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it's a drug. al-jazeera wells goes inside a rehab clinic in the oil town to. rehab egypt edge of a diction on al-jazeera. revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al jazeera. 0. hello there i missed all the attention this is the news hour live from our headquarters here and coming up in the next 60 minutes growing concerns about a rise in covert 19 infections for several countries to reimpose restrictions even
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as they roll out vaccination campaigns. another day of violence and security forces open fire on and he could protesters again demanding the deposed civilian government be reinstated. marching for the rights to protest rallies across britain call on the government to scrap a controversial bill that would restrict demonstrations. and egypt puts on a show as 22 of its royal mummies including its most powerful ancient queen moved across cairo to their new home. i'm german ash with the support that league leaders in germany by need a cold one allowed back at 2nd placed on the night stick and major league baseball strips atlanta of the all star game because of new controversial so to last in the state of georgia.
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well we begin this news hour with the global pandemic and concerns about the rising number of infections even as governments roll out their vaccination campaigns several countries have now increased restrictions ahead of. easter holiday well france is extending its measures and is now going into a phone and lockdown in a year more than 6000 police have also been deployed to make sure people around paris are complying with the new rules while all of italy is now considered a high risk red zone the government there has introduced a strict easter weekend lockdown it's also banned non-essential travel and in south america brazil remains the epicenter of the pandemic there where and factions have passed the 25000000 mark that's prompted both chile a and bolivia to close their borders on a day in baba begins our coverage of europe now from london a weekend in rome and people out and about enjoying these to break but remind us of the coverage 19 restrictions are never far away. but i think the pew do non it will
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be more than a year now it seems the 1st restrictive measures were imposed in italy we will probably among the 1st countries to completely submerged in sea and people are tired or whatever word they're protecting health is essential in these times. all regions are now classified as red zones people can leave home to exercise or to visit relatives once a day but police are checking nobody's travelling between regions for the content i'm glad they are doing checks it means something is working in this whole mess. over in leone in southeastern france this man was one of thousands getting a coronavirus job inside the city football stadium on saturday with intensive care units as full as they were last april the country speeding up its vaccination program over easter paul newman point it doesn't get in the press falling tay isn't for the people who come here these are quite stressful times by doing this hopefully we can get through it and quickly from saturday there's a nationwide curfew between 7 pm and 6 am president emanuel says although it is
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will take a relaxed view this weekend if people travel beyond the permitted 10 kilometers but from monday night they'll be checking such journeys are essential. in spain traditional easter possessions a cancelled but in barcelona some have been making the most of the weather spain still in the state of emergency in new cases have been rising a new national law says people have to wear a mask outdoors and gatherings of more than 6 people are banned in this region but here at least they're taking a measured approach. in britain police forces have also people not to travel long distances over the holiday while the prime minister's issued his own reminder you can be taught. to house those 6 people outside with outside. see the doors break bars the speed of the u.k.'s butts in nation program means the government's own truck with what it calls its cautious irreversible road map to freedom but it still is in the public to be careful on
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monday boris johnson set to outline the next steps out of lock down the 0 london well that's not a listener run past me and clung to his monitoring developments for us across south america as we've been saying it does seem like more and more countries are closing their borders that is the way that region becoming more divided every nation essentially now for itself. when the stage truly it has been divided through most of the spend them in there has been little concerted effort to come up with shared policy on how to try and contain the spread the virus many countries have had their border close for many months or up to a year that's the case for example here in colombia with both ecuador and venezuela but now as most countries throughout latin america are going through their 2nd or
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even 3rd surge in infections we are seeing more borders being shut that is the case for example in believes that believe you have. decided to close its for interior with brazil for at least a week and now. decided to close its borders for the entire month of april nobody will be able to leave the country or visit from outside of chile they also impose serious new strict measures. everybody has on their a strict lockdown just the basic basic necessities can be bought even if using the livery services in this despite the fact that she has already reached a vaccination of more than 35 percent of its population this is a cautionary tale that even in the cases of a country that's been quite quick and they expect steamrolled until immunization is
