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friday further north well too bad it's always push up into the us though i see some very heavy rain severe storms pushing across the plains that's going to continue making its way further east with wilson west of the central canada. qatar airways. this is al jazeera. hello there i'm hala mohit in and this is the news hour of live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes diplomats loyal to myanmar as military jointer seize the embassy in london and look at the ambassador they fired just a hollow. embassy in london as we speak be ambassador some say former ambassador is meeting the foreign commonwealth and development office calling for britain's help
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. the world health organization warns more than a 1000000000 people in africa remain on the margins of covert 19 vaccinations as governments look for alternative supplies. and with thousands displaced by armed groups linked to eisele in mozambique regional leaders from southern africa are meeting to find a solution. and support the chairman of the augusta national golf course is head back to calls for a master's boycott the major turn ministering off in georgia days after the state brought in a controversial new voting law. but we begin in march where the military has stepped up its campaign against critics calling for a return to democracy both at home and abroad yet more is former ambassador to the
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u.k. says he's been looked i'd said the embassy in london by the military generals who far to he appeared with the spokesman earlier urged the british government to take action here. that you could go home and work continue to mostly their rejection off to an awful. military regime and the support for both working to bring democracy in among. he trying to walk in the middle ground but there is no doubt which is the right side the military council has been nearly 600 people including 40 children. they have adept at the 2 day. 1000 that united nations report for human rights. don't mind that they are actually unlikely to meet the league that's for the price. to minute. well the u.k.'s
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foreign minister has condemned what he described as the bullying actions of myanmar's military leaders so nick rob cold for an end to the coup and the appalling violence in myanmar well inside the country the military is widened its cracks and there are reports that 11 more protesters were killed in clashes with security forces and a leading actor trying to con the bank the process was reportedly detains we've got our floor as louise standing by for a spring as all the latest inside myanmar she'll be reporting from kuala lumpur in malaysia 1st though less so it's a joint a whole he's signed the myanmar embassy in london enjoin of there's been some astonishing developments where you are this morning what on earth is going on there fact here is the ambassador. well until just a few moments ago outside the embassy building there there was a very noisy protest going on 50 to 100 people shouting slogans calling for the
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release of political prisoners and the democratic leaders in myanmar there's no doubt on their behalf who the appropriate diplomatic representatives of that government choice i mean the man who was locked out of the building last night in what he described last night as a mini cooper in the streets of london of course that is disputed me and among the military authorities themselves he was here a short while ago the ambassador a former ambassador depending how you look at it he answered a few of my shouted questions to him very briefly take a listen. what is it just like the british government to do for you to. go to the gold i'll. take them out yeah yeah. so sure i mean they're making it very clear that what he wants is for the british government to intervene here and lock the doors of his embassy in expel those inside who went against him on wednesday night. specifically the deputy ambassador
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we understand and the military at tash a who chose to i mean told us earlier he's the person now dispensing orders inside the building and we saw him earlier as well trying to right here trying to get out of his vehicle a black car with blacked out windows that was immediately set on by the protesters he couldn't get out of his carney out to drive away as indeed did the ambassador himself in a diplomatic car still using his official vehicle heading off he said to the foreign commonwealth and development office presumably for a meeting with dominic robb the foreign secretary where he said he was going to try and find out what britain's position on all of this was well i can tell you that according to a spokesman he may well be disappointed with what he's hearing at this moment because a spokesman said that the u.k. has been formally notified by the mere model horace's that the position of their ambassador in london has been terminated a decision the f. c.d.o. must accept and that is on the basis that this government has a this country has
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a long tradition of recognizing states and not governments and therefore apparently sees the military authority as the appropriate authority over what happens inside this building meant briefly to remind you last month himself a former military man broke ranks criticizing the coup on february 1st calling for the release of democratic leaders and saying his country was on the brink of civil war this appears to have been the military's reprisal dominic rob in a tweet the foreign secretary said we can terminate the bullying actions at the 1000000 mom military regime in london yesterday i pay tribute to course will mean for his courage but it is at this moment unclear that the british government is prepared to do very much more than that ok jonah how their lives from outside the myanmar embassy in london and i join us thank you. well let's find out what's happening inside myanmar we can talk now to florence louie who joins us from. florence the military appears to be targeting the rules with
