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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2021 1:00am-1:31am +03

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it's under threat demonstrators and journalists are dealing with internet outages police intimidation and charges of said dish to shift the focus covering the way the news this comfort the listening posts on a. a former crown prince of jordan says he's under house arrest the military says it's arced him to stop trying to undermine the country's stability. m r m i z london you're watching al-jazeera coming up on the program. egypt puts on a show $22.00 of its royal mummies including its most powerful ancient queen moved across cairo to a new place of christ. with infection rates rising in europe and fears of
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a 3rd wave of coronaviruses lockdowns are again coming into force as governments try to speed up vaccinations and more violence against peaceful protesters in me and mar east fife people are killed and now concerns about regional instability after more on the ethnic groups declare their support for the anti coup movement. i'll come to the program our top story the former crown prince of jordan is saying he has been placed under house arrest in his palace and amman he says as part of a crackdown on critics and accuses the country's leaders of corruption incompetence and harris meant it comes soon after state media denied the reports but said the king's half brother was asked to stop actions targeting georgian security instability the agency also said
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a former minister member of the royal family and others were detained as part of a comprehensive investigation by security agencies saudi arabia lebanon and egypt of all express solidarity with jordan's king abdullah. roxanne for money from yarn is a lecture in politics international studies at university of cambridge she explained what might have triggered these arrests and the implications for the country. the crown prince jose the son. was supposed to visit the al aqsa mosque in jerusalem last wednesday and was barred from doing so due to security reasons and so that also was highly unusual and likewise there have been indicators that there is a possibility and that those arrested and warned to in amman have been acting in june to relations that may be shifting quite rapidly between
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jordan and israel and any case the trip that netanyahu had planned to take to the u.a.e. is a they 1st trip under the abraham accords was delayed he was supposed to go yesterday and that was delayed and he will now be going on thursday because he was concerned over fly over security over the jordanian airspace it is not clear exactly what the role that prince. played in this but clearly there has been any division inside the court that has led the security forces to consider this a danger to the stability of jordan's government now royal ancient mummies have been transported through cairo to their new home in the national museum of egyptian civilization crowds gathered to witness the
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multi-million dollar spectacle of the 18 kings and 4 queens making the journey to the new resting place egypt hopes the event will help resurrect it struggling tourism industry imran khan has more. with all the fanfare the befits egypt's ancient kings and queens the highly anticipated and meticulously planned pharaohs golden parade was the biggest cultural event cairo has seen in recent years travelling in individual vehicles bedecked an ancient egyptian style the mommy fire drills 22 of them in all were moved from caro's a gyptian museum in takrit square they moved through the capital streets to a new location a state of the art facility called the national museum of ancient civilization. where they were greeted by a concert from the cairo philharmonic featuring famous singers and then received by the egyptian president. the pharaohs of the stuff of
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legend and include ho-tep the 1st ramsay's the 2nd ramsay's the 3rd and queen never tire. without the well. prepared objects to travel around the well but dangerous spectacle. so the logistics behind it was very complex and you can imagine them being watched it's very. spectacle but we also felt that everything goes to. the security operation was a mammoth undertaking streets were closed in cairo brought to a standstill the event which lost it around 2 hours was attended by various dignitaries including the director general of unesco the un's world heritage organization. once the mommies arrived at their new resting place they are to be put into restoration in a lab for 15 days and readied for display but there are
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a minority who mata darkly about an ancient curse legend has it that cursed will be the ones that move the mummies they say this. sue is canal blockage disturbing global markets 2 trains colliding with each other a garment factory blaze and a residential building collapse all came after the announcement of the pharaoh's gold braid the. the but the ancient curse hasn't stopped the pharaohs once again appearing on the streets of egypt. the wrong car which is are. soaring infection rates here in europe are forcing governments in france and italy to re-impose lockdowns restrictions will also extended in germany though chancellor angela merkel abandon plans for a nationwide lockdown after facing a public backlash as millions of people in the region get ready to mark easter sunday there are concerns that the slow vaccine rollout and also new contagious