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in place and you search can arrive in chile has seen its numbers going up since mid february you say chile is a cautionary tale but they have had that really very successful vaccine right out how is the rest of the region dealing with the vaccination campaigns of the mend. well as an outlier in latin america most countries have had a very hard time buying finding vaccines when they get them their rollout has been quite slow also there have been a number of countries that have seen major scandals that has been the case in argentina in ecuador improve for example where politicians or other powerful people have been able to jump the line that is create the major headaches for the governments there of course it also means that people don't trust their government in many cases that they will be able to do
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a good job but bottom line generalizing across latin america it's clear that. none of these countries will reach him except for chile will reach immunization this year the expectation is that the vaccination programs will continue well into 2022 and this week director of the pan american health organization quite clearly said that there simply aren't enough vaccines across the region to stop the current outbreaks and so for the months to come again the only options will be to rely on masks social distancing then unfortunately more restrictions when there are new surges. across those developments for us across latin america from bogota thank you hadassah. well speaking of inoculations to d.p. good to sunny she's a clinical epidemiologist and also a senior lecturer at queen mary university of london and she says vaccinations
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alone will not contain the spread of the virus. this is what scientists have been warning for a long time that vaccination reduces the risk of severe infection among the people who are vaccinated but to achieve low levels of transmission just with vaccination you need to vaccinate almost the entire population it is a very large proportion of the population of particularly given that vaccines don't provide complete protection against transmission even among those vaccinated so this really highlights that cases gad very high even with high levels of vaccination like we're seeing in chile at the moment and hospitals can be overwhelmed even so also we need to really think of vaccines as one part of a multi-pronged approach rather the salt approach that's going to end the pad to make we really need those interventions like mask use social distancing all of those things a place good test case and isolate systems good border controls particularly with the new 1000000000 status circulating right now to ensure that cases are kept down
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by vaccination continues also to prevent new billions arising that could potentially threaten these precious vaccine resources meanwhile germany as president has conceded that mistakes were made regarding coronavirus testing and vaccinations that thousands rallied against private 1000 measures and start garson and violent present frank was a steinmeier says germany's enduring a crisis of trust for confusing restrictions and the government's response to this pandemic people to pull together you get a vote on going to the given the security for those in government is clear get it together let's all get together de compatriots let's bring forth what we're made of we are not world champions in dealing with the pandemic but we're not a total failure either we are the republic of germany we doubt a lot but we're capable of a lot and it's capability not doubt that counts now of. well lebanon has imposed
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a national lockdown until next tuesday to prevent a potential surge and 1000 cases during the easter holiday some essential shops will stay open though and restaurants will be allowed to provide delivery services the country has now reported more than 474000 cases and over 6000 deaths since this pandemic began a coronavirus restrictions could soon be tightened in some of india's biggest cities if the number of cases there rise daily new infections are now at a 6 month high with a month long said reaching a peak of around $80000.00 on monday india's richest state maharashtra accounted for more than half of those new infections with officials there warning that a lockdown may indeed be necessary. well there is still plenty more ahead for you this news hour treating me jack has a new president we'll look at the major challenges he faces as he tries to unite a divided nation. and bulgaria's prime minister is hoping to win a 4th term in office on sunday despite its loud calls of totalitarianism and
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corruption by his critics. and coming out in support of gemma find out why next year's winter olympic games is facing calls for boycotts. egypt is moving some of its royal mummies to a new home the remains of 22 ancient binocs 18 kings and 4 queens set to be transferred to cairo's recently inaugurated national museum of egyptian civilization a so-called golden parade is set to get properly underway within the next hour with film stars dances and sing is a scorching these while mummies the multi-million dollar pharaohs procession is expected to help resurrect egypt's tourism industry and let's take you to some live pictures now from that museum in cairo where the mummies will be moved to we've seen lots of pomp and ceremony and including now an orchestra will be helping to
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welcome those mummies when they arrive while we can now speak to see me she is head of the egyptology unit at the american university in cairo she joins us now from there professor clearly we've seen the politicians alison force today president sisi is stated to receive the money as well at the museum how is this all being viewed in egypt especially given the cost of all of today's parade and celebrations . well it is pomp and circumstance with you of both tamil and the terrorist but i think in a way people are very proud of what they are seeing although there was great expense i think maybe the returns will be quite good in the long run but it is extremely moving at the same time so having watching that there are those process all the way through these capitals is i think for a lot of egyptians a very emotional time period and i think that.
