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we know what's happening in our region we know how to get the great others not the fires are still going on the way they tell the story is what and make it different . al-jazeera. they're watching the news our life from a headquarters and. coming out for the next 60 minutes daily current of virus infections in india exceed $100000.00 for the 1st time an evening curfew was tightened in its worst affected states jordan's detained former crown prince says he'll disobey orders banning him from communicating with the outside world floods
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and landslides triggered by to rensil rain killing at least 90 people in indonesia and east timor a warning that a reservoir could collapse in a u.s. state unleashing a wall of waste water. and i'm satisfied with sportsman and his football team the pitch in spain after one of the players is allegedly racially abused. welcome to the news hour india is reporting its biggest daily surge in corona virus cases since the pandemic began crossing 100000 infections for the 1st time well the majority emerge in the state of home to india's financial capital mumbai and even curfew is being tightened there and the lockdown will be enforced over the weekend 7 other states are also reporting a steep. hundreds of infections with various virus variants from the u.k.
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south africa and brazil are also being reported the rise in inspections has not stopped politicians though from gathering large mass crowds in election rallies this includes the prime minister narendra modi who is held multiple rallies ahead of a coming regional elections health experts are placing their hopes on the vaccination drive but the rollout has been slow only 76000000 indians have received at least one shot in a population of 1400000000 elizabeth purana will join us from new delhi she'll give us an update so the numbers of people testing positive are increasing at an alarming rates elizabeth. they certainly in the last 2 months we have seen the number of daily cases rise from an average of 10000 a day in early february to more than 100000 cases recorded on. and
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continue to remain the worst affected state at the one of its highest daily by more than 57000 cases on sunday and along with it is a handful of states that do account for most of the cases in the country they're going up in india's most populous state. and also in the capital delhi which recorded. highest number of cases this year with more than 4000 on sunday and that is why prime minister than that in the morty held a meeting on sunday to review the situation and he said that the rise is mainly due to what he called the. decline in appropriate behavior like wearing mosques and social distancing demick fatigue and also affective a lack of the effective implementation on containment measures to address all of this he is sending medical teams to maharashtra to assess why it has remained the worst affected state over the past year he's also sending teams to the states of punjab and shut this. to see why the death rate is so disproportionately high in
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those 2 states now punjab has recorded a very high number all the u.k. variant off the corona virus but health officials are saying that despite the u.k. variant brazil south africa and even a double mutant variant that's been found and via those variants responsible for the rise they say and that is the cause of people letting their guard down not following protocols after the numbers fell as much as they did earlier this year so what. will indians be facing now. well maharashtra is the state that we are seeing the most restrictions and has imposed curfew from 8 pm to 7 o'clock in the morning it's closed all bars and restaurants and it has a complete weekend lockdown from the weekend coming up also banned
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more than gatherings of more than 5 people but we have been looking at pictures from the capital. from various markets and the crowds are still there now outside of missing the state of montana predations closed its border with us looking at restricting people coming in from the state to check this and also looking at enforcing the local lockdowns wherever they are there are cases in the state more and more states are asking for people coming from outside to provide color the negative certificates promising that in the more he again spoke about. the 5 strategy of testing of tracing treatment appropriate behavior but also vaccinations and announce that from sunday from yesterday that all the public hospitals and vaccination centers will be open 7 days a week including sundays to increase the number of vaccinations because india is running behind its schedule to govern. and
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a vaccination to 300000000 people in the 1st 6 months of this year ok elizabeth thank you so much for that update from new delhi. let's turn to dr because all 12 of the pulmonologists and he's also the head of the unit at the shop have diminished the hospital in mumbai he's joining us from there thanks for your time with us on al jazeera so tell us what you're seeing and your hospital as a result of the rise in the number of positive infections. drastic measures not the change we have to see in this part one be. modest but be was true state might not please at all 60000 cases which is a record 24 are initially still the struggling a lot of race not all of these but the other really. struck me already are patients very. well and really expecting this to go to school. or which to monitor goldman has already come up with some. sort of thing for you what it might be will
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that all of the mall of as well as the farms are if you're a doctor or are there. you need to be in the morning 7 how to manipulate you know maybe somebody just you know like people like of all. the guys that come down all the people have begun to. be required to follow question. why that is going to space company going to them are you the fact that they should or that is to say we need to be followed it explicitly so it was about why why do you say i'm right but why do you think that there's such a surge in infections and particularly in maharashtra straight through seeing more than 55 percent of total cases in the country is it simply because people have a pandemic fatigue or more than that. basically the last solution right.
