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so the do not cross into argentine territory from this small margin tiny forwards can money for what's happening in its economic exclusive zones but what authorities here are saying is that what's important is to regulate what's happening in international waters. egypt puts on the show $22.00 of its royal mummies including its most powerful ancient queen moved across cairo to a new place across. a low i maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program with infection rates rising in europe and fears of a 3rd wave of coronavirus lockdowns are again coming into force as governments try
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to speed up vaccinations. more violence against peaceful protesters in me and martin least 5 people were killed and now concerns about regional instability after ethnic groups declare their support for the anti could movement. and demonstrations in britain calling on the government to scrap a controversial bill that opponents say would restrict people's right to protest. and i welcome to the program we begin this hour in egypt where royal ancient mummies have been transported through cairo to their new home in the national museum of egyptian civilization crowds gathered to witness the multi-million dollar spectacle of the 18 kings and 4 queens making their journey to the new year. place
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hundreds of people participated in the event including replica horse drawn war chariots each mommy was carried in vehicles fitted with special shock absorbers in pressurized nitrogen filled capsules to ensure that they are not damaged and well protected jaring the move and as you'd expect security was tight as well befitting their a royal status with roads shops along the nile cheering the praise egypt hopes the event will help resurrect its struggling tourism industry. so archaeologist nigel hetherington joins us now from cumbria in the u.k. how would how would you describe the historical significance of the procession we've been saying well what amounts to get married just once to me being. you know when these moms were moved to near 0 to the senate. of course we've got further to go. but it's the senate which. makes it truly momentous occasion.
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how difficult is the actual process of trans transporting these ancient long is who's speaking there about the the money that's been invested in the logistics in the organization around something like this to the point where you have to have these special nitrogen filled capsules and shock absorbers on the vehicles because you know these are all very fragile and invaluable artifacts. exactly so there you go to look speak up it's got that great big state sinks without the will to watch it and act prepared objects to travel around the world but then you've got a spectacle that these people tom said the logistics behind it was very complex and you can imagine that it worked had for example taught us to be pulled off a spectacle but we also felt that everything was done safely and obviously these you know they're very simple royal i'm stressed as there is every kept right can
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you tell us more about precisely what has been the subject of so much fanfare today when these mummies were discovered and why they're so important well these you know the major king sent criticism eccentrics of the egyptian history that we all know it's specialist people that were discovered in the valley of the queens the fighting to construct. in southern egypt and they were discovered maybe to cash to sort of hidden places that they were moved by priests to protect them in the ancient period but they were discovered in victoria b.c. if one was in a typical case you say 5 actually the fact that another was in that 2 that wasn't the fires at the back of the temple catch up suit so when they were discovered actually that moved current threat quickly and they're trying to protect them and so now they're being to get
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a chance to be protected but also to be shown better to tell their story back that have more space so the visitor experience will be completely different than it was downtown even though the time time an exhibition was amazing but absent sadly 8 to 10 a common not positive this is that bit of control the see that he is still in looks or why's that. it is the only certain. piece of the students and that feels very special to a lot of people particularly to the egyptian people and most people do you want to stay there i think that it would be nice in many ways it's. actually. built a spokesperson to display his collection but somehow everybody in it is treated it is find a place of rest seems to make sense and this is a very special place some sir i think you should start. well thank you very much it
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is a very exciting day and something but it'll bit different thank you nigel hetherington joining us there archaeologist from cumbria thanks dear you're welcome. soaring infection rates here in europe are forcing governments in france and italy to reimpose lockdowns restrictions have also been extended in germany the chancellor angela merkel abandon plans for a nationwide lockdown after facing a public backlash as millions of people in the region get ready to mark easter sunday there are concerns that a slow vaccine and new contagious variants of the virus will make a 3rd wave of the pandemic difficult to contain in much of europe people and now being told not to travel to see family over the holidays some countries including france are still seeing warring numbers of new covered 1000 cases while all of italy is now considered a high risk red zone and as more
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a weekend in rome and people out and about enjoying these to break but reminders of the covered 9000 restrictions are never far away or my through a mall but i think the pew do non it would be more than a year now seems the 1st restrictive measures were imposed in italy we were probably among the 1st countries to completely submerging city and people are tired or whatever where the protectee health is essential in these times. all regions are now classified as red zones people can leave home to exercise or to visit relatives once a day but police are checking nobody's travelling between regions i'm glad they are doing checks it means something is working in this whole mess. over in leo in southeastern france this man was one of thousands getting a coronavirus job inside the city football stadium on saturday with intensive care units as full as they were last april the country speeding up its vaccination program over easter. when it doesn't get in the rest volunteers in for the people