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it is done with such. really. but of course not everyone is ever going to be happy about it and. of course what we're seeing this parade take class now lots of people. like lining the streets and huge amounts of lights and dancing and and all of that really this is also about the money and 22 money as we were saying you and i last out 22 people as well who also lead very human lives can you talk us through some of your favorites. well sickener a tower is one of the best he actually chased up to expose or was part of the process and give that extraordinarily interesting money because you've got these wounds in his head which where active might have penetrated his skull so you can see that one had a rather a violent demise but he makes the very interesting mummy and of course the most
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handsome of all the mummies that upset him 1st he was truly elegant man but you know each mummy her story ran with the more pop on his bearing. that of harry one of the great great intimacy. something very special to tell us. and particularly found the name of this one by. a professor i was just going to ask because i'm really fascinated by the role of the queen's here especially how should the source if i'm saying that correctly one of the few female pharaoh can you tell us a little more about the role of women and leading these ancient civilizations. women in ancient egypt had one of the best to have been an evil woman in the ancient world they could own property they could have schedules they could get married because one businesses had a huge amount of equality of quite
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a lot of power as we knew we didn't have this so then once the downtrodden masses that you got increased and didn't grow educating women had a lot more power. and i don't want to ask you before i let you go sorry professor and i apologize for the poor video and audio connection there but i also understand that the display the very display itself of human remains has become increasingly controversial and i'm curious about where you land within that debate. i actually think it's a case of you remaining long as a just a respectable man a what is being done here is the new york up in the mouth and the star expose and you would have a choice to come and see them or not see them it is something that is increasingly controversial and of oil money in fact being taken off put back on to play
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a couple of times for history issues in the 20th century so let's see what the 21st century bring for us and dave will be watching very closely mccrum that the head of the egyptology unit at the american university in cairo great to have you back here with us on al-jazeera thanks for your insights professor. now at least 5 more people have been killed in myanmar in the latest crackdown and he could protest as that but threats of violence and arrests have done little to deter the demonstrators more than 2 months now after the military crew trying to check reports oh a wounded man with a serious head injury is carried away from the barricades in money while about 136 kilometers northwest of mandalay this was just one of the towns where protesters are reported to have been shot at by the security services in mandalay they took to the streets on motorbikes easier to flee when the crackdown comes and it follows
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another night of violence this video from sun chong in central young gun shows police standing over the body of an injured man you can hear the fear in the voices of those filming as they dragged the body away. that violence shared around the world on social media is drawing growing criticism even from myanmar's powerful neighbors. we condemn any use of violence we believe that the rule of law should be privileged we stand for the distribution of democracy in myanmar. we have urged to leave the political prisoners and so did any attempts at dissolving the current situation including through the efforts of. growth and regional concerns are increasing as 10 ethnic groups are myanmar's borders through their support behind the anti coup movement on saturday that sparked fears of wider conflict on the possibility of
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a full blown civil war in thailand memos representative at a global beauty pageant broke down on stage when she proclaimed her support for the protest as they are working on the street. now she's unable to return home but determined in her support. for the situation because they told me that they were on the street and i'm also fighting my way on the on the stage now i think that if they will not give that we will. and the funerals continue to this woman was shot in the head as she travelled home from her job in a south korean bank. bus stops around the country have been turned into improvised memorials for those who have died with messages of resistance now the wireless internet services have been counted off but even these simple shrines are being torn down as the security services try to eradicate all signs of resistance
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tony ching 00. 000 people have been demonstrating in several u.k. cities against a bill that would give police more powers to break up protests that bill was drafted after the so-called extinction rebellion environment protests back in 2019 internet police set time a noise limits on rallies even individual demonstrations activists say it's designed to suppress dissent existing laws under new scrutiny after police arrested several people at a recent vigil from out of woman paul brennan was that one of those rallies for us today in london for there was really quite the die vast turnout today can you talk us through how everything's played out. this piece of proposed legislation is really brought together a real kaleidoscope of different campaigning groups and interested parties because of the way it would clamp down broadway on the protest and dissent so it's brought
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together groups as diverse as black watch month to her example. expressed its plans today what we have was a few 1000 people here in london watching from my pocket or not down into central london to palm and square where they had speeches on this and some large music and then they were they've been dispersed or in the late afternoon and i'm now on square where they got it for a while maybe rudolph over my shoulder or way down a place called the old bridge. there was some copper. station saw at the end of the afternoon that had been some alcohol drunk and there were some clashes between police and protesters there were also some scuffles here in trafalgar square when some small pockets of demonstrators tried to block the traffic and the police were very adamant that they weren't going to be allowed to block the traffic that have been some arrests as well least 6 arrests in this small area where i'm standing i think there may have been others elsewhere but overall it's still peacefully and
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full how is the government dealing with a specially given the current state of public opinion around to anything. yeah it's important to look at the big context of the bill has been pushed through as you say it's largely inspired 52960000 rebellion protests which how central london for many many weeks from the police felt powerless to actually meet people on and get the flow of london the road open and running again and the criticisms of 'd this particular proposed legislation is that it goes too far the other way that it would in allow this name on a much lower threshold not from the risk of serious disorder but just public nuisance around. the confidence nor is the section on process the government doesn't appear minded to back down on this they have a majority in parliament theoretically they could push it through if they wanted to there will be amendments no doubt that misled by opposition parties who are very
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angry about it and the biggest criticism really is that it's a mammoth bill which lumps lots of different things in together for example proposes longest sentences for serious crimes not in prison sentences for less serious crimes the kind of things that many people here in the u.k. would agree with on the protest side of things but that's where really gets sticky and the idea of clamping down on what people regard as a human right to dissent is not a popular measure told then and there on the streets of london for us to feel the nation's thanks so much for. police officer in the united states has been killed and another injured when a man rammed his car into a barricade outside the capitol building in washington d.c. the attack a was shot and died in hospital the area was immediately put into lockdown just 3 months off to congress was raided by donald trump supporters had to call him now reports from washington d.c. . it's happened again. another attack on the u.s.
