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tv   Al Jazeera World Rehab Egypt Edge Of Addiction  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2021 9:00am-10:01am +03

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on al-jazeera. al-jazeera is news that the biggest stories of the week delivered to your inbox last analysis and opinions have to. subscribe. to the conversation. or the. your child is there with me so robin in doha a reminder of our top news stories in a movie us police chief has testified that the officer accused of murdering george floyd broke rules on respecting the sanctity of life he says trayvon acted in a way that was against police training by nailing on mr floyd's neck for more than 90 minutes on the streets of minneapolis. has more from the trial. an important cultural moment when a police chief took the stand to testify against one of his former officers but
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data out of don't do it said the alleged crime george floyd committed passing a fake $20.00 bill did not met at the initial response of guns drawn on the force used to restrain him was unnecessary once there was no longer any resistance and clearly when mr floyd was no longer responsive and even motionless to continue to apply. that level of force. to a person. handcuffed behind their back. that that in no way shape or form is anything that. is by policy is not part of her training and it is certainly not part of our ethics our values the police chief also told the jury the officers on the scene that day in may last year i did obligation and the training to provide basic medical treatment to their
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prisoner we have a duty of care and so when someone is in our custody. regardless if they're a suspect we have a obligation to make sure that we provide for their care this was a significant moment critics have often complained about the so-called blue wall police officers refusing to give evidence against one another this was a mighty big crack in the wall chief out and gone to the man who fired derrick shove in the day after george floyd died an important witness for the prosecution earlier the court heard from the doctor who pronounced george floyd dead dr bradford lagan felt tried for 30 minutes to revive him to save his life he said he believed what happened at the scene could have been responsible was your leading theory then for the cause of floyd's cardiac arrest oxygen oxygen to. that was one of the more likely possibilities i thought that at the time based on
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the information i had it was more likely than the other possibilities and doctors there another name for death by oxygen deficiency as fix is commonly understood. under cross-examination the doctor agreed that the use of drugs might also cause significant problems leading to speak it's expected the 7 will spend a lot of time considering expert medical testimony a part that may be key to the prosecution case alan fischer al-jazeera at the show in trial in minneapolis. jordan's royal court says that prince holmes i've been hussein has signed a letter pledging his allegiance to the king jordan's government to other cues the former crown prince of trying to destabilize the country voting is underway on the biggest day of india's state assembly elections there being seen as a measure of support for the party for the party of prime minister narendra modi after a terrible year more than 190000000 indians are expected to vote the death toll
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from flash floods and landslides in indonesia in east timor has risen to at least 155 with dozens more missing rescuers are calling for more heavy equipment to help reach isolated communities north korea has become the 1st country to officially withdraw from the tokyo olympics pyongyang said it wants to protect its athletes from covert 19 percent and to hopes in south korea that the july gains could reinvigorate diplomatic talks he zealand and australia have agreed to create a quarantine free travel bubble from the 19th of april people will be able to travel freely between the 2 countries high level talks about reviving the 2015 iran nuclear deal will begin in austria in the coming hours representatives from the u.s. china germany russia the u.k. france and iran i got the ring in vienna those were the headlines more news in half an hour we return to al-jazeera world.
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the a. moment
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i miss of you know that of all by the shared that you lost of yet though here i was 3 ah and in that heated i shared with you also the other you know when i had my you know not if the thought of the way out was what amounted to members of the. super little. disciples and the like to me and say what been bills a lot of the b.s. . my bash had. me a. little girl what was said it's a lie our. men each had what i need have enough seeing another the way. we walk and all the bull i have it all felt that i was some obama to focus. to hell it had. my all you can live in the up being the feminist nuff said william had to pull them out of i want to kill my child i would.
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and i just did i had to. show a little misquote you seem to get actually one body get i someone who time. say i isn't rational. it wouldn't i. want to consider. a lot of a whole lot of budget all. my emotion as to when obama. and you and i want to build a moat. better than usable know how little how long until. the one on the i want met for. the one with more money and they look like they're about to shop any better can you get the money. to pay me for nasa get any the lottery.
