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the fastest growing organization on the continent now watch the investigation that led to the french government banning the group. generation hate. too with a special 2 part investigation on the. al-jazeera . you're watching the news hour live from a headquarters in doha i'm terry navigator coming up in the next 60 minutes. accuses if you violating international law after days of negotiations about a major down and without progress. an attempt to revive the iran nuclear deal the main signatories meets but the u.s. and iran won't hold direct talks the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is
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told to form a new government after the 4th election in 2 years deepens its political stalemate marine ecosystems under threat as warming waters pushed thousands of species away from the equator. and in support north korea says it's pulling out of the summer olympics it's the 1st country to drop out of the tokyo games due to coronavirus concern. hello welcome to the news hour tensions are now deepening over ethiopia as megha down with 2 don accusing it of breaking international law that's after 2 days of talks between if you sudan and egypt fail to reach an agreement if european has built the renaissance dam to produce electricity but its neighbors fear it will
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impact their water supply what morgan will join us from hard to tell us what reasons are being given for the breakdown of talks and effectively no progress being made. yes indeed now sudan is saying that would if europe is trying to do is try to impose reality on the 3 countries especially sudan and egypt it says that the rounds of talks have produced no breakthrough they've been holding talks for 3 days that effectively it was set to end on monday but resumed on tuesday morning as the 3 sides closed meetings to try to iron out their differences the main difference over this whole round of talks that was taking place in concert it can see kinshasa is that sudan and egypt wants the mediation team to expand to include the united states the u.n. and the european union that is something if you're p. has strongly rejected and said that the mediator of the talks between the 3 sides
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should remain the african union alone because they say that they believe african solutions to african problems now the 3 sides have failed to reach a deal despite those few talks a few days of talks so it looks like they've tried as much as they can but now sudan is saying that what if europeans doing its violating international laws it's trying to impose their reality on the ground without reaching a deal and they say that that's a violation not just international laws but the declaration of principles that was signed between the 3 countries in 2015 before the feeling of the ground if you pronounce them so here is there any more clarity on what happens next. while sudanese foreign ministry is saying that they're not ready to continue this kind of talks where they go when they try to find a way they try to set a mechanism not not to deal with the issues themselves but on how to deal with the issues that other words of framework to negotiate to try to reach a deal before the filling of the grand dam now the ministry says that they are
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going to try to find other ways they're going to try to look for other solutions they're going to sit down with the united states the united nations the e.u. and egypt but they say that if you're here is trying to buy more time what if you're just trying to do is basically impose its will on the 2 countries and they say that something they're not ready to face they say that further talks further negotiations over how to come up with a mechanism to negotiate simply gives if you appear more room to be stubborn and to hold its ground and they say that they are going to try to get the other countries international countries international mediators to try to impose or rather to convince if you appear to accept international mediation they also say that the african union seem to be a little bit saying 2 words if you're not very open or well coming towards the issue of international mediation they say that what they want is while african union while the african union is the head of the mediating team they want other countries as well to be involved but the biggest concern here daryn is that the filling of the ground if you are not on the 2nd filling is just months away if your
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face says that it's going to fill the dam in july and it's set to fill it with 13500000000 cubic meters that's 3 times more than the amount of water that was held last year which had an impact here in sudan and egypt says this time around this will also have an impact on its population so they are concerned about the impact of that on at least $20000000.00 people living here in sudan that's have the population on over 90 percent of the people in egypt which rely on the nile for fresh water and it looks like with no progress so far achieved in this round of talks which was said to be like the final as for egypt the final opportunity for a breakthrough and to reach a deal with between the 3 countries with no breakthrough this time around it's not clear how these 3 countries will move forward before the 2nd filling in july next year or more again reporting from heart to him thank you. well iran says negotiations to revive the 2050 nuclear deal are on the right path all the major
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players are now in vienna for talks but american and iranian officials are not planning to me directly we have a correspondent standing by to discuss those talks will bring them up in a moment but 1st let's catch up on just how we got here so iran signed the nuclear deal in 2015 that with those with the so-called p 5 plus one it's made up of france the u.k. china russia the united states and germany and it was designed to limit to nuclear ambitions in exchange for sanctions relief but then may $28000.00 happened and the president donald trump the vent president that is withdrew the u.s. and began reimposing sanctions on iran the following year the iranian president hassan rouhani told the remaining signatories that iran would be reducing its commitments every 60 days until they honored their part of the deal or fast forward to november 2020 that's when the global nuclear watchdog the i.a.e.a. reported that iran's enrich uranium stockpile had reached 12 times the levels
