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life but the world of sumo wrestling is shrouded in secrecy one on one nice gets rare access inside a sport where ancient tradition meets modern scandal on al-jazeera. promising signs from iran and the u.s. after the 1st day of talks to try to sell that the 2050 nuclear deal. by their own convert al this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. another grim milestone brazil's highest daily death toll since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and. the use of force by a policeman accused of killing george for it comes under scrutiny at his trial in
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the u.s. . the subject was under control. handcuffed would just be outraged i would say no. and saddam accuses ethiopia of violating international law after days of negotiations about a major damage and without progress. iran and the u.s. say they're making constructive progress in the latest efforts to revive the 2050 nuclear deal after the 1st day of talks in austria 2 working groups have been set up to focus on getting each side back into compliance and diplomats from the remaining signatories have agreed to meet again on friday for a bird and manly has. a constructive and welcomed step was how the u.s. described the 1st day of indirect talks with iran officials from 5 world powers
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russia china germany france and britain met with iran at austria's grand vienna hotel european officials have been shuttling between there and the imperial hotel across the road where u.s. officials are saying they're attempting to bring the u.s. back to the 2050 nuclear deal they'd signed with iran we do see this as a constructive and certainly welcome step. and in the end we hope that we are able to leave vienna returned united states our negotiating team i should say with a better understanding of a road map for how we get to that in state mutual compliance donald trump described the 2015 agreement as the worst deal in history and pulled out in 2018 trumpet then reimposed un sanctions with additional u.s. sanctions on tap. in february biden rescinded human sanctions but he hasn't gone as
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far as lifting u.s. sanctions saying they'll only happen once iran is compliant with the 2015 you could deal since then iran has been violating the terms of the deal and was reported to have reached 12 times the levels permitted of enriching uranium stockpile but iran now also agrees the go cia sions are on the right path in was that almost all we got to go on as obviously we find this position realistic and promising it could be the start of correcting the bad process that has taken diplomacy to a dating we welcome these comments not known after tuesday's vienna meeting had concluded there were reports that no rain in ship was damaged by mine in the red sea state media says the bessel was supporting a reign commander sent to a school commercial ships it's hard to consider it as a coincidence maybe it is but you know the good news is that the entire world supports a return to the nuclear deal by the us and iran with
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a couple of notable exceptions and i think the israelis the saudis and iranians and congressional republicans are the parties who are vast minority well who do not want to deal and are going to do everything possible to try to upset this process for now it seems clear that the administration's a both and washington are keen to try to get a rocky relationship back on track nor about the money al jazeera. brazil has recorded more than 4000 coronavirus deaths in a single day only the u.s. in peru have reach that threshold the only 337000 people have died since the start of the pandemic some cemeteries have been holding not time burials to deal with the growing numbers of hospitals overwhelmed hundreds of thing dying my way to treatment. is an epidemiologist who specializes in war tell us he does and he says
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brazil's health care system is on the verge of collapse we have been struggling with controlling mobility in brazil people are still going to work people are still moving around and we have had a sequence of holidays where usually brazilians gather around with their families the latest of which was easter sunday we have also been seeing a very large number of infection for the past weeks and what we're seeing with the high number of deaths as a reflection of the infections that happened 23 weeks ago we are seeing an increase well the factions have reached a plateau it seems but the deaths haven't started climbing so it seems like we are still in for about 2 more weeks of increasing deaths we are seeing a higher number of people being infected and being sent to hospitals it does seem
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that we have people who are more susceptible to this new variant and that could explain the number of people that are being. that are suffering from the virus now it could also mean that the subset subset of the bowl population to the wild time coronavirus has actually perished in the 1st wave or. the infections that we had before the present time but we are seeing of course cases that need more specialized hospital units so we need people who. oxygen or integration and this affects a younger population as we're seeing now. cheney is to stone in upcoming elections by a month because of the pandemic president sebastian pinera has signed a decree delaying this weekend's vote to may 15th the country is experiencing a spike in co the 19 cases and closed its borders on monday to try and control the outbreak. and neighboring argentina is reporting its highest number of new daily
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cases almost 21000 infections recorded on tuesday pushing the total number of cases to nearly 2500000 the government is looking to tighten measures to further restrict people's movement the u.s. president says anyone over 18 will be able to be vaccinated from the middle of april but joe biden is warning that covered 19 infections are still increasing with new a variance spreading quickly half of those new cases of from just a handful of states. the virus is spreading because we have too many people who see the end in secret the finish line already let me be deadly earnest with you we aren't at the finish line we still have a lot of work to do we're still in a life and death race against this virus until we get more people vaccinated we need everyone to wash their hands socially distance and mask up and recommended
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mass from the c.d.c. meanwhile the white house has rolled out opposing any form of coronavirus vaccine passports in the u.s. however private businesses are still free to explore the idea mike hanna is in washington d.c. and says vaccine passports have been a divisive issue. as more people get vaccinated the new political flashpoint is a merging and that is the issue of vaccination passports digital records of vaccination now many predominantly republicans insist this as an invasion of privacy and a number of states including texas and florida they're the governors have already outlawed the use of vaccines certificates or vaccine passports but in a democratic controlled state like new york this vaccine passport is actually already in development the administrators see it as a way to open up the state more quickly to allow people into sports games into
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businesses even into schools perhaps who can provide proof of vaccination so there's a massive divide within the u.s. on that particular issue one that the white house is not interested in joining it has announced a very clearly there will be no federal controlled a vaccine certification the government will not be providing any form of digital passport it is going to leave those to private industry to technology companies to come up to be able to institute some sort of vaccine that certification on a nationwide basis but the government will have nothing to do with it washington says it's looking to create legal ways for central american migrants to reach the united states president biden is working to reshape u.s. border policy amid a sharp rise in crossings by undocumented migrants authorities caught more than 170000 in march alone in special envoy is meeting leaders in the region.
