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be the hero world to try to. wash. the us. diplomats loyal to manaus military seize the embassy in london and lock the ambassador out. inside me are not the crackdown continues and reports of 11 people being killed by security forces and a prominent celebrity that detained. hello there i missed on the attack and this is al-jazeera life also coming up our review is reinforced the risk of its rights to it's not if it remains extremely small
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regulators in the u.k. and in you detect a possible side effect of red blood clots from astra zeneca is quite the 19 vaccine but say the benefits of the job still far outweigh the potential risks. and the price of palestinian refugees and $11.00 are made west by this pandemic and the financial crisis. is a bastard to the u.k. says he has been locked out of the embassy in london by those loyal to the military a master chose one man recently broke ranks with the generals calling for the release of aung san suu kyi he appeared with his spokesman just a short while ago and the british government to take steps. he have. full faith that you can government where continue to mostly their rejection of the and lawful . military regime and the support for both working to bring democracy in myanmar.
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he trying to walk in the middle ground but there is no doubt which is the right side the military council has good nearly 600 people including 40 children. they have a depth that during the day. 1000 the united nation reporter for human rights. didn't mind that action likely to be the league that for the prime. humanity. while the british foreign minister has condemned what he calls the bullying actions of myanmar's military agenda. inside myanmar i'm sense your she has self is likely to appear in course in the coming hours she hasn't been seen in public since the coup the 75 year old is facing several charges including breaking a colonial era official secrets or that carries a prison sentence of up to 14. the military is also widened its crackdown from
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protesters on the streets to prominent celebrities just in the past few hours putting talk on the leading actor who backed the protests was reportedly detained and earlier this week the gender put 120 celebrities on a wanted list still this crackdown has not deterred protesters from calling for democracy across the country nearly 600 people including 48 children have died in the bloodshed so far well let's speak to florence lui she's marching or this for us from kuala lumpur in malaysia florence the ambassador i believe has still not been let into the embassy this morning what's going on there. that's right now it appears that the military giunta seems to have taken the position that you are either with them or against them 100 percent and because he's said that because he called for the release of aung sun suu kyi that he's now and been reportedly now he's been locked out of the embassy building reportedly by his
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own deputy we've also heard from his spokesman urging the u.k. the british government not to recognize the military attache as the envoy to the u.k. so. clearly you know people are taking sides officials are seeing as the protests go on into their 3rd month with many people with hundreds of people being killed that they can no longer not be seen to be taking sides and the military clearly coming down against people who have spoken out in favor of the democratically elected government now as for aung san suu kyi she is due for a court hearing on thursday but it could very well be postponed many of her hearings have been postponed and this latest hearing has to do with the latest charge against her which is for violating the official secrets act she faces several charges including a rather absurd one of breaching import export law or for being in possession of unregistered or unlicensed walkie talkies but the way her cases have been treated
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numerous postpone men's the fact that her lawyers have had difficulty getting access to her the charges that have been they'd heard against her from time to time all those villages lend more weight to the argument that she's not going to get a fair trial and it also increasingly. convince people that the charges against her are made up and that it's a ploy for the military to kill her off politically remember the military junta has promised to hold elections without giving a timeline and if she is convicted of a crime she will not be able to stand for elections florence you say the military views people is either with them or against them i was taking a look at these wanted this they include active musicians even social media influences and the arrests have already begun. absolutely and later as most high profile later the later as prominent to a high profile detainee is pinter connies a model and a well known actor not only in myanmar also in neighboring thailand and his family
