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you know when we shot. the i'm told stories from asia in the pacific on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. however i have a market scene and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes findings juwan are possible link between astra zeneca is cool with 19 jobs and rare blood cts was implications for vaccine programs world boids another cracked in myanmar reports security forces of short killed more protesters during
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a military raids. a search for survivors in indonesia and these timor in the aftermath of tropical cycle and. i want to see anyone in south central chile in coming up i'll explain why indigenous slang grabs and the little violence are escalating out of control in this region. and i'm far as small have all the day's sport including liverpool have it all to do in their champions league quarter final tie with round the tread after they were beaten $31.00 in the 1st leg . well in the next hour health regulators from the u.k. and the european union will reveal if they see links soon astra zeneca is cool with 19 vaccine and rare blood clots courts or friends or just a handful of people among the 10s of millions who have been given the vaccine but
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some countries have raised concerns none the less. south korea is the latest to temporarily suspend its use and people under the age of 60 and choose say the university of oxford polls our trial of the vaccine in children saying it was just a precaution lived to join a how is that say the vaccination sense of for is in london join or the vaccine for later as well underway in the u.k. millions of people have had it there but the safety issues surrounding the astra zeneca vaccine keep coming up why is this. to be fair it's the 1st time the safety issues have risen here in the u.k. we've heard quite a lot about blood clot concerns in europe across the european union recently. the simple question of the simple issue here is a fear that there is or may be
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a causal link between the astra zeneca oxygen vaccine and rear conditions involving blood clots according to new data and evidence being compiled being looked at very closely by the medicines agencies both in the european union the main and here the m h r a and we're due to hear. report back from both of them in about an hour's time with some suggestions that one or both potentially could decide to limit the rollout of the job in younger age groups particularly we know as well on tuesday night as you said they're off for university halted a trial involving children and the astra zeneca jet they've been careful to note that they haven't had any safety concerns up to now or adverse effects they're doing this out of an abundance of caution pending the review by the m.r.e. m h r a but also on tuesday a senior member of the here maybe european medicines agency told an italian paper
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that he believed there was a link albeit that the precise causal nature was still unclear now the fact. these as we know them 80000000 or more jobs have been handed out here in the u.k. alone of the astra zeneca vaccine all of those they have been 30 cases reported of this rear blood clotting condition and among those 7 people have died it's important to note in this that that is an infinite test a very small proportion of those people who had jobs will be at the risk of hearing what we believe to skew towards younger age groups and women now the issue here is to balance that risk so that if you're an older person more at risk to the adverse effects of covert war then that minute risk of taking the jab is a risk worth taking but if you are younger and less vulnerable within those odds aren't quite so convincing and that is the weighting of balance that is going on now in these medicines agencies will as we wait for these medical agencies to
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report back with their recommendations you could argue that there reputational damage has already been done there in this is significant people are worried about taking this oxford astra zeneca vaccine what kind of implications is this going to have a similar impact will it have considering in the u.k. where you are these said vaccine is really the backbone of the strategy to get out of this pandemic. you're hugely important in the u.k. the government here has set a timeline of july the term by which side is hopes to have vaccinated all adults with at least one dose this would present an enormous challenge to that timeline it is a massive reputational issue for a vaccine that has already be said been beset by all sorts of problems be they political or in terms of delivery disputes and in terms of concerns about blood clot cutting across europe last month the european medicines agency and the world
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health organization broadly decided that the benefits of taking the vaccine up. the risks that you know potentially may be about to change the course the wider impact is on confidence in terms of vaccine technology altogether confidence is so important in terms of the widespread take up effect scenes generally and remember this particular one astra zeneca it's cheap to produce it's easy to store it's being produced by the company at cost on a nonprofit basis and is therefore has huge implications down the line for distribution across the developing world but i do worry that worries about that as well they certainly will be awaits with bated breath to get the results of those surveys by the medical agencies but for now to join a whole in london thank you very much indeed for bringing us up to date. let's. look now at the issues surrounding the astra zeneca vaccine will light so far the
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u.k. health regulators as we heard from joan have reported 30 cases of blood coursing 7 of those have been fatal one important to remember that that's out of $18000000.00 doses which have been administered by the companies also had to deal with doubts about the efficacy of the vaccine last month the top infectious disease expert in the u.s. accused astra zeneca of using data is information from a vaccine trial in them but the company admitted a mistake in the vaccine dosage received by some participants in the clinical trials some received fooled all service others huffed all says that data got mixed up in the results it released its also had spats with e.u. leaders after missing delivery deadlines sheets of production and export issues so the challenge is our very air let's see if we can get more from oksana