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permitted just weeks later the iranian nuclear scientist. was assassinated near to a run in iran has since limited access to its nuclear sites though we did reach a deal with the i.a.e.a. in february to allow quote necessary monitoring to continue. we don't underestimate the scale of the challenges ahead these are early days we don't anticipate in early or immediate breakthrough as these discussions we fully expect will be difficult but we do believe that these discussions with our partners and in turn our partners with iran is a healthy stepped step forward ok let's bring up our reporters now they're all following this story from key locations right around the world we have s. had begun to hear and he is gauging reaction from the iranian capital our diplomatic editor james bases at the u.n. headquarters in new york and we also have or a challenge he'll join us from london and he'll give us the reaction from europe
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and james we'll start with you the talks have now gotten underway in the past hour or so just tell us what we're anticipating. well there back in vienna and vienna was of course the place where the nuclear deal was done almost 6 years ago busy explains so much has changed since then let's remind us of the original nuclear deal because it was from the international community's side that they would ease sanctions on iran particularly u.s. sanctions on iran and on the other side iran was going to limit its nuclear program so it was purely civilian so it had no path to a bomb and that would be verified by the international atomic energy agency since then though everything has unraveled since president trump pulled the u.s. out of the nuclear deal he's slammed on many many more sanctions and designations one estimate there are $1500.00 individual sanctions and designations that were put
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on iran by the trump administration and iran while it's increased its enrichment it's using advanced centrifuges it clearly has advance knowledge now compared with what it had in 2015 of how to build a nuclear bomb so how do you unreliable all this and get back to work where you were in 2015 the problem has been that neither side were prepared to move 1st and the iranian certainly weren't prepared to sit down with the u.s. unless all the sanctions were were removed by the united states so the europeans have come up with an intriguing format proximity diplomacy as this is what it's called everyone apart from the u.s. is in one hotel the grand hotel a 5 star hotel in vienna discussing what all the key issues are the u.s. are sitting in another 5 star hotel the imperial hotel on the other side of the road and the e.u. official who is chairing the meeting will go back and forth between the u.s.
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and the iranians effectively but also the other participants of the deal and what they're trying to do is work out everything that has to be sorted on both sides in terms of iran's nuclear. graham and in terms of the sanctions and the ideas that should go 1st they should both at the same time put everything back into place it sounds easy it's not going to be ok james thank you for that update from the u.n. i said big is joining us from tehran so what is the iranian position going into these talks. well the ringing position has been that it's the same as it's been throughout this process that they want all sanctions lifted before iran does anything now the government here has said that they're not optimistic or pessimistic but they have welcomed comments that all sanctions related in. should be lifted vulcan those again their position remains the same dearing is like the sanctions to be lifted yes are they in a rush no the supreme leader khamenei said 2 weeks ago that they're not in
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a hurry that they can wait this out and part of the reason is that iran feels that it's economy has done well against donald trump's maximum pressure campaign in fact the central bank here says that the economy grew in the last 9 months to about 2.2 percent so the iranians feel that they're in a strong position that they have to weather the storms of this maximum pressure campaign of all these sanctions and they can wait it out would president hassan rouhani like to get this all sorted yes of course he would he's going to be out of office after the presidential elections in june he will only have a few months left this is his 2nd term and he doesn't want to be the president that resided over a failed nuclear deal and he doesn't want to be the president that promised that the u.s. sanctions would be lifted and was able to deliver but ultimately the last word will rest with the supreme leader to the many and far as he's concerned the position is still the same there will not be a step by step process that is they want all sanctions lifted before iran does
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anything now that could just be a tactic but right now it doesn't look like iran is willing to compromise ok thank you for giving us that point of view from tehran rory chalons will now join us from london and it sounds like the european officials in vienna have a tough task ahead rory. yeah they do i mean they were dismayed i think when donald trump walked away from the deal and they have been trying very hard since then to basically keep some pulse going you know some taking of the e.c.g. monitor on the j.c. . even though it looks as if it was dead for many many months. the fact that we're now around a kind of negotiating table of some sort again i think is testament to the good work that the europeans did is testament also to the fact that now we have
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a new administration in the white house. the situation has changed and there's a fresh wind blowing so what the europeans are trying to do is make best use of that this this new attitude within the biden administration and as james was explaining then to make sure that they can do this shuttle diplomacy between the iranians and the united states and make sure that whatever crossover there is whatever room for negotiation there is is is kind of made the parents of both sides they'll be working group set up to try and work out whether there is. a framework for the lifting of u.s. sanctions that meets with the iranians expectations of what's neat the restrictions they are willing to put on themselves james said there is no it's not going to be easy it's going to go of many days perhaps many many weeks there is a bit of
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a deadline of sorts looming as asaad was saying there which is the you know we have the iranian presidential elections coming not too far away that's in june and diplomats in europe i think would like to see at least some framework for a deal before that time because they don't know who will be in power in iran after that who will be in the president's office and it may well be a much harder line leader than rouhani has been burry thank you for that update from london. israel's president has asked the prime minister benjamin netanyahu to try to form a new government even though he believes no candidate has a real chance of finalizing a coalition riven rivlin has been holding consultations with political parties after the 4th inconclusive election in 2 years he said that's a party was in a slightly better position i need didn't have the power to rule out netanyahu while