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members said security offices 50 of them came into their homes in the early hours of thursday morning and took him away they don't know where he's been taken and just a few days ago security officers also arrested a very famous comedian is known to be politically outspoken he was critical of military leaders even when they were leading the country before the democratic transition in 2010 now but that hasn't deterred people from coming out on the streets to protest against the coup and we're seeing that on thursday as well and people are somehow finding ways to upload photos on social media despite a near total internet shutdown and they're also coming out on the streets knowing that they risk arrest knowing that they could be killed they're also increasingly getting reports that people are starting to fight back local media reports that 11 people were killed in the town of tarzi in northwest myanmar on wednesday but protesters have fought back using hunting rifles and fire bombs and there's no
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indication that either side is ready to back down and we're also seeing analysts giving rather gloomy predictions about what's going to happen to me in the future fitch solution saying its report about the escalating violence by the military against civilians and ethnic militias show that the military is increasingly losing control of the country and its predicting a violent revolution between the military and also an armed opposition made up of ethnic armed groups as well as the anti kumu ferment frontier there with all of that update from kuala lumpur and there's that thanks so much for. now to the pandemic now and the health regulators of the u.k. and the e.u. say they are still confident and astra zeneca has covered $1000.00 vaccine and its effectiveness even after finding it may cause blood clotting in very rare cases the risk could be greater amongst younger people prompting some governments to restrict
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or advise against its use in lower age groups try to have reports now from london the oxford astra zeneca vaccine comfortable scrutiny medicines regulators in the u.k. and the e.u. have judged that its benefits outweigh any possible risks but they haven't ruled out a causal link between the vaccine and rare blood clot conditions in a tiny number of recipients based on the current evidence the benefits of the covert $900.00 faxon astra zeneca against covert 90 and its associated risks hospitalization under us continues to outweigh the risks for the vast majority of people. our review has reinforced that the risk of this fred suspected side effect remains extremely small in arms today the european medicines agency said there was insufficient data to isolate risk factors like age and gender and that blood clotting should be listed as
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a possible side effect of the jab this case also shows us that our pharmacovigilance system is working these very rare and unusual events have been picked up identified analyzed and loudest to come to science based recommendations to allow the safe and effective use of this vaccine investigations into the astra zeneca vaccine were triggered after rare cases of blood clotting in the u.k. and europe out of 20000000 doses of the vaccine given in britain 79 cases of clotting were reported with 19 deaths resulting in a minute percentage chance of complications affecting 4 in every 1000000 people vaccinated the u.k. regulator went a step further than its european counterpart announcing that adults under 30 could be offered an alternative vaccine if one is available at the time and if they're currently healthy and not at higher risk from covert 19 in reaching their
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conclusions the regulators have had to weigh up the risks for older people and those at greater danger from covert 90 well the minute risk attached the vaccine is one worth taking but for fit healthy younger people less vulnerable to the virus those odds are more finely balanced so in these age groups the u.k. regulator is proceeding with more caution it's not a clean slate for the oxford astra zeneca vaccine already blighted by political disputes and manufacturing delays question marks over possible side effects could further dent its credibility even if the regulators verdict is that it's broadly safe jonah how al-jazeera london. well india which is one of the world's biggest vaccine produces has temporarily put a hold on major astra zeneca exports the country itself is battling a bigger and more severe 2nd wave of the corona virus a record 126000 new cases were reported on thursday and that rise in cases has even
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prompted new zealand to temporarily suspend entry for all travelers from india for the next 2 weeks and that speak to elizabeth problem she's in new delhi for us live as we've been watching these infections rise in india we were saying an increasing sense of urgency there around vaccinations how is that affecting the distribution of vaccines both in india and abroad. well it's leading now to more and more reports from across the country of vaccine shortages more so in the worst affected state more harsher than anywhere else maharashtra which had been complaining about running out of hospital beds running out of ventilators the health minister has said that they're going to run out of vaccines in 3 days the already had $100.00 vaccination centers and one of the state's worst affected cities to me have to close down 2 districts on wednesday stopped vaccinations and the capital city. has said that they're going to run out