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capitol suspect. this part into officers and then hit the north barricade barrier assets time the suspect exit the vehicle with a knife in hand the suspect is believed to be 25 year old no agree police say he lunged at the officers and they shot him dead before his car rammed the steel barricade police say he ran over 2 officers william evans an 18 year veteran of the force was killed his body escorted to the morgue by a long line of police cars the other officer was seriously injured i just ask that the public continue to keep u.s. capitol police and their families in your prayers. this is been an extremely difficult time for u.s. capitol police less than 3 months ago another member of the capitol police force died after trying to battle back
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a pro trump mob attempting to stop the election in that case reinforcements took hours but thousands of national guard troops have been here since just after the january 6th attack and they quickly surrounded the building alert for a follow up attack that didn't come congress is not in session right now police say they had no intelligence on the south bank before this happened so now they start looking for a motive. most of the fences that have surrounded the capital since the attempted insurrection have been taken down there were thousands fewer soldiers walking the grounds there was a sense that life here was going back to something approaching normal not now not after another deadly day in front of the symbol of american democracy. al-jazeera washington. well still ahead here on out is there a cherry blossom season comes any again and south korea setting and now the record and bringing with it a warning. and in support is a dramatic start to the new electric off
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a series taking place from saudi arabia. we got some subtle changes taking place in the weather across the middle east over the next couple of days we have still got some clouds some rain a little bit of wintry weather there across northern parts of the region the bylaws here those temperatures are starting to notch up at long last so we're getting into the low twenty's there in damascus 22 celsius by rate 80 degrees to reflect a similar temperature here as well so wintry weather moving across took my system northern parts of afghanistan further south it is la sheets right but temperatures starting to fall away. 29 celsius earlier on in the week we're into the high thirty's so that is something of a chinese the winds have gone round to move in north westerly direction the wind
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setting in the a little cane as we go on into monday so some lifted dust and sand to watch out for on the eastern side is saudi arabia maybe also hitting concept further south it's dry and sunny in that sunshine stretching across the whole of africa you might see want to see showers just creeping their way into southern parts of somalia as we go through sunday southern areas of ethiopia as well and the showers of course stretching right up into the gulf of guinea they do run right across into northern parts of mozambique northern areas of madagascar south of that is fine and dry so looking lossie settle for south africa. a unique here endangered biodiversity lies in the hot. one of the back to produce tropical jungles there was a lot of misinformation about the animals that we have here and now they're probably other just becoming vice others of conservation in their communities al-jazeera journeys deep into the rain forest to follow
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a scientist untouched teams efforts to save the flora and fauna so precious in the region women make science ecuador's hidden treasure on al-jazeera. jumped into the story there was a lot going on in this show and julia not global community when i thought of all the misinformation i think we are more afraid than we are aware be part of the debate john edwards the everybody's one word because there is always a difference when no topic is off the table we have been disconnected from our land we have been disconnected from who we are and would love to hear from you in each week be part of today's discussion this streamed on out is there a. hello
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again i'm a saucy attainder that's remind you of our top stories here the salad millions across europe are set to mark easter sunday under a new coronavirus restrictions france began its 3rd national lockdown on saturday and is a return just stricter measures after a surge in cases there. at least 5 more people have been killed in myanmar and the latest military crackdown against anti cure protesters gunshots were heard in a number of cities as demonstrators once again took to the streets. and right now egypt is moving some of its royal mummies to a new home in an effort to boost its tourism industry the remains of 22 ancient ferrous are being transferred to cairo has recently inaugurated the national museum of the chips and civilization. now the governor of the u.s. state of georgia has criticized major league baseball for moving its all star game out of atlanta but decision comes
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a week after the state pass new legislation tightening voting laws critics say the changes designed to suppress democratic votes especially among black versus well let's now speak to mike hanna he's following this for us from washington d.c. mike it really does seem that this is turning into a bit of a showdown very much so and now the corporations are joining in as well they were quiet while this was law was being discussed they didn't come out with any major objection but since that law was passed major corporations such as coca-cola and delta who have their homes in atlanta georgia have issued statements condemning this move now this has a ripple effect in terms of corporations in particular and this is something that could have an impact not only in georgia but further afield and that is what the governor of georgia brian kemp had to say the news conference on the state we can let the earliest. you know out flankers out political.
