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the horrors of the nazi concentration. on al-jazeera. these are rare either very rare side effects. unusual but possible europe's medicines agency links astra zeneca 19 vaccine to blood clots but insists his benefits still outweigh any risks. peter w. watching al-jazeera live from doha are also coming up. he was not attempting to solve the ulcers cake punch or anything of that nature the trial of the former u.s. police officer accused of killing george for it here's more evidence that the force
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used during his arrest was excessive. the u.s. commits to removing all remaining combat forces from iraq without setting a timeline. and challenges remain but a step in the right direction and efforts by world powers to salvage the 2015 iranian nuclear deal. europe's medicines agency says it remains overwhelmingly confident in astra zeneca is covert 19 vaccine after finding it may cause blood clots in very rare cases now the risk is greater among younger people prompting some governments to restricts or advise against its use among lower age groups jonah hole explains from london. the oxford astra zeneca vaccine comfortable scrutiny medicines regulators in the u.k. and the e.u. have judged that its benefits outweigh any possible risks but they haven't ruled
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out a causal link between the vaccine and rare blood clot conditions in a tiny number of recipients based on the current evidence the benefits of the covert 900 facts in astra zeneca against covert 90 and its associated risks hospitalization and death continues to outweigh the risks for the vast majority of people. our review has reinforced that the risk of this suspected side effect remains extremely small in arms today the european medicines agency said there was insufficient data to isolate risk factors like age and gender and that blood clotting should be listed as a possible side effect of the jab this case also shows us that our pharmacovigilance system is working these very rare and unusual events have been picked up identified analyzed and loudest to come to science based recommendations to allow the safe and effective use of this vaccine investigations into the astra
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zeneca vaccine were triggered after rare cases of blood clotting in the u.k. and europe out of 20000000 doses of the vaccine given in britain 79 cases of clotting were reported with 19 deaths resulting in a minute percentage chance of complications affecting 4 in every 1000000 people vaccinated the u.k. regulator went a step further than its european counterpart announcing that adults under 30 could be offered an alternative vaccine if one is available at the time and if they're currently healthy and not at higher risk from covert 19 in reaching their conclusions the regulators have had to weigh up the risks for older people and those at greater danger from covert 90 well the minute risk attached the vaccine is one worth taking but for fit healthy younger people less vulnerable to the virus those odds are more finely balanced so in these age groups the u.k.
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regulator is proceeding with more caution. it's not a clean slate for the oxford astra zeneca vaccine already blighted by political disputes and manufacturing delays question marks over possible side effects could further dent its credibility even if the regulators verdict is that it's broadly safe jonah how al-jazeera london. the number of corona virus deaths in brazil has dipped slightly from a record high of 4200 as announced on tuesday another 3800 deaths were reported on whedon's day with their own 92000 new infections. throughout the pandemic the president jalal sonar of continues to play down 19 a new record has been set in turkey for infections with 55000 registered on wednesday last week president tired heard one tightened covert 19 restrictions including the return of full nationwide weekend lockdowns during the islamic fasting month of ramadan which starts next week and qatar has introduced tougher
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restrictions variants identified in the u.k. and south africa being blamed for an increase in deaths and a strain on hospital wards the gulf state has one of the highest infection rates per capita in the world as our friday restaurants will be open for deliveries and takeaways beauty salons cinemas and other non-essential businesses will close completely. and expert witnesses testified at the trial of the former police officer who's accused of killing george floyd jodie steiger said derrick jovian used inappropriate deadly force when kneeling on floyd's neck for more than 9 minutes ellen fisher reports now from minneapolis. back in the witness box on day 8 the man employed by the prosecution as a use of force expert sergeant jody steiger what's with the los angeles police
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inspector general's office he investigates police wrongdoing he analyzed what happened to george floyd his verdict this was the unnecessary use of lethal force you have an opinion to a degree reasonable professional certainty how much worse was reasonable for the defendant to use on mr floyd after mr floyd was handcuffed placed in a prone position and not resisting. yet is in my opinion was that i know for sure once. he was in that position. the defense has argued the police officers attending to george floyd were distracted what about a growing frustrated crowd that insisted mr steiger was not an issue because i did not perceive them as being of bread. and why is that. because they were merely filming and they were most of it was their concern for mr ford. and
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another idea the agent in charge of the investigation of the death of george floyd told the court the size of the investigation dozens of agents hundreds of statements in reply to defense question he agreed to 20 george floyd seem to suggest drugs was a factor but then later corrected himself saying he was no clear about what he had hair harry heard in context to tell. mr foreigner saying yes i believe mr for saying i do not drugs. little different than what you were asked in a. portion of the video yes thursday will start with legal arguments can the man who was with george floyd on the night of the incident give evidence morris hall is what he that is answers could put him in legal jeopardy the defense is keen to hear from alan fischer al jazeera at the derrick show of unmarked a trial in minneapolis the u.s.s. agreed to withdraw all remaining combat forces which were deployed to fight against
