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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 7, 2021 12:00am-1:01am +03

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create confusion to create smoke and mirrors the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically subverted the oil industry was a main bankroller for opposition to climate action the campaign against the climate do you think that's a bad thing more suited it was force a good thing absolutely coming soon on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara sara this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes both washington and tehran say in direct talks to revive the iran nuclear deal or constructive but there are still no plans to meet face to face. on day 7 of the derrick show and trial police
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experts are questioned about the use of force to subdue subjects suspects france transforms its national sports stadium into a vaccine center with a plan to inoculate more than 2000000 people this week. and the report that's found rising sea temperatures are forcing some editorial species to search for cool local troops. iran and the u.s. have had their 1st in direct talks to try to breathe life back into the 2015 nuclear deal they go see as his did not gather in the same room and while there are still no plans for face to face meetings both tehran and washington have made positive noises about what was achieved in vienna on tuesday well the talks so european officials relaying messages between iranian and u.s.
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officials president biden promised to return to the agreement during his campaign after his country pulled out to under donald trump 2 further meetings are due to be held by experts from both sides to the scotts how to lift sanctions and for iran to return to full compliance with the accord of diplomatic editor james phases at the u.n. and says there are reasons to expect progress. well certainly this is just the start of a process but i do think what has happened in the last few hours has gone about as well as it could have done now that's not because there was any sort of breakthrough and we're a long way away from that it's because there wasn't a breakdown and this is this process is going to continue remember what we've got to try and do for both sides is get back to the 2015 iran nuclear deal that's the aim of all this but it has seriously unraveled since 2015 1st with president trump
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pulling out and piling on sanctions against iran and then with iran not complying anymore after a year with that deal increasing its enrichment bringing in advanced centrifuges so what they decided to do now after this initial meeting of indirect talks you actually had iran and most of the international community in $15.00 star hotel the grand hotel and the u.s. in another hotel the imperial hotel another 5 star hotel on the opposite side of the road with an e.u. representing representative shuttling back and forth what they've decided now is the initial plan was to divide the subjects into 2 what iran needs to do what the u.s. has to do so one of the lists is related to sanctions the other is related to iran's nuclear program and they're now going to go to a lower level expert level to try and go through each of those with 2 working groups in great detail. said bacon is in tehran then says sanctions remain
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a key issue there. so for iran are sticking to their guns they want all sanctions lifted and very fired by the country before they even begin to reverse any measures taken in the nuclear program they've also ruled out suspending the 20 percent uranium enrichment in exchange for $1000000000.00 of iranian money blocked outside the country because of u.s. sanctions iranian negotiators have said talks in vienna a constructive and a step in the right direction but there's still a long way to go iran feels it has suffered greatly under sanctions imposed by former us president donald trump sanctions that are still in place under joe biden's administration meanwhile here in iran the parliament is dominated by lawmakers who are never for the deal in the 1st place the government here would like to salvage the deal before they leave office later this year and come through on their promise of getting u.s. sanctions lifted. meanwhile an iranian ship has been reportedly been attacked with a mine in the red sea in the latest incident involving an iranian vessel it's said
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to have been attacked off the coast a very tray island was affiliated with iran's revolutionary guards the iranian news agency that has them says it was supporting iranian commandos a scorching commercial vessels a u.s. military spokesperson says it was not involved. the use of force and how police officers should try to deescalate crisis situations has been the focus of the 7th day of evidence in the trial of former minneapolis police officer there rick chauvet he's accused of the murder of george floyd a black man whose death last may sparked months of protests demanding racial equality and then end to police brutality on tuesday expert witnesses outlined to the forces procedures including the fact that all minneapolis police officers were
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trained in dealing with a crisis show vince defense team has previously argued that the circumstances surrounding floyd's death were extraordinary and stressful but the prosecution alleges a show in the not follow official guidelines for the use of force is this impeded trained neck restraint notes or. is there are. not too many neck restraint or. this is. authorized restraint technique. on the neck would be something that does happen he supports that is an authoress and under what circumstances would that thrives how one can you do that i don't know there's a ton brand of would depend on the circumstance of the time which would include but there is this issue getting involved. and so if there was say for example
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the subject was under control and handcuffed would this be authorized i would say no. well john hendren is live for us in minneapolis outside court where we should say at the trial has beena suspended for at that they will start again tomorrow of a lot of what we heard today was quite technical but it really all seemed to focus on the main issue really the use of force what did you make of what we heard. well it was a field with nuance not a lot of fireworks not huge gains for either side but there were some key openings for the defense you heard there lieutenant johnny mercer a training officer support the prosecution case that he was not a normal police tactics for kerik shogun to put his need on george floyd's neck. but he also offered a little information that was helpful to the fans one of the openings that he
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helped them with was they showed him a freeze frame of one moment during that 9 minutes and 29 seconds while george floyd was on the ground and in that frame they asked him where is derek show opens knee and he said between the blades of his back in other words he had moved off of george floyd neck well that's harmful to the prosecution case because they've been arguing all along that jovan had his knee on floyd's neck for 9 minutes and 2529 seconds consistently and then there was testimony also from a police medical officer her name is nicole mckenzie and she argued a couple of they were she was responsive to a couple of things one saying during cross-examination that the crowd can impact what the officers are able to do and that they would have to stop c.p.r. or not perform it if they felt it was unsafe now we do know from looking at the
