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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 7, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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up front with me marc lamont hill on al-jazeera. the usa is always of in fact the people around the world people pay attention to will get on here and i do see it as very good at bringing the news to the world. this is al-jazeera. the time is 800 hours g.m.t. on come on santa maria this is the news hour on al-jazeera regulators in the u.k. are warning against the use of astra zeneca as a vaccine for anyone under 30 but still agree the benefits of the shot outweigh the risks in the fight against coronavirus. ragin was that i know for sure the news once. he was in that position as an expert witness testifying in the derrick chevon
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murder trial a deadly force was used in the arrest of george floyd's the relentless crackdown in me and there are reports once again that security forces are killing protesters across the country and a strike for workers' rights drivers from a popular food delivery service demand better treatment from their employers. however and we're starting with the latest covert 19 developments starting in europe where health authorities have found a possible link between the astra zeneca vaccine and a rare blood clotting disorder however those regulators speaking in amsterdam said the benefits of the shot far outweigh the risks a handful of people out of tens of millions who've been given the job have developed a life threatening thrombosis meanwhile over in london we have the u.k. health regulations saying that under 30 s.
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will be offered an alternative to the astra zeneca vaccine where available more than 20000000 doses have already been given out to the british public elsewhere we've got to run reporting nearly 21000 new cases highest ever number of new cases in a single day and brazil as well this is extraordinary over 4000 coronavirus deaths in a single day it is only the united states and peru which have ever reached that threshold so in a moment we'll have more on that crisis in brazil 1st general begins our coverage with this report on the decision over the astra zeneca vaccine the oxford astra zeneca vaccine comfortable scrutiny medicines regulators in the u.k. and the e.u. have judged that its benefits outweigh any possible risks but they haven't ruled out a calls link between the vaccine and rare blood clot conditions in a tiny number of recipients based on the current have agents the benefits of the covert 900 facts in astra zeneca against covert 90 and its associated risks
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hospitalization and death continues to outweigh the risks for the vast majority of people. our review has reinforced that the risk of this fred suspected side effect remains extremely small in arms today the european medicines agency said there was insufficient data to isolate risk factors like age and gender and that blood clotting should be listed as a possible side effect of the jab this case also shows us that our pharmacovigilance system is working these very rare and unusual events have been picked up identified analyzed and loudest to come to science based recommendations to allow the safe and effective use of this vaccine investigations into the astra zeneca vaccine were triggered after rare cases of blood clotting in the u.k. and europe out of 20000000 doses of the vaccine given in britain 79 cases of
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clotting were reported with 19 deaths resulting in a minute percentage chance of complications affecting 4 in every 1000000 people vaccinated the u.k. regulator went a step further than its european counterpart announcing that adults under 30 could be offered an alternative vaccine if one is available at the time and if they're currently healthy and not at higher risk from covert 19 in reaching their conclusions the regulators have had to weigh up the risks for older people and those at greater danger from covert 90 well the minute risk attached to the vaccine is one worth taking but for fit healthy younger people less vulnerable to the virus those odds are more finely balanced so in these age groups the u.k. regulator is proceeding with more caution. it's not a clean slate for the oxford astra zeneca vaccine already blighted by political
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disputes and manufacturing delays question marks over possible side effects could further dent its credibility even if the regulators verdict is that it's broadly safe jonah how al-jazeera london. more now with the parents are we know into a situation of the story versus the statistics john had the statistics in his report very very low lying 3 hoods but the story is that astra zeneca there is a risk and it's already out there yes it's basically that we've heard the message from the european medical agency the u.k. regulator both saying that the benefits of this astra zeneca vaccine far outweigh the risks you know there is a greater risk of catching covert 19 and being seriously ill or even dying from the virus than there is of getting a blood clot linked to the astra zeneca vaccine nevertheless as you point out over
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the past weeks months the astra zeneca vaccine has been under so much scrutiny there's been so much conflicting information about it's that many people will have doubts no matter what they're told by these medical bodies by the regulators never to have any times they're told that these risks are minute and the statistics to back that up many people feel very hesitant and we've seen that for example here in frogs where hundreds of doses of the astra zeneca vaccine were left in fridges and vaccination centers over the weekend because the health workers there were unable to give them out to people because people simply rejected them they are worried about the astra zeneca vaccine because it's had so much negative publicity. so it's difficult isn't it then natasha because europe really needs to press forward with its banks the nation it has been criticized for being too slow out of the blogs and you can't really afford to take one of those potential vaccines out of the arsenal
