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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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dream like our ancestors these are hindu refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to me and mark. al jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from our headquarters in doha i'm terry and have a great a coming up in the next 60 minutes heavy rains triggered flash floods and mudslides in indonesia killing dozens of people. but in the herbage jordan's former crown prince says he's under house arrest and accuses the country's leaders of corruption and incompetence bulgarians vote for
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a new parliament after months of antigovernment protests and a rise in corona virus infections. at least 22 indian soldiers are killed in a gun battle with maoist rebels in the central state of chet's a scar. and i'm sort of fighters with all of his kenyan run a risk gets it smashes the hof mouth and world record in one hour of full minutes and 2nd. welcome to the news hour heavy rains have triggered flash floods and landslides on indonesia's florus islands at least 41 people have been killed and thousands more are now displaced dozens of homes are burdened by mud and debris and love another village and several homes were swept away by the floodwaters let's get the latest from jessica washington she's joining us from jakarta as to how much aid is
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actually getting to some of these remote areas affected by the floods just. well there in it is a very difficult situation for these aid workers for search and rescue workers as well within the east flora's district trying to access this small island which has been hardest hit by this flash flooding and landslides we understand that at least 7 villages on the small island of the nahr are impacted so far confirmation that at least 41 people have died but at the already say that the numbers of fluid in the situation is constantly changing as they are trying to get updates on the ground power concent issues with communications lines it is difficult for them to bring us up to date with the latest information we also understand authorities are having difficulty trying to bring in the heavy machinery that they require to try and access some of these remote villages because of the remoteness of the location but
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also the scale and the extent of this flash flooding we know at least 5 bridges have collapsed and a number of major roads are blocked that is hampering access as authorities say they're trying to bring food other essential including code tests and masks to these affected areas we have also heard from whether the weather bureau here in it in asia which has warned of further extreme weather which could have been the situation this is affecting east timor as well what are you hearing about the situation there. right this this disaster is not just confined to indonesia's borders in neighboring east timor timor leste stay as it is also known the disaster has had an impact in the capital city according to some sources on the ground they have described the scene in india in delhi the capital as like a disaster zone around the whole city we all we know that at least 8 people are confirmed dead and according to some local media among the dead is
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a 2 year old baby we've also heard that a vaccination a medical warehouse is among the buildings which have been destroyed by these flash floods this building was supposed to be the side for the covert vaccination to be placed tomorrow when it arrived thankfully the vaccination wasn't in the warehouse but what does this mean for the country's vaccination prospects that remains to be seen as authorities in indonesia and east timor attempt to get a better idea of the scale of this disaster ok just a washington thank you so much for that update from jakarta hundreds of demonstrators are holding onto government protests and thailand's capital they're demanding the resignation of the governments and the immediate release of pro-democracy protesters on saturday police declared a planned rally at the bangkok remand prison would be illegal tony chang has more from bangkok. yes. there is. the numbers that we were seeing 6 months ago on the same street. ringback tens of thousands of is
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a difference in the crowd coming here the faces of. 6 months ago we were getting a very young crowd. seemed to be coming out of the national company the reason the protest leaders have been hit hard with all sorts of legal challenges by the. things. disturbing the serious charge. which can carry. is. that the different. they've been fighting with each other they don't have the message i think also the general public. very much behind these produce and the grievances are still on the. move they did in quite
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the same way to come out and show their support there have been more protests than me and maher despite weeks of increased use of violence by the military in mandalay one group gathered dawn on motorbikes calling for a return to democracy on saturday of these 5 were killed in the latest crackdown 10 ethnic rebel groups have announced their support for the protest movement and that's raised concerns the violence could spiral into a civil war any yangon demonstrators carried painted eggs with anti military slogans as a symbol of defiance defiance an opposition to the coup one group marched through a district chanting and singing protest songs many of the eggs also had a drawing of the 3 fingered salute which has become a symbol off resistance. jordan's former crown prince says he's been placed under house arrest in amman the military denies that but says a former minister a member of the royal family and others have been detained as part of an investigation but in
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a video prince hands accused jordan's leaders of corruption incompetence and harassment laura burden melly reports. in a video past the media by his lawyer prince hamza says this may be the last time he can contact anyone he says he's been ordered by the army's chief to stay at home and that his phone and internet are being cut off. he criticized jordan's leaders for corruption and tonight being part of any conspiracy. agenda there is no outside agenda there is nothing on my part to affect the country or outside plotting from behind the scenes we listen to these accusations over and over again this is only in order to make a smokescreen over the retreat and retraction that we witness in the country every day in our beloved country. which. the video was released came shortly after 220 in state t.v.