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who come here these are quite stressful times by doing this hopefully we can get through it all quickly from saturday there's a nationwide curfew between 7 pm and 6 am president emanuel says authorities will take a relaxed view this weekend if people travel beyond the permitted 10 kilometers but from monday night they'll be checking such journeys are essential. in spain traditional easter possessions a cancelled but in barcelona some have been making the most of the weather spain still in the state of emergency in new cases have been rising a new national law says people have to wear a mosque outdoors and gatherings of more than 6 people are banned in this region but here at least they're taking a measured approach. in britain police forces have asked people not to travel long distances over the holiday while the prime minister's issued his own reminder you can return. to hospital 6 people outside was outside mostly it was bracing for hours the speed of the u.k.'s
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vaccination program means the government is on track with what it calls its cautious irreversible road map to freedom but it's still urging the public to be careful on monday boris johnson set to outline the next steps out of lockdown the al-jazeera london. well covert 900 continues to rip through latin america as the region faces a surge in infections that's now pos 25000000 brazil is the epicenter of the pandemic with the world's 2nd highest number of cases behind the u.s. and brazil accounts for one quarter of the world's daily deaths in a briefing the w.h.o. said a number of states and brazil are in a critical condition and hospitals are struggling to cope many intensive care units are now more than 90 percent full and the country's largest city sao paolo is struggling to deal with burials a widespread spike in infections is likely fueled by much more transmissible variant 1st detected in brazil but it's now prompted both chile and bolivia to
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close the borders ecuador improve also impose new measures of the easter holidays to limit travel and public gatherings gathering so for more on what's happening in the region alessandro he joins us now in bogota 1st start with brazil alessandro because it seems is already a country that was dealing with poverty unemployment inequality all these things made worse by the pandemic and now the incredible pressure on the health system there how are they coping. absolutely omarion hospitals in brazil absolutely been crippled by this latest in fact just to give you a little picture of the situation the month of march the address and there are more than 66000 deaths in brasil that means there has been the deadliest month since the beginning and then make more than double the previous record
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a very very dramatic situation and brazil consider that more than 600 cities across the country are now saying that their hospitals could run out of oxygen next week 15 brazil $26.00 states also are saying that the i.c.u. units in their states are 90 percent or more full so a very very dramatic situation very worrisome and while this is happening also the rollout of the vaccination program remains very slow and the country has been dealing with the laysan major political infighting president to here both a matter that has been downplaying the importance of the pandemic throughout the emergency continues to rage against isolation measures lockdowns he had to essentially reshuffle most of his cabinet in the past few days dealing with the
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political pressure but what's clear is that the crisis and this surge is not letting up in brazil and will not let up in the coming days yet seems as are many countries in the region struggling to contain the pandemic because vaccine campaigns are too slow to be rolled down then also this new contagious very into the virus now is there a sense that the region is becoming more divided then with countries sealing off the borders and imposing these travel restrictions. well that's really nothing new because there hasn't been any concerted effort in latin america to come up with shared strategies to deal with the pandemic how to try to came infections or ort or try to find a more fair way to find vaccines and share them throughout the region what's
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happening now is that with this 2nd and at times steered way of happening and most countries most are deciding to close their borders there are countries like colombia where i am that has close has had their border close with their neighbors ecuador and venezuela for many months where now levy has announced it will shut its border with brazil for at least a week the same is happening in peru now doing this easter holiday but the most cautionary tale like i guess is that have a country that has been able to vaccinate more than 35 percent of its population but it's also now decided to close their borders for a month thank you very much from bogota alessandra. well now security forces in in marve once again opened fire on anti could demonstrations protests to say at least 5 people have been killed more than 550
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people have died of roles since the military sees politics months ago and there are now concerns the conflict might spiral into civil war with 10 armed groups abandoning a longstanding cease fire to throw their weight behind the protest as tony chang has our reports oh the wounded man with a serious head injury is carried away from the barricades in money well about 136 kilometers northwest of mandalay this was just one of the towns where protesters reported to have been shot at by the security services in mentally they took to the streets on motorbikes easier to flee when the crackdown comes. and it follows another night of violence this video from sun chong and central young gun shows police standing over the body of an injured man you can hear the fear in the voices of those filming as they dragged the body away.