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the type of restraint used by a police officer charged with killing george floyd is come under scrutiny in the u.s. court the 7th day of the trial in minneapolis focused on derrick shove and use of force and how officers should deescalate crisis situations ellen fisher was there and said this report. i cite the court activist the reverend al sharpton led the floyd family in prayer we are now shadows of courthouse praying for justice in sight crucial evidence from a police use of force instructor a man who's taught hundreds of police officers including derrick shove an issue the way george floyd was pinned to the ground in may last year not to recognize police technique said live tenant johnny mercer something that could cause trouble breathing in the neck would be something that does happen he supports that is an
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authoress and under what circumstances with. how long can you do that i don't know there is a time frame when depend on the circumstance of the time which would include what the terrorists are getting on the subject here but in here and so if there was say for example the subject was under control and handcuffed with this be authorized i would say no the defense argued in cross-examination that officers had to consider the possibility that even when it appeared to george floyd was unconscious there was still a threat earlier the court had from care yang a crisis training coordinator and he acknowledged that some police techniques were necessary but the policy was clear the policy requires when it's safe and feasible . and he insisted force should only be used when necessary the defense is trying to suggest that derek shoving did what was necessary to
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protect himself and his colleagues and the growing crowd complicated decisions on the ground the prosecution accepts the use of force is a necessary part of the job but they are trying to prove the derrick chauvin went too far and that caused the death of george for alan fischer al jazeera at the show in modern trial in minneapolis still ahead on al-jazeera predicting the prospect that recovery international monetary fund boosts. it's growth forecast for the developing world for making fun of all costs. homeless and needing help the full extent of flooding devastation in indonesia comes with its rescue is reach remote areas. it's been snowing steadily in the higher ground in montana in idaho wyoming you
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see the cloud there and that's cold air is coming up as you might expect it to against what is now increasingly warm this feed from the gulf where the 2 meet we tend to develop but it is spring remember significant thunderstorms while that is likely to happen it starts develop on wednesday is the circulation then throws that cold air through arkansas and then you get a line of sudden storms that stretches down towards the gulf coast unfortunately overnight not to is for whence it is thursday they keep going and this could be the dangerous time they might be nasty thunderstorms they might develop tornadoes doesn't look quite as vicious as we've seen so far this spring and the whole system keeps going east was it might repeat itself on thursday not behind it the sun's come out of what was a snowy picture but there's still more winter hanging around in washington i mean british columbia on the canadian side during certain then those for those shower was on a strong ascent to disappear i think so thursday night of the one to watch this
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line well develop once more i'm going to persistent line of showers running through present rico hispaniola jamaica and back to honduras he's been there for a couple days he's got 2 more days to go. but. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of all the lives. of the stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's was. we want god to be spread vista gilby fight the. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. i am the voice we are the voice witnesses on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera and of our top stories this hour iran and the u.s. say they're making constructive congress and the latest efforts to revive the 2015 uki a deal to new working groups will focus on getting each side back into compliance. the type of restraint used by the police officer charged with killing george ford has come under scrutiny the u.s. corps the 7th day of the trial focused on their children to use of force towel officers should deescalate crisis situations. brazil has reported more than 4000 coronavirus deaths in a single day only the u.s. and brewer reach that threshold previous to infections are surging across the country with health systems on the verge of collapse. i was a pandemic worsens the rate of poverty in brazil is sort the government has
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approved an emergency aid package worth almost $8000000000.00 but analysts say that doesn't go far enough as reports from rio de janeiro. since the pandemic began afridi has been receiving a monthly $50.00 subsidy but not from the federal government nor in brazilian hands the seaside town of multicast where she works lives off oil royalties and has decided to spend the money on social plans it created its own virtual currency the mumbai to help the poor and the local economy. will will go away since we can only use mum booker's in al town the local commerce is still thriving and we were able to keep all doors open when so many in other parts of the country have closed their heads. 43000 brazilians living in muddy county have been able to make ends meet thanks to their muka cards but in the rest of brazil millions have been
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left with nothing after the government suspended financial emergency aid last january just discovered 1000 infections began spiralling out of control in half a year the number of brazilians living in poverty has tripled from 9 and a half 1000000 last august to more than 27000000 in february analysts say the situation now is much worse or says one of the deputies months in the pandemic or soon will walk down. the government decided to resume the emergency aid this month but since money is scarce the handouts will be smaller than last year an average of $44.00 per month until the end of july. the government promised handouts to 44000000 brazilians which is much less than the 68000000 who benefited from the 1st emergency aid package. belgica nalla tells us he is counting the days