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of vaccinations in a couple of days we've got vaccine shortages being flagged also by the states of entrepreneurs. by the predation and others now the government is saying that is denying this and has said that the case of maharashtra that it's maharashtra is trying to shift the blame the central government is saying for what the health minister called maharashtra mishandling of the crisis as well as vaccine shortages we have pressure on the central government from different states including maharashtra again but also delhi the capital and the indian medical association which is asking the central government to lower the to remove actually the lower age limit which is 45 years old to be eligible for vaccines so that any adult who wants to get vaccinated while cases rise as they are can do so and none of this bodes well either domestically or internationally because india is. has been the biggest contributor to the un's kovacs program it's shipped more than 60000000
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vaccines but it had to considerably slow down vaccine exports 2 weeks ago and because of the increasing demand here in india these escalating numbers that we've been seeing what's actually driving that. well we've had both promise of that in morty and health officials saying for the past 2 months that we've seen these numbers go up say that that's because people haven't been following closely 1000 protocols like we are in markets like social distancing after the numbers fell at the start of the year we were recording an average of $10000.00 a day in early february and on wednesday there were 125000 cases promised a modi has sent medical teams to maharashtra to determine exactly why it's remained the worst affected throughout the past year he's also sent a medical team to the states of punjab and shut this go to see why the death rate is so disproportionately high there but even as he's done that his party the
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b j p and a number of other political parties have been holding very large rallies in 5 states with elections are currently taking place and health officials have also said that one of the reasons for the very high number of cases in maharashtra is because of local elections which took place there in january and as with purana mayor across all those developers across india for us from new delhi thanks so much and. indonesia will only receive $20000000.00 doses of those astra zeneca vaccines this year that's $30000000.00 less than was expected the rest will only be shipped in 2022 of the country is still slated to receive 54000000 doses under that kovacs global vaccine alliance scheme. still ahead here on out there are thousands displaced by armed groups in southern africa regional leaders trying to find a solution. and the u.s. commits to a meeting remaining forces from iraq that questions remain as to when. it's
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time for the perfect general. sponsored plan qatar airways. sides of somali whether pushing into western parts of europe northwest impossible in particular because through the next couple of days it's not going to last the go with the would swing around some of the westerly direction so should we say less copacetic cold enough to snow many areas this little area of low pressure him running up towards scandinavia will introduce some more snow into norway sweden eventually pushing across into finland this we go through the next so when she whether they are still just around belarus western russia eastern down for ukraine maybe down into rumania as well as seen some significant snow fall over the high ground of northern greece that's never the process is pushing across a good part of turkey central pa says for the cape 5 and dry here some quiet
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weather coming through 10 celsius there $40.00 be a russia showers down towards the southwest into spain and portugal becoming a little more widespread here as we go on through friday but friday night just coalesce starts to push its way back in across northern parts of the u.k. there will be some snow coming through at that stage still kwacha central parts of europe will make up his or 15 so just by this date still a little bit of snow there into turkey but bright skies will be where the coming back into greece the wet weather we have across the southwest if you will also bring some right it's america. sponsored paul qatar airways. the story goes that the statue of an ancient greek god he beneath the waves for millenia. until a palestinian fisherman on earth the priceless relic. the story continues that as the world's attention was drawn to. mysteriously the day
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it disappeared once again. the apollo of gaza on a. former . hello again i'm a saucy attained let's remind you about top stories in the south me on muslim bastard to the u.k. says he's been locked out of the embassy in london by those loyal to the military he appeared with his spokesman who the british government not to recognize the military's envoy. health regulators in the u.k. and e.u. say the benefits of astra zeneca as code in 1000 vaccine still far outweigh the risks among a handful of they've identified a possible link between the jobs and red blood some governments have moved to
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restrict its use amongst younger people. and india has reported more than 126000 new coronavirus cases on thursday that it's a new record and struggling to contain a 2nd wave of infections prompting new zealand to temporarily suspend entry for all travelers from india. now 6 southern african leaders are currently meeting in mozambique to address the growing violence and instability in the region the latest in a series of attacks by iceland groups has forced thousands of people from their homes the 16 member southern african development community has called those attacks an affront to peace in mozambique and the entire region of me tim miller is across this meeting for us from johannesburg in neighboring south africa for me that sort of has been grappling with this conflict for some years now without much progress has what happened and paul not created a great a sense of urgency here. well these attacks