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reverse pictures of that scene there were maybe $7.00 to $10.00 people there the defense arguing that there was this rowdy crowd that was. dropping the officers from doing what they were doing it was potentially unruly but we saw that only a couple of times did anyone actually ever even step off the curb and the officer who was doing crowd control pushed back on them so when you called we can also talk about what she called excited delirium and that's the possibility that people who are on drugs and george floyd had methamphetamine in fentanyl in his system can sometimes have what she called superhuman strength well that could support the defense's case that the officers needed to restrain lloyd even though he wasn't showing any signs of resistance after the 1st few moments when he was on the ground but the date ended rather mysteriously an hour early we don't know why that happened but it ended with a paid prosecution witness his name is joe he's from the los angeles police
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department and he said outright he believes the use of force was unnecessary well that's what you would expect from a prosecution witness but it certainly backs their case and the l.a.p.d. certainly knows a lot about the use of force. john hendren with the latest from minneapolis outside the court house john thank you. all one and sullivan is a law professor and the director of criminal justice institute at harvard law school he joins us now from newton massachusetts via skype sir thank you for joining us once again here on the al-jazeera again as our correspondent was saying maybe not so many exciting highlights if you will but a lot of cases there both for the prosecution and maybe also for that the friends who also had some good moments today. thank you barbara for having me again it's a pleasure to be back absolutely the defense had some great testimony today they
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were actually able to get in key points of their theory of the case through government witnesses so one of the things that any trial attorney has to be careful of is over trying a case putting on too many which says opening the door for the sort of thing that happened hey you know this i think i really think this was a bad day for the government the defense is going to be able to argue based on today that it's discretionary what officers do on the screen that several variables indicate the degree of pressure that a officer might apply on this continuum of force and that the it's from the perspective of the officer on the ground those are 3 key elements in their theory that they got through the prosecution witnesses they haven't even put on their case yet so i think the prosecution needs to be very careful needs to narrow
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the case in needs to her point its major point that it some point the force was too much and not argue in these small details that feeds into the defense theory of the case because just to remind the viewers there's 3 charges that there it show vinnie is facing but the most serious one that one that carries up to 40 years in prison is unintentional 2nd degree murder now prosecutors here have to prove that show the in his conduct what he did was a a substantial causal factor so this is really key i guess in what the defense has to prove because i guess they just have to cast doubt on that and the fact of their their man does not go to prison for 40 years. you know that's right in the american judicial system the burden of proof is with the government the whole time when i try cases i literally walk over to the government's table and smack it and
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say the burden of proof is here it was here at the beginning it's here now they have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt and to a moral certainty that this happened and that's a very very high standard so so far the defense is doing a really really good job i think there's plenty of evidence there to convict even on the high count of 2nd degree but the the prosecutor really has to up its his game in this. i guess what if you made all of the trial over all self i guess it's hard to say because of course you know we could have probably do have weeks ahead of us and as you said that defense hasn't called up its witnesses yet but what have you made because it's a kind of trial where obviously a lot of people had made their minds up already the 2nd they saw that video. well you know trials 2 in the go up and down up and down last week was a very good week for the government they ended up with the chief of police who came
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raised his right hand swore to tell the truth and set that challenge misbehaved that he didn't do it properly that was powerful testimony strong testimony in the end that mass week on a high note this week has shifted so for me it's only tuesday but monday and tuesday has shifted in favor of the defense i think this trial is going to be at least 4 weeks long so we've got we're not at the halfway point yet so why have to see what what happens but there there tends to be a lot of arab in-flow in trials the key for any trial attorney is to go in and try to win the day to swim every day and the more wind you rack up the more it's sort of seeps into the consciousness of the jury your theory of the case right now they're arguing about narratives stories who's telling the
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best story is it a case about excessive force or is it a case about drug overdose whichever one the jury believed that you wouldn't well certainly hope that we would be talking about this again but for the moment ronald sullivan law professor and the director of criminal justice institute at harvard law school sir thank you thank you barbara. coming up on this news hour from london izzy the man to unite an israeli government the president down sit. still gets them on the. fears of an oil slick off the coast of norway after crew members abandoned ship in rough water in. sudan says ethiopia is a unilateral moves over its may get them including filling it again where
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a violation of international law after 2 days of talks between ethiopia sudan and egypt the country's a failed to reach an agreement is u.p. a bill to the renascence dam to produce electricity but its neighbors fear that it will impact on their water supply hippa morgan has more now from car too. sudan is thing that would if europe is trying to do is try to impose a reality on the 3 countries especially sudan in egypt it says that the rounds of talks have produced no breakthrough they've been holding talks for 3 days that effectively it was set to end on monday which resumed on tuesday morning as the 3 sides entered closed meetings to try to iron out the differences the main difference over this whole round of talks that was taking place in is that sudan and egypt want the mediation team to expand to include the united states the u.n.