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love me. my machine see my. number collusion i had was a logical way to go a little bit accompanied bottom of the helpful as usual out of the blue into the pushing and it can be as. though 'd i have learned to listen could have been. sector to be made by the people had but if i should be hired to. place me in the story have a whole lot sherry in the bin of c. . because of them would go off you know mike and i had always just stared at the bin of c. when nessa got my stomach that this ultimate. min what to call a on the one time of picking at the time my leg. but i'm with michelle i like. to be what i like let him be that then with al and he
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i shall be feeble. if you will be as needed danny if you thought he turned heel for the south you had no influence and then i see. if an. american. mechanician yeah hi and then i disinterest why in fema can come in and that i like. a lot i like. those that are looking over at all of a company called broken of the woodland what that would look like you know when i. don't what to. do but i would. really be. if you heard it then yes i call that that will probably lead to death is enough in death rock but dr you need
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a doctor and one minute. let them sort of the. going to set them some game. might have to. interrupt you. know it was. i think. it was the book. that was. something. that. struck. me. with this is. your talk of the most the fear. wouldn't.
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from a woman whom we. in the home for. very rare i mean. who literates you need. to meet. it i'll. leave. when the going to look at of how delhi. and the man have an 8 year. old son of a who is. one of. the top bit in the kit i would have thought of heights. but a lot of the day all had a goal was to get the. tension. that's the model shani
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law written about and if it's moving a little not a huggy. not up to beacham i got you. and will. be selling. his guts and. i'm going to get have people at. any lot of. it elaborately be i mean the last angle. of the deed but it doesn't the mother will lie she charlotte really tombigbee in the sons of god gave. them a moral. they did. a lot of them but i don't have the right marianna.
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with them i learned a quarter a few of them are going to be on a lower min always share. and was out. of the about. the 3 of you when you share a. story about the in that it about the pressure railway. i will mark that would have barrier pass and i had a very bad city not so good then. i was in it ne all my lateness the i would have that in hell and i was nice and happy out of the one out of shape guess i bit any the law. well know how to sing if you do you were let off with it in my belief everything is me i sit in i'm sure of a time i immediately get don't. damn again will get them for
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a little and then i was a mere. leyton and also get them but i get it and the talent among the lot 131 how some out of sorts some of them none of the children because of result. on the floor reckoning with them or see many muslims a muslim woman on the on the middle of the armory can be. aware that there is this he. doesn't bargain. there was as an employee. of government shuttling you in and only mckinnell whole b.b. small band. and i know him for nearly a month. home organizing a horny allies in your celing intimate me and even recently muslim in knobs. you have 11 would mean. that would allow me be told
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no homo so that's what i'm scared of. not the father i love my guess me. that the only guess means in fact i do not believe. that it will definitely should i be ashamed of all i thought of a plate at a beauty salon i got. a lot of the welly committee and don't want to get them going to. churches get them so we get them to do. them. they. could do 30 more of the whole of the middle and what i might get don't understand i haven't already up that insanity to remember. the only beginnings one can say stop.
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to mourn and share. and then if so then none of us are here and want to look inside i'm going to want to give a time. for them to miss winter. that's something i don't give a parking. lot of. hype how. come it took them. a lot time goes out with us from a ghost as it goes to getting back on over 100 movement arrivals of what. we've talked about feedback. from the high demand. colluding with my determine my how going to get committed with the monsoon
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concluded it was me forget that we are now there's another machine for me. to live with i boys who i get that we've done that no oddly enough i look on them annoyed at the scene got to me for what i was then i swung in from the west and went to the community. i want to put them out of and there's a model of ziad of water going. into his own mother right about a block was on and off well had the. right listen which also the day had yet to demand. some attention i from so if i get to norm had to get a. shot i'd buy a name can you had any demand here along of what i am to all wealthy world looked as if it means.
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you can build up in the chemicals the now you know. but not. that i blow my own i meant in the mean. national well. we don't feel it will can be familial a battle has usually. the hope to fill you can because the if the little you know how you determine the national sad value. reentered the good side and did. so now an awful lot of good to normal muslim for going to work with a business there will be. a little about. forbade burkholder. and so little.
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simon on tab in. charge of us all out of family hunger. magen and if he also innocent if you give well given 100 ash miserable weather i'm all to had solitary for you telep there are way out about it. that i'm a lot of years. so i will again be tougher. at it have a good henican and the shit out about a can of the which i had never gotten a lot of amulet. taken off the porch i had. forged on a full mustache one. can then if seen then a given one had to be ted oh i forgot to spray your head. well dr berlin type in shock is instead to sure why not buy that electrode i looked over here you. know what we had to learn if you are at the mouth of a carton and isaac about it in the last. central star of. some of commuter. r.t.l.