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she is a lean. diseases at university college london global citizenship program and joins us by skype from london schizo have you with us here on the news are we still waiting to get the from the scientists in these governing bodies really but it does feel somewhat reminiscence of the to bungs claims around in the m.m.r. jab that causes autism and that still has implications sara see years on that astra zeneca is on the far right now from a vaccine that's only been in circulation for handful of months at this stage why would anyone take this vaccine given the quote of suspicion surrounding it. well the should be looking at what is actually known about the impact of code with itself so we can share to bury real dangers of contracting hiv in 19 versus what is currently being investigated. and financial regulatory bodies and
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that is their job to pick the data and trying to understand various trends but we do see that through the very real risk associated with true mcharg even just today we saw we had a paper in the lancet highlighting that one in 3 people went to within 6 months of contracting the infection going on to develop a model psychological conditions so it's weighed up against that there's a very strong case we're getting vaccinated also in the u.k. and we've seen the numbers there are 30 cases that are under review 7 or 8 of those were actually on as low platelets and 22 around the 80 but they're still not culpable at this stage link between the 2 so my concern is that we also know coronavirus to be or could be one can be multi 1000 not
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a suspect in their spirit who is the effect of the neurological system in a call that we mean clocking occur in people who've been exposed to the virus but also interesting. about the role and strategy has been very different in different countries so in the u.k. we prioritize by age and therefore we're 80000000 people there's only been very adverse events that are being investigated currently however if we look at the con has in europe we need to see that to their heart portion of the be recorded and regionally the europeans decided there wasn't enough data to back meet the elderly so they withheld it from the elderly population. and then reversed on that decision to look flip flop and going on and then now we see. the. younger women who did. the crying wrath but whether that's
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related to the vaccine or not is going to actually take quite a lot of time to be able to understand thoroughly and it's just timing that understands my being that that underlines my point you've just outlined for is that the e.u. are doing something different they don't want to vaccinate elderly people now they do it now with younger women getting blood clots the water is a so murky here and many people are say well i don't want the ask the senate. so i have to go do you restore that confidence that. i think that's going to be a tremendous challenge and just to also say that younger women may be on the birth control pill or other aspects that are more or related to some forms of blood clotting it's natural i think now we do have a problem where these headlines stick in people's minds and they think well there
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must be some issue here otherwise why has there been such a fuss made and i think it will take. huge amount of political afeard as well as communication from the scientists to be able to break down that data and show the benefits and you know all medicines have some risks and actually what we're seeing year is not aligned with the nature of other vaccines in terms of the frequency so. the number of 1st reports will increase and terms of the number of people who are overall vaccinated and right now this isn't a you know a huge outlier and i think that really there has to be a better way to. get that message across in terms of well you know understanding risk what are you going to be more likely to suffer from as a result of contracting the virus where we know we see thousands of people who are
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dying in a day at the peak of the pandemic if it's a square with no vaccines available in the u.k. we should be really looking at how quickly we were able to turn that around again with astra zeneca as the backbone of that response here in the u.k. and that this is our way out of the pandemic but is that just any delays is not much of a choice for a 30 year old woman do i die of blood clot some coverts or die of blood clots from a vaccine. it's like you know if we take the case of a 30 year old woman she has a much higher chance of getting blood clots that by going on the pill that by getting vaccines but it's the way it is the perception of how we interpret that risk that i think is being currently. misunderstood because of the specific attention that it's receiving we don't have been in the headlines every day how many people are suffering blood clots from taking and other medication or
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weighing up those decisions all the time that we need to make in terms of what we're willing to potentially expose ourselves to ok so again if we look at that long who does well i'm a huge amount of younger people also are exempt ok i'm afraid we have to cut you off there out of time but it's out of his exacts for joining us on the news are great to get your thoughts appreciate it. thank you. brazil has recorded more than 4000 coronavirus stats in a single day only the u.s. and peru have ever reached out threshold nearly 337000 people have died there since the start of the pandemic wife mary sue markey an i.q. of she joins us from rio de janeiro monica you're in brazil you're seeing this 1st times just outline for a zonder fears hired by the cold situation is right now. well it's a really scary one brazilian is dying every 20 seconds some states and cities have
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decreed locked down but the president has every chance he has had he has pronounced himself against it yesterday he was asked about the 4000 and he simply ignored the question he says people should not stay home because they'll get depressed and they'll gain weight so so this is the situation there's no leadership in the country to fight this every city in every state is taking its own own measures and the supreme court for example today will be voting whether massive and worship services should be allowed or not in cities and in states that have shut almost everything down so there's a lot of confusion it does it's the situation is not getting better vaccines are