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you know. or we can get in the 5 in that's what we're doing i mean this is a call to everyone not only in georgia but all across the country to wake him to get in the fight in the health person. because they are coming for you know. i mean would have been what or are they going after now would have been are they going to go after what convention like just listening to the governor there is this potentially a threat to other states. very much so and that is what the governor here is well aware of and other states too similar laws are being contemplated in states like texas and in florida and the difference from georgia is that the big corporations for example have already come out very strongly against the law in texas you've got bill technologies
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a major employer in texas you've got the airline the american airlines which has a very major employer in texas as well they've come out with very strong statements urging the texas government not to pass such a law saying that it wouldn't cringe on basic rights we've also heard a similar call from president biden who actually before all the major league baseball announced when called on them to take exactly such a step so this is something that is having a major national impact it doesn't just concern georgia it appears will continue watching the situation as it unfolds very closely indeed mike hanna there for us in washington d.c. thanks so much mike well we will have more on just what this move means for baseball a little later on in sports with gemma nash on moving on and leaders of southern africa's regional bloc plan to hold talks next week about the ongoing violence in northern most and be the u.n. says the humanitarian situation there is deteriorating rapidly on friday the french
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energy giant turtle shut its operations and withdrew its staff from the region groups stormed the town of palma a week ago killing hundreds of people well we can now speak to ice was about gas car he is the emergency coordinator for doctors without borders and he joins us now from whether in mozambique by skype i saw the situation in kabul delgado has been pretty dire for years now but then this latest attack in parma really brought it into sharper focus especially for many of the regional leaders i want to start with the situation on the ground how are people coping. well scenes scenes there last week that they started attacking paloma thousands of people has been on their own. in the bush in the bush trying to get to safety in different cities or in the west that is so vital for a couple the legal and i so as you mentioned we've seen this huge local displacement where foreigners are being evacuated now to tell us leaving does that
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make the community even more vulnerable or does that rather a seed to the demands of these armed groups. where where we know is that it really is more on proportion of what syria the early should be the quantity of people that it was around a right to safe bases like more than one guy out there i want to. show we're we are assuming that there are probably dozens of thousands of people in the in the i mean they're in the forest hiding or trying to reach safe bases. and they're probably they are the ones that they are or either more or more terrified or probably they're ones that they're more vulnerable or more sick and they've got not reached the bases where they can be assisted do you think given the political situation there and the stated aims of these on trips that the pulling out of town actually makes it safer for communities there or makes them even more vulnerable.
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i can i can sit it out i mean what he destroys that is that the. time of violence in color they got those who say you know go has already the space 600000 people number only this is going to be another 40 spacemen which is going to make will never let her know that this also sins so he says it is a situation where where people is feeling not protected. and they are and if they're really being you know targeted by you by your bio inspired by the by the groups that they're operating in the area you mentioned that a lot of people are still hiding in the jungle and obviously infrastructure there is a huge challenge how much help a you and other n.g.o.s managing tatane get to some of the more rural inland areas but no we're a little bit puzzled because we are not that we have not receiving us much people that we were expecting but for example i am speaking with my colleague x who are
9:36 pm
most of them displays themselves from the last year of the space many muslim brothers or you know you know there are places to go there you go there and they they are just hounded by the by the by the time that they were spent they spent. hiding in like 456 days they were hiding in the in the in the forest and then it took another 4 or 5 days to reach safe places on the train and to avoid. this is this is. actually what people are saying to us is that they are trying to avoid it if you road so they are there because they are afraid. and their little related equipment to their places. people has left the houses with no with nothing on their hands so so are a lot of people he's burned their food a lot of people he's showing injuries in the food and in the defeat in the in the in their arms are know of course they didn't have food or were there for a few days and of course given the widespread abuses that we've seen from various groups there was a trust remains very low but as you've been saying this also isn't
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a new situation so what can sadik actually do now to try to resolve this are they likely to be able to. it is not an issue to ration is the just situation for some of the people who are living in boma we need to remember that a big proportion of the people who west now or until last weekend but they were at this base themselves and they have been displaced several times that is not the 1st time that this happening to them and it. is not the 1st time of this happening to a lot of people who are so ready now maureen seen also that people is leaving by the market so there is quality there list save them before. hers about her gas car from doctors without borders they're speaking to us from the ground and weather and northern missouri big thanks so much for being with us on out there and we do wish you all the best with your way. thank you.