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the state probably the best practice in writing because already but for what it is by definition right there. just be followed by a number of cases all the big media people have somewhere to go can she do that one job also acted on one shot by accident will make you immediately we did not the right decision from the pov of. the probably going to be right there has to be medically i understand one thing that was the job and although maybe some unions are really does have to be. made to get on the move though they have to. be this wouldn't be a reason. to be r.c. on a number of occasions and certainly will help us and others like yourself and doctors as well i mean you you all are warning against gathering in public places but we do
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see the government and the prime minister holding rallies because elections are underway what do you make of the way the government is handling this. yes olmert has already you know. all the community will be going to. watch on the red mosque maybe i did it debuted all or maybe only you know already you are supposed to call your old guy every time to want to listen to some men it is the point i am somebody if you leave me now going to be a good guy has got a lot of young people i. guess they would want they didn't want to be but it is not to be allowed now but yes they are a little. while but i think it is a little ok and i don't like renata we don't know why the 2nd date is before the
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opposite by finishing writing something to lead with and equality we need to buy i don't believe me ball of. life on this i just gave a little somewhere. that some people do but the sharp people did it. it is. quite a leap in. ok interesting points you raise thank you so much and also because i was all for sinking to us from mumbai a recovery operations underway in bangladesh where a ferry and cargo ship have collided and police say the ferry was packed with passengers after new coronavirus restrictions were announce at least $27.00 bodies have been recovered so far and several more are believed to be missing alexy o'brien reports. on the banks of the sheet election day support families waited for news. but as the alice passed. on i
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shall not be the pentagon loved the ferry capsized last night but it's yet to be retrieved was there such a delay. the small ferry had been carrying about 50 people when it collided with a cargo vessel on sunday night it was finally pulled from the water on monday rescuers say they were delayed by bad weather. and i appeal to the prime minister with please let us get the bodies of my father and mother the vessel was said to be packed with people rushing to their hometowns. the government had announced a weeklong lockdown to counter a spike in corona virus cases there were more than $7000.00 new infections reported on sunday the highest in a single day under the restrictions which are now in force all domestic travel services a suspended that's seen a rush on buses ferries trains and flights hundreds die in ferry accidents every
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year in bangladesh blamed on badly maintained vessels poor safety standards and overcrowding witnesses say the capsized ferry was carrying too many people and investigations underway brian al jazeera. jordan's foreign former crown prince hamza has said in a newly released voice recording that he would disobey orders by the army not ticket to not communicate with the outside world after he was put under house arrest on sunday the jordanian government said it's thwarted what it calls a malicious plot to destabilize the country a half brother of king. being punished for speaking out against corruption. the situation is a little bit difficult all the guards have left and the chief of staff threaten me on behalf of top agencies officials were recorded his words and send them to my family and those i know outside the country just in case something happened and now waiting for their action i'm not going to escalate but i will not abide myself by
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their orders to stay at home not to use to eat not to be in contact with people and not to see my family but i've been told by the chief of staff is not acceptable under any circumstances so i'm still waiting for this matter to be sorted out well jordan's deputy prime minister says prince hamza and other top officials have been under surveillance for some time now without having to reports. it was talk about the 0 hour to government said that prompted jordan's king abdullah to give the green light for the arrest of more demand dozen people including bessemer i would allow a former head of the royal court and finance minister he then became part of the inner circle of prince hamza bin has seen the house bred of the king who was also a crown prince until he was removed from the role in 2004 jordan's deputy prime minister a minute suffered he said that beyond a doubt in the circle of prince hamza were coordinating with foreign parties and opposition abroad
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a plot to destabilize the country with. the state intelligence with already has been closely monitoring activity from his highness hamza sharif house and desired by some of the and others whose movements were undermining else debility and security. the surveillance intercepted movements including communication with foreign sides on a so-called 0 hour to trigger measures aimed at undermining else debility shortly after the arrests prince hams that appeared in the video saying he had been put under house arrest for bit in from communicating with the outside world i claim later denied by jordan chief of staff the prince also took the president did move after publicly criticizing the leadership of the country i am not the person responsible for the breakdown in governance for the corruption and for the incompetence that has been prevalent in our governing structure for the last 15 to 20 years and has been getting worse either you're. not responsible for
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the lack of faith that people have in their institutions. their response the former crown prince had been sidelined since his removal from power but he is said to have been forging ties with this gruntal tribesman and the loosely organized opposition known as head up that has been calling for mass protests so far the government hasn't revealed the scope of the alleged plot but some say it's unlikely it was aimed at directly overthrowing king abdullah you can't have a coup or lesser security people involved so i don't think and you know this whole idea of a plot there is just not true there is there is clearly. an internal issue that's come out in the public and i think in a way it has turned out not in the favor of some of the people who began this process of arrests it's not clear what will happen to the former crown prince king abdullah said to favor an amicable solution for the sake of the royal family and