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. and that's the huge challenge facing governments and the european union the vaccine rollout which began on december 27th has been incredibly slow. in most of member states it was coordinated of the brussels of the e.u. level and they've been stories over the past few weeks of a lack of distribution a lack of doses blamed both on logistics and on pharmaceutical companies nevertheless the result is the same and that is this very slow vaccine rollout european governments know that they need as many vaccines and doses as possible astra zeneca included along with the others in order to try and stop the spread of the mainly the variants that are fueling a rise in covert numbers in the e.u. many countries battling a 3rd wave germany here in france also governments are really relying on these vaccines as
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a way out of this pandemic which is ready lasted so long and cost so many lives so they will really have a big challenge ahead to try and reinforce that message to people to the public that the astra zeneca vaccine is safe know what the risks are that will be their message the risks will be laid out to them but they are minimal and as many governments and leaders have said over the past few weeks there is no 0 risk when it comes to health ok with those from paris thank you and now here's some thoughts from stood. a molecular virologist university spoke to a little earlier he says research shows the public should not be overly concerned. the risks from quarter of the virus. not true if you know by any means we've been focusing on death. what was really good in this press release especially from the u.k. side of things for 'd us the incidence of pretty stupid conditions as
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a consequence of acquiring curve if we just focus on low close you have a 2 percent chance that you get 1.6 not a conscious one percent but generally speaking i want to base a child's over getting a close if you get coverage if you get the code proxying the chance of getting these kinds of plots is 0 point 000653 percent ok so it really pales in comparison if we move beyond out some people you know so well you know but if you get those floats you have a roughly 2025 percent chance of maybe dying you know capons it but you still have a very low chance of getting those closer to the box on the very plain to obese both said that there is no present sense or preexisting condition that clearly associates with these floats some kind of safe subset of if you go is of out if this age of you should get the boxing like we did for example with the eye
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fluxus we saw it b l e bay soap box measure pain something else. with one of the m r m e boxes let's return to the situation in brazil monika you know camp is in rio de janeiro the numbers i mentioned the 1000000 monica 4000 over 4000 deaths in a day does it change the position of the government be it federal or local it will . well know exactly the president very well some not or has not changed anything in the he has not he has kept his position where he says he is against the national law down he is against locked down syndrom role he even said today that he might be the only world leader that is being criticized openly because he doesn't follow the masses and he doesn't follow other
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the years that have said that you have to take restrictive measures to stop the virus from spreading as is the case with many governors and mayors here in brazil they have taken their own measures to close their stores are closed down parts of the economy to keep people off the streets because there's one brazilian dying every 20 seconds but present also not all says that that isn't the case that hunger will be is worse unemployment is worse than the virus itself and he also said that the virus has come to stay you believe so we can't just not do anything not stay at home everybody has to go back to normal life as much as possible and that makes sense many conflicting messages because you have scientists saying one thing mayors and governors saying another and the president another totally different monaco we're looking at pictures from hospitals i mean the pressure on the medical
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facilities must be enormous but also in a pressure on people having to bury the dead as well when you've got this many happening every day. yes there were there van no 90 burials in fact and it's not only the pressure of the hospitals there's also been pressure on people working in the hospitals the health care personnel it's like they're there and they've been working nonstop all the time you can even set up a new i.c.u. unit but you know you can't get many more doctors and nurses that will be working very long shifts which are getting that much more complicated because what doctors are saying now is that the younger population is why this is being taken to the hospital and people are getting sick very like they come and feeling relatively ok
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and then they get worst in a very short period of time thank you monica you know to die a situation in brazil. on to other news and the palace crisis is over jordan's king abdullah the 2nd has addressed an unusually public family feud which turned into a political crisis a statement was read on state television early this evening king abdullah said sedition has been nipped in the bud the government accused the king's brother. brother the former crown prince of involvement in a plot to destabilize the kingdom's security more with natasha the name who is in the jordanian capital for us and to show what else was said in the statement. well i think it's worth mentioning that despite the unprecedented events of the last few days it was largely expected that king abdullah would opt not to make
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a televised speech before the nation as you mentioned he released a very lengthy statement which was clearly designed to reassure or unify and relate to the jordanians injected some of his personal feelings about what's transpired over the last several days he'd let jordanians know that he is well aware of the economic hardship they're experiencing which has been exacerbated by qubit 19 but above all else he wanted to reassure jordanians that he is prioritizing their interests he is quote the guardian of this country past was already in it and he took measures as we need to do exactly that as i said this was also an attempt you know high the country he says i'm talking to as you are the family and clan these are occurring to the tribal nature of jordanian society he went on to say that he makes no distinction when he talks about his responsibilities from the small of the