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already getting the rollout is being a bit faster but here in brazil we basically have the astra zeneca vaccine which is being questioned and the corona virus from china so that 5 is basically the situation here right now. ok monica an active live from rio de janeiro the rio de janeiro rather thank you very much. for that. india has again reported a record number of new covert 19 cases we're going to 115 thousands were reported on whedon's day it also recorded 630 deaths that's the highest death toll since november iran has reported its highest number of new cases in a single day since the pandemic began the health ministry recorded nearly 21000 new infections on whedon's state travel in celebrations cheering the new year holiday of no rules are being blamed for the rise in case numbers in thailand at least 10
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cabinet ministers and dozens of politicians are self isolating after coming into contact with people who tested positive for corona virus becomes as the capital bangkok is seeing a sharp increase in infections in the 1st domestic cases all the u.k. variants of the virus thailand is aiming to start its mass immunization campaign from june. plenty more so ahead it's on the news hour including our continuing coverage of the pandemic. more than their 3rd place to hear my friend for a while. the cases are soaring in bulgaria were doctors are exhausted and people dogged wants the vaccine. also verdicts in one of the biggest trials in the wake of turkey's failed coup attempts we will have all the latest for you and in sports the olympic torch relay gets a major overhaul as coronavirus cases surge in all soccer all that coming up for you later this.
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levels a big president says eisel lind finds hers had been for series of poem or after the latest raids in the north armed groups stormed the town last month killing dozens of people thousands who escaped the violence fights the city of pemba on thursday leaders from south africa zimbabwe and that's wanna meet in the capital makoto to discuss the unrest let's get more from for me to miller she is following those developments from johannesburg in south africa for media seems like a very fluid situation there in mozambique will spin out going. well 2 it's interesting to look at what president felipe knew c. said when he said that the army had retaken parma he also said that he is reluctant
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to say or declare victory because this is an ongoing battle against terrorism so it's clear from the position the president has that mozambique is experiencing a significant security threat we saw that in parma and we continue to see thousands of people flee that town all in all close to 700000 people in the northern region of mozambique have been displaced and of course aid agencies are worried about the growing humanitarian disaster now there is a lot of focus on this planned meeting amongst the southern african development community leadership. that has also been criticized for not having done a lot to or very much until now this is an organization that in the past has been reluctant to employ military intervention in a regional security issues and so a lot of people are concerned that thursday's meeting will be nothing more than a talk shop when there is
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a lot of pressure on these companies countries rather to put boots on the ground specifically south africa who is mozambique's neighbor does have far better military capability than was a big mozambique is startling with an army that lacks training as well as equipment but we also know that mozambique has been reluctant to pull in foreign military to have that kind of foreign intervention in the sovereign state so this is what's adding to that fluid situation that you've described a massive security threat but it appears little being done to try and stabilize that region given the the lack of ability by the mozambique and military ok they're bringing us the latest from johannesburg thank you for meter. to myanmar now where there are reports of security forces using lethal force against protesters once again at least 7 people are believed to be killed in the
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town of cully in the north west for more than 2 months people in myanmar have to find a crackdown by security forces it's a cold for democracy more than 580 people have been killed since the military seized power from elected leaders in a coup back in february well a near total internet shutdown is making it tougher to verify those supports of civilian casualties and scott hide the reports from bank koch in neighboring thailand because of this bloody crackdown that we've seen right across myanmar over the last several weeks against these protest gatherings as well as the civil disobedience movement that is because they've been starting very earlier the protesters and obviously the security forces are responding to that to those early morning even predawn sometimes marches so that's probably what we're seeing why the military and the security forces went out so very early and stage this raid in cali no this is an area right along the western border close to the western border with
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india kind of the northwestern section of myanmar yes we're hearing that several have been killed these are from local media as well as posts on social media that's pretty much the only way you can really get information out of myanmar right now one thing that's even more disturbing about this is that there are there is evidence at least again on social media and local media reporting that there is evidence from some of the wounds by some of those protesters that r.p.g. were used as rocket propelled grenades now these are this shows a uptick in the weaponry used by the security forces so that's very concerning that's you have yet to be confirmed but some local media saying that there are wounds consistent with the shrapnel that these r.p.g. s. are spread out once they're detonated. well david matheson is a young gone based independent analyst so me and myron joins us on skype from chiang mai in neighboring thailand is good so have you with us on this nice or they just are they explaining to her viewers why the military is killing its own people
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in myanmar will to killing large numbers of people throughout the country because people are resisting the coup d'etat that occurred over 2 months ago now. and that resistance is under managed and what we're saying is actually a security forces upping the violence i mean using heavier weapons against demonstrators in in some parts of the country and even in recent weeks using as strikes against civilians in korean state and so what we're saying is actually the security forces in a far more desperate. manner actually increasing the firepower to put down these demonstrations which which you know just unremitting well if this is born out of desperation i mean where is the military standpoint it's just difficult to see the logic of this launching airstrikes on your own people because there the holding process i mean what will it take for the military to stop. i think the military backed down any time soon i'm quite used to that so me. you know for
