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you just. doris are all of us on this planet not just africa al-jazeera one is a leading by a chemist determined to use a scientific knowledge to africa women make science from the lab to the field on al-jazeera. the arab. the in. iran hills the 1st day of talks with world powers to salvage the 2050 nuclear deal as a success. and there i missed on the attack and this is al jazeera life and also coming up bloodshed in myanmar reports that security forces have again shot and killed protest as during a military raid. rescue workers were near their survivors and india's an
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east timor in the aftermath of a devastating cycling and. i'm going to see a new in south central chile and coming up i'll explain why indigenous lying grabs and political violence are escalating out of control in just 3 to. no iran's president has held progress in these latest efforts to revive the 2015 nuclear deal hassan rouhani has called tuesday's talks in vienna a new success for his government to working groups of in session to discuss the possible lifting of u.s. sanctions as well as tehran's commitment to the deal and also on tuesday and iranian navy ship was attacked in the red sea it's still unclear who is responsible let's speak now to us a big case in the iranian capital tehran for us as of starting with this ship attack i know the details are sketchy but. what more do we know at this stage. what
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we do know is that this ship was attacked sometime yesterday morning now is raining state t.v. is saying that this ship belonged to the iranian navy it was used as a base in the red sea it's been there for a number of years and it supports commandos that carry out operations to protect iranian merchant vessels and world tankers what the iranian state t.v. says is from piracy we believe that this there was a mine attached to this ship that caused an explosion and this is a number of attacks have taken place of an israeli ships over the last few months now there was a report saying that there has been some sort of covert clandestine war taking place in the seas between israel and iran although there's been no official confirmation from either israel or iran just last month israeli accuse iran of targeting a israeli ship with a missile but this is the 1st time iranian military ship has been targeted and
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they are those that believe that this is an attempt by some to sabotage the those talks are taking place in vienna well i want to ask you more about that i said because as this all happens within the context of these talks terror ana said they've been constructive but they're still very sensitive at this stage. yes president hassan rouhani has been talking this morning and he was very upbeat he was addressing a cabinet meeting and he said that the talks were a success he said that the united states had been humbled he spoke about his own government's success in dealing with the sanctions and managing the economy just a few weeks ago he said these were some of the toughest years that he has ever seen but now he's saying that his government has been successful and he's very upbeat he seems very optimistic that there will be something from these talks that j.c. that 2015 nuclear deal will be saved but the context for this is that he's
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presidency comes to an end in a few months time the presidential elections in june and that will be and after that it will be the end of his administration and he doesn't want to be remembered just a president that resided over a failed nuclear deal and wasn't able to deliver on his promises of lifting u.s. sanctions so he's very upbeat he wants this to work although the parliament is dominated by lawmakers that are against a deal but he sees it as a success and he from what we what we heard from him this morning it seems like he is saying that the u.s. is willing to rejoin the j.c. is the united states that wants direct and in direct talks and he's seeing this as a victory a subject there with a view for us from tehran thanks so much us. all to me where there are reports of security forces using live fire against protesters once again at least 8 people are believed to have been killed during a raid in the town of kalak that's in the northwest for more than 2 months now protesters have defied a lethal crackdown by security forces to continue to call for democracy more than
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580 people have now been killed since the military seized power from elected leaders in a coup back in february scott hyla is across all these developments from bangkok and neighboring thailand for us scott this predawn raid very much in line with what we've seen emerge of the military strategy going forward it seems. it is and was and the reason for that is because of this bloody crackdown that we've seen right across myanmar over the last several weeks against these protest gatherings as well as the civil disobedience movement that is because they've been starting very earlier the protesters and obviously the security forces are responding to that to those early morning even predawn sometimes marches so that's probably what we're seeing why the military and the security forces went out so very early and stage this raid in cali you know this is an area right along the western border close to the western border with india kind of the northwestern
