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be panning for gold in d.c. area for centuries the best time of year to do it is the winter because the river is low the jury in the summer months these tiny little yellow flicks you can see fun don't look much they were around $50.00 a gram. the u.k. advises against the use of the astra zeneca vaccine for under thirty's but british and european regulators agree the benefits of the short outweigh the risks. of our intent of this al jazeera live from london also coming up insight from investigators in the trial of former police officer derek sjodin forensic specialists describe the search of george florence car. restoring aid to the kind
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of genuine people the u.s. president pledges millions in assistance in another reversal of policy. eat signed sealed delivered delivery riders and drivers send a message to their bosses the demand for better working conditions. and our european and u.k. medicines regulators have concluded there's a plausible link between the oxford astra zeneca coated 19 vaccine and potentially fatal but extremely rare blood clots that link remains unconfirmed but the regulators insist the risk of the corona virus is far greater than the risk of death from clotting as of the 31st of march 20000000 astra zeneca doses had been administered in the u.k. and 19 people have died from the red cross in condition there's been no recommendation to stop using the astra zeneca vaccine but in the u.k.
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more cautious approach is being taken people aged under 30 will be offered an alternative vaccine the maternal medications the european medicines agency says the clotting is not unexpected in such a large scale vaccine rollout and continues to urge people to get vaccinated try to haul reports from london. the oxford astra zeneca vaccine uncomfortable scrutiny medicines regulators in the u.k. and the e.u. have judged that its benefits outweigh any possible risks but they haven't ruled out a causal link between the vaccine and rare blood clot conditions in a tiny number of recipients based on the current evidence the benefits of the covert 900 facts in astra zeneca against covert 90 and its associated risks hospitalization and death continues to outweigh the risks for the vast majority of people. our review has reinforced that the risk of this fresh suspected side effect
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remains extremely small in arms today the european medicines agency said there was insufficient data to isolate risk factors like age and gender and that blood clotting should be listed as a possible side effect of the jab this case also shows us that our pharmacovigilance system is working these very rare and unusual events have been picked up identified analyzed and loudest to come to science based recommendations to allow the safe and effective use of this vaccine investigations into the astra zeneca vaccine were triggered after a rare cases of blood clotting in the u.k. and europe out of 20000000 doses of the vaccine given in britain 79 cases of clotting were reported with 19 deaths resulting in a minute percentage chance of complications affecting 4 in every 1000000 people vaccinated the u.k.
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regulator went a step further than its european counterpart announcing that adults under 30 could be offered an alternative vaccine if one is available at the time and if they're currently healthy and not at higher risk from covert 19 in reaching their conclusions the regulators have had to weigh up the risks for older people and those at greater danger from covert 19 well the minute risk attached to the vaccine is one worth taking but for fit healthy younger people less vulnerable to the virus those odds are more finely balanced so in these age groups the u.k. regulator is proceeding with more caution. it's not a clean slate for the oxford astra zeneca vaccine already blighted by political disputes and manufacturing delays question marks over possible side effects could further dent its credibility even if the regulators verdict is that it's broadly safe jona whole al-jazeera london. well innocent of applause of all linked to
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clotting came at a time of already low public confidence in the astra zeneca vaccine italy and spain have responded by recommending its use only for people aged over 60 and there are fears the news will further complicate the vaccine rollout on the continent has more from paris it's an enormous problem so much damage has been done by the negative publicity or the conflicting information about the astra zeneca vaccine over the past few weeks and months last year we saw last month i should say we saw several european union countries including france germany amongst them suspending their use of the astra zeneca vaccine was the european medical agency looked into it further yemen at that time again also giving it a green light saying look these bottles are extremely rare but the damage really has been done because we see the public opinion opinion poll suggesting that many people across the european union are worried about the astra zeneca vaccine here in
