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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 8, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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we are always. proud of the stance of must always under love people are being detained for peacefully march here for the state to stand for we are traveling the extra mile we are the media don't go. there and we give them a chance to tell their story. al jazeera. how about i have a more he'd seen and this is the news our live from doha coming out for you in the next 60 minutes diplomats loyal to myanmar as militaries seize control of their embassy in london. it's the ambassador. the african union becomes the latest book to draw more orders for the astra zeneca vaccine and is looking at johnson and
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johnson's instead. africa's leaders meet to combat the threats so isolate pfizer's in mozambique. and the shore in moscow on musicians and bird and then find creative ways to ensure a very they reach their audience cheering the pandemic. and sport the chairman of the augusta national golf course ties head back to calls for a masters boycott the major tournament is taking off in georgia 8 days after the state brought in a new controversial new voting law. but we begin in myanmar where the military has again stepped up its campaign against critics calling for a return to democracy members ambassador to the u.k. says he's been locked out of the embassy in london by those loyal to the military
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he appeared with his spokesman earlier who urged the british government to take steps. that you could go home and work continue to mostly their rejection off to an awful. military regime and the support for both working to bring democracy in among. he trying to walk in the middle ground but that is which is the bright side the military council has been nearly 600 people including 42. they have adept at the today. 1000 as united nations report for human rights. don't mind that they are actually unlikely to meet the league that's for the prime. women that. well the u.k. foreign ministers condemns what he describes as the bullying actions of myanmar's
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military jinsa dominic robb called for an end to the coup and the appalling violence in men war meanwhile the military has widened its crackdown in the past few hours paying to carlie's an actor who backed the protests was reportedly detains earlier this week the germans have put 120 celebrities on a one said lists that we've got florence louise standing by for us to bring us all the latest developments inside myanmar she's in kuala lumpur but 1st let's head across to join a hoe is a is some. embassy in london jonah these are astonishing developments where you are the former ambassador a lot said his own mission. yes absolutely well that's the building behind me the. mission here in mayfair you can see flowers posters and pictures on the railings it's become a sort of impromptu mission in the last few weeks since the coup on february 1st in
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remembrance of those missing those detained and of course those dead and just a few moments ago i should tell you dramatic events here a van drew up with heavily tinted windows it was immediately set upon by the few mid-market activists of protests who protesters who were here shouting through the windows that the occupants were very much not welcome in the van and eventually drove away we then discovered that the person sitting in the passenger seat had been the military attash a who last night along with the deputy ambassador is said to have been the people who locked the door locked the ambassador chore so i mean out on the pavement now he chose to arm in is himself a former military colonel last month he angered the new military authorities in miramar by decrying the coup by calling for a return to democracy the release of deposed leader and sang suchi said his country was divided and on the brink of civil. warren at that time that earned him well a rebuke from the forty's but also
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a tweet in support from dominic rather foreign secretary who praised his courage and patriotism in standing up for what is right well that found him standing as i said late last night on the pavement outside his locked embassy and if his comments and his spokesman is comments were a call for support and help from the british authorities out of afraid is unlikely to come to much the british government has put out a statement this morning saying the u.k. has been formally notified by miramar that the position of their ambassador in london has been terminated that's a decision the foreign commonwealth and development office must accept another the vienna convention on diplomatic relations these buildings are inviolable other than with the express permission of the person in charge that's no longer a choice farm in of course it is now thought to be the deputy ambassador so beyond that well more support issued by foreign secretary dominic rupp in a statement saying we condemn the bullying actions of the militant military regime in london yesterday i pay tribute to george why i mean for his courage the u.k.
