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tv   Witness Survivors  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2021 4:00am-5:01am +03

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a on to the end to the agency or to the to. the. the ng and my. the air and. fully back to bill in doha with a look at our main stories on al-jazeera in a rare move a us police chief has testified against one of his former offices was accused of murdering george floyd by daria our own don't do it told the jury in minneapolis said derek shelvin broke rules on respecting the sanctity of life john hendren is in minneapolis he says the prosecution is trying to prove that vein used unjustified force and salves floyd of oxygen. you're trying to prove that derek
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show vns kneeling on george floyd's neck choked off his oxygen directly causing his death point number one point number 2 that that was not a proper technique to hold him with and it was unjustified and that's exactly what the chief of police testified to materia l.-a donda era donda rather saying that that was not a proper technique it was in his words in no way shape or form what they train police to do that the officers were required to give medical aid as soon as george floyd was in distress and he did not do that and then at the end of the day you had katie blackwell the officer who trained derek chauvelin in the techniques of restraining somebody and she said i don't know what kind of improvise hold that was we don't train that so each of those points contributes to the prosecution case that derek chauvin was unjustified in using that amount of force the police chief
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went on to say that. the police were required if they had to hold him down at all and he said that me hold was not acceptable in any way but if they were required to hold someone down in that prone position they were also required to lift them up on their sides so that that person could breathe that didn't happen in this case and not only did they deny medical assistance from the officers themselves there was a paramedic who came on to the scene and testified last week that she offered assistance and they refused to accept it. jordan's oriel court says prince hamza been hussein has signed a letter pledging his allegiance to the king jordan's government had accused the former crown prince of trying to destabilize the country rescuers are struggling to reach dozens of missing people in indonesia and east timor after flash floods and landslides cut off several communities at least 100 people have been killed russian
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opposition leader alexei now vonnie has reportedly been moved to a medical facility with symptoms of a respiratory illness and army will be tested for call $1000.00 after posting online that he has a high temperature and a bad cough he was jailed in february for 2 and a half years over parole violations for a conviction which he says was politically motivated tehran is heading back into the highest level of restrictions as iran battles a new surge in coronavirus deaths is the 3rd time the city's entered called red measures limiting business hours and banning travel in personal cars the iranian news new year holiday is being blamed for the renewed spread of the virus england meanwhile will be lifting some corner virus restrictions next week outdoor pubs gyms and shops will be allowed to reopen from monday as it slowly eases its national lockdown the government is also testing a possible vaccine passport system. result of your efforts and of course with the
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of the vaccine rollout is that i can today confirm that for a monday the 12th of april we will move to step 2 of our road map reopening shops gyms zoos holiday camp sites personal care services like head dresses and of course big gardens and outdoor hospitality of all kinds and on monday the 12th i will be going to the pub myself and cautiously but irreversibly raising a point of beer to my lips north korea has become the 1st country to officially withdraw from the tokyo lympics because of coronavirus and in a further blow for the games osaka has formally ask for its leg of the torch relay to be canceled because of a spike in cases the event is seen as a 1st major test of japan's ability to hold the games under demick restrictions coming up next on al-jazeera its witness stay with us.
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finding this for victoria i think the sound of trucks. i am a pastor and a few make up the advent of. insanity. is something that i think being that you see us. because it's touches my life. it's touched my faith. instruction is the very foundation of might be. yes. was
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. the the the old. the death toll is now well over 1500 the biggest question the most affected countries are grappling with is how to stop the spread of the to see us efforts to control the spread of the deadly virus emergency measures were put in place in liberia and similarly on restricting moment this great beauty the largest and most complex that we have ever known ringback it also a global issue. but i need to tell the war how my people survived more. we've seen people making
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sacrifices sacrifices one thing often mentioned these are the stories until this is what i won the war to see that's only if not most force inside the. least one of those who could but will need. more i didn't know he doesn't have to gold. you know when i was a poor boy. well i want. my 80 each of the minimum. of them can act as a city. again if i've. got to. be.
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mr martini what i need to really. be cheering. for me. he was someone. who even. louie. i. believe yeah.
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yeah. i know he yeah yeah. he. was that he. was very far leave oh are that the think that was a joke that even i was going to have an uncle not just for them but for the family because of the other about the work and that's why the telephone i want to. play for the young and i think i'm going to start. by the rules it's like i'm little. bit on this if you don't really well you know i don't want to as i didn't want to see not able to yes i would have never heard anyone talk about it don't talk. about so i did not as i can and was i think that nobody you know knows abuse it i would do anything anything. that any at.