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emirate recruits of the royal family and the large family referring to the jordanian populace and as i said it was there was a bit of emotion in the statement he said that quote nothing came close to the shock anger and pain as a brother and leader of the people that he felt as things unfolded this week he said that this was not the most dangerous or challenging or sorry difficult challenge that the country is faced with that for him it was the most painful because he said quote you're just working from within and outside the family and he made it clear that this were a rift which began with his brother and ended with king abdullah was resolved as a result of the boy of the only taking care of it within the family he mentioned that it's a little. he was called in to mediate the only imagine made up his half brother prince hamza was at the end of this statement he says that prince has that is with
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his family in his palace and quote under my roof here there is a ban on pressing the investigation in the country right now king abdullah would only say that the investigation will be king of which theory and you know transparent manner on the diplomatic front u.s. president joe biden has spoken to king abdullah and pledged his solidarity with the country this comes a day after a delegation from saudi arabia visited the capital it's a fascinating story isn't it natasha going on with the latest from. more developing news in the past hour or so the united states has announced a plan to restore funding to the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees and state departments working on a $235000000.00 package and donald trump's government cut funding in 2018 saying the agency needed reform and rather groups says it needs around a $1000000000.00 a year to help millions of refugees across the region more with our white house
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correspondent kimberly how could kimberly another reversal of a trump administration era decision. absolutely and to the tune of tens of millions of dollars this funding that we had been getting indications in recent days was going to be turned back on after essentially being turned off to nothing more than a trickle i wonder donald trump will in the words of the state department lend support to palestinians in a number of key areas not just economic support not just peace building but also in dealing with some of the unique challenges of covert 19 of the pandemic and this will include it in sharing that there is access for example to the east jerusalem hospital that has been treating many palestinians now the reason that the united states feels so committed to this program is that they see this is being critical for resolving the israeli palestinian conflict that has been a challenge and stymied so many administrations as they've endeavored to support
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they feel that this is a 1st building block for doing that they also see this is a national security objective and that is one of the reasons for making this a top priority now we should note that this is controversy as we mentioned the previous administration one of the arguments that was being made with that this funding needed to be cut off because it was wrought with fraud waste and abuse so expect some questions on capitol hill asking for some accountability making sure there are benchmarks to see that that is in short in fact the white house the secretary of state misstatement just a short time ago saying all of that will be taken care of and that all of this money being dispersed will be done through u.s. law thank you for those updates kimberly how white house correspondent. live to minneapolis now the trial of former police officer derek showed and has resumed up the lunch break the witness at the moment on the right hand side of the screen james robinson who's a special agent with the minneapolis police department brought in as an expert
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witness on the issue of use of force. we're going to be one minute is received. punishment for the jury please. and there are some just describe for us what's depicted in exhibit $198.00 which $220.00 bills. one to repeat. and these are in that envelope correct correct in did you have processed waiter for a gentleman see i guess the question would be yes here we had a. service. and you also mentioned. that there was
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a pipe and. you just kind of describe what the looked like glass multi-colored pipe which is why and what did you end up doing with my audition security in my office that i needed to to be she left wait for analysis. and so on just when you're doing your job you want to submit something to the lab to be tested what's the process you can. take it into the. intake portion or building the lab and take portion and i document are i note the doctor in documentation received from actually minute into a few intake. and then was a request made to have people in the lab for testing out yes. and while you were at the same when the 2 vehicles were still there did you make some arrangements for those 2 vehicles yes or can you describe for the jury what you
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there called twin cities towing and asked for 2 flat beds to respond to the scene when they arrived on scene each flatbed. picked up each individual car the squad car and the beds and what did you do with them then after that. when i left the scene i scored in the 2 flat beds to be she had course. and just generally where is the easy and same bonus of sort of you simply travel with those 2 flats yes and when you get to b.c. the corners want to do the ice i'm sure that the 2 vehicles were secured in the crime scene garage in the back of the sheet and why did you do that. part of chain of custody for the to be and what were you going to have done with the 2 vehicles that had the crime scene team process. so that placed in a secure area were only b.c. personnel could access them yes or did you lock them.