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continues to call for an end to the coup and the appalling violence and a swift restoration of democracy. ok as jonah hole there live outside the myanmar. embassy in london for i do not thank you very much indeed let's say across life now and see flora's louis she's monitoring developments in myanmar from k.l. in malaysia florence we've been hearing men mas diplomats worldwide have been speaking out but the military inside myanmar they're targeting those with a high profile closer to home one more key it's hellas about the arrests and the coal for a rest of these celebrities in the country. well pinter khan is the latest public figure to be detained by security forces his family members said he was taken away in the early hours of thursday morning security forces had entered their family home and they don't know where he's being
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held he's a well known actor know not just in myanmar but also in neighboring thailand now and a couple of days ago security forces also arrested a well known comedian zarganar who is famous for being politically outspoken he was critical of the military june term military authorities even when they were running the country up till the democratic transition in 2010 and he's been arrested several times before and he is now back in behind bars again now on the tactic i suppose is to strike fear in the hearts of protesters to show that no one is safe from a rescue a public figure status is not going to protect you but that hasn't been enough to deter people from coming out on the streets to protest against the military coup we're seeing that again on thursday now protests in myanmar across towns and cities in the country they are now into their the month and we're also hearing that these civilians protesters are now and some of them are beginning to fight back local media reports are saying that in the town of tansey protesters were fighting back
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using hunting rifles firebombs knives and at least 11 people were killed in fighting continued into the early hours of the day morning people are also finding ways of our loading photos of these demonstrations on the internet despite a near total internet shut down by the military now there's no indication no sign that either side is ready to back down and that analysts are predicting a rather gloomy future for myanmar which solutions said that the escalating violence against civilians by the military shows that it is increasingly losing control of the country and it's predicting a violent revolution between the military and armed opposition made up of ethnic groups ethnic armed organizations and members of the civil disobedience movement. florence louis there breyer's the very latest from kuala lumpur thank you very much indeed florence. because more so ahead on this news hour including pressure builds
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on a major sporting groups over voter rights in the u.s. state of georgia. we'll tell you why israel monk is using china sign a form vaccine on chinese ex-pats but not on its citizens. past so it's a way to be a 2nd his grand slam tennis event of the year viral will be here to explain that decision and more in sports. turning now to the all suffered a stroke zeneca vaccine which was hoped to be the answer to inoculate in the developing world is cheaper than the other options and relatively easy to store well the african union says it's no drops plans to buy shots from india says it will switch to the johnson and johnson vaccine instead well the head soul of the africa centers for disease control says it's not so because of potential concerns
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about its rare extremely rare blood clots serum institute of india will still supply the astra zeneca vaccine to the african nations through the core vax global vaccine sharing facility well let's get more from catherine sawyer she joins us now live from the you will break katherine was behind this decision to switch your master's anika to johnson and johnson then. well the issue of these vaccinations came up in the weekly briefing by the africa c.d.c. and the director was asked a question about astra zeneca and you know reports from regulators of the e.u. and the u.k. that you know issues with blood clots and that this are rare side effects so it was asked to recommend what african countries should do and he said that yes there is this issue but also because the
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benefits greatly outweigh the risks he recommends or c.d.c. africa recommends that african countries continue to use this vaccination those also the question that you raised in the introduction about the use the procurement of astra zeneca he said that the african union is now has signed a deal with to 'd procure 400000000 doses of johnson and johnson by the 3rd quarter of this year but he was very clear and wanted to clarify the reason for this he said it's not because of the issues that have been raised about astra zeneca but it's also it's because of deeply deeply cation he says that they're. still they're still very. procurement of vaccinations in africa and basically they're just expanding the net they want
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more and more vaccinations procured so that more and more countries can use so he said that the reason why. this deal was made is not because of the risks posed by astra zeneca but because they want to widen that net and to enter into more bilateral agreements so that more and more vaccinations can be procured and when more people on the continent can be vaccinated thank you very much indeed. in my rupie. now n.c. has temporarily put a hold on major astra zeneca exports in order to meet demand at home is battling a bigger and more severe 2nd wave of the corona virus reckon one records 126000 new cases were reported on thursday the rise in cases prompts city zealand to temporarily suspend entry for all travellers from india for the next 2 weeks
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more from elizabeth purana who joins us from new delhi lets us start with these vaccines the fact that the african union is canceling its vaccine order from india i mean how is that news being received where you are. well i reached out to the syrian institute of india and they wouldn't comment specifically about this but they did emphasize that the existing deal is with the kovacs program but over the past 2 weeks we have already seen the number of vaccines whether it's the serum institutes manufacturing with astra zeneca or even the indian manufacture of virus biotech's code vaccine we have seen the number of exports come down drastically exports to foreign countries over the past 2 weeks and that's after the indian government decided it had to prioritise that native people at home and that's the 2nd wave cases of rising much more rapidly than the