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an ounce multiple arrests of former senior officials on fast say night jordan's army chief denied the prince how it was among them but it didn't mention the arrest of the former head of the royal court bus and our dollar. was a long time also that of the cheating and it was at one time a minister of finance and he has been arrested along with several others that were very close to the heart of court it is not clear exactly what the role that. played and there but clearly there has been any division inside the court that has led the security forces to consider this a danger to the stability of jordan's government. prince hamza is the hoff brother of king abdullah when the father king hussein passed away in 1909 king abdullah was crowned and prince hamza became the crown prince of jordan however
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king abdullah stripped him of this title 5 years later following saturday's arrests regional leaders including the g.c.c. were quick to express solidarity with king abdullah security personnel have been deployed in the capital amman and other parts of the country there are still more questions than answers about the highly unusual arrests and what flaunting it says it a stable country in the middle east or about in money al-jazeera. or prince hands as mother queen noor has defended her son saying truth and justice must prevail but the head of the senate says the accusation is a malicious plot to undermine the king and i'm more into china the one about we reiterate our confidence and pride in our royal monarch the king all behind ok standing firmly against any malicious treacherous hand a king is a red line so i was ok one of the old khattab is the director general of community
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media network he says it's unlikely these events will lead to a major political shake up in jordan. there's a lot of. lack of information in the state run media has really done nothing except repeat the official statements which were very very truncated and we don't know really what's behind this certainly there's no cool or plot or anything like that i would i would think that there's some kind of an internal criticism to the king by his step brother which caused all of this former crown prince prince hams it has been making the rounds specially in tribal areas and that's a kind of a red herring for the government for the king it's these are the strongest supporters of the monarchy and they're the ones who are more courageous in standing up to the 2 government corruption so i think that's what really upset people in the palace and i really think that they overstepped the by arresting and putting him
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under 10 arrests because that video that was released actually has made the prince much more popular and made prince hands a b. and darling of those opponents who think that their government can be run much better i don't think that this is there as serious a case there is no security people have been arrested you can't have a coup unless there are security people involved so i don't think and you know this whole idea of a plot there are 2 is just not true there is clearly. an internal issue that has come out in the public and i think in a way it has turned out not in the favor of some of the people who began this process of arrests. coming up on the al-jazeera news hour. we'll tell you how turkey's plans to develop a canal on the bosphorus strait is causing controversy. i'm mad at the
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system so if we can get this done and come through and you know come to a good to closing the secret can fix the system. that is the foreign minister i'm going to suffer the speaking on developments there let's listen in intelligence and the state intelligence authorities have been closely monitoring the david series and movements by his highness prince hamza sharif has embraced a by some of the others those movements were aiming at undermining. our stability and security the surveillance intercepted movements including communications with foreign sides on the 0 hour show to trigger measures that aiming at undermining the us a bit and the light of these investigations the chief and intelligence authorities presented recommendations to his. majesty the king to refer the perpetrators to the
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state court to stand trial as early investigation established that those movements and activities have preached at the agreed that undermines the state authority stability and security however the kingdom a good place and save him believed it was. important to sought an amicable conversation with prince hamza. to clear the situation. and to steer away from any measures that will blemish. the royal family these efforts are still under way however the state stability and security transcends above any considerations as a result or than the sister the legal measures are taken yesterday the joint chief
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of staff met with his royal highness prince hamza sending him a clear message to stop all the movements and activities that undermine the country's stability and security of the prince did not respond and acted in a negative demeanor tenants are blind to the state interest and the people's interest and vista geishas have established beyond doubt that the circles are close circles around prince hamza have been circulating messages to foreign sides are broad in what is so-called foreign opposition abroad aiming at twisting facts and smearing the country including links between bessemer with other foreign sides which label themselves as opposition abroad with
