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priests and definitely they will find the nuns and their souls. if you want on 4000 college cases have been reported in gone a snotty unofficial number is far higher and keep rising. they also have taken to refugee becomes feel rejected and long forgotten but small i arrive in a day and that is increasing concern about the spread of the koran of our old as they are forced to show a smaller space the risk becomes so much greater. you what you want is there will be several rob a reminder of our top stories the former crown prince of jordan says he's under house arrest and of our military has denied that but says a former minister member of the royal family and others were detained as part of an ongoing investigation the prince released a video saying it's part of
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a crackdown on critics but accuse leaders of corruption incompetence and harassment . agenda her to do you know there is no outside agenda there is nothing on my part to affect the country or outside blogging from behind the scenes listen to these accusations all that and all over again this is only in order to make a smokescreen over the retreat and retraction that we witness in the country every day in our beloved country we hope that the country moves forward and may god protect our dear jordan of voting is underway in bulgaria's general election prime minister boyko bought us off is seeking a 4th term with his right center right party corruption the credit virus pandemic have been the main campaign issues for the 2nd christians around the world are marking easter sunday in the shadow of the corona virus pandemic countries across europe and latin america have enforced new restrictions and lockdowns. police in somalia's capital mogadishu say a suicide attack on
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a busy cafe has killed at least 6 people including the bomber no group has claimed responsibility it follows separate attacks early on saturday on 2 military bases outside of mogadishu. 5 indian security forces have died in a raid on a maoist rebel hideout in eastern justice got a state or that maoists fighter was killed and 12 others injured. for the government for more than 4 decades demanding land jobs and jobs before. taiwan's minister of transport says he won't avoid responsibility for the rail crash that killed 51 people families of the victims they're angry that no one has apologised for the accident the transport ministry adriel company are facing questions over safety protocols the train crashed into a truck that had rolled onto the track from a construction site. those are the headlines about with more news and hoff about to stay with us. it's
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a wondrous ecosystem but human activity is the escalating climate change and posing an existential threat you don't get a resort but on top of that. in the lead up to us to al-jazeera special coverage documentaries discussions under pools exploring the consequences of our actions and inactions very hard news a bar a few all civilization. and showcasing ways in which so much seeking to turn the talk to a straight ahead there is 3 individuals and very rare to see that it's really exciting the season of programming exploring the china crisis ahead of the day on al-jazeera. a sharp escalation in fighting in eastern ukraine and reports of a russian troop build up at the border they could signal into another cease fire in the region so what next for a conflict now in its 8 years is there any chance of a lasting peace this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm joined efforts to resolve the 7 year war in eastern ukraine have all so far failed there have been cease fires and then almost inevitably violations of cease fires but a major flare up in fighting between russian backed separatists and ukrainian troops is now threatening to escalate the conflict beyond anything we've seen so far russia is reportedly massing its troops at the border and warning nato not to send military support to ukraine but the alliance and the united states have made it clear kiev will not be left alone if russia launches an offensive in the region we'll discuss this with our guests shortly but 1st now the in baba reports. it's pictures like this that have got the government in kiev so concerned
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a week ago 4 ukrainian soldiers were killed in fighting in the east now here is accusing russia of preparing to expand its military presence in the separatist controlled regions of done yes going to hanscom as well as the border with crimea to the south moscow maya but a bully davies calling the head banging on thursday ukraine's foreign minister called on moscow to quote immediately and unconditionally reaffirm its commitment to a political and diplomatic settlement and a cease fire regime and. now president joe biden has spoken directly with the ukrainian leader flooding is alinsky the white house says he affirmed the united states is unwavering support for ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of russia's ongoing aggression my bedtime now we discussed the situation in the bus in detail president biden assured us that ukraine will never be left alone against russia's aggression. or c. . russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says any new conflict in the east would
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quote destroy ukraine. he's warned against incitement by western powers with the nato defense alliance saying it's concerned about a russian build up moscow says the real threat is nato sending troops to ukraine. undoubtedly such a scenario would lead to a further increase of tension near the russian border of course this will require additional security measures from the russian side in february 2040 the so-called my down revolution saw ukraine's russia friendly president viktor yushchenko bitch deposed and the opposition take power the next month russian forces are next crisis from ukraine prompting western sanctions in april 24th seen pro russian separatists seize part of the eastern donbass region starting the internal military conflict in ukraine. in 2019 television act of law to ms alinsky was elected ukraine's president he and president putin agreed to exchange prisoners and commit to
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a cease fire last july a cease fire with and yet 6 separate ists was agreed but it's close to breaking and now the ukrainian leaders provoked a russian anger he went after the draw russian media empire belonging to one of russia a lot of it was probably in ukraine closing down the row russian t.v. channels and severely weakening the influence of pro russian never created keeping my russian. overarching goal is always the 2 are keep the will these regimes in the donetsk and lugansk back and you agree. despite the latest warnings it's not clear whether there's been a real change the organization for security and cooperation in europe says there are far fewer ceasefire violations the last summer before the agreement came into force. al-jazeera.