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decades they've been using the firepower against civilians in the conflict areas they're now using it against civilians in places like you and on and calais is is your report 'd just. just mentioned i think that the the military sees that this is a desperate situation and they're going to use increasingly desperate measures i don't think it's going to diminish the ability that the protesters to continue to. see those though those the entire spirit being crushed or at this is a given this neither side is willing to back down so the protesters are calling for international partners to step in and then. force the military to knock it off do you think man march allies are likely to continue standing up for the military because we're getting reports of. both these being burned to hide evidence of
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crimes against humanity and such like how much longer can myanmar's allies defend this behavior from the from the armed forces. sadly i think that they will probably continue to support the stated ministration counseling and the temporal because especially china but also russia to see that their interests are best served by the military even though i think those interests are actually threatened by the actions of the security services every day the economic interests the stability of myanmar and the spillover contagion effect of the violence is very real and so what what that should mean beijing it and to the country to southeast asia and india is to put more pressure on the military to actually start negotiating with the with their own people that's where the answer to this lies the military actually starting to talk to their own people and recognize their demands ok david matheson there joining us for chiang mai great to get your thoughts on
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your analysis thank you. now iran's president hassan rouhani has called the latest efforts to revive the 2050 nuclear deal a new success to her on another world power especially vienna on cheese stay with us participating in dealing directly but as talks continue an iranian ship was attacks of the coast of japan 80 i said big report snow from the iranian capital. a coincidence or an attempt to sabotage the nuclear talks an attack on an iranian ship in the red sea iran says the m.v. was being used as a base to support the just an anti piracy operations but it's long been believed the cargo ship was used by iran's revolutionary guards and israel quickly emerged as a possible suspect for the attack last month israel had accused iran of targeting one of its vessels but neither country is admitting responsibility for either incident
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in the case of the m.v. sevis it's believed the miners attached to the ship as a nuclear talks in vienna got under way it's hard to consider this a coincidence maybe it is but you know the good news is that the entire world supports a return to the nuclear deal by the u.s. and iran with a couple of notable exceptions and i think the israelis the saudis and iranians and congressional republicans are the parties who are vast minority who do not want to deal and are going to do everything possible to try to upset this process iran wants old sanctions imposed by the united states lifted before it returns to its compliance of the nuclear deal when former us president donald trump pulled the u.s. out of the agreement in 2018 iran began increasing its uranium enrichment beyond accepted levels despite the challenges still faced in securing a new corporation the iranian president hassan rouhani is upbeat about the vienna talks. i'll bet. we have no doubt that this success was achieved
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thanks to the resilience of the iranian mission and their national integration the us administration is admitting that they have no other way but to negotiate and suggest that it talks if iran wants or indirect talks through the p 5 plus one countries. but there's still a long way to go we do see this as a constructive and certainly welcome step and in the end we hope that we are able to leave vienna returned united states or negotiating team i should say with a better understanding of a road map for how we get to that in state mutual compliance so far both the united states and iran a positive about the talks even though they're not talking to the directly the european negotiators hope that some form of agreement can be reached but some regional countries are not happy with joe biden's policy of engaging with iran and this concern here and that they may be attempts to derail the negotiations assad
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big al-jazeera the one. that circuit court says hands its own life sentences to 6 former soldiers for their involvement in the $2816.00 coup attempts they're charged with forcing to overthrow president trichet type or to one that's one of the biggest cases related to the failed coup that 497 total suspects pressel sardar has more from istanbul. trial started in 2007000 and it's a long awaited were they in their senses there are no surprises however it's a very important verdict for the country today the criminal court for major cases in ankara has sentenced for high ranking soldiers to life for 2016 could bear. to conduct a little calling of. mohamed push or who have been on trial too since 2017 are sentenced of the turkish public broadcaster t.r.t. that night and foreseen an anchor to read out
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a statement on behalf of the coup plotters the order to convince army majors feather caricature or small cortana or the member of the presidential guard that at that night who tried to take over the turkish army's had quarter in ankara on july 15th of 2016 a faction within the turkish army used the war planes helicopters and tanks in an attempt to overthrow president added one and democratically elected government and the giant the fighter jets want the turkish parliament and other important supports in ankara after a call by president arab one at that by thousands of people took the streets to stop the coup and the coup failed very very the consequences were grave 251 people were killed and others 2200 people also were wounded.