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variants of the virus will make a 3rd wave very difficult to contain in much of europe people are being told not to travel to see family and some countries including france a still seen warring numbers of new cases while all of a chile is now considered a high risk. they deem baba has our report. a weekend in rome and people out and about enjoying the easter break but reminders of the covered 1000 restrictions are never far away or my family but i think it's been more than a year now seems the 1st restrictive measures were imposed in italy we were probably among the 1st countries to confront this emergency and people are tired but they have aware that protecting health is essential in these times all regions are now classified as red zones people can leave home to exercise or to visit relatives once a day but police are checking nobody's travelling between regions i'm glad they are doing checks it means something is working in this whole mess. over in leone in
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southeastern france this man was one of thousands getting a coronavirus job inside the city football stadium on saturday with intensive care units as full as they were last april the country speeding up its vaccination program over easter. when it doesn't get in the rest fall and tay isn't for the people who come here these are quite stressful times by doing this hopefully we can get through it all quickly from saturday there's a nationwide curfew between 7 pm and 6 am president emanuel says authorities will take a relaxed view this weekend if people travel beyond the permitted 10 kilometers but from monday night they'll be checking such journeys are essential. in spain traditional easter possessions a cancelled but in barcelona some have been making the most of the weather spain still in the state of emergency in new cases have been rising a new national law says people have to wear a mosque outdoors and gatherings of more than 6 people are banned in this region
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but here at least they are taking a measured approach. in britain police forces have asked people not to travel long distances over the holiday while the prime minister's issued his own reminder you can reach up. to hospital 6 people outside with outside mostly. bracing for hours this. leader of the u.k.'s but soon nation program moves the government's own truck with what it calls its cautious irreversible road map to freedom but it still is in the public to become a full on monday boris johnson set to outline the next steps out of look down the 0 london meanwhile kovan 1000 continues to rip through latin america as the region faces a surge in infections that's now past 25000000 brazil is the epicenter of the pandemic with the world's 2nd highest number of cases behind the u.s. and accounts for one quarter of the world's daily deaths in a briefing the w.h.o. said a number of states in brazil are in
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a critical condition hospitals are struggling to cope many intensive care units are now more than 90 percent full and the country's largest cities outpower is struggling to deal with burials a widespread spike in infections is likely fueled by the much more transmissible variant 1st detected in brazil and is now prompted countries like chile and bolivia to close the borders ecuador and peru of also impose new measures over the easter holidays to limit travel and public gatherings meanwhile coronavirus restrictions could soon be tightened in some of india's biggest cities as the number of new cases there continues to rise daily infections are to 6 month high with more than 800000 new infections and 714 deaths reported on saturday india's richest straight maharashtra accounted for more than half of the new cases officials there warn that a lockdown might soon have to be enforced well now to me in ma by security forces of again opened fire on peaceful demonstrations protests to say at least 5 people
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were killed more than $550.00 people have died since the military seize power 2 months ago and there are now concerns the conflict might spiral into civil war with 10 armed groups abandoning a longstanding ceasefire to throw their weight behind the protest says tony chang has our report. oh a wounded man with a serious head injury is carried away from the barricades in money about 136 kilometers northwest of mandalay this was just one of the towns where protesters are reported to have been shot at by the security services in mandalay they took to the streets on motorbikes easier to flee when the crackdown comes and it follows another night of violence this video from sun chong in central young gun shows police standing over the body of an injured man you can hear the fear in the voices of those filming as they dragged the body away.