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a of perpetrating malicious. and designs that would undermine the kingdom's stance towards regional issues this was a pattern with intensified efforts. to can tack to social figures and high profile visual figures and instigating them to take similar trend investigations also prove that prince hamza was in constant coordination and contact with best him our the law on the following moves to come and visit occasions also stablished that prince hamza minutes from meeting with the chief. of the staff here last night exactly at. 2 22 in the morning to send a video and audio message on it and then i tempt the situation
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so. the messages were sent out on the same day best mouths planned to leave the kingdom. later. to video messages both in our american english language is to twist the facts and to attract sympathy within and abroad and in an attempt to divert our way from the measures that devotees perpetrated by him which all undermine the kingdom stability and security security authorities also intercepted communications . by certain figures with foreign intelligence purposes at 2 55 in the morning where he proposed to provide a private jet to secure but somehow the us wired for departure from the
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kingdom this proves beyond any doubt that foreign sides are employed gated in the plot investigations are still underway and all will be taken in accordance with the law and that is will be announced in absolute and total transparency and veracity we're to read that have been contained and the state apparatus is have throttled these. plots at birth. our kingdom's stability and security are firm and shaken by the dedication of our beloved king may god save him and may god bless our country now i opened the floor to questions. you spoke about foreign
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parties in communication with the prince times are they individuals or states or state figures in this case what measures to be taken against them and as i said investigations are still underway and certain information cannot be released at the moment however established communication were intercepted by. those figures with foreign sides and once their results are established they will be announced in absolute veracity and transparency. so what is the total number of the individuals and pillock aged and have they received any monetary aid from abroad the total number of individuals arrested yesterday i believe. are 14 to 16 in addition to sheriff has 8 and by some of the law.
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once again all the necessary details will be announced on timely basis and investigations are underway plots are attempts aiming at undermining the kingdoms of stability and security have been that weaved in coordination with foreign sides it is established that these movements. are. prejudices and undermine our stability and security the state a part of this is moved. him throttling these designs at birth and all will be dealt with in accordance with the law. i would like to ask you about the fate of prince hamza following the information you just released and also. any other state figures are employed hated another question why
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are so certain foreign states or a part of this is also implicated when it comes to speak to prince hamza as i mentioned and the statement i read to make a bill bennett and diverse are being left me. with dealt with him within the family however the kingdom stability and security turn sense above old and older than the sister the legal legal measures will be taken to maintain our stability and security with respect to the individuals arrested as they said. individuals from the close circles of his highness the prince some of them were on duty others are not again and best occasions are still under way and i cannot release many information once all the results are established they
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will be announced in total veracity and transparency and we are good at raising the issue from the very beginning in total transparency including the measures taken and we will continue to do so to address you and veracity and transparency however all the measures necessary to maintaining our stability and security. to be given the paramount and utmost importance at the moment. speaking of the operation of yesterday do we expect more people to be arrested in the following days. on the intelligence level. how long the opera the plans out of the prison been in place and they stated and the statement i read intense intelligence and best occasions by all that paris's including joint
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investigations were conducted of a long period of time yesterday very significant moves them were initiated which demanded immediate action and all the measures taken were in accordance with the law including the principles of an equity relief justice and mercy however when it comes to our stability and then interests of the people. no leniency could be observed as i said this issue is a matter of grave repercussions on the national security once all the outcomes are established they would be announced on timely basis and just occasions are still underway close and vista gates and surveillance were
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going on and when they intercepted certain communication speaking about it as 0 hour then. it was clear that they moved from desires and planning into action and as a result it was necessary for the security and intelligence operatives to move in order to throttle at birth this malicious plot. i once again reiterate that all is under control the plot is totally contained our security and stability unshaken and we will continue to address the issue in total transparency as i said. and yes. i would like to ask you if the