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well it's been a dramatic week of testimony in the trial of a former us police officer charged with killing george foyers a senior police officer testified that derek chauvinist decision to nail him for its neck was a totally unnecessary act of deadly force cable as on the reports now from minneapolis. at the end of the 1st week of the derek show ven murder trial may have lacked the tearful emotion of the previous days but for the defense team it was perhaps the most devastating the jury heard from one of the highest ranking members of the minneapolis police force lieutenant richard zimmerman a nearly 40 year veteran and a homicide detective he was called on to the scene in the aftermath of floyd's arrest and subsequent death to investigate in no uncertain terms he condemned show vns use of his knee choke hold on george floyd. what is your. you know your view that use of force during that time to totally unnecessary what do
9:39 pm
you mean. well 1st of all. pulling him down to the ground face down and putting your knee on a neck for that amount of pot that amount of time. is just. uncalled for. i saw no reason why the officers felt they were in danger if that's what they felt. and that's what they would have to feel to be able to use a kind of force. in an exclusive interview without his ear after the court proceedings had been adjourned for the week george floyd's uncle selwyn jones told me the family just wants justice all i'm doing is setting back just waiting you know just waiting for that day to killed when i hear guilty i don't get to see him at thanksgiving or christmas or hollowing i don't get the city anymore he don't get to
9:40 pm
see his baby he don't get to do any of the things he's supposed to be doing because somebody decided that that day he would be judge jury and executioner it's extremely rare for police officers to testify against one of their own and the dramatic testimony caps a week that saw several witnesses break down in tears in front of the jury while recounting what it was like to watch george floyd. who do you think is winning this case in the 1st week. there's no doubt in the 1st week that the government put its best foot forward in one of the things that they did is used video repeatedly and in different ways to emphasize their point because video has that objectivity that no eyewitness is going to have however for many people here in the african-american community there's still a long way to go in this trial they have control right now we're just they're just
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what's in their opinion we don't have no control he can't this jerk this killer still today they said not guilty he can walk away scot free before the trial will continue on monday and it's expected prosecutors will continue to call more witnesses perhaps even the chief of police gabriel's on doe al-jazeera and yeah pulis. well let's take you back to egypt where some of its royal mummies are currently being moved to a new home as i was saying earlier the remains of 22 engine monarchs 18 kings and 4 queens are right now being transferred to cairo as recently inaugurated national museum of egyptian civilization while we have been watching the pictures of this parade as it moves through cairo we can now be joined again by city mccrum she is the head of the edge egyptology unit at the american university in cairo and she joins us now from there. i'm curious can you talk us through some of what we've
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been seeing it's really been quite a dramatic display both on land and was a real showcase of history but also some quite interesting vehicles that it has been very fortunate we've had. a chariot we've had a procession of people and children running a real relief and slowly it be that you could have been shot from the i.o.c. even going by and all the international events if you'd like station lots and lots of the altar there and it's been accompanied by the biggest part of screen and he recently has. been and all that he he is a little bit for amnesty the 2nd here the 7th a live event or produce one. professor you were saying earlier this isn't the 1st time these mummies have been raped but it's obviously a very delicate process so can you talk us through what sort of preparations had to
9:43 pm
be made in order for this to happen. it took it took a long time and i think that the past 3 years there's been intensive learning going on about the spectacle but more importantly how the bombing. in a safe way through a lot of time and effort of the search is entirely that of to figure out actually is the money to store them during the big fall before they get it and you because it's known that there which takes a couple of weeks to slowly on part of the interest and you cases there's a really a climatized to the situation all the very interesting to see that indeed in the public i believe will be welcomed back to see them at some point later on in april silly me a crime that the head of the egyptology unit at the american university in cairo great to get your thoughts here again on out as they are thanks being with us now the international criminal court has welcomed the u.s.