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eisel however talks with iraq's government did not settle on a timeline some soldiers and coalition forces will still remain to train and advise the iraqi army the u.s. president joe biden like his predecessor has been looking for ways to wind or to become known and less wars. on the 2 sides agreed that there will be no american military bases in iraq and therefore there will be no foreign bases this is what was agreed upon today at the end of the 3rd round of the strategic dialogue ok joining us live douglas ollivant he served as the director for iraq and the u.s. national security council he's now managing partner of mantid international he joins us from washington douglas ollivant why is there no timeline yet. the timeline is tricky and there is no timeline because there are no combat forces left to remove the language in the statement it's very ambiguous it says you can
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remove any remaining combat forces i think the answer to who are the remaining combat forces is no they are not that the united states has already transition into the training and equipping ports you earlier referred to the actual numbers are not changing significantly so if this is just step change when it comes to designating what people's job's all on the ground when it comes to those u.s. personnel is that enough to kind of de flate the tensions in the relationship. the problem and that in iraq now is not so much the numbers are not so much the reality on the ground and the political standoff between the 2 sides the resistance forces are so-called resistance forces and iraq want to score some kind of victory against the united states in retaliation for the killing of muhammad us along with constance elma on in january of last year as the united states has been
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a great audio amp its troops in accordance with its own schedule largely oblivious to the politics going on inside iraq so mostly this is just a question of getting the narratives in the right order and i think actually this statement today is an important step in that direction ok here's the thing you mentioned the death of confidence in the money that he was so well placed and so high up within that the superstructure of what runs iran given that and given the iranian voices that i know very loudly coming to the outside world via baghdad does this play into the u.s. iranian relationship specifically and clearly when it comes to what the u.s. wants to do over the iran nuclear deal. i think that unlike the last administration the bight administration is working very very hard to try of
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bifurcate these 2 problems to have the enron issue be the enron issue and its relationship with iraq be its relationship with iraq and even in terms of the political problem was mentioned new hotness rather than salon and i think for these iraqi forces that's the they're most concerned about the death of their colleague not the death of the iranian visitor so i think that to give a long answer to your question i think that the united states is working very hard to bifurcate these problems and try not to let its issues with iran bleed across the border into iraq and allocation we vice versa buried underneath the icing on this douglas there is some movement of there has been some movement on this thing called wave renewals has to do with with sanctions over role is the easing of that a step in the right direction for both iraq and also for iran i think we had the. the waiver had been renewed at various periods that trump
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administration was cutting those down to very small intervals having 60 day renewals. it might be at a straight shot if it actually but it and nothing more so i'm sorry is giving the broadest number of waivers they can extending met anthony trying to ramp down the political tension so that's not constantly hanging over the i reckon said is an issue douglas ollivant in the states thank you very much my pleasure. coming up here on al-jazeera a previous assert was a covert denial we'll look at how tanzania's new president is promising a whole new approach. also marginalised and vulnerable the palestinian refugees hit hard by lebanon's financial meltdown.
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it's time for the perfect gentleman who went on sponsored point qatar airways now the son has returned to japan after the rain went through a couple days ago which is this line here but it's also that the driving force is still a winter storm bringing snow back to suckle in the plains east in russia and probably down into hawkeye died during friday and the backwash cold will probably bring snow showers on the higher ground of holland shoes while the western slopes at least be surprised to hit tokyo you've got 18 degrees but you might get a cold shower coming through china's largely finds no wind to improve the air quality which is not good in beijing and there's no significant rain but something to friday's gone off shore as you probably noticed the heavy rain that we saw in east internees you has gone that was developing psychosis is gone sasa your screen of the bottom so we left a daily showers now the heaviest ones probably going to be heading towards west
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papua rather than timor for example but it's still really ready season so there is more to come and we see the development of cloud and rays of light rain running up through india this 70 feet hints at rather more and i think they'll be realized in calcutta for example quite possibly get thunderstorms by friday which will last into saturday and as the wind dies or work away they could be persistent otherwise it's a very fine picture and getting hotter. sponsored by qatar airways. in the yugoslav wars of the ninety's crimes were committed by a bull's eyes. out as their world meets me a coke out i see a croatian side who went to jail for crimes he says he didn't commit. was he a guard in a concentration camp or was he simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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crowds trial and error on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha i'm peter dhabi these are your top stories an expert in the use of force has testified at the trial of the former police officer who's accused of killing george boyd judy steiger said derrick jovian used inappropriate deadly force when dealing on for its next from all the 9 minutes. the u.s. has agreed to withdraw all remaining combat forces which were deployed to fight against talks with the iraqi government did not settle on a timeline some soldiers and coalition forces will remain to train and advise the