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france about 60 percent opinion polls suggest of people don't want it in fact even as recently as just a few days ago the weekend several vaccine centers in the north of france had to close for a few days because they had doses of astra zeneca and nobody wanted to take them and that really is the problem and that's going to be the real battle for governments and that is how to try and convince the public that this vaccine is safe that is those those benefits do outweigh the risks it's a huge challenge india has again reported a record number of new curve in 19 cases well 115000 were reported on wednesday a 13 fold increase in daily infections in just over 2 months it also recorded 630 new deaths the highest number since november. the surge is raising pressure on the government to expand its vaccination campaign with 86000000 doses already administered up some states are complaining of
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a scarcity of jobs with centers having to turn people away brazil has confirmed its 1st case of the highly contagious south african coronavirus variant as it faces its worst daily death toll and scrambles to make space for burials with ortiz in sao paolo the country's biggest city is so they'll begin opening some $600.00 new graves per day up from $426.00 just over a week ago it's also preparing plans for a vertical cemetery with south thousands of drawer like graves or tuesday the health ministry reported 4195 deaths related to cave in 19 and another 3800 on wednesday. despite the worsening crisis brazil's president variable sonera continues to reject a nationwide lockdown. we are not going to serve diplomacy of staying at home close everything down the virus will not leave this virus like others are here to stay remain for
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a lifetime it is practically impossible to educate you and until then what are we going to do the. 8th day of the trial of terror shogun the former police officer accused of killing george floyd as wrapped up in the us city of minneapolis on wednesday the prosecution's case focused on forensic findings with a forensic scientist and 2 chemists taking the stand they testified or objects found in the car floyd was in before being arrested as well as the main police car in the chase in the case the chemist's also described the results of testing on narcotics found on the scene. when did the courts had testimony from the use of force expert regarding derek shaman's decision to kneel on george ford's neck during his arrest 30 you have an opinion to a degree reasonable professional certainty to how much force was reasonable for the
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defendant to use on mr floyd after mr floyd was handcuffed placed in a prone position and not resisting. yes you're right opinion was that no 4 should have been used once. he was in that position. john hendren is a live person minneapolis and john tell us more about what happened on day 8. well day 8 is rapture and it was in some ways much like day 7 it was a day of expert testimony in you played one of the most exciting moments right there that was when los angeles police department sergeant jody steiger said that the use of force that derek shows and carried out on george floyd was unjustified and he also did something else that we didn't know before they showed us a freeze frame and it had children holding george floyd's hand in a way that the officer said represented and what i'm talking about the officer i'm
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talking about jodi steiger the expert testifying said that was that's a police hold designed to cause pain and the idea is that you release the pain you diminish the pain as that subject cooperates with you and he was asked well what happens if the subject is not resisting and he said well then it's just pain the implication from that is that in his eyes it seemed like children was simply causing pain to george floyd in 2 different ways one with his knee on the neck one by crimping his hand long after he was no longer resisting arrest at all and then you had a series of witnesses you had a special agent james ryerson of the bureau of criminal apprehension a state agency and he was shown a segment in which it's very difficult to hear what george floyd says but he was asked by the defense counsel does it sound like he said i ate too many drugs and he
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said yes it did and then the prosecution came back in redirect played that same segment again with a little more context and then said is that really what you heard him say and then james driers and said no i. now i understand him to have said i ain't doing no drugs completely the opposite of what he said so there was an exciting moment and then a reversal and then we had a series of forensic scientists people 2 of them working for the state of minnesota and one of them a private expert brought in by the prosecution examining pills found in the car were george floyd was sitting apparently they were marketed to look as if they were the opiate oxy code on and acetaminophen but in fact contained methamphetamine that is what the 2 state experts said and then the private was witness brought in by the constant the prosecution said they also contained some fenton oh that is key
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because both of those drugs were found in george floyd's system and both of those are key to the defense case that he was on drugs and therefore a threat and that those drugs might have contributed to his death so john you mentioned the to focus on not narcotics why would the prosecution want to bring that up particularly. but typically in a case like this the prosecution wants to get ahead of what he knows the defense is going to bring up the defense has been pressing this case that george floyd was on drugs they had there was one witness who in cross-examination a training witness for the minneapolis police department is that sometimes people on drugs can have superhuman strength and therefore be a threat to police officers that is part of the story the defense is telling but mainly the prosecution wants to say hey we acknowledge that george floyd might have been on drugs it's already clear from the medical examiner's report that he he had