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all right let's bring in our panel joining us from moscow pavel felgenhauer a defense analyst and columnist for now via gazeta in kip alexy hot on a professor of comparative politics at cair academy and in washington d.c. richard white says security analyst at the strategic consultancy strap welcome to you all pava let me start with you today from your vantage point does it look like this situation is going to escalate and how likely or unlikely is it that this is going to boil into actual conflict. both already a month or so there has been a lot of talk in the russian press about the situation and the don bias yet thing worse about the skull ation that there will be any big war and everybody understands that it's right now of course impossible so that there are some sure things happening there maybe not so big she actually crashed as some skirmishes and
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that done by us they're a bit overplayed by the press but in the future somewhere everyone is talking right now about the beginning of may. there can be a big confrontation or a major escalation of the as still empties in the entire region because right now of course the snow is just melting still in russia and in ukraine the fields are her sea of dirt go that us boots inside that means a man over a bowl warfare is basically impossible but by made should dry up and then everyone apparently is going to be ready and there's lots of talk that grain is going to attack that russia is going to get in but that the west is going to get involved and a lot of scarce chorus stories around here in moscow like see how worried are people
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in ukraine right now and how worried is the government we are all of a very divided in general and realist well analysis home ideality spec and my question to buy a bottle do it believes if you can raise go into it that frankly speaking no. i believe not because that's what we hear from kremlin it's not a but it's not in our 'd interest to have a mess confrontation of what to be seen now in terms of don't bust well we'll call the skirmishes but let me remind you has it officially what we have right now is a full door though ceasefire and nevertheless there is an aggravation and since the beginning of this year certainly ukrainian soldiers we're killed
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soul deaths the problems of problems that we don't have ceasefire actually is a ceasefire was promised in september 2014 but since since there was no way he'll ceasefire so. what portugal is doing good i not mean he's definitely trying to test has a vest to steph than you will if they're that president of the united states and also he's going to test ukraine ukrainian government as well and i believe that we will have disabilities to talk about this in a bid richard if you could expand on something that alexey was saying to us there he said that he believes that this is essentially a test by russia's president vladimir putin to see how far he can go when it comes to joe biden and see what kind of reaction he can elicit from the biden administration and what are your thoughts on that and also just how concerned is
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the u.s. about all this right now. sure the the thinking here is this is a concern but there's not an expectation imminent russian military attack on ukraine the factors that appear to be driving the recent war scare are several at home and we know president putin's popularity is under a strain there's been a lot of focus on the protests and so having a war scare can be useful for distracting people's attention as in a new crane we've seen the government there take some firm steps recently against russian influence reigning in 7 the russian media. president selenski is proving tougher than i think the russians in to supinate had and as was mentioned possibly this is an effort to test the new biden ministration we know that other countries are doing this north korea with this missile test and so on and you know biden has
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a record with ukraine a strongly supporting the government but the us of course is just strapped it by a bunch of challenges at home and abroad so maybe the russians are probing the depth of the u.s. commitment and i would also add in the european and trans-atlantic dimensions i think the you know there were some talks between the presidents of russia has and germany and france and maybe a russian think they see an opening to try nixon white differences between the allies i think all these factors may work but again there's not expect taste of. imminent military action particularly since the u.s. took a very firm stand it had president biden for the 1st time called the president of ukraine we've also had changes the phone calls between other senior u.s. and ukrainian leaders probably heard richard there talk about the fact that president putin has been bristling from these anti-government demonstrations that happened in january over the treatment of alexian. vali you know there are some who
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say that the timing of this may be more than just coincidental you have also putin coming under criticism for his response to the coronavirus you also have russian parliamentary elections that are scheduled to happen in september could all this be chalked up to president putin trying to reenter gys his base. to some extent yes but it's a bit more complicated. the kremlin buton believes that the west is now began a war began who are against russia hybrid wars being waged against russia and personally against him to deal egypt advise his regime. that they were specifically landed in january to raise havoc here in russia because comic situation is not very nice the household incomes have been