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that shed around the world on social media is drawing growing criticism even from myanmar's powerful neighbors. we condemn any use of violence we believe that the rule of law should be privileged we stand for the distribution of democracy in myanmar we have always believed the political prisoners and supported any attempts at dissolving the current situation including through the efforts of. growth and regional concerns are increasing as 10 ethnic armed groups are myanmar's borders through their support behind the anti coup movement on saturday that sparked fears of wider conflict on the possibility of a full blown civil war in thailand memo's representative at a global beauty pageant broke down on stage when she proclaimed her support for the protesters they are working on the street for the duma grace. now she's unable to return home but determined in her support my seat is never. because they
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told me that they were if i on the street and i'm also fighting my way on the other states now i think that if they will not give that we will win and the funerals continue to this woman was shot in the head she travelled home from her job in a south korean bank. bus stops around the country have been turned into improvised memorials for those who have died with messages of resistance now that wireless internet services have been cut off but even these simple shrines are being torn down as the security services try to eradicate all signs of resistance tony chang al jazeera. so had fully on the program major league baseball gets political stripping atlanta of its style game over a new voting law in the state of georgia and the family is going for the victims of
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friday's trying to crash in taiwan is prosecutors seek an arrest warrant for the owner of the truck rolled onto the tracks. but. we've got spring start with a forecast across many parts of europe over the next couple of days we've got a cooler wind coming into central and even down towards southeastern parts that will be some snow rolling in across the balkans some west of weather little further north was but fun and trying to central and western parts at the moment some as in the sunshine if a little of the cool side but the really cool weather that's further north you go this arctic blast developing that role when driving rice across the precious scholls through a good part of scandinavia down through the low countries that way some wintry weather coming in here talking in in across the good parts of germany and down to
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the outs because the some snow too into parts of the british isles where so whether by this stage as we go down towards the southeast some rain there coming into grace and into turkey we are going to see some of that western weather lapping only more than shills of egypt for a time but clear weather as we go on through the remainder a sunday northern parts of algeria could see some wet weather along with the far north of morocco at least for a time as we go on through monday that rain will transfer its way over towards june asea much of north africa by this stage dry and warming up a car you notice temperatures for monday off there getting up to 31 degrees. for want of what do i overindulged. but my sister saved me. a lot more or less you sure were more family girl god the reality of addiction in the arab world and the struggle of recovery and then the he called me and it's
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a drug. al-jazeera world goes inside a rehab clinic in the nile delta. rehab egypt edge of it action on al-jazeera. come back the main stories this hour 22 royal ancient mummies have been transported through cairo to their new home in the national museum of egyptian civilization multi-million dollar spectacle so each mommy carried in specially made pressurized capsules to ensure there was no damage during the. millions of people in
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europe are marking easter under coronavirus restrictions france has entered its 3rd national lockdown on saturday italy is also returning to strict measures after a surge in covert 19 infections there and then in may m.r. east fife people have been killed as protests continue against the military coup 10 armed groups of abandoned a longstanding ceasefire to throw their support behind the protesters. now in all the stories we're following jordan state news agency is denying reports that former crown prince holmes a has been arrested or placed under house arrest in his palace it was reported that i was one of around 20 people detained in the capital amman as part of investigation into an alleged plot to unseat king abdullah and now prince hamza is the oldest son of the late king hussein and the hoff brother of the current king
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well meanwhile here in the u.k. people have been demonstrating in several cities in the country against a bill that would give police more powers to break up process there was some scuffles between demonstrators and police at the protest in central london but the gathering was largely peaceful opponents say that the bill would allow police to impose time limits on protests and set the routes and that represents an attack on freedom of speech fulbright and was at one of the demonstrations in the capital and has more on why this bill is so controversial. it's laws inspired by 29 scenes extinction rebellion protests which paralyzed central london for many many weeks and the police felt powerless to actually move people on and get the 3rd refers of london the roads open and running again the criticism of all 'd of this particular proposed legislation is that it goes too far the other way that it wouldn't allow the police on a much lower threshold not from the risk of serious disorder but just from public nuisance grounds to. finish times and impose more destructions on protesters the
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government doesn't appear minded to back down on this they have a majority in parliament theoretically they could push it through if they wanted to there will be amendments no doubt submitted by opposition parties who are very angry about it and the biggest criticism really is that it's a mammoth bill which lumps lots of different things in together for example proposes longer sentences for serious crimes not on prison sentences for less serious crimes they're kind of things that many people here in the u.k. would agree with on the protest side of things there that's where it really gets sticky and the idea of clamping down on what people regard as a human right to dissent is not a popular measure. allen governor of the us state of georgia has criticised major league baseball for withdrawing its all star game which was due to be played in atlanta in july brian camp says the decision is an example of council culture in response to criticism of georgia's new voting laws the new version restrictions