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he is fighting corruption charges much have given the state of things with there was no majority supporting a specific candid it and in the absence of the considerations indicating the chances of any of the candidates forming a government i've come to my decision according to the map of recommendations which indicates being germination yahoo has a slightly higher chance of forming a government accordingly i've decided to entrust him with the task of forming a government this is not an easy decision for me morally and ethically al-jazeera senior political analyst says there are competing political ambitions in the negotiations. they've been playing musical chairs and inch and you know every time that one stops and usually the tune it's like the it's the to play it's it is the author of the possible if someone is left standing and leaves the scene and nothing else will always somehow grabs his chair the main chair so once again we are in the
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process of a musical chair game in israel and the main reason for that the main reason for the 4 elections is benjamin netanyahu his insistence on maintaining his leadership in israel because he doesn't want to have political ambition he also has the personal ambition of protecting themselves from prosecution otherwise what we have today in israel is stupid tension coalitions and both of them and right wing or extreme right wing coalition both of them don't give a damn about what's happening next door in the occupied territories where some 4 and a half 1000000 palestinians fights many palestinians have been under occupation for the past over 5 decades so it's certainly that palestinian issue is not an issue in those corelation forming exercise in israel and the real issues are
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more religious more personal what. of certain politicians trying to gain power within the country and that's why we might see a 5th election coming because the national security of the country is not at stake it's the national ambition of but it tickled heads that is a stick. plenty more ahead on the news hour including a u.s. police chief testifies against his own officer accused of killing george boyden says he violated policy rescuers call for more heavy equipment as the death toll from flooding in indonesia and east timor rises in sport a major league baseball game in texas is drawing a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons. well 1st the us police chief has testified that the officer accused of murdering
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george floyd broke rules on respecting what he called the sanctity of life he says there each of an act in a way that was against police training by kneeling on floyd's neck for more than 9 minutes on the streets of minneapolis alan fischer reports from the trial. an important cultural moment when a police chief took the stand to testify against one of his former officers but data out of said the alleged crime george floyd committed passing a fake $20.00 bill did not met at the initial response of guns drawn on the force used to restrain him was unnecessary once there was no longer any resistance and clearly when mr floyd was no longer responsive and even motionless to continue to apply. that level of force to a person preowned out. handcuffed behind their back. that
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that is in no way shape or form is anything that. is by policy is not part of our training and it is certainly not part of our ethics are values the police chief also told the jury the officers on the scene that day in may last year i did obligation and the training to provide basic medical treatment to their prisoner we have a duty of care and so when someone is in our custody. regardless if they're a suspect we have a obligation to make sure that we provide for their care this was a significant moment critics have often complained about the so-called blue wall police officers refusing to give evidence against one another this was a mighty big crack in the wall chief out and gone to the man who fired derrick shove in the day after george floyd died an important witness for the prosecution earlier the court heard from the doctor who pronounced george floyd dead dr
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bradford lagan felt tried for 30 minutes to revive him to save his life he said he believed what happened at the scene could have been responsible was your leading theory then for the cause of floyd's cardiac arrest oxygen oxygen to. that was one of the more likely possibilities i thought that at the time based on the information i had it was. more likely than the other possibilities and doctors there another name for death but oxygen deficiency as fix is commonly understood. under cross-examination the doctor agreed that the use of drugs might also cause significant problems leading to speak it's expected the 7 will spend a lot of time considering expert medical testimony a part that may be key to the prosecution case alan fischer al-jazeera at the show in trial in minneapolis. well the death toll from days of fighting in sudan's west
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star for region has now risen to 50 another 150 people have been injured in battles between members of the arab brigade a resume tribes it began when unknown armed men killed 2 people from the masonic on saturday un peacekeepers withdrew from the area in december after a peace deal between the government and 2 armed groups more than 800 inmates have escaped from a prison in southern nigeria and what the president's describing as an act of terrorism oath already say gunmen stormed the facility and emo stadium used explosives and machine guns to free be inmates police are blaming a secessionist group for the attack though it denies involvement. jordan has banned any domestic coverage of the dispute involving king abdullah's half brother prince hamza this comes a day after the former crown prince signed a letter pledging his support to the king the jordanian government earlier accused
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him of trying to destabilize the country that's been a reports from. the 2 day royal drama began and apparently ended with the marginalized but popular prince hamza still at center stage on monday evening king abdullah dispatched his uncle to intervene. a short time later prince hamza signed a letter saying we must all stand behind the king in his efforts to protect jordan there was no mention of the investigation announced the day before the government had accused prince hamza of plotting with foreign entities to destabilize jordan while bassem of the surveillance incepted movements including communication with foreign sides on a so-called 0 hour to trigger measures i am that undermining else debility at the prince has denied the allegations he said highlighting worries of government corruption and failed economic policies was the real reason he was warned to stay
