export of more vaccinations than the number of people it had inoculated at home and over the past few days we are now hearing reports of vaccine shortages in india the worst affected states model astra the health minister has said that the state's going to run out of that for nations in the next 3 days we've seen $100.00 vaccination centers in one of the worst affected cities and modest to prune a have to stop their operations so have 2 districts a modest draw on wednesday monash was capital momus mayor has said they're running out in the next few days and we're also hearing reports of shortages in other states and he is most populous. odisha and even among those reports of shortages we have modest or delhi the indian medical association asking the indian government to remove the low age limit for that nation's just only $45.00 so that any adult who wants to be vaccinated can and so the priority in india right now for the
6:52 pm
central state governments is very much that's amazing as many people as possible in india as the cases go up the number of very crude of our own stuff from brazil has dipped slightly off about record high of 4200 on tuesday a further 3800 deaths were reported on wednesday with around 92000 new infections president jiah balsam our continues to play down kobe bryant team. it is rejecting calls for a national lockdown. health workers in venezuela have been protesting against low wages and poor working conditions dozens of staff choice of them joined a demonstration outside a hospital in the capital caracas they say that a shortage of personal protection equipment is forcing them to reuse masks and by their own gloves many earn just $2.00 a month on his way to has seen the recent surge in new infections argentina is clamping down the restrictions on movement and bans on non-essential workers using
6:53 pm
public transport a 2nd wave has brought an unprecedented number of covert 19 factions to risible reports want us out us. this images are from a central train station in when a site is the amount of people here could be one of the reasons why corona virus infections have skyrocketed in argentina in the past days on wednesday argentina as government confirmed over 22000 new infections of covert 19 and that's why president a lot of families announced new measures to prevent the spread of the virus and in these months we want to help health care aide economic recovery and keep schools open as much as we can if we do this we can diminish the speed of transmission the higher the transmission and the hospital occupation the more restrictions we will have to impose and that's why we need to protect ourselves from member is also announced a curfew had midnight restrictions on public transport and social gatherings in
6:54 pm
private homes last year argentina was one of the 1st countries in the region to impose a total lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus but the situation is different now. argentina's government is trying to avoid imposing i told a lot done mostly because of the impact it would have been argentina's fragile economy where millions are struggling to make ends meet and that's why it's focusing on. caseload imposing short term restrictions and getting hospitals ready to cope with a 2nd wave. the long lines of people at this testing site show mounting concerns with the rice and infections but most of those we spoke to say they cannot afford to stay home. when it's impossible to close everything it's impossible i hope they move forward with the vaccination campaign and we can move forward this is a delicate time for precedent for a man this who tested positive
6:55 pm
a few days ago some 2 months after receiving the russian sputnik vith vaccine later this year argentina will hold any time elections and he will have to defend his party's majority in congress since the lengthy lockdown last year its popularity has been bruised by a shortage of vaccines and economic troubles exacerbated by the pandemic you know. i would imagine that the solution is going to be very flexible very much handling the day to day and that it will be managed by different levels of government national provincial but for the city of borno say the coordination of some restrictions will be necessary without restraining the economy argentina like most emerging economies he's finding it tough to come up with cash for pandemic relief efforts and. before we go back to the course in minneapolis we'll take you live to the white house where president biden is about to announce a raft of new executive orders intended clinic gun violence in all forms for 1st
6:56 pm
let's hear from the vice president. i have seen gun violence up close. i've looked at. i've seen with my own 2 eyes what a bullet can do to the human body. i've held hands with the hands of parents who have lost a child. i have seen children who are traumatized by the loss of a parent or sibling. and i have fought my entire career to end this violence and to pass reasonable gun safety laws time and again as progress has stalled we have all asked what are we waiting for because we are waiting for a tragedy i know that we've had more tragedy than we can bear we aren't waiting for solutions either because the solutions exist they already exist. people on
6:57 pm
both sides of the aisle want action real people on both sides of the aisle want action so all that is left is the will and the courage to act. and president joe biden has the will and the courage to act. as a united states senator joe biden took on the gun lobby not once but twice and he won in 1903 he worked to pass the brady handgun violation prevention act this law established a background check system and has kept more than 3000000 firearms out of the
6:58 pm
hands of dangerous people. a year later he worked to pass another law to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines for 10 years. and as vice president joe biden led the obama biden administration's efforts to reduce gun violence in fact we were just reminiscing that he and i talked back then about his work because i was attorney general at the time of california and his work resulted in nearly 2 dozen actions from narrowing the gun show loophole to expanding funding for mental health services and as you will hear in a moment president joe biden is a leader with great will great determination and even greater empathy he has seen the grief of all of those who have lost a loved one to gun violence it is for them for all of us that
6:59 pm
he will never ever give up on of this fight and it is now my great honor to introduce the president of the united states joe biden thank you. thank you compliment president thank you very much you know we're joined today by the attorney general. garland who have asked to prioritize gun violence it's also good to see the 2nd gentleman who is here and it's good to see the 1st lady dr jill biden who cares deeply about this issues well. and i look out there and i see so many members of congress who lead in this fight so many of you who've
7:00 pm
never given up so many of you are in can absolutely determined as murphy and others are to get this done we've got a long way to go it seems like we're always a long way to go but also today we're taking steps to confront not just the gun crisis but what is actually a public health crisis nothing nothing i'm about to recommend in any way impinges on the 2nd amendment the phony arguments suggesting that these are 2nd amendment rights at stake what we're talking about. but no madmen no member to the constitution is absolute you can't yell kraut you can't yell fire in a crowded movie theater we call the freedom of speech in the very beginning you couldn't own any weapon you wanted to own in the very beginning the 2nd amendment existed certain people weren't allowed to have weapons so the idea is just bizarre to suggest that some of the.


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