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all good at it was a well known for that you know yes you know. when i do you know it's a couple that i was it was a out all of times it was here is what i mean i want to be bangle i'm on about i'm going to i mean this in atlanta. and i stop and i say no not today in a small cinema and winning when and when and when it's because they want to talk for he did above. so what i'm going not only pick and choose me and that's i mean that's what power it was you look me. you develop small small so intense amount of tomato get not up on one of these. you fast minimal force you understand 10 a 2nd if. one of us invited. and that's how we know this he will come
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on i will. and i don't conform to that message. for this. now look i will this enough in other churches outside will not be what we don't. yes well i. don't know. that man was even like us. but it just to send us a look at does. it feel that 6 a. * lot
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of people. should read the full. so you can forget. you.
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me family have all the money. right now people that i was sad over the last departments of sonar and a lot you have got to come out oh but merciful ok i will be sorry if i've been done but the church i let it go i found it out done to me so what's that about but nancy i've got to know about. bob i am bob i met him and he asked her what i think you know what more could i want you know no i did almost no right we could not blow oh no i wasn't i'm going to what you did before i let you go on outside of what we i am with the clothes are piled up we got up love looked at them that you. thought meant a lot but i think about that so i know you are not there you know where you got your car if i want to know you know where that i love our place out if you know how good was our god serving your god no not god for you but you thought i was like i said i don't. know if you've been thinking there is nothing for the new fish to
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know don't we think i'm fishing in the. minimal smog it's come us to see. it in the community it's not i don't know. according to display it's cases like this come up we need medical attention. i will continue these. oh. i've run out of already. you're right i thought it would you know. right over to right arm. talk. run with them.
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in on. you. i am poor when you are so go to google groups you. know when you are i don't anymore do those i did could install to you i could have to go on longer i never would be proper and most of this is worth the time. so. its just. the greatest fear is. this a new disease and allow for under law it would be for seeing with you people are safe with it so then we do not get the knowledge what's the disease so does not need fear. because of because 18 really good people again top seeded e.p. we will quit horny for you because of the we d. i want to 1000 you. big money $500000.00 thats not all those dollars.
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is about let me see only a dollar only a dollar per hour week now small money down before you like. a possible city fall though into insight into you because infected identity die the morning of the movie life it's not going away before blissfully. oh i know it and if you can if i make me pick you know seattle good to. me wouldn't be selling said well no i don't know any fully to know if.
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they don't know most often equally do we don't die when i'm your close friend in me n.b.c. kalsu the no allow me save then we get the idea save me save before i'll be in d.c. cannot use. something off you know feel guilty. first the phone had a quad submissive and i would have to mean when we said. it would if i in fact see if i don't believe see. anybody. i mean i got some candy. gandi. if you say that a if. that's what it's all you ever for then yeah i'm game 3 kinds of it's all you know on you ma ma ma ma ma own and probably a bit on what that's like. so let's. examine duty bound i like
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on birds and well i just spoke. to getting you don't quote me saying the item to which i'm going to ask a nuke which it will do i get more thank you off my mean i'm not happy you don't know what i'm not sure. i do know my long think which you create an all in law school ask them both the day we're going to get to monday without a good boy on the sort into the gun you can use when you need the means of learning i think the doing the best with doing that you can even be i would know if you so much you can make your money your vote on sunday dinner may make good money to the bank you shouldn't use mangum you don't know more. that's a car while mowing you don't want to pause to get it was horny see a man thousands revert to high school so when i was alone you know as fisa from the president yes no doubt for the record you know our game is the no god this without authority but if you want to. leave a comment on
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a game yes ok difficult. we're going for sure to go to some sort of them in the senate i miss it but this was not just the sort of the morning i have exposed how hard john helpful to be to get up and walk before the outbreak that we have to pick up to have just one or 2 doctors 700000 people. under wraps. around. that there was no 2 other guy finds us are going to do this and that. is a huge no no no no no no no. no . i don't mean about how out of the norm you don't want people. and.
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you think he's. going to we're. going to. look at. what is. going to. be. what's up with. us. big time at. the foot of the bed probably. going to do well. in the book what's
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out there on the normal. just down to my i was talking about the old. backyard sort of. it was like this are. really going i thought well ok. most of that was. the limit for the someone who did it on the book and i wasn't. there the lawsuit was a. book right but i thought it was good enough that we were going to start. next. year you know yesterday.