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1st wave and the indian government was under criticism for export more vaccinations than the number of people it had inoculated at holland and over the past few days we are now hearing reports of vaccine shortages in india the worst affected states might astra the health minister has said that the state's going to run out of that so nations in the next 3 days we've seen $100.00 vaccination centers and one of the worst affected cities of modest recruiting have to stop their operations so have 2 districts and must draw on wednesday monsters capital momus mayor has said they're running out in the next few days and we're also hearing reports of shortages in other states and he is most popular. odisha and even among those reports shortages we have modest for a deli the indian medical association asking the indian government to remove the low age limit for that nation's just only $45.00 so that any adult who wants to be
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vaccinated can and so the priority in india right now full the central state governments is very much that's amazing as many people as possible india as the cases go up. from new delhi thank you very much indeed. now health the regulators for the u.k. and the e.u. say they are still confidence in astra zeneca is covert 1000 vaccine ansin its effectiveness this after finding it may cause blood coursing in very rare cases where that link is still not confirmed but some governments are restricting or advising against its use in lowered age groups spain the philippines it's lee germany and a number of other nations have restricted or recommended restricting the use all that vaccine to those over the age of 60 south korea has suspended using the job on those under the age of 60 but says it will make
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a decision whether to resume administering the vaccine over the weekend a strain leah's drug regulator has also confirmed that it's holding urgent meetings surrounding the use of the job but other countries including mexico and brazil are standing by the show also have said they will not limits its use. well john nichols is a clinical professor in pathology university of hong kong and leading researcher in the corona virus outbreak and joins us now by skype from hong kong it's great to have you with us on the news let's start with this focus on younger people and the risks the potential risks of guessing the vaccine why are people under 30 or younger people. why is there a risk of them getting blood clots with this vaccine is there any indication of why this is happening. well the reasons for one as still being explored and now people
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are talking about some type ot immunity but at this stage it's really quite unclear but i think as your previous reports have indicated your reports indicated is at the cern that basically that isn't the increase in the younger people and so what they're going to do is to say well if you're under 30 then the statisticians worked out that is it's better a risk to avoid the esters a nick of vaccine in the under 30 because the risk of the vaccination is sort of worse than the risk of. ending up in i.c.u. by not getting any vaccination so this is a it's best basically the fact that the very younger people have a lesser chance of ending up in are few but once you get over 30 then the benefits of vaccination outweigh these documents which is why quite logically is as your report indicated in places where there's still
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a large amount infection such as in south america or in india to continue with the vaccination in the u.k. even though people have said you know some of that in these cases of these 40000000 people divide cutting the regulator said well if we hadn't had the vaccination they'd be 3800 people or who would have died not having the vaccination so that's why when there is a lot of virus going around in the community a vaccine even though may not be perfect is better than no vaccine at all which is which is a very good point spread the ass's atika vaccine was hailed quite early on as the root of the pandemic for a lot of countries that do have these younger populations specifically developing nations where the the average age is quite young indeed so what does this these new developments and discoveries are right the increased risk what impact will this
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have when it comes to the rule out of the vaccine in nations where people are really quite young. ok so there's a lot of issues in that question actually and i think that basically you know in countries where there's a low incidence of infection you know they can be a bit more choosy so that's why i think places like france and hong kong and in australia the same well actually let's pause a bit i think in places like in africa or south or where there's no income it's also on the the fact that having a vaccine which doesn't require the ultra cold storage management like you would see with the with the are no vaccines so that's why the for the kovacs and for the low income countries vaccines which can be stored of $4.00 to $8.00 degrees or in fridge a much better than the are in a bank seems so as is your report also indicated by the in
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a few months time there will be other tree bases won't be able to just to go with the masses and the reason why that was it was the 1st of the off the shelf use of 1st on the market and so it was effective and so that why it was that's why it was sort of be the solution to these low income countries but i think that what we now see is that they're saying market will still be effective but let's restrict its use and only in the over 30 but then so a lot of these a lot of these answers are very weighted and very new on the stand and it does depend on that the situation in the place where you are in the resources available at that time but we're talking about these risks and the astra zeneca risk a lot of countries are simply saying we don't want to set any more is there a risk that people are going to be turned off from these vaccines just because
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we're perhaps elevate saying what really are quite small risks. or you're totally right on that you know that's been seen in the philippines after the denny bank scene problem though a few years ago people were turned off after vaccinations over and then you saw there was a massive increase in measles so that's the whole problem with with problems with the vaccination is that people become sensitized and get the rise of these the anti vax movement but the the reality is that vaccine by and large a much better and do much better benefit then have the side effect the problem is people only remember the adverse if then or you know when things go wrong so i think that's the big danger and i think that's probably one reason in france you know that people of this of this vaccine has unsee. but i think we have to get back to that the big picture is that the more you can vaccinate the people the less you