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and from that point. were you aware whether those vehicles were processed. at that point. i mean did this i was going to be were they subsequently process they were subsequently process yes you recall when that happened yeah may 27th and so this would be injured the next day from where you had them towed yes sir and were you involved in the processing of the tribunal's. facilitate present proportions are absent and who does the processing of the vehicles a crime scene t.m.t. crime scene team and the same group that had been out at the scene yes or can the andersen was a team. now all. because really casey isn't well are there other agents assigned to complete tasks for the investigation yes. and did you or the other investigators attempt to locate other security good years of the incident
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yes or everyone able to obtain some additional security camera videos. from the inside yes sir and you told jurors where you got those from or b.c. i got this from one video from hope foods another one from the dragon walk restaurant was emilia crossed. and. your honor if we could publish exhibit one. recommends books the pictures in this photograph yes are and you'll notice there is a little stylus on there. should you just circle for the jurors where those 2. businesses are they are to secured areas from the 1st one is got food here. so i want to drag a lock. and that's where those security cameras were correct. so basically in the
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corner of each building credit. and. since you obtained different security camera videos from those 2 businesses. and the body worn camera videos from the officers do you attempt to determine if the start time stamps and all those various videos are the same yes or no you told us earlier that the camera or yours roll consistent time that's correct and did you attempt to determine if the health foods video timestamps matched up with a bike yes and what did you find i found at the cup foods video was 40 seconds ahead of anybody want to have a deal done. and did you also do the same with respect to. dragon walk yes or what did you find there i found the dragon one video was 24 minutes
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ahead of the time stamps on it on the i want to put it but if you do know by comparing advances both say that's pressure. and cut forwards provided there are you 2 engines yes and do you have. different process drivers yes or just very much so testimony ongoing in the direction of a new murder trial and procedure at the moment really laying out the job the process of command the chain of command with regards to evidence as well as the probably good time for us to actually just pause with the live coverage and actually reflect on what happened a little bit earlier we've got alan fischer our correspondent in minneapolis to do that alan what do we talk about well the whole day really has been about the issue of use of force and an expert's continuing his testimony brought in from
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a completely different jurisdiction to explain exactly what happened. that's right judy works with the los angeles police department inspector general's office that means he investigates police wrongdoing he was sent all the details of what happened to george floyd here in minneapolis in may last year he studied all the pictures all the diagrams all the statements all the training documents he says that essentially there was a lethal use of force that was used that george boy was under the control of derrick chauvelin the 3 other officers and that at one point that became excessive force to the degree that it became lethal because we know that george floyd stop breathing particularly the point was made about positional asphyxiation so what does that mean well it means that the position he was on the ground remember facedown pro. and on the growth with the weight of an officer on top of him with all his is equipment meant that he could hardly move and if you can't move it makes
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it much more difficult to breathe and that point he stopped breathing no there was a question raised by the defense about the crowd that had gathered and the police couldn't give their full attention to george floyd the point was made that when you arrest someone or you've got them in their custody your 1st priority is with them and the defense made the point about well you know people don't want to be arrested to make up stories about how they feel well how they made of covert how they're claustrophobic it doesn't matter if you have taken someone into custody you've got to pay full attention to them and treat it as if what they're seeing is true and also the expert didn't think that the crowd was much of a problem simply because all they were doing was taking pictures and perhaps showed you some things that police but at no point are they moving on the police were they throwing bottles or rocks or making any aggressive moves towards the police so it probably wasn't a great moment for the defense but the as i've said many times before and morsi
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many times before the end of the trial their job is to create a reasonable doubt it is the for the prosecution to prove the facts that they are alleging thank you alan fischer reporting from minneapolis today also in minneapolis for us right now. who is a professor of american studies and political science mcallister college and is the author of the book the killing all of george floyd great to have you with us ms harris it seems when we get testimony like today's and we see the video again it all just seems so obvious doesn't it a man knelt on another man's neck for over 9 minutes and that caused him to die do you think the the prosecution is making that point clearly enough as allen said for there to prove there's not. i think the prosecution is doing an excellent job. however in that sense has a job to do was well and one of the reasons we can't is that it was obvious is