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the stability of the country there are still many questions that remain and answers the government says it will reveal all details in due course but if anything recent events reveal deep divisions within the royal family of a country considered a beacon of stability within a turbulent middle east but at that hamid al-jazeera. let's not bring it out on any he's a former deputy prime minister and former foreign minister of jordan he's joining us from the capital amman welcome to al-jazeera thanks so much for your time as someone who knows the inner workings of the government and the royal family what do you think is going to happen next in this process. well i think more inclined to believe that majesty probably would look for an amicable solution and they will try to live these fears of the jordanian people and their apprehensions of this particular time. to rest. believe that in the early days of this
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fuel to. events there will be of course. lots of speculation lots of guess making especially that the information which is being supplied when when the whole case is an investigation is being meager and not sufficient to satisfy the anguish and the goodness of people to know more right exactly that is that it was you know what is going on for the local press in amman certainly and also the press conference that was given by the deputy prime minister yesterday many said while it lacked details i mean they said they accuse the prince of having contacts with foreign parties in a plot to destabilize the country why are they not giving more information on who exactly these foreign parties are. well i believe that this particular time this is actually the question which is raising the curiosity of
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over but if if the whole situation has been been monitored. then the only reason for not revealing sufficient information at this particular gentil is because they want to investigate more they don't want to spill more information that me frustrate the investigation cause that but i believe that in. some people probably may have been invoking and trying to destabilize and move people to the streets to protest protest the current unemployment and unocal of in 1000. and so on and so in a way there is some frustration and there are 1000000 who is encouraging for frustration so they don't want this particular time for the bad usage of these circumstances to try to destabilize the country but they themselves have said that over his head and say officials themselves have said that france hamza has
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been under investigation for some time now so why have they decided to place him under house arrest now. well there in there is always a 00 hour or a 0 moment at which you know you really want to take a decisive decision sometimes for security reasons for following up events for probably bragging more information you with for a while and you wait for the right moment but as long as you are on top of events and you can somehow take a preemptive strike at the time of your choosing you will choose the right moment to do this and i think that's what they were trying to say that they caught it at the right moment and when the issue reached. a question of determining when to start this thing. that the security people and the army people moved to action and the people who are accused of inciting the whole situation do you think that
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this will bring on a discussion of political reform in the country and the discussion off the need to address the alleged corruption issues and the economic woes that many people have in jordan. well the question is can we really be is the current situation sustainable i believe not believe that even his majesty king abdullah has been calling for reform and he has been inviting the government to. administer to evolve which. prince homs has been calling for as well so in a way a but coming from from prince homs it sounds like it is an opposition coming from his majesty it looks like you know we are aware of what needs to be done and we are going to address the issue and we don't need frustrations intervening of the royal
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family member which is unusual in jordan may just frustrate the whole thing and divide you know people among themselves in a way we don't want the family royal family to be the cause of creating cleavage is and the dualistic at accuse in the country mysteries however i really i believe . complete your thoughts go ahead. let me just finish my one sentence i believe that eventually i would i would go for 4 and for reconciliation the approach in the future but the but the. reform process i think should be should be invoked and should be applied thank you so much mr howarth on any for joining us from amman. thank you. plenty more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including. former prime minister. his conviction over a multi-billion dollar corruption scandal. ruling party is on target to win another
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general election but faces a battle to form a government it's. a historic night for want to baseball's biggest stars nearly goes very wrong. but 1st flash floods and landslides have killed at least 90 people in indonesia in neighboring east timor tarantula rain caused destruction across a chain of islands indonesia's disaster relief agency says thousands of people have been displaced rescue workers are struggling to reach remote areas with roads blocked and bridges washed away just to washington's joining us from jakarta so how challenging have the rescue efforts been jessica. well daryn it is a massive challenge for engine asian authorities because of the scale of this disaster it's also difficult to get
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a sense of exactly what's needed on the ground but authorities say they are trying desperately to get reinforcements to under an hour we understand that is the island that was worst affected by this flash flooding now just a few we received from these rescue workers on the ground and it shows them digging with their bare hands through some of the debris and soil trying to find victims trying to find whatever is possible in that soil now there's a reason they are unable to use more sophisticated means firstly they don't have the heavy machinery they need and secondly they are concerned that they may be victims under the soil and they're also worried about the stability of the soil itself now we understand that police are sending 16 boats and there are further reinforcements on the way to assist with that rescue effort but it is complicated by the difficult weather situation there is a tropical low which is creating strong winds strong rain and waves and that makes it difficult to access this island but also the wider region of east new certain