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iraqi army. the u.n. u.k. medicines regulators have concluded there is a plausible link between the oxford astra zeneca covert 90 vaccine and rare blood clots they insist the risk of the corona virus is far greater than the risk of death from clotting. tanzania's new president is promising a major shift in coronavirus strategy president. hassan says her administration will follow the signs late predecessor john michael fully long denied the virus was a serious threat even saying prayer had defeated it catherine soy in neighboring kenya says the new president is being careful not to be too critical of past mistakes. many people are spoken to in tanzania i think that this is definitely more than the right direction but they're also saying that the president is being very careful because she doesn't want to on the one hand look like she's totally backtracking from the policies. that then make them up before you but she also
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doesn't want to look like she's doing nothing that she's sitting still so when flows announcing. plans to constitute this panel this upcoming let's just say that tanzania cannot any more isolated from the international community because it's not and i. and but she also said that the government will not accept just everything that is coming from the outside world that's why she said she's constituting this panel of professionals of from tanzania to advise the government on the way forward. i'm planning to form a committee of specialists a research covering 1000 more widely they have to find out if these remedies suggested across the world will help us they should look into it with expertise and in-depth and then they can advise the government either refuse or agree but not without any scientific research. a change in direction is not just about corona
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virus she appears to be very keen to mend relations with the international community this relations had been c.b.l. the strain during the reign of the late has a microphone pointing her new. foreign affairs minister. instructions telling the minister to engage wisely with international partners to fix the relations that had gone sour she also instructed the information ministry to allow newspapers. online radios bloggers that had been banned from reporting in the country to allow them to operate within the confines of the know but there are some spread skeptics opposition leader to do list for example has said that it is too premature to gauge just how presidency is still very young but many people are spoken to say that this really is
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a good stocks the iranian president hassan rouhani has praised the efforts to revive the 2050 nuclear deal this new success his country met the signatories to the pact in vienna on tuesday the u.s. took part in directly but as the talks continue an iranian ship was attacked off the coast of japan said big reports now from the iranian capital. a coincidence or an attempt to sabotage the nuclear talks an attack on an iranian ship in the red sea iran says the m.v. was being used as a base to support the just an anti piracy operations but it's long been believed the cargo ship was used by iran's revolutionary guards and israel quickly emerged as a possible suspect for the attack last month israel had accused iran of targeting one of its vessels but neither country is admitting responsibility for either incident in the case of the m.v. sevis it's believed the miners attached to the ship as a nuclear talks in vienna got under way it's hard to consider this
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a coincidence maybe it is but you know the good news is that the entire world supports a return to the nuclear deal by the u.s. and iran with a couple of notable exceptions and i think the israelis the saudis and iranians and congressional republicans are the parties who are vast minority well who do not want to deal and are going to do everything possible to try to upset this process iran wants old sanctions imposed by the united states lifted before it returns to its compliance of the nuclear deal when former us president donald trump pulled the u.s. out of the agreement in 2018 iran began increasing its uranium enrichment beyond accepted levels despite the challenges still faced in securing a new corporation the iranian president hassan rouhani is upbeat about the vienna talks. out of that. we have no doubt that this success was achieved thanks to the resilience of the iranian nation and their national integration the
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us administration is admitting that they have no other way but to negotiate and suggest that it talks if iran wants or indirect talks through the p 5 plus one countries. but there's still a long way to go we do see this as a constructive and certainly welcome step and in the end we hope that we are able to leave vienna returned united states or negotiating team i should say with a better understanding of a road map for how we get to that in state mutual compliance so far both the united states and iran a positive about the talks even though they're not talking to the directly the european go she says hope that some form of agreement can be reached but some regional countries are not happy with joe biden's policy of engaging with iran and this concern here and that they may be attempts to derail the negotiations. al-jazeera the one. the u.s. is resuming palestinian aid to the tune of $235000000.00 angering israel american
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funding was severed by the former president donald trump $150000000.00 will go directly to the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees known as they'll be $75000000.00 in economic and development assistance in the occupied west bank and gaza and $10000000.00 for peace building programs through the u.s. agency for international development israel's government says annorah should be reformed before u.s. funding is restored but the u.n. has welcomed this desperately needed cash. the relationship between united states and on war is a long standing relationship we hope that. others will now follow suit. there were a number of countries that had greatly reduced the halted contributions to anwar we hope that the american the american decision will lead others to rejoin.