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section of myanmar yes we're hearing that several have been killed these are from local media as well as posts on social media that's pretty much the only way you can really get information out of me and more right now one thing that's even more disturbing about this is that there are there is evidence at least again on social media and local media reporting that there is evidence from some of the wounds by some of those protesters that r.p.g. were used as rocket propelled grenades these are this shows a uptick in the weaponry used by the security forces so that's very concerning that you have yet to be confirmed but some local media saying that there are wounds consistent with the shrapnel that these r.p.g. s. are spread out once they're that made that miss something to watch what i see dr who heads that committee representing the ousted civilian government abroad he says they've compiled nearly 200000 pieces of evidence now of human rights abuses by the military what are they hoping lakshmi come out of that process. you
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know what they're doing is they're presenting this you know the body of those ousted the democratically elected members of parliament and politicians ousted by the joint they have this group together the doctor saw kind of fronts and what they're going to do what he is going to participate in is they're going to submit this to a body an independent investigative body. and independent investigations in myanmar body specifically within the united nations in about he said about 180000 pieces of evidence that show again this is coming from dr sauce and that group that shows atrocities carried out by myanmar's military now i would imagine today what we're going to see or possibly hear and i don't i don't believe it's going to be an open meeting but we'll probably hear from dr sauce or members of that committee is that they've submitted this this detailed and then obviously have to be investigated by this body that's something that obviously will take quite some time but but it's a move by these you know these leaders this parallel government if you will kind of
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advancing the investigation into what the military in myanmar in myanmar has been doing as well as the security forces over these last 2 weeks plus indeed at home accountability that ascot hydra across all of that for us from bangkok thanks so much scott. turning to the pandemic and brazil has recorded more than 4000 coronavirus deaths in a single day only the u.s. and peru have ever reach that threshold nearly 337000 people have died there since the start of this pandemic some cemeteries are now working around the clock to deal with the growing number of burials hospitals are overwhelmed and there are reports of people dying as they wait for treatment. we should have had stricter laws like in some other countries it would've been hard for people at that time we would have had a much lower number of deaths i think if people had stayed home the policy was stricter
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on this although. there is still a lot of people to be vaccinated so we have to go faster act faster if they'd acted fast for the 1st stage of the pain demick they wouldn't be the state's right well judea ponce is an epidemiologist and he says brazil's health care system is on the verge of collapse. we have been struggling with controlling mobility in brazil people are still going to work people are still moving around and we have had a sequence of holidays where usually brazilians gather around with their families the latest of which was easter sunday we have also been seeing a very large number of infection for the past weeks and what we're seeing with the high number of deaths is a reflection of the infractions that happened 23 weeks ago we are seeing an increase well the factions have reached a plateau it seems but the deaths haven't started climbing so it seems like we are
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still in for about 2 more weeks of increasing deaths we are seeing a higher number of people being infected and being sent to hospitals it does seem that we have people who are more susceptible to this new variant and that could explain the number of people that are being. that are suffering from the virus now it could also mean that the sense of self the bowl population to the wild time coronavirus has actually perished in the 1st waves or. the infections that we had before the present time but we are seeing of course cases that need more specialized hospital units so we need people who. or intubation and this affects a younger population as we're seeing now and i chill a is postponing the upcoming elections by a month because of this pandemic president sebastian pinera has signed
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a decree delaying this weekend's bites may 15th the country is experiencing an increase in infections and also closed its borders on monday to try to control the outbreak. and neighboring argentina is now reporting its highest number of new infections almost 21000 cases were recorded on tuesday pushing their total to nearly 2 and a half 1000000 present a better fernandez is himself isolating after contracting the virus and india has again recorded a record number of new cases more than 115000 were reported on wednesday and also reported 630 new deaths that's the highest since november state continues to be the hardest hit leading the financial capital to increase restrictions new delhi has also imposed a night curfew. and now the university of oxford has paused on astra zeneca vaccine trial on children because of reports linking it to blood clots britain's prime