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that shared around the world on social media is drawing growing criticism even from myanmar's powerful neighbors. we condemn any use of violence we believe that the rule of law should be privileged we stand for the distribution of democracy in myanmar we have urged the ease of political prisoners and supported any attempts at dissolving the current situation including through the efforts of. pro and regional concerns are increasing as 10 ethnic armed groups on myanmar's borders threw their support behind the anti coup movement on saturday that sparked fears of wider conflict and the possibility of a full blown civil war in thailand memo's representative at a global beauty pageant broke down on stage when she proclaimed her support for the protesters they are working on the streets. of the duma grace now she's unable to
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return home but determined in her support my seat is never. because they told me that they would if i on the street and i'm also fighting my way on the other states now i think that if they will not give that we will win. and the funerals continue to this woman was shot in the head as she travelled home from her job in a south korean bank. bus stops around the country have been turned into improvised memorials for those who have died with messages of resistance now that wireless internet services have been cut off but even these simple shrines are being torn down as the security services try to eradicate all signs of resistance tony chang al jazeera. so that for you on the program major league baseball gets political stripping atlanta and its all star game over new in the state of georgia . and families grieve for the victims of friday's trying crash in taiwan as
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prosecutor seek an arrest warrant for the owner of the truck that rolled on to the trunk. the weather slushy set fair across much of australia but i'm a fighter to have more wet weather in the forecast for queensland over the next few days a little area 5 pressure down towards new zealand and around a hybrid drew or in the way in the sand from the ocean and that will face some rather heavy showers into eastern parts of queensland as we go on through sunday some heavy rain there just around the sunshine coast brisbane could catch some rather wet weather that could lead to some localized flooding as we go on into monday out west the weather if anything becoming a little more expansive so right along the coastal fringes we are in for some rather wet weather the ground saturated of course from the previous weeks of very
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heavy races that could cause some localized if not flash flooding southeast impossibles fine and dry northwestern parts fine in florida not too far away from here in the timor sea we have a developing tropical low that could cause problems as we go into the early part of next week but. far in trying want to see showers into the western side of the south question walnut temperatures here at 27 celsius but in pretty good pretty good in japan recently we have got the weather going downhill now cloud and rain spilling across the korean peninsula making its way across all parts of japan but clearing through and freshen up for monday. a unique here in. dangerous biodiversity lies in the heart of one of ecuador's tropical jungles there was a lot of misinformation about a city i knew most of we have here and now the probability is becoming boss other
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self conservation in their communities outages there are journeys deep into the rain forest to follow a scientist untied teams efforts to save the flora and fauna so precious in the region women make science ecuador's hidden treasure on al-jazeera. the in. a comeback a main story this hour a former crown prince of jordan says he's on the house arrest as part of a crackdown on critics when sounds of the heart brother of king abdullah accuses the country's leaders of corruption and incompetence earlier state use agency the state use agency denied reports the former crown prince have been arrested but they
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did say he was asked to stop actions targeting jordan security and stability in our airlines this hour millions of people in europe mocking east on the coronavirus restrictions france's ended its 3rd national lockdown on saturday italy is returning to strict measures as well off to a surge in infections that and then in me and mar is 5 people have been killed as protests continue against the military coup there are now also concerns about more instability in the country after 10 on the ethnic groups abandon the longstanding ceasefire to throw their support behind the protests. here in the u.k. people been demonstrating in several cities in the country against a bill that would give the police more powers to break up protests there was some scuffles between demonstrators and police at a protest in central london but the gathering was peaceful opponents say the bill which would allow police to impose time limits on protests and set the routes is an attack on freedom of speech fulbright and was at one of the demonstrations the
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capital has more on why the bill is so controversial. it's laws inspired by 29 scenes extinction rebellion protest which power lies in central london for many many weeks and the police felt powerless to actually move people on and get the thought refers of london the roads open and running again the criticism of all 'd of this particular proposed legislation is that it goes too far the other way that it wouldn't allow the police on a much lower threshold not from the risk of serious disorder but just from public nuisance grounds to. finish times and impose more destructions on protesters the government doesn't appear minded to back down on this they have a majority in parliament theoretically they could push it through if they wanted to there will be amendments no doubt submitted by opposition parties who are very angry about it and the biggest criticism really is that it's a mammoth bill which lumps lots of different things in together for example proposes longer sentences for serious crimes not on prison sentences for less