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get a chance of an emerging strain coming along which would be resistant to the vaccine so any vaccination even though it may be imperfect is necessary to try and keep down the number infections so basically stop these emerging strains coming along which may be resistant to future vaccines it's a very difficult challenge and that's why as i think you indicated that each government is actually sort of acting for itself because it has its own situation own its own rights of population density infection ok great to get your thoughts thank you so much for sharing your expertise at ways our audience that said john nichols clinical professor at the university of hong kong thank you have a good day. a 6 southern african leaders are meeting in mozambique to address growing violence and instability in the region the latest in a series of attacks by eisel linked armed groups has forced thousands of people
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from their homes the 16 member southern african development community has called the attacks an affront to peace in mozambique and the entire region often has more for us from johannesburg for me to what these countries hoping to achieve i of this meeting which is ongoing. well given that these regional actors in their words recognised the increasing security threat and wasn't beacon one that affects the region it's clear that they'll be mounting pressure on mozambique to look at the proposals put forward by the southern african development community with regard to an integrated regional approach there has been some concern that the most a beacon military has had difficulty in containing these attacks in the north of the country we know that after that attack in palma that has been one of the most
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devastating that some analysts have questioned the muslim beacons army's ability to secure the area the government has see it that they've retaken hama specifically but they are questions around how that happened and whether or not these militants these fighters tactfully withdrew on their own accord rather than being pushed out by the army so they really are questions about how much mustn't be can do on its own what's why now one of the southern african development community members has said that no member in that group should be or can fight that battle against terrorism alone and so that community is coming together to see what they can do put forth these proposals and we're waiting to see if they'll be a concrete plan put together sometime today or in the coming days of whether or not we'll see foreign troops on the ground in was a big to contain those insurgents ok for me there live for us from johannesburg
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thank you for media. well as we mentioned there the most recent attack in the town of palmer was just the latest of many in the gas rich couple delgado province in the north of mozambique the attacks began in earnest back in 27 seen though it had been brewing for some time analysts say this is driven partly by ethnic tensions but also by high youth unemployment. armed groups linked to ice all want to establish their own states they've carried out regular attacks targeting civilians and of occupied turns and villages in the last 3 and a half years around 700000 people have been forced to flee the pomo attack which left dozens days was one of the worst since the conflict began remains in violence prompted french energy company total to temporarily suspend a multi-billion dollar projects near the time let's get more from for money for
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none to leave he's the chairman of media corp and joins us live by skype from so great to have you with us on the news our would you say the real problem is here in this region are we talking about an increase threats from an armed group or is this been a a longer running problem may go away say on the part of the government. oh do i would say to make sure of both is there is the question on religious. factor but 2 of course did it in order problems are over tea and their lack of expectations and in the last few years the local population ever been expelled from some areas where they were. trying to find no rubies and also they have been moved away from bay area
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where the collies now. glory they just seem to be your. sort of these are kind of grievances. people of course those grievances have been exploited by groups like us what all of us who know which is the local large group affiliated with we die says and let's focus on the the attack itself this attack and this was a one day thing when someone for a while people were hacked to death with machetes children killed in front of the parents and to days for the military to reclaim the area how do you explain this. well brutality and r.r. are 2 of the tactics all put these groups and of course to target people are
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both muslims christians non-religious non-religious people in fact endeavor palm attack on the 1st day they wind house to house asking. the vet agrees 5 individuals they want to kill and then on the 2nd day they just win the round at random and killing and dismembering people so it's part of the tactics of terror in order to create this kind of legend around dems around themselves down not concern in. gaining down hearts and minds of people still. some. members of this group have been recruited on 'd the bases of religion and then they claim they are. all islamic face which is something that
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a lot of like the demick and their research is doubt all the are religious beliefs so basically did this point is mainly. terror war on day areas do they just to an example they had tech hall in my day the warriors were supposed to restart at the gas at the gas plant not very far from that from the town off at all paula so day after information they got their intelligence they are. well connected and so they also know i want to reach their objectivity does kay's. gives russia completely. gas project that could benefit mozambique gas project worth tens of billions of dollars a very complex situation indeed fernando lima great to get your thoughts thank you
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so much for joining us there live from my puter. still to come here on al-jazeera restoring aids to the palestinian people the u.s. president pledges millions in this instance in another reversal of trying policy. he was not attempting to solve the officers cake punch or even of the nature nor testimony about the use of excessive force against george ford at the trial of the former police officer accused of killing him. and in sports more bad news for the canadian hockey team you haven't been able to play a game loss to me this. holiday