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decreasing for almost 10 years slowly but steadily and are up narratives so in 10 years they decreased about 15 percent that's the real income of households in russia and that's bad for any political regime in any country that's a big danger. and sell the goods and believes that the west the russian elite believes that the west is for you actually fighting them and russia should push back relations with the united states not simply bad they're very bad but i've been called boots in the killer that means he wants him out that means the west once said regime change relations with european union are said to be 0 so in a situation when the political level of relations is almost 0 the russian ambassador was recalled from washington that never happened during the cold war and he still and must assume that most of pre-war situation or something close to it
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so instead you're in such a position michael maybe you believe the kremlin believe it's not to push the front line in the done by us away from crimea say well axiom let me let me ask you this. week we pause there for a 2nd let me go ahead and jump to alexey and ask him a quick follow up question you know there are ukrainian officials who have urged deescalation what are the steps need to be taken in order to deescalate the situation right now. well 1st of all i seen that's easier to keep to keep the cease fire you know what we haven't said don't buy us and don't buy us we have more scores proxies they're not independent they're controlled by more school so and all the hysteria was a concert in the bus shows that when looked like to he's going to discrete this
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escalation he can easily do that but again several reasons now and we have discussed until that decided to decided to escalate so that order from the kremlin would be is the 1st and the most important steps forward. for a ceasefire and send there are other things which will be and actually is that the ground you know with the role of troops. some of the scenes again these forces fire which was called. in some a last year event included lot of measures a lot of measures in order to to inforce a ceasefire but unfortunately there is not ceasefire and we got in 40 years over mr putin that we have the joke that mr in a violent poisoned himself in order to overthrow putin's putin's regime to
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create a background for accusing mr putin's and airy guarding. regarding where there's a large scale war may happen i don't want to get here with military and political analysis by by partial but to be sure the member indoor sauza and full team net a few people who would predict to russia russian irregular forces would it be a instant on us that the russians would. ukrainians very few people actually. predicted center russia would and next craney a so at zip time if you ask me i'm ukrainian speaking russian so if you ask me do i believe that the russian soldiers would be p.-a in ukraine killing
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ukrainians i would say no maybe i'm a better analyst but many people would say no it's impossible and unfortunately. so dealing with russia yes there is some you know actual seeing which seeing which says that's no it's not going to be a large scale military operation but you never sure richard there by the ministrations been working hard to rebuild alliances with nato countries in the wake of all the chaos of the trump years are those allies now feeling confident that the u.s. will stand with them when it comes to any potential confrontations with russia. i think so i mean is a question that broader than that in that there was there's been some concern that the allies and cells are divided over russia you've got some nato partners that want to make a take a very firm stance and others that want to more cooperative approach and you're
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seeing this particularly in the case of the north stream pipeline debate within the alliance so yes part of the u.s. effort has been to reaffirm u.s. ties to the alliance which i would argue were strong and even in the trumpet ministration but they've been they've taken steps to reinforce that and but also you're still seeing disputes over the question of the pipeline perhaps nato spending you know they had 2 recent meetings lately but on the question of ukraine the alliances and the europeans and the americans stood very firm i would not have expected the e.u. for example to keep on rolling over its extensive sanctions since it would just take one e.u. state block them against russia for its actions in ukraine but we've got a fairly extensive network of u.s. european both nato and non nato members sanctions on russia so i think on the
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ukraine question there's been pretty strong solidarity that russia needs to roll back its ambitions in ukraine we store territory on top 30 that the country stop interference internal affairs and so on follow from your vantage point is there any hope that peace talks could get back on track anytime soon. woking of the operational peace talks and the 3 side. talks on in their means so-called means crame where they are right now totally deadlocked everyone agrees on that that nothing's happening there that people are just sort of staking positions that they're not complying to each other they're i mean they need to have some talks but no it's not nothing's happening don't of that. there are times by european countries france and germany to try to find that move something forward find kind of some kind of way to defuse a situation which is getting