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a high profile course it's a whole what more can you tell us about the most recent arrests of some quite well known people. the latest public figure to be arrested to be detained is painter carr and he's a 24 year old actor who's well known in not just me on maher but also in neighboring thailand now his relatives say security forces barged into their home in the early hours of thursday morning and took him away his relatives don't know where he is being held and just a couple of days ago security forces also arrested zarganar a very famous comedian who's famous for being outspoken and he was a critic of the previous military regime and he spent years as a political prisoner of that previous military regime he now finds himself behind bars again and i think the tactic here is to show protesters that it doesn't matter how high profile you are how famous you are you are not above arrest but that
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hasn't been enough to deter protesters from coming out on the streets to voice their opposition against the who we're seeing protests happening on thursday in towns and cities across myanmar people coming out to a holding an l.d. flags that is the party of the suci the democratically elected leader showing that they want democracy to be restored in myanmar and they're coming out on the streets to protest even though they know full well they can be detained or even worse killed they're also finding ways to upload photos of these demonstrations on social media despite a near total internet shut down by the military genter but what we're also hearing is that these protests some of these protesters are starting to fight back now in the town of tarzi local media are reporting that some protesters have started. to defend themselves and also to attack security forces they were using hunting rifles knives and fire bombs and it became a clash where at least 11 protesters were killed in the town of tansy in northwest
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. there's no indication that either side is going to back down and analysts are predicting a rather gloomy future for myanmar which solutions said in its latest report that the esc. violence against civilians and also ethnic militias shows that the military is increasingly losing control of the country and it's predicting that the only and next outcome will be a violent revolution between the military and armed opposition made up of ethnic armed organizations as well as members of the civil disobedience movement ok florence are you there live from kuala lumpur thank you florence well as we were hearing our humanitarian crisis is emerging in areas border in myanmar in thailand thousands of people of recently fled airstrikes in corrent states as we heard the reports of schools and homes being destroyed in clashes reported on where to say between the army and faces from the korean national liberation army the care you of
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course has been a vocal opponents of the journey. to be as the spokesman of the current peace support network he's in near north korean state and says the displaced people there needs immediate humanitarian assistance. all this market there's not been any jet fighters fly over the kenya territory but we have seen a lot of drones continue to surveillance the areas and right now we have more than 30000 internally displaced people are hiding in the jungle because they don't know where the jet fighters are coming again and they don't know where and when they go to drop the bombs again so disturbing to see this more than 20000 internally displaced people is currently needs humanitarian effect and tiring and has. put
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a very restricted border x.x. so she materia facts that coming from thailand to cranston it is very much and the control of thai authority and we have not see a. human to accept being alone by the tired already much so these people need immediate human hair x.x. right now and we are requesting thai authorities as well to launch me to access to these people and then even the job fighters are coming again to continue to drop bombs in this area and who also requires the thai government to allow them to take refuge in parasite actually and in another territory all care and you have not right in the territory of where the bombings right now in the previous week but 1 we have also see the the jet fighters are flying over in the turkey when i was there right now so the situation of whether they will be what they were born
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again is not we do not know that so we have to be very cautious about. that just by just by over our head so we have seen a lot of people are now digging burqas and at night time they cannot sleep in the village but they are sleeping in the bunkers in there in the forest. health workers around the world say vaccines are our best bet to get out of the coronavirus pandemic but shortages and delays of her vaccination drives in many countries worldwide and africa the world health organization says more than a 1000000000 people are on the margins and have urged for an equal distribution of vaccine to stop future very variance from emerging bugs in asian is a lifesaving tool in the response to the pandemic and 100 days into the year and