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that we don't we're all of the jurors. even with that video and the way that the prosecution is is you know it's almost taking us frame by frame through it and obviously knows the power of repetition 'd. i mean it is taking us frame by frame i think it was a smart idea to bring in someone from los angeles but one of the things that the expert referenced was the rodney king trial and the rodney king trial was the 1st trial that used technology and they did it certain by frame as well and he did not have the out that many people who are hoping for and so this will set a legal precedent for how we define excessive force if and force will be put the blame of the fatality or not. let's look at what the defense did
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today and i thought they well they did 2 things one sort of took the emphasis off the video and actually went back and said look george ford was resisting arrest before the 9 minutes of video we saw in the in the. police car but then also and i don't if you had the sony of the i fear idea of all full but lawful saying something might look bad but it's still lawful how effective do you think that might have been. i think that that might be effective depending on who the juror is one of the arguments that the defense has me and will continue to me is you know what is within this flow of the law in so this argument that it's awful lot of people is going to then put the burden on jury to decide if the officer or a former officer shonan was acting with in the rooms of the law. ms
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harris just to move away from what we've actually been saying in court just to get your view all on how this is playing out in american society of listening written the book the killing of george floyd you know there in minneapolis tell me how it's playing out every day i mean the rodney king trial was watched all across the country and it totally crip the nation on the world how is this compare i mean i think that this is even more global because the technology is different i think the moment was different and this is really having a devastating impact on the minneapolis area and many feel like it has already been tried outside of court and people are believing their eyes but once again i'm cautious because that does not speak to the 12 people who gets in there knew this decision what do you make can your ex expand on that point you said
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devastating to the city of minneapolis and the people in the tell me more about. sure it has been devastating because there have been some people in minnesota not have been surprised by this obviously there are many people who are not but for those who have been surprised this has been a moment reckoning i think many many of politicians have been comfortable with thinking that this level of police brutality happens in other cities but not in our city i think that who heard about these things had never seen a video when laid out this story is so critically also the testimonies have been heart wrenching given the fact so many of them have been from minors including a 9 year old yeah i remember that goodness it was it was very powerful so the trial
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still got a long way to go we can't forget that and we have only the same part of the defense's argument really in their cross-examination from what you've seen what picture do you get of what their defense might look like when the time comes for them to cope it misses i believe that the defense's job in many ways is to discredit mr floyd and they've already started on that journey and so what they will do when they call upon witnesses is trying to say that the witnesses who testified on behalf of mr floyd violinist and that the police were possibly awful but lawful and that they were doing their job and we have to ask the question what the role of criminal justice says that from accounts to college thank you for staying with us i'm glad we could talk to you about the
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ongoing trial thank you. so the trial carries on these are the live pictures from the court in minneapolis the man in the witness box today or right now is james russell a special agent with the minneapolis police department taking us through the issue of the use of force and the whole chain of command the day reprice the. way to do this. so let's look at some other news now may in mar in fact where there are reports of security forces using lethal force against protesters once again of the 7 people believed to have been killed in the town of kale in the north west more than 2 months now people in myanmar have defied the crackdown by security forces as they continue to call for democracy more than 580 people have been killed since the military seized power from elected leaders in the coup in february and their total internet
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shutdown is making it even tougher to verify those reports observation civilian casualties scott hardly reports now from bangkok in neighboring thailand. because of this bloody crackdown that we've seen right across myanmar over the last several weeks against these protest gatherings as well as the civil disobedience movement that is because they've been starting very earlier the protesters and obviously the security forces are responding to that to those early morning even predawn sometimes marches so that's probably what we're seeing why the military and the security forces went out so very early and staged this raid in cali now this is an area right along the western border close to the western border with india kind of the northwestern section of myanmar yes we're hearing that several have been killed these are from local media as well as posts on social media that's pretty much the only way you can really get information out of myanmar right now one thing that's