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and the european union that is something if european has strongly rejected and said that the the mediator of the talks between the 3 sides should remain the african union alone because they say that they believe african solutions to african problems now the 3 sides have failed to reach a deal despite those few talks a few days of talks so it looks like they've tried as much as they can but now sudan is thing that what ethiope if your peers doing its violating international laws it's trying to impose their reality on the ground without reaching a deal and they say that that's a violation not just international laws but the declaration of principles that was signed between the 3 countries in 2015 before the feeling of the crime if you've been renaissance them at least 56 people are now known to have died after days of tribal clashes in the west of sudan the u.n. says more than 130 people have been injured in battles between members of the arab . and massively tribes in west are for it began when unknown armed men killed 2 people from the last of it on saturday the government has declared
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a state of emergency in the region un peacekeepers withdrew from the area in the same bar after a peace deal between the government and 2 armed groups. 118 people have now been confirmed dead in the flash floods and landslides in indonesia and east timor more than 100 others are still missing torrential rains were triggered by a passing cycle own now as conditions begin to improve rescue workers are trying to reach communities in need as jessica washington reports. on a community tries to come to terms with the devastation that hit their island as victims are pulled from the mud people crowd around to see whether it's their loved one that has been found many have been unable to contact family and friends and hundreds of houses that were destroyed everyone here has no choice but to start again. from i did everything i want i could not save anything everything is gone i
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could only save myself. the small island in east flores was among the worst affected in the weekend's flash floods and landslides. most are we got hit by this disaster we lost everything all we have are the clothes we are wearing. the extreme weather was brought on by a tropical cyclone as the storm system moves further away from the indonesian archipelago conditions are easing the thought is hope they will be able to bring in more help for the island i don't but i've been here for the sake of it i mean what we need the most is heavy machinery we have been asking for it from day one but we know that some of the roads were cut off because of the disaster on the sea was rough so we weren't able to bring it in at that time. because some aid has arrived and the local government set up a public kitchen to help feed the community but around the province people need more food water facemasks and all the resend chills on their own for now but for
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a lot together with the military i'm social ministry we are working and moving to show you to we are here and helping people. in neighboring east timor the capital dili experienced its worst floods in decades rescue crews are desperately trying to reach those most in need in remote areas and informal settlements but conditions are challenging many. bridges have also. been destroyed. maybe. most pretty much every day. and these actually miley and. hundreds of people across both countries are now facing a huge cleanup operation while still anxiously waiting for news of those who remain
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missing jessica washington al-jazeera jakarta. israel's president has given benjamin netanyahu the chance to form a government even though he believes nobody has a real chance of building a coalition proven rivlin has been holding talks with political parties after the force inconclusive election in 2 years he said nationally owsley could party had the best chance and insisted it was possible to avoid a 5th vote that decision coincided with the 2nd day of the prime minister's bribery trial much have given the state of things with there is no majority supporting a specific candid it and in the absence of other considerations indicating the chances of any of the candidates forming a government have come to my decision according to the map recommendations which indicates benjamin netanyahu has a slightly higher chance of forming a government accordingly i've decided to entrust him with the task of forming a government this is not an easy decision for me morally and ethically. there is
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senior political analyst marwan bashara says there are competing political ambitions involved. they've been playing musical chairs and in you know every time that one stops and usually the 2 when it's like the if the to play it's it is the author of the possible someone is left standing and leaves the scene and nothing else will always somehow grabs his chair the main chair so once again we are in the process of a musical chair game in israel and the main reason for that the main reason for the 4 elections is benjamin netanyahu his insistence on maintaining his leadership in israel because he doesn't want to have political ambition he also has the personal ambition of protecting themselves from prosecution otherwise what we have today in israel is still potential coalitions and both of them and right