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silent the turmoil within the royal ranks 1st came to light early sunday morning with a leaked video message recorded from inside prince hamza's palace he said he was under house arrest with no security detail and no internet on monday he released an audio recording saying the chief of staff was threatening him and telling him to keep quiet. i am not going to escalate but i will not by myself by their warders to stay at home and not to use my tweets or to be in contacts with people and not to see my family but have been told by the chief of staff is not acceptable under any circumstances print sounds as audio recording was shared widely on social media many jordanians are feeling angry and frustrated over the deteriorating economy last month there were protests and dozens were arrested but dissent within the royal family revealed in real time was
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a new phenomenon but does that give me any. jap and i was surprised as everyone else with this disturbing university the news really cool spying to every one of them we wish the prosperity and progress the joy of it all and for the issues to be resolved as the king called full within the royal family. the dispute. half brothers may have ended at least for now but concerns about a deepening divide and jordanians economic plight won't be resolved so swiftly the talks are going to al-jazeera. italy's prime minister has become the latest in a string of european leaders trying to boost ties with libya's new interim government mario druggie is in tripoli for his 1st overseas visit since taking office he's praised the new government's efforts to curb the number of migrants fleeing to europe but he also warned a cease fire must be maintained if the relationship is to grow further.
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we want to you think return the cultural and economic interchange with libya to the level it was at 5678 years ago and in that sense our conversation today assures me that we want to actually overtake that level in other words we want to make this partnership a guide for the future with the full to bring it to you know for libya. a chinese aircraft carrier group is holding exercises close to taiwanese waters and beijing says such drills will become regular it's the latest escalation in the taiwan strait as china increases military activity around the island taipei has issued several complaints china's air force entered its air defense identification zone repeatedly in recent months the death toll from flash floods and landslides in indonesia has been revised down to at least 84 people rescuers continue to search for the missing estimated to be more than 100 they're calling for more equipment to help reach people and cut off communities. a province has been hardest hit with
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thousands of people in shelters and the heavy rain is expected to continue for several days. floods and landslides have also killed 34 people in neighboring east timor more than 7000 have been displaced mostly in the capital delhi alex tilman lives in delhi and as involved in the response effort he says the scale of the disaster is the worst seen and decades. as being. an event. has not been seen since seventy's and the rain has affected most of the country but he has been particularly battered many own simply destroying roads and. the searches made bridges have also been destroyed there are many people trying to. clean or owns. this who have most pretty much every day. and these are actually mighty and might.
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not seen something as bad. as in recent rains we have you know finding many members of the community. together in areas that are not easily reached. has a more informal settlements and. you need. you know communities to. households for example you know we don't know not hundreds of thousands of people who are waiting for relief to reach them. and there were. no continental i didn't find any easy. going to easy and we know at least a few days. everybody time for a check on the weather on the news hour here's rob. it's been snowing steadily in higher ground in montana in idaho wyoming you see the cloud there and that's cold
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air is coming up as you might expect it to against what is now increasingly warm this feed from the gulf where the 2 meet we tend to develop but it is spring remember significant thunderstorms well that is likely to happen itself develop on wednesday is the circulation then throws that cold air through arkansas and then you get a line of thunderstorms that stretches down towards the gulf coast and fortunately overnight not tell us who wins it is they keep going in these could be the dangerous time they might be nasty thunderstorms they might develop tornadoes doesn't look quite as vicious as we've seen so far this spring and the whole system keeps going east was it might repeat itself on thursday night behind it the sun's come out of what was a snowy picture but still more winter hang around in washington i mean british columbia on the canadian side during certain then those for those shower was on a strong ascent to disappear i think so thursday night and the one to watch this line might well develop once more i'm going to persistent line of showers running
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through present rico hispaniola jamaica and back to honduras he's been there for a couple days he's got 2 more days to go. coming up on the news hour koren team free travel between australia and new zealand us back on the horizon more than a year after a new zealand shut its borders india's governing party works to expand its influence over the south and east those 4 states hold regional elections in sports 2 of the biggest european heavyweights collide in the champions league for the 1st time in 3 years details a little later. frank assessments the world is on a brink of a catastrophic model samia is that a fair assessment it would be catastrophic. to why east valuable backseat informed opinions should we be buying big court ultimately it will be sovereigns and
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governments who are buying this that is the direction this is all headed in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story. when the news breaks here in windsor with to see if maybe this is the main breach completely underwater when people who need to be hurt 1000 people staying in these tents just a stone's throw from the us mexico border and the story needs to be told. the whole sky is full of them with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports al-jazeera has teams on the ground to the house of abraham to bring you more award winning documentaries and life news.