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began in around 2017 but looking at what happened in parma in recent weeks it's of course created greater concern especially for regional leaders and looking at some of the preliminary meetings that have happened in the last day or so we've heard from the foreign affairs the international relations minister of ports one who's present at the meeting and he said that it's quite clear that the situation has morphed into a much bigger security threat as well as humanitarian catastrophe and looking and hearing some of the statements from these regional leaders it's quite clear that they're in my puter today to come up potentially with plans that are clearly potentially more decisive greater action around this worsening security threats in the region we know until now very little has been done as you mentioned we know that mozambique specifically has been reluctant to have foreign troops in the country to help the muslim beacon army tackle this insurgency in the north of the
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country was a big can president felipe new see has spoken about the importance of sovereignty it's thought by analysts that this is perhaps the reason around the reluctance but he's also got on to say in the last day or so that that if troops regional troops came into mozambique it would be to assist the muslim beacon army not to replace them we know the military there does lack some capability they are training issues equipment issues and so they've had some difficulty in dealing with the fighters in the north of the country and some analysts have said while the muslim beacon government has said that it's retaken parma it's also thought that this isn't necessarily due to the capacity of the mozambique and military but rather that militants in the north of the country tactfully withdrew from that area that perhaps they weren't interested in staying on and fighting the mozambique an army so it isn't necessarily about the muslim beacon government doing everything it can
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to secure that area but really about the capability of the militants in that area. they're keeping an eye on that meeting for us from johannesburg thanks so much media. now the u.s. has agreed to withdraw all remaining combat forces from iraq which were deployed to fight there against eisel but talks with iraq's government haven't settled on a timeline mike hanna reports now from washington d.c. the u.s. was represented by secretary of state turn to the blinken in his 1st direct or be a virtual talks with the iraqi government the foreign minister fired hussein head of the iraqi delegation emphasizing the high level nature of the discussions. and his national security adviser made clear that the u.s. military presence in iraq was top of the agenda. and the 2 sides agreed that there will be no american military bases in iraq and therefore there will be no foreign bases this is what was agreed upon today at the end of the 3rd round of the
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strategic dialogue relations between the 2 countries have been fraught particularly following the u.s. airstrike in january last year that killed top iranian general custom sort of money and an iraqi militia leader near baghdad airport. in the wake of the attack iraq e lawmakers passed a non-binding resolution on u.s. led coalition forces leaving the country and the relations have improved slightly off to mystify me took over as prime minister some parties like the iran backed fatah bloc continued to demand u.s. withdrawal. the calls for the field after president biden ordered an air strike on a militia base on the syrian side of the iraqi border in january. u.s. soldiers and contractors are the targets of regular attacks by militia groups and the biden and ministrations says it will not hesitate to respond if the iraqi
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government doesn't. despite all these factors the u.s. does not in visit general imminent withdrawal a pentagon spokesman making clear that though this is a subject of ongoing discussion there is no timeline. the mission is still valid the invitation by the iraqi government is still in place and we're continuing as we have been even before today's talks to talk with the iraqi government about what that what that mission and that footprint is supposed to look like all u.s. troops were withdrawn from iraq by december 2011. president obama ordered their return 3 years later to assist iraqi forces in their battle against isis all some 2 and a half 1000 troops to remain in what the pentagon says is increasingly a training capacity. following the latest round of talks it appears they too will leave the question that is when. mike hanna al-jazeera