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also more than $600000000.00 in those it's a little globally africa has that mean is that only 20 percent more than $1000000000.00 africans remain on the margins of business during march to end the pandemic african countries like ghana. have delivered is the difficult proportion of their vaccines within a short space of time and some of the success that include training was in advance simulation exercises. and communicating early with communities meanwhile the african union says it's dropped plans to buy astra zeneca shots from india and says it will switch instead stu johnson and johnson the heads of the africa centers for disease control says it's not because of concerns about a potential and extremely rare link to see blood clots the serum institutes of india will still supply the vaccine to african nations through the kovacs global
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vaccine sharing facility but there is the problem of misinformation the head of the africa centers for disease control and prevention says fighting vance remains a priority. i think it's a strong wish from the africa c.d.c. to continue to encourage african countries to take up the vaccines quickly because the i will no longer work quickly because without that snitching quickly then we would not be weaned about 2 leggins 19 i think that is really my message to all of us that it's a collective effort it's a collective responsibility and collective accountability that will be able to rule our vaccinations across all member states remember vaccines plus us nation it caused an economy. where the c.d.c. director also spoke about astra zeneca and concerns over potential links to blood clots catherine sawi tells us more. he did say that they still recommend that
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african countries continue using this vaccine because. benefits greatly outweigh the risks and it's important to note that most of the african countries are using astra zeneca then the issue of this shift from procuring astra zeneca from the seram instituted in india to johnson and johnson came up and he said that last week the african union signed a deal with johnson and johnson to secure a 400000000 doses of vaccine in the 3rd quarter of the year but he said this is in no way linked to the concerns and the problems that are being seen with astra zeneca he said that the program astra zeneca vaccines will still continue being distributed on the continent through the call of the program but what is happening is that the african union wants to. secure more
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and more scenes from different quarters wants to sign more bilateral deals because this is all complimentary he says that they want to get in as many vaccines as possible on the continent so that as many people as possible can get vaccinated and even if there are some success stories here in africa the vaccination drive is still very low and they want to change that. but astra zeneca vaccines for coover x. worldwide which is also from africa will be delayed because india has put a temporary hold major vaccine exports because it's battling a bigger and more severe with over coronavirus a record 126000 new cases were reported as on thursday why don't you seal and temporary suspend entry for all travelers from india for the next 2
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weeks we can speak married to elizabeth for random she joins us live from new delhi let's talk about vaccines india is a global manufacturing hub for vaccines of all different varieties but there appears to be a real shortage not just of vaccines for export but also what's been happening there. that's right her india does produce about 60 percent of the world's vaccines and it was the biggest contributor to the kovacs program that had shipped more than 60000000 vaccines but around 2 weeks ago the government decided it had to considerably slow down vaccine exports because of the rising number of cases in india and it had to prioritize vaccinating people here and over the past few days we have had reports of vaccine shortages the worst affected states maharastra we've got the health minister saying
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that they're going to run out of vaccines in 3 days and $100.00 vaccination centers in one of maharashtra's worst affected cities have stopped vaccinations on wednesday to districts and to stop vaccinations in the capital city mumbai's mayor said they're going to run out in a couple of days there will also be. vaccine shortages flagged up in india's largest most populous state rather to predation andhra pradesh in addition now the government and the health minister have denied. this and the health minister has said that india has more than 43000000 coated vaccine doses or they're in the pipeline but even if that is the case and is currently vaccinating around 3000000 people every day and even with those reports of shortages the government is under pressure from states like maharastra from the capital delhi from the indian medical association saying that it has to remove the lower age limit for vaccinations which is currently 45 so that any adult who wants to get back to the nation can and we've
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got as well as. all of this we also have the number of cases rising as they are and the priority right now because of that is using indian made vaccinations to inoculate people in india. ok elizabeth from there bring us up to date from you delhi thank you very much indeed lows. the health regulators in the u.k. and the e.u. say they're still confidence in astra zeneca is over $1000.00 vaccine and then it's effects of this individual countries are deciding on how to handle the potential risk among has to be said a handful of people germany spain italy and the philippines are recommending only people aged 60 and of continue to use the vaccine belgium and france say nobody under the age of $55.00 should have it all a strictly appears the age limits avoid astra zeneca at 50 the u.k.