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hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour tensions are deepening over ethiopia's mega. using it of breaking international law after 2 days of talks between ethiopia sudan and egypt failed to reach an agreement. iran says it's on track to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal as high level talks begin in vienna signatories to the deal as well as the u.s. are attending however american and iranian officials are not directly. israel's president riven rivlin says no candidate has a real chance of forming a government though he's asked prime minister benjamin netanyahu to try and has been holding consultations with political parties after an inconclusive election. now warming waters are forcing marine species away from the equator new data shows
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there are 1500 fewer species and tropical oceans compared to 60 years ago and they're being driven towards the poles in search of cooler sea climate scientists say the migration is accelerating but the pace of future losses will depend on the level of greenhouse gas emissions let's talk about this which is the lead author of the research on the by biogeographical i'd go with university she's joining us from sc frankfurt thank you so much for your time on al-jazeera tell us what you found the most surprising from this research. thank you so much industry says we actually come here and that you do not distribution made in speeches that yes and we encourage our right to our made in animal groups starting from christian oneness to bayreuth and we found that there is an equatorial that is a deep and the equivalent in many species bitchiest in i was part of the groups and
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when we completed that the gradient among the deep and in different time periods we've found in the past they found that it is. that it has gotten graded and be burnt in india in relation to the including species that's news in the subtropics so basically they're there that they quit that redemptive should have been highly highest of the species actually moving from the equator because they could not tolerate it those who aren't in creatures and actually following the turmoil had a dagger in the in the clue what it was and that's why we have higher richness in the subtropics. and that's the most shocking thing that we are which was if you were not expecting that last rise then it is not it is a complete none shift in the night and hemisphere in millions the she is fish missed so i am not a part in this species actually being in the high end i could do woods and facing
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the cooler waters and create. a species mission is to bet the equivalency ok you're going to climate change on global warming as the main reason for this migration. can anything be done to reverse this trend or what needs to be done to reverse this trend. certified that what i would be have observed is that. the current warming seems to be less human he was the most special in fact in 1900 teased so definitely harder currently should. take together and work. on cutting off the warming effect bang bang bang on the sustainable means enhanced it may cutting down the habitat destruction that has been happening over the years . which areas are you most concerned about. yes i'm mostly concerned about that the country is in new york the equator rich and highly highly dependent
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. on the fisheries and because of this because there has been a massive move back to species in the in the it cooler water is. which would mean that they would. be less they were to be in the equator is and these countries will be facing a lot of. problems because of back background is i don't see that it is going to be a complete extinction on species indeed yes because he's i'm moving in the highly articulate of course back to the most intense species would be the portland because the is the she's and we need to get it in wyoming and and put it in the port as well so little of our species have nowhere to go to and even lots of space and not competition for the species the jet coming under way i think you would right and
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there. is a lot of there is a lot of competition and it might get extinctions back ok thank you so much for speaking to us from frankfurt and from frankfurt's we take you over to the indian ocean and let's bring any harken in who's the deputy program director for biodiversity and peace with the environmental group greenpeace he's joining us from onboard the arctic sunrise shep which as i just said is in the middle of the indian ocean thanks for taking the time to speak to us and this is the 1st expedition to the. bank tell us what you are hoping to achieve with this mission. thank you so much for inviting me so what far we have been we have been documenting biodiversity on the side of the mali a bank and we are now moving on to document the fisheries. and other other traits today area and it's biodiversity and what will you do with this data that you collect. i think we just heard from the risks course by the
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climate change for for the fish species and other married species in the area what we're trying to show is that there is actually a kind of cascading effect or spy that human activity is in the area with the climate change so many of the especially the fish stocks here are being completely overfished cities for example the shot populations have declined by 70 percent in the in the only in the past 50 years and when we add the pressure coming from climate change that we can really predict quite horrendous effects to local biodiverse diversity as well as the food security office of the countries of the coach and the area is known to have the largest seen grass meadow in the world and just tell us how that plays a role and what sort of role it plays in absorbing a carbon dioxide. right so we often talk about their rescue of forests in in absorbing carbon dioxide but in sea grass meadows are actually absorbing even more
