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that is actually not that long if you're looking at geological history were. biodiversity patterns very very species evolution is taking place in biodiversity changes are taking place so in a geological history this is a limb so it's just a wink of an eye. to see such rapid changes or such changes over occurring so rapidly is something that's astonishing i would say. this is our desire these are the top stories in high level talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal will begin in vienna shortly representatives from the u.s. china germany russia the u.k. france and iran are attending american and iranian officials are not planning to meet directly i said baker has more now from tehran iran's position is still the
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same they have rejected also any step by step process so the united states and if some sanctions or releases some hearing in money that's outside of iran and then iran takes a step iran has rejected that so it's so far iran is not compromising whatsoever at the moment and that's because the view here from the header on is that iran is the aggrieved party it is the united states that left that j.c. that 2015 nuclear deal and it is the united states that must return and if those sanctions before iran takes any steps the u.s. police chief is testifying against one of his former officers suzi accused of murdering george floyd he told the jury in minneapolis a dirty shaven didn't follow department policy or training when he knelt on floyd's neck jordan's royal court says prince hamza bin hussein has signed a letter pledging his allegiance to the king jordanian government has accused the former crown prince of trying to destabilize the country. after
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a year of anti-government protests across the country india's governing b j p is facing a test at the polls voting is underway on the biggest day of state assembly elections being seen as a measure of support for the policy of prime minister narendra modi the death toll from flash floods and landslides in indonesia and east timor has risen to at least 155 with dozens more missing rescuers are calling for more heavy equipment to help reach isolated communities well the 800 inmates have escaped from a prison in southern nigeria what the president described as an act of terrorism authorities say gunmen stormed the facility and even state and freed the inmates. you zealand and australia have agreed to create a quarantine free travel bubble from a previous heat people will be able to travel freely between the countries travel restrictions will be reimposed if new cases are found there's a headline stream coming a write up. the former police officer charged with murdering george floyd
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he's now on trial at every breath as the world watches this historic case unfold in minneapolis we'll have a live coverage from inside the courtroom as it happens and the latest reaction to derek children trial on al-jazeera. hi i'm femi oke a welcome to the string this episode is all about that cowboys ad that kyle goals of america if you will doing a double take right now i've done playing in the history of african-american cowboys and cowgirls you have to dig a really deep to find it and why is that that's one question what the asking on today show but there is a new movie out right now that looks at the open city cowboys of philadelphia african-american cowboys and cowgirls that film is called concretes cowboy you can
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take a look at it right now and have a look. at. this in our count was black even the lone ranger. really got me to the point in. the history. wow where a good. thing that. i know you. know. your daddy got rules that you not abide by. the way you do your road street to be a mom was a welcome back welcome back to what i'm going to hold me to a church. should. be known and your moment and i'm a good nobody you mother not from this usually do not all the night before you're
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going to be cool father to everyone else how do. you. hello ricky hello greg hello aaron all connected to concrete cowboy in one way or another you know what that connection is ricky introduce yourself to our international audience good to have you know some writer director. i greg good to see you introduce yourself what's your connection. my name is greg neary. and which was based nice to have you our low arizona welcome to the stream i think this may be a 1st aaron tell everybody who you are what you do and you connection to the movie and i am brown and i am the director. and also when an original work you see writers say nice to have you there is
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a whole conversation that this movie has started about that cowboys and black tell girls and i feel it's an issue that if you know you know but if you don't and you want to talk to aaron and greg. the best thing to do is jump in to you to comment section and you too can be part of today's show so and if you know you know if you just want. how do you start that conversation or stern conversation and a. black cowboy simpler cowgirls is something that has been not mainstream so i guess you have to see it in the conversation begins there. time to stock a year you really have to see it leave it i think a lot of people have that same reaction you know even little kids i see in those neighborhoods when they see a cowboy cowgirl right in buying a horse they just have this look on their face like you know that you know
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a common thing i heard even people i know who live in philadelphia the whole lives maybe even 2 miles away from this neighborhood never knew about this whole world because there's a certain perception about strawberry mansion and it's not it's thrusts talking about him in her area for a while and lots of the film. but right before i move on to reckless powers the story and i'm afraid you all says the story all along i don't book with incredible popular and this picture this is a pick to cobble spieth and we'll show it to everyone along tell everybody what you saw what about when they saw it yeah i mean i think i came across this photo essay in life magazine and you know one of the 1st images inside was a young black boy standing on top of a horse game clearly what was the inner city and you know you had the same reaction that those kids had which is like what is this you know and he started flipping to