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is recommending that those under 30 should be offered an alternative vaccine in states malaysian mean paul is considering whether to use it or toll but mexico brazil and hungary will continue astra zeneca vaccinations across all age groups and the world health organization is recommending the same for africa. is the director general of the international vaccine institute he explains more about what's the potential link between the vaccine and these very rare blood clots. there is a very you know scientific explanation we think it looks like a very rare clotting disorder that occurs in certain people who get. a blood thinner called heparin but we still can't explain why it occurs and why it seems to
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be a little more common in young women is their association with birth control pills is there you know prior coping infection or active covert infection because a covert 100 cells can cause blood clots so right now the sign we don't have a firm explanation for why this rare event is occurring but we do know that you know by and large the vaccine is safe it is preventing disease it is preventing hospitalizations and so countries have to reveal balance the risk of the relatively rare complication of blood clots which is occurring between you know one in 100001 in 500000 jabs and the real risk of infections and deaths and also the the 2nd very important thing which is uncontrolled operates are the source of variance. and these variant viruses are beginning to threaten the
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progress that we've made in terms of vaccine development so we really have a series of very very difficult choices to make about the deployment of vaccines and the veil ability of vaccines we have focused on the need for safe and efficacious vaccine and fortunately right now we don't have a lot of vaccines to offer through the kovacs facility because really and very critically all vaccines have to be reviewed and approved by the world health organization and right now the vaccines from china and the sputnik 5 actually from russia are not completely through the process yet although the world health organization did say that that the chinese actions were safe enough acacias they stopped short of saying that the vaccines were approved and that means that there are not a lot of alternatives and particularly there are not a turn is that are available in the supply is necessary in order to vaccinate as many people as possible as quickly as possible. meanwhile for the sarah day in a row iran has hits and you corona virus infection records at least 20000
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scientists in new cases for confirmed on choose say the country has been grappling with a huge spike in cases after the persian new year holiday the health minister has ordered all non-essential shops in the capital and other major cities to close iran has now confirms within 2000000 cases in the 64000 deaths another 3800 deaths were reported in brazil on wed and stay with iran's 90000 new infections president's charitable sonora was continuing to play a day in covert 19 of those projects in kohl's for national walk time. plenty more assault to come on this news hour including not tell you why sri lanka is using china's sign off on vaccine or chinese ex-pats but nots on its own citizens yes president joe biden prepares to unveil his plans to reform america's gun laws. and in sports had to leave for the 2nd grand slam tennis events of the year far out
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would be here to explain that decision. to act. 6 southern african leaders are meeting in mozambique soon address growing violence and instability in the region the latest in a series of attacks by isolating towns groups as forced thousands of people from their homes the 16 member southern african development community has called the attacks an affront to peace in mozambique and entire region where for me the miller is following the meeting from johannesburg in neighboring south africa. given that these regional actors have in their words recognized the increasing security threat it wasn't beacon one that affects the region it's clear that they'll be mounting
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pressure on mozambique to look at the proposals put forward by the southern african development community with regard to an integrated regional approach there has been some concern that the most a beacon military has had difficulty in containing these attacks in the north of the country we know that after that attack in palma that has been one of the most devastating that some analysts have questioned the muslim beacons army ability to secure the area the government has said that they've retaken pama specifically but they are questions around how that happened and whether or not these militants these fighters tactfully withdrew on their own accord rather than being pushed out by the army so they really are questions about how much mustn't we can't do one its own what's why now one of the southern african development community members has said that no member in that group should be or can fight that battle against
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terrorism alone and so that the community is coming together to see what they can to put forward his proposals and we're waiting to see if they'll be a concrete plan put together sometime today or in the coming days whether or not we'll see foreign troops on the ground in wasn't weak to contain those insurgents. well let's get more now from day one my finger he's the southern africa director with the africa division of human rights watch and joins us now from london it's great to have you with us on the new start let's just focus on the aftermath of that attack in palma more than 11000 people were displaced but the army is saying that it is safe to return is it safe for people to return to this area is the situation finished now. it remains and so for people to attend to the toll of palma.
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clearly what capacity or prisons. is home a town so at this point it's not. because security forces but do not have the capacity to secure. to secure what you're going to. do. some big we also know that the groups that supporting the most that we can. draw on a lot of. issues of security have not been addressed. so so why did this happen. i mean it's hard to understand i saw a linked group carried out these attacks and asked me say that 10 days to get the might of the area did they have a particular issue with the residents of this tire you know or is this more to do with the multi-billion dollar natural gas reserves that's in the vicinity what's
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behind all of this. well attack ads they're not. much of that but yes we know that there could be links with more to be. natural gas project in the province and also excessive corruption and the development which is made that you know the. citizens of this province have not benefited from that revenue that would otherwise come from these electro resources in the movement became government has been weak in terms of securing the allowed decision without accountability we also know that it's not just been. seized by this insurgent group but by the movement because it could be forces themselves trying to take. them big so they are also committed serious abuses which are.