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dozens of people are so missing for days after flash floods ripped through poet sevens in easier and east timor conditions have finally started to improve and rescue workers and are hoping to reach for more communities in the it's at least 126 that's been confirmed in indonesia and 27 in east timor just to washington reports from jakarta. on a community tries to come to terms with the devastation that hit their island as victims are pulled from the mud people crowd around to see whether it's their loved one that has been found many have been unable to contact family and friends and hundreds of houses that were destroyed everyone here has no choice but to start again. yeah from what the neighbors are not what i could not save anything everything is gone i could only save myself the small island in east flores was among the worst affected in the weekend's flash floods and landslides. we got hit
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by this disaster we lost everything all we have are the clothes we are wearing the extreme weather was brought on by a tropical fine clothing as the storm system moves further away from the indonesian archipelago conditions are easing the thought is hope they will be able to bring in more help for the island i brought up in the basic of it of what we need the most is heavy machinery we have been asking for it from day one but we know that some of the roads were cut off because of the disaster on the sea was rough so we weren't able to bring it in at that time. some aid has arrived and the local government set up a public kitchen to help feed the community but around the province people need more food water face masks and on the wrist sensual for now but for a lot together with the military i'm social ministry we are working and we've been to sherry to we are here and helping people. in neighboring east timor the capital dili experienced it's worth floods in decades rescue crews are
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desperately trying to reach those most in need in remote areas and informal settlements but conditions are challenging many. roads and. bridges have also. been destroyed or. maybe even trying to. clean are all of course most pretty much every day. and these actually. hundreds of people across both countries are now facing a huge cleanup operation while still anxiously waiting for news of those who remain missing jessica washington al jazeera jakarta. as well as staying in jakarta so we can speak not to do no such trios chief of humanitarian and resilience save the
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children it's great to have you with us on the news hour let's focus on the children who've been impacted by this natural disaster how many are there and the house they've been affected by this latest round of flooding. yes we've got to be acceptable right now because information is very limited guesstimate in that 100000 children are affected in this. disaster it's very unfortunate because. it doesn't suit them not a lot. as well as absence to stop the swarm and. there's a risk one would assume of being separated from friends family not to mention the. the challenges involved and just staying say in the law if it's important to remember that the 4th thing has exacerbated quite
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a precarious situation already for for kids who are in the area give us a sense of the conditions that children have been living in since the coronavirus pandemic hits and how has this natural disaster made things worse. yes i think. the because of this and i think situation it's make it really worse because they have to live in the back of some sites where they have to live with a lot of people so there's not really much separation or distance that they can live as well as there's also limited of. them hated supplies. as well as suppliers or us living for example blanket sleeping mats. as well as. access to.