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washington well the u.s. is also now resuming aid for palestinians to the tune of more than $200000000.00 and that's angered israel american funding was stopped by a former president donald trump this plan includes $150000000.00 to the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees known as honor and $75000000.00 for the occupied west bank and gaza israel's government says on russia be reformed before the u.s. funding is restored palestinian refugees who are living and lebanese camps are still in desperate need of help there already difficult lives have also worsened as lebanon's economy has crumbled in a harder has more from barriers. life inside a palestinian refugee camp and levanon misery is everywhere there's little infrastructure or services that would allow for a decent living many of the 200000 refugees are poor making survival even more
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difficult and that was before the country's economy began to collapse more than a year ago. the local currency lost its value one kilo of me he's $34.00 a carton of eggs $20.00 book. palestinians live in overcrowded built up areas that decades ago were 10 camps marginalized and vulnerable the community has been hit hard by lebanon's financial meltdown particularly the sharp devaluation of the local currency. the country's. suffering in the camps as well because we are perceived lebanon doesn't make life easy for palestinians authorities argue that is the way to discourage them from staying the restrictions in place deny refugees some of their basic rights and that includes working in jobs they are qualified to do. for my studies photography but they haven't been able to find a job no matter how hard you try it's difficult in lebanon aid agencies say they
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can no longer cope as more people rely on food donations. but lebanon's labor ministry obliges them to obtain a visa or a work permit then came the coronavirus pandemic and then the devaluation of the currency. the un relief and works agency under way provides health education and social services it also provides cash assistance to the nearly 30000 palestinians who fled war in neighboring syria but they transfer he says it doesn't have enough funds to cover the needs of those 11 on only $61000.00 refugees receive cash handouts the amount is $130.00 a year or $12.00 a month and the payment is made in lebanese currency this affects purchasing power in a country which imports almost everything. and we can afford to buy many things now
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i have no one but gold it's been crisis after crisis for a people who struggle is not a new set of. beirut. an expert in the use of force has testified at the trial of the former police officer who's accused of killing george jodie steiger said that derrick 7 used inappropriate deadly force when kneeling on freud's neck for more than 9 minutes he added that the pressure from shavings bodyweight could cause a form of a 6 year reports now from minneapolis. back in the witness box on day 8 the man employed by the prosecution as a use of force expert sergeant jody steiger what's with the los angeles police inspector general's office he investigates police wrongdoing he analyzed what happened to george floyd his verdict this was the unnecessary use of lethal force
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you have an opinion to a degree reasonable professional certainty how much worse was reasonable for the defendant to use on mr floyd after mr floyd was handcuffed placed in a prone position and not resisting. yet is in my opinion was that i know for sure once. he was in that position. right there the defense has argued the police officers attending to george floyd were distracted what about a growing frustrated crowd that insisted mr steiger was not an issue because i did not perceive them as being a threat. and why is that. because they were merely filming and they were most of it was their concern for mr ford. and. i do the agent in charge of the investigation of the death of george floyd told the court the size of the investigation dozens of agents hundreds of statements in
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reply to defense question he agreed that on tape george floyd seem to suggest drugs was a factor but then later corrected himself saying he was no clear about what he had hair harry heard in context to tell. mr foreigners saying. mr for saying i do not drugs. little different than what you were asked in a. portion of the video yes thursday it will start with legal arguments can the man who was with george floyd on the night of the incident give evidence morris hall is what he that is answers could put him in legal jeopardy that if. is keen to hear from him. at the dairy sugar murder trial in minneapolis. well south korea's ruling party has failed a major test at the ballot box just one year before the presidential election the opposition one special elections for mez in the 2 largest cities seoul and busan president ions party has struggled with growing political scandals and criticism
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over its policies in taiwan train drivers have been paying tribute to the victims of last friday's rail disaster. as you can see that they sounded their horns in memory of the 51 people killed in that crash another 200 were injured that accident was the worst disaster of its kind in decades and highlighted major infrastructure flaws and also resulted in the resignation of taiwan's transport minister. and again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. to the u.k. says he's been locked out of the embassy in london by there is no oil for the military and thus to kill as woman recently broke ranks with the generals calling for the release of aung san suu kyi.


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