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even more disturbing about this is that there are there is evidence at least again on social media and local media reporting that there is evidence from some of the wounds by some of those protesters that r.p.g. were used as rocket propelled grenades now these are this shows a uptick in the weaponry used by the security forces so that's very concerning that you have yet to be confirmed but some local media saying that there are wounds consistent with the shrapnel that these r.p.g. s. are spread out once they're detonated iran's president hassan rouhani is called the latest efforts to revive the 25th the nuclear deal a new success and other world powers met in vienna on tuesday with the u.s. participating in direct talks continue an iranian ship was attacked off the coast of djibouti a big reports from teheran. a coincidence or an attempt to sabotage the nuclear talks an attack on an iranian ship in the red sea iran says the m.v. was being used as a base to support the just an anti piracy operations but it's long been believed
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the cargo ship was used by iran's revolutionary guards and israel quickly emerged as a possible suspect for the attack last month israel had accused iran of targeting one of its vessels but neither country is admitting responsibility for either incident in the case of the m.v. sevis it's believed the miners attached to the ship as a nuclear talks in vienna got under way it's hard to consider this a coincidence maybe it is but you know the good news is that the entire world supports a return to the nuclear deal by the u.s. and iran with a couple of notable exceptions and i think the israelis the saudis and iranians and congressional republicans are the parties who are vast minority who do not want to deal and are going to do everything possible to try to upset this process iran wants all sanctions imposed by the united states lifted before it returns to its compliance of the nuclear deal when former us president donald trump pulled the
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u.s. out of the agreement in $2800.00 iran began increasing its uranium enrichment beyond accepted levels despite the challenges still faced in securing a new corporation the iranian president hassan rouhani is upbeat about the vienna talks. we have no doubt that this success was achieved thanks to the resilience of the iranian mission and their national integration the u.s. administration is admitting that they have no other way but to negotiate and suggested it talks if iran wants or indirect talks through the p 5 plus one countries. but there's still a long way to go we do see this as a constructive and certainly welcome step and in the end we hope that we are able to leave vienna returned the united states are negotiating team i should say with a better understanding of a road map for how we get to that in state mutual compliance so far both the united
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states and iran a positive about the talks even though they're not talking to the directly the european negotiators hope that some form of agreement can be reached but some regional countries are not happy with joe biden's policy of engaging with iran and this concern here and that they may be attempts to derail the negotiations assad big al jazeera the. him all the u.s. and iraq have held talks to discuss the future of foreign troops in the fight against eisel there are around 2 and a half 1000 american troops in iraq as part of the u.s. led coalition simle simone a full team has been following the talks in baghdad. this is the 1st major bilateral exchange between the united states and iraq since president joe biden came into office and the outcome of this 3rd round of the strategic dialogue may signal any difference in biden's approach towards iraq compared to president trump his policy was very much driven by the goal to exert maximum pressure on iraq's
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neighbor iran pressuring bugout to take a harsher stance towards the hand to reduce its political military and economic influence in the country that's expected to soften but it's still unclear what exactly biden's iraq policy will be and especially whether he will continue in the steps of his predecessor to reduce u.s. troop levels here in the country citing gains in the fight against eisel on tuesday i spoke to major general kevin copsey the deputy commander of the u.s. that correlation here in the country who said that the u.s. led coalition is still needed and we're now we're at a point now where the conventional forces are able to broadly get after oysters we've now bred a very experienced and proficiency counterterrorist service that gets after the more hoya and direct sort of the die and the finance network so on and so forth.
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but where they still need help is on developing their own intelligence and then to develop their own strike capability so at the moment there are some operations that require because of the terrain power from the coalition many leaders in iraq's security forces 2nd that opinion saying that they do still need the support of the u.s. led coalition but on the other hand there are political and armed groups that oppose the presence of foreign forces and they're pressuring iraq's prime minister most other me to set a timetable to implement a 2020 parliament decision to oust foreign troops these groups which are backed by iran which call. themselves the islamic resistance have been carrying out regular attacks on u.s. interests here in the country and they released a statement on wednesday saying that there will be further military escalation if their demands are not met the prime minister most of all carbon me is really walking a tightrope here trying to placate the opposing political forces and at the same time he must face guard iraq's economic interests to try to attract more foreign
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investment especially from the united states but also from the west to diversify iraq's oil dependent economy and to reintegrate the country into global markets philippines president roderigo to turn tail is under increasing pressure to respond to chinese vessels in its waters chinese ships are anchored at the what some reef territory beijing claims as its own jamila island dugan reports from manila it's more than 2 weeks since the 1st 2 reports of around $200.00 chinese vessels anchored at wits and reef in the south china sea many are still there china says they're fishing boats sheltering from stormy seas the philippine government believes they are manned by a chinese militia and it wants them to leave saying the area is within the philippines economic zone defense secretary those feelings on the believes china is attempting to occupy more of the disputed waterway