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forcing many to flee into neighboring towns so what's the way out if this situation i mean it sounds to what you're saying that the government just are not able to protect their own people so what needs to happen soon sure the safety of people who live in this part of. and indeed to ensure this doesn't escalate further and spill light at the country's borders. what needs to happen immediately is for the muslim became government to acknowledge this crisis linkage a priority and reach out to the southern african development community. in a meaningful way to do. action plan to restore peace and security to this area but of course that is a challenge that the muslim became government. and willing to reach out for this
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kind of support just this afternoon this of the leaders meeting in my mother because capito but. we communicate with little mission was to immediately deploy. them on the grounds to assist muslim big. another meeting at the end of this month so it shows that the reluctance to quickly move forward to prioritize you know this crisis because mozambique is unwilling to reach out to its neighbors. ok i'm afraid we're out of time at my thing but great to get your thoughts thank you so much for talking us through this tragic situation and the very complicated aftermath it appears thank you very much andy. well it's night time for the weather here's everett's and how i once again the temperature is starting to ramp up now across much of the middle east much but not
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all we have got some snow in the forecast would you believe snow in areas pushing up into to. just 6 degrees celsius to friday doesn't it say about around the levant lossie fondant rise a 24 celsius there for damascus take a look at sas day all change 14 degrees in damascus a 10 degree fall in those temperatures some wet weather started to push in as that area of cloud and rain sleet and snow comes in across central parts of to eastern areas also seeing some of that wintry weather that's a sleet and snow coming through here as well as she tended to rain as we go on through the day but push further south and there's where the warmth is $38.00 in riyadh that's $100.00 in found woman off in doha at around $33.00 degrees will come sunday it's probably going to be about i told 9 degrees cooler than that pleasantly warm nevertheless it has to be said with plenty of sunshine various sunshine too just around the horn of africa because some showers there just around lake victoria some pasta you can the same some heavy showers really heavy showers up towards the
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gulf of guinea cameroon and southern parts of nigeria seeing some bursts of heavy rain some wet weather to all the way to northern parts of madagascar but to the south of that is fine dry and sunny. so to come here on al-jazeera more bad news for the canadian hockey team who haven't been able to play a game for the last say weeks we've got all your sport coming up later this news are likely. to jump into the story there is a lot going on in this and julian and global community when i talk about the misinformation i think we all want to feed the hungry and be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear the new and each
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week be part of today's discussion this streamed on out is the era. when freedom of the press is under threat demonstrators and journalists are dealing with internet outages police intimidation and charges of said dish to shift the focus covering the way the news this covered the listening posts on a just after more than 30 years in power charts president idriss deby is no seeking a 6th term voters will make their choice on april 11th but with much of the opposition barred all boycotting the election can the people expect change join us for special coverage jazz child focus on the disease. this is al jazeera quick reminder of our top stories this hour on mars ambassador
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to the u.k. says he's been a long sight of the embassy in london bibles loyal to the military he appeared with a spokesman who urged the press is govern. it's not to recognize them in the trees and boy the world health organization says more than a 1000000000 people in africa are on the margins of receiving vaccines is calling for the equal distribution of jobs to stop future covert 1000 variants from emerging india has reported more than 126 fire zones new coronavirus cases on thursday that new records is struggling to contain a 2nd wave of infections prompting new zealand to temporarily suspend entry for all travelers from india. siddons leaders says he's agreed to reactivate several agreements with cuts or some arrangements had been suspended after the fall of former bush years governments of the of honasan doha for a 2 day visit to discuss
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a range of issues including trades and regional issues it's his 1st trip to the gulf state since former sudanese president omar al bashir was i said by the military in $2900.00. 13. we have more than 36 agreements in protocol signed between both countries we agreed to activate these agreements in protocols next week or the week after the qatari deliberation will lose its this will be from the government and business men who have power mechanism to support this birth. well there is such a party joins us now doris what can i say that meeting. well the general said that they wish to increase their economic ties certainly with qatar and that is something that is very important for both sides there seems to be an appetite to strengthen the ties between the 2 countries the trade currently that
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qatar has in sudan about $3800000000.00 worth of investments and that there is a certainly a desire from the sudanese government to try and increase that in the coming weeks and months we have course have to remember that this government that is headed by the general is a transitional council that will be in position in. their current position until november up to 2022 when the country holds their next elections this is something that the general also alluded to saying that there needs to be a cohesive voice in sudan to try and facilitate a smooth transition of power the general also talked about the talks that are ongoing about the renaissance dam he said that the african union has played a key role in that and there needs to be some kind of solution and all the parties involved including egypt and if you are committed to trying finding a resolution to the dispute he also was asked about sudan's relationship with