9:44 pm
decision to lift sanctions on some of its employees calling it now a new phase and ties the trump administration you'll recall impose those restrictions on the i.c.c. chief prosecutors and another top official as that court began to investigate american troops for potential war crimes in afghanistan secretary of state anthony brink and says washington still disagrees with that and other investigations. well bug ariens are now heading to the polls for a general election on sunday prime minister boyko borisov this hoping to win a 4th term in office with his gob party but with no major party likely to win an outright majority a new anti elite party may act as kingmaker bennett smith reports now from sofia. bulgaria the prime minister hasn't given any interviews in this election campaign just photo opportunities where the only camera allowed is from his own team. governs an e.u. country where according to the u.s. state department there's little judicial independence there are opportunities and
9:45 pm
journalists are threatened with violence in sunday's election he could well retain his grip on this former satellite of the soviet union. takes long for democratic i.q. to mature but on the other hand there are concrete. experiences of the bulgarians over the past 3 decades and the fact that they have not being been able to reap the benefits of a democratic system in theory should provide so they have become disenchanted the more of the fold there is that steve 45 percent would prefer a model of strongman leadership last summer several months of anti corruption protests with the biggest challenge to power so they started after an opposition leader tried to set foot on a public beach that had been sealed off for use by want to bulgaria as most powerful but. christo ivan off says the e.u. ignores the corruption here because boris office party is allied with the largest center right coalition in the european parliament with of is not an ideal he
9:46 pm
doesn't. sort of make any political pronouncement he is the siren practitioner of openness not only them but of corruption to be open people's party the elite in brussels and in berlin frankly we will need to understand that they cannot afford any longer to close the blind eye to what is happening in the office any protests now a tiny in comparison that's part phase of covert part resignation. and a former prime minister says the e.u. ignores at its peril what is happening here that transparency i feel as i've defined has to be put on the new on the road it came to. bandon so financing from european union became a song choice not a cut option not for the development of the plan the european commission says corruption is a major obstacle to development in bulgaria. the latest polls give the prime
9:47 pm
minister's party around the 28 percent of the vote the opposition socialists a trailing around 8 percent behind political experts who say that could be a government of national unity if that's the case then. as head of the largest party will keep his job as prime minister. but it's my al-jazeera. often ahead here on al-jazeera ac milan news ground in the italian title and that's all coming up for you. seems a promising paul thought of the pandemic but implementing the greatest inoculation in history is testing the global community around the world already a clear gap has emerged between rich nations and poor ones when it comes to vaccinating their populations from the geopolitics to the pure economics the
9:48 pm
misinformation and the latest developments what's going on here is very different for a start the faxing comes in the form of the nasal spray special coverage of the corona virus pandemic. i care about how the u.s. engages with the rest of the world i cover foreign policy national security is very much a political impasse here's the conflict how do we illustrate it are we telling a good story will people get what we're trying to think here they're living outside in makeshift camps this is not the way any family wants to raise their children we're willing to get into taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise and to actually feel as if you were there.
9:49 pm
welcome back now in northeast asia cherry blossoms brimming sure sign that spring has sprung this year there is the earliest start to the season on record and scientists are pointing at climate change from the pride of what's now from seoul. it's an annual event in northeast asia that heralds the coming of spring and that's been getting earlier each year in tokyo the traditional viewing of the cherry blossom coincides with the lifting of pandemic state of emergency restrictions allowing people to take full advantage of the spectacle coming i think last year i couldn't come here due to the state of emergency so here i am it's the earliest the blossom has bloomed here since official records began 70 years ago and historians delving into archives from the ancient capital of kioto believe it's the earliest the bloom has appeared for at least 1200 years of course and i took on your gut
9:50 pm
when i was a high school student cherry blossoms were still blooming around the start of the academic year in april i think the timing is getting earlier. the colder korean peninsula witness says it's blossoming just after japan but not by much a rolling wave of color moving south to north as temperatures climb it's the earliest that sol has seen cherry blossom since records began 99 years ago and it's 3 days sooner than the previous record that was set only last year it coincides with higher than average temperatures and more hours of sunshine. the same apparent result of a changing climate is being felt across south korea only the most southerly island of jeju was warm enough to support the growing of subtropical fruit but not any more species like passionfruit are now grown in greenhouses much further north they
9:51 pm
were nona and the areas in which subtropical fruits could be grown or expanding towards the southern central and northern parts of the country in japan in recent years the warming climate has meant more devastating summer rains and floods while the korean peninsula has suffered from more destructive typhoons the early blossom may portend a change in climate that will bring more extreme weather come the summer months but for now appearing all the more beautiful given the fragility and transience of its existence the blossom is here to be cherished robert bright al-jazeera so. it is now time to support his gem thanks as our as we've been hearing at major league baseball has stripped atlanta of the prestigious all star game which is the decision supported by u.s. president joe biden is a protest against
9:52 pm
a new voting law in the state of georgia critics say the new measure is signed off by georgia's republican governor limits access to the ballot box especially for people of color while the man by them replaced in the white house donald trump is calling on americans to boycott the sport the all-star game was originally take place on july 13th but baseball's bosses are now searching for a new venue this may have the pressure on arguably georgia's most famous sporting event the masters golf tournament as well guster which starts on thursday one civil rights group wants golf's governing body to cancel the event and is calling on players to boycott it until the voting law is repealed earlier we spoke to us for its forecast at michael carlson. the augusta national golf club isn't going to move to another venue because the masters is its venue the 1st black player didn't play in the masters for my 976 that was really older and we've got the national golf club didn't have any black members until my denied even under pressure from other