4:38 pm
carbon globally done than that there is forests so it's an extremely important biodiversity hot spot globally for both both climate reasons and biodiversity reasons so what's happening here is that. sea is getting warmer sea grass obviously kind of migrate anywhere so it's on and under it and risk and then compounding that that's there are even some risk from interim human activity such as such as doing ocean trolling but i'm drawing on these areas ok and from what i understand correct me if i'm wrong here you're expedition is also part of a wider protect the oceans campaign and you do plan to push for a global treaty through legislation is that correct. that's absolutely correct so one of the reasons that we are already in the situation where are in now is that we don't really have a governance regime that could cover and i sees the international waters around the
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world so we're pushing for a treat it out that could do that and could help us protect 30 percent of all of our global oceans by 23rd it's ok we thank you so much for joining us from a bore the arctic sunrise ship thank you. thank you. now new zealand and australia have agreed to create a quarantine free travel bubble from april 18 people will be able to travel freely between the 2 countries both have been praised for quickly controlling outbreaks through strict measures but travel restrictions will be reimposed if new cases are found this is an important 1st step a struggle and new zealand have led the why when it comes to managing childhood we have ensured that by their countries have been despite dealing with the virus have not suffered the same types of virus the impacts that we have seen in so many other
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countries around the world and the fact that we now can combine again will mean jobs it will mean people reunited it will mean many opportunities as does normal relations restored between australia and new zealand when he has more from new zealand. since march last year new zealand's borders have been closed almost everyone apart from new zealanders wanting to return home and while the government's response to the pandemic has been widely praised the border closure has had a big economic impact on this country particularly when it comes to the international tourism sector which before the pandemic was new zealand's largest export owner in recent months those working in that industry have been increasingly critical of the government applying pressure on the government to get this travel deal done between australia and new zealand well in just under 2 weeks quarantine free travel will be possible between the 2 countries that are if you know how it is that there's. cause
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for israel yet to see. if breaking free trip would be safe. vice is confident not only the strength of this free it also in our own ability to manage its frivolously and. folkways lee has recently undergone the outbreak although this flu. the residual risk a few new zealand's prime minister says this is something of a world 1st arrangement with 2 countries continuing to pursue elimination strategies while opening up their borders to one another not everyone will be comfortable about this arrangement though there will be plenty of people in australia and new zealand who feel that this is still too risky that it threatens to undermine all the hard work that's been done by new zealanders and australians over the past year or so remembering that a vaccination will not be
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a prerequisite to taking part in this new travel arrangement but both governments believe they have robust systems in place now that if outbreaks occur in the future which they probably will that they have adequate systems in place to quickly get on top of those outbreaks and shut them down which is what we've seen happen in recent months britain's prime minister is defending the use of the oxford astra zeneca vaccine despite fears that it could cause blood clots or is johnson says health authorities who have approved its used need to be trusted he was touring the astra zeneca manufacturing facility in fields some e.u. nations have temporarily stopped its use while the european medicines agency is investigating the issue. the best thing people should do is look at what's the h.r.a. say our independent regulator that's that's why we have them that's why they're they're independent and their advice to people is to get to keep going out and get
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your get your job get your 2nd job very very important i think we've now done. 31 and a half 1000000 people in the u.k. for with the 1st job at least. 5000000000 for the 2nd job we need to keep that going 60 percent of adults and not being done and clearly that is starting to have a beneficial effect on the on the trajectory of the disease. truck drivers entering britain from mainland europe will need to take over test within 2 days the government says drivers will be tested at sites around britain up to $3000.00 trucks arrive each day in the main ferry of dover alone the movies that contain coronavirus variants and france made a similar move in december jonah hall is joining us from 3rd in the county of fast 6 so truckers arriving are now being ritually tested for the 1st time why has this policy changed jonah. when it's all about this
4:44 pm