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the trains and also so it's very difficult. especially when we. also. lost access to education as well. there is so that has been made here that. the school clothes and one of the. classes that all of the and also the access to. exam it's already a. bad now and talk that this is also this is a step so it's really difficult for the little children at this point that is at the met many many kids to be quite happy to have a year off school attack to match that people for covert but just finally underline for us why it's so important that children have access to education and what the potential implications could be further down the line given these kids are nice i
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would have school without shelter for these extended periods of time. yes there's a risk of. of for example the health risks because they're not living in their job living in their focus and sides so there's lots of risk in. areas. with the location because i'm is one of the going of the children possibility to have communication. and bringing this normal situation to the children lives is women's important things. or just because children needs to have their normal situation in the mountains it is. a mental hook and. so it's really really. really. interesting and also
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a small. absolutely is you know satria thank you so much for joining us from jakarta giving us a sense of the the challenges that the children in indonesia face as a result of that natural disaster thank you. let's have a quick check in on the weather now here's rob. the sequences started already the snowy weather over the high plains and the parent and in the northwest of the u.s. is bringing its cold air across the plains states that line there is rather dodgy looking because it's where told me it's warm and you develop a line of thunderstorms which tonight will go through missouri and in the tail down to wards new orleans more or less all of these potentially big thunderstorms that are the 2 big well i wouldn't want to promise you that and they keep moving east was a tomorrow they do lose their impetus tomorrow but the cold air is still coming back down through the plains we might see
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a repeat performance for thursday night as well in fact the picture on friday does indeed suggest some still some quite active showers as far south as the gulf coast and then a sparking of things inland as far north maybe as a console we've seen persistent showers a line that will move really from puerto rico through his spine europe to jamaica honduras and nicaragua it's given flash flooding flooding in the dominican republic and i think it might do the same again because the showers have not gone away haiti is also a potential risk but it does seem to drop a little during friday heavy showers still seem likely in costa rica and panama but in mexico the suddenly brace you should be enjoying warm sunshine. still ahead on al-jazeera the use of force by policemen accused of killing george floyd comes under scrutiny at a trial in the u.s. and find out who's missing tiger woods says players prepare for the masters all of this and more later in the show.
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a footballer from spain traded battling opponents on the pitch for fighting fascism at home on the broad. footballing legend at accountant introduces sup the name on the bottle. of water you could use his beloved game to help himself and others survive the horrors of a nazi concentration camp. football rebels on al-jazeera. when the news breaks here in windsor west of sydney this is the 9th reach completely under water when people who need to be heard 1000 people staying in these tents just a stone's throw from the us mexico border and the story needs to be told i should look like the whole sky is full of them with exclusive interviews and in-depth
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reports i'll just see iran has teams on the ground to the house of abraham to bring you moon award winning documentaries and life. this is al jazeera a quick reminder of our top stories for you night u.k. and e.u. health regulators are set to reveal the findings about possible links between astra zeneca covert vaccine and blood clots courts were fined 100 for all of the millions of people who've been given the job brazil has recorded more than 4000 coronavirus deaths in a single day only the u.s. and peru have reached that threshold factions are surging across the country with
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health systems on the furch collapse and there are reports that security forces are shot and killed protesters during a military raids in myanmar at least 8 people are believed to have been killed in the town of calley in the northwest of the country. and the type of restraints used for a police officer charged with killing george floyd has come under scrutiny in the u.s. courts 7th day of the trial the minneapolis focused on their insurance use of force alan fisher was there he felt the reports. i cite the court activist the reverend al sharpton led the floyd family in prayer we are now shadows of courthouse praying for just inside crucial evidence from a police use of force instructor a man who's taught hundreds of police officers including derrick shove an issue the
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way george floyd was pinned to the ground in may last year not to recognize police technique said live tenant johnny mercer something that could cause trouble breathing in the neck would be something that does happen he supports that is an authoress and under what circumstances with. how long can you do that i don't know there is a time frame when depend on the circumstance of the time which would include what the terrorists are getting on the subject here but in here and so if there was say for example the subject was under control and handcuffed with this be authorized i would say no the defense argued in cross-examination that officers had to consider the possibility that even when it appeared to george floyd was unconscious there was still a threat earlier the court had from care yang a crisis training coordinator and he acknowledged that some police techniques were