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our noise as anwar donors palestinian refugees living in lebanese camps are in desperate need of help the already difficult lives of worsened as lebanon's economy has crumbled in a hole the reports now from beirut life inside a palestinian refugee camp and lebanon misery is everywhere there's little infrastructure or services that would allow for a decent living many of the 200000 refugees are poor making survival even more difficult and that was before the country's economy began to collapse more than a year ago. the local currency lost its value one kilo of me he's $34.00 a carton of eggs $20.00 book. palestinians live in overcrowded built up areas that decades ago were temp camps marginalised and vulnerable the community has been hit hard by lebanon's financial meltdown particularly the sharp devaluation of the local currency. the countries in
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a mission state but is suffering in the camps as well as because we are perceived. lebanon doesn't make life easy for palestinians authorities argue that is the way to discourage them from staying the restrictions in place deny refugees some of their basic rights and that includes working in jobs they are qualified to do. where i studied photography but i haven't been able to find a job no matter how hard you try it's difficult in lebanon. aid agencies say they can no longer cope as more people rely on food donations. but lebanon's labor ministry obliges them to obtain a visa or a work permit then came the current virus pandemic and then the day valuation of the currency. the un relief and works agency under way provides health education and social services it also provides cash assistance to the nearly 30000
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palestinians who fled war in neighboring syria but they treasury says it doesn't have enough funds to cover the needs of those 11 on only $61000.00 refugees receive cash handouts the amount is $130.00 a year or $12.00 a month and the payment is made and lebanese currency this affects purchasing power in a country which imports almost everything a large and we can afford to buy many things now i have no one but called has been crisis after crisis for a people who struggle is not a new set of. beirut at least 12 more pro-democracy protesters have been killed by me and was military according to a local monitoring group and says the worst violence was in k.l. where security forces fired when aides and machine guns the military said to be targeting more rural areas such as this town north of mandalay almost $600.00 people are known to being killed in violence following the coup on february the 1st
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david matheson is an independent analyst on me and ma he says the rising death toll there is a sign of the military's desperation. to killing large numbers of people throughout the country because people are resisting the coup d'etat that it could be between what's going on. and that resistance is undiminished and what we're saying is actually as your forces upping the violence i mean using heavier weapons against demonstrators in in some parts of the country and even in recent weeks using s. strikes against civilians in korean state and so what we're saying is actually the security forces in a far more desperate. man actually increasing the firepower to put down these demonstrations which you know is just under a minute in yangon protesters sends a message to beijing by burning a chinese flag they denounce what they claim is china support for the job. mozambique's president says the military has forced isolating fighters out of the northern town of palma armed groups had attacked the gas hob 2 weeks ago killing
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dozens of people to escape the violence led to the city of pemba on thursday leaders from south africa zimbabwe and botswana and you to meet in the capital maputo to discuss how to keep the fight as a way of still i'm bus has been set on fire in belfast around rest in northern ireland the police say pro unionist youths are responsible there has been a spate of violent incidents since last week officers have been injured in several cars set on fire there are frustrations within the pro british unionist community about new trade barriers between northern ireland or the rest of the u.k. which resulted from bracks it. the small west african nation opinion is preparing for its presidential election this weekend patrice is looking likely to win a 2nd term juice of what his opponents say is a vote rigged in his favor when address reports from the coastal city of course are new. a rally for the president as election day draws closer
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it's mostly port along parading the streets of the capital these days. much of the opposition has been muzzled. we introduced the sponsorship political sponsorship which stated that before running. have to be sponsored by dean. of. representatives when you. are now in the nation. we just see that. because. they don't have. to do is if you are few if you. don't know what to see when to see. the parliament dominated by the governing
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party has introduced changes to the electoral law many say to be the way for government to age out serious competition with many a president petition i think. forms the outcome of this election is expected by some to be a foregone conclusion and it's also expected that many workers will be discouraged from casting their ballots they turn out at the last parliamentary election was 25 percent. of the $1000.00 as parents who applied to run for the presidency only 3 were approved including being competent. the economy may have grown under the businessman president before covered 19 'd by some citizens say that growth didn't translate to changes in their lives as jobs are still hard to find. whoever wins must 1st tackle unemployment work liberates insecurity and low prices for food.
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we don't want looters anymore we need better security for citizens so voters also say they want to see an inclusive political system after restrictive laws introduced before the 21000 parliamentary election shrunk the political space it's hard to see how that can be achieved before sunday's presidential election. so far the european and u.k. medicines regulators have concluded there is a plausible link between the oxford astra zeneca qubit 19 bank scene and rare blood clots but they insist the risk of the corona virus is far greater than the risk of death from clotting the number of virus deaths in brazil has dipped slightly from a record high of 4200 on.


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