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include more stringent id requirements for absentee ballots they also make it illegal to offer food and water to people waiting in long voting queues critics say this town gets minority and poor if. we can let the. you know outflank. you know. or we can get in a fight with him and that's what we're doing i mean this is a call to everyone not only in georgia but all across the country to wake him to get in the fight and to help us in that fight because they are coming for you next i mean would have been what sport are they going after now would have been are they going to go after what convention well that's like cannon house following the story from washington this is quite the showdown mike. well marion it is indeed and the possibility is that it may not be restricted to georgia now what
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happened in georgia is that major corporations there kept relatively silent while the small was being discussed and only started speaking on a once it became law about a week ago so corporations like coca-cola and delta who are based in atlanta georgia issued very strong statements rejecting this legislation but what's happening in other states is that major corporations are getting ahead of the ball so to speak similar legislation is being discussed in texas and in florida and in texas for example massive corporations such as dell technologies american airlines are already speaking out against the law in the attempt to prevent it from being passed rather than wait until it's passed and then express opposition so this is a problem for conservatives in texas and florida in particular where you have major corporations beginning to put pressure on the government legislature not to pass
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laws sector strict the rights of individual voters you've also got individuals very powerful individuals like the president of the united states who supported the. move to pull out of georgia and it's likely that he will support other moves of boycott in other states that passes strict voting laws former president barack obama has been tweeting in favor of the major league baseball decision so this is a roller coaster effect here in terms of both people and also corporations who obviously mean much to the coffers of individual states coca-cola delta in atlanta contribute massive amounts to the states for school resources as do the major companies in texas like a merry can airlines so this is an issue now that goes beyond georgia and conservatives perhaps are somewhat surprised by the depth of the reaction for major league baseball. well to pull an all star game out of a city like atlanta is
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a massive step now it has been done before similar moves something done in terms of political protest but at this particular time it's going to have a kind of excellent route to effect in terms of opposition to restrictive voting laws in states but being made in a tangible way then there can be no more tangible way that massive corporations that provide massive school friends to each of the states to register their deep opposition particularly before the law is even passed thank you mike hanna in washington now to taiwan where rescue is a warning that more people could be found dead after trying friday's train crash as they continue searching the wreckage families of some of the 50 people confirmed killed have held a vigil at the site the manager of the construction site whose truck rolled onto the track and caused the accident has been released on bail and ordered not to leave the country florence really brings us the latest. true he
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may survived the carnage but lost her husband his son and her daughter. they were on their way to for the annual 2 sweeping day a traditional chinese festival she remembers hearing a loud bang just before the train and took the tunnel to shelley. it was like a living hell our carriage was mangled things had fallen off and piled on top of cast inches shelves fell on top of me it was dark. the train had crashed into a construction truck that it slid down a hill and onto the track just minutes oh did you in dollars mr wilson we only go woodward i got hold of a mobile phone and turned on the torch to try to find my husband and children i saw them but there was nothing i could do to get them out so many objects piled on top of them i tried to remove some of the things such as iron bars but there was just too much stuff and when i did a voice kept asking me not to move anything because it hurt him so i just sat still
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chuma was rescued and i later president trying when visited the hospital where dozens of the injured are being treated and promised a thorough investigation into the accident as well as government support to affected families for you keeping. this distressing accident caused heavy casualties i came to while in today to visit our wounded and express my sympathy to the families of the victims. officials have said the driver may have failed to properly applied the brakes of the construction truck prosecutors have sought an arrest warrant for the manager of the company that carries out tracks like maintenance a court has released the man on of. the workers are still trying to remove the more heavily damaged sections of the train that remain inside the tunnel. as taiwan marks a 2nd day of mourning families of the crash victims gathered at the site of the disaster on saturday to say press conduct religious rites and grieve for those
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they've lost florence louis al-jazeera. margaret says 11 years as prime minister of the netherlands might be coming to an end after a vital coalition partner with true support britain already survived a confidence vote on friday over his handling of coalition talks since last month's election now the leader of the christian unity party says they no longer want to be part of his government. is the largest in the parliament but they might now be forced to find a new leader to secure coalition support. and then developments in mozambique leaders of countries neighboring mozambique are holding and talks next week about the ongoing violence there on the group still in the northern town of palma a week ago killing hundreds of people the u.n. says the humanitarian situation is deteriorating rapidly aid workers say tens of thousands of people have fled the area on friday the french energy giant totalis shut its operations and withdrew staff from the region and then 5
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days after the suez canal reopened the backlog of ships has now been cleared more than 420 vessels with delayed when the 400 meter long of a given got stopped for almost a week it blocked one of the world's most vital waterways holding billions of dollars in trade each day the ship was freed on monday with the help of tugboats tides and days of dredging. by a take a quick look at the stories making headlines this hour and jordan state news agency is denying reports that former crown prince hamza has been placed under house arrest in his palace but the king's half brother was asked to stop actions targeting georgians security and stability the agency says a former minister a member of the royal family and others were detained as part of.


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