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a lot of people in europe really scared i have had contacts with top european diplomats who wanted to know my opinion on what's happening because they're scared in brussels right now they have a basket there's the nato ambassadors european union sitting down there trying to figure out what to do how to respond are the russians really ready to go or it's just a lot of hot air. i would believe basically that puts in his 20 years i mean record shows that he's not basically a conqueror much i believe that he mostly would want of course trade but the horse trade from position of strength and maybe improve the situation on the ground a bit no we're not worse right now on another side east or west wants this to
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develop into. a big regional war and no you know european continent know the potential that it's not 0 it doesn't exist. troops are being moved forward russia's not denying that it moved troops to the ukrainian border the kremlin announced that we have the right to move our troops in inside russia where we wish. 3 russian. major assault vessels from the baltic sea on the 21st of march steam through the channel nine's of british reports that going south patent maybe to the black sea maybe there is a major landing assault operation being planned or of the potential to do such a thing so the threats are growing and the diplomacy is lagging and that's a very bad situation alexi it's been over 6 years since the men's 2 agreement was
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signed were the terms of that agreement ever implemented properly. this short answer is no. again where some of them stood implemented at least. part of your means agreements basically the cease fire and from time to time we have disturbed the ceasefire but. if it goes to escalation again let me remind you that after the president's eleventh's he was elected he used very very peaceful wrestling selenski was a very inexperienced in poor dick's an idiot i would say naive in portland and he said it's just necessary to sit down this is his famous phrase i need to see it
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down we sports him to see him each and zen we'll discuss what do you want what can be do and we will do sums up the set up there's a landscape election human he mate very important and symbolic concessions to porton which eyes of ukrainian opposition where very very bare so selenski did it so here you make concessions that will but the end of the day you know he didn't receive what he wanted for ceasefire and basically this is one of the reasons why zelinsky decided to close down city prashant channels in the ukraine and is this channels have nothing to do with freedom of speech they're just you know.
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example on my brilliant wall which bible mentions and we call it hybrid war because russia is doing it not only in owns a front line but also within ukraine was in other countries trying to best of allies a city. richard let me ask you actually it's a 2 part question the 1st is what is the level of commitment by the ministration toward ukraine in the 2nd thing is do you think we could see immense 3 agreement anytime soon i would say 1st the level of u.s. commitment to crane under biden is very strong and they're going to continue the decision of the trumpet ministration to build up and supply the ukrainian military with defensive weapons and training and there's extensive diplomatic support there there was some questioning in the past over the past month why president biden called presents a landscape but i think you know in the last series of phone calls last few days
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assault that that question. and in terms of what was the 2nd question is do you think that we can see a minsk 3 agreement anytime soon. well i mean the problem with some in structure is you don't have all the important players prickly united states so i mean the british the french and the russians and ukrainians can go so far but it could be useful to have a tip to widen the format to allow for a wider range of possible trade offs discussions right now the u.s. can't join mint because it would require the consent of all the parties and the russians would have jacked but a new format there are other structures and as well they all with the is working through a trilateral format with the out with the russians and ukrainians i think it's less . of a mechanism and format and more of
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a problem that there's just not an agreement on the ends whatever they say in paper i think that the current russian government likes the present situation where it can dial up and down tensions regarding ukraine for tactical advantage and i don't see that anything fundamentally changing in russian policy as modern as the current government is in power there all right we've run out of time so we're going to have to leave the conversation there thank you so much to all of our guests power felgenhauer all lexy her on and richard whites and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page at facebook dot com for wrist watch a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at c.j. inside story for me my gentleman the whole team here by phone out.
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outside the mainstream shift the focus covering the way the news discovered the listening posts on a. if you want to help save the world. sneeze into your own. agenda her to do you. jordan's former crown prince says he's under house arrest and accuses the country's leaders of corruption and incompetence. the whole robin your geologist airlines my headquarters here in doha are also coming up bulgarians a vote for a new parliament after months of anti government protests and a rise in corona virus infections.


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