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can you see that happening this is what is going to happen it has been a new experience have you ever had or have you ever seen examples of a not referring exactly to the george floyd case that could be a problem that could be hard for the defense to overcome. alan fischer with the latest outside court in minneapolis alan for the moment thank you and we will of course go back kid to the derek show then trial when it restarts the jury is just taking a short break should be about 20 minutes or so sick a look at some of the day's other news now iran's says it's confident in direct talks with the u.s. on its nuclear deal with world powers are on the right track european officials relayed messages between iranian and u.s. officials in vienna or sides have attempted to revive the pact president biden promised to return to return to the accord to during his campaign after his country pulled out under donald trump to further meetings are due to be held by experts from both sides to discuss how to lift sanctions and for iran to return to full
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compliance with the accord or diplomatic editor james phases at the u.n. and says there are reasons to expect progress. well certainly this is just the start of a process but i do think what has happened in the last few hours has gone about as well as it could have done now that's not because there was any sort of breakthrough and we're a long way away from that it's because there wasn't a breakdown and this is this process is going to continue remember what we've got to try and do for both sides is get back to the 2015 iran nuclear deal that's the aim of all this but it has seriously unraveled since 2015 1st with president trump pulling out and piling on sanctions against iran and then with iran not complying anymore after a year with that deal increasing its enrichment bringing in advanced centrifuges so
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what they decided to do now after this initial meeting of indirect talks you actually had iran and most of the international community in $15.00 star hotel the grand hotel and the u.s. in another hotel the imperial hotel another 5 star hotel on the opposite side of the road with an e.u. representing representative shuttling back and forth what they've decided now is the initial plan was to divide the subjects into 2 what iran needs to do what the u.s. has to do so one of the lists is related to sanctions the other is related to iran's nuclear program and they're now going to go to a lower level expert level to try and go through each of those with 2 working groups in great detail that's the view from the united nations a less a beggar is in tehran and says sanctions remain a key issue. so for iran are sticking to their guns they want all sanctions lifted
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and very fired by the country before they even begin to reverse any measures taken in their nuclear program they've also ruled out suspending the 20 percent uranium enrichment in exchange for $1000000000.00 of iranian money blocked outside the country because of u.s. sanctions iranian negotiators have said talks in vienna a constructive and a step in the right direction but there's still a long way to go iran feels it has suffered greatly under sanctions imposed by former us president donald trump sanctions that are still in place under joe biden's administration meanwhile here in iran the parliament is dominated by lawmakers who are never for the deal in the 1st place the government here would like to salvage the deal before they leave office later this year and come through on their promise of getting u.s. sanctions lifted. so that says ethiopia has a unilateral moves over its leg at that time including filling it again were a violation of international law after 2 days of talks between ethiopia sudan and egypt the country is a failed to reach an agreement if he of you have built there were in
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a sense dam to produce electricity but its neighbors fear it will impact their water supply hiper morgan has more now from qatar. sudan is saying that would it would if europe is trying to do is try to impose a reality on the 3 countries especially sudan and egypt it says that the rounds of talks have produced no breakthrough they've been holding talks for 3 days effectively it was said to end on monday which resumed on tuesday morning as the 3 sides entered closed meetings to try to iron out their differences the main difference over this whole round of talks that was taking place in is that sudan and egypt want the mediation team to expand to include the united states the u.n. and the european union that is something if european has strongly rejected and said that the the mediator of the talks between the 3 sides should remain the african union alone because they say that they believe african solutions to african problems now the 3 sides have failed to reach a deal despite those few talks
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a few days of talks so it looks like they've tried as much as they can but now sudan is saying that what ethiope if your peers doing is violating international laws it's trying to impose their reality on the ground without reaching a deal and they say that that's a violation not just international laws but the declaration of principles that was signed between the 3 countries in 2015 before the feeling of the crime if you pronounce them. 118 people have now been confirmed dead in the flash floods and landslides in indonesia and east timor more than 100 others are still missing torrential rains were triggered by a passing cycle now as conditions begin to improve rescue workers are trying to reach communities in need as jessica washington reports. on a community tries to come to terms with the devastation that hit their island as victims are pulled from the mud people crowd around to see whether it's their loved
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one that has been found many have been unable to contact family and friends and hundreds of houses that were destroyed everyone here has no choice but to start again. yeah from i did everything i want i could not save anything everything is gone i could only save myself the small island in east flores was among the worst affected in the weekend's flash floods and landslides. we got hit by this disaster we lost everything all we have are the clothes we are wearing the extreme weather was brought on by a tropical cyclone as the storm system moves further away from the indonesian archipelago conditions are easing the thought is hope they will be able to bring in more help for the island and. what we need the most is heavy machinery we have been asking for it from day one but we know that some of the roads were cut off because of the disaster on the sea was rough so we weren't able to bring it in at that time
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. some ed has arrived and the local government set up a public kitchen to help feed the community but around the province people need more food water face masks and on the ricin chills the number for a lot together with the military i'm social ministry we are working i'm able to show you that we are here and helping people. in neighboring east timor the capital dili experienced its worth floods in decades rescue crews are desperately trying to reach those most in need in remote areas and informal settlements but conditions are challenging. many. roads and. bridges have also. been destroyed or. maybe even trying to do. of course most pretty much every day. and this actually.