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jordanian authorities were tipped off or received any assistance from outside parties. the gold's converged the goals of the plotters aiming at undermining our stability and security on the one hand converged with. confused dreams and false ambitions some of the perpetrators as i said these movements were it intercepted contained and. put to an end my question is. did you receive any intelligence assistance from other countries. once again this is related relating to our security and intelligence apparatus is. which can not be disclosed they are acting in total professionalism
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and firmness. what is provided by our brotherly and friendly state has been reflected in the statement made by them except pressing their total support to the kingdom and his majesty the king. so. you spoke about. and diverse. keeping the issue within the circles of the family do we expect prince hamza to stand trial the 2nd question is what is the link between but somehow the law and sharif hasn't been stated to you had you know as i said it was the clear directives but his majesty the king after he had received the intelligence report
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and the. significant move recent moves it was his opinion based on the public interest and the national interest it was necessary to deal with the issue or to address the issue within the family circles however the kingdom stability and security transcends above any consideration and this particular issue will be dealt with whatever necessary to maintain our stability and security of the 2nd part of the question there is constant communication between the 2 individuals and they also are in close contact and communication with prince hamza however i can not delve and details as investigations are still underway all i can say that there were certain desires and plots and are aiming at undermining our stability
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and security these movements were dealt with with absolute firmness justice considering the principles of equity justice and mercy so it's mostly look toward. them. the designs on plots aiming at undermining the kingdom stability and security. do you. believe it was reported that one of the read was implicated that it was involved in. attempts to our quiet and said plots of land in jerusalem of. as i stated earlier. the ambitions unfolds dreams of those perpetrators came together and caused them to act this demanded our security apparatus is to
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respond swiftly simply because all these plots. are. aiming at undermining the kingdom simply because the kingdom is taking clear stand to word certain regional issues including the palestinian cause those people have been harping on the people's hardships and also people grievances this is all i can say at the moment and one more question. we have been recently hearing about what is called opposition abroad which is a totally foreign and alien to our culture what is the kingdom trying
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to do in order to address this issue especially that we are not accustomed to such a trend. with you on the other hand as a foreign minister how do you evaluate that. the. country's view of the kingdom i made on the current crisis and most of the so-called opposition abroad as a kingdom is a state of rule of law a statement of an institution's capable and able to address any violation of law or any breach to the state institution with respect to the 2nd part of your question. all the world states have expressed clearly the stand towards the current developments the world leaders respect our king
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and they also are aware then a strong mentor role played by the kingdom within the regional and. it is clear that the whole world and the world leaders in taking the side with the kingdom and the king they are also supporting any action taken by the king or the state authorities last question. what are the charges leveled against them was it. again a state or. conspiracy with foreign sides. as to the legal characterization of the charges they will be announced by the legal authorities however the state a part of this is have been addressing the movement activities. by certain individuals aiming at so wing seeds of division among the people
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undermining the stability and security of the country and as i said they are being addressed. in line with the law and the legal characterization of the charges will be announced the guys only concern authorities and one last question you know. it is reported that the generals and the army have been arrested today and service order tired that. nothing has been deported many of any at rest are among the military ranks our military in a situation that our military establishment is solid and united as i said all the arrests made yesterday were beyond and they simply managed to throttle at birth this plot and now we are addressing the legal once
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again i reiterate that the national interest our security the kingdom security and stability transcend above all and above everything the kingdom is a state observing the role of law in the state institutions at dressing all the issues in line with the law that is in absolute firmness observing the principle of justice and mercy thank you. you were just listening to a press conference of i am going to suffer the he is the jordanian deputy prime minister and he was speaking after the developments in jordan in wave off arrests that took place in the country in the house arrest of the former crown prince prince hamza the prime minister deputy prime minister that as you said that prince hamza and others plan to destabilize jordan any also said that prince hamza had links with quote foreign parties to execute some sort of plots in the country