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necessary but the policy was clear the policy requires when it's safe and feasible . and he insisted force should only be used when necessary the defense is trying to suggest that derek shoving did what was necessary to protect himself and his colleagues and the growing crowd complicated decisions on the ground the prosecution accepts the use of force is a necessary part of the job but they are trying to prove the derrick chauvin went too far and that caused the death of george for alan fischer al jazeera at the shogun model trial in minneapolis. for decades to this indigenous mapuche or community have been losing their lands their promise that they'll get some of it back but it's taking a while and many mapuche a aren't willing so weight's latin america as a certain the syrian human traveled seaside central chile for an exclusive interview with the leader of the largest rebel organization. for as far as the eye
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can see this land once owned by chile's native people is covered with pine and eucalyptus trees planted by giant forestry companies they are the main target of the at out my usual coordinator camp i'm up to 2 rebel group that's escalating attacks into recovering and sister land and gaining territorial control of the region. on monday they destroyed 2 and a half $1000000.00 worth of forestry equipment. but the com is no longer the only armed group operating in this vast region one radical groups have sprung up launching attacks taking over land and killing civilians last week a prominent chilean journalist and his cameraman ambushed and shot they barely escaped alive but the cameraman lost an eye which you with that we traveled to the conflict zone to meet becomes elusive leader. the 1st foreign news organization to
4:46 pm
do so when we're not in a condition in mind but the fact that there are other groups is something new in the scenario of confrontation between our people and the state and not anyone not we have nothing to do with the actions where lives were lost but we're not going to answer for other military groups but we aren't going to condemn other expressions of struggle either because in the conflict the majority of victims are. yeah i do lose a former member of a marxist guerrilla group that fought against chile's former military dictatorship and is labeled a terrorist by the authorities below jack welch has refused to negotiate demands fernand and map which autonomy until now what conditions would you put in order to begin some kind of a dialogue with the chilean state with the chilean government that. if the dialogue takes place locally it won't offer many guarantees that's why we have accepted or at least are showing interest in the proposal made by senator when the raise the
4:47 pm
possibility of guarantors international observers maybe from the u.n. or n.g.o.s or international bodies related indigenous or human rights groups. the conflict is spreading further and further south from the b.o.b. a river and no one group is in control and that you can your home our home we're looking for water says dong more this map which a family is digging a well and what they now claim as their land in the last 2 months alone they've been hundreds of land takeovers by maputo communities and. clashes with riot police who try to leave the people like little how did the family end in violence yet they come back over and over it don't get better. the says an awakening of the map which a people an uprising to recover from what the chilean state took from us 150 years ago and gave to forestry companies and pharma states. the my pooches of the poorest sector of the population and land or the lack of it has long been the key issue
4:48 pm
rather than advance and what is one of their main demands the state agency that is in charge of buying land from a put your communities froze purchases last year that has outraged from approaches who have been waiting for years for promises of land to be fulfilled and it has also not only spurred lang grabs but also put to political violence like what you see here. yes no never read this shows us what's left of her family's business which provides services to forestry companies but that you get inside this harvester was a driver who was violently taken down and stripped of his means of employment. to drive on our roads is terrifying i use a bulletproof helmet invest the state has lost all control it's the wild west here . it's becoming an increasingly complex confrontation with an increasing number of actors on all sides of the conflict making efforts for
4:49 pm
a political solution more urgent than ever before. seeing human al-jazeera do you believe chile. the small west african nation of the ninas preparing for its presidential election this weekend amid signs when crist authoritarianism address reports in the coastal city of. a rally for the president as election day draws closer it's mostly port along convoys parading the streets of the capital these days. much of the opposition has been muzzled. and media law we introduce sponsorship political sponsorship which stated that before running for election have to be sponsored by think 16. 1000000 of. representatives well you.
4:50 pm
know our political structure now in the nation. you just see that. it's awful position on the gay d.c. student because. they don't have. to be in to do this if you know a few feeling or fear you know you don't really know what to see when to see the how to see. the problem and dominated by the governing party has introduced changes to the electoral law many say to be the way for government to age out serious competition with many a president of potential opponents i think that's our last sidelined by a lot of forms the outcome of this election is expected by some to be a foregone conclusion and it's also expected that many borders will be discouraged from casting their ballots they turn out at the last parliamentary election was below 25 percent. of the $1000.00 us parents who apply to run for the presidency
4:51 pm
only 3 were approved including be cumbered. the economy may have grown under the businessman president before covered 19 but some citizens say that growth didn't translate to changes in their lives as jobs are still hard to find. whoever wins must 1st tackle unemployment work liberates insecurity and low prices for food. to johnny b. good that we don't want looters anymore we need better security for citizens so voters also say they want to see an inclusive political system after restrictive laws introduced before the 21000 parliamentary election shrunk the political space it's hard to see how that can be achieved before sunday's presidential election but you trees. still ahead on i'll just say this 2 time m.v.p. inspires a sign to a big win in the n.b.a. far all will be here with more after this break.