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serious crimes they're kind of things that many people here in the u.k. would agree with on the protest side of things there that's where it really gets sticky the idea of clamping down on what people regard as a human right to dissent is not a popular measure. the governor of the u.s. state of georgia has criticised major league baseball for withdrawing its all star game which was due to be played in atlanta in july brian camp says the decision is an example of cancel culture in response to criticism of georgia's new voting well as the new version restrictions include more stringent idea requirements for absentee ballots and it also makes it illegal to offer food and water to people waiting in long voting lines critics say this talk is minority and poor if. we can let the. you know outflank. you know. or we can get in a fight with him and that's what we're doing i mean this is
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a call to everyone not only in georgia but all across the country to wake him to get in the fight in the health person. because they are coming for you know. i mean would have been what sport are they going after now would have been are they going to go after what convention. a mike hanna is in washington and he says that developments in georgia my act as a terrence for other states adopting similar laws now what happened in georgia is that major corporations there kept relatively silent while the small was being discussed and only started speaking on or once it became law about a week ago so corporations like coca-cola and delta who are based in atlanta georgia issued very strong statements rejecting this legislation but what's happening in other states is that major corporations are getting ahead of the ball so to speak similar legislation is being discussed in texas and in florida and in
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texas for example massive corporations such as dell technologies a very can airlines are already speaking out against the law in the attempt to prevent it from being passed rather than wait until it's passed and then express opposition so this is a problem for conservatives in texas and florida in particular where you have major corporations beginning to put pressure on the government legislature not to pass laws the rights of individual voters rescuers in taiwan a warning that more people could be found dead after friday's train crash as they continue to search the wreckage families of some of the 50 people confirmed dead have held a vigil at the site the manager of the construction site his truck rolled onto the track and caused the accident has been released on bail and ordered not to leave the country for it slowly as the latest now. trim who may
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survived the carnage but lost her husband his son and her daughter. they were on their way to for the annual tombs sweeping day a traditional chinese festival she remembers hearing a loud bang just before the train and took the tunnel to shelley. it was like a living hell our carriage was mangled things had fallen off and piled on top of cast inches shelves fell on top of me it was dark. the train had crashed into a construction truck that it slid down a hill and onto the track just minutes ago with huge in dollars and so we were young to go with what i got hold of a mobile phone and turned on the torch to try to find my husband and children i saw them but there was nothing i could do to get them out so many objects piled on top of them i tried to remove some of the things such as iron bars but there was just too much stuff and when i did a voice kept asking me not to move anything because it hurt him so i just sat still
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chuma was rescued and i later president trying when visited a hospital where dozens of the injured are being treated and promised a thorough investigation into the accident as well as government support to affected families for you keeping. this distressing accident caused heavy casualties i came to while in today to visit our wounded and express my sympathy to the families of the victims. officials have said the driver may have failed to properly apply the brakes of the construction truck prosecutors have sought an arrest warrant for the manager of the company that carries out tracks like maintenance a court has released the man on of. the workers are still trying to remove the more heavily damaged sections of the train that remain inside the tunnel. as taiwan marks a 2nd day of mourning families of the crash victims gathered at the site of the disaster on saturday to say press conduct religious rites and grieve for those
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they've lost florence louis al-jazeera. history has been made in asia with the swearing in of a new president mohammed and the country's 1st peaceful transfer of power from one elected had to another bought he has a difficult job on his hands because has been facing growing threats from i still near its ordeal with mali interest reports now from the capital niamey. after a decade in the shadows of his progress as a. emerged as the just democratically elected president. the day was also a historic one for the country it marked the 1st peaceful transition of power from one civilian government to another the ceremony was overshadowed by a recent field coup and rising attacks by armed groups along its borders the fact is many here who he will use his experience as former head of both the foreign interior ministries to resolve listen or less security the most important is