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these photos you see you know like cowboys in philadelphia what is going on in to me that's where the story line is because you know why there are black cowboys and horses in west philly you know that why is that a story i mean things touches happen by accident there's a reason and i wanted to know what it was and so i just started digging and you know at the time you know put it into google and it like nothing came out nobody had written about it there were no articles no documentaries nothing no books and so to me that is something. you know as i started to slowly find out made my way into that world like this is something people need to know about because not only was it surprising but i thought it was you know beautiful and heroic and you know these are voices that needed to be heard raechel cow had to tell us not know your
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discovery off that and how wise and that how dallas. now miles very similar i mean there's actually a scene in the movie it's in the trailer as well that i feel like really articulate my own experience of what greg talking about where there's the young little boy and his mom on a bus and they see the riders coming by and i really wanted to paint even particularly where it isn't in the movie this beauty but also the last myth that they're facing up like what if this community wasn't here and what if there weren't the little boys that could see these cowboys riding. for me is that a very similar experience where my 1st introduction to the cowboys in north philly was a gentleman riding in a tricked out buggy outside my office which is less than a mile from. pleasure street and had speakers and these huge tires with rams fascinating let alone that horses pulling it. is the one that told me the pledges
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to end on a google search like what grades to buy much but i did find at that time gregg book which correct me if i'm wrong greg i think it was published in 2011 because i remember in 2012 when i read the book and i hear mark and that man one day that was the amazing movie when i'm ready to make movies and so yeah i was and then until 2017 actually when i met eric miller was the 1st cowboy i met in court actually my company my production company hired adult through turning on from incarceration eric had been on a week and told the judge that he had already purchased a horse which i found quite fascinating i hear that every day in court and aaron is one of eric's best friends and i met her shortly after and we talked about you know what can we do even then in 2017 knowing the perils that pleasure straight we're facing you know what can we do to create a permanent home for these cowboys and cowgirls all over philadelphia who have been
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displaced. by that that little play with the whole thing and i would i keep him. at the focal admiration when you saw that picture that that life magazine paycheck i want to play the tape share are you get the head here. young. man. original kid he knows he miriam if. he so. he and i watch. $24.20 eckankar met. this i want to play. and we're sort of tap dancing around the edge of that is but why do we not know why do you have to what's so hard to find out about a piece of american history and also contemporary american life that we should know about his jennifer his have thoughts on this and i'm really enjoying it concrete
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cowboys i grew up in east texas so blackout boys imbroglios and see black folks around horses on city streets that also hold cars is nothing new to me but this was my 1st introduction into that rich tradition in philadelphia's black community what i'm sitting with since i was some of whom yesterday. is the cruelty that has to be involved to take what little bit of that tradition is left there in philadelphia and i just think it's another all of how our police and their rich history continues to be white watch. what. erin languedoc ever everyone's going to jump in on this one and when you start right then you finish. rants upon a time and mean she's absolutely right there were maybe about 3540 backyards able to wear their black cowboy kept their horses and we never own did these
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facilities and they are you know with the redevelopment gentrification we had no control but to migrate to different stables and it's a piece of our history being washed away every time it happens and add experienced it myself pleasure street in you know these are a lot of these fuckers treat horsemen riders family you know want to stable close as they are we open up the doors and they've all migrated there and these voices are horsemen and they are what make community they i'm you know there's there's nothing to bring them together like at a club or anything there where you know holding on in we need something that's really ours to keep you know they can't be taken away from us because it is important history in philadelphia we would rather see different stables just to
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meet up in x. not happening anymore. there's barely any left. now i mean i think for people of color it is just like a history of hidden figures that are and never be recognized across the board you know what i tell you i work with all our young people and what i tell them is you can't blame people for not knowing what they don't know because they're only human in a certain narrative so it's up to nice to you to change that narrative to use your voice to tell your own stories yet you know those voices out there and represent it so you know it's just like there's so many cultures like this one all these people who live within a couple my house never know about it and the reason is like you know there's a perception on the news that oh this is the most dangerous neighborhood in west philly you're not going to go they can avoid it and structurally it's built so you
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don't never have to interact with it even if you live you know within a couple miles and it's easy to avoid and so therefore you know this you know ways to interact with this culture unless you find out about it unless those stories start to get told you can start to penetrate deeper and people want to actually go there because it's like oh what is this. that i have i fell off the people accountable how going out that i discount doesn't write it turns out well was and how am i feel like it's a kids i've read have always like a movie place where everyone goes to stick check out the locations and i would have been telling people away i love my laptop concrete cowboy hit number one on netflix on the just this past weekend number one fan ricky what did you set out to do in the telling of the film with so many people watching the show right now in fact it is raining is what he says i have never heard of got cowboys and cowgirls