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methamphetamine and fentanyl in his system so they're essentially acknowledging this in trying to gain the trust of the jury saying we are telling you the whole story now if this keeps the schedule the prosecution should be wrapping up in the next couple of days the judge wants this case to be a month. long and we are in day 8 of what is expected to be somewhere around 10 in the judge has already told one witness who is going to be called by the defense to come in on tuesday which suggests the defense will be presenting its case next week from handwritten it live in minneapolis for us thank you very much. the u.s. government plans to restore foreign aid to the palestinian people in a package announced by the secretary of state antony blinken the u.s. will provide $150000000.00 in humanitarian assistance for the u.n. relief and works agency will also include $75000000.00 in economic and development assistance in new york by the west bank and gaza and they'll be $10000000.00 for
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peace building programs through the u.s. agency for international development. the feeling of the biden and ministration a is that the policies toward the palestinians under donald trump essentially were one sided that they favored israel and alienated the palestinians so this is an effort to rectify the relationship to repair the damage they believe has been done so in addition to these tens of millions of dollars that are being pledged for palestinian assistance which we know will go to not only economic support but also dealing with some of the medical issues as well that are unique to cope with 19 including making sure the people have access to the hospital in east jerusalem the united states believes that there is a u.s. national security interest in all of this as well and so that's another motivation but at the same time not everyone is in support of turning this back on in fact
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there are some conservatives on capitol hill that supported donald trump having this funding in the 1st place arguing that in many cases it was wrought with fraud waste and abuse so what we know is that on capitol hill there will be some demands for accountability the white house and the 6 secretary of state already saying that those measures will be put in place and that all of this money that is being provided will be done in accordance with u.s. law. still to come this half hour man mars crew plays out on london's streets the ambassador to the u.k. finds himself not to have to his building. and the shifting political landscape in greenland where a mining project is dividing opinions about the environment and independents to serious.
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now it is still raining from the sunshine coast down across the border into the new south wales area of australia but the driving system is offshore all the heavy rains offshore it is blowing big waves on the coast and there will be showers as far south as sydney but brisbane see an improvement most of the same dry and warming weather is to resume warming western australia as well perce down to $27.00 with that southerly breeze so to her that tropical cyclone now that might the next day want to die and towards post i'm not going to say it's going to hit that would be a very rare thing but that's more or less where he's heading obviously will follow that one now this frontal system on its way through victoria could produce a little bit of early snow in the victorian ups and of course homes and goes across the tasman sea and will eventually but not immediately end up in new zealand now the seasonal change in east asia south of the equator is hard to push through in fact snow if anything is coming back down to hawk high tide jury in friday and i
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think the sea snow showers on the western slopes of honshu and you saw it was all over the sun still out in the korean peninsula most to china and the heavy rains gone size through hong kong so apart from light outbreaks we're looking fine the air quality in beijing is still not back good. oldham's rightwing government and the catholic church are the very best of friends the curse of forced the government the government supports the church the critics claim they both draw power from demonizing others they find an enemy and then they try and scare the people with that and it's not ideology hatred but have recent changes to abortion laws pushed the public too far. people in power vested gates poland's church and state alliance on a physio. pool
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. oh. oh. they're going to one of the top stories here on ars there are european and u.k. medicines regulators have concluded there's a plausible link between the oxford astra zeneca coated 19 vaccine and rare blood clots but they insist the risk of the corona virus is far greater the risk of death from clotting. growth of ours cases continued to surge to record highs in india 115000 were reported on wednesday a 13 fold increase in just over 2 months it also recorded 630 new deaths. and day 8 of the trial of derek shogun the former police officer accused of killing george troy it was focused on forensic findings with