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there is slipping pretty quiet across central parts of europe at the moment now that's the good years in terms of the bad news i'm afraid it's going to turn cooler for many as we go on through the next day i'll say some brisk winds coming in around our area of low pressure up towards the northwest as well but at least those winds coming in from a westerly direction at the moment as we go on through the next hour so it will cool off with say some significant snow into the southeast a fit from northern parts of cyprus pushing across into turkey cyprus upright not being see there will be more snow was coming into a good part of the anchorage just 6 degrees celsius wintry mix to just pushing across that's at least the side of here or snow to across scandinavia there we go with that cold west started to talk its way across northern parts of the u.k. so scotland temperatures now higher than around 7 celsius in glasgow on friday off there is a 12 for london one to some wet weather across much of western europe at 12 turns into a 7 by this whole becomes a sas take is that cooler weather will continue to fund a little further south with wetter weather coming in across much of france in the
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low countries much of west you see some pretty weather wet weather as we go on through the next couple of days and some of that whether it will also affect the phone north of morocco a chance of one of to share was for an all in algeria. you buy them until price is the defining story of our time never before have done it already in human health so clearly outlined and tried agis here is a good many environmental solutions for example across the world we seek out people who are fighting they tell us gone and combating climate change while finding ways to protect all life on a planet. coming soon as the sea or. the story goes but the statue of an ancient greek god he beat the waves for millenia.
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until the palestinian fisherman on earth the priceless relic. the story continues but as the world's attention was drawn to because mysteriously the day it disappeared once again. the apollo of ca's. on a. july the whole all of. this is al jazeera a quick reminder of the headlines for you now we on mars ambassador to the u.k. says he's be locked eyes of the embassy in london by was more oil to the military he appeared with his spokesman who urged the british governments not to recognize
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the militaries and boy. the african union says it's dropped plans to buy the astra zeneca vaccine from india he says it will switch to johnson and johnson in states ahead of the africa centers for disease control says it's not speakers of concerns about blood clots. and 6 southern african leaders are meeting in mozambique to address the growing violence and instability in the region the racist a series of attacks by i solute on groups has forced thousands of people from their homes. now argentina is clamping down with restrictions on movement and bans on norm essential workers using public transport it's a 2nd wave there has brought on pressure an unprecedented number of infections us to raise a ball reports from one osiris. this images are from a central train station in one of. the amount of people here could be one of the reasons why corona virus infections have skyrocketed in argentina in the past days
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on wednesday argentina's government confirmed over 22000 new infections of covert 19 and that's why president about often and these announced new measures to prevent the spread of the virus and the message in these months we want to help health care aid economic recovery and keeps. open as much as we can if we do this we can diminish the speed of transmission the higher the transmission and the hospital occupation the more restrictions we will have to impose and that's why we need to protect ourselves from them this also announced a curfew at midnight restrictions on public transport and social gatherings in private homes last year argentina was one of the 1st countries in the region to impose a total lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus but the situation is different now. argentina's government is trying to avoid it imposing a total love mostly because of the impact it would have on argentina's fragile
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economy where millions are struggling to make ends meet and that's why it's focusing on analyzing caseload they tapped imposing short term restrictions and getting hospitals ready to cope with a 2nd wave. the long lines of people at this testing site show mounting concerns with the rice and infections but most of those we spoke to say they cannot afford to stay home and not a single save lives i know and it's impossible to close everything it's impossible i hope they move forward with the vaccination campaign and we can move forward this is a delicate time for president of the for a man this who tested positive a few days ago some 2 months after receiving the russian sputnik vith vaccine later this year argentina will hold any time elections and he will have to defend his party's majority in congress says the lengthy lockdown last year its popularity has been bruised by
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a shortage of vaccines and economic troubles exacerbated by the pandemic you makee you know. i would imagine that the solution is going to be very flexible very much handling the day to day and that it will be managed by different levels of government national provincial and for the city of borno say this coordination of some restrictions will be necessary without restore. the economy argentina like most emerging economies is finding it tough to come up with cash for pandemic relief efforts and like many wealthier countries and that's why international organizations like bell express concerns about the mounting cases in this part of the world because they know economy difficulties pose a challenge when it comes to fighting disease. and deceit or when a situs. health workers in venezuela have been protesting against low wages and poor working conditions dozens of staff joined a demonstration outside
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a hospital in the capital caracas they say a shortage of personal protection equipment is forcing them to reuse masks and by their own gloves many are just $2.00 a month venezuela seen a recent surge in new infections the u.s. is resuming aid for palestinians to the tune of more than $200000000.00 and that's angered israel american funds in the stalls for former president donald trump the plan includes $150000000.00 to the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees known as and $75000000.00 for the occupied west bank and gaza israel's government says the agency should be reforms before any u.s. funding is restores the united nations says it hopes the u.s. move will encourage other states to rejoin its relief agency. we very much welcome it the relationship between the united states and on war is
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a long standing relationship we hope that. others will now follow suit. there were a number of countries that had greatly reduced the halted contributions to anwar we hope that the american the american decision will lead others to rejoin. the war as in what donors. and experts in the use of force has testified at the trial of the former police officer accused of killing george floyd jodie steiger's says start showing used inappropriate steadily force when kneeling on ford's neck for more than 9 minutes he added that the pressure from showing his body weights could cause a form of us fix ian fisher reports live from minneapolis.
