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al jazeera is newsnight on the biggest stories of the week delivered to your inbox most analysis and opinions of the world. subscribe of the conversation. jordan's form a crown prince says he's under house arrest after what he calls a crackdown on critics of king abdullah. play watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back he will also ahead with the was don't lose hope the pope's easter message as millions of europeans face tougher coronavirus restorations desperate for something to eat
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over 1000 adds to the problems for millions of brazil's porous people. to the east and as spectacle fits for kings and queens egypt's moves its warrior ancient mummies to a new resting place. thank you for joining us to form a crown prince of jordan says he's under house arrest in amman the military denies that but says a former minister and member of the royal family and others have been detained a spot of an ongoing investigation lebanon egypt and gulf countries have expressed solidarity with jordan's king abdullah norbert manley reports the member from the water that is a video of the media by his lawyer prince hamza says this may be the last time he
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can contact anyone he says he's been ordered by the army's chief to stay at home and that his phone and internet are being cut off. he criticized jordan's leaders for corruption and tonight being part of any conspiracy. agenda there is no outside agenda there is nothing on my part to affect the country or outside plotting from behind the scenes we listen to these accusations over and over again this is only in order to make a smokescreen over the retreat and retraction that we witness in the country every day in our beloved country. when. the video is released came shortly after due to any in state t.v. an ounce multiple arrests of former senior officials on fast say night jordan's army chief denied the prince how it was among them but it didn't mention the arrest of the former head of the royal court bus and our dollar. was
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a long time. of the cheating and was at one time a minister of finance and has been arrested along with several others that were very close to the heart of court it is not clear exactly what the role that prince. played and there but clearly and there has been any division inside the court that has led the security forces to consider this a danger to the stability of jordan's government. prince some there is the hoff brother of king abdullah when their father king hussein passed away in 1909 king abdullah was crowned and prince hamza became the crown prince of jordan however king abdullah stripped him of this title 5 years later following saturday's arrests regional leaders including the g.c.c. were quick to express solidarity with king abdullah security personnel have been
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deployed in the capital and other parts of the country there are still more questions than answers about the highly unusual arrests and what flaunting says it a stable country in the middle east lure about in money al-jazeera. now the news the head of the roman catholic church has his followers not to lose hope during the coronavirus pandemic pope francis delivered the message during a scaled back easter vigil service in st peter's basilica about 200 people were allowed to attend and all had to wear masks the vatican dropped its traditional baptism ceremonies to curb the spread of covered 90. 8 from men to rove you know see that even from the ruinous fragments of our humanity god prepares a new story he always goes before us in the cross of the suffering in the desolation of death as well as in the glory of a life that resurrects
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a story that changes hope that comes back to life and in these dark months of the pandemic let us listen to the risen lord as you invite us to begin a new and never lose hope. now as millions of people in europe get ready to mark easter sunday they are concerned so slow vaccine rollout and more contagious variants of covert 19 will make a 3rd wave difficult to contain the reports from london. a weekend in rome and people out and about enjoying the easter break but reminders of the covered $1000.00 restrictions are never far away or my mall but i think it would be more than a year now since the 1st restrictive measures were imposed in italy we were probably among the 1st countries to confront this emergency and people are tired but they have aware that protecting health is essential in these times all regions are now classified as red zones people can leave home to exercise or to visit relatives once a day but police are checking nobody's travelling between regions for the content
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i'm glad they are doing checks it means something is working in this whole mess. over in leone in southeastern france this man was one of thousands getting a coronavirus job inside the city football stadium on saturday with intensive care units as full as they were last april the country speeding up its vaccination program over easter paul newman for an it doesn't get in the press volunteers and for the people who come here is these are quite stressful times by doing this hopefully we can get through it and quickly from saturday there's a nationwide curfew between 7 pm and 6 am president emanuel says authorities will take a relaxed view this weekend if people travel beyond the permitted 10 kilometers but from monday night they'll be checking such journeys are essential. in spain traditional easter possessions are cancelled but in barcelona some have been making the most of the weather spring still in the state of emergency in new cases have been rising a new national law says people have to wear
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a mask outdoors and gatherings of more than 6 people are banned in this region but here at least they're taking a measured approach. in britain police forces of all people not to travel long distances over the holiday while the prime minister's issued his own reminder you can return. to hospital 6 people outside with outside mostly the doors break bars the speed of the u.k.'s but summation program is the government's own truck with what it calls its cautious irreversible road map to freedom but it still is in the public to be careful on monday boris johnson set to outline the next steps out of lockdown the 0 london meanwhile the number of infections in latin america has passed 25000000 brazil is the hardest hit country in the region with the world's 2nd highest number of cases behind the united states a spike in infections s. prompted both chile and bolivia to close their borders ecuador and through have