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a forensic scientist and 2 chemists taking the stand earlier the court heard testimony from a use of force expert regarding derek sherman's decision to kneel on george floyd's neck during his arrest. the palace crisis is over jordan's king abdullah the 2nd has addressed an unusually public family feud turned political crisis in a statement read on television king abdullah says sedition has been nipped in the band the government accused the king's brother hamza the former crown prince of involvement in a plot to destabilize the kingdom security letters to her name has more from the jordanian capital. well i think it's worth mentioning that despite the unprecedented events of the last few days it was largely expected that king abdullah would opt not to make a televised speech before the nation he released a very lengthy statement which was clearly designed to reassure or unify and relate to the jordanians injected some of his personal feelings about what's transpired
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over the last several days he let jordanians know that he is well aware of the economic hardship they're experiencing which has been exacerbated by qubit 19 but above all else he wanted to reassure jordanians that he is prioritizing their interests he is quote the guardian of this country passed we've already it and he took measures as we to be exactly that as i said this was also an attempt to you know find the country he says i'm talking to as you are the family and the clan these are occurring to the tribal nature of jordanian society he went on to say that he makes no distinction when he talks about his responsibilities from the small of the emirate referring to the royal family and the large family referring to the jordanian populace and as i said it was there was a bit of emotion in the statement he said that quote nothing king close to the shock anger and pain as
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a brother and leader of the people that he felt as things unfolded this week he said that this was not the most dangerous or challenging or sorry difficult challenge that the country has faced that for him it was the most painful because he said quote just working from within and outside the family and he made it clear that this royal rift which began with his brother prince hamza and ended with king abdullah was resolved as a result of the royal family taking care of it within the family imagine that it's a little what's called in to mediate the only mention made of its half brother prince hamza was at the end of this statement he says that prince hans that is with his family in his palace and quote under my care. myanmar's ambassador to the u.k. says he's been locked out of the embassy it's reported his deputy has shot him out
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of a london building and taken charge on behalf of the military and the satish oswald many recently broke ranks with agent are calling for the release of detained civilian neda and son suchi the military seized power in myanmar in a coup in february to promote its sources have told news agency voters that means deputy has officially taken over the reports from in march security forces again using lethal force against protesters troops raided a protest camp in the northwest town of cali at least 8 people are believed to have been killed who in 2 months protesters have been demanding a return to democracy form 580 people have been killed since the military took control. well a near total internet shut down is making it tougher to verify those reports of civilian casualties ascott higher reports from bangkok in neighboring thailand. because of this bloody crackdown that we've seen right across myanmar over the last several weeks against these protest gatherings as well as the civil disobedience
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movement that is because they've been starting very earlier the protesters and obviously the security forces are responding to that to those early morning even predawn sometimes marches so that's probably what we're seeing why the military and the security forces went out so very early and stage this raid in cali now this is an area right along the western border close to the western border with india kind of the northwestern section of myanmar yes we're hearing that several have been killed these are from local media as well as posts on social media that's pretty much the only way you can really get information out of myanmar right now one thing that's even more disturbing about this is that there are there is evidence at least again on social media and local media reporting that there is evidence from some of the wounds by some of those protesters that r.p.g. that's rocket propelled grenades now these are this shows a uptick in the weaponry used by these security forces so that's very concerning
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that's you have yet to be confirmed but some local media saying that there are wounds consistent with the shrapnel that these r.p.g. s. are spread out once they're detonated egypt's president is warning of potential conflict with ethiopia and its building of a giant dam on the blue nile a defacto c.c. fiz the dam will put egypt's water supply at risk a consensus also being voiced by saddam but nations say all options remain open to deal with this i just have a has strong hopes that the grand ethiopian raisons dam will provide the country with the much needed power source and economic development talks between the 3 governments this week a failed yet again to bridge these differences. rescue efforts to prevent an abandoned dutch cargo ship from sinking and causing an oil spillage off norway's coast have been delayed by a day because of bad weather conditions the vessel has been adrift in the north sea for 2 days after its crew were evacuated because of fears stormy weather could cause it to capsize the risk of the ship running aground is said to have subsided