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going to be shown no. place here. kind of the sad gallon of sub another planet. the have them off want to get. them from the chinese and if you oppose them official the matter that a lot of men office. had said to show. they bought because the police in the salon fulltiming up to the to the i mean you . don't have to i mean the homeless are going to deny going to mean yes it will set up so the bond will set up in the going to demean them soft on us sort out a lot of talk and beat me up and we have a shot a few months in the dim of the hold up one of them floated up to protect it has had a lot of how come it was. going to hijack and in the modern but. then you dug in the amazon. wasn't too much when we can eat.
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and that allowed you to get you. know there's a minute little gizmo chips about all. fish from skillet called as i defy woman in a lot of wooden hut to tell you. how to function in mobile alabama then again i'm a little bad elegans been. going on to how i got. going on. it and i feel it's
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a thought that quick. relaid feel that a bit. about how would it know to really look up some of. the little italy early. into clean up just over. then tell me when i want to quit telling me. that i know what you dare even. get out of it. and then if you mean i am really one of it's all out left a bit and do a little bit i'm going to be. a little of a what you know would be like oh i'm not a member of the whole community as well i mean come on what's. more i want to go to the mountains or. walk.
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home or one of the host. and a model rational one of us. on a mission and none of us are. anything like that. mission or not but bone tenure to me that's fallen from and without a lot of fun on the phone lot of whale confusing at that a lot of havoc if i had the flight. i would have the going to the on going on the tunnel i had been on it had suffered at the from an a at i'll tell any feet again. the long haul and months of muscle loss asked me to. come in this business of money to get
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them. and i said even though it had gotten along on the 2nd it had. just a little help from the. infamous and i had a lot. and can also get them out of that i had to. look at them cerdic and then i did the helm because if you look at. the legacy. he. will see if dr who i don't and then i had to. be the whole season of darkness and the this is we need to learn how long they have died you were nice armored cars or one becomes when you were bullied in lies or when was about. first and i'm not about she had
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then out of the highway and then it made me sort of thought about this everybody have their rights and i thought of my lot if i named got mine and when i would surely head i said i said what's. the idea that i've got it walk then a c'mon sherman the home of the will of your mother some one would mean what i feel is not i feel moment as i was at the window. when the tone and the tone. this was at the soap home pushes a tone it is. a shame to show them i will she was right if you can you can feel both to hold back with the book in this hand and in a bottle and that hold with him now and that's him. oh and.
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son again i thought of a poem for the not long. i want one it's all quick and some awful mean senate. comes out sorry or kind when. the long talk got was and how you show a bit of a live a gale macand a time if you men yes. i'd that you would mind not in my commission but of them and when tek us not me if you wanted to know it's good and me and home of lot less mcmansion i have and b.t.n. going to most holy lookin out of to smooth them a dish. and believe me i know if so they will the scaped. phony and.
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illing of ending of the mean and i thought in the clip. i thought to. one quick to get to ask some of. them could have been a lot but and then i will tell you what a hole there bit a little sod in my twenty's but. oh no you are the man without understanding who knew where i would just move from one. who knows would that influenced my chart of it but. i'm going to. sit. with what i would. and it was one of her. all or maybe dylan she was article that got us
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in the very on the margins and. that was. some of the way with the mood i will. jump into the story there is a lot going on in this and julia not global community when i talk about the misinformation i think we are more afraid than we are aware be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are good enough to keep the new in the to be part of today's discussion this dream on out is there a. xenophobia violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. a generation
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identity was at one time a foster's growing far right organization on the continent now watch the investigation that led to the french government banning the group. generation hate . talk one of a special 2 part investigation on a. former police officer charged with murdering george floyd is now on trial at every breath as the world watches this historic case unfold in minneapolis we'll have live coverage from inside the courtroom as it happens and the latest reaction to derek children trial on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. and. that on the clock and how the top stories here on al-jazeera and a u.s. police chief has testified against one of his full offices who's accused of murdering george floyd he told the jury in minneapolis that shaven broke rules on respecting the sanctity of life. it is my firm belief that the one singular incident we will be judged forever on will be our use of force and so while it is absolutely imperative their officers go home at the end of their shift we want to venture out ensure that our community members go home to and so sanctity of life is