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hundreds of people across both countries are now facing a huge cleanup operation while still anxiously waiting for news of those who remain missing jessica washington al jazeera jakarta israel's president has given benjamin essen the hour the opportunity to form a government even though he believes nobody has a real chance of building a coalition rather than rivlin has been holding talks with political parties after the 4th inconclusive election in 2 years he said that in a owsley could the party had the best chance and insisted it was possible to avoid a 5th vote that the sitting coincided with the 2nd day of the prime minister's bribery trial. much happier given the state of things with there is no majority supporting a specific candidate it and in the absence of other considerations indicating the chances of any of the candidates forming
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a government i've come to my decision according to the map recommendations which indicates binge admonition yahoo has a slightly higher chance of forming a government accordingly i've decided to entrust him with the task of forming a government this is not an easy decision for me morally and ethically. ok let's take you back to the courtroom in minneapolis for a force the trial of their ex show been charged with the murder of george floyd we are getting a new witness taking his oath let's listen. uses . his life. and i don't think you. can move your mask if you feel comfortable doing so innocently. and let's begin by having you state your full name spelling need to
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give us a jodi steiger jail he why s t i i g e r. thank you your honor sir how are you employed on employees of the most agencies police department in what capacity i'm a sergeant. and you understand that you're here today serving as a routine expert for the state is that correct yes or so this is outside your typical duties as a sergeant with the l.a. police department correct yes or on the vacation all right. well welcome to minnesota thank you. sir before we begin your testimony and like you to just introduce yourself and share a little bit about your background with the jury 1st how old are you in. ok and you indicated that you're currently a sergeant with the l.a.p.d. can you please describe for the jury how you came to be involved in law enforcement
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. yes. shortly after. leaving the marine corps i joined the los angeles department in april of 99 through the f.a.a. was my 20 year anniversary. did the police academy after graduate who police academy i was assigned to a patrol division and from there i was recruited to work undercover in the high schools to buy drugs. us angeles high schools yes ok and you were working as an undercover yes paul long did you have that aside approximately 6 months what did you do after that after that i was assigned to another patrol division in south los angeles southwest division near the campus of university of southern california and i worked there in till 1998 right and what were your duties just generally
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as a patrol officer in that particular area of los angeles for the 1st 2 years of patrol wears just helen coffin service primarily during that time it was pretty time los angeles believe the on average in our division we averaged anywhere from 100 to $200.00 homicides a year so it was a pretty dangerous area. and after that you said you held that position patrol officer for how many years just for patrol specifically i was there for 2 years and then i was recruited to work the gang unit. at the same. division same geographic area yes describe that were for the jury. only getting intelligence was assigned a specific gang and neighborhood in our assignment was to gather intelligence
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make arrests and handle any calls of service that were specific to that specific gang. home long did you work and again. this is a gang unit for 3 and a half years. and where did you go after that i was recruited to go and work f.b.i. task force. in the same bureau for. a specific to that gang that i was assigned to in southwest division and it was more of a long term investigation yes so we were. one of those get of work and so basically we handled all crimes other than murders and sexual assaults that were committed by that specific gang. and home one did you do that i did that for approx one year and a half then where did you go. then i was recruited and i
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was assigned to the training division at. 4 in service tactics and approximately what year was that roughly in 2000. and what did you do for here in service tactics used. for the in-service tactics unit. we developed a 32 hour course of the 1st of its kind for the laws and police department. 40 course where we went over deescalation firearms manipulation basic patrol tactics and. arrest control techniques. what was your sign afterwards. after that position promoted to sergeant. and you spent some time of the use of force word for your department yes as
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a peer member what does that mean. the way the law says police departments use of force review is set up is there's. 3 stages. have a use for these or for the higher profile uses of force not always force the higher higher level uses of force so you have a use of force review board that convenes in those 4 command staff and one peer member so depending on the officer involved the police also then you have a peer that's an officer as a sergeant a sergeant detective defectives and so forth and so i was a peer member from 2003 until 2007 so i was a peer member as a police officer as well as a sergeant where i sat on the board as a board of 5 people 4 command staff and the peer basically we review all the