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garra which the destruction is not just limited to one island but to several regions and many villages are struggling with the impact of these disasters ok just going to further updates the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is legal and political troubles are playing out simas simultaneously his corruption trials resumed with the 1st witness due to start giving evidence on monday and that's anyone who denies the allegations of bribery breach of trust and fraud at the same time the israeli president rivlin is consulting with political parties about who he should choose to form a government after lunch last month's inconclusive election the trial was a major issue in the vote. turkey has arrested 10 retired navy admiral is after they spoke out against the government which they say could jeopardize an international treaty the group authored a letter signed by
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a 100 former top naval officers they say a project to build a $9000000000.00 on the edge of istanbul could undermine the treaty governing the use of turkey's waterways but the government says the istanbul canal shipping traffic on the busy bosphorus strait ankara says the letter undermines the country's security and comes close to evoking a coup well the 1936 treaty of montreaux regulates transit through the bosphorus and dardanelles straits it guarantees free passage to civilian ships this means they can be charged transit fees and the route can't be closed off to them even during wartime the treaty also puts limits on the size and number of military vessels that can pass through there are exceptions for countries bordering the black sea critics say turkey's new canal could undermine the treaty by creating a new route between the black sea and the mediterranean that isn't covered by that treaty let's talk about the arrests in istanbul with
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a restful sardar he'll give us an update from there what more can you tell us about the arrests and any reaction to them. well there in early in the morning at 6 am local time police have rigged into the houses of the former admirals and detained tons of them and 4 of them also have been summoned to report to the or told it is within 3 days as they are over the age to be taken into the into the custody so the issue the crux of the story is a declaration of this former admirals origen the government to preserve preserve demonstrative $330.00 but the government shuttle rejects that there is no such a palantir to somehow walk the the convention so simply the government's reaction what's making it so much disruptive for the government is the long history of the coups in the country coupled with the military's meddling into the politics just remember that turkey has witnessed and experienced 4 coups and
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the recent one was in 2016 that cost more than 250 lives so the government is very much sensitive about it the nation has a bitter memories of the coups in this country an army taking over the civilian civilian politics just one day before the liberation of the former admirals more than $100.00 foreign ambassadors also declared a declaration and the government preferred to ignore this now the government is tyrion this declaration of the former roles as a another coup desire of the former admirals and trying to influence over the country and threaten the security and the constitutional order of the country but the main opposition party c.h.p. in turkey says that the government's reaction is a coup parent and actually c.h.p. is deputy chair has just congratulated the former soldiers and
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for their part to your take statement. says i thank you for that update from istanbul. you know the news hour on al-jazeera coming up right after the break we look at how one community in the u.k. is struggling to survive during the current i was and then. discard phase. i was hit by like about refugees who fled violence in west africa recalled their harrowing journeys to a new life in the u.s. and their rare a defeat for the brooklyn nets axel from the n.b.a. coming up a little later in sports what's our. dream. for . the western europe has had a lovely warm weekend and it's still retained in spain and portugal but it's not
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retained for the good part of you i have to say that is an arctic wind fronted by really what is a cold for temperatures are going to drop quite considerably there is snow on this front as goes through central europe and down to the higher ground further south there's a strong wind blowing down the north sea taking snow showers with it frequently and that's going to last for a couple of days now it does not expect affect the far south of france or indeed spain and portugal but everyone else almost certainly geneva for example gets snow showers on tuesday lasting into wednesday then things quieted down for thursday so it's not interminable but this is wednesday's picture is still 20 snow showers even proper snow running through germany is dying a little bit in the balkans and it's early but the cold is reaching further south just into the north of greece sarajevo's picture actually is quite a cold but right up until friday when slowly the sunshine warms things up and we have anyway at the moment a waving area of rain she's going to and from across the bosphorus quite
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a strong southerly wind through the g 8 which last after say at least for 24 hours . frank assessments the world is on the brink of a catastrophic failure is that a fair assessment it would be a catastrophic. twice. informed opinions should we be buying big court ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying this that is the direction this is all headed in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on 00. the long of what do i owe the next. but my sister saved me. a lot of my life she should work more formally with. the reality of addiction in the arab world and the struggle for covering. it was just me and it's
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a drug. al-jazeera wells goes inside a rehab clinic in the nile town. rehab egypt edge of it takes on al jazeera. no the news hour on al-jazeera here the top stories india is reporting its highest number of new coven 1000 cases in a single day more than 100000 some states have imposed new restrictions to stop the spread jordan's prince hamza said in a newly released voice reporting that he would not obey orders by the army to stop communicating with the outside world after he was put under house arrest jordan's
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government says it's ordered a malicious plot to destabilize the country flash floods and landslides have killed at least 90 people in the neighboring east timor tarantula rain has destroyed roads and washed away homes on bridges rescue workers are struggling to reach remote area . hundreds of protesters in me in mar are marching against the military coup. there's been a major crackdown on dissent since the seize power in february more than $560.00 protestors have been killed and thousands more have been detained activists have also been burning chinese flags to protest against beijing support for the military china has so far refused to condemn the coup that overthrew me and mars civilian government it's also oppose stronger action by the u.n. security council. in the u.k.