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haps only vital that that is the pillar for use of force we are oftentimes going to be the 1st ones to respond to someone who needs medical attention and and so we absolutely have a a duty to render that aid jordan's role call it says prince hamza been hussein has signed a letter pledging his allegiance to the king of jordan's government and accuse the former crown prince of trying to destabilize the country fauji is underway on the biggest day of india's state assembly elections being seen as a measure of support for the party of prime minister interim o.t. after a turbulent yeah. the death toll from flash floods and landslides in indonesia and east timor has risen to at least 155 with dozens more missing rescuers are calling for more heavy equipment to help reach isolated communities it's north korea has become the 1st country to officially withdrawal from the take your lympics pyongyang says it wants to protect its athletes from cavan 1000 it puts an end to
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the hopes in south korea that the games could reinvigorate diplomatic tools. new zealand and australia have agreed to create a quarantine free travel bubble from the 19th of april people will be able to travel freely between the 2 countries australia and new zealand have been praised for quickly controlling outbreaks with strict measures its high level talks about reviving the 2015 iran nuclear deal will begin australia in the coming hours representatives from the u.s. china germany russia the u.k. france and iran a gathering in vienna. more than 1800 inmates escaped after a prison in southern nigeria was attacked by an armed group authorities say explosives were used to free the slaves in my state president's muhammadu buhari to scribe it as an act of terrorism. but today headlines out of your world coming right out. planet earth
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a wondrous diversity consistent but human activity is the escalating climate change and posing an existential threat you don't get to research but talk straight through a scare in the lead up to us to al-jazeera around special coverage documentaries discussing tender pools exploring the consequences of our actions and inactions it's very hard to see a part of your civilization their culture and showcasing ways in which some a city to turn the tide there straight ahead there are 3 individuals in very rare to see that it's really exciting the season of programming exploring the climate crisis ahead of the earth day on al-jazeera. the.
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family and i was about the same but not. bad to reflect good for them but it could come out of matter what really called or. probably the only book clearly have a whole lot. 5 percent to believe it was. about the lab bill might have tied up a. little as a lot of. the latin the horrible the. comments the. good models from some of the beauty. when i look at that i look at one of my honor of my. list that we need for the not who would the latino vote to do much. but on the last thing you want vallance my what law nahla. what did not.
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follow was to show with ties if they want to show you lead in the gay one i said because if you have us moderns a high but i'll kill americans audibly to have what do we know well accepted will and what i got did the howling with and. is what a lot of d.m. . did but i was the biggest money into it like lamont laid out deeds. the ticket you had to hey i thought a lot of. the hey i'm going to be any one of the way i am how meal of a mother the one about to bet i'm admitting i'll get more time out i'm in with a multiple that i'll bet a lot of mothers i've lived in the story have at it so on the way i had the whole.
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why didn't i think. they'll save now i know to share. 11 fish. in the confusion that you must laugh and then. can one you know why don't you both little must all chutney in one of the other 2 what i've got to go and then my love actually. starts i actually must at all about a queer godmother cut them all but oh if it's all then that that's not a bottoming in of which i differ not about the figures most of them i wouldn't give them mine they had also. it was a me that oakes america's audience has looked at just how good how did was going to lard leno. and all of them to have an. audience how would they i mean the message of any of that article without. thought about the.
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that even about the winter and if you. are different it looks worse oregon's had one of the hug to me though. is that we're about to get up or not on all choked. only. i would have gotten on the law and. not a glance have friends in the government had met anyone less to learn about don't know their mama now because on one of. the want to go the route i get them. i'm a $1000.00 to buy for. a little double shot of evil on my gums on my fish ground or fish or fish. glumly
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rabbits or colleen. if they could i would. only able to roam on a mission far to make any way. as i'm sure not all here. when i haven't been. squeezed from a can always get done. real close to claw my ears want to come in for moments for the next in my is. finally. adult. different patrol for them i don't know. one of the books. or. one of these. for. which he will hold for a while will give him a new look also. for. someone. else
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who. was of the lot and i was good. when. i was down there under the middle of the walls are going to come over books swear that's the message that mama said that my. team was started by would really cause. well what we need in
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a lot of telephone. would we need. women to saluki given i would mean a lot of incidents actually. take a girl and they're fair that they're without ever so much. awfully lebannon of the leg had a smile. and a couple would not have the heart. to you know well if a couple of. 100 in it i had a lot. to be about on the i can look i'm going to feel. it to be the end of nicolette how good they can you know i mean she had a hard days that i get enough of me she'd call isabella liff again in ash and he did as i've been in the. from you to the from the caller had hoped all of it has so far that he has. had the howdy. couple
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funny i'm to have missed and i suppose it's also fianna small but by law. to. deduct i when they are at the the hard in i'm at. the total time up to the autumn a little bit to the. whole question from been all. day at a lot. of high appeal it without a been a long before they come in the board though a lot of them in the game can. just say going to lead them on the couple with no you're not going to like that if all of them in a. war with me and it meant. less him and make him accountable but i feel it's personal for you i'm sick. alcoholic.