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back in the witness box on day 8 the man employed by the prosecution as a use of force expert sergeant jody steiger walks with the los angeles police inspector general's office he investigates police wrongdoing he analyzed what happened to george floyd his verdict this was the unnecessary use of lethal force you have an opinion to a degree reasonable professional certainty how much force was reasonable for the defendant to use on mr floyd after mr floyd was handcuffed placed in a prone position and not resisting. yet as in my opinion was that no 4 should have been used once. he was in that position. right now. the defense has argued the police officers attending to george floyd were distracted what about a growing frustrated crowd that insisted mr steiger was not an issue because i
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did not perceive them as being of bread. and why is that. because they were merely filming and they were most of it was their concern for mr ford. lieutenant. i do the agent in charge of the investigation of the death of george floyd told the court the size of the investigation dozens of agents hundreds of statements in reply to defense question here greed that on tape george floyd seemed to suggest drugs was a factor but then later corrected himself saying he was no clear about what he had haired perry heard in context here monotone. mr foreigner saying yes i believe mr for saying i do not drugs. little different than what you were asked in a. portion of the video yes or thursday it will start with legal arguments can the man who was with george floyd on the night of the incident give evidence morris hall is what he that is answers could put him in legal jeopardy the defense is keen
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to hear from alan fischer al jazeera at the derrick shawn martyr trial in minneapolis. he has masters golf tournaments is taking off in georgia with the states under a cloud of controversy from new voting laws others forcing organizations in large corporations and taking a stand against the legislation and gallacher looks at whether others will follow. when georgia's republican controlled senate passed new voting laws the reaction was scathing from civil rights activists and democrats billboard part of not pumping we want to do something we have to do protesting the state's new rules including limiting voting drop boxes a new id requirements citing the impact on minorities huge corporations many based in the state were initially muted after pressure came out in support of activists saying voter access is a fundamental right the most consequential move came from major league. paul opting
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to move the all star game out of state a decision that could cost georgia $100000000.00 georgia's an all american city know what this decision means it means cancel culture and parson activists are coming for your business they're coming for your game or a vent in your hometown the masters golf tournament is going ahead the professional golf association saying it's committed to local charities in the community in or guster many star players say they support civil rights but also the financial boost the game brings i think that's the topic that we should all be talking about we should be talking about whether we're here not. the masters the p.g.a. tour we do such a good job or we're trying to help communities out and i think that's our main focus for the week be on the calls for corporations to condemn george's voting laws there's concern about the financial impact some leading democrats in the state say
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it's a fine line but the potential to harm poor communities is very real republicans say the new laws will make georgia's elections more secure and if walk back earlier rules that would have limited voting on sundays a major point of contention democrats say corporations taking a stand is a move in the right direction it's not cancel culture when companies decide to stay and eat their principles and values and understand that their consumers are also looking at what is happening here in georgia and that their consumers want to see the company do the right thing as well the new laws are likely to face legal challenges even as other states annex similar rules it's likely the conservative leaning supremes court will have the final say as the battle for voting rights continues and gallacher al-jazeera. here's president joe biden is planning to reveal his 1st steps to curbing gun violence is expected they will include moves to
1:45 pm
tackle so-called ghost guns which is self assembled done traceable states will also be given help to write red flag laws which court san felice to remove guns from people deemed to be a risk recent mass shootings a put pressure on president buys into tyson those laws report just before the briefing started the president's going to announce a series of executive actions on guns tomorrow can you confirm that and anything you can preview i don't have anything to preview i can convey that i expect the president to have more to say tomorrow. so korea's ruling party has failed a major task at the ballot box just one year before the presidential election the opposition one special elections for mayors in the 2 largest cities of so and 2 son presidents mundanes party has struggled with growing political scandals and criticism over its policies in taiwan train drivers have been paying tribute see
1:46 pm