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people living in england will soon be able to get tested for a coronavirus twice a week the new kid switching given results within 30 minutes will be offered for free at existing testing sites and pharmacies the move comes as the prime minister boris johnson seeks to continue easing england's lockdown jonah hall will give us an update on that so is there a saying the prime minister is preparing to announce sort of the next step is joan easing the law what can we expect. well england in particular is already into a phased unlocking as of last week people could gather in small groups outdoors and meet one another as of next week ospital of the venues will be allowed to serve customers outdoors and beyond that at some point in may we're looking at a resumption on some level of international travel and the government at the moment is engaged in gauged in a sort of deep exercise in trying to figure out how to carry on doing this safely specifically to avoid jeopardizing the very advanced vaccine program here so the
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question you know how do you get groups of people into venues big and small be they pubs or concert halls or sports stadiums do you for instance use something like a coded passport scheme that sends shivers up the spines of civil liberty liberty groups and libertarian m.p.'s something the government has said it has no intention of doing what we're here more from the prime minister later it does though seem as though the government does have the intention of looking into this and he's likely to announce a series of trials in large venues of covert certificate scheme of some sort that will give information about whether you've had the virus and have antibodies whether you've had the vaccine whether you've had a negative test and so on so as to safely allow people into those venues and going along with that as you said there massively expanded testing regime everybody in england being given access to 2 free lateral flow tests every week now both of these headline measures have already come in for quite harsh criticism on the coded
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passport front from those who say that when you give up a freedom like this it's very very hard to claw that freedom back and on the testing front from those who say the government still isn't doing enough to promote people isolating at home to into incentivize isolating and if people aren't isolating after a positive test well then no amount of testing at this point is going to make very much more difference and journalists are still drill down a little bit on what is expected to say when it comes about travelling and summer holidays. well travel of course is probably the biggest threat to the vaccine program specifically the fear of importing new mutations or or variants of the virus or existing ones and specifically on that front the so-called south african variant b. 1351 it's called it is present in a number of european countries quite prevalent in some now the current road block talks about may the 17th as being the earliest date when international travel will
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resume we expect the prime minister to outline a traffic light system where destinations will be grouped according to green amber all red light with different levels of of compliance attached to each whether it's hotel quarantine on arrival or quarantine at home or no quarantine and testing scientists have already flagged up concerns about all of this they say it's a potentially leaky system that won't necessarily keep variance at bay they say there needs to be far more testing at borders they will need to be a high level of closer valence of different countries levels of infections and the presence of variance and great flexibility and then being able to chop and change through the traffic light systems where flexibility isn't something we've seen a great deal of during the last 12 months of the pandemic so i think there's real concern about that ok john i thank you all speculator thank you so much. or poverty in the u.k. is that a record high the latest government data sos 4300000 people are now living below the poverty line and that was before the coronavirus pandemic began charities are
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warning the situation is getting out of control and to some and visited rotheram an english town that's been classed as one of the poorest in northern europe. made rather of the devise of it now would go near to destroying hope in this town on the skyline looms the threat one company one decision without government money hundreds of jobs could go kovi it has already ripped into a weak local economy and you never have to look far to find a food bank susan bradley is dependent on food aid she's a volunteer here because she's so grateful for the help she has a job but she's laid off with the government providing 80 percent of her pay that's not enough though to support her family or is. just you just for perform gave you know. as a parent off off off off off many
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a times before we're in a in a situation lot will swear off of not even in the kitchen cupboard the fridge just to mock. me denise leslie is in charge she's a counsellor with the local authority devoting most of his spare time to running this service i never thought that would have gone back to a lack of $985.00 minus about until round to see it was and we all had a good cry and i do genuinely. you know it's funny i've done this for 30 years and i think you've got to really understand trees like tribe nothing and that feeling is shared by more and more people as cope it takes jobs as well as lives and alongside poverty the coronavirus has shown inequality in health as well rather i'm has one of the highest death rates from coated in the whole of the u.k.