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minus. let him come but then you know a couple of them you know. they most that have been always going to ice fall in love and not of the public up what then you. know the one that i've been known as i had some of it she mentioned many moderates in our socks then in and in then about 5 going to have go. a lot of shit went on a lot of well how does it even look like not you. know. not been amended you should know it. this image woman in an amish right michael. after. you have seen a man away at. the
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most looked a little more khaled either but oh honey it's a sawyer sure you could talk to. one of them but you probably know there was a big boy in one arm of. excitement when a little. missa could also tell him that he picked yvonne i want to. give purple heart. but the minus on the. couple comes in the bit but i know you'll believe how dark it instantly become the little fan. met me. later you will. know would have. set the judicial feeling we shall see in hon. but they need a shelf. in the flesh. in a famine the new initiative to do the harder for you we did the show did it official i should make sure on
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a year of that felt sort of mini. go way. up to down off and up but if i'm nonunion as among people. i see mash my opponent. hell an obscene one who'd already been cemented imo is that a bit of an a in responding noise couple. halted in this discussion on. the today show meaning less and then as if half. among. them the bombing claim i mean were they that they won't. start on about that all. of the look at all me and i get a look. or is that an homage to michael i didn't mean to let the world had it in when i could. not see any man away in all my day and. when i get a super. if you lose the animal can niggas when i do. i need to get was. get
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a little. and i'm somehow. nice and intimate a rush to shop then you tell the wife. we . want to go. get him a. place. without the gun and as it as a nazi for you to. know muslims on a moment or. something. rick to go. into.
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a storm. and the internet i'm a lot. what does i'll buy the instead of. the couple of the few i got a deal meaning some sort of insolent and of agree to have eliminated. as a way. out i only listen as they could have been hotter than i am i will get all of them out of the knob. that i go to the army and them with the chalk that even the house of how to the must often have seen me go a little honey it's a $10.00 to a. couple . m one model but not. the traditional little been a bionic ear he has been better but now. that i'm in a lot of the not
9:47 am
a soul finding out about them and the study is sort of on the come get me a shout out i go i hadn't ought to be had the the how you cannot go but i when i met. sad i met jani but i'm a hug i'm out of the hottest. time of feeding it gets me to shut off a high oh and for many a dream. fulfilled fella cradle born for going to highlight how many. out of high gimme. dory lemme tell ya just. an edison i'm on the hunt is about i'll hunt this i need. as a minimum of what to do i am home. i am on the phone. the whole deal still. wants to.