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a charge beijing denies. the phillip is this issue objectively and correctly he waved at least up on the warrant that the hype and the negative impacts on bilateral relations and the peace and stability of the south china sea. beijing continues to assert it owns most of the south china sea the spite that claim being rejected by an international tribunal at the hague in 2016 in manila there is growing anger against the chinese embassy after it issued a statement criticizing the philippines defense secretary's comments as unprofessional and perplexing there have been calls for the chinese ambassador to be expelled with embassy officials warned they were in the country as guests of the philippine government the philippine foreign affairs office said it will launch diplomatic protests about the whitson raef occupation of president why why the goal
9:44 pm
against a member of our cabinet who is simply defending national. standing order that it bordering. on international law across asia other countries are also protesting china's military expansions china held the view jill's involving an aircraft carrier battle group near taiwan while japan criticized what it called chinese coastguards aggressive behavior around the scent caco islands meanwhile the u.s. navy carrier theodore roosevelt and its strike group we enter the south china sea over the weekend its 2nd appearance this year china says this is a highly provocative but the u.s. navy says it has a right to operate in the south china sea underlining the importance of freedom of navigation in international waters in the full of ways though much of the blame is still there rect towards the government people here say that territories under the
9:45 pm
control of the philippines in the south china sea have never been more threatened and the president will be good that are to so-called pivot to china in 2016 is 30 out to be a capitulation. dogon al-jazeera manila. a court in turkey has handed down life sentences to 6 former soldiers for their involvement in the 26 tinku attempts they are charged with plotting to overthrow president reject typer one of the biggest cases related to the failed coup with $497.00 suspects in total trial starting in $27000.00 and it's a long awaited word are they in their senses there are no surprises however it's a very important verdict for the country today the criminal court for major cases in ankara has sentenced for high ranking soldiers to life for 2016 could bid. to comdex little colin olds. who have been on
9:46 pm
trial 2 since 2017 are sentenced of the turkish public broadcaster t.r.t. and foreseen an anchor to read out a statement on behalf of the coup plotters the other 2 convicts army majors feather caricature or small cotton or the member of the presidential guard that at that night who tried to take over the turkish army's had quarter in ankara on july 15th of 2016 a faction within the turkish army used the word planes helicopters and tanks in an attempt to overthrow present arab one and democratically elected government and the giant the fighter jet warmed the turkish parliament and other important supports in ankara after a call by president go on at that night thousands of people took the streets to
9:47 pm
stop the coup and the coup failed very very the consequences were grave 251 people were killed and others 2200 people also were wanted the share price of the takeaway food delivery has stabilized on its 1st day of public trading but those investors ongoing concerns have been further highlighted by a protest and strike action by delivery riders in london paul brennan has the story . as demand for takeaway meal sold during europe's kovac $1000.00 lockdowns delivery riders with branded backpacks have become a common sight in towns and cities since launching in london in 2013th delivery room now operates in 54 cities across 13 different countries but delivers stock flotation has given some investors india gesture and filled many of these right as with indignation often i'll grind peak times then on friday night and i might be waiting 40 minutes for a job when i job comes through it might be 3 pounds 50 something i'm not and i'm
9:48 pm
not and other buy for another hour you know exactly how i was when i got it 3 pounds 50 or 70 pounds in what should be fixed honestly so it's not sustainable. these striking writers are just a few 100 among the 50000 writers that work for delivery in the u.k. becoming just a few weeks after the u.k. supreme court ordered the right heading apple to treat its drivers as workers a message about rights and conditions in the so-called big economy is having an impact at a corporate level. this conversation by the liberal lot is a slow more than just a symbolic gesture of the full sea of the share price among retail investors will share with institutional investors many of whom are still concerned about the mobile move to get the economy in the straight face right as it's a diet that demands i bet the rights and safety unite they what for out a pandemic that could literally put their lives on the line well it's
9:49 pm
a neck company. business. yet they've seen peg conditions get was some was for out the pandemic after planning to launch a $460.00 pence per share delivery of floated last week at $390.00 pence and immediately dropped even further to $280.00 pence that's still a valuation of more than $6000000000.00 several big name institutional investors have decided to steer clear investors out among a higher sounded full full whack is. he and the great economy style. practice is really and hands of the exact extent of what is going to mean will companies is not ready how it's hard to predict the indications are the deliveries so called retail investors have chosen to hang on to the stock instead of dumping it in the share price rose by a modest 2 percent in early trading on wednesday illiberal hasn't yet published financial results for 2020 and the apparent boom in the delivery business during the pandemic year could well bounce the share price back up but the workers who
9:50 pm
made that possible are demanding their share of the success paul brennan al-jazeera shortage he's learned. coming up on the news hour and one of. his most influential players assigned a new deal gemma's along in just a moment. all
