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tv   Women Make Science Ecuadors Hidden Treasure  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2021 12:30pm-1:01pm +03

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keep rice and. also i have taken to refugee become feel rejected and long forgotten but the more i arrive in a day and that is increasingly confident about the spread of the koran of our own as they are forced to a smaller space the risk becomes so much greater. you want your visit with the cell romney a reminder of our top stories the former crown prince of jordan says as he's under house arrest in amman the military has denied but says a former minister a member of the royal family and others were detained as part of an ongoing investigation the prince released a video saying it's part of a crackdown on critics but accuse the leaders of corruption incompetence and harassment. agenda who do you know there is no outside agenda there is nothing on my part to affect the country or outside plopping from behind the scenes we listen
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to these accusations all that and all over again this is only in order to make a smokescreen over the retreat and retraction that we witness in the country every day in our beloved country we hope that the country moves forward and may god protect our dear georgia. voting is underway in bulgaria's general election prime minister boyko but assault is seeking a full term with his center right party corruption and crow virus pandemics have been the main campaign issues of the government demonstrators gathered in thailand's capital demanding the immediate release of pro-democracy activists the police have declared the planned protests illegal. the head of the roman catholic church is leading easter mass at the vatican in a scaled back service due to create a virus restrictions pope francis offered his blessings to the world earlier he had his followers not to lose hope during the pandemic easter masses usually held in peter's square in front of tens of thousands of pilgrims 22 indian security
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personnel who died during a raid on a maoist rebel hideout in eastern chad these go to state one now is find who was killed the maoists of the government for more than 4 decades demanding land and jobs for farmers over the years to open climate talks for the middle east and north africa on sunday u.s. special presidential envoy for climate john kerry met with sultan and middle jabbered who's taken on the similar role for the u.a.e. . more than 500000000 facebook users of had their information leaked by hackers phone numbers full names and locations birth dates and email addresses were found on the web site for hackers the information appears to be several years old and facebook says that it's fix the issue that led to the leak those were the headlines dream will be here with the news in just under half an hour to stay with us here on al-jazeera. to. al-jazeera english
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these forests is one of the most amazing places in the world. it is very very diverse. a 1000000 questions every time that you go to the forest. even if you have all the ph d.'s that you want and you're still level ciro when it comes to the forest. for me that's really cool in science that you're always learning. and this knowledge is very powerful this knowledge can change people's lives can change a community. these forests if very threatened by the forestation. and here we have. issues of spidermonkey that is critically endangered that is their brown headed
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their color and brown headed by their monkey. it is estimated that there's less than $500.00 individuals in the wild. for. all of them in the part of. people really important for them. yes. i will tell you i don't know and again i can't. i. could wind up going out by not going. to be and i want to right now when you look at them a. minute ago you know our. command 0.
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0. 0000000000009. there are still a lot of things that we need to discover that we need to find out iced tea did density of these tiny most in a certain area and how d.s. might inform the conservation of the species. i discovered that brown had spidermonkey started by toll for dispersion of certain tree species and it took one forest and to see generally nation of trees he's improved by passing through the gods of. this means that they are declared to the nurse of these. us a number of the species well if you consider them they work on serving the habitat of the trickle so this forest for diversionary depends on this by them won't. get
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very excited when they see him because every time you learned something new every time is always trying to see for example now i'm dying to go and see which thread they were feeding on and if we find any states that did. so that's right. so. so. so. he did that that are livid if he got to give me a song but. i was stunted by the battle ahead of me. that that's in me well
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a bit of dollars but i'll say so good so. they're more ahead of me not a. few i left in mexico city in 2011 i came here for the 1st time after leaving cuba a year i realized that more had to be done in order to protect them. better. for. venture. i mean everybody. got what i wanted if. you don't.
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have the money. you can see like. that. nobody but that runs from south of panama until the north of it all and the most affected area by deforestation e's the northwestern part of our core there where we are orange is that the sort of can do the research we have 2000 hectares there green area ease the remaining forest in this region there wide area. and area or the palm oil as well there is said to have been deforested so far.
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up by a lot is a local person that is trained to be a research assistant. when we started this project one of the base is west to involve local people in research and that for me has always been very important but it was only here that i could really develop this specifically that i teach to probably a little just a couple of lessons per month on science how to type in the data collected how to write down things. to who to go or what isn't served on the market or to the people in the field. so yeah i think she is natural scientist that is always asking why. why is that bird eating from dot street she goes on and has a look at that word for weeks until she finds out.
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mentally i would say quite radical more this will get to a young walkability. one more head. i mean. is that i love the horn though that i've become and what out of. all. of this if there's a lot of. the name you know they get. your gum in all say you know middle. income you know by saddam.
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but when we find the spider monkeys we find feed we collect them and then we identify them away your guns at all. your but i mean. this whole. thing you know one of the theatres both iggy. does that means that. then one of them but i will. they were donating. the. bit of the they got the. good.
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this paper that we are writing now will be useful for a minister from byron to maybe. the timber extraction from a particular species. sometimes they don't know the species of our species or the brown headed spider monkeys. timber companies have very close relationship to communities here they have provided a lot of services to where responsibility of government such as health the road system bridge system. the timber company provides a lot of jobs for for the local people however i don't think a lot of communities realize what they're losing until they have lost it.