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to receive the promised help he lost his job in home everything he owns is in the supermarket cart water since last year more than 700000 companies have gone bankrupt this is dramatic $14000000.00 jobs were lost in a year and a half. on wednesday the government will move ahead with privatisation efforts by auctioning licenses to operate 22 airports but economists say brazil will only be able to attract major investments if it proves it can control the pandemic so far president datable so narrow has downplayed the virus which has killed more than 330000 people the 2nd largest death toll in the world meineke an i.q. of al-jazeera rio de janeiro. pakistan has reported smaller than $100.00 kroner virus deaths in 24 hours the highest one day total of the country's 3rd wave
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infections have risen sharply with more than $19000.00 cases in april restrictions are in place in high risk areas until sunday the prime minister has warned of tough and nationwide measures unless guidelines follows. state elections are under way in india amid a warring surge in coronavirus cases of polls is seen as a crucial test for prime minister narendra modi's b j p party to gain a foothold in east and south india where regional parties dominate elizabeth brandon reports from new delhi. despite india recording its highest number of corona virus cases since the pandemic began tens of millions of people turned out to cast their ballots on tuesday. polling is being held over 8 days in west bengal 3 days an hour but only on tuesday. and put the cherry. the election is the 1st and since the b. j p government carried out a controversial register of citizens a campaign it said was meant to check illegal immigration from neighboring. nearly
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2000000 of the state's 35000000 population were left off the list including hakim with an he cast his vote anyway as he waits to appeal against his exclusion. i have voted today and for this reason i am very happy because i am a citizen of india after they get the votes and form the government they hurt us if they keep us out it will hurt us. in are some the b j p has avoided talking about its register of citizens and an equally unpopular law which cost tracks citizenship to minorities from neighboring countries but excludes muslims it's focused instead on infrastructure projects and development but many voters are convinced it is going to there's unemployment everywhere the youth don't have any jobs and they roam around in the sleet so what will we do. all of the states holding on tuesday are outside the b j p s hindi speaking base in northern and central india it has never been in
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power and cattle are all india's 4th most populous state west bengal the campaign and voting there has been mobbed by violence between workers have to be j.p. and the villain trinamool congress led by month advantage it's very very. very big and when. they will be able to convey to people at large that this has a very limited impact the government has handled very well. for joblessness unemployment all these things have been taken with care by the government which is strong at the moment. over the past 7 years the b j p has swept to victory in 2 general elections but done poorly in states where regional parties a more powerful with these latest elections that's trying to change that elizabeth piron of al-jazeera new delhi. the internet. the monetary fund is predicting a stronger than expected global recovery this year as vaccine rollouts gather pace but a call economists are warning of tougher times ahead for the developing world shepparton
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the reports from washington d.c. . the i.m.f. increased its projection for world economic growth in 2021 from 5.5 percent to 6 percent as a result it says of trillions of dollars of pandemic stimulus and that the international rollout of khirbet vaccines global g.d.p. had contracted 3.3 percent in 2020 over the past year the i.m.f. chief economist is warning that almost 95000000 people are fooling bellew the threshold of extreme poverty around the world due to the pandemic including within industrialized nations and developing countries remain vulnerable a similarly ambitious effort is now needed at the multilateral level to secure the recovery and build forward better without additional efforts to give all people a fair shot cross-country gaps in living standards could widen significantly and decade's long progress in global poverty reduction could reverse. that long time
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watchers of the i.m.f. and world bank argue that it is precisely the policies of the i.m.f. and world bank that foster that income inequality despite what in recent years has become the traditional rhetoric of concern used at the annual spring meeting we see the i.m.f. the research department putting out grade materials and recognizing problems like inequality and talking about inclusive recovery and climate change and all these things that sound very good but at the country level if you look at the advice given in the programs it's all the same from you know decades ago and it's just a disconnect between the 2 parts at the i.m.f. the head of the meeting hundreds of civil society groups wrote to the i.m.f. and world bank decrying their insistence on austerity programs that. education and health services in developing nations in return for movies is one is that performance on climate change which they see is inadequate in addition the figures