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they're going to be a lot of people who are going to be blowing them millions right now including america right so what did you set out to. no i mean this is to be honest what we do is what we have accomplished which was you know when i met eric one of the things he told me was that when he was growing up he loved westerns and a love of the film but there were no black cowboys represented in those stories and so what he wanted to be able to leave for the youth you know he was teaching and his own kids was to have a movie that showed black cowboys. to give kids something to look for and so to be able to see that representation happen in the film is a huge source of joy for me and you know also he was well aware 4 years ago that lester street was facing gentrification issues i mean even here you say that like currently right now the corral the beautiful field where all the horses graze in
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the film is completely fenced off and the city is currently building affordable housing units and so you know something that we've done with the aaron is to actually originally we have established a nonprofit with air called the philadelphia urban riding academy eric unfortunately it was killed a week before we went to press on the film tragically and you know his legacy is now living on through aaron and through all the cowboys and cowgirls in that film to help find a home for you know all the cowboys and cowgirls across philadelphia that no longer have to be displaced permanently like it's important that they own the land and the barn because every time the city give them something it's taken away it's only a matter of time and so you know i'm proud of them for seeing this through with us and then you know for your journey at that point it's going to continue and thankfully we're on this beautiful side of that i was thrilled to wake up on sunday morning to see that i was number one. when did you what do you say much breaking
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what did you say thing when you when you saw yes i did that. i was actually i mean everyone was texting me i didn't i didn't say that real i don't feel like. oh my god i don't know. so many if yes it's on netflix right now you can watch on netflix a little bit of the story line so it's a fictional story it's based on greg's book but any spaced on. cowboys not just ones in philadelphia but one thing brooklyn i wore around the united states where people realize that there's still that sun was a question hey i would really get the time to how do i never make it i don't know why you have to go past. that i didn't really want to feel like i was trying to like respond to people on instagram and there's the cowboy and burbank well black cowboy community a black cowboy then they actually all gathered at their bar to watch the film on
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the opening night he was sending me pictures and it cool to be you know there cowboy in car all around really but yeah you've competed in doing that across the country and you base the same carol what your street 'd a thing and so. when they when that when i came out yeah you know when i traveled around the country what i thought was the civil subculture that exists really you know black writers to maps you meet everywhere from new york to l.a. to its seattle campus chicago to st louis like every corner of the united states they would come out to see me on the horses you know gauges. and it was really beautiful thing it's like ok this is like a real thing and then you start to find out about you know this incredibly rich history of like how boys new old west you know and where you know one in 4 tabloids reply in and ass trees they've been the basis for the lone ranger and all the
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stories. that's pretty remarkable making work of i know people an assignment greg aaron admittedly and they say because they're going to be going off and setting up that cowboys and black power girls this is quite a she is a schoolteacher crack and she has a question precisely for you have a listen and then also write off the back of a fair comment. so a little bit of a back story most of the past few years have read get out cabaret and book clubs and my sins are actually scheduled to have an author visit an estate near you last year but into office the 2nd son says he was unable to come so this exciting i said that suppose one of them questions some listening i says i like to know what was the hardest part about changing your book into a family. there's a great close to their work and now when you have a found they are going to make you have other people who get their input so what was the most challenging part again that hope process. well luckily for ricky i
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started off as a filmmaker sorry i need the difference between a book and a movie and that anyone who literally translate book is not going to end up with their good movie probably. to me the most important thing is to if you say yes to it so make sure that you let them do their job and try not to bug them too much. and so for me it was mostly like he his production company was in the area and he knew the community youngest of the issues you know the most important thing that you know he wanted to honestly represent this community and its people and the issues they deal with and you know you have an interest to so supply space and all these things that i was just and so to me like i could see he had the same instincts and the same drive and reasons to tell this story so you know once
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i heard back then the site yes go ahead you know of course i'll say some things for you know i didn't ever expect him to actually do any of the suggestions this one as i just said once again so i was out there is overwhelmed with the real cost or fraud or for. one thing you'll call to help out thomas come up with a. from greg's going to be different from ellen so newry on you tube people should be telling their own history you don't have to wait for someone to tell the world your history the ways you were ricky was really interesting the way that you got into the community there was a phrase in the states about is is this person going to be invited to the cookout you went to many could out see. carney's good for the hour rest of your. very sickly and there it is if i'm going to explain for the rest the world is you