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yes. look i. think. you. hit. me. on the head. the only thing good. 6 thing.
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to do with it because he's out there you've got these 2 lists who is going to get the i'm going to put in the 1st close up. this one. and it's a little bit. os stuff oh this will see the. you must not not i know that could be the most you know about something about these moments out some people don't want to have to go. then he gets in trouble it was not doing enough but he said it you know told. our president much now we got one by one but what if we get. all. on the one.
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i have and i want to give me a better. you know what. they need a bad thing. i'm going to. give me. a. good. thing you know and. eat in the woods and this woman gets. the new kiss when he gets shot because. we don't work for malacca so it's just. a short fuse me it makes up for saying. because everybody be worried look for me personally not me but honestly. i think when you try to go down. because you lost. so it's
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on sitting on the chair. in this. regard. you know because. i'm. not i'm talking america's sort of holy. crap.
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i have a lot of coffee. on my father commissaire wonderful. so as soon as the results see it on because it seems to be in depreciates by did. it evolve me to lose weight as being a mental problem. upon . all. i mean you say goodnight impossibility specialists. who side looked at it's. a good thing i changed its issue so i believe for play for me it's
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a game or so before we do we are going side. by you to really see if we are just wrong paths for plea in believe open you ha. from. the want of what do i overdosed. but my sister saved me. a lot more or less you should want more from a little god the reality of addiction in the arab wild i'm the struggle of recovery and i'm looking towards just me and it's
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a drug. i'll just say well well it goes inside a rehab clinic in the nile delta. rehab egypt edge of addiction on al-jazeera. the athletes are larger than life but the world of sumo wrestling is shrouded in secrecy one a one niece gets rare access inside a sport where thanks should tradition meets modern scandal on al-jazeera vaccines a promising paul thought of the pandemic but implementing the greatest inoculation in history is testing the global community around the world already a clear gap as the match between rich nations and poor ones when it comes to vaccinating their populations from the geopolitics to the pure economics the misinformation and the latest developments what's going on here is very different for a start look that's incomes in the form of the nasal spray special coverage of the corona virus pandemic.
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where every. the. hello again i'm fully back to doha with the headlines on al jazeera in a rare move a u.s. police chief has testified against one of his former officers was accused of murdering george floyd daria told the jury in minneapolis said derrick show vein broke rules on respecting the sanctity of life. it is my firm belief that the one singular incident we will be judged forever on will be our use of force and so while it is absolutely imperative their officers go home at the end of their ship we want to
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make sure and ensure that our community members go home too and so same duty of life is absolutely vital that that is the pillar for use of force we are oftentimes going to be the 1st ones to respond to someone who needs medical attention and and so we absolutely have a duty to render that. jordan's oil corps says prince hamza been hosain has signed a letter pledging his allegiance to the king jordan's government had accused the former crown prince of trying to destabilize the country rescuers are struggling to reach dozens of missing people in indonesia and east timor after flash floods and landslides cut off several communities at least 100 people have been killed russian opposition leader alexei navalny has reportedly been moved to a medical facility with symptoms of a respiratory illness have on he will be tested for over $1000.00 after posting online that he has a high temperature and a bad cough he was jailed in february for 2 and
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a half years over parole violations for a conviction which he says was politically motivated. tehran is heading back into the highest level of restrictions as iran battles a new surge in coronavirus deaths is so the 3rd time the city's centered code red measures limiting business hours and banning travel in personal cars even the new year holidays being blamed for the renewed spread of the virus north korea has become the 1st country to officially withdraw from the tokyo len pics young says it wants to protect its athletes from covered 19 is puts an end to hopes in south korea that the july games good reinvigorates diplomatic talks with korea's participation in the 2018 winter games in south korea was used as a chance to broker talks with the united states those are the headlines be back with more news after witness say with us.
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this morning. international. break. and complexity. the. more you. keep trying to hold you for the right the rest of the people who do. when it's came i see us an enemy to west africans because it attacks the very fabric the foundation of our believes the foundation of what makes us africans and that is
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our ability to associate with each of our ability to come to contact with one another. physical contacts is they will you hold and that's bad in balsam and for me to meet someone in the street without harbin a hunch or a hug. you know or some form of body contact. so with the advent of going up. it's like. every new thing that's makes me why. i tuck. a little. well men are told me.