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one of the reasons for this is rather it is manufacturing industries working from home isn't an option this firm like many others has been hit by coded despite strict procedures i'm relying on these guys to tell me feel fit enough to be able to work but how many of them would go home and earn nothing. and if the choice was i don't tell you the name of the slogan away. day at the food bank susan bradley heads home with a week's worth of groceries she's always worked for a living and never thought she'd be reliant on charity to get by andrew simmons al-jazeera rather in france the number of people admitted to intensive care units rose by 68 on sunday putting further strain on hospitals the country is now under a 3rd national coronavirus locked down with thousands of police officers the point across paris to enforce restrictions last week the government announced alcohol consumption would be banned in some public places. a leak at
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a waste water reservoirs causing concern that a wall of water could overwhelm hundreds of homes in the u.s. state of florida they water contains hazardous waste from an old fertilizer factory patty cohen reports. it's the one question thousands of people in the u.s. state of florida are asking will this spill turn into a giant flood we're talking about the potential of about 600000000 gallons within a matter of seconds and minutes leaving that written in pool and going around the surrounding areas the danger one pond collapses and the other 2 near it also breach the potential of 3700000000 liters of water running into hundreds of homes nearby the concern is that could lead to a nearly 7 meter tall wall of water barreling down still not everyone nearby has chosen to leave even with the hurricanes and everything and we didn't evacuate but
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one concern has been alleviated initial reports said the water was radioactive officials now say it's not but to be clear the water being discharged to port manatee is not radio active and is primarily salt water from the port manatee dredge project mixed with legacy process water and storm water runoff but some of the water is a by product of processing phosphate or into fertilizer and it contains nitrogen and ammonia and that could be a problem if too much pumped into nearby water since i retired from the fire department i'm now i'm a full time commercial fisherman and crab are and of all of this water is pumped in or leaked into the bay it could be catastrophic to the entire fishery and could in essence put us out of business. state officials insist the water it's really seen is safe but that the bigger concern is a potential flash flood they are hoping that by pumping out more than a 1000000000 liters a day they are slowly averting
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a much bigger crisis. al-jazeera what each day hundreds of families arrive at the us mexico border to escape violence in their home countries many are from central america but some make the perilous journey from as far away as west africa to refugees who were recently granted asylum in the u.s. shared their stories with heidi jo castro. the road clinton album danny took to spend a carefree day playing football with friends in maryland has been remarkable the 24 year old's journey began a year and a half ago when he stepped outside his cameroon home to make a phone call as i had stepped out to talk to them all fortunately. the military met me outside. it was the height of cameron's crackdown on anti-government protesters and though i will be gone he says he wasn't protesting he was taken to jail where he was tortured for 2 weeks discard my face i
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was hit by like about. so he might. and in one of my teeth i was hit by a gun he says he thought he'd be killed but he managed to escape when gunmen attacked his transport vehicle the way the ones he cut the rope off me and i begged him for my life and then lead me to go he ran with his personal savings and what money his family could spare as far and as quickly as he could 1st to nigeria where he hopped a flight to ecuador the country cameroonians can land without a visa from there a guide sent him toward north through colombia panama coastal rica nicaragua honduras guatemala finally reaching mexico's border with the united states he says along the way he was harassed by police robbed in the jungle where
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a friend documented their exhaustion and passed a corpse of someone who had gone before him i just took it as a challenge to myself because i was trying to and i had nowhere to go so i was just like let me just give it a try. this woman completed a similar journey she asked us to hide her identity. because her children are still in cameroon and they face danger and they're going to feel goodbye to my children. she says she was also arrested and tortured by cameron's military a bribe got her released but not her safety she also fled arriving at the u.s. border after harrowing months on the run it was trauma posting i don't live that they're shown in my country i run away way into the heart of beginning to come here with her and in that they're shown again 5 months of us immigration detention followed ghani was detained for 2 months both recently won their cases for us
1:45 pm
asylum becoming the rare exceptions of the thousands who are denied these are our people who had to flee who made a very difficult choice because it was a life or death situation and what they need is welcome they need community both say they're adapting to life in the united states they look forward to family reunions and continuing their studies i can start my life for the. safety and a fresh start in a new country heidi jo castro al-jazeera maryland partial results of election point to a victory for the prime minister's center right party boyko borisov is seeking a 4th term but with a drop in support and without a clear majority he's likely to struggle to form a coalition or solve his calling on his opponents to join forces for the sake of stability burnitz rights has more from sophia. boyko boss off will be offered
1:46 pm