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have a family gathering or would you invite someone from outside of your family outside of your culture to come to that family gathering that is the saw how did you get your lifetime invitation to the cookout ricky what did you do. well it really was you know eric it was aaron it was mel who plays paris in the film a number that is all the is about one by one you know to give eric credit you know he was the 1st one that said if you're going to come around you've got to stay around you know and so i remember the 1st time i went on the fletcher street he made me get up on a horse so that the person got to prove that they up on a horse which 1000 my 1st time on a horse ever ham was or parked car terrifying. but i definitely did it and then he you know you'd invite me to the barbecue and just hang out but i was well aware what it meant to be in truck to be telling that story and why you know
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when i approached greg i said collectively we love your book i love a lot of things about the book one i love the characters the way that they were going into the story but i think it was going to be most helpful for the community that it was a fictionalized tale that that way we can incorporate a fuller body like the legacy of pleasure street and all the cowboys and cowgirls that was helpful for them to have this framework where we weren't trying to do like a documentary about current day and so the process became really beautiful because all these voices became additive and the more that they influenced the adaptation the more i felt like it was going to be true and authentic in my delivery of it because i said the american male were my closest collaborators that you know i know i can direct i know i can write i know i have the talent but i have not lived your stories so you need to i need to be a conduit for those for all those tales now so it's from sitting around a barbecue to you know aaron took me to the auction i mean literally introducing me
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to anyone and everyone who i could sit and lend an ear to and that's part of it. was like 2 or 3 years of that was so beautiful i love you. daddy. tell them to yeah well i was. only. like what it was like 3 years having other people come in and try to tell you stories. where pretty pretty much used to e.c. people come through all of the time and they get their little. product there so this little short story you know they give you a check they don't really you know care so you know when i met ricky i'm like ok here we go again. but it was like you know getting to know him and what they were a bow and you could tell they were really genuine with everything they were doing
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and they really cared to even try to take the next that because you these you know ratters and everything that the community sees you know we don't have a voice so him telling our story and putting us out there means the world to us because it is and forgotten call chair that's in the process of being wiped away as we speak so ricky and the whole neighborhood family they always have a quick card and i'm not hoping that their personal doors to you know where their office is their homes so. if there are an amazing group. great you could tell with his matie unary is watching this show right now i am guessing is a relative such a great movie especially right now say congrats ricky and of course my brother who
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is your brother. but this is a great era an airing can you talk about how many kids are involved in writing and talk about the funding needed out i'm just going to put up this here raising money for palin and stable if you watch the movie you'll see the cowboys and the cowboys they lose their home but they say we never lose after family like we are family but if you look here where posted as well on i a.j. streams twitter page raising money for a permanent stable so that you can support the real life cowboys and cowgirls of philadelphia ricky greg aaron it's been fun writing with me today thank you so much each of us thank you for the questions the number one hit film on netflix right here on my laptop concrete cowboy thanks for watching everybody i'll see you next time.
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xenophobia violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. generation identity was at one time the fastest growing far right organization on the continent now watch the investigation that led to the french government banning the group. generation hate. part one of a special 2 part investigation on a. 5th the political debate show that's challenging the way you think i want to know where you're to stand on cancer culture creasing the range of ideas that can be heard from international politics to the global pandemic and everything in
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between is tech companies are the ones with all the power what do we do what's the solution or get organized and what are world leaders or governments missing thread talking about targets like 2040 or 20 targets but now up front with me marc lamont hill on al-jazeera. on march 15th 2019 these ilands sense of security risk shattered when 51 people were shot dead in 2 christchurch mosques another 40 wounded when a gunman began shooting at a christ church mosque it was packed with worship and attending the friday service for those who lost loved ones finding ways to deal with the trauma is crucial. game when she. was mugged a total hoodie the moment was when. 4 months later i feel much quieter and i feel much more calm and really focused with my life let us love one another that
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love doesn't cost one cent makes your heart happy and my heart if it doesn't bring any loss for the new simple they're just practiced this. top diplomats are set to meet in vienna to try to salvage the iran nuclear deal but the u.s. and iran will not hold direct talks. about mcleod this is out there live from doha also coming up. a u.s. a police chief testifies against his own officer accused of killing george floyd and says he fired later. disagreed with your
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support for the situation. jordan's former crime.


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