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israel which normalized in october of 2020 that is something that the general had no legitimate rather no serious response he said this issue of israel's relationship with sudan is entirely an internal matter and he will not comment on it. ok dorsey jabari that across all the details lloyd and doha thank you. yes president joe biden will reveal his 1st steps in a bid to curb gun violence this thursday recent mass shootings and put pressure on the administration to tighten gun laws or president says congress must ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines and repeal gun manufacturers immunity from liability amongst other measures in the meantime healed sake other actions by executive order let's familiarize ourselves with some of the tech knowledge the terminology rather there were expected to be some of those actions willing to stop
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the spread of ghost guns these are weapons that coming kits they don't serve serial numbers can be assembled at home armed braces will be restricted as well they are commonly used to steady a ar 15 style pistols that can be attached to weapons with shorter barrels to legally make them pistols and they are subject to fewer regulations red flag laws will also be promoted it's nationwide's these laws and pair of judges to temporarily confiscate firearms from people determined to be a threats to themselves or to other weekend speaker it's our white house correspondent kimberly harkin she joins us live from washington d.c. the cameras awaiting on an announcement but any step towards gun control in the u.s. is the tourist the difficulties that the administration expecting to make any kind of breakthrough this time round. well you're right this is
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a controversial issue that divides americans but the us president has been under a lot of pressure to take executive action as a result of those mass shootings that occurred recently not only in colorado in the state but also in the state of georgia so as a result this is what the president deems his 1st step in terms of taking these executive actions that you've outlined there in addition there is one other key part of this proposal that's being put forward and that is that there will be an investment in communities particularly urban communities to stem the tide of gun violence that has occurred in a number of major cities not just washington d.c. but also cities like chicago that have really been hit hard now in addition to these executive actions that are being announced in the rose garden shortly we're also going to get an announcement of a nomination to head the bureau that really in forces these executive actions that
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the division of alcohol firearms and tobacco what's known as the a.t.f. and list will be a man by the name of david chipman now he is a bit controversial given the fact that well he was a former agent he's also in recent years worked actively in terms of gun control legislation activating and advocating for this is so as a result this announcement is likely to upset many conservatives in the united states now why is the president doing all of this as you mentioned it's because there has been an absence of legislation on capitol hill to curb gun violence so as a result the president taking these 1st steps but also encouraging congress to put in place something that a lot of gun control advocates are really looking for and that is an assault weapons ban one that biden himself in the senate back in 1994 did put in place but it was allowed to expire 10 years later so these are the 1st steps the administration also hinting that there may be more executive. actions to come ok
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kember how to get better life for as from the white house came with a thank you. and i experts in the use of force is testified at the trial of the former police officer accused of killing george floyd jodie steiger's said derrick show when used in appropriate deadly force one kneeling on for its neck for movement 9 minutes you noted that the pressure from shoulders body weights could cause a form of this fix here alan fischer reports from minneapolis. back in the witness box on day 8 the man employed by the prosecution as a use of force expert sergeant jody steiger what's with the los angeles police inspector general's office he investigates police wrongdoing he analyzed what happened to george floyd his verdict this was the unnecessary use of lethal force you have an opinion to a degree reasonable professional certainty how much worse was reasonable for the
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defendant to use on mr floyd after mr floyd was handcuffed placed in a prone position and not resisting. yet as. my opinion was that i know for sure once. he was in that position. right there the defense has argued the police officers attending to george floyd were distracted what about a growing frustrated crowd that insisted mr steiger was not an issue because i did not perceive them as being a threat. and why is that. because they were merely filming and they were most of it was their concern for mr ford. the agent in charge of the investigation of the death of george floyd told the court the size of the investigation dozens of agents hundreds of statements in
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reply to defense question he agreed to 20 george floyd seem to suggest drugs was a factor but then later corrected himself saying he was no clear about what he had hair harry heard in context to tell. mr foreigners saying. mr for saying i do not drugs. little different than what you were asked in a. portion of the video yes thursday it will start with legal arguments can the man who was with george floyd on the night of the incident give evidence morris hall is what he that is answers could put him in legal jeopardy that if. is keen to hear from alan fischer al jazeera at the derrick show in martyr trial in minneapolis. purcell's former president says he believes u.s. auto companies were behind the corruption case against him speaking exclusively to al-jazeera that a silver told sam is a done prosecutors were acting on behalf of powerful political interests the silver
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was convicted in 2017 which prevented him from standing for the presidency again but last month the supreme court's an old the conviction opening the door to another run the law says if political party supports him in 2022 he'll be a candidate tell me this you're on the record as saying you believe brazilian u.s. and swiss prosecutors worked as part of a gang to target you why why do you think prosecutors from 3 different countries would come together and target lula da silva and there's a real pair of. i believe that there's a lot of takers. of prosecutors in the switzerland as also from the d.o.j. yes there's something called oil oil trysts you know so i mean it's covered the luggage it's the oil reserves.