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wing or extreme right wing coalition both of them don't give a damn about what's happening next door in the occupied territories where some 4 and a half 1000000 palestinians 56 many palestinians have been under occupation for the past 5 decades so it's certainly that palestinian issue is not an issue in those correlation forming exercises and is read the real issues are more religious more personal what. of certain politicians trying to gain power within the country and that's why we might see a 5th election coming because the national security of the country is not at stake it's the national ambition of political heads that is it stick. the process of letting up to 175000000 people vote is well underway in india
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local elections are being held in several states but it's the millions who have been left off the electoral register which is under discussion elizabeth purana reports there from the capital new delhi. despite india recording its highest number of coronavirus cases since the pandemic began tens of millions of people turned out to cast their ballots on tuesday. polling is being held over 8 days in west bengal 3 days an hour but only on tuesday. and put the cherry. the election is the 1st in our som since the b. j p government carried out a controversial register of citizens a campaign it said was meant to check illegal immigration from neighboring bangladesh. nearly 2000000 of the state's 35000000 population were left off the list including hockey with an early he cast his vote anyway as he waits to appeal against his exclusion. i have voted today and for this reason i am very happy
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because i am a citizen of india after they get the votes and form the government they hurt us if they keep us out it will hurt us. in are some the b j p has avoided talking about its register of citizens and an equally unpopular law which cost tracks citizenship to minorities from neighboring countries but excludes muslims it's focused instead on infrastructure projects and development but many voters aren't convinced it is going to there's unemployment everywhere the youth don't have any jobs and they roam around in the sleep so what will we do. all of the states holding on tuesday are outside the b j p s hindi speaking base in northern and central india it has never been in power and cattle are all india's 4th most populous state west bengal the campaign and voting there has been mobbed by violence between workers of the b j p and the villain trinamool congress led by month advantage it's very very been important to be very big and when. they will be able to convey to people that that
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this has a very limited impact the government has handled very well. for joblessness unemployment all these things have been taken with care by the government which is strong at the moment. over the past 7 years the b j p has swept to victory in 2 general elections but done poorly in states where regional parties a more powerful with these latest elections it's trying to change that elizabeth al-jazeera new delhi. italy's prime minister has become the latest european leader to try to boost ties with libya's new interim government there are gays in tripoli for his 1st overseas visit since taking office he said it was time for the countries to rebuild their friendship and the underlined the importance of respecting a ceasefire that was signed last october that argued praised the new government's efforts to curb the number of migrants fleeing to your.
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we want to think in return the cultural and economic interchange with libya to the level that was at 5678 years ago and in that sense our conversation today assures me that we want to actually overtake that level in other words we want to make this partnership a guide for the future with the full support it in of libya. still to come this hour the property scandal which could taint south korea's elections and this week and even next year plus. i'm sure such a price on board the world's 1st vaccinated flights i'll explain why qatar airways has decided to do this and what it means for the future of air travel. it's time for the perfect gentleman. sponsored point qatar airways you
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may know much of europe step back a month or so into winter this is a cult fund that is coming down from the arctic and it's still screaming into the local and edges of for example the netherlands and belgium snow showers and the gale force wind it does not feel very much like spring and the forward edge of this frontal system is losing its wind and it's going to be heading off during wednesday rather than through bug area to ukraine but behind the still plenty of showers or even persistent snow to come through germany and austria so for example if you took in spokes forecast you have a cold day on wednesday 30 windy with showers now this dies down and we do see an improvement by the end of the week and that's generally going to be the case that the wind direction change on thursday from the british isles we cut off this cold air which keeps wandering through eastern europe or snowy day for poland for example slovakia and probably done in romania the sun's out elsewhere and the sun's
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never left spain and portugal as fact has developed a couple of showers is warm enough for that. we still have a persistence of this old frontal system through place by the new one over the bosphorus over the far north of greece when direction changes because back to winter in turkey. sponsored pol qatar airways. frank assessments the welders on a brink of a gas a strong the moral failure is that a fair assessment it would be a catastrophic hialeah to twice a valuable back saying informed opinions should we be buying bit coy ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this that is the direction this is all headed in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines the inside story on our. most people will never know what's beyond this story.