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minister insists the vaccine is still safe to use force johnson says health authorities which of approved its use need to be trusted some nations temporarily stopped its use last month but the european medicines agency now says the vaccine is safe and is continuing to investigators. well moving on to other news and dozens of people still missing for days after flash floods ripped through parts of indonesia and east timor conditions have finally started to improve there and rescue workers are now hoping to reach the most remote communities in need at least 101000 deaths have been confirmed so far jessica washington reports roger cossack. on a community tries to come to terms with the devastation that hit their island as victims are pulled from the mud people crowd around to see whether it's their loved one that has been found many have been unable to contact family and friends and hundreds of houses that were destroyed everyone here has no choice but to start again. from where did everything not work i could not save anything everything is
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gone i could only save myself. the small island in east flores was among the worst affected in the weekend's flash floods and landslides. we got hit by this disaster we lost everything all we have are the clothes we are wearing. the extreme weather was brought on by a tropical cyclone as the storm system moves further away from the indonesian archipelago conditions easing the thought is hope they will be able to bring in more help for the island i don't get up in the thirty's if you are going to be what we need the most is heavy machinery we have been asking for it from day one but we know that some of the roads were cut off because of the disaster on the sea was rough so we weren't able to bring it in time. to get some aid has arrived and the local government set up a public kitchen to help feed the community but around the province people need more food water facemasks and i'll resend szell's own meal for now but
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a lot together with the military i'm social ministry we are working and we want to show you that we are here and helping people. in neighboring east timor the capital dili experienced its worth floods in decades. rescue crews are desperately trying to reach those most in need in remote areas and informal settlements but conditions are challenging many. roads and. bridges have also. been destroyed or they're. trying to do leaner owns of course most pretty much every day. and this actually might. not seem something else. hundreds of people across both countries are now facing a huge cleanup operation while still anxiously waiting for news of those who remain
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missing jessica washington al jazeera because. now an explosion targeting a police car in afghanistan has killed 2 people and injured several others it happened in the eastern city of jalalabad in the early hours of wednesday at least 18 people are being treated in hospital and no one has yet claimed responsibility. well still ahead here on al-jazeera the use of force by a policeman accused of killing george freud comes under scrutiny at his trial in the u.s. and. i'm sure such a high i'm bored the world's 1st phone vaccinated flights i'll explain why qatar airways decided to do this and what it means for the future of air travel. you may know much of europe stepped back a month or so into winter this is
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a cult fund that is coming down from the arctic and it's still screaming into the local and edges of for example the netherlands and belgium snow showers and the gale force wind it does not feel very much like spring and the forward edge of this frontal system is losing its wind and it's going to be heading off during wednesday rather than through bug area to ukraine but behind the still plenty of showers or even persistent snow to come through germany and austria so for example if you took in spokes forecast you have a cold day on wednesday fairly windy with showers now this dies down and we do see an improvement by the end of the week and that's generally go to be the case that the wind direction change on city from the british isles we cut off this kodak which keeps wandering through eastern europe or snowy day for poland for example slovakia and probably done in romania the sun's out elsewhere and the sun's never left spain and portugal as fact has developed a couple of showers is warm enough for that. we still have
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a persistence of this old frontal system to replace by the new one over the bosphorus over the far north of greece when direction changes because back to winter in turkey. the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the us. study after study has demonstrated that israeli perspectives dominate american media coverage what part of this can you get through your thick head as hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want to see and if you don't say it when i go let you speak it would be very hard for her ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera. forward.
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hello again understand let's remind you about top stories here this hour iran's president says the latest efforts to revive the 2050 nuclear deal are a success after the 1st day of talks working groups were set up to discuss the possible lifting of u.s. sanctions and tehran's commitment to the deal. there are reports that myanmar security forces of shot and killed protesters during a raid there at least 8 people are believed to have been killed in the town of in the northwest. brazil has recorded more than 4000 coronavirus deaths in a single day only the u.s. and peru have ever reach that threshold.