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and we changed the oil law in brazil so that the brazil people could be could be the owners of the oil in brazil and the oil companies around the world in the u.s. never accepted that law so it was necessary to get rid of president joe miller it was necessary to you know of why did president lula to be a candidate so that they can take over the oil prospects jeanette's or destroy the engineering companies in generic of his or brazil so the american companies contractors could come to brazil. britain south secretary has voiced concern over growing unrest in northern ireland's the region has seen a space of violence overnight incidents since last week and there are fears that breaks it stalked tensions under simmons reports. 6 nights of violence in northern ireland this the scene in belfast a bus has been hijacked and set on fire the driver escaped shot but not injured
4:46 pm
a journalist was attacked and also hurt my. at least 7 police officers were injured bringing the total to more than 50 in less than a week. most of the trouble over the past week has involved young progresses loyalist rioters angry at a number of issues many are enraged by the new post brick city trade barriers between northern ireland and the rest of the u.k. they say they're becoming more and more alienated but another main issue cited by yunus now is a police decision not to prosecute republicans from the shin fein party attending a large funeral that apparently broke covert regulations. on thursday the northern ireland assembly met in emergency session because of the violence the scenes we have seen over the last evening and previous evenings in various parts of northern ireland are totally unacceptable there can mean no place in our society for violence or the threat of violence and it must all just as it was wrong in the past
4:47 pm
and was never justified so what is wrong i m cannot be justified in. the violence on wednesday night involved loyalist and republican nationalists. for the 1st time since the nightly rioting started it was an either side of the so-called peace wall in belfast this has divided both sides in loyalist and republican areas it dates back to 3 decades of conflict and despite the good friday peace agreement of 998 it remained standing. u.k. prime minister barak johnson said in a tweet that he was deeply concerned about the violence adding the way to resolve differences is through dialogue not violence or criminality the 1st minister of northern ireland had called for the resignation of the police chief constable over the issue but he refused to stand down it's clearly an unhelpful spat at a time of tension andrew symonds al-jazeera. most of the 600000
4:48 pm
doses of china signed off on covert vaccine census sri lanka are setting on ice the government hasn't approved it for us and our finance reports now from colombo anyone thinking the scenes are in china could be forgiven it's actually cool with 900 vaccines and the chinese nationals living and working in she lanka. they were the 1st to receive vaccines from the 600000 doses they need to do the south asian island might be using we started to give only for the chinese city sense while living here working and living it and the families and those who love working in after i put the next thing i think there is no more i don't have any heart so for now i feel good. but these reactions are not enough to sri lanka's regulator the national medicines regulatory authority to clear the use assign
4:49 pm
a farm on local it's demanding more detail before making a decision we had to go over the scientific evidence and then only give the poor for anything like cover that it's a diagnostic method or drug or rexy so it is therefore the sign of a morsel if the if a good data is available regarding the efficacy and the safety then there's no problem with that but without those that are definitely we cannot because we can't risk of giving something to other people. off with 3 are not the doolies causing displeasure within the government would present good to have been his brother mine the rajapaksa have worked closely with china in recent years the president received a shipment of vaccines from the chinese ambassador in colombo we need to arrive last week our finest are just pandemic out all countries under 2 peoples i would be. always standing
4:50 pm
for money together under use the planting of hope your friend to each other. we faced many difficulties during the last 2 to 3 weeks to bring this to sri lanka due to certain unexpected influences from various parties how we were your home all these influences and not immediately make it to success not quite as the regulatory authority refused to be pushed to grant approval the government removed 7 of its 13 board members describing it as a move to reform the body but a senior doctor claimed then removal was connected to the sign from maxine at a time when corporate vaccines around the world are coming under scrutiny regulators here say they cannot approve the sign off on doors until this study all
4:51 pm
necessary data they say the sooner they receive this the sooner they can make a decision without fernandez or dizzy or colombo. so ahead on al-jazeera will have the sport for you i'm really here for the reigning monsters champion as the 1st major golf tournaments of the year.