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land that i mean. there's more than one of them. and already when i had them all on that's got them and nobody but. myself and. and that's not a choice i want. out of that i'm a fan of government is what it always meant. i mean. just. the thought of the time last year. when i was well up we can come in with a little more confident. about the top kill him. and all of that. and he thought. that or you could look at yourself and then i come in for the. messiah that in a moment i said more than about what i was about to sit in the
9:49 am
a nest of 18 high sadness would mean he could have done it and that we had in common maybe you have. this in the home of. my better promotional move. them in life moving and i mean human being and. when i'm a day. to day. has been affected by. it if you're. going to get that. movement you start moving the bat. if he said awful awful lot of bull. rush on a father in reno was shattuck if you're free if i did look sick and then show off no more lot of baldwin. for the heart of
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a. little. well. this is what it could be like. to. sit in. a cell of why an often higher fee had been why on earth in time it had. been a civilian tell you probably why and organize them in a bit higher. if you can book. senator clinton mentalism. well the man is the sure you fellows don't win all of them i'm sure the men. look at me didn't really
9:51 am
want to marry. anybody. from us to sexual from the game. i mean nobody could on lies and off for mccain we said to him you don't know for sure. and i can't get the bottom of each i had a. full time to. come i'm. just i'm on the clear form of a lot of shock and i said he. had music just to have that he wanted to say in another sadness and about sad. and then about volume and about was am out of boredom and. had to learn not to go on. a medal at the mouth off of the oil. pan out we all come in
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a month with that even though like that to me in an economy. so next it was said and i just give you good then when there's a little bit of winter that he wants out of the deli well nick you'll get a lot out of me my lady in the beginning would mean without human blood all over you why did it feel to you in between the command. for the negative legible we got in and we did it even when. the door lottery and open fiennes was in the full interview but then we get to the lead mission of still started with meals i shouldn't be at will kind and then the thought of ok whatever get them. but never on which i had to marry. then one talent already worked accepting the thought out
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of love and the intermountain. decide now one thing to hold the data from the gathered outside nothing by that one with a shock to me from skin on them of a mother but a girl he was getting without even a mob when dismissed out of line with the mob i'm about how i'm going to learn of a sideman the rest of the children come while a good man that we will give those who can work i miss the look and hope that all my side missed him out of the. i'm not getting mad at him. leighton will go with that if demeanor and they it's all bought in the mean fashion not even then i have to have to cover the house all the way ha i wanna gain and how and how much of. the nation lots of man. i says and i stop being a mechanic who had dictated to me they didn't i don't mean i was a dean in the school i had.
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1000000 will be with his mother to believe that whatever wilson book room will trump. made that how women are more malodorous a lot a lot of confidence. will fall in when i look. alike to nixon but that's a lot more than that but that i share with them your mom sort of let go and not let them teach.
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and if a sawfish is a little 1000. clearly your move on you still must go he in the army office. and we're going to hand out of it and i'm going chandy than you and john guilfoyle daniel thought because shannon is protected in the ozone and you can live it in this cooling is that dictated. but this is dave not professional today non-polar and in a good book my freddy i'm going to do no damage but remember penny was what i'm looking for the bieber took a little fear to clear for the healer. i feel better now i'm about we. could have been on the road here with you from the gun.
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alarm i'm not. sure it did it and then i'm not about. none other than adam and eve not on all of them of dr ahmed. not on not a look. like an automated the neck at more hollow. but if it. were one malignant. had often asked non them out of the hall nobody to stop but. can i. say man about pulp i was in most of what the paladin rather than half the night i went up but it got. done.
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about a boss in. a lot of us and in the mean can have a lot of any. mission and. i'm going out of anybody missing you. in the rose of the ninety's. were committed by. al-jazeera well meets. a croatian who went to jail for crimes he says he didn't commit. was he a guard in a concentration camp or was he simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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trial and error on al-jazeera. but. now residents of the gulf states will have noticed quite a strong wind of the last 2 days is the traditional show mild it will last well into tuesday and probably wednesday otherwise the winds aren't a fairly strong the suddenly being induced over saudi arabia and this brown here is the likelihood of light dust or sand being taken away to jordan beyond that the picture is relatively free of cloud or showers and that includes most of turkey although western turkey in the aegean does see windy occasionally sherie weather now that's breezes died down quite a lot while the end of wednesday the temps are still hovering around the 30 and we've got something of a still developing iraq i think sandstorms a possibility even in baghdad by the end of thursday but the wind for the south is different in doha more as a steady 30 but bout time
9:59 am
a get to the end of the coming week and the southeast has been picked up then they die out it becomes quite a humid spell probably a short lived one but 34 by day 23 overnight through the seasonal rains to the other hemisphere on the opposite season it's still raining occasionally durban could well pick up a pretty wet spell those showers move into the eastern side of south africa but mostly this is a dry and relatively warm picture this time of the year to be expected i've enjoyed . that. thems right wing government and the catholic church are the very best of friends the church supports the government the government supports the trial their critics claim they both draw power from demonizing others they find an enemy and then they try and scare other people with that and it's that ideology of hatred but have recent changes to abortion laws pushed the public too far. people in power vested
10:00 am
gates poland's church and state alliance on a physio. play an important role protecting it with. ringback us a police chief testifies against his own officer accused of killing george floyd and says he violated policy. i am in disagreement that is the appropriate use of force for that situation. i don't acknowledge this is out there at life and also coming up top diplomats are set to meet in vienna to trying to salvage the iran nuclear deal.


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