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security people of new desperate for security secondly that is good governance and finally equity and justice but above all that they politicalization of governance which is very important we hope the president will appoint the right people in iraq positions devoid of partisanship. but some believe that major politics and politicians will limit disability to deliver real change mohamed the hard work begins now it will need tonight a deeply divided nation whose stability is once again threatened by wednesday's failed cool but the president can count on global support judging from reactions on the field cool however the biggest challenge to his presidency is not only having to deal with ambitious military officers but also the threat posed by book or aman armed groups based in neighboring mali a reality not lost on mr bush assumes to give his 1st address this president but in
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the run. criminal something for a long time the criminals of the islamic state in the greater zahar who are affiliated to dosh almost exclusively attacked the defense and security forces for some time and have begun to attack a village chiefs and then progressively civilians in an indiscriminate manner since last january they've been carrying out massacres innocent civilians on a large scale thereby committing war crimes terrorism is a misfortune for our country. i was produced as a mohammad isa for it was a moment to fulfillment offering democratical for much of the country though the joy of this day will only be shed if muhammad does will be able to bring stability and development to the share of the trees al-jazeera. mark critz has 11 years as prime minister of the netherlands could be coming to an end after a vital coalition partner with your support it's an hour he survived a confidence vote on friday over his handling of coalition talks and last month's
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election now the leader of the christian unity party says they no longer want to be part of his government which is v.v. de polity is the largest in parliament but they might now be forced to find a new leader to secure coalition support. meanwhile bulgarians adding to the polls for a general election on sunday the incumbent prime minister boyko bought his office hoping to win a 4th time in office with his center right. party no major party is likely to win an outright majority but as bernard smith reports from the capital safiya ourself looks set to cling to power. will gary's prime minister hasn't given any interviews in this election campaign just photo opportunities where the only camera allowed is from his own team or go bars or governs an e.u. country where according to the u.s. state department there's little judicial independence there are betrayal arrests and journalists are threatened with violence in sunday's election he could well
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retain his grip on this former satellite of the soviet union in takes long for democratic i.q. to mature but on the other hand there are concrete. experiences of the bulgarian saw over the past 3 decades in the fact that they have none being been able to reap the benefits that a democratic system in theory should provide so they have become disenchanted the more of the fold there is that says the 45 percent would prefer a model of strongman leadership last summer several months of anti corruption protests with the biggest challenge to power so they started after an opposition leader tried to set foot on a public beach that had been sealed off for use by want to bulgaria is most powerful but. christo ivan off says the e.u. ignores the corruption here because boris office party is i lied with the largest center right coalition in the european parliament is not an ideologue he doesn't.
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sort of make any political pronouncement he is the siren practitioner of openness not only them of corruption we have been people's party the elite in brussels and in berlin frankly we will need to understand that they cannot afford in the long look of. blind eye to all those who are putting in office any protests now a tiny in comparison that's part fears of covert part resignation. and a former prime minister says the e.u. ignores at its peril what is happening here that transparency feelers have defined has to be put on and you know the rules it cames. banned and so financing from european union became a song was part of that action not for the development of the plan the european commission says corruption is a major obstacle to development in bulgaria. the latest polls give the prime minister's party around a 28 percent share of the vote the opposition socialists
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a trailing around 8 percent behind political experts here say that could be a government of national unity if that's the case then boyko boris off as head of the largest party will keep his job as prime minister. bernard smith al-jazeera sophia. well as morning everything we're covering right here all the latest on our top story more on that a couple of seconds. so our main story this hour the former crown prince of jordan is saying he is on the house arrest as part of a crackdown on critics prince how brother of king abdullah accuses the country's leaders of corruption and incompetence early as state media denied reports the former crown prince had been arrested but said he was asked to stop actions targeting jordan security.


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