9:53 pm
professional golfers they finally integrated so it's an interesting question for them as to what they can they will do but they won't have to do anything unless the professional golfers association the p.g.a. begins to put pressure on them it's going to close want to watch i doubt that anything is going to change there but you know i sort of doubted that major league baseball would move at all for a game and then they went ahead and did it because i think there's so much more awareness among people about the way voting rights impact civil rights and given the black lives matter movement i think baseball wanted to be on the right side and getting ahead of the argument next year is beijing winter olympics is another fence facing boycott calls over china's human rights record but they're plowing ahead with a 10 day figure skating test event which started on saturday as a capital indoor stadium which was actually the voluble venue for the 2008 summer
9:54 pm
olympics it was also staged competitions of short track speed skating take us canceled several test events c.n.n. picks it is likely to call off some legs of the torch relay and there is a badly hit by coronavirus but still it continues on day 10 of the same entity that defeat prefecture 10000 run as a transporting the torch to the opening ceremony on july 28th that. the top 2 sides in germany's abundantly go went head to head with leaders by me nick a coming out on top against abi leipsic leon gretzky as a 1st half goal winning it for by him they've now extended their lead a 2nd place light sic to 7 points manchester city be less to say no to go 17 points clear at the top of the premier league but chelsea's unbeaten run and thomas table is come to an end in dramatic style they were thrashed 520 by west brom who was 2nd from bottom in the table chelsea had a silva sent off and there were 2 goals age for the tales pereira and callum
9:55 pm
robinson who goes 1st defeat in his 15th game in charge we were rusty. we were sloppy in the build up in our own half we did many many unforced errors we did not adapt well to the 2. to adapt our positions under pressure because. in the end we gave away easy ball losses that lead in the end to a red card. and that cost us the game today we performed our best people cannot say that chelsea were under par or cannot say that because they went down to 10 men they must say and you must say everybody must say it was because of the quality of west brom's performance today not that chelsea were off or they were off form because we were so good. spanish champions around 100 have moved to within 3 points of league leaders and city rivals athletic ok after of so you know when i've been able marco asensio and karen benz and with the girls on his innings and
9:56 pm
the 250th game in charge of rail athletic a do you have a game in hand over them though which is on sunday against the via athletic bilbao are about to play the 1st of 2 a copyright finals in 2 weeks 1st they face for all sausage that it was technically last year's final which was for spain because of the pandemic and then their take on barcelona in this year's edition so they have 2 chances to win the competition for the 1st time since 1984. who moved in the 1st a few months ago we won the super cup here so we have great memories of the stadium we feel good in training and everyone's excited to have the opportunity to win the cup of the so many years. they seem to have slipped up in the race to be a tally in the title they were held to a one drawer hope by some doria some really bad defending gifted the lead to the visiting team but some doria that had a man is sent off able to get a late equaliser yes at present how that scoring that go then came very close to
9:57 pm
winning it in the 93rd minute but from shot i should say deflected on to the post now 5 points behind rivals into who have the chance to extend the lead they just kicked off against belong. you have the star khan of america has announced his next fight will be in july and it'll be a trilogy fight against america in the dust in a poor way a great one their 1st encounter but he lost the rematch in january with prayer becoming the 1st man it's knock him out no venue has been announced but it's likely to be in last vegas. a new electric motor sports series is making its debut in saudi arabia and there was a very dramatic moment in qualifying to be college age upright. this was german driver cloudier her good losing control of her car in the desert somehow though the 49 year old wasn't seriously injured from biting her tongue the
9:58 pm
extremely off for a series aims to promote sustainability by racing in remote parts of the world affected by climate change and it will also make stops in senegal greenland brazil and argentina very lucky escape that is all your sport for me i'll be back with more later. thanks so much john i was a rough crash well that's it for this news hour and you have a merry massy will be our next from our london broadcast center with much more of the day's. when freedom of the press is under threat demonstrators and journalists are dealing with internet outages elisa intimidation and charges of said dish to shift the focus covering the way the news the culture of the listening posts on the jersey in
9:59 pm
some time i call swoons students are being bullied abuse and humiliation by their teachers one o one east investigates thailand school scandal on l g c. planet earth a wondrous diverse ecosystem but human activity is the escalating climate change and posing in next the stench of threat in the lead up to us to al-jazeera run special coverage documentaries discussions and reports exploring the consequences of all actions and inactions and showcasing ways in which some are seeking to turn the tide a season of programming exploring the time of crisis ahead of the earth day on al-jazeera. visit lights made to look like a city from the sky but they're fishing vessels just outside of argentina's exclusive economic zone the united states launched operation southern cross to
10:00 pm
combat illegal and regulated fishing in the southern atlantic argentina's coast guard say their main task is to control their movements so they do not cross into arjan time territory from this form are gentile forty's and money for what's happening in its economic exclusive zones but what authorities here are saying is that what's important is talk regulate what's happening in international waters. egypt puts on a show $22.00 of its royal mommies including its. powerful engine queen of moved across cairo to a new place of rest. a low i maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera.


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