a mandate to form the next government if his job party remains the largest in parliament but the success of the anti establishment parties means it's going to be very difficult to form a bar itself led coalition although the prime minister has made the offer. i offer you peace let's appoint the best experts and put the maximum if it into getting out of the pandemic by december it seems the idea of this short term government is to concentrate on managing e.u. cash is going to be given to bulgaria to help it recover from the coronavirus pandemic but the anti establishment party's already ruled out the idea of working in any coalition led by paul cote they emerged last summer out of protest against government corruption they say is courting transparency international the most corrupt country in the european union so weeks of talks like i had and even the
1:47 pm
possibility of another election hundreds of prisoners have been have broken out of jail in southern nigeria during an attack allegedly carried out by be a front separatists they targeted a police station in prison in early on monday police are saying they have recaptured at least 30 inmates former malaysian prime minister najib razak is in court trying to get his conviction on corruption charges overturned he was sentenced to 12 years in prison last year and fined $50000000.00 in a case involving state investment fund one m d b as he was found guilty of a criminal breach of trust abuse of power and money laundering florence louis reports from kuala lumpur. form a malaysian prime minister and not arrives in court for his appeal hearing last july he was found guilty of illegally receiving about $10000000.00 from s.r.c. international which was linked to the state owned investment fund one and
1:48 pm
d p. the amount in this appeal is small compared to the $1000000000.00 prosecutors say he's received from the funds. he's been convicted on 7 charges and still faces 35 more has denied all wrongdoings taking his lawyers will argue that number one he did not end up on that those money i mean and number 2 they were coming in. the amounts of money would be political contributions last year not just said under oath just before he was sentenced he wasn't aware the money in his accounts had come from s.r.c international his lawyer. he had been misled by a fugitive financier take it to believing that money was part of a donation from the saudi royal family the trial judge had dismissed the defense document describing it as far fetched the one m.t.b. financial scandal played a major role in bringing down party and its coalition in a general election in 2018 investigators say more than 4 and
1:49 pm
a half $1000000000.00 was stolen from one and if he loses this appeal not just still has a final chance to challenge the conviction at malaysia's top court florence italy al-jazeera a little. eritrean troops are leaving it's a gray region there has been international pressure over reported atrocities in the area eritrean forces are accused of carrying out massacres sexual violence and looting the attacks happened during the conflict between government forces and that's a great people's liberation front it's. well. the african union is mediating 3 days of negotiations in the democratic republic of congo. but. worry the project will cause water shortages. failed to reach an agreement
1:50 pm
coming up on the. joy.
1:51 pm
with an update on this what's this thank you very much terrain well let's start with spanish football on valencia walks off the pitch during their little league a match against caddies off to one of their players was allegedly racially abused they claim they were then forced to play on by match officials threatened
1:52 pm
punishment they were 6 has this report. this was the moment the valencia's mocked the aca b. reacted to what he claims was racist abuse from an opponent the french defender furious with what has been described as a very ugly insult by the kid is player one color jacobi reported the incident to the referee who showed a b. yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct the volunteer captain decided to take his players off the pitch in protest and the game was stopped but the team then said they were threatened by officials that they would have to forfeit the match and maybe lose extra points they agreed to play on after discussing it with the activity who himself was not in the right state of mind to continue he was substituted how much from the stands as his team went on to lose the game to one where you know the style of horse was very far away but i saw deckard be very upset about something he told us that he was subjected to a racist insult and that's why we decided to walk off the pitch it is regrettable
1:53 pm
these things still happen in football and we need to stop it. we went to the locker room but we were informed that if we did not return to the pitch we would be sanctioned we spoke with diac could be and he told us he was not ok to play but he said he understood us playing to avoid any punishment. yacoobi is said to be devil . stated by what has happened when carla deny saying anything racist and his coach believes him he does say they have complete confidence in their squad members but anyone found guilty of racism must be punished whether part of their team or not palencia said it was a sad day for football and the incident is fully investigated they did stokes al-jazeera at the top of the league or it's game on in the title race with leaders athletico madrid losing away at severe defender marcus a clear scored the only goal with 20 minutes to go because the way of the win at let's go remains 3 points ahead of real madrid but no longer have
1:54 pm
a game in hand and in england manchester united fought from a goal down to be brighton marcus rush would scored the equaliser is mason greenwood who got the winner with 7 minutes left when moves united up to 2nd in the premier league still 14 points behind manchester city. it's golf and jordan steve has won his 1st tournament since the 2017 open championship the american won the texas open by sea shots in san antonio which is pretty impressive when you consider that just 2 months ago he was about to fall out of the world's top 100 his very surges has come at a good time with the 1st major of the season the masters set to start in 3 days' time speeds won the masters in 2050. when it hits me that you know back in the winner's circle it's just been you know it's been a it's been a road that. a lot of tough days. i've had people in my corner the i've always believed in me and. even when you know i've kind of believed less than myself so.