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with salvage efforts to resume on thursday it's carrying 350 tons of heavy oil and 50 tons of diesel greenland's main opposition party has won the most seats in snap parliamentary elections a victory that could have major consequences for international mining in the arctic a left wing innuit a techie to a gate party won 37 percent of the vote it has a strong stance on the environment including opposing a rare earth mining project that will now seek to form a government green and has one of the world's largest deposits of rare earth metals which are crucial for electric vehicles wind turbines and aircraft the issue has divided the island of 56000 people some real undersea mining a supporting the economy and a path to independence mark jacobson specializes in arctic politics at cambridge university he says greenland as a cord between economic and environmental concerns many greenland landers it's
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a dilemma because. the greenland international i've been to see. 'd has 2 to the basic elements the one is is very close relationship to nature where hunting and go out and recharge is very. part of reality management is on the other hand many greenlanders strive for all its mission and ultimately independence from belmar. some delivery right is in the u.k. have gone on strike as the take out delivery company's shares are being traded by the public for the 1st time has dropped around 30 percent when 1st floated to institutional investors last week several had expressed concerns over working conditions at the company paul brennan reports. as demand for takeaway meal sold during europe's kovac $1000.00 lockdowns delivery riders with branded backpacks
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have become a common sight in towns and cities since launching in london in 2013th delivery room now operates in 54 cities across 13 different countries but delivers stock flotation has given some investors india gesture and filled many of these right as with indignation often i'll grind peak times then on friday night and i might be waiting 40 minutes for a job when a job comes through it not be 3 pounds 50 something i'm not and i'm not an other buy for another hour you know exactly how i was when i got it 3 pounds 50 or 70 pounds in what should be take time so it's not sustainable. these striking riders are just a few 100 among the 50000 riders that work for delivery in the u.k. but coming just a few weeks after the u.k. supreme court ordered the right heading apple to treat its drivers as workers the message about rights and conditions in the so-called big economy is having an impact at a corporate level. this conversation by the liberal lot is
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a slow more than just a symbolic gesture of the foyle see of the share price among retail investors will share it with institutional investors many of whom are still concerned about the mobile move to get the economy industry these right as it's a diet that demands a bet's of rights and safety unite they've what for out a pandemic that could literally put their lives on the line well that's the next company. business. yet they've seen peg conditions get was some was for the pandemic after planning to launch a 460 pence per share deliver who floated last week at 390 pence and immediately dropped even further to 2 $180.00 pence that's still a valuation of more than $6000000000.00 several big name institutional investors have decided to steer clear investors out among a higher sounded full full whack is. certainly and it gave economy style. practice is really in terms of the exact extent of what is going to mean for
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companies is that really how it's hard to predict the indications are the deliveries so called retail investors have chosen to hang on to the stock instead of dumping it in the share price rose by a modest 2 percent in early trading on buttons day delivery who hasn't yet published financial results or 2020 the apparent boom in the delivery business during the pandemic year could well bounce the share price back up but the workers who made that possible are demanding their share of the success paul brennan al-jazeera shortage is london. go for tiger woods was driving at nearly twice the speed limit when he crashed his car 2 months ago according to an investigation at the accident in southern california left the gulf in legend seriously injured when he visited off the road and hit a tree and his county sheriff also said there was no sign of woods breaking including he did inadvertently hit the accelerator instead of the brake pedal woods is now in florida recovering from multiple surgeries on serious leg injuries
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including shattered bones come on you can catch up any time on our website the address for that is out there dot com he watches live by clicking on the orange line michael. or one of the top stories on our jazeera european and u.k. medicines regulators have concluded there is a plausible link between the oxford astra zeneca coated 19 vaccine and rare blood clots but they insist the risks associated with a corona virus are far greater than the risk of death from clotting there's been no recommendation to stop using the astra zeneca vaccine but in the u.k. a more cautious approach is being taken people aged under 30 will be offered an alternative vaccine the final.


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