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2003. server they're going to have to i'm going to try it i love you actually with their car. to make up for the way they. were then by then i'll be over there for an hour faster what i mean by big for that in the. sea even. if the. valley was only the deep getting mount when he must walk on my photos you know. it's awfully nice. up witnesses not going well. she cannot be admitted to a blog post did you even do the doctor said that she really needs to see
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a section. these are all problems if you will because normally i could have taken how to get between us she would have been admitted and observed for polly and all of these things. so gone on sufferance. i think it's an. well i was giving you this. sort of. yes yes. ok well other than that it would be something that. goes 2 well. this is all about you know justin it's not yeah it's about the no no recording for the fans of it was not hi steve on today don't i said bad ass what
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can i said me for who i don't know if that's all i don't know is if you don't on the whole so that i don't got a life is i mean opposed to when the funny to somebody people don't do what and when to have of for me my me to do or 7 say for them for a man i don't doubt guy i don't i can die for that is the sense on a drum so it doesn't matter if i make a point of what i know we welcome it it's on my own i work out and i are misled i discover me and i know one guy now i don't suffer for money i don't want god now i know 1 7 day i want you 1st see what seem to come. well guarded i don't.
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know you know i. don't know. 2 yet. i don't.
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know. just turn your back on yeah. all you get you can't pin them up on what we should not. lose
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ok. oh god chamois let me finish. the game will you write.
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the bomb on the bible i had to fall back on to. get back under me it's ok if you ben. people malik are going to bomb the shit with simi obama. get us some get out of iraq look. good let's try to get back in the us i may become. only good at it by dialogue. not in a panic. it was only in it and then on to feel if i thought on its guns when. i put on let's. get it delivered meaning that today before they're not going to.
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go to about this life i seem to be your body because it wouldn't be equal to that. list of life we don't let it come midnight and it was time to take up on that that it's not just me and production life i don't have a family and then we should treat each she's leaving me. so these days especially for me now to money are very very important these homey because. they don't all get on till saturday that's tomorrow if she did not get back my to motion won't be going through syncing on section or for
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me i just believe until school about so and then. nothing goes wrong with about another baby. to go to glory. these is only who i prayed that's written this ruefully and. in jesus' name and. the kind of seen by the presence of gold the lights wherever you go to lead to where we shine upon you you were never walk in darkness ways goodness and message showed up on you in about a father who was on the road was jesus.
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by the grace of both my wife. and my son home safe. and that's a fact i am happy that you be happy because. i have seen my song a nice healthy. i'm. really into people across the country i think to stay at. break to gather here and get west africa's q 14200 will. reach out to some smallest of. the stars for 3 days don't try to do it is an extra push to white. but such will be condemned this counterproductive to having by some charities a similar campaign in liberia's capital last year after rioting and looting died.
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we. know nor you know any good i don't want to be part. of the members and i want to have a good doesn't listen to you votes are counted or not that is what i wanted so i want to get off we'll get him a bit i don't pull. it off. i don't make you know. this stuff yet somehow. let me. let. you know i mean anyway i don't think there's a lot of a genuine and i've done a lot of late night and i know i didn't know. when i was getting the sound i was not hungry but i'm gonna get really down on well most of the above and i know many did so maybe it was on the one now that you know i don't i'm not. going to have going to survive. but you know it's not you know jonathan i mean i saw some of that with him because you know. if you want to ask him if you know i actually want to
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see norm you know would. be just me to. you know to you young gents my last couple you have a previous model beat up your high fees e.d.s. are what's on his biggest nothing it's not ok i got about how do you get your work to do so we. don't be stupid to also i would not have. it is up to the standard to come take you from me what i don't get for now is up to something. we know say when they don't get to accidents you know they don't get to accidents but i possibly can son we're not interested in 2 accidents wall and sucking one at this particular point in time because you feel for the people you work for making people lives that sacrifices now do you want an awful time and until we meet we haven't got to do just that you know you don't feel like a spider man not just to come and look up to me donna you use that in people like you are one of the sacrifices that will be just me and dishonor and i want you all with some of we hope all of us are going to be pleased i just don't see you going
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to discuss the time to come nobody suspects of amusements want to ever have loved us. not sow them got some you know you thank you very much thank you very much above the one who some day were innocent put your hands over the 100 who didn't know and i was running away every night i know you've got nothing to do with a little tonight. coming up the classical you know come out. with. the ear anything. anything.
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you. going to get in the night i'm going to have a. very. good. and. you. know years ago was. god if you. think if. i don't feel it so not thank you for to not make. me smile what i will be it will be see because this. is no.