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you know the type of restraint used by police officer charged with killing george floyd has come under scrutiny in a us court the 7th day of the trial in minneapolis focused on directions use of force and how officers should deescalate crisis situations she was there and sent this report. i'd say the court activist the reverend al sharpton led the floyd family in prayer we are now shadows of courthouse praying for just inside crucial evidence from a police use of force instructor a man who's taught hundreds of police officers including derek children at issue the way george floyd was pinned to the ground in may last year not to recognize police technique said live tenant johnny mercer something that could cause trouble breathing and neck would be something that does happen he supports that is an authoress and under what circumstances with. how long can you do that i don't know
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there is a time frame when depend on the circumstance of the time which would include what the terrorists are getting on the subject that you're but in here and so if there was say for example the subject was under control and handcuffed with this be authorized i would say no the defense argued in cross-examination that officers had to consider the possibility that even when it appeared to george floyd was unconscious there was still a threat earlier the court had from care yang a crisis training coordinator and he acknowledged that some police techniques were necessary but the policy was clear the policy requires save infeasible. and he insisted force should only be used when necessary the defense is trying to suggest that derek shoving did what was necessary to protect himself and his colleagues and the growing crowd complicated decisions on the ground the prosecution accepts the use of force is
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a necessary part of the job but they are trying to prove the daily show even went too far and that caused the death of george for alan fischer al-jazeera at the shore and more to trial in minneapolis. camp for displaced people in sudan's darfur region has been burnt to the ground this latest round of unrest comes after 2 people shot and killed at that camp near janina the violence poses a challenge to efforts by saddam's transitional government to end decades long rebellions in that area at least 50 people have been killed there in recent fighting to mozambique about 270 people displaced by an attack in the northern town of palma have reached safety the group is made up mostly of women and children they traveled hundreds of kilometers south to pemba more than $11000.00 people fled parma when it was attacked by an armed group last month the u.n. warns that the numbers of displaced will keep rising these are people that are.
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exhausted they arrived by many means most of them arrived in the boat few days ago but some also right walking. the sentiment is transversal to everyone i've been speaking with. they are highly traumatized by what they've seen by what they have experienced seeing their families their friends being killed seeing their houses being completely destroyed. now south koreans of are seeing in local elections which is seen as a major test of support of president when jay inslee liberal party he raises include matters of the country's 2 largest cities seoul and busan the coronavirus pandemic is also a top issue south korea reported 668 new cases on tuesday that's the highest daily count since january how people in honduras are demanding. and so people are in honduras are demanding justice for an environmental activist who is mad at
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protesters gathered at the trial of a former military officer accused of being behind a person killing she was shot dead in her home 5 years ago. chile is indigenous mapuche a community once occupied most of the south of the country in the 19th century they were rounded up into small settlements more of their land was taken during the pinochet dictatorship in the 1980 s. since the country's return to democracy they've been promised some of it back many immigrants they aren't willing to wait so they're reclaiming their territory by force in america to loose in human traveled to south central chile for an exclusive interview with the leader of the largest rebel organization the can. for as far as the eye can see this land once owned by chile's native people is covered with pine and eucalyptus trees planted by giant forestry companies they are the main target of the i doubt my usual coordinator or come i'm up to 2 rebel group that's
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escalating attacks into recovering and sister land and gaining territory control of the region. on monday they destroyed 2 and a half $1000000.00 worth of forestry equipment. but the com is no longer the only armed group operating in this vast region one radical groups have sprung up launching attacks taking over land and killing civilians last week a prominent chilean journalist and his cameraman ambushed and shot he barely escaped alive but the cameraman lost an eye which you with a we traveled to the conflict zone to meet becomes elusive leader. the 1st foreign news organization to do so when we're not in a condition of mind but the fact that there are other groups is something new in the scenario of confrontation between our people and the state than another member now we have nothing to do with the actions where lives were lost but we're not going to answer for other mcclatchy groups but we aren't going to condemn other