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also added that there were 14 to 16 people arrested in addition to 2 senior officials whose arrest had already been announced in the snow into that press conference with us was with me too joining us here in doha so there was no talk of a coup so to speak but more talk of destabilizing actions by the deputy prime minister well that was talk about a plot that has been foiled in its early hours as the foreign minister put it i mean he said clearly and he said that over and over again as you say they're worried that that would be a was an attempt to destabilize the country and that was actually the main concern for king abdullah he also said that actually do those individuals that had been arrested so not only the former royal a former finance minister and a member of the and then the. hasn't been who is actually a member of the royal family they were not of 14 people apparently those people had
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been followed they were under surveillance it's not clear for how long whether it's weeks or whether it's months and it's only when they started talking about the 0 hour that then the king took that decision choo choo have that way but to rest yesterday however it's still not clear what they will be charged of i mean one of the reporters in that. press conference the foreign minister what are the charges and he said well it's still too early to talk about that the justice system will is still. under rather the investigation is still ongoing and everything will be revealed in a transparent way so you do get some answers in the sense that the you can see there the foreign minister say make no mistake there was some attempt to have some sort of plot it's not clear what that plot was it was certainly prince hamza
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was having conversations or his circle around him was having conversations with members of the opposition abroad interesting one of the reporters there asked him said is the 1st time we as jordanians hear this opposition abroad who is that a brazilian abroad who is that opposition abroad and he didn't have an answer for that he said it was too early to talk about that so you do get that feeling that the government is putting out the message that they took that action because they had credible information credible intelligence that something was cooking they nipped it in the bud but we still have many questions yet and one of the questions in fact he was asked by a reporter in that press conference about who these foreign forces were he kept repeating that there were foreign forces involved in this part but not answering the question as i said may and you're saying too many questions remain unanswered
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who are these foreign. forces at the back or is it are they individuals are they a government of oppositions living abroad is all very very good at this stage i think you do really get the feeling that the government was there trying to say that that was the right thing to do and they made it very clear also that when it comes to prince hamza they're still trying to find what the foreign minister called an. amicable solution that this sort of family dynamics play at the moment is not clear what's going to happen with him as well so still i think jordanians will be watching all this unfolding over the 24 past 24 hours the events have been going on very quickly one news breaking after the other but i think many of them will still be sitting there wondering what exactly exactly was cooking especially this not even clear whether there was anyone in the security forces that were helping these
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people that were part of this alleged plot still many many questions remain unanswered really ok with that thank you so much let's move on to some other world news now and $22.00 indian security personnel have died during a raid on a maoist rebel hideout in eastern chad to score a state so one maoist fighter was killed police say they acted on intelligence the group was hiding in a forest what ensued was a 4 hour gun battle with one officer saying rebels use grenades the maoists have fought the government for more than 4 decades demanding land and jobs for farmers so let's take a closer look at the group behind the attacks the maoist rebels have been fighting the indian government for more than 40 years tens of thousands of people have died in the conflict their rebellion is inspired by the chinese communist leader mao zedong they say they're fighting for indigenous tribes marginalized groups and the
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rights of poor farmers and laborers in recent years they've been responsible for attacks on politicians police men bureaucrats and foreigners they've even been blamed for prison breaks and derailing trains the indian government calls them the country's biggest internal security threats let's talk about this incident with who's a retired indian navy commodore he's also the director of the society of policy studies he's joining us from new delhi thanks for your time on al-jazeera how serious of a development is this latest incidents. i would describe it latest incident and it's quite serious because sense for any country to laws 22 security personnel. being operation in the heart of the country is a reflection of the seriousness of the trip that the indian state and the local government in this is chuck have been dealing with so the immediate incident
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is that the setback and who he missed a geisha and war game was a sense of what went wrong and how board a large force of police and special forces or what calming the operation what warming the area how it would be ambushed but that's the 1st aspect the 2nd as you rightly pointed out this is insurgency a low intensity conflict that's been going on all more than plead decades and in this speech here about $15000.00 people have been killed so that to give you an idea about the scale of what we are dealing with so i think being reinstated would have to go back to the drawing board to see what could be done better rates i have you are talking about it also when you say go back to the drawing board i mean and as are saying this is also a big setback for the army having 22 indian security personnel killed what happens next. mannish not be indian army it is the local police i think we need to make