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imposed new measures for the easter holidays to limit travel and public gatherings and is on the run kitty is monitoring developments from colombia's capital bogota. hospitals across brazil literally been crippled by the current surge in infections just to give you an idea of how bad the situation is in the month of march just and did more than $66000.00 people have died of cope with 19 and brasil deaths the deadliest month since the beginning of the depend their make and the more than double the number of the previous record chile has been an outlier they've been extremely successful more than 35 percent of chileans have received the least one dose the server code with 19 vaccine yet they haven't been able to tame a big surge in infections that is essentially has been going on since mid february
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. they are believe it has to do with this variant was originally found in brazil and that is hitting harder younger people middle age people that have now been vaccinated yet this also proving deadly cheated very complicated situation that's why chile is under a full lockdown they also closed their borders which will remain closed throughout the month of april and the rest of the region the situation is much worse when it comes to the vaccine roll out only a fraction of people have been vaccinated for the coming months especially as most countries are going through a 2nd and 3rd wave again social distancing the use of masks and probably new lock downs will be the way forward. well the pandemic has left many of brazil's poorest citizens reliant on food handouts to survive
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a survey found more than 80 percent of people living in slums depend on donations to feed their families. have joined workers from one campaign in rio de janeiro as trying to stem the rising tide of hunger. the lines are growing in the center of rio de janeiro and not just in front of the soup kitchens many come here for a bath and a haircut. on the bus. the number of people living in the streets has doubled since the beginning of the pandemic many here have lost their jobs at home 10000000 brazilians were already going hungry when the pandemic began now the situation is much worse in january the government suspended emergency aid benefiting half of brazil's population just as infections began to spiral out of control forcing new lock downs. during the crisis affected private businesses which were contributions
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to charity last year and can no longer afford to do so with no help from the public sector and no jobs for people in the slums and for neighborhood literally starving to death. is part of the g 10 a group of brazil's 10 biggest slums they have started the campaign empty pots in brazil together they were able to obtain the 1st donation this year. 1000 basic food baskets to share among way too many 180000 people live in the hasi alone. we received 10000 basic food baskets to distribute but this year it was only 100 donations drop by 95 percent and the number of people dying from covered 19 is growing by just last 10 friends and one week william has been walking the streets of to pick up those who have nothing in their pockets oh you very much like my lee who lives with her 86
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year old mother and stopped working after she got sick. 7 out of 10 people living in brazilian slums have no money to buy food they're receiving donations but much less than last year a bag like this $1.00 for example has rice and being an oil it cost the equivalent of 10 dollars but it only lasts one week and a family of 4 who over 1000 has affected donations in another way dwane vasconcellos tells us the number of people working in soup kitchens has decreased some volunteers were infected with the coronavirus while others are too afraid to go out on the streets monica and i give al-jazeera rio de janeiro. still ahead on al-jazeera bulgaria's prime minister seeks a 4th time in office despite months of protests against corruption and why the
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u.s. state of georgia his most famous sporting event is in the rough with civil rights groups. it's time for the perfect gentleman. sponsored point qatar airways has been a lovely wait for japan and it's going to change as we go on through the next couple of days cloud and right is making its way out of china across the korean peninsula the cool cool weather system making its way across northern parts of japan as we go on through the next couple days there's a lot of cloud and rain then moving across the sea of japan and it does turn increasingly wet here as we go on through sunday so warm right for tokyo later on in the day temperatures here getting up to 20 celsius it will freshen up behind the winds swing around to a northerly direction so very heavy rain for a time a hunch you could lead to some localized flooding but it will brighten up as we go
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into the early part of next week already brightening up across the korean peninsula but too bad for that eastern side of charter but a few showers a little further west a mist and seeing some rather wet weather down towards the southwest of china some wet weather too in india china will see some very heavy rain there into thailand making its way across into cambodia financial either through the philippines but some very heavy rain into indonesia a little disturbance that could cause some flooding and there's a disturbance too in the andaman sea that could cause some flooding around the nicobar islands the adamant islands want to shout into eastern parts of india much of india stays fun enjoy the temperatures in the low forty's for some. sportspeople qatar airways. a unique kid endangered biodiversity lies in the heart of one of ecuador's tropical jungles there was a lot of misinformation about a city i knew most of which have here and now they're probably alleges becoming about other stuff conservation in their communities outas their journeys deep into
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the rain forest to follow a scientist untouched teams aphex to save the flora and fauna so precious in the region women make science ecuador's hidden treasure on al-jazeera. you're watching al jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories the form a crown prince of jordan says he's under house arrest in amman the military denies prince hamza has been arrested the official news agency says 2 former senior officials and other suspects have been detained for security reasons lockdowns are in place across parts of europe to combat surging coronavirus numbers france will