country's gradual lifting of knockdown restrictions with infection rates way down wholesale that's way down. thanks to the successful rollout of the vaccine and the very real fear that the one thing that most threatens the vaccine program is the emergence of new virus variants of there are a couple out there one of them the soft been very is present in european countries the frogs netherlands very close trading partners just across the channel and that's why this picture of shock dr is in the thousands coming across the channel is of concern particularly since they are exempt ip to exempt from the quarantine testing regime will noble as of today that changes you outlined it then they have to take a test on the truth flow test mind you if they're going to be in the country for both 48 hours and then another one every 72 hours after that they've got a quarantine inside their truck cabs for the duration of their stay hold very well as a means of trying to control the suppress the spread of very it's been pretty exciting
4:45 pm
as to the fact that a long time ago it's been over 2 months since the south african berry was 1st flagged as an issue of concern in france france introducing these measures going there the other way that in december too little tonight is what critics say the government post you know so in the wider context the fear is about these variants did they raise questions about the resumption of white or public travel. but i think they certainly shine a light oh no a pretty leaky policy in terms of border control when on the one hand out go a known essential travel international travel is banned at the moment on the other hand you've got reports in the press on the weekend quoting board of a border force official saying that every day now some 20000 people that are arriving in this country all those 8000 tourists that i would be some miniscule fraction of them are actually complying with quarantine requirements at the moment
4:46 pm
we are told that the presence of the very is very low in this country boris johnson on monday said there is nothing in the data no evidence of the data just to suggest any deviation from the current road map towards i'm lucky that suggests the possibility of a return to some form of international travel from may the 17th all of which of course begs the question that if at this point you feel the need to test shuckers for the presence of the variant how on earth could you be even considering lifting restrictions on allowing hostile. holiday travel to resume in a little over a month's time jonah how thank you for that updates members of russia's alliance of doctors are demanding to see jailed opposition leader alexina vaal name a team arrives at the pokrov jail asking for an independent doctor to examine a volley and the opposition leader was reportedly moved to a medical facility after symptoms of a respiratory illness and vali has been on
4:47 pm
a hunger strike since wednesday demanding better medical care he was jailed in february for 2 and a half years for a parole violation. not to pivot if they didn't we need to get him to the hospital in the specialized hospital he has a fever and a cough we need to do a scan of his lungs because god forbid a coronavirus infection could happen in the prison this is quite possible. as reporting a record 103 covered 1000 deaths in the past 24 hours infections have risen sharply with more than 19000 cases in april alone in an effort to contain the spread of the virus the government has expanded the partial lockdown and high risk areas and prime minister imran khan is also warning of nationwide restrictions frontline health care workers and senior citizens are being vaccinated currently come on haidar has more from islam about. donna than the made toward more dangerous wave of the corona wired in the month of april alone 90.
4:48 pm
3 d. for over 100 people have been which makes. the national come on down all. remain until the end of ramadan. to go back to on the 9th of april mean. however. in the month of may. be warned that people must take this very seriously. trick restriction on board nor did the planning minutes. that up to a 1000000 people have received the. biologics rag which i've been given by china but they're all out of the vaccine program
4:49 pm
a. 100000000 and related number. in order to. right. after a year of antigovernment protests across india the governing is now facing a big test at the polls voting is underway in what's considered the most significant day. assembly elections in 4 states and a huge interior story being seen as a measure of support for prime minister in the interim ots b j b o it's performed strongly in national elections it has struggled to win majorities in state assemblies elizabeth purana has more from new delhi. where we have the full states all west bengal. and the union territory all go into the polls all of these regions are outside the j.p.s. traditional base in the speaking the northern and central states the head the speaking heartland as it's known and that is why these elections are
4:50 pm
a crew crucial for the b j p to try and get a foothold in the east northeast and in southern india and they have put everything into these elections especially in the state of west bengal with never being in power there also never been. in fact from the regions going to the polls today that the g.o.p. is currently only in power and it is expected to be reelected there but it is facing one of the most in west bengal all is facing one of the state's most powerful leaders month advantage he has been in power there for 10 years she is also one of prime minister in that in the most vocal critics and the fight for west bengal has been the most noteworthy of this all of these elections it has been mobbed both the campaign and the voting itself by violence by rival groups physically attacking each other and month abana ji the chief minister has been campaigning from a wheelchair for the past 3 weeks after she said she was attacked by an unknown
4:51 pm
group of people and that has really set the tone for the campaign there still ahead on the news our. big games get hit with yet another setback will be here to explain coming up in sports.