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that distinction that at the moment we dark about security it is what the central police and the local police but even then it is a setback and my sense is that the church has got to make. local state then what happened revisit their entire strategy and the central government didn't believe it would also have to know why the necessary assistance could be with this particular issue and just for the sake of our international viewers who are mentioning a moment ago that and rightly so that this is a decades old long conflict what issues hang in the balance today. but i would say that bears being a certain inadequacy in terms of governance also in terms of building with these groups when be have made big demands when they have a gun and this is a moral bent that is at one level and india it started in what we did it for us
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which then got its called the not so movement it can spread through what you mean by its forms of it got into and that is where the tribals and boards or socially economically state has been below the media have certain demands and i would broadly describe this as a challenge of governance and it needs from both the center the baby and the local government. to really get back to the drawing board and come up with a different strategy that would be a mix up close relation right and also firmness and that is core ok thank you so much for joining us from new delhi. thank you. nabo gary ends are voting for a new parliament after months of anti-government protests and amid a surging coronavirus cases prime minister boyko borisov are seeking
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a 4th term for his center right party while the opposition's campaigned on restoring trust in state institutions on reducing poverty or barrios the use poorest member state and has the bloc 2nd highest code 19 death rates watching those elections for us as burma spread his joining us in the capital sofia so what is on voters' minds what are they told you bernard all to remember about the halfway point in voting today we had an indication of the turnout it was about 18 percent at halfway points down from 25 percent of the same time in the last elections a few years ago that was feared because people worried about contracting the coronavirus when they came to vote very very high rates very very low vaccination rates but the indications from how people have voted. those who have voted suggests that yes the ruling parties on about 23 percent socialist psalm 19 or so and then coming up very interesting on 13 percent is this until it is party which gathered
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momentum after the protests last summer that matters because this anti-elitist party says it will not go into coalition with any of the mainstream parties if it gets to that and it looks like we're heading that way code for presage a period of instability in bulgaria but we've got a couple of hours left yet before the polls close and i'm more of an indication after that so book area of course in a new country burned about a former satellite of the soviet union how closely is this election then being monitored in russia. there's been some very interesting research done into bulgarians attitudes towards the e.u. which shows that while they welcome the funding and the opportunities the e.u. gives to travel a lot of bulgarians are not necessarily wedded to the liberal democratic i deal is that the u.s. trying to introduce here 45 percent in one survey said they prefer some sort of
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a strong mom leader who didn't have to bother with the elections was the indication that is why the e.u. is very concerned about democracy and corruption here in bulgaria we also know research has shown that russia and china have been influential in a using social media channels to push their side of the argument that is why they're also interested in what's going to happen here in bulgaria this peripheral country the e.u. that remains very influenced by russia and russian culture and russian business ok burnitz i thank you so much for that reporting from sofia bulgaria let's go to turkey now that's where there has been growing controversy about a plan to build a $9000000000.00 on the edge of istanbul the government says it will is shipping traffic on the busy bosphorus strait but opponents say apart from its environmental impact the project could undermine in 1936 montreaux accord that convention
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guarantees the free passage through the area of civilian vessels in peace time and restricts the passage of naval ships not belonging to black sea states or more than 100 retired generals have written an open letter criticizing the project and the move has caused outrage in the governing ak party let's cross to restore stars are who give us an update from istanbul so why did the retired admirals issue such a statement what are we to make of it. well it has been a busy day in turkey in the region so the admirals 103 retired admirals has just issued a statement urging the government to preserve the montreux which gives turkey the control over the strategic suppress of both forests and dardanelle so they claim that this new stumble can our which aims to connect the black sea to the mediterranean sea will bypass the straits and it will lead turkey's loss of the