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for projected economic growth released on tuesday are a dependent on universal global access to a coded vaccine yet the i.m.f. hasn't spoken out in favor of the waving international paper on those vaccines something the biden ministration is facing even though it was public money that paid for the research without that some economists argue that any stated policies about building forward better off color for the developing world she every time see al-jazeera washington. more than 100 people are still missing 3 days off the flash floods ripped through parts of indonesia and east timor conditions have finally started improve and rescue workers and all hoping to reach remote communities in need at least 118 deaths have been confirmed jessica washington reports from the cause of. a community tries to come to terms with the devastation that hit their island as victims of cold from the mud people crowd around to see whether it's their loved one that has been found many have been unable to contact family and
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friends and hundreds of houses that were destroyed everyone here has no choice but to start again. yeah someone did everything i could not save anything everything is gone i could only save myself the small island in east flores was among the worst affected in the weekend's flash floods and landslides. we got hit by this disaster we lost everything all we have are the clothes we are wearing. extreme weather was brought on by a tropical cyclone as the storm system moves further away from the indonesian archipelago conditions easing the thought is hope they will be able to bring in more help for the islands i don't put up in the for the sake of it i mean what we need the most is heavy machinery we have been asking for it from day one but we know that some of the roads were cut off because of the disaster on the sea was rough so we weren't able to bring it in at the time. that some ad has arrived and
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the local government set up a public kitchen to help feed the community but around the province people need more food water face masks and on the wrist sensuous on their own for now but for a lot together with the military i'm social ministry we are working i'm even to show you to we are here and helping people. in neighboring east timor the capital dili experienced it's worth floods in decades rescue crews are desperately trying to reach those most in need in remote areas and informal settlements but conditions are challenging many. roads. bridges have also. been destroyed or. maybe. have lost pretty much every day. and these actually miley and.
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hundreds of people across both countries are now facing a huge cleanup operation while still anxiously waiting for news of those who remain missing jessica washington al jazeera jakarta. about 270 people displaced by an attack mozambique's northern town of palma of reach safety but many remain traumatized mostly women and children traveled hundreds of kilometers south of palma to temporary shelter and more than 11000 people were forced to flee from that city and it was attacked by an armed group last month. these are people that are. exhausted they arrived by many means most of them arrived in the boat few days ago but some also arrived walking. the sentiment is transversal to everyone i've been speaking with. they are highly traumatized by what they have seen by what they
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have experienced seeing their families their friends being killed seeing their houses being completely destroyed if you hope here is accusing egypt and sudan of obstructing talks over its contested a mega dam on the blue nile after 3 days of meetings between the nations failed to reach an agreement ethiopia is building the grand renaissance dam to produce and tricity but its neighbors fear it will affect their water supply even morgan is in consumed with more. suzanne is saying that would if you're trying to do is try to impose a reality on the 3 countries especially sudan in egypt it says that the rounds of talks have produced no breakthrough they've been holding talks for 3 days effectively it was said to end on monday but resumed on tuesday morning as the 3 sides entered closed meetings to try to iron out their differences the main difference over this whole round of talks that was taking place in is that sudan
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and egypt wants the mediation team to expand to include the united states the u.n. and they are opinion that is something if european has strongly rejected and said that the the mediator of the talks between the 3 sides should remain the african union alone because they say that they believe african solutions to african problems now the 3 sides have failed to reach a deal despite those few talks a few days of talks so it looks like they've tried as much as they can but now sudan is saying that what ethiope if your peers doing it's violating international laws it's trying to impose their reality on the ground without reaching a deal and they say that that's a violation not just international laws but the declaration of principles that was signed between the 3 countries in 2015 before the killing of the crime if you print renaissance fam. women and children who were sleeping car among at least $100.00 civilians killed in fighting in northeast ethiopia since friday the violence is a flare up in a long running dispute have a contested land in the
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a far region the territory is claimed by both somali and tribes italy's prime minister has become the latest european leader trying to boost ties with libya's new interim government mario draghi is in tripoli for his 1st overseas visit since taking office he said it was time for the 2 countries to rebuild their friendship and underlined the importance of respecting a ceasefire signed last october. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories iran and the u.s. say they're making constructive progress and the latest efforts to revive the 2050 nuclear deal to new working groups will focus on getting each side back into compliance in more that or more what we've got to go now is that we find this position realistic and promising it could be the start of correcting the bad process that has taken diplomacy to a d.d. and we welcome the.


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