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shut schools and nonessential shops for 4 weeks while it's only is knocking down for the easter holiday and the number of corona virus infections in latin america has passed 25000000 brazil remains the region's hardest hit country one and chile are closing their borders because of a spike in the infections. 2 bulgarian our voters are going to the polls in less than 2 hours for a general election prime minister boyko borisov is hoping to win a 4th term with his center right g r b party no major parties likely to win an outright majority but as a bonus smith reports from the capital sofia boris soft looks set to cling to power . will gary's prime minister hasn't given any interviews in this election campaign just photo opportunities where the only camera allowed is from his own team or go bars or governs an e.u. country where according to the u.s. state department there's little judicial independence there are arbitrary arrests
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and journalists are threatened with violence in sunday's election he could well retain his grip on this former satellite of the soviet union it takes long for a new democratic i feuds to mature but on the other hand there are concrete. experiences of the bold guerin's over the past 3 decades in the fact that they have nonbeing been able to reap the benefits of a democratic system in theory should provide. side so they have become disenchanted the more of the fold gary is that steve 45 percent would prefer a model of strongman leadership last summer several months of anti corruption protests with the biggest challenge to barsel they started after an opposition leader tried to set foot on a public beach that had been sealed off for use by want to bulgaria's most powerful man bristow ivan off says the e.u. ignores the corruption here because boris office party these are allied with the
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largest center right coalition in the european parliament with of is not an ideal he doesn't. sort of make any political pronouncement he is a siren probationer of opponents not only of them but of corruption we have been people's party the elite in brussels and in berlin frankly we will need to understand that they cannot afford any longer to put a blind eye to all those who are putting in office any protests now a tiny in comparison that's part of covert part resignation and the former prime minister says the e.u. ignores at its peril what is happening here that transparency feelers have defined has to be put on and you know the rules it came to. bandon so financing from european union became a song was part of that action not for the development of the plan the european
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commission says corruption is a major obstacle to development in bulgaria the latest polls give the prime minister's party around the 28 percent of the vote the opposition socialists a trailing around 8 percent behind political experts here say that could be a government of national unity if that's the case then boyko boris off as head of the largest party will keep his job as prime minister. bernard smith al-jazeera sophia. mark hooters 11 years as dutch prime minister could be coming to an end after a coalition partner with dual support hootenanny survived a confidence vote on friday over his handling of coalition talks since last month's election now the leader of the christan junie party says it cannot can no longer be part of his government's. leaders of countries neighboring mozambique will hold talks next week about ongoing violence the u.n. says the humanitarian situation is deteriorating rapidly coast on the town of
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palmer a week ago killing dozens of people and displacing fountain's i tours about coal. gas coa is the measure to coordinator for doctors without borders he says thousands of people have yet to reach safety in cabbagetown gotto and various oprah portion of what theoretically should be the quantity of people that it was around a right to safe places like with an anger they are meant to. show we we are assuming that they are really dozens of thousands of people in the room and in the in the forest hiding or trying to reach safe places and on the property they are the ones that they are or either more or. more terrified of probably the ones that they are more vulnerable or more sick and they cannot reach the bases where they can be assisted early to be possible because we are not we are not receiving as much people that we were expecting but for example
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a misspeaking with my colleague x. who are most of them displays themselves from the last year of the space many mostly with a prayer or even a you know their places and go they go and they they are just hounded by by the by the time of their wares that they spend. high the like for 56 days they were hiding in the in the in the forest and they need to play another 4 or 5 days to reach safe places and know what people are saying to us is that they are trying to avoid it if you road so they are there because they are afraid. and there little really it will put me through to the places. people have left their houses with no with nothing on their hands so. a lot of people these birds are food a lot of people. injuries in their food and in their feet and in their arms and of course they didn't have food or weather for a few days police in somalia's capital mogadishu say at least 6 people including the attacker have been killed in a bombing on a tea shop no hopes came to responsibility it follows separate attacks early on
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saturday on 2 military bases outside the city the military says it successfully pushed back killing 76 fight is. at least 5 more people have been killed in myanmar in the latest crackdown on un tycho protesters and there are concerns the conflicts may spiral into civil war with 10 armed groups abandoning a cease fire tony chang has our report oh a wounded man with a serious head injury is carried away from the barricades in money while about 136 kilometers northwest of mandalay this was just one of the towns where protesters are reported to have been shot at by the security services in mandalay they took to the streets on motorbikes easier to flee when the crackdown comes and it follows another night of violence this video from sun chong in central young gun shows police standing over the body of an injured man you can hear the fear in the voices