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deafening silence of 100000 forms how it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it's like to work with every breath is precious. with here is not an option. but when know most people. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera iran and the u.s. have had their 1st in their wrecked talks to try to breathe some life back into the 2015 nuclear deal to go see
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a truce were not in the same room and while there are still no plans for a face to face meetings both tehran and washington have made positive noises about what was achieved in vienna. the use of force and how police officers should seek to deescalate crisis situations has been the focus of the 7th day of evidence in the trial of former minneapolis police officer derek chauvin charged with the murder of george ford. and sudan is accusing ethiopia over breaking international law by seeking to once again filled the grand tour in a sense than after 2 days of talks between ethiopia sudan and egypt the country's failed to reach an agreement. the university of oxford has paused a trial in children of the vaccine it developed with astra zeneca because of reports linking it to blood clots britain's prime minister though is defending the use of the vaccine johnson says health authorities who have approved its use need to be
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trusted it was touring the astra zeneca manufacturing facility in machall in england's north some nations temporarily stopped the use of us to seneca last month the european medicines agency has said the vaccine is safe but continues to investigate. for meanwhile the nation will stay in national stadium of france's reopen there's a vaccination center with the facilities to administer $1500.00 to 2000 doses a day they said that france would usually host football and rugby fans but it's now a key part of the city's bid to speed up the inoculation campaign francis said a target of 2200000 vaccines this week alone the hope is to inoculate 13000000 adults by the middle of june the country is entering a new partial lockdown due to a 3rd wave of infections which has left many intensive care units overwhelmed
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when the cash there is at the start the france for us and says there are still concerns over the country's planned route out of the pandemic. well dozens of mass vaccination centers are opening across the country as the french government accelerates its vaccine campaign there are also lots of buildings but arguably this one is the most famous the stop to frost's the country's national stadium that has hosted in the past international sporting events including the world cup final health workers and doctors hope to give about 10000 vaccines to people here each week it's also located in the paris suburb of sense anthony which has one of the highest rates of new covert infections daily in the country only to get this if you see it in small towns it's hard to get vaccinated where i live there are no doses available but i managed to get an appointment at the stadium. we're nearly 70 we have health problems it's important to get vaccinated france is now in its 3rd
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national knock down it began on saturday because the health situation has deteriorated in recent weeks covert infections have been soaring field mainly by variants of the coated 19 virus many i see use across the country on a day full some doctors and health workers say the present macro should've looked down a lot earlier maybe the end of january beginning of february he though says that he has no regrets his strategy has always been to try and balance the economy with people's health and with moral well amount of micro certainly now gambling on an accelerated vaccine program because he says that he wants to try to lift some restrictions as early as mid may. joe biden says the united states is on track to beat its goal of 200000000 coronavirus vaccine doses administered in the 1st 100 days of his presidency they as president announce the country's progress soon after visiting a vaccination center in virginia by april 19th every person over the age of 18
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nationwide will be eligible to be vaccinated or than 80 percent of teachers and school staff of now received at least one vaccination shot but the president says new variants of the virus are driving infection rates back up making incredible progress there's a lot of good news but there's also some bad news new movie areas of the virus are spreading and there's moving quickly cases are going back up hospitalizations are no longer declining mode-s. is still down way down from january going up in some places but meanwhile brazil has recorded force 1000 coronavirus that's in the past day that's the highest number of victims in just 124 hour period and it comes as the government approved a new emergency aid package of almost $8000000000.00 but analysts say doesn't go
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far enough as monika going to kiev nav reports. since the pandemic began vision get afraid he has been receiving a monthly $50.00 subsidy but not from the federal government nor in brazilian how nice the seaside town of mighty county where she works lives off oil royalties and has decided to spend the money on social plans it created its own virtual currency the moon bokeh to help the poor and the local economy. since we can only use mum because in al town the local commerce is still thriving and we were able to keep out those open when so many in other parts of the country have closed. 43000 brazilians living in muddy cow have been
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able to make ends meet thanks to their muka cards but in the rest of brazil millions have been left with nothing after the government suspended financial emergency aid last january just discovered 1000 infections began spiralling out of control in half a year the number of brazilians living in poverty has tripled from 9 and a half 1000000 last august to more than 27000000 in february analysts say the situation now is much worse march's one of the biggest months in the pandemic or soon will walk down. the government decided to resume the emergency aid this month but since money is scarce the handouts will be smaller than last year an average of $44.00 per month until the end of july. the government promised handouts to 44000000 brazilians which is much less than the