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expressions of struggle either because in the conflict the majority of victims are more. yeah i do lose a former member of a marxist guerrilla group that's fought against chile's former military dictatorship and is labeled a terrorist by the authorities below chadwell 2 never has refused to negotiate demands fernand and map which autonomy until now what conditions would you put in order to begin some kind of a dialogue with the chilean state with the chilean government that. if the dialogue takes place locally it won't offer many guarantees that is why we have accepted or at least are showing interest in the proposal made by senator quencher mula the raise the possibility of guarantors international observers maybe from the un or n.g.o.s or international bodies related indigenous or human rights groups. the conflict is spreading further and further south from the b.o.b. a river and no one group is in control and yet you can your home are all we're
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looking for water says dong more this month which a family is digging a well on but they now claim as their land in the last 2 months alone they've been hundreds of land takeovers by maputo communities and. clashes with riot police who try to the people like that will have the family end in violence yet they come back over and over it on the 3rd of the says an awakening of the people and uprising to recover from what the chilean state took from us 150 years ago and gave to forestry companies and pharma states. the mother pushes of the poorest sector of the population and land or the lack of it has long been the key issue rather than advance in what is one of their main demands the state agency that is in charge of buying land from a put your communities froze purchases last year that has outraged them up which is who have been waiting for years for promises of land to be fulfilled and it has
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also not only spurred lang grabs but also put a political violence like what you see here. yes now now that it is shows us what's left of her family's business which provides services to forestry companies but that you get inside this harvester was the driver who was finally taken down and stripped of his means of employment. to drive on our roads is terrifying i use a bulletproof helmet invest the state has lost all control it's the wild west here . it's becoming an increasingly complex confrontation with an increasing number of actors on all sides of the conflict making efforts for a political solution more urgent than ever before. c.n.n. al-jazeera do you believe chile. airways has launched the wilds of fast fully vaccinated flies they missed a show that at travel can be safe even during this pandemic. is on board. these
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qatar airways staff members are all fully vaccinated and sore all these passengers the airline wants to reassure millions of people that air travel is safe even during the pandemic we want to be the 1st airline in the world to do fully vaccinated flight board including passengers and the crew and you know that has a very aggressive acts a nation program and so we at the airline level have a very aggressive vaccination program we have x. in it that nearly 20000 of our employees and we've exenatide on the 1000 employees every day. these passengers including many members of the media and officials were eager to take off qatar airways has introduced new touchless screens so using your mobile phone you can access all the onboard information and entertainment you need
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there are 18 crew members on board this flight so was 181 passengers now they are members that i've spoken to so far say they feel this flight is a little bit more relaxed for them in terms of being you know they feel more secure that all the passengers have been vaccinated and they meant that it has been quite a difficult year for them doing their job valerie joy wilson is a social media influencer who had traveled from new york to take part in this flight people that want to travel it's a free time to get back to travel travel in the future stop to be safe and responsible and we're here showcasing that today of course there's no pressure to travel like you don't have to travel until you feel comfortable other travel bloggers were also excited about the return of regular flights i came from dubai beyond this the. story. first fully vaziri of flight and very very proud to be a prosecutor on this flight how does it feel how is it going so. it's fantastic i
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mean there's a bit a sense of return to normal there's a lot of hopes i can see people really enjoying to fly looking out the window a lot of people have to travel for over a year so this flight hopefully is the start of the norm and we can all get back to our normal daily routine of life and this doctor is trying to make that happen in qatar so what i'll buy out is heading the country's vaccination drive and had a message for those who want to return to something approaching normality and hope this emphasizes the importance of vaccination. and i think it's a strong message by the airline of our national carrier. it's a great light with many people who are advocating vaccination. while this flight left and returned to doha without landing anywhere else it provided some hope that air travel can make a comeback in the.


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