the victims of last friday's rail disaster. where they sounded their horns in memory of the 51 people killed in the crash another 200 were injured the accident highlighted major infrastructure flaws and resulted in the resignation of taiwan's transport minister. stolen bus says been set on fire in belfast cheering on rest in northern ireland has been a spate of violence overnight incidents since the last week there are fears that his stalks or tensions members of the crew british unionist community were a new trade barriers damaged ties with the rest of the united kingdom. now we did officials say an abandoned cargo ship is no longer at risk of running aground or spilling oil off the coast the ship is being told in supports by tug
1:47 pm
boats the dutch vessel has been adrift in the north sea for 2 days know the crew abandon ship heavy swells. from his end of it's of techno scenes his renowned orchestra baron lin is one of the world's leading music capitals but the pandemic has forced dance floors and concert halls to remain empty for months artists been struggling but they're also finding creative ways to adapt to these uncertain times stephanie decker reports now from the german capital. band rehearsal on a snowy berlin afternoon. it's been a long time since they've played to a live audience. i feel like an essential part of my meaning in life has been taken away from me and i don't think that that's unusual i think the tough feels that i think a lot of musicians i know feel that
1:48 pm
a guy i knew from the local stomach might be like where i go jam sandmen. committed suicide like it really another friend a really good friend of mine gave up music and changed careers so there's tons of stories like that but they've managed to make a shift focusing more on the digital aspect so we just adjusted we did in the end we decided to release the album and we did your lease party online we did a listening session where we're basically listening to the whole album and the fans can write comments and we interact with them and it was very nice people didn't really get why they want this stuff you know you're is a d.j. and came to britain from ukraine almost 30 years ago. he too was had to move his sets online these days so i'm you know going crazy playing playing the stuff you know getting fever exactly and then i look at that 2 guys and they're like sitting on their computers and doing something so this was weird in the beginning.
1:49 pm
was the reverberation time has to be not too long because nothing can replace in gauging directly with an audience being surrounded by music. a prolife from density lists from being together to have attention in the room too few distances to feel the quick and feel for the singer with sound and so and all senses are affected the . pandemic means that they have been forced to move online to this the most recent performance of figaro streamed last week berlin state opera house has been closed to the public since november the 1st the longest it's ever been closed we're told not even the war kept silent for so long. back at band rehearsal the attitude is one of perseverance so things are happening you're just not going we definitely expect the day of playing a concert like a real concert we had
1:50 pm
a little bit in the summer which was nice but i think it will come and i think people realize that all those in concert and everything it's not a real replacement for live music and it's good that there's no real replacement for it i think it's a good thing. a desire felt by most musicians and certainly by many of us to. follow to be able to watch listen and to feel the music again. and together. stephanie decker al-jazeera berlin. you stay with us here on al-jazeera has got the sport out for you next a move here from the brimming masters champion is the 1st major tournaments of the gold here. to go away.
1:51 pm
or. go or when.
1:52 pm
it's time for the sports here's for a thank you so much the chairman of the augusta national golf courses have back it calls for a sporting boycott in georgia the state has passed new laws which critics say will make it harder for minorities to vote some civil rights groups say the 1st major golf tournaments of the season should have been taken away from augusta the legislation did prompt major league baseball to strip atlanta of this year's all-star game. he anything that disadvantages anyone to vote is wrong it should be addressed i think there's a resolution and i think the resolution is going to be based on people working together and talking and having constructive dialogue because that's the way our
1:53 pm
democratic society works i know you would like to for us to make a proclamation on this i just don't think that is going to be helpful to ultimately reach. reaching a resolution and we've been speaking to david johns of the national black justice coalition he says this is a chance for golf to do more than just talk about it. there are so many organizations including the p.g.a. who tripped over themselves to issue statements to say and solidarity with the movement for black lives and in their opportunity life best to follow up with those words follow up those words rather with meaningful action and in as moment they are advocating the opportunity to be held accountable for big that they purport to care about anyone who was a student of history can think about several moment over the course of time when athletes took on the responsibility of being able to stand up for that which is right and righteous i think often about the o.l. and be a little big i think about. who n.b.a.