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of those filming as they dragged the body away from. that violence shed around the world on social media is drawing growing criticism even from myanmar's powerful neighbors. we condemn any use of violence we believe that the rule of law should be privileged we stand for the destruction of democracy in myanmar. realized the release of political prisoners and supported any attempts at dissolving the current situation including through the efforts of. growth and regional concerns are increasing as 10 ethnic armed groups are myanmar's borders through their support behind the anti coup movement on saturday that sparked fears of wider conflict on the possibility of a full blown civil war in thailand representative at a global beauty pageant broke down on stage when she proclaimed her support for the
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protesters they are working on the street. now she's unable to return home but determined in her support. because they told me that they were on the street and i'm also fighting my way on the on the stage now i think that if they will not give that we will win and the funerals continue to this woman was shot in the head she travelled home from her job in a south korean bank bus stops around the country have been turned into improvised memorials for those who have died with messages of resistance now that wireless internet services have been cut off but even these simple shrines of being torn down as the security services try to eradicate all signs of resistance tony chang al jazeera. prosecutors in taiwan are seeking an arrest warrant for
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a construction site manager whose truck cause a train crash 51 people died but that number could rise as qusay wreckage families held vigils and the president visited dozens of the injured in hospital as believe the truck rolled on to the track because it's break was not properly engage. u.s. president joe biden says he supports major league baseball's decision to strip atlanta of the prestigious all star game is because of new voting laws in the state of georgia critics say the measure is signed off by georgia's republican governor and limit access to the ballot box and target minority and poor a vote is a moving the baseball has put pressure on georgia's most famous sporting event the masses golf tournament battle gusta wear socks on those say one civilized school wants golf's governing body to cancel the tenement and is calling on plays to boycott it until the voting law is repealed. we can let the.
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you know out flank us out politicize this. you know or we can get in a fight with them and that's what we're doing i mean this is a call to everyone not only in georgia but all across the country to wake him to get in the fight in to help us and not. look as they are coming for you know. i mean what of in what's or are they going after now what event are they going to go after what convention political hand is in washington she reports this goes beyond just the state of georgia. this is a nationwide issue and now this all goes back to what has been dubbed the big lie the claim that there was widespread voter fraud which is why donald trump is no longer president think it's important point out it's not just the media that says there is no evidence of widespread widespread voter fraud more than 50 courts took up cases and found in each and every one that there was no credible evidence still
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we're seeing republican leadership in $47.00 states put forward about $361.00 bills that would restrict restrict voting rights in their states and so now what you're seeing is companies react we've saw dozens and dozens of companies heads said in letters to georgia including the 2 major employers in georgia coca-cola and delta airlines saying this they disagree with this law they're trying to send the message to these big companies we're talking about twitter and estee lauder and dozens and dozens of others sending the message to places where their headquarters where they're located saying look we don't want you to take these steps don't approve these voting restrictions but in georgia the governor's firing back. royal ancient mummies have been transported through egypt's capital to their new home cross witness the multi-million dollar spectacle of the 18 kings and 4 queens making the journey through cairo
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a man can as it intense. with all the fanfare the befits egypt's ancient kings and queens the highly anticipated and meticulously planned pharaohs golden parade was the biggest cultural event cairo has seen in recent years travelling in individual vehicles bedecked an ancient egyptian style the mommy fire drills 22 of them in all were moved from caro's a gyptian museum in tahrir square they moved through the capital streets to a new location a state of the art facility called the national museum of ancient civilization. where they were greeted by a concert from the cairo film monic featuring famous singers and then received by the egyptian president. the pharaohs of the stuff of legend and include amenhotep the 1st ramsay's the 2nd ramsay's the 3rd and queen never tire. you got to. sing.
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without the well. prepared objects to travel around the well but then you got a spectacle to close on so the logistics behind it was very complex and you can imagine there being which that's what started. off this spectacle but we also felt that everything goes to. the security operation was a mammoth undertaking streets were closed in cairo brought to a standstill the event which lost it around 2 hours was attended by various dignitaries including the director general of unesco the un's world heritage organization. once the mommies arrived at their new resting place they are to be put into restoration in. for 15 days and readied for display but there are a minority who not a darkly about an ancient curse legend has it that cursed will be the ones that move the mummies they say the sioux is canal blockage disturbing global markets 2
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trains colliding with each other a garment factory blaze and a residential building collapse all came after the announcement of the pharaoh's gold braid. the but the ancient curse hasn't stopped the pharaohs once again appearing on the streets of egypt was the wrong cause it was a. clear again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera the former crown prince of jordan says he's under house arrest in amman the military denies friends hamza has been arrested efficient news agency says 2 former senior officials and other suspects have been detained for security.


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