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more does not we know richard it's the journey of a one year 6 months. and for me we have. and this. acetic i do and i make efforts and if we do see that you know we all make efforts when i make a fault. it gets so i told. him and told him we live and tom. and i discounts you for this i want off sick and weak sad life and come to your boys very special that he's a fighter in their home and you cannot imagine how happy you. 8 are going.
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to say such if you keep. on an only son to see. it in the midst of this he's living in only one of the united states from. do it in the a tete a tete a tetes the ice was. so so bloody good we've received me from a plate it's a dirty job for the efforts back when i knew from yeah you can i do i knew most of the name he grew so who called me this in that if you know. when the senate now college yes. it's fine and we see where c.d.c. came in we said you know i'd be good in a minute if it big. he goes to the full he said as it doesn't to be needed and who cares who you know some you must know we get it so i can also tell you it the same question over losing and if. not as i think it was
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a mistake. but. as one who said it will out on wisconsin and then decide for michael we're going to happen today and one of them in an in our lives being a quality of. us yes i go this by the end of this morn i will start to look back and i couldn't. let it go especially if i if i don't say . fellow civil unions. we declared a state of emergency. because the very existence of this quandary
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was at stake. today i have commenced discussions with the leadership of my limit in the state of emergency. the ebola outbreak has ended in sierra leone but we must remain vigilant and we must remain alert. a total of $8704.00 c. the unions were infected during the outbreak. and we lost 3559 of our brothers and sisters. more theirs and further as our sons and daughters. rest in perfect peace. that their money will come we got
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a good morning tom english name off my meat and yeah give a damn when you going to name me tell me where to meet. up you got a corny not going on. between. the people who are all disturbed gear believe. so woman oh. yeah i. know it's. only thing i'll pull it off we know if you know with a laugh if i got mail because you know up here in prison and your whole that what are you like about them and you will have everything anybody when you're reading people who know me.
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if you government didn't know you wanted me going on. a plan for make. i was an. eye out would be. me and if i'm in the will come on i guarantee. me the bigger than me with my mom. because the orderlies the number i just gave up is it's. just one notices how this one if you get all would say i don't do it belong to me.
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because. i believes it will be going to do this once in this of 5 when it will i don't know on. this miss. was on this one now. and then we get to dismiss. the man who led or lose the widow nightmist. wouldn't there. there i mean. there's about been most of them there lost their lives do you saw.
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signs that this this is a strong country. this is what makes us unique we survived. day into 12 years of one of the most brutal war in africa. you saw by that and also by the border. to see. things happening to see you continue to talk talk talk talk making a change for me the goods assuming of course is the make a change in the life of somebody. we are so in the lights so the mission. to sierra leone and to the world it. because that is why we're here. to give meaning to it like. the story goes but the statue of an ancient greek god he beat the waves for
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millenia. until a palestinian fisherman on earth the priceless relic. the story continues that has the world's attention was drawn to her as mysteriously the day it disappeared once again. the apollo of ca's. on. we've got a couple of days off from any particularly violent weather there is still snow
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falling in quebec the still snow falling out of this cloud across the cascades in the rockies and montana is slowly drifting south to wyoming and then of course into the plains vengefully you can imagine what's going to happen we get a constant feed of warm moist air up for the plains states communicates this cold and that has developed into an area that really wants itself up gets angry produces sunda storms and we've seen that 3 times already in the last couple of weeks and it may well happen again you end up generating a line of thunderstorms core front if you like that run all the way from east texas up through our consoles for kentucky and tennessee yes they've been vicious reason they might be again but that's doesn't happen till wednesday and thursday further west yeah the still like to be more snow falling in montana but that's not a big surprise for this time of the year dropping south and rather strong trade winds raising off a little bit and they persistent showers that produced some flooding and even a landslide risk in house but it's funnier that's also easing down but there's
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still a lot of cloud and rain over honduras and probably nicaragua but again that appears to be disappearing in jamaica i think you still potential for big showers. jump into the story there is a lot going on in. global community when. i think. we don't want to feed than we are aware that be part of the debate don't ever take anybody's one word because there's always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are who would love to hear the new in each who could be part of today's discussion this stream on out is there.
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a us police chief says the officer accused of killing george floyd violated force rules by kneeling on his neck. it is my firm belief that the one singular incident will be judged forever along with your use of force. fully back to bill you watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming out jordan's royal court says a prince at the center.


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