4:52 pm
al-jazeera. the earth the will. it is time for the sports here is far thank you so much liverpool have it all to do in their champions league quarter final tie with round madrid after they were beaten 31 in the 1st leg well were to know the break thanks to goals from st
4:53 pm
insignias junior and marco asensio mohamed salah got one back for liverpool early in the 2nd half but insidious junior scored his 2nd of the night as it finished 31 promoted to the most no soto's we are not close to any things we haven't won anything we are happy with the result we are happy with what we are doing because what the players are doing is incredible so after all the problems we had during the season we were able to turn things around but there is still a long way to go but we are still in contention in the 2 competitions league and champions league and we are going to keep fighting. and manchester city be brought to your door meant to take a narrow $21.00 advantage going into the 2nd level kevin diverse got the opening goal he also played a part in the late winner the 29 year old has been instrumental for pep guardiola side this season he's now signed a new contract with city that runs until 2025. to get the extension now my
4:54 pm
age feels also like we have very problem because obviously it means that trust me until i get really old in football terms. not feel very happy my family is also really proud so that's been a nice. parasangs or man are getting ready to face byron munich in the 1st leg of their quarter final on wednesday in germany byron beat p.s.g. one nil in the final last year to seal a trouble but marines to a party cino says p.s.g. are not out for revenge and despite byron missing their star striker robert lewandowsky due to injury the german leaders are still a strong as ever when you won't like your body image warned the champions league on the. middle of the club i think it's because you have a squad that. is very very strong body very. very good not only 11 players of them play and that is why they. achieved what they achieved
4:55 pm
. chelsea's quarter final tally against porter will take place in seville spain due to cope with 19 travel restrictions the blues are hoping to bounce back from their shocking 52 home defeat in the english premier league by west brom this is the 1st time chelsea have reached this stage in 7 years. i have a feeling that it will be a tough match because i expect nothing else than the best part of a very experienced side in this competition. champions for for many many years and in part of the so this shapes a certain mentality and still i just can repeat we are confident enough that we are strong enough and we believe in ourselves to overcome this round and we play clearly to to to make it to the semifinal now another setback for olympic organizers the torch relay has been pulled off the streets of a sock and will now be held in a park without spectators comes after record corona virus infections prompted the
4:56 pm
government to declare a medical emergency there the relay has been continuing its route through the prefecture earlier this week the governor of the socket had called for the relay didn't take place there in mid april to be cancelled after 40 sphere the new variants will spark a 4th wave of infections with just $107.00 days to go before the games begin. the 1st gulf major of the year the masters tees off on thursday but without 5 time champion tiger woods who still recovering from a car crash that's a johnson will bid to emulate woods who was the last man to successfully defend the masters title one player who will particularly miss woods's presence around augusta is justin thomas i want to have some a couple times last week and try to just go over a couple times turn the week whenever i'm home and see him and yeah i texted friday night this morning saying that i think it's kind of starting to set and he's he's gone to is not here playing practice rounds with us and we hate it too i mean i
4:57 pm
have i'm very very lucky that i somehow got thrown into that practice wrong group with with tiger and freddy the last 4 years or whatever it isn't especially around this place i mean i just fall around like puppy dogs. and the n.b.a. steph curry put on a masterclass the lead his side the golden state warriors to victory against milwaukee bucks the 2 time m.v.p. scored 41 points and 53 quarters including one with just a minute left in the game the warriors rallied with a late comeback to hold off the box 122-2121 when stops a 3 game losing streak for golden state. over in l.a. the clippers continued they are a great run of form this time against of portland trailblazers paul george scored 36 points while leonard finished with 29 as the clippers thrashed the trailblazers 133-2116. ok and that is all your support for now how a back to you thank you so much of for a while that brings us news or to
4:58 pm
a close but to keep it here on al-jazeera i'll be back with you after this very short break see them. the climate has changed every year for millions of years decades of talk but little action it's all about just create confusion to create smoke and mirrors the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically subverted the oil industry was a main bankroller or opposition aquatic the campaign against the climate do you think that's a bad thing more suited it was fears of the thing absolutely coming soon on al-jazeera. the story goes that the statue of an ancient greek god hit the ether waves for millenia. until a palestinian fisherman on earth the priceless relic. the story
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continues that has the world's attention was drawn to. mysteriously the day it disappeared once again. the apollo of gaza. on a. the athletes are larger than life but the world of sumo wrestling is shrouded in secrecy when i wene skits rare access inside a sport where ancient tradition meets modern scandal on al-jazeera. the health of humanity is its stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w.h.o. is the guardian of global health delivering lifesaving tools supplies and training to help the world's most vulnerable people uniting across borders to speed up the development of tests treatments and of that seed keeping you up to date with what's
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happening on the ground in the ward and in the lab now more than ever the world needs w.h.o. making a healthier world for you. to everyone. findings soon released on a possible link between astra zeneca covert 19 shots and rare blood squads with implications for vaccine programs worldwide it's. a word that i have alomar here and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a relentless crackdown in myanmar reports that once again security forces are
5:01 pm
killing protesters across the country. some challenges remain but a step in the right direction as well paris tried to.


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