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and that's also our role to help them to understand the value of what they hear to understand these forests. are going to house because he's a farmer from this community so. we. need to make sure that everything's ok we have to avoid conflict with farmers because farmers are really. nice and good but they also have. value and
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that there are young and says mccord yeah i thought badly even then centralist. this. i. guess. i am the reason i like them but i think a. lot. of them are but i live on the level than the normal players that are out. last year why i am about that i am but i. like that. music us on this yeah the ada you like that. you know. so well you know your lawyer is almost a loony go out on. much like you go. but it's another. thing.
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that that and i don't know. much. of it. but if it did you know it then put it on in an apartment window i love and deal and yet i get up at the top of the you know i think. that will affect whether i get out he lit up by the way i feel like i can. look but i do good i really like i've done. you. make a i did and that one. bad it doesn't i'm going to. eat . now another family has c.n.n.'s own life but i don't feel that you do and i'm not going to get them when i look at it when my dad left the house.
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every day and i was that out of my one of them had to get out i had as a shot at. what not and that i'm not mine and i had to be and paid and to fix that but i bet they gave him a day to day. whereas it's very important to keep a record on the glass population care because they are indicators of the good health of the river systems and he's not studied yet here in atlanta. when the young that pentad i gave it. more had a boy it didn't want to call it. had like a woman will head it again and acquire the order is so meusel me that. they are not taken back by that is headed by devon also let me. go out there and i'm not going.
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to miss the emphatic it and i have for you and the like. it's not going to get on my feet yet i thought about that me and demi this. ticket the clinton on the today boy he seemed to be going for neck on that. i'm not a gun. know what that might have given to him i mean you don't. i don't want. to do to push even if it's done this by then i'm in the woods thanks to. my mom. we're putting together an amphibian gate of this sort o. . we identified him and we put a short description in spanish and this guy will be for local communities and when i look close close when we started there was
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a lot of misinformation about the animals that we have here and now that probably other does become a boss others of conservation in their communities and that's how the message of conservation gets spread out. that you have. to be. going to be the most you go you busy know and it was really really there would be this this is this you know we keep coming up we should look we've. got to tell you that this is going ok i just might get it one day at the federal you know. if you let me go yeah i don't know i mean it was you know it was no it was going to jackie just you know where i live and believe you are going to suffer but it was
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something close to just that he said. it is it. was because he doesn't look at you say i'm a deity but a muslim to you somehow while he has some funny easy. going on in terms of looking at the man was the only man on the planet easy to predict how much did he know where we feel they have passed the. very much it was a little better. so proud of him as ever at least your mother that you're putting. in lieu. of us if. you will this is something that you. know you have you not a single thing on those i said that was said and. i don't. know what i think yeah. but i guess i'm not so i don't know for you know somebody you know.
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does when i read those born muslims white and so on so i'm going to love it as a poll last year miss on the put others on the put a lot of us have by they said they are the only. dog democrats because they said when we look sick i know in terms of the super supreme court come to consider one of the. most of the most want to have a. big set of i assume they don't get it i meant the left instead of us jim sort of assumed this will not pick up an aisle seat but up them in this and i think a collective or case implemented with that and not get them see. yeah. another day i mean by families the well there are a lot of ability to say yeah. yeah.
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but i'm a fan of. more than a former band the thief to their 1st. but.
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i. feel. sorry for those of us who love them. but i thought we wouldn't be there. mostly warm though a lot. more you. will.
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we will send her to a rescue center where she will be safe. she can have another chance of being rehabilitated and to be free ready. when we came to this place it was different we were different and less have been strange for it for the local communities to see we many in charge of projects. going to the forest and carrying out field work and doing what he's supposed to be a months job. i think we are a good role model for children and. i am very happy about that because we're
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giving these girls a chance to see other options that they can study they can be a recognized with the work that they're doing. and i think science for me has been amazing in terms of finding my own way back. a passion for supporting local communities. and pioneering enough to tip african science and technology projects how his child beautiful. stories are all of us on this planet not just africa al-jazeera front as a leading by a chemist determined to use his scientific knowledge to say africa women make science from the lab to the field on al-jazeera. said tis
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only a change because some people believe in a pose that is bigger than their. out of the reality where the way to make a political my city around the state representative they put themselves to make a change is something that we. should have taken this long to do that in the neighbour's garden isn't learning we have a disco to slosh or to create new areas we have to change this culture i am one of the fortunate ones who can leave an establishment outside but all the people and on the majority of these illegal of us are talking about just good hardworking people that want to live the american dream like our ancestors these are here to refugees are terrified that they may be forced to return to myanmar. in some time i call swoons students of being bullied abused and humiliated by their
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teachers one a one east investigates thailand school scandal on l g c. the . al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from headquarters and. coming up in the next 60 minutes protesters in thailand repeat their demands for the government to resign but the movement appears to be losing momentum. jordan's parliament reaffirms its support for the king after his half brother accuse the country's leaders often comp .


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