1:54 pm
players who sat out the season last year response to what happened to brianna taylor and george floyd and how many make a day and in this moment there is an opportunity for professional got offers a sport that is not as diverse as it should be that reality is that there are still many who believe that god is and should be honest with the whites for their view many people who believe the time are with is the only black professional player who has ever played golf and there's a lot more work that can be done well with in the sport and in the arena more generally is our hope is that appealing to the moral consciousness of warriors who understand that they have a significant amount of power in this moment well to contribute to significant change. on the course testing johnson is a reigning champion the world number one has been the title holder for less than 5 months after winning at a gas so in november the 2020 masters was moved from its usual slot in april due to
1:55 pm
the coronavirus pandemic you got to do everything well with a firm of. you know it's just a really hard golf course because you know obviously any hole at any time can jump out and get you. so you know it's just very tough to when i'm in one once and specially multiple times. england's lee westwood heads into the tournament and grave form as he aims for that elusive 1st major title westwood turns $48.00 later this month and if he wins at augusta on sunday he would break jack nicklaus's record to become the oldest masters champion jack's always been an inspiration you know the way he played played the game in his record especially the record and you know the been spied you know there's a few similarities there with age and you know it would be great to break his record holders byron munich were beaten the champions league for the 1st
1:56 pm
time in more than 2 years losing $32.00 against paris st germain in the 1st leg of their quarter final kilian bobby starred for fiesta scoring twice in what was a rematch of last season's final the french side went to know within 30 minutes barring did manage to pull the score back to 2 all but they got the winner to ensure p.s.g. will go into the 2nd leg with 3 away goals you can go in for the see that are caught up with us i have to congratulate the players for their incredible efforts not only art scene but all professionals they're immersed in this crazy life where leading they're making a huge effort with a crazy schedule playing champions league domestic leagues cups international games i think they deserve all our respect chelsea have taken a huge step towards the semifinals the english side b. porto 2 nil away mason mountain ben shell while getting their goals i can understand that is that we feel the tension. when we can when it comes to
1:57 pm
quarterfinal and we accept the quality of a strong porto side which is a product klopp and motional klopp and in the emotional team. so the players know very well what to do today and we need to do it again on tuesday this year's french open tennis tournament has been delayed by a week due to the covert 1000 pandemic the 2nd grand slam event of the season will now start on may the 30th it's hope this will allow more fans to attend last year's edition was postponed by more than 4 months and took place in front of limited crowds. that i could work at x. hockey teams say 25 of their players and coaches have now tested positive for cope with 19 the team haven't played since this heavy loss against the winnipeg jets on march the 25th the n.h.l. is now targeting the end of next week for the canucks to return to competitive action. ok and that is all your sport for now back to you howard thank you so much
1:58 pm
or far away that wraps up this news server to keep it here on al-jazeera. will be with you after the break with more of the day's needs. april on al-jazeera from a 3rd wave to the vaccine rollout we'll bring you the latest developments from around the world a year into the coronavirus pandemic one a one east skeins rare behind the scenes access since the secretive world of japanese soon. good president either this day be secure a 6th time in power join us on april 11th for the chat election. the award winning
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our choice returns it's to receive those striving to reduce or negative impact on the planet has president joe biden kept his campaign promises we'll have special coverage and in-depth analysis of his 1st $100.00 days in the oval office april on outages iraq. frank assessments the world is on the brink of a catastrophic failure is that a fair assessment it would be a catastrophic. 2 twice valuable back saying informed opinions should we be buying bit coy ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this that is the direction this is all headed in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story. xenophobia violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of
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europe. a generation identity was at one time the fastest growing far right organization on the continent now watch the investigation that led to the french government banning the group. generation hate. part 2 of the special 2 part investigation on a. diplomat's oil to meon miles military seized control of the embassy in london and you look out the ambassador of a 5. kind of there i missed the attain this is al jazeera life and also coming up the african union becomes the latest crop to drop more orders for the astra zeneca vaccine and is looking at johnson and johnson's instead. africa's leaders meets to.


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