4:52 pm
time for the sports news here is farah daryn thank you so much north korea has become the 1st country to withdraw from tokyo lympics the country's sports ministry says it wants to protect its athletes from coronavirus and factions it will be the
4:53 pm
1st time north korea misses an olympic summer games since $988.00 when a boy caught it sold during the cold war the event is due to begin on july 23rd earlier we spoke to sports writer john durban he sighs even though the games will still likely go ahead north korea playing out is yet another setback for japan. well it is a blow because the olympics is supposed to be a universal festival of sports for all nations come together so to lose one is it's not good with career is no big power in terms of lympics he won 2 gold medals in 2016 and 4 in 2012. and also reinforces the more negative headlines for the told where lympics. organizers were hoping that a little just don't follow i think the one positive thing perhaps is as such isolation is country then it's not want to set many trends we don't really know what's going on behind behind closed doors in north korea but of course it's not
4:54 pm
a negative story about the 2020 lympics opinion poll held recently showed that about 80 percent of the public in japan. were. unconvinced the game should go ahead but i think now we can pass that point really were unless something terrible happens you know the organizers are determined that they can still go ahead that we know fans from other countries and we need to be seen what happens with the athletes that come from you know all the nations in the world whether they will need facts nations or whatever else but by think if one is hoping to get it finished and done and then move on to the next one. liverpool manager you're going club says aside are not secure a banjo as they get ready to face around the dreaded the 1st leg of the champions league quarter finals the teams go head to head for the 1st time since the 28 team final and kiev for liverpool were defeated by the 13 time european champions the reds go into the match in spain on the back of 3 consecutive victories in all
4:55 pm
competitions quite believes maintaining recent good form is their main focus. you try everything to win a game you lose it and then you meet the opponent again one day and sometimes it's close enough like a week later 2 weeks later and you can have this kind of emotion still in you but i don't believe too much revenge but it would be nice to get through against robert red because. that would mean we have the next round that that's actually what we want to do and they are outstanding and the and his and the boys they don't know exactly how it goes oh no we are not here for revenge so we keep your complaint to in my opinion they are a complete team and some may say that they are only 3 strikers that are very good and that is true but in my opinion the team is very strong and solid when they have to play as a team they are very good there is no just one player to highlight we know the 3 strikers have great effectiveness and we will have to be on alert for everything.
4:56 pm
english premier league leaders man city are bidding for a quick drupal this season but guardiola side are facing brasil dortmund early and one of the hottest strikers and world football and a player they've been heavily linked with. the numbers of speaks speaks for himself so when that happens because he's going to score them right left the country in the box and when you don't need when you're made to control tax in the head they're still. yeah it's a fantastic strike and a bloody nose it's all a blind guy who will realise that with a striker so in the knesset to be a manager you know to. realise and. back into what could be a pivotal moment in the spanish title race was monday scored a 90th minute winner for barcelona as they beat raul via delayed one nil it means they go above around madrid into 2nd and they're now just
4:57 pm
a point behind league leaders at let it go madrid barsa face raul in el classico on saturday. meanwhile a major league baseball game in texas had a near sellout crowd on monday the rangers welcomed a crowd of at least 38000 fans to their home opener against the toronto blue jays it's the 1st full capacity sporting event to be held in over a years since the global pandemic began bought the blue jays spoiled to texas' home opener with a $62.00 win. for the tampa bay rays suffered a heavy a leavened to 2 loss to the boston red sox at fenway park but there was one moment of brilliance for the visitors. this catch by randy arizona of tampa bay my chest turned out to be a water which. it's ok and that is all you sport for now daryn back thank you so
4:58 pm
much and thanks for watching the news hour we're back in just a couple of minutes a minute 6 you say with all the latest stories and all the headlines we're following for you see you on the other side. jump into the story there is a lot going on in this. global community when i talk of all the misinformation i think we don't want to feed than we are aware that be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear from you and you too could be part of today's discussion this dream own out is there. a unique here endangered biodiversity lies in the heart of one of ecuador's tropical jungles there was a lot of misinformation about the animals every half year and now the problem is
4:59 pm
becoming the boss of their self conservation their communities al-jazeera journeys deep into the rain forest to follow a scientist untied teams out to save the flora and fauna so precious in the region women make science ecuador's hidden treasure on al-jazeera. april on al-jazeera from a 3rd wave to the vaccine rollout we'll bring you the latest developments from around the world a year into the coronavirus pandemic one a one east skeins rare behind the scenes access into the secretive world a japanese soon. good president either still be secure a 6th time in power join us on april 11th for the chat election. the award winning our choice returns it's to receive them striving to reduce or negative impact on the planet has president joe biden kept his campaign promises we'll have special coverage and in-depth analysis of his 1st $100.00 days in the oval office april on
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al-jazeera. be the hero the world needs. washing. man or. sudan accuses ethiopia of international law after days of negotiations about a major down and without progress. you're watching al-jazeera live from the headquarters in doha i'm tearing up again also coming up an attempt to revive the iran nuclear deal the main signatories meets but the u.s. and iran won't hold direct talks. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu as
5:01 pm
told to form a new government after the for the election in 2 years deepens its political stalemate north korea is the 1st country to.


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