1:55 pm
i just feel a lot of gratitude for women's golf so has its 1st major champion of the year tyler's party targets hannah katz one any inspiration by 2 shots in california she was the best amateur player at this event in 2019 and has now won the main prize is her 1st ever title on the lp ga to. it's a dream come true every time i play here that i really remember exactly i was on the screen. receiving my lowen lawyer award and. i saw they were jumping and i actually took the child and then the couch and it was one day now the jump she was talking about there was a traditional with his jump into pop peace pond the 18th hole she took the plunge or the caddie then dried off in a rope to collect her trophy and prize money of $465000.00 and on to baseball and then eventful game for japanese star shohei or tawny the los
1:56 pm
angeles angels player became the 1st picture to bat 2nd in a game since 1903 and he didn't disappoint smashing a 137 meter home run from the very 1st ball he faced against the chicago white sox and a tiny impressed from the mound as well striking out 7 and reaching 160 kilometers an hour 9 times but it nearly went very wrong for him when he was involved in a freak collision the home you can see there they are grey you crashed into his legs and it looked like it could be a serious injury but thankfully tawny got up and now says he feels fine now the angels won the game 7 ball and on to the n.b.a. in a rare defeat for the brooklyn nets they were without their biggest star james harden against the chicago bulls and it showed cycle of being schools $25.00 points as the bulls that their 6 game losing streak the philadelphia $76.00 ers now replace the nets at the top of the eastern conference and in college basketball some sort of
1:57 pm
won the women's n.c.a.a. championship they beat arizona in the final by a single point with aras only missing a shot to win it right at the buzzer sanford's 3rd national title but their 1st since 1992 when amazingly they were led by the same coach. 9 floors opponents heard about her catches one a 2nd title of biggie at the miami open he was off against his occasional doubles bought new guinea then in the final the 19 year old who is 65 up and serving for the 1st set but her coach broke him and went on to take hits on a toy break he then won the 2nd set 6 way to win his 3rd career title victory will move into the world's top 20 for the 1st time. well that soyuz sports for me for now both i'll be back later ok sara thank you so much and that's it for the news hour on al-jazeera you can always had on line for more
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information and all the latest stories that we're covering for you here so hello robin will be with you in just a moment we'll have more news coming up on the other side of the break thanks for watching. and. a unique here endangered biodiversity lives in the heart of one of the back with those tropical jungles there was a lot of misinformation about the animals of a half year and now the probability is becoming the boss of their self conservation their communities al-jazeera journeys deep into the rain forest to follow a scientist i'm told teams out to save the flora and fauna so precious in the
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region women make science ecuador's hidden treasure on al-jazeera. april on al-jazeera from a 3rd wave to the vaccine will out we'll bring you the latest developments from around the world a year into the corona virus pandemic $11.00 of the scales rare behind the scenes acts and sins of the sea. which of world's a japanese sumo. could president into still be secure a 6 time in power join us on april 11th for the chat election. the award winning our choice returns the stories of those striving to reduce or negative impact on the planet has president joe biden kept his campaign promises we'll have special coverage and in-depth analysis of his 1st $100.00 days in the oval office april on al-jazeera. the athletes are larger than life but the world of sumo wrestling is shrouded in secrecy 101 east gets a rare access inside
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a sport where ancient tradition meets modern scandal on al-jazeera we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter what you see when you take the news and current affairs that matter to you. here. daily coronavirus infections in india exceed a 100000 for the 1st time and even curfew is tightened in its worst affected state . land. so raman you're watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in.


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