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absolute sorana to all of these strategic straits which the government actually rejects it and say that's just what the way trying to is the shipping traffic in the boss' fortress which is one of the busiest maritime passage in the world so the government reaction there being quite big and the the party support person the house of the parliament director of communications of the presidency does us right after each other they've issued a statement an announcement and condemning this and saying that this is another at count of the retired generals of meddling in the politics and the army should never have any place in the politics they should stay away from such delicate issues just . the the power of the chief public prosecutor's office has initiated today a judicial process over this statement regarding to 103 retired
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admirals and also just a little bit ago the party secretary general of the ruling party has announced that tomorrow the power of parties governing body is going to have an extraordinary session to discuss the latest ok or so thank you so much for that update from istanbul. well the u.s. envoy for climate john kerry says he hopes to work with china to tackle climate change kerry is in talks on what's happening in the middle east and north africa the meeting comes ahead of the u.n. climate summit in scotland in november where leaders are expected to build on the 2015 paris a core. but what we want to do is be helpful is not here to tell anybody what to do we're here to try to talk through a problem we all share and find a common way to address that recognizing that countries just can't shut down
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anymore that we didn't cover that you can't shut down you've got to continue to try to provide a revenue base keep your people employed have stability so you've got to transition in a way that makes sense and shot shot he is the executive director of arab youth climate movement chapter he says youth groups keep governments in check and try to ensure they live up to their commitments under the paris climate agreement i think that is a great way to have momentum having the whole of the gulf and middle east countries and the right way how. is looking after the upcoming captain he thinks to have all the countries in the middle regions come up with the and hand and made a commitment and it will be a crucial part and they want to see what are the commitment each country will be making in terms of emission and also like how john kerry was mentioning we just don't have to shut down but how to mobilize and get more support and more jobs created and to how the transition towards non radio resources can be
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kept alive and bringing more green baize jobs in the middle east to be a dog an addition here closely work with the community and also with the government to see how their commitments are in line with the paris agreement the most of the time what we do is to build up a community based initiative that not only provide an understanding of what is happening and also the same time working with the government with some of the initiatives that help them to build a capacity and also build a partnership that is very much necessary in terms of moving towards and keeping up their promises as their palates agreement signatory countries. still ahead on the news hour a goal to remember all round up the best of the european football at sands. and some time i calls for new students are being bullied abused and humiliated by
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the only. time for this person is here sarah thanks very much 3 well kenyan runa ruth chetna gets smashed the world hof marathon record she won the assembled half marathon completing the 21 kilometers in a time of one hour 4 minutes and 2 seconds shaving 29 seconds of the previous record 26 year old won the marathon at the waldorf that exchange in chips and a couple of years ago and she's targeting the gold but at the olympics coming up in july now another big name competing in turkey will be japanese swimming star a cocker she's only been back competing for 8 months after recovering from leukemia but she secured her place in the games by winning the 100 meter butterfly at the
4:52 pm
national championships spot that is still doubts hanging over the olympics $110.00 days to go organizers are going to hold crisis talks assuming it's governing body phina which reportedly wants to cancel the diving world cup in tokyo for safety concerns it would be a major setback goes the tournament is also a test event for craven 19 protocols they have managed to hold another test event for wheelchair rugby ahead of the paralympics players from the japanese national team can pieces against each other the yogi national stadium and it's the 1st test event in tokyo in more than a year. now manchester city coach pep guardiola says he side are very close to taking a premier league title in england that thought of eating less the city to extend their lead at the top and david 6 rounds up their peer football actually this report and city are 17 points clear manchester city are closing in on their 3rd premier league title in 4 seasons
4:53 pm
a 2 no victory over 3rd place less the city means they now need just 11 points from their last 7 games to secure the trophy thank you very rare huge victory we need 3 or 4 more victories and to do to win again come back rest of them on. this for me no city's win means that liverpool down in 5th can no longer defend their title but they did boost their chances of a top 4 finish with a 3 no win it arsenal just mixed up for liverpool they face real madrid in the quarter finals of the champions league on tuesday ryall beat i bought 2 nil in the league with karim benzema racking up his 24th goal of the season they moved 3 points behind leaders atlantic a madrid to play severe later on sunday. elsewhere in spain real sociedad a celebrated their 1st copy del rey trophy in 34 years after one their win over athletic bilbao no fans were allowed inside but bilbao supporters gathered outside
4:54 pm