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68000000 it benefited from the 1st emergency aid package budget canela tells us he's counting the days to risk. the promise to help him lost his job in home everything he owns is in the supermarket car. wash examples of water since last year more than 700000 companies have gone bankrupt this is dramatic $14000000.00 jobs were lost in a year and a half. on wednesday the government will move ahead with privatization efforts by auctioning licenses to operate 22 airports but economists say brazil will only be able to attract major investments if it proves it can control the pandemic so far president jalal so natural has downplayed the virus which has killed more than 330000 people the 2nd largest death toll in the world meineke an i.q. of al-jazeera rio de janeiro. catherine airways has launched the world's 1st ever
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fully vaccinated flight it took off from doha the hama international airport and circled around the neighboring countries before returning the aim was to show that air travel can be safe even during a pandemic course it was on board. these qatar airways staff members are all fully vaccinated and sore all these passengers the airline wants to reassure millions of people that air travel is safe even during the pandemic we want to be the 1st airline in the world to do a fully vaccinated flight including passengers and the crew and you know what that has a very aggressive acts a nation program and so we at the airline level have a very aggressive vaccination program we have x. in it that nearly 20000 of our employees and we vaccinate that on the 1000
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employees every day. these passengers including many members of the media and officials were eager to take off qatar airways has introduced new touchless screens so using your mobile phone you can access all the onboard information and entertainment you need there are 18 crew members on board this flight so was 181 passengers now they are members that i've spoken to so far say they feel this flight is a little bit more relaxed for them in terms of they know they feel more secure that all the passengers have been vaccinated and they meant that it has been quite a difficult year for them doing their job valerie joy wilson is a social media influencer who had traveled from new york to take part in this flight people that want to travel it's a time to get back to travel travel it's a few years off to be safe and responsible and we're here showcasing that today of course there's no pressure to travel like you don't have to travel until you feel comfortable other travel bloggers who are also excited about the return of regular
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flights i came from dubai to be on this historic. first fully back to the white very very proud to be a prosecutor in this white house and you know how is it going so far with this one terroristic. i mean there's a bit a sense of return to normal there's a lot of hoops i can see people really enjoying to fly looking out the window a lot of people have to travel for over a year so this flight hopefully is the start of the norm and we can all get back to our normal daily routine of life and this doctor is trying to make that happen in qatar so what i'll buy out is heading the country's vaccination drive and had a message for those who want to return to something approaching normality and hope this emphasizes the importance of vaccination. and i think it's a strong message by the airlines our national carrier. it's
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a great light with many people who are advocating vaccination. while this flight left and returned to doha without landing anywhere else it provided some hope that air travel can make a comeback in the midst of covert 19. dorsetshire pari al jazeera doha. an abandoned dutch cargo ship is a risk of sinking in causing an oil spill off norway's coast after its crew had to be evacuated emergency response teams are trying to prevent the vessel adrift in the north sea from leaking some of its 350 tons of heavy oil and 50 tons of these all they say they have until midday on wednesday to prevent the spillage 12 crew members were evacuated because of fears that the stormy weather could have caused that the ship to capsize several scampi this is a lecturer in maritime economics at the university of flame with and he joins us
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now thank you for joining us here on al-jazeera from what you understand what's actually happening to this ship now how far it is it away from the coast. thank you for hosting me barbara for another time you know the syrian plate blows up and what is happening of the from what we've seen from the vireos a state of providers is that. the good god is already nearby the vessel for many hours on the trying to you know they're taking actions to try to maintain the vessel floating because it's you know from the boards there's here the weather of the and the woman the 2 stools services well they're going towards the this seems really going to help and the over the operations but when you say help what are they trying to do are they trying to sort of i don't know and career stabilize the ship or to take it somewhere perhaps where waters are more tranquil. actually the 1st action they will trying to do is trying to stop eliza seat 1st and then try to
12:44 am
talk to a safe harbor somewhere so they can be able to float the vessel you know all that of course is hypothetical because we have to see what's the weather looks like and how the overall story develops. i mean mercifully the crew are safe they were all sort of air lifted off of the the ship but i guess the real worry though is that we're going to get an oil spill agenda and the numbers are are pretty stark 350 tons of heavy oil 50 tons of these all potentially this could be a disaster you know those numbers are usual for the market i'm sick to organize like money time we were talking about money time secure we've got to think about big numbers in this about big number of people in big numbers of cargo that we're carrying so that's something normal let's hope that we're not going to have a cup size of the vessel let's hope that the coast guard that sort of it's going to keep you know take actions to prevent in the offshore vessels that they're going to the scene they're going to help to prevent that kind of disaster to happen but in the worst case scenario even if the vessel is going to come science doesn't mean
12:45 am
that we're going to cover no experience no but if anything we've seen several he said this in the bunch that we had another cup size and you have any worries be so fingers crossed we're not going to have a stance on accidents i guess ships have been in the news quite a lot recently this time and of course the one that got stuck in the suez canal just a few weeks ago i mean it's worth remembering that in these times we just had a report about airplanes and flight and we know that most of the ground the but actually the shipping industry has kept a lot of transport and commerce going during the pandemic. that's correct in the seeping sector i'm proud that a member or because we keep trading 365 you know we're operating 247365 days we haven't stopped because of the but they're big and that's also something i would like to highlight you know the seafarers to do 100000 seats there is a lot out there and they're you know operating day by day and we thought coming in
12:46 am
even that's on some of them being stuck for a year in their vessels because of the court situation they cannot go back home because of the overall distinction of their facing so yes we're a business we're a sector that we're continue supplying with goods the overall sector and we're proud of it because we keep supplying the overall supply chain. staff betty this leg truer in maritime economics at the university of plymouth here in the u.k. sir thank you you're welcome. that the waters near the equator are becoming too hot for many species the handle new research shows the temperature of the seas surface rose by nearly 0.2 degrees celsius in the 40 years to 2010 anything at or above 20 degrees means the diversity of fish species levels off and it can be gained to the colline their report from the this
12:47 am
report from the us that cademy of sciences journal suggests that species that can move are with $1500.00 species such as fish while ascs and birds now found the further north and further south but the real fear is for species like coral and sea sponges stuck on the sea floor and the already the victims of bleaching and the lack of nutrients. and i think that is that is something that's concerning because the time period that they're looking at is actually not that long and if you're looking at geological history where. biodiversity patterns vary by species evolution is taking place and biodiversity changes are taking place so energy a logical history this is a blimp so it's just the wink of an eye. to see such rapid changes or such changes over occurring so rapidly is something that's astonishing i
12:48 am
would say. still to come in this news hour tokyo's a limpid games get hit with yet another setback gemma will be here to explain that's coming up in support.
12:49 am
of. i am. going to know. rising property prices in south korea are pushing house purchases beyond the reach of many young people it's one of the major issues in local elections taking place this week the government has promised to take measures to calm the market but now a state owned company is accused of feeling it instead with insider trading bribes
12:50 am
reports from seoul. the acting mayor of seoul inspecting arrangements for holding this election safely during the pandemic the mayor's office is one of dozens of posts being contested across south korea but campaigning has been dominated by a real estate scandal it centers on the long running efforts by the liberal government to tackle escalating property prices which it promised to do when it was 1st elected but on how you run instability in the real estate market stoop to speak english and meet the difficult for people to become home owners. successive measures to dampen demand have had only limited success leading to a complete change in direction this spring with the government announcing an increase in the supply of affordable housing but officials from the government own career land and housing corporation or l h are being accused of using that information to buy up plots of land and advance
12:51 am
in c. hung city south of seoul this plot bought by a group of buyers has come under suspicion and the investigation is widening it remains to be seen just how far this scandal develops and how many more people will be implicated but there's no mistaking the growing public anger this was a measure meant to help people in an overheating property market but so far only looks like it's helped a group of on group us public officials to help themselves activists here as elsewhere are putting the blame squarely on the government. the people who should have upheld the highest standard of fairness the career lane and housing corporation workers took insider information and used it to the benefit its unforgivably. to limit the damage the government has been quick to legislate against public officials speculating in the property market. they want to go but in
12:52 am
wa it's an obvious crime the trampled on ordinary people's dreams of affording their own home public anger is justified and calls for action are understandable. and that public anger is likely to be expressed at the ballot box in this election and maybe in next year's vote for president robert bride al-jazeera soul. come to get this for now here's jeff thank you barbara liverpool i have it all today in their champions league quarter final tie it with round woodridge after they were beaten 31 in the 1st leg was soon after the break thanks to goals of venice's jr asensio mohamed salah got them back for liverpool early in the 2nd half but venice is juno he struck again got his 2nd of the night as it finished 31 liverpool then need a big comeback at anfield next week it was late drama and the game between manchester city and dormant city went ahead on 3 kevin dobro into and it remained one there
12:53 am
right up until marco voice equalized the dortmund with just 6 minutes to go but in the 90th minute scored a win of a city to give them a narrative who wanted going into the 2nd leg the spanish football club valencia have issued a statement saying a whole we don't believe you after the county defended denied allegations the racially abused one of their players. could be alleges that colors said a racial insult to him during sunday's league match between the sides the valencia team walked off the pitch in protest and the game was temporarily stopped addressed the media on tuesday in which he strongly denied the accusations and says he would take legal action against anybody who's defamed him. if. this is completely false i've been suffering 2 days now from this media circus this is a public lynching i don't know whether he made it all up or he misunderstood when i turned back to look at him and tell him to leave me in peace i don't know what's
12:54 am
clear is i tried to calm him down and i tried to make him understand that i didn't say it from then on i don't know what happened. as for the act of a well he only felt ready to speak about the incident on tuesday he wants the spanish take it to thoroughly investigate what happened and impose punishment. you all saw my reaction saying that is something that can happen in normal life and above all in football sport based on respect afterwards my teammates and i decided to return to the dressing room it was a good decision later one of their players are asked one of our players if we would come back on to the pitch if one color apologized my teammates and i said no that is not the way things are done you can't do something like that apologize and it is forgiven no i feel fine today but it hurt me it hurt me a lot north korea has become the 1st country to withdraw from the tokyo and impacts the country's sports ministry says it wants to protect its athletes from
12:55 am
coronavirus it will be the 1st time north korea misses and olympic summer games since 1988 when it boycotted so during the cold war the event is due to begin on july 28th. we spoke to sports writer john do it and he says even though the games don't like you go ahead north korea pulling out is yet another setback for japan. well it is a blow because the olympics is supposed to be a universal festival of sports for all nations come together so to lose one is it's not good with career is no big power in terms of lympics he won 2 gold medals in 2016 and 4 in 2012. and also reinforces the more negative headlines for the talk really impacts. organizers will be hoping that a little just don't follow i think one positive thing perhaps is as such isolation is country then it's not want to set many trends we don't really know what's going on behind behind closed doors in north korea but of course it's not
12:56 am
a negative story about the 2020 lympics opinion poll held recently showed that about 80 percent of the public in japan. were. unconvinced the game should go ahead but i think now we're kind of past that point really were unless something terrible happens you know the organizers are determined that we can still go ahead that we know fans from other countries and we need to be seen what happens with the athletes that come from you know all the nations in the world whether they will need faction nations or whatever else but by think it once hoping to get it finished and done and then move on to the next one and it a feather play games organizers have postponed a water polo test event which was supposed to start on saturday that's due to the impact of the pandemic and scheduling they now have to find a date in may or june for it to take place the 1st gulf major if they at the last as it takes off on thursday but without the 5 time champion tiger woods is still recovering from
12:57 am
a car crash one player he will particularly miss his presence around august is the lot number 2 justin tell us. i want to or saw him a couple times last week and i've tried to just go over a couple times journo week whenever i'm home and see him and yeah i texted friday night this morning saying that i think it's kind of starting to set and he's used to your playing practice rounds with us and we hate it too i mean i have i'm very very lucky that i somehow got thrown into that practice wrong group with tiger and freddy the last 4 years or whatever it is and especially around this place i mean i just fall around like puppy dogs and just time to tell you that the all-star game has me from atlanta as you know but it's now going to be played in denver that's been confirmed by many today so i have a guy that for me gemma thank you. and that is it for this new salary you can get the latest on all that we have been covering on our website al jazeera dot com and
12:58 am
i will be back in just a few minutes with more of the news thanks for watching. the story goes that the statue of an ancient greek god he beat the waves for millenia. until a palestinian fisherman on earth the priceless relic. the story continues that as the world's attention was drawn to gaza mysteriously the day it disappeared
12:59 am
once again. the apollo of gaza. on a. most people will never know what's beyond this still. deafening silence of 100000 volts how it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it's like to work with every breath is precious with here is not an option. but when knocked most people. the climate is changing every year for millions of years decades of little action it's all about just create confusion to create smoke and mirrors the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically subverted the oil industry was a main bankroller or opposition to the campaign against the climate do you think
1:00 am
that's a bad thing more choo-choo if it was sure if you could see absolutely coming soon on al jazeera i care about how the u.s. engages with the rest of the world we're willing to get in take you into a place you might not visit otherwise feel that you were there. both washington and tehran say in their direct talks to revive the iran nuclear deal work constructive but there are still no plans to meet face to face. alone barbara starr this is al jazeera live from london also coming up on day 7 of the derrick chauvin trial police experts are questioned about the use of force to subdue suspects.


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