4:52 pm
it's time for the sport here is far thanks so much of the chairman of the augusta national golf course has hit back at kohl's for
4:53 pm
a sporting buy boycott in georgia the state has passed new laws which critics say will make it harder for minorities to vote some civil rights groups say the 1st major golf tournaments of the season should have been taken away from augusta the legislation did prompt major league baseball to strip atlanta of this year's all-star game. anything that disadvantage anyone to vote is wrong it should be addressed i think there's a resolution and i think the resolution is going to be based on people working together and talking and having constructive dialogue because that's the way our democratic society works i know you would like to for us to make a proclamation on this i just don't think it's going to be helpful to ultimately we . reach a resolution. u.s. president joe biden described the new law as an atrocity he says it will unfairly affect black americans key elements include new id requirements for questing
4:54 pm
absentee ballots banning the practice of give me food or water to voters waiting in line at polling stations and giving the state legislature more powers to control voting operations of problems are reported we've been speaking to david johns of the national black justice coalition he says this is a chance for golf to do more than just talk about change. there are so many organizations including the p.g.a. who tripped over themselves to issue statements to stand in solidarity with the movement for black lives and it is our opportunity life best to follow up with those words follow up those words rather with meaningful action and in as moment they are abdicating the opportunity to be held accountable for big that they purport to care about anyone who was a student of history can think about several moment over the course of the time when athletes took on the responsibility of being able to stand up for that which is right and righteous i think often about the o n n b
4:55 pm
a little big i think about. who n.b.a. players who sat out the season last year response to what happened to brianna taylor and george floyd and how many make a day and in this moment there is an opportunity for professional got offers a sport that is not as diverse as it should be that reality is that there are still many who believe that god is and should be honest with the whites for there are a few many people who believe that tiger with is the only black professional player who has ever played golf and there's a lot more work that can be done well with in the sport and in the arena more generally is our hope is that appealing to the moral consciousness of warriors who understand that they have a significant amount of power in this moment well to contribute just significant change. on the course the 1st round has just got underway defending champion deaths and johnson will tee off in the next hour the world number one has been the title holder for less than 5 months after winning at augusta in november the 2020 masters
4:56 pm
was moved from its usual slot in april due to the coronavirus pandemic you got to do everything well with affirmative. you know it's just a really hard golf course because you know obviously any hole at any time can you know can jump out and get your. so you know it's just very tough to win i mean to win once and specially multiple times holders byron munich were beaten in the champions league for the 1st time in more than 2 years they lost 32 against paris asian men in the 1st leg of their quarter final killing them bop a star for p.s.g. scoring twice in what was a rematch of last season's final the french side went 2 nil up within 30 minutes bar and did manage to pull the score back to 2 all but i'm bobby got the winner to ensure p.s.g. will go into the 2nd leg with 3 away goals chelsea have taken huge step towards the
4:57 pm
semifinals the english side b. porto 2 nil mason mound and ben chill while getting their goals to return like next week will be at the same venue in seville due to coronavirus travel restrictions. and this year's french open tennis tournament has been delayed by a week to do the covert 900 pandemic the 2nd grand slam event of the season will now start on may the 30th it's hope this will allow more fans to wear tons last year's edition was postponed by 4 months and took place in front of limited crowds . the vancouver canucks hockey team say 25 of their players and coaches have now tested positive for team the team haven't played since this heavy loss against them when the peg jets on march the 20 says the n.h.l. is now targeting the end of next week for they cannot return to have it at action. ok and that is all your sport for now back to you thank you so much indeed to a far out world that wraps it up for this news there but to keep it here on
4:58 pm
al-jazeera i'll be back with you on the other side of the break with more of the day's news see you then. frank assessments the world is on the brink cash a strong the moral failure is that a fair assessment you can be catastrophic and it's. why you. informed opinions should we be buying big calling ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this that is the direction this is all headed in-depth analysis of the day school opel headlines inside story on 00. a footballer from spurs traded battling opponents on the pitch for fighting fascism at home on the broad. footballing legend at accountant introduces sup the
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name on the bottle. of water you could have used his beloved game to help himself one of those survive the horrors of a match the concentration. would go global on al-jazeera. planet a wondrous diverse ecosystem but human activity is the escalating climate change and posing in next the stench of threat in the lead up to us to al-jazeera ground special coverage documentaries discussions under pull ups exploring the consequences the bar actions and inactions and showcasing ways in which some a sea change to turn the tide the season of programming exploring the climate crisis head of the earth day on al-jazeera. i want to have is on the other working in asia and africa there'd be days where i'd be choosing editing my own stories in a refugee camp with no electricity and right now we're confronting some of the gracious challenges that humanity has ever faced and i really believe that the only
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way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and come from miles because of the only way we can try to solve any of these problems is together that's why al jazeera so important we make those connections. diplomats loyal to myanmar's military to seize control of their embassy in london i'm ok the ambassador they fired. them are here this is al jazeera my from doha also coming up the world health organization warns more than a 1000000000 people in africa to remain that remain on the margins of covert 900 vaccinations as governments look for all.


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