and clashed with police this was actually last year's final which was delayed by the pandemic and bizarrely bilbao will get another chance later this month when they face barcelona in this year's edition. in germany has been this league by munich win the battle of the top 2 teams they were one nil winners away at rb like sieg and now sit 7 points clear with 7 games of the season remaining. buoyant take on paris and your man in the champions league on wednesday p.s.g. were also involved in a top 2 crash in the french league but they didn't fare so well beaten one nil by little and they also had neymar sent off. in italy in some alam extended their lead in syria 8 points with the one the one that belong year romelu lukaku scoring the winner to secure into his 9th league win in a row the gold of the day though perhaps the season belonged to sports years daniel verde. the bicycle kick to remember but it wasn't enough to prevent a 21 defeat a lot c.e.o. david stokes al-jazeera women's tennis world number one ashley barty has won the
4:55 pm
miami open for the 2nd year in a row the australian was up against former u.s. open champion bianca undressed her in the final had twisted her ankle and eventually had to retire injured with barty leading 63 and 4 because of reduced one of the revenue points by the pandemic barty's winner's check was just $300000.00 compared with the $1350000.00 she received last time it's obviously a tournament to weisberg right deb and it sets a challenge is it to win these trials you have to beat the best in your office have to be 234 top 10 players so it's been been a great challenge is wake i've enjoyed every single match and enjoyed the experience in any kind of the lessons i've learned out of it as well it's always disappointing to to say that you're trying to get injured and i think bianca's had a such a rough troubling juries in the past and hopefully she can recover well recover quickly in this doesn't hinder a season too much goes governing body the p.g.a. says it won't be stripping the season ending to a championship from atlanta major league baseball rejects all-star game from the
4:56 pm
city of new controversial voting rules in the state of georgia critics say the legislation makes it harder african-americans to vote the tour championship has been played at east lake golf club since 1998 and has contributed to more than $38000000.00 to local charitable organizations now the p.g.a. wants to continue it says that work well the masters tees off in georgia on thursday the same course japanese teenagers sebas a tiny one that cost a national women's amateur and 17 year old won it on a sudden death playoff. at the 1st women's major of the season in california thailand's party tribal and i kids is firmly in control of the n a n a inspiration tournament 21 year old is 5 shots clear closing in on her 1st ever title and on the men's tour jordan spaeth singh good form ahead of the masses he shot a 5 under 67 to take a share of the lead at the 6 us open he's tied with matt wallace on 12 under. and
4:57 pm
then the fellow called from toby it's top tom brother brother brady's rookie season has sold for $2250000.00 it was snapped up at auction by an anonymous buyer and signed culled from brady's 1st season with the new england patriots is one of a handful ever to be offered for sale another of them sold last month for 1320000 brady has won 7 super bowls. and finally n.b.a. star le bron james is following in the footsteps of michael jordan from the basketball court to the big screen. welcome to. the l.a. lakers play is soaring in the sequel to space jam called a new legacy will be appearing alongside the likes of bugs bunny and duck just like jordan did in the original film back in 1996 and the new one is set to be released in july. well that's for your sport for me for now but more later thank you so much
4:58 pm
thanks for watching the news hour or back in just a moment with much more of the day's news. frank assessments the world is on the brink of a catastrophic moral failure is that a fair assessment of the catastrophic. why he's. in for good can you should we be buying because ultimately it will be sovereigns and governments who are buying that is the direction this is all headed in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera. goldens right wing government and the catholic church are the very best of friends the church supports the government the government supports the church their critics claim they both draw power from demonizing others they find an enemy and then they
4:59 pm
try to scare other people with that and it's not ideology hatred but have recent changes to abortion laws pushed the public too far. people in power investigates poland's church and state alliance on a busy day. the story of one of the most successful p.r. campaigns in the us. study after study has demonstrated that israeli perspectives dominate american media coverage what part of this can you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it we're not to let you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind on al-jazeera. vaccines a promising path out of the pandemic but implementing the greatest inoculation in history is testing the global community around the world already a clear gap is the marriage between rich nations and poor ones when it comes to
5:00 pm
vaccinating their populations from the geopolitics to the pure economics the misinformation the latest developments what's going on here is very different for a start the boxing comes in the form of the nasal spray special coverage of the corona virus pandemic are not just. jordan's government accuses former crown prince himself of being part of a plot to destabilize the country. watching all just their own life from a headquarters in doha i'm sorry navigator also coming up heavy rains triggered flash floods and mudslides in indonesia killing dozens of people. at least 22 indian soldiers are killed in a gun battle maoist rebels the deadliest engagements in years. and christians
5:01 pm
across the globe celebrate easter sunday holding smaller services because of career .


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