9:51 pm
. the. time for your sports news here's gemma thank you come out the calls of tiger woods his car crash in february has been revealed with police saying the gulf it was
9:52 pm
driving almost twice the speed limit at the time of the accident in los angeles with was traveling at speeds of up to 140 kilometers per hour which was too fast to handle the curve of the road and ultimately caused his car to hit a tree investigators believe the 15 time major champion may have accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake when he realized he was losing control of the vehicle the l.a. county sheriff also said there was no evidence he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol but police say it didn't check his mobile phone to see if he was on a cool texting at the time of the crash which suffered serious leg injuries in the accident is missing at the masters this week as he continues his recovery dustin johnson is rayna's champion could be the shortest in the tournament's history she failed to reach the green jacket this week the lot number one has been champion of her less than 5 months after winning us walk us to in november that's because the 2020 masters was moved from april to the current of us pandemic this year's tournament starts on thursday when johnson more try to become the 1st man to defend
9:53 pm
the title since woods in 2002. you've got to do everything with affirmative. you know it's just a really hard go of course because you know obviously any hold any time you know can jump out and get your. so you know it's just very tough to win i mean she won once and specially multiple times. england's lee westwood heads into the tournament in great form as he goes for that elusive 1st major westwood turns $48.00 later this month and if he wins at augusta on sunday he would break it jack nicklaus's record and become the oldest masters champion jack's always been an inspiration you know the way it played played the game in his record especially the record around you know you've been inspired you know there's a few similarities age and you know it would be great to break his record. paris out and kick off against howard as
9:54 pm
a buy in munich and around 5 minutes in the 1st leg of that champion's league quarter final by and beat p.s.t. one nil in last year's final to c.l.a travel the german league leaders and missing that top scorer robert levin dusky through injury but p.s.g. boss and. it will still be a tough night against society who haven't lost in this competition for more than 2 years. when you won't like your body image warned the champions league on the. deal of the club i think is because you have a squad that. is very very strong body very. very good not only living player of them that is why they. achieved what they achieved form a p.s.g. coach thomas cheadle and his chelsea side are in surveille where they're taking on porto in that tie the match is taking place in spain due to cave in 19 travel restrictions this is the 1st time chelsea have reached the quarter finals in 7
9:55 pm
years and that we have been to bounce back from a 5 to defeat to premier league strugglers a west brom on saturday. i have a feeling that it will be a tough match because i expect nothing else than the best porto a very experienced side in this competition. champions for for many many years and in portugal so this shapes a certain mentality and still i just can repeat we are we are confident enough that we are strong enough and we believe in ourselves to overcome this round and we play clearly to to to make it to the semifinal. manchester city midfielder kevin o'brien to has signed a new contract which will keep him at the club until 2025 the belgian international scored city's opening goal in that champions league win a the press it dormant on tuesday despite his season being interrupted by injuries at the point has scored 8 goals and provided 16 assists in 33 appearances his all
9:56 pm
say won 7 major trophy since joining city from all spot in 2015. to get the extension now feels also like a very problem because obviously it means that the trust me until i get really old in football terms. feel really happy and my family is also really proud so that's really nice. dublin's plans to host your e 2020 games look in doubt after the football association of ireland was unable to provide assurances on the minimum spectator numbers due to the code 19 pandemic european football's governing body u.a.e. for had given the 12 host cities until wednesday to submit plans for fan attendance bilbao amsterdam bucharest and glasgow have all confirmed the spectators will it be able to attend the games that they're hosting london will stage the most fixtures that 7 they will be at wembley including the semifinals and final and authorities hope the $90000.00 capacity stadium might even be full by the end of the tournament
9:57 pm
there's been yet another step back for a little pick organizes the torch relay has been pulled off the streets of the soccer and will now be held in a park without spectators it comes after a record current virus infections problem to the government to declare a medical emergency there the may prefecture leg of the torch relay began on wednesday earlier this week the governor very saka had called for the relay to take place they admit april to be cancelled health authorities fear the new variant will spark a 4th wave of infections with just 107 days to go before the games begin. pakistan's cricketers have beaten the south africa in their one day series. and kept in a start for the visitors scoring 101 and 94 respectively their efforts how to pakistan post 320 as they went on to win by 28 runs a century and take this series to what pakistan become the 1st asian side to win
9:58 pm
more than one bilateral o.d.i. series in south africa. that is oil support for mason al be back with more later thank general and that's it for me is a more news from london in a moment. in the yugoslav wars of the ninety's crimes were committed by a bull's eyes. out as their world meets me at go crowds a croatian son who went to jail for crimes he says he didn't commit. was he a guard in a concentration camp or was he simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.
9:59 pm
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