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information that was gathered during investigation and we make recommendations to the chief of police at that point the chief of police then gets that information he makes a recommendation to the police commission and then the police commission has the final say in which you're reviewing you know actions conduct involving uses of force of other officers or yes or. and what was your next assignment after serving on the board. that was just that was the adjunct duty so i was called as needed. but earlier i was promoted to sergeant. in 2006 and i was assigned to our central division which is downtown los angeles. what was required to become a sergeant for the l.a.p.d. . you have to take a written test and once you pass the written test you also have to go through the
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interview process and then you're ranked and you also have to have a certain amount of. college credits in order to. be eligible to take the test you were eventually selected a sergeant can you. tell the jury what your 1st duty was as a sergeant yes my 1st duty was assigned to our central division which is downtown los angeles. get royer in the skid row area this are doing what was a patrol sergeant fields arjen so describe what that job is lee are you supposed to do general duties of a field sergeant supervising officers assigned to a specific watch normally anywhere from $10.00 to $20.00 officers would be assigned to a specific watch and he may be one or 2 supervisors there are signs that watch as well and you have general duties such as providing roll call training in the early beginning of the watch as well as just overall supervision. making sure that
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officers are conducting themselves properly as well as if there's a use of force you have to respond to the use of force and take these forces mathieson as well. did you take a different position after. serving as a sergeant. i'm still a sergeant but. you know. within about 6 months i was assigned to our safer cities . initiative which was. focused on the homeless problem in skid row area so i did that for the next year and a half. you describe a couple of geographic areas of los angeles in which you've served as a patrol officer a troll sergeant. like you please just describe in general terms those areas in terms of the dangerousness or the primary there. while in my
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1st assignment in south bureau. south grill historically has the highest violent crime in the city. central bureau and center. division usually is 2nd or 3rd. and what kind of crimes you typically respond to primarily violent crimes robberies assaults and nature. and i'd also like you to used to describe for the jury the training that you received use of force and defensive tactics to help you do your job as a patrol officer and a parole sergeant. i was unique in a sense because i was. a texas instructor for 6 years so i had a lot of background in use of force and tactics prior to making sergeant prior to that as a. patrol officer we would get. quarterly training as well as.
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they were training that would keep us up to date on any changes in laws or policy and procedures and what does it mean to be a tactics instructor. for our department and for the state of california you have to go through different types of training so i've been through our force options. instructor training as well as deescalation training. trainer for deescalation force options i've been through the f.b.i. range of course some handgun instructor as well and. a number of leadership. courses as well. have you had an educational role or a teaching role within your department yes as i stated earlier now for 6 years i was a tactics instructor. for in-service training for that the course
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mentioned earlier so this would in-service training would be for already serving officers is that right experienced officers yes it would be a form of annual training yes. during that annual training would you provide training as to your department's use of force policy yet since state law and state law. have you reviewed generally use of force policies and compare across the nation compared with the use of force policies in your department yes so my current position on. the 8 to the inspector general which is an oversight entity that is within the law says police department independent of the department itself i'm the only sworn officer that works for the. that unit there's 28 overall employees during that time during my time there i was able to
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travel nationwide and go to a number of different police agencies to basically compare their use of force policies as well as the training with. police department. or your policies in the los angeles police department fairly consistent with the policies and standards nationwide he has or is there sort of a nationwide sort of acceptable reasonableness of a police officer that's generally accepted in your field. or will. yes. getting back to your duties as a trainer for defensive tactics. instruction how approximately how many los angeles police officers did you provide training in that 6 year time period in the initial secure time period probably 3000 officers.
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and can you explain to the jury the types of training that you provide the specific topics. of the theater early here the main focus of the escalation we taught them basic patrol tactics such as vehicle stops pedestrian stops as well as farms manipulation and. ultimately we would do at the end of the 40 course the goal was for them to utilize their deescalation tactic so they wouldn't have to use force. did you teach a specific tactics ground training or anything like that i know we we were we taught all the subjects. you know you indicated in your current role with the department you do use of force
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reduce is that correct no matter my get my current role in in a prior yes. in terms of the use or force of use of the number of use of force or use that you've completed in your career to make approximately how many you've done approximately 2500. in of those 2500 force reviews have you ever made findings that the use of force was excessive or objectively under yes and have you ever made findings where such use of force was not excessive yes. and when you redundant use of force reviews and has that included the review of the use of deadly force. in some in certain situations primarily in the in that role after being a patrol sergeant i was assigned i was promoted on the side to be a training corner for south bureau which is pretty much all of south los angeles.
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in the bureau we had approximately 600 officers and at the time it was 4 patrol divisions and one traffic division and so my job was to oversee the training for that bureau. are you a member of any professional organizations. a member of a few and could you name them please. their employer is a. foundation which represents after american officers on the police department. member of. the. dr blank i'm sorry. a number of i'm trying to not say the acronyms because and i got it the same mo but the a number of other police organizations that involve tactical managers and have you
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been called upon by other law enforcement agencies to provide instructions instruction or use of force. instructions specifically know. of consult with a number of others. consultation the use of force reviews yes what other agencies have you a system i visited the immersive california office of the president assisted king county office of men assisted california city police department as well as the versity of california. irvine police department. did you you've indicated already that you've been retained as an expert witness for the state in this matter is that right yes or you've conducted under review of some of the various materials associated with the death of george floyd that happened.
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252020 is that correct yes or. do you charge a fee for your services yes and can you please tell the jury what is in this matter . there was a flat fee of $10000.00 for trial the feel is $2950.00. and that is included reviewing all of the different offense materials that you were provide as a right yes or could you please tell the juries in general terms what office materials you have reviewed i reviewed all of the body warm videos all the other videos that were provided to me that were cell phone videos paul videos things that nature of reports manuals from the police department as well as. the training materials. one moment if we may have a sidebar here. we've
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just been hearing witness testimony by sergeant jody steiger patrol officer with the l.a. the los angeles police a consultant for use of force and i think. for the past 20 minutes or so we've really heard from the prosecution laying out sergeant steiger's credentials when it comes to the use of force presumably before asking him for comment all in the events that led to george floyd's death the actions of both officer derek chauvinist former officer now and his 3 colleagues let's go back to the trial
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. you have. conducted in this case and these upon your own experience and training in law enforcement have you reach an opinion as to the degree in amount of force used by the defendant mr chavez on george would use. can i ask you to explain to the jury a little bit about what process or methodology you go through to render such an opinion. there's a few steps the main step is going through the objective reasonable a standard which is based off the ground versus connor looking at the seriousness of the seriousness of the crime looking at the person's actions things that nature as well as looking at the specific agencies policies and procedures as well. in addition to the seriousness of the crime under the graham standard do you look
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at any other factors. yeah try to look at a number of factors what what was known to the officers at the time. and again like i stated one of the biggest things i look at is what was the person's actions at the time that all serene was using force. and based upon your review of these materials in light of the graham factors what is your opinion as to the degree of force used by the defendant on mr floyd on the date in question . my opinion was that the force was excessive. before we talk about that specific basis for that we need to define a few terms of what is force. force could be typically what officers would even a law enforcement